Sooty's Annual
UEBE, INGRID Don't Cry, Baby Bear
BLYTON, ENID The Adventures of Pip
HAYWOOD, DR JOHN Great Empires and Discoveries
WILDER, LAURA INGALLS On the Banks of Plum Creek
SWINDELLS, ROBERT The Siege of Frimly Prim
JOHNS, W. E. Biggles - the Rescue Flight
SADDLER, ALLEN Jerry and the Monsters
BROWN, MARC Party Rhymes
IMPEY, ROSE Jumble Joan
HARTE, BRET The Queen of the Pirate Isle
CLARKSON, EWAN Break for Freedom
BRENT-DYER, ELINOR M. The School at the Chalet
MONTGOMERY, LUCY MAUD Chronicles of Avonlea
The Brownie Annual 1984
HENRY, MARGUERITE Stormy, Misty's Foal
NEEDHAM, VIOLET The House of the Paladin
CLARKE, J. ERSKINE Abbot's Cleeve
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