INGOLD, K.U. Free-Radical Substitution Reactions.
WALKER, C. F. The Alpine Garden.
WILLMORE, J. SELDEN The Great Crime and its Moral.
PONTEY, W. The Profitable Planter..
RICH, ELIHU Germany & France: A Popular History of the Franco-German War (6 vols).
PLAYFAIR, I.S.O. History of the Second World War, The Mediterranean and Middle East, Volume II.
WARD, IRENE F.A.N.Y. Invicta.
, A List of all the Officers of the Army and Royal Marines on Full and Half Pay: with an Index; and a Succession of Colonels.
WILCOX, RUTH TURNER The Mode in Costume.
GLAZIER, KEN London Transport Garages.
OLIVER, THOMAS Diseases of Occupation from the Legislative Social and Medical Points of View.
LAMBERT, ANDREW The War Correspondents, The Crimean War.
PALMER, RICHARD The Bible Atlas, or Sacred Geography Delineated, in a Complete Series of Scriptural Maps..
SNELL, J.B. Mechanical Engineering: Railways.
SMITH, ERIC By Mourning Tongues, Studies in English Elegy.
FÜRST VON BISMARCK, OTTO Bismarck: Gedanken und Erinnerungen.
SANDINI, A. Historia Familiae Sacrae ex Antiquis Monumentis Collecta.
MAYOUX, JEAN-JACQUES La Peinture Anglaise. De Hogarth aux Préraphaélites..
REMY, The Gates Burst Open.
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