GOODWIN, RICHARD Sower's Seed Tribute to Adlai Stevenson with a Eulogy By President Lyndon Baines Johnson
PHOTOGRAPH Vintage Original Studio Signed Photograph of Van Johnson with Original Envelope
CLARKE, ARTHUR 2061 Odyssey Three
ADVERTISEMENT Victorian Trade Card for J.M. Roberts Confectioner, Providence, Rhode Island
ADVERTISEMENT Victorian Trade Card for Skating Rink
DEALY, FRANCIS Power and the Money Inside the Wall Street Journal
WILLIAMS, HEATHCOTE Falling for a Dolphin
DYNAMIC GRAPHICS Step-By-Step Graphics July/August 1988 the How-to Reference Magazine for Visual Communicators
CIVITAN Now Serving Volume One
POSTCARD Roma Galler Cors. Venere E Cupido Albani
POSTCARD Christmas Postcard Children Decorating with Holly Bough
ARCADE CARD Arcade Card Latin Leading Man Ricardo Cortez
SOAP OPERA DIGEST Soap Opera Digest May 21, 1996
HARVEST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Good Cooking with Harvest Elementary School
BETTY CROCKER Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cook Book Featuring Barbecue Recipes
SHEET MUSIC I'd Give a Million Tomorrows ( for Just One Yesterday)
POSTCARD Mari-Jean Hotel, St. Petersburg, Florida
SHEEHY, GAIL Passages Predictable Crises of Adult Life
DAY, HOLMAN When the Fight Begins
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