SCHOPENHAUER, JOHANNA HENRIETTE: Resa i England och Skottland. Two parts in one volume. Stockholm, Zacharias Häggström, 1827.
CASTRÉN, MATTHIAS ALEXANDER: Elementa grammatices tscheremissae. Kuopio, ex. officina typographica J. Karsten, 1845.
[BIBA FASHION CATALOGUES] / HULANICKI, BARBARA: Complete set of six BIBA mail order catalogues. London 1968-9.
HOBHOUSE, SIR JOHN CAMERON: A Journey through Albania and Other Provinces of Turkey in Europe and Asia, to Constantinople, during the years 1809 and 1810. London, Printed for James Cawthorn, 1813.
MOLLIEN, GASPARD THÉDORE: Travels in the Interior of Africa, to the Sources of the Senegal and Gambia; Performed by Command of the French Government, in the year 1818. Edited by T.E. Bowdich. London, Henry Colburn & Co., 1820.
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