[BEARD, M.A.] [WATERCOLOUR WOMAN PORTRAIT WITH CUT OUT CARDS]. : A charming set of transformation cards. No place but probably Britain, 1855.
OGAWA, KAZUMASA (ED.): The Hanami (Flower-Picnic) described by S. Takashima. Reproduced and Published by K. Ogawa. Yokohama, Hongkong, Shanghai & Singapore, Kelly & Walsh 1897.
COUVREUR, SÉRAPHIN: Dictionnaire francais-chinois contenant les expressions les plus usitées de la langue mandarine. Ho Kien Fou, Imprimerie de la Mission Catholique, 1884.
PIGNORIA, LAURENTIUS (LORENZO): Mensa Isiaca, qua sacrorum apud aegyptios ratio & simulacra subjectis tabulis aeneis simul exhibentur & explicantur. AND: Magnae deum matris idaeae & attidis initia. Ex vetustis monumentis nuper Tornaci Nerviorum erutis. Parts I-III. Two works in one volume. Amsterdam, Andreas Fries, 1669-70.
[JONES, SIR WILLIAM] (ED.): Asiatick Researches: or, Transactions of the Society, Instituted in Bengal, for Inquiring into History and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature, of Asia. Volumes I-II. Calcutta, printed and sold by Manuel Cantopher, 1788 [-89] - 1790 [-91].
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