SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENEY: Travel and Adventure in South-East Africa. Being the Narrative of the last Eleven Years spent by the Author of the Zambesi and its Tributaries; with an Account of the Colonisation of Mashunaland and the Progress of the Gold Industry in that Country. London, Rowland Ward and Co., 1893.
LENGYEL, MENYHÉRT (LEBOVICS, MELCHIOR): Taifun (Typhoon). Budapest, A. Nyugat Kiadasa, 1909.
STRANSKY, PAVEL: Respublica Bohemiae. Lugd. Bat., Ex. Officina Elzeviriana, 1634.
ROKKAKU SHISUI (CHUTARO): Shinsen moy› no shiori. (New patterns for bookmarks). Two volumes. Kyoto, Unsodo, Meiji 34 (1901).
BJOERNSTJERNA (BJÖRNSTJERNA, BJORNSTJERNA), C.M.: Britterne i Indien. Föredrag hållet i Stockholms Officers-Klubb. Stockholm 1858.
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