[NIKKO GUIDE BOOK - JAPAN]. Nikko-san Manganji Otakaramono Zukai (Illustrated book of the Treasures of Manganji Temple in Mount Nikko). Tokyo, Inoue Mohei, Meiji 29 (1896).
EYRE, EDWARD JOHN: Journals of Expeditions of Discovery into Central Australia, and Overland from Adelaide to King George's Sound, in the Years 1840-1; sent by the Colonists of South Australia, with the Sanction and Support of the Government: Including an Account of the Manners and Customs of the Aborigines and the State of their Relations with the Europeans. Two volumes. London, T. & W. Boone, 1845.
SAKAI, SUTEHIKO (ED. & PUBL.): Self Guide for Travellers in Japan. Published by Shuseido, Tokyo Meiji 20 (1887).
DE BRUJN (BRUYN), CORNELIS: Voyages par la Moscovie, en Perse et aux Indes Orientales; ... on y a ajouté la route qu'a suivie M. Isbrants, ambassadeur de Moscovie, en traversant la Russie et la Tartarie pour se rendre à la Chine et quelques remarques contre M. Chardin et Kaempfer. Two volumes in one. Amsterdam, chez les Frères Wetstein, 1718.
[CHITOSE-ZA THEATRE]. [A coloured moveable copper engraved plate]. Tokyo (Nihonbashi), Fukuda Eizo, 1884.
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