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001132: - Service for Day of Victory. Arranged by Archdeacon James Walker for the Use of the Episcopal and Congregational Churches of Kohala, Hawaii, T. H.
001018: N/A - Vote Republican?" Poster
000778: N/A - [A Cold War Relique] "Facing the Cosmos" (USSR Thumbing Their Nose at the US During the Brussels International Exhibition in 1958)
001005: N/A - Rules of the Supreme Court of Colorado--Adopted April 5, 1905
000525: N/A - Svetloi Pamiati Velikoi Ermolovoi
000964: N/A - Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp [The history of Aladdin, Or the Wonderful Lamp
001278: [EDITED BY] SKALON, D. A.; ET AL - Stoletie Voennago Ministerstva 1802 - 1902. Istoricheskii Ocherk Razvitiia Voennago Upravleniia v Rossii I [A Century of the Ministry of War, 1802-1902. Historical Sketch of the Development of Military Governance in Russia I]
000252: N/A - A Debate on the Doctrine of Universal Salvation : Held in Cincinnati, O. , from March 24 to April 1, 1845, between Rev. E.M. Pingree, Pastor of the First Universalist Church, Louisville, Ky. , and Rev. N.L. Rice, D.D. , Pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, O. Taken Down by a Reporter, and Revised by the Same Parties
000666: KULESHKOV, A. AND SOBOLEV, P. - V Snegakh Skvo-Velli. Amerika v Olimpiiskie Dni
000321: ELOEVA, F. A. AND RUSAKOV, A. - Problemy Iazykovoi Interferentsii. Uchebnoe Posobie [Gypsy Dialects]
001179: [COMPILED BY] ANCHEV, A.; ET AL - Rilski Manastir [Rila Monastery]
001595: [EDITED BY] VYSHINSKII, A. AND LOZOVSKII, S. - Diplomaticheskii slovar (Dictionary of Diplomacy) In 2 Volumes
000520: N/A - An Official Invitation to a Literary-Musical Evening in Commemoration of Aleksandr Ostrovskii
001904: PHILBIN, EUGENE A.; ET AL - Report of the Committee on Politics in Penal and Charitable Institutions. Read by Eugene A. Philbin at the Third New York State Conference of Charities and Correction, Held at Albany, November 18-20, 1902
000305: GENDEL'MAN, M. A; ET AL [EDITED BY] - [Sociology] Tezisy Vsesoiuznoi Mezhvuzovskoi Konferentsii Na Temu "Sovremennye Tendentsii Sotsial'No-Ekonomicheskogo Razvitiia Sela I Ih Osobennosti V Raionakh Osvoeniia Tselinnykh I Zalezhnykh Zemel'" Sektsia I Problemy Sotsialnogo Razvitiia Sovremennogo Sela
000306: GENDEL'MAN, M. A; ET AL [EDITED BY] - [Sociology] Tezisy Vsesoiuznoi Mezhvuzovskoi Konferentsii Na Temu "Sovremennye Tendentsii Sotsial'No-Ekonomicheskogo Razvitiia Sela I Ih Osobennosti V Raionakh Osvoeniia Tselinnykh I Zalezhnykh Zemel'" Sektsia II Problemy Kommunisticheskogo Vospitaniia Sel'Skogo Naseleniia
000307: GENDEL'MAN, M. A; ET AL [EDITED BY] - [Sociology] Tezisy Vsesoiuznoi Mezhvuzovskoi Konferentsii Na Temu "Sovremennye Tendentsii Sotsial'No-Ekonomicheskogo Razvitiia Sela I Ih Osobennosti V Raionakh Osvoeniia Tselinnykh I Zalezhnykh Zemel'" Sektsia III Voprosy Upravleniia Sotsial'No-Ekonomicheskimi Protsesammi Na Sele
000308: GENDEL'MAN, M. A; ET AL [EDITED BY] - [Sociology] Tezisy Vsesoiuznoi Mezhvuzovskoi Konferentsii Na Temu "Sovremennye Tendentsii Sotsial'No-Ekonomicheskogo Razvitiia Sela I Ih Osobennosti V Raionakh Osvoeniia Tselinnykh I Zalezhnykh Zemel'" Sektsia IV Puti Rekonstruktsii Sel'Skogo Rasseleniia
000466: N/A - The Weisz Antique Weapons Portfolio
000646: ROZHNOVA, M. A. AND ROZHNOV, V. - [Scientific Atheism] Pravda o "Chudesnykh" Istseleniiakh [The Truth About the "Wondrous" Healings]
000650: N/A - Chinese Women: Liberated
001503: N/A - Die Geistliche Bible, oder Eine Kleine Sammlung Alter und Neuer Geistreicher Lieder zum Gebrauch in den Gemeinden der Evangelischen Gemeinschaft und zur Erbauung alter Heilsuchenden Seelen
000720: N/A - Shasta Route
000239: N/A - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Translated out of the Original Greek; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised (in German and English)
000483: [COMPILED AND EDITED BY] LOPYREV, E. A. - Frantsuzskie Narodnye Skazki [Original Illustrations by Dmitrii Mitrokhin]
000959: N/A - [American Judaica] Machzor - Form of Prayers for the New Year, with English Translation
000925: [EDITED BY] RIAZANSKII, A.; ET AL - A Small Archive of Issues of "Voennyi Vestnik. Organ Ministerstva Oborony Soiuza SSR" 1961-1962 [Military Journal]
001097: N/A - Dickens Calendar for 1896
