[ART NOUVEAU / JUGEND]. Meubles - Referenzen. Saison 1903/1904. [A customer book with original upholstery patterns painted in gouache]. Germany 1903-4.
[BAL RUSSE - ENTRANCE TICKET] GONTCHAROVA, NATALIA (ILL.): Bal Banal. Salle Bullier, 31 Avenue de l'Observatoire Vendredi le 14 Mars 1923.
MURAT, NICOLAS: Guide de la conversation en français et en turc suivi d'un petit guide de Constantinople. Constantinople, Levant Herald, 1908.
[HAKUBOTAN]. The Catalogue Hakubotan Principal Store. Tokyo (Kyobashi) ca 1910.
WADSTRÖM, CARL BERNHARD: Observations on the Slave Trade, and A Description of some Part of the Coast of Guinea, During A Voyage, Made in 1787, and 1788, in Company with Doctor A. Sparrman and Captain Arrehenius. London, Printed and Sold by James Phillips, George-Yard, Lombard-Street, 1789.
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