Captain J B Drought Partridge Shooting, The Sportsman's Library, Vol. XVII (17)
Procopius; translated by G A Williamson; introduced by Philip Ziegler Procopius: The Secret History
M Dussault Oraisons Funebres de Bossuet, Flechier et Autres Orateurs; Avec Un Discors Preliminaire et des Notices. Tome Troisieme (Volume 3). Choix D'Oraisons
Jean-Marie Perouse de Montclo; Foreword by Marc Fumaroli Vaux Le Vicomte
John Bartholomew Map of 'India, Physical and Political' - Sheet 45 disbound from the 1890 'The Library Reference Atlas of the World' including Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Nepal, Bhutan and modern day Bangladesh
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