001892: H. ABICH (OTTO VILHELM HERMANN VON ABICH) - Geologische Beobachtungen auf Reisen im Kaukasus im Jahre 1873 (Geological Observations While Traveling in the Caucasus in 1873 [An Association Copy]
000921: ABRAMOV, FEDOR - Vokrug da Okolo
000369: ROMANOWSKI, BILL [WITH SCHEFTER, ADAM AND TOWLE, PHIL] - Romo. My Life on the Edge: Living Dreams and Slaying Dragons [Signed by Romo]
001597: [EDITED BY] ADAMOV, EVGENII A. - Razdel Aziatskoi Turtsii. Po Sekretnym dokumentam b. ministerstva inostrannykh del (Partitioning of Asiatic Turkey. According to Secret Documents of the Former Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
001598: [EDITED BY] ADAMOV, EVGENII A. - Konstantinopl'ô I prolivy. Po Sekretnym dokumentam b. ministerstva inostrannykh del (Constantinople and the Straits. From Secret Documents of the Former Ministry of Foreign Affairs) 2 Volumes in 1
001673: NOVOSTI PRESS AGENCY - USSR Administrative Divisions
001902: AGNEW, ANNA - From Under the Cloud; or, Personal Reminiscences of Insanity
001390: AITMATOV, CHINGIZ - Chypalak Bala. Zhomok / Mal'chik s Pal'chik. Skazka [Bilingual Book]
002092: AKED, CHARLES - Hero Souls Filled with New Wine! A Parable of the Living Air of San Francisco
001260: AKHMATOVA, ANNA - Rekviem 1935-1940 [Requiem 1935-1940] (Interesting Association Copy)
001261: AKSAKOV, SERGEI - Semeinaia Khronika i Detskie Gody Bagrova-Vnuka [A Russian Gentleman and Years of Childhood]
000432: HERMAN, ALBERT AND HERMAN, INA MAY - Puppet Magic. A Book to Share Puppet Patterns with the Novice
000609: ANONYMOUS [ALCOTT, LOUISA MAY] - A Modern Mephistopheles
001393: ALDANOV, M. A. - Ul'mskaia Noch'. Filosofiia Sluchaia
001248: ELIASBERG, ALEKSANDR; [WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY] MANN, THOMAS - Russkaia Literatura v Portretakh i Pis'menakh [Russian Literature in Portraits and Letters]
000888: ALEKSANDROV, V. A. - Nauchnye Osnovy Kurortnogo Lecheniia v SSSR [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve] (Scientific Foundation of Sanitarium Treatment in the Soviet Union)
001599: GERING, ALEKSEI; ET AL - Kolybel' Flota. Navigatskaia shkola - Morskoi korpus. K 250-ti letiiu so dnia osnovaniia shkoly matematicheskikh i navigatskikh nauk, 1701 - 1951 (Cradle of the Navy. Navigation School - Marine Corps. In Commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the Founding of the School of Mathematics and Navigation, 1701 - 1951)
001514: ALLEN, J. SIDNA - Wrot Iron Heater Co. Movable Measurements / Advertisement
001275: [EDITED BY] LUNACHARSKAGO, ANATOLII; ET AL - Pechat i Revoliutsiia. Zhurnal Literatury, Iskusstva, Kritiki i Bibliografii. Kniga Chetvertaia, Mai - Iiun' [The Press and the Revolution. Journal of Literature, Art, Criticism, and Bibliography. Volume Four, May - June]
000903: ANDERSEN, G. H. - Skazki
001297: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Histoires Merveilleuses D'apres Andersen [Marvelous Stories after Andersen]
001728: [ANDERSEN, KH. K.] - Skazki Andersena
001951: ANDERSEN, G. - Snezhnaia koroleva (The Snow Queen)
001281: ANONYMOUS - A Few Delicious Delicacies Easily Made
001845: ANONYMOUS - Professionalnyi i kooperativnyi biulleten, No. 1 (Professional and Co-op Bulletin)
001415: ANONYMOUS - A mesmerizing collection of advertisements and coasters from Tokyo strip clubs and bars catering to US soldiers in 1954-55 as well as photographs, cards, signatures, money, cartoons, etc. - collected, assembled and captioned by a soldier of 545 (?) Military Police Provisional Platoon in Japan after the Second World War
001457: ANONYMOUS - Eine Wahre und Approbirte Kunst in Feuersbruensten und Pestilenz Zeiten Nuetzlich Gebrauchen [Himmelsbrief]
001865: ANONYMOUS - Princess Opera Flannel Sample Book
001450: ANONYMOUS - A Work-in-Progress Mystery Poster
002017: ANONYMOUS - New Sheets! For McKesson & Robbins, Incorporated [McKesson & Robbins, Incorporated Liquor List, Oakland California]
001193: ANONYMOUS - Salad Magic and Sandwich Magic
001772: ANONYMOUS - Exposition Park, Los Angeles, California" Advertisement
001316: ANONYMOUS - Pussy Cat Coloring Book
001864: ANONYMOUS - Tissus Pongees-Foulards Asiatiques" (Sample Book of Chinese Silk)
001974: ANONYMOUS - The Well Known Family Game (A Miniature Gambling Card Game)
002171: ANONYMOUS - This Christmas Stocking is Presented to Help EVERY CHILD Start a SAVINGS ACCOUNT, First National Bank, Wood River, Ill.
