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ALLEN, WILLIAM & THOMSON, T.R.H.: A Narrative of the Expedition sent by Her Majesty's Government to the River Niger, in 1841, under the of Command by Captain H.D. Trotter. Two volumes. London, Richard Bentley, 1848.
LANDER, RICHARD & LANDER, JOHN: Journal of an Expedition to Explore the Course and Termination of the Niger; with a Narrative of a Voyage down that River to its Termination. Three volumes. London, John Murray, 1833.
MURAT, NICOLAS: Guide de la conversation en français et en turc suivi d'un petit guide de Constantinople. Constantinople, Levant Herald, 1908.
FORBES, DUNCAN: A Grammar of the Hindustani Language, in the Oriental and Roman Character. ... To which is added, a copious selection of easy extracts for reading in the Persi-Araic & Devanagari characters, forming a complete introduction to the Bagh-o-Bahar. London 1846.
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