RICH, E. E. (editor) assisted by A. M. Johnson with an Introduction by J. M. Wordie and R. J. Cyriax John Rae's Correspondence with the Hudson's Bay Company on Arctic Exploration 1844-1855
LeClaire, Nancy, George Cardinal and Earle Waugh (ed.) Alberta Elders' Cree Dictionary; Alperta Ohci Kehtehayak Nehiyaw Otwestâkewasinahikan
Veryha, Wasyl Along the Roads of World War II; Legends of Ukrainian Participation in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 and the Ukrainian Division "Galicia
Delehaye, Hippolyti Propylaeum Ad Acta Sanctorum Novembris; Synaxarium Ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae; E Codice Sirmondiano Nunc Berolinensi Adiectis Synaxariis Selectis Opera Et Studio Hippolyti Delehaye
ZABORSKI, Bogdan Atlas of Landscapes and Settlements of Eastern Canada
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