002079: ANONYMOUS - UC Berkeley Protest Poster Against President Reagan
001380: ANONYMOUS - The Food Mobile
001870: ANONYMOUS - The Golden Cockerel Greek Anthology Prospectus
001361: ANONYMOUS - Grand Complimentary Concert at Dietz Opera House, Oakland. Friday, December 7th, 1877, Tendered to the Oakland Light Cavalry Companyby the Schmidt Quintette
001351: ANONYMOUS - Industrious Boy
001374: ANONYMOUS - Official Hearne Brothers Polyconic Projection Maps of All of Contra Costa County
001889: ANONYMOUS - Zhizn za Tsaria" Program for a Performance of "A Life for the Tsar
001975: ANONYMOUS - The Landmarks Club of California, Incorporated 1895. To Save for Our Children and the World the Old Missions and Other Historic Landmarks of California
001455: ANONYMOUS - Do Not Heed Her Warning. Answer to the Gipsy's Warning
001556: ANONYMOUS - The Philadelphian [Manuscript Periodical]
001344: ANONYMOUS - Northland Skis [Trade Catalog]
001640: ANONYMOUS - Feltman's, Coney Island" Promotional Puzzle
002066: ANONYMOUS - Na sirot nizhnikh chinov Armii i Flota (Orphans of the Lower Ranks of the Army and Navy) [An Album}
001956: ANONYMOUS - The old Woman Who lived in a Shoe" Paper Dolls
002148: ANONYMOUS - Tell-Tale: A Game of Love
002001: ANONYMOUS - Everybody Sing! Every Sunday Nite. Persian Room - Hotel Sir Francis Drake, San Francisco (Song Book)
001434: ANONYMOUS - Fighting Strength of Nations
001525: ANONYMOUS - A Veritable and Approved Method, Useful and Applicable in Cases of Fire and Pestilence [Himmelsbrief]
001211: ANONYMOUS - By Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. The Benefits Derived from Wearing Nodder's Patent Self-Adjusting and Ventilated Hat
001446: ANONYMOUS - Ukrainian Red Cross Abroad. Memorandum on the Foundation, Organisation, Scope and Activity of the Central Committee of Ukrainian Red Cross and of the Sewing-guild for Soldiers of Ukrainian Nationality in the Ukrainian Military Formations Or Dispersed in the Belligerent Armies, Prisoners of War, Interned and Civil Refugees [Broadside]
001781: ANONYMOUS - Ramona Street, Palo Alto
001517: ANONYMOUS - William Seaton and the Butterfly, with a History of That Beautiful Insect
001424: ANONYMOUS - The Magic Parasol
001893: ANONYMOUS - A Small Collection of 3 "Pears' Soap" Bookmarks
001496: ANONYMOUS - [Prospectus] The Horses of San Marco
001543: ANONYMOUS - Ali Baba or the Forty Thieves
001265: ANONYMOUS - ca 1943 Lettersheets Commemorating "The Heroes of Krasnodon
002178: ANONYMOUS - Honey Packaging Equipement & Supplies. Catalog May 1935 - May 1936
001868: ANONYMOUS - Carl Schleicher & Schuell Sample Book of Special Filter Papers
001718: ANONYMOUS - Yosemite Lodge Restaurant Room Service Menu with Della Taylor Hoss Woodcut
002159: ANONYMOUS - The Singer Mannikin Doll Set
002075: ANONYMOUS - Exposition Internationale de 1937. Cinema de L' U. R. S. S. programme
001489: ANONYMOUS - Multiplication Table [Dame Wonders' Picture Books]
001346: ANONYMOUS - Dainty Sandwiches
001757: ANONYMOUS - R. S. V. P. (Repondez 'ď sil 'ď vous 'ď plait)
001159: ANONYMOUS - The Hatchet. Published on the High Seas [Vol. 6, No. 8, Monday, August 26, 1918]
001587: ANONYMOUS - Questions and Answers about Syphilis and Gonorrhea
001992: ANONYMOUS - Miss Fatima, the Famous Bare Dancer" [Trick, Finger-snapper, Mechanical Card]
001429: ANONYMOUS - Carrageen. A Story of the Sea
001995: ANONYMOUS - Ah! Papa les belles..." [Political Cartoon of Napoleon]
001156: ANONYMOUS - Little Sister's ABC Book
002088: ANONYMOUS - The Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Company Catalog
001280: ANONYMOUS - Die-cut Thymo Tooth Paste Advertising and Order Form
002170: ANONYMOUS - My Darling Chocolate Drop" [A Racist Joke Card]
002123: ANONYMOUS - A Set of Items from "The Pink Pussycat College of Strip Tease
001933: ANONYMOUS - A Common Periodical, Used to Make a Miniature
001861: ANONYMOUS - The Great $1,000 Puzzle. Hard to Do But possible
001801: ANONYMOUS - The Loyalist's Ammunition
002084: ANONYMOUS - Introduction to Mainliner Stratocruiser. Information Circular
002085: ANONYMOUS - Oakland Choral Society. Third Season, First Concert
001169: ANONYMOUS - Pochtovye Marki SSSR. Katalog 1966
001295: ANONYMOUS - The Jell-O Girl in Norway. No. 12 [Jell-O Advertising and Cookbook]
002091: ANONYMOUS - Knights Templar September Conclaves in San Francisco
001348: ANONYMOUS - The Proverbs: Translated out of the Original Hebrew; and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised
001701: ANONYMOUS - American Flag [Advertisement for the Ketterlinus Lithographic Manufacturing Co.]
001989: ANONYMOUS - 40th Alameda Co. C. E. Convention, First Baptist Church, Berkeley, March 4-5-6, 1927" Ribbon
001867: ANONYMOUS - Montgomery Ward Wallpaper Catalog and Sample Book
001430: ANONYMOUS - The Lay of the Lonesome Lung
001795: ANONYMOUS - The Ault & Wiborg Co. Printing Inks" Advertising Broadside
001654: ANONYMOUS - I'll Tell Your Age [Bishop's Nut Brown Sodas Advertising Puzzle]
001300: ANONYMOUS - Twenty-first Annual Dinner of the Chit-Chat Club of San Francisco, November, 1895.
