MARRE, JAN DE: Batavia, begrepen in zes boeken. Amsterdam, Adriaan Wor & G. Onder de Linden, 1740.
EUPHRASÉN, BENGT ANDERS: Beskrifning öfver svenska vestindiska ön St. Bathelemi, samt öarne St. Eustache och St. Christopher. Stockholm, A.Zetterberg, 1795.
[CHINA - WOOD PANEL WITH ANCIENT COINS AND CHARMS]. China, probably end of 18th century.
[RIVER CROSSING PUZZLE]. (A wolf, goat and cabbage problem). Sweden about mid 19th century.
[TAMIL]. Tankavittuk katai (Our Father's Work). Madras, The Religious Tract and Book Society, Printed by H.W. Lauri, Knowledge Society's Press, No. 18, Church Street, Vepery, 1870.
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