CARROTHERS, JULIA DODGE: Japan's Year. Illustrated by Japanese Artists. Tokyo, T. Hasegawa, Meiji 38 (1905).
HASEGAWA, TAKEJIRO (ED.): The Months of Japanese Children Calendar for 1905. Tokyo, T. Hasegawa, Yotsuya Hommura, 1904.
ZILBERTI, FRANCESCO: [OTTOMAN TRADE OF ALUM IN THE 15TH CENTURY]. [Two autograph letters signed to Marco Bembo in Constantinople, concerning Venetian trading of Turkish alum mined at Foça in Anatolia]. Pera & Foça, March 1480.
[JAPANESE TEXTILE SAMPLES]. Some Orimono Hyohon. (Dyed fabric samples). Types no. 6. Nihon Senshohoku Hyohonsha (Japan Fabric Dyeing Sample Co.). Kyoto, 1927 - 35.
HÖST, GEORG: Efterretninger om Mar—kos og Fes, samlede der i Landene fra Ao. 1760 til 1768. Ki¿benhavn, N. Möller, 1779.
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