001294: ANONYMOUS - Various Ice Creams Frozen Desserts - with Delightful Flavor and Fine Texture - at Low Cost
002198: ANONYMOUS - Directions for Using..The..Brownie Camera
001426: ANONYMOUS - Golden Gate Baking Powder [Advertisement]
001676: ANONYMOUS - A Story of Raw Silk
001296: ANONYMOUS - Spivak Arranger & Transposer
001130: ANONYMOUS - A Small Archive of Printed Silk Prize Ribbons from the 1940 Annual Kohala Fair
002034: ANONYMOUS - Maria Feodorovna, Empress Consort of Russia, Photograph Signed
001378: ANONYMOUS - RockaBye Baby and Other Rhymes
001365: ANONYMOUS - Card Tricks That the Amateur Magician Can Do With a Regular Deck of Cards
001661: ANONYMOUS - An Illustrated Lecture on Russia and Siberia by Capt. S. Alberti, a Russian Exile
001054: ANONYMOUS - The Printer's Devil in 19th Century New Mexico Print Shops
001927: ANONYMOUS - Miss Vernon's Receipes
001286: ANONYMOUS - Beef Guide for Western Living
001666: ANONYMOUS - Chertezhi i nazvaniia zapasnykh chastei dlia parovykh molotilok, fabrikuemykh firmoiu Ransom, Sims i Dzheferis, Orvelskii zavod, Ipsvich, Angliia (Drawings and Names of Spare Parts for Steam Threshers Manufactured by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies, Ipswich, England) In English and Russian
002083: ANONYMOUS - A Set of Two United Air Lines Information Circulars on Mainliner-300
002006: ANONYMOUS - Store Don'ts
001653: ANONYMOUS - Luggage Label Advertisement for "Si and Fannie and Their Trick Mule Abner
002047: ANONYMOUS (FIGNER, VERA; ET AL) - Spiashchaia tsarevna (The Sleeping Princess)
001704: ANONYMOUS - Admiralty Book of Flags of all Nations. 1930. Amendment No. 1
001976: ANONYMOUS - Funny Folks Album. Master Chubb and His Dog
002180: ANONYMOUS - Unusual Recipes. Drinks and Dishes Wholesome and Delicious. Dainty, Appetizing Dishes for the Sick Room. Delicious Desserts for the Dinner Table
002101: ANONYMOUS - Take a Kodak with You [Trade Catalog]
001428: ANONYMOUS - ABC Jingles
001720: ANONYMOUS - The Gypsy Fortune Telling Game
000142: ANONYMOUS - Summer Love #46 Comics 1965
001802: ANONYMOUS - Third Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Students, and Programme of the Course of Instruction of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1867-8
001643: ANONYMOUS - The Private Life of Galileo, Compiled Principally from His Correspondence and That of his Eldest Daughter, Sister Maria Celeste [Prospectus]
001306: ANONYMOUS - Try Your Luck" Punch Card for Chocolate Lottery
000094: ANONYMOUS - The Library Magazine of American and Foreign Thought
001427: ANONYMOUS - Stay Slim
001444: ANONYMOUS - Kniga ob Antikhriste [A Book about the Antichrist]
002023: ANONYMOUS - Blue Ribbon Figs from California. Prepared and Packed in a New Way. A Health Food
002095: ANONYMOUS - Homemade Salad Dressings [A Shape Book]
002168: ANONYMOUS - The Solar Eclipse of 1898. Being a Reprint from the "Times of India" of 22nd and 24th January, 1898
001313: ANONYMOUS - Thymo Tooth Paste Advertising and Order Form
001876: ANONYMOUS - An Historical Note on Some Yankee Clippers
002120: ANONYMOUS - Your Guide to 1960 Olympic Winter Games
001345: ANONYMOUS - Frozen Desserts
001310: ANONYMOUS - Try Your Luck" Punch Card for Chocolate Lottery
002131: ANONYMOUS - Early 20th-century Coloring Book
001869: ANONYMOUS - Driad Powder Paint Sample Book
001702: ANONYMOUS - Souvenir 1906
001060: ANONYMOUS - A Small Archive of 19 Miniature photographs of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
001703: ANONYMOUS - Mir / Peace'Ě Poster
001866: ANONYMOUS - Albemarle World Blotting Sample Book
001523: BLAKE, TUPPER ANSEL AND WALKER, ARDIS MANLY - Wild Wonder. Photo Art with Haiku
002051: ANT, VLADIMIR - Pesni kosmosa i zemli (Songs of the Cosmos and the Earth)
000795: ARKHANGEL'SKII, B. A. - Na Puti k Materinstvu [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve]
000452: ARKHANGEL'SKII, V. - Kto v Reke Zhivet (What Lives in the River)
000117: BOOCH-ARKOSSY, FEDERICO - Nuevo Diccionario de Las Lenguas Castellana Y Alemana
001851: [EDITED BY] AROSSEV, A. - Soviet Cinema
000396: [BY ARRANGEMENT WITH] APPLETON, GEORGE J. - Mr. N. C. Goodwin & Miss Maxine Elliott Souvenir. Season 1899-1900 [Edition De Luxe]
001026: [ARTHUR, T. D., SECOND MATE] - A small archive of items from SS 'Oregonian' of the "American-Hawaiian Steamship Company
000938: ANONYMOUS ARTIST - Archive of 51 Original Pencil and Ink Portraits of Ukrainian Refugees, Mannheim (Germany) Displaced Persons Camp, ca 1946
001552: ASEEV, NIKOLAI - Izbran'. Stikhi, 1912-1922 (Chosen. Poems, 1912-1922) With Letterpress Design by Aleksandr Rodchenko
000600: GERTRUDE ATHERTON - The Sisters-in-law. A Novel of Our Time [Signed by Author]
001352: [ATWOOD, MOSES GILMAN] - The Youth's Natural History of Animals
001108: AUGUSTA, IOZEF; [ILLUSTRATED BY] BURIAN ZDENEK - Zhizn' Drevnego Cheloveka
000793: AVANESOV, R. I. - Voprosy Razvitiia Iazyka i Dialektov v Svete Trudov I. V. Stalina po Iazykoznaniiu
002039: AVERBUKH, L. - Pochemy Evrei ne veriat v Iisusa Khrista? (Why the Jews Do Not Believe in Jesus Christ?)
