BROCKLEHURST, HENRY COURTNEY: Game Animals of the Sudan. Their Habits and Distribution. A Handbook for Hunters and Naturalists. London, Gurney and Jackson, 1931.
KUBOTA BEISEN (ED.): [JAPANESE ART MAGAZINE] Bijutsu Hoko (The Art Treasury). Eleven volumes. Tokyo, Matsui Eikichi, Gahakudo,1895.
[CALLAWAY, JOHN] (TRANSL.): Yakkun Nattannawa: A Cingalese Poem, Descriptive of the Ceylon System of Demonology:... and Kolan Nattannawa: A Cingalese Poem, Descriptive of the Characters Assumed by Natives of Ceylon in a Masquerade. London, Printed for the Oriental Translation Fund, 1829.
MAYERS, SALOMON F.: Report on a Journey from Peking to Shanghai overland by way of Honan by Mr. S.F. Mayers of Her Majesty's Consular Service in China. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty, June, 1898. London, Harrison and Sons, 1898.
[BAL RUSSE - ENTRANCE TICKET] GONTCHAROVA, NATALIA (ILL.): Bal Banal. Salle Bullier, 31 Avenue de l'Observatoire Vendredi le 14 Mars 1923.
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