SOTHEBY'S Old Master Paintings and British Paintings 1500-1850. Wednesday 28th February 1990
OAK KNOLL BOOKS Private Press and Fine Printing. Catalogue 234. Oak Knoll Books
BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE Silhouettes and Portrait Miniatures. Tuesday, 31st October 2000
BONHAMS Antique Arms & Armour & Militaria. Auction: Wednesday 24th November 1999
CHRISTIE'S English Pottery. The Property of Miss S. Mervyn-Jones, Mrs. J. Nation, the late Mrs. D.W. Priston, the Rev. Canon M.H. Ridgway and from various sources which will be sold at auction by Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd. ... on Monday, July 8, 1974 "Basalt"
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