000690: AVRAMOV, NIKOLA - Chasut Na Vuzmezdieto
001767: AWES, ADDISON [PSEUD. OF WILLIAM M. CUBERY] - Why a Rich Yankee Did Not Settle in California [Signed/Inscribed by William Cubery]
000996: WEST, J. B. [WITH] KOTZ, MARY LYNN - Upstairs at the White House. My Life with the First Ladies [Uncorrected Proof Copy]
000584: [EDITED BY] J. H. B. - Gems of Fable
000687: [EDITED BY] PIOTROVSKII, B. B; ET AL - Ermitazh. Istoriia Stroitel'ôstva I Arkhitektura Zdanii
000824: BABCOCK, DONALD C. - For those I taught (Durham Chapbook IV) and the Friendly Commonplace. Being a Book of Graces Before Meat and Other Homely Devotions [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
000415: BABEL', ISAAK - Konarmiia
000413: BABEL', ISAAK - Istoriia Moei Golubiatni. Rasskazy [Limited to 8000 Copies]
000418: BABEL', ISAAK - Rasskazy
000416: BABEL', ISAAK - Konarmiia
000806: BAIN, JOHN - Tobacco in Song and Story
000035: BAKER, SAMUEL W. - Cast Up by the Sea
002074: BAKUNIN, M. - Revoliutsiinii katekhizm (Revolutionary Catechism)
000874: TEODOROV-BALAN, ALEKSANDUR - Nova Bulgarska Gramatika
000175: BALLANTYNE, ROBERT MICHAEL - Post Haste: A Tale of Her Majesty's Mails
000246: BALZAC, HONORE DE - Fame and Sorrow
001759: BANNISTER, L. H. - Original Panoramic Photograph of Lake Tahoe
000341: BASINGER, A. J. - [Agriculture] The European Brown Snail in California. Bulletin 515
000301: BATSHEV, VLADIMIR - Moi Frantsuskii Diadushka (My French Uncle) [written as a movie script]
000300: BATSHEV, VLADIMIR - Frankfurtskii Potok (Frankfurt Flow)
001895: BATT, REV. WILLIAM JAMES (BLISS) - Cyrus Knox, Prisoner. The Story of a Tentative Experiment
001830: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - Les fleurs du mal
001711: BAZHENOV, P. D. - Igralnye Karty Iubileinye (Anniversary Playing Cards)
000454: BELIAEV, ALEKSANDUR - Chovekut, Koito Nameri Svoeto Litse [the Man Who Found His Face]
000506: BELL, H. H. - A Modern Task, or The Story of the Religious Activities of the Committee of One Hundred Appointed by the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, During the Panama-Pacific International Exposition at San Francisco, California, 1915 [Signed/inscribed by author]
001846: BENES, DR. EDVARD - Masaryk's Path and Legacy. Funeral Oration at the Burial of the President-Liberator. 21 September 1937 [Signed by President Edvard Benes]
000794: ZIL'BER, L. A. - Mikroby, Toksiny i Ul'travirusy [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve]
001981: BERDIAEV, NIKOLAI - O samoubiistve. Psikhologicheskii etiud (On Suicide. A Psychological Sketch)
000604: BERESTOV, VALENTIN - Bogatyri. Stikhi
001138: BEREZOV, RODION - Dozhd i Slezy. Stikhi [Rain and Tears. Poems]
000987: BEREZOV, RODION - Russkoe Serdtse
002080: BERGERON, RICHARD - Warhoon 16
002146: WILSON, BETTY AND MARY - Salads for Every Month
001231: BEYSSAC, MICHELE - La Vie Culturelle de L'√ɬ©migration Russe en France. Chronique (1920-1930'é)
000943: BLAGA, LUCIAN - Poemele Luminii / Poems of Loght [A Romanian-English Bilingual Edition]
000174: BLAKE, REV. J. L. - Hutton's Book of Nature Laid Open
002012: BLATCHFORD, SAMUEL - The Validity of Presbyterian Ordination Maintained, in a Letter to the Rev. William Smith, D.D. Occasioned by the Publication of his Sermon, Preached at the Consecration of Bishop Jarvis, at New-Haven, on the 18th October, 1797. Together with Strictures on said Sermon [A Presentation Copy]
000100: DAVIS, BOB & ARMITAGE, GEORGE - Hawaii, U.S. A
000603: BOGDANOV, NIKOLAI - Baza Verkholaza. Rasskazy
000524: BOL'SHEMENNIKOV, A. - Aleksei Maksimovich Gor'Kii (1868-1936)
000231: BONDARIN, SERGEI ALEXANDROVICH - Prikosnovenie K Cheloveku. Povesti, Raskazi, Zapiski (Touching the Person. Novellas, Stories, Notes)
000302: BORICH, LEONID BORISOVICH - Minuvshie Dni. Povesti Rasskazoi (Last Days. Short Stories)
001445: ZNOSKO-BOROVSKII, EVGENII - Russkii Teatr Nachala XX Veka [Russian Theater in the Early Twentieth Century]
000486: BORTNIANSKY, BAKHMETIEV, ALEXIS LVOV, MAKAROV, ET AL - Recueil de chants religieux russes : a cappella (32) de Bakhmetiev...[et al] et Ce?lestin Bourdeau. Re?pertoire de l'E?glise Russe de Paris (in French and Russian)
000920: BOSEV, ASEN - Dimitrovski Ogun. Stikhove i Poemi za Detsa i Iunoshi
001485: DE BOTHEZAT, GEORGE - The Depression. Its Real Causes and the Remedy
002149: BOURNE, WM. OLAND - Working-Men and the Union [From "The Iron Platform"]
001581: BOYD, MARK - Reminiscences of Fifty Years [Presentation Copy]
000534: BOYER, G. G. - Dorn [Signed y Author]
001539: BOZHILOVA, ZHENI - Svetlina po Putia na Zhenata. Pisma do Moiata Sestra [Light along the Path of the Woman. Letters to My Sister] Signed/Inscribed by Author
001343: BRADFORD, H. C. - Weight Loss Advertising Card
000049: BRALY, JOHN HYDE - Memory Pictures. An Autobiography
002112: [COMPILED BY] BRANCH NO. 48, U. N. A. P. O. C. - The Guide of General Postal Information, Treating Thoroughly All Postal Subjects of Interest to the Public
002086: BREMER, G. - The Cytology of Saccharum
000232: BREZHNEV, LEONID ILYICH - [Revolutionary] Lenin's Cause Lives on and Triumphs
001151: BRIK, OLEKSANDER S. - Ukrains'ko - Evreis'ki Vzaemovidnosini
001916: DOBBINS, BRO. & CO. - This Will Please That Wife of Yours
002147: BRODSKII, IOSIF - Konets Prekrasnoi Epokhi. Stikhotvoreniia, 1964 - 1971 (The End of a Wonderful Era. Poems, 1964 - 1971)
000177: GOETHE. CHARLES T. BROOKS (TRANSLATOR) - Faust, a Tragedy
000751: BROWN, FERN G. - Signed/Inscribed Lot of 3 Fern G. Brown Books
001133: BRYAN, EDWIN H., JR. - American Polynesia. Coral Islands of the Central Pacific
000139: BUCHANAN, PROF. JOSEPH RODES M. D. - [Psychometry][Paranormal] Primitive Christianity. Volume I Containing the Lost Lives of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. Showing the Dawn of Christianity in Jesus Christ, Its Destruction by Martyrdom and Suppression, the Pagan Origin of the Roman Church, the Falsification of the Bible by Forgery, and the Authentic Gospel of St. John
001752: [BUCKREUS, TIM] - How Bad is Government" 1970s Original Anti-Government Comic Art
001871: BUDD, MARGRETHA - An Archive of Original Sketches of Hairdos and Ladies in Fashionable Clothes
001910: BULATOV, M. A. - Poslovitsy, pogovorki i zagadki Russkogo naroda (Proverbs, Sayings, and Riddles of the Russian People) [Illustrated by Dmitrii Moor (Orlov) / Personal copy of Lieutenant Colonel Victor de Guinzbourg]
000758: BUNYAN, JOHN - Christ a Complete Saviour: or, the Intercession of Christ, and Who Are Privileged in It
000867: BURGER, JOANNE - Published in SF [1971]
001690: ANONYMOUS [BURLEIGH, GEORGE S.] - Signal Fires on the Trail of the Pathfinder
001953: BURNS, WALTER FRANCIS - Captain Otway Burns. Patriot, Privateer and Legislator [Signed/Inscribed by the Author]
000121: DE BURY, RICHARD - Philobiblon, A Treatise on the Love of Books
001860: BUTLER, WILLIAM - Behind Prison Walls. The Story of a Wasted Life. Also Famous Recitations, Songs, Etc.
