BAKER, SAMUEL W.: Ismailia: A Narrative of the Expedition to Central Africa for the Suppression of the Slave Trade. Organized by Ismail, Khedive of Egypt. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1875.
FEER, LÉON: Le Tibet, le pays, le people, la religion. Paris 1886.
[JESUIT RELATIONS / LE GOBIEN, CHARLES]. The Travels of Several Learned Missioners of the Society of Jesus, into Divers Parts of the Archipelago, India, China, and America. Containing a General Description of the Most Remarkable Towns; with a Particular Account of the Customs, Manners, and Religion of Those Several Nations, ... London, Printed for R. Gosling, 1714.
[HINDUSTANI]. The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in the Hindustani language. Translated from the Greek, by the Calcutta Baptist missionaries with native assistants. Calcutta, The Baptist Mission Press, 1844.
[ BAIL, FRANCIS WILLIAM ]: [HUNGARIAN MANUSCRIPT] Hajnal Leânya. Hindu Rege. (Heifer of the Dawn. Hindu Legend). 20th century.
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