[HAKUBOTAN]. The Catalogue Hakubotan Principal Store. Tokyo (Kyobashi) ca 1910.
[MANUSCRIPT - JAPANESE IMPERIAL FOOD OFFERINGS AND DECORATIONS OF ROOM DIVIDERS]. [A hand-written book with illustrations of ceremonial food offerings and decorations of screens used to divide larger rooms, drawn and coloured by hand]. No place or date but probably ca 1780-1820.
FEER, LÉON: Le Tibet, le pays, le people, la religion. Paris 1886.
EDKINS, JOSEPH: China's Place in Philology: An Attempt to Show that the Languages of Europe and Asia have a Common Origin. London, Trübner & Co., 1871.
[MIYAJIMA, JAPAN]. A Short Guide to Miyajima and Neighbourhood. Third edition. Hiroshima, Miyajima Hotel, 1918.
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