000345: BUTTERFIELD, H. M. - [Agriculture]Home Floriculture in California. Circular 53
001854: BUZHANSKY, O. - Korotka biohrafiia M. D. Leontovicha (A Short Biography of M. D. Leontovich) [A Speech, Presented at a Giessen DP Camp, on the 28th Anniversary of Leontovich's Death]
000886: BYKOV, K. M. - Sovremennye Predstavleniia o Peredache Nervnogo Protsessa [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve] (Contemporary Concepts of Nerve Signal Transmission)
000176: BYRON, LORD - The Select Poetical Works of Lord Byron
001761: POOLE, D. C.; ET AL - Memorandum on the Bolshevist or Communist Party in Russia and Its Relations to the Third or Communist International and to the Russian Soviets
001949: CAKE, JOSEPH (COLLECTOR OF CUSTOMS) - Transmits Report of Ship Bpmbay from Liverpool Excep. of Passengers
001022: CARNELL, HARRIET M. T. - Oranges & Lemons [Betty's Geography Lessons] No. 1
001859: CARR, FRANKLIN - Twenty-Two Years in State Prisons
001475: CARROLL, LEWIS - Sylvie and Bruno
001041: CARROLL, LEWIS - Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There
001497: CARROLL, LEWIS - The Hunting of The Snark; an Agony, in Eight Fits
000822: CARTER, BOAKE - Why Meddle in Europe [Signed/Inscribed by Author to US Senator and Federal Judge Homer Truett Bone]
000280: CARVALHO, VINCENTE DE - Poemas E Cancoes
001792: CASS, E. R. - The County Jail Must Go
000473: CASWELL, HELEN - Never Wed an Old Man [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
001548: CAVE, MARIE ELIZABETH - Color. The Cave Method of Drawing -- for Students -- Second Part
001819: ANONYMOUS [CECIL, RICHARD] - A Friendly Visit to the House of Mourning
001016: CHADWICK, LESTER - Baseball Joe at Yale or Pitching for the College Championship
002118: CHANCE, LULU MAUD - Bradley's Straight Line Picture Cut-outs. George Washington - His Mount Vernon Home
001763: CHAPIN, EUGENE - By-Gone Days Or the Experiences of an American
001633: [ARLINGTON CHARLES] - Hotbed of Hatred" [Radio Transcript]
001140: CHARSKOI, L. A. - Kniazhna Dzhavakha
002011: CHAUNCY, CHARLES D. D. - The Earth Delivered from the Curse to Which It Is, at Present, Subjected. A Sermon Occasioned by the Late Earthquakes in Spain and Portugal, as well as New-England; and Preached at the Boston-Thursday-Lecture, January 22, 1756
001074: CHELPANOV, GEORGII (PROF.) - Uchebnik Psiikhologii (Dlia Gimnazii i Samoobrazovaniia)
000303: CHERENTSOVA, OLGA - Dvoinik (The Double)
002087: [COMPILED BY] CHRISTIE, G. I., PURDUE UNIVERSITY - Indiana Agriculture
001754: CISNEROS, JOSE - Cover for American Southwestern Literature Journal [Signed/Captioned by the Illustrator]
000802: CLARK, OPAL ROUTH - Sixty Years of Yesterdays [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
001431: CLARK, ROSALIE WINIFRED - Poems [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
000831: CLAUDEL, PAUL - L'Annonce Faite a Marie [Edition Augmentee D'une Variante Pour la Scene de L'Acte IV]
001909: CLAY, SETH H. - A Mechanical Trade Card, Advertising Seth H. Clay, Jeweler and Optician of Cambridge, Illinois
001714: CLEARY, BEVERLY - Sister of the Bride [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
000614: ARISTO VAN CLESPE, PHILIP, MAJOR - Mimicry as an Art : or Wildlife-calling and Birdsong-whistling for Pastime or Profit ; Harvested Amidst the Mystic Ruins of San Antonio de Padua of the Coastal Sierras of California [Manuscript "Debut-Edition"]
001665: THE JOHN WILKINSON CO. - No. 88. Price List of Tools and Machines for Metal and Wood Workers
000625: COGNIOT, GEORGES - Le Parti Communiste Instrument Decisif de la Classe Ouvriere Dans Sa Lutte Pour la Paix Pour le Socialisme. Conference Faite le 22 Mai 1956 Devant Les Communistes Des Federations de la Seine Et de la Seine-Et-Oise, Sous la Presidence D'Aragon [Les Conferences Educatives Du Parti Communiste Francais]
000894: COLONEL ANDREI GERKIN (NOTICE), ET AL; DIUZHENKO, IU. (BROCHURE) - False WWII "Missing in Action" Notification for Well-known Ukrainian Monumentalist and Avant-garde Artist Aleksandr Antonovich Mordan' together with a Brochure Detailing His Life and Several of His Works
000350: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE - [Lumber Industry]Grade Marking of Lumber for the Consumers' Protection. Report of the Subcommittee on the Grade Marking of Lumber of the National Committee on Wood Utilization
000356: RESEARCH DEPARTMENT OF CALIFORNIA STATE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - Economic Survey of California [1949 Supplement]
000039: UNITED STATES OLYMPIC COMMITTEE - 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow Cookbook and Schedule of Events
000573: UNION MALLEABLE IRON COMPANY - National Rules for Horse Shoe Pitching
002099: PRATT FOOD COMPANY - Pratts Poultry Pointers
001928: [STEREOTYPED BY] CONNOR, JAMES - The Amusing Puzzling Book
000937: INTERALLIED COMMISSION ON THE VIOLATION OF THE HAGUE CONVENTION - Report of the Interallied Commission on the Violation of the Hague Convention and of the Principles of the International Law committed in 1915-1918 by the Bulgarians in occupied Serbia
000809: COOKE, M. C. (MORDECAI CUBITT) - Freaks and Marvels of Plant Life: Or, Curiosities of Vegetation
000078: COOPER, ELISHA - California: A Sketchbook
001695: COPPARD, A. E. - Good Samaritans [Association copy]
000956: [EDITED BY] COULTER, JOHN - The Library of Entertainment and Culture. A Complete Encyclopedia of Elocution, Oratory, and Etiquette [Three Books in One]
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000184: CRAIK, GEORGE - Pursuit of Knowledge Under Difficulties; Its Pleasures and Rewards
001713: CRANDELL, HELEN HOPKINS - Little White Cotton
000617: CROFT, DELMER EUGENE - Supreme Personality. Fun in Living. A Doubt, Fear and Worry Cure
001983: CUMMINS - MIGHELS, ELLA STERLING - San Francisco Redi-vivus! An Open Letter to All San Franciscans and All Californians
000840: CURTIS, LINDSAY R. - Alcohol: Fun or Folly
001196: CURTIS, JACK - Green Again [Signed/Numbered/ Limited Edition]
000542: SCHMIDTMAN, R. D. ET AL - Lot of Documents from USCGC "Northwind" Bering Sea Patrol 1963 - Oceanographic Phase and Seismic Survey
001177: KOSEV, D.; ET AL - Kratka Istoriia na Bulgariia [Short History of Bulgaria]
000593: ROZENFEL'D, MIKH. - Ledianye Nochi
000514: ALEKSEEV, A. D. ET AL - Russkaia Khudozhestvennaia Kul'Tura Kontsa XIX-Nachala XX Veka (1895-1907) in Two Volumes
000093: DAVENPORT, R. A. - A Dictionary of Biography Comprising the Most Eminent Characters of All Ages, Nations, and Professions
001990: DAVIDSON, ROBERT D. D. - The Study of History: An Address Delivered at the Anniversary of the Freehold Young Ladies' Seminary, Freehold, N. J., July 20, 1853 [Signed/Inscribed by Amos Richardson]
000950: M. M. ("MOE") DEADERICK - Skiers Two
000789: DEBORIN, G. A. - Pervye Mezhdunarodnye Akty Sovetskogo Gosudarstva i Ego Vneshniaia Politika v Gody Inostrannoi Interventsii i Grazhdanskoi Voiny (1917-1922 gg.) (2-ia Lektsiia Tsikla) [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi 1 Iiunia 1947 Goda v Lektsionnom Zale v Moskve]
001081: DELAND, MARGARET - A Small Note Typed and Signed by Poet and Author Margaret Deland
000578: WAR DEPARTMENT, CHIEF OF STAFF/MILITARY DICTIONARY PROJECT - [Restricted] Military Dictionary (Advance Installment): Part I English-Russian, Part II Russian-English
001182: DERZHAVIN, NIKOLAI - Slavianite v Drevnostta. Kulturno-Istoricheski Ocherk [The Slavs in Ancient Times. Cultural and Historical Essay]
000388: DERZHAVIN, N. S. - Proiskhozhdenie Russkogo Naroda. Velikorusskogo, Ukrainskogo, Belorusskogo
002113: DEVEREUX, JOHN - Entry of Merchandise" Document for the Bark Globe
001147: DHU, HELEN - Stanhope Burleigh.The Jesuits In Our Homes. A Novel
000122: DICKENS, CHARLES - Dickens' Works 14 Volumes Diamond Edition
000960: [STEREOTYPED BY] DILL, VINCENT; [ILLUSTRATED BY] WIER, HARRISON - The Life and Death of Jenny Wren. And the Story of a Frog Who Would a Wooing Go
000784: DOBROKHOTOVA, A. I. - Detskie Infektsionnye Bolezni, Ikh Lechenie i Profilaktika [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve]
001821: DOBROVOLSKY, JAROSLAV - 30 Ex Libris. Original Woodcuts,1935 - 1937
000818: SUPERINTENDENT OF DOCUMENTS - Price List 54 [Government Publications] Political Science. Government, Crime, Liquors, Supreme Court, District of Columbia, Un-American Activities
001102: DONTSOV, D. - Vid Mistiki do Politiki
001266: DORDEVIC, TIHOMIR - Nas Narodni Zivot [Our People's Life] In 10 Volumes
000813: DOWNEY, JOSEPH T.; [EDITED BY] ROGERS, FRED BLACKBURN - Filings From an Old Saw. Reminiscences of San Francisco and California's Conquest [Limited Edition of 750 Copies]
000723: DREISER, THEODORE - Sister Carrie
001028: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Collected Poems [Two Volumes Limited Signed Edition]
001929: DUBOIS, CORNELIUS - A Manuscript Letter, Pertaining to the Society for Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents
000803: DUFFY, REV. JAMES S. - 1893 Business Card (Inscribed and Dated) of Rev. James S. Duffy
000138: DULLES, FOSTER RHEA - The Road to Teheran. The Story of Russia and America, 1781-1943
001058: DUNBAR, MAURICE - Fundamentals of Book Collecting [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
000001: ALAN DUNDES, CARL R. PAGTER - Never Try to Teach a Pig to Sing: Still More Urban Folklore from the Paperwork Empire
001284: DURST, DORIS - Flower of the Sea (Malo-Pua-Kai)
001118: DUSTIN, S. C. - An original CDV of Henry Ward Beecher
002059: DZILUMS, ALFREDS - Meza pils. Stasts (The Forest Castle. A Story)
001549: EDWARDS, RICHARD - Edwards' Illustrated Report of the Fourth Annual Fair of the Saint Louis Agricultural and Mechanical Association
001602: EFIMOV, F. - Sny sultana. Kartina 2 (Dreams of the Sultan. Scene 2)
002008: EFROS, ABRAM - Eroticheskie sonety (Erotic Sonnets) [25 Micro-miniatures]
000131: EIPPER - Prangender Sommer IM Deutschen Wald/ Signed and Inscribed 1st
000132: EIPPER, PAUL - Dein Wald/ Signed and Inscribed 1st
001180: KOLEVA. EL.; ET AL - Naroden Etnografski Muzei v Plovdiv. Putevoditel [National Ethnographic Museum in Plovdiv. A Guide]
001168: [EDITED BY] ELATONTSEV (ELFF), S. G. - Obshchekazachii Zhurnal. Organ Nezavisimoi Kazach'ei Mysli (Vol. 6, No. 12 and Vol. 7, No. 14) [The All Cossacks Journal]
001270: ELENEVSKAIA, IRINA - Vospominaniia [Recollections]
000456: ELENKOV, LUCHEZAR - Granitovo. Poema (Granitovo. A Poem)[Original illustrations by Olga Paskaleva]
001996: ELIOT, ANDREW - The Faithful Steward. A Sermon Delivered by Andrew Eliot, M.A. at His Ordination to the Pastoral Charge of the New North Church in Boston, in Conjunction with the Rev. Mr. Webb. On April 14. 1742
000961: EMERSON, JOSEPH - The Evangelical Primer Containing A Minor Doctrinal Catechism And A Minor Historical Catechism; to Which is Added the Westminster Assembly's Shorter Catechism; with Short Explanatory Notes and Copious Scripture Proofs and Illustrations; for the Use of Families and Schools
000445: ENGELS, FRIDRIKH - Anti-Diuring. Prevratut V Naukata Izvurshen Ot Gospodin Oigen Diuring (Anti-During. Her Eugene Duhring's Revolution in Science)
001470: JESUITE WHO CONFORM'ôD TO THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND - Plain English: being a peculiar discourse on Proverbs XVIII. 22. Whoso findeth a Wife, findeth a Good thing. Made out under the following Heads: I. To enquire what that Good Thing is, which the wise Man here says shall be found with a Wife. II. How to find this Good Thing. III. How to know this Good Thing when found. IV. How to use this Good Thing when found and known. From an original manuscript, never preach'ôd, nor printed before; - written by a Jesuite who conform'ôd to the Church of England, and became vicar of Burford in Oxfordshire, about the year 1690, on the Abdication of King James II
001171: B'ERNSTERN-B'ERNSON (BJORNSON, BJORNSTJERNE) - Zagadka Zhizni (Khudozhestvennaia Biblioteka No. 40) [Mystery of Life]
000722: ESER, MONIM - Encyclopaedic Guide to Istanbul. Including a Dictionary of Prominent People, Important Events and Places [Signed by Author]
000336: ESPERSEN, OTTO - Filosofiia Grammatiki
000469: YARBER, ESTHER AND MCGOWN, EDNA AND ARTHUR - Land of the Yankee Fork
001697: AESOP; [TRANSLATED BY] L'ôESTRANGE, SIR ROGER - The Fables of Aesop
000791: LEONT'EV, A. - Manifest Kommunisticheskoi Partii i Ego Vsemirno-Istoricheskoe Znachenie [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve]
000375: VASIL'EVA, V. IA - [Anti-Americanism] Natsional'No-Osvoboditel'Naia Bor'Ba V Stranakh Iugo-Vostochnoi Azii. Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi V Tsentral'Nom Lektorii Obshchestva V Moskve
000930: PERFIL'EVA, A. - Daleko li do Saigatki?
000038: EVANS, JOHN - The Poet's I : Poems, Pictures, and Lettering / Signed and Numbered
001577: EZOVITOV, KONSTANTIN - Belorussy i Poliaki. Dokumenty i fakty iz istorii okupatsii Belorussii Poliakami v 1918 i 1919 godakh (Belarusians and Poles. Documents and Facts of the History of the Occupation of the Poles in Belarus in 1918 and 1919)
000913: FADEEV, ALEKSANDUR - Razgrom [Limited to 5000 Copies]
001323: FARQUHAR, FRANCIS P. - The Grizzly Bear Hunter of California. A Bibliograhical Essay
001853: FEDCHUK, BOHDAN - Sto zahadok dlia nashykh ditok. Druha knizhechka (A hundred Riddles for Our Children. A Second Little Book)
000820: FERRANDIS, MANUEL - [La Espana Imperial] Don Juan De Austria, Paladin De La Cristiandad
000092: FERRANDIS, MANUEL - Don Juan de Austria Palad
000114: FERRERO, AUGLIELMO - Der Untergang Der Zivilisation Des Altertums
000857: PALLADIUM PRODUCTIONS / COOGAN FILMS - Escape From Terror [Theater Insert Movie Poster]
001386: FINAGIN, A. V. - Russkaia Narodnaia Pesnia [Russian Folk Song]
001360: FIRTH, ROBERT H. - They Know No Peace, the History of the Second Great War. March, 1939 - January, 1941 (Signed/Inscribed by Author)
000529: FLAMEN, ALBERT - Rhombus Laeuis la Barbue [Etching by Albert Flamen]
001106: FLUG, VIERA - Samouchitel' Massazha. Zalog Sokhraneniia Molodosti
000241: FOOTE, EDWARD B - Plain Home Talk About the Human System. Embracing Medical Common Sense Applied to Causes, Prevention, and Cure of Chronic Diseases
000399: STATE FORESTER AND UNITED STATES FOREST SERVICE - A Forest Fire Prevention Manual for the School Children of California. Bulletin No. 6
001607: FOWLER, O. S. - Synopsis of Phrenology; and the Phrenological Developments, Together with the Character and Talents of [in ink] Alden Woodwink (?), as given by [in ink] William B. Tibbetts. With References to Those Pages of 'oePhrenology Proved, Illustrated, and Applied'Ě in which Will Be Found a Full and Correct Delineation of the Intellectual and Moral Character and Manifestations of the Above-named Individual
000628: FOX, ARTHUR E. W. - A Short Manual of the Bath Mineral Waters
000816: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Thais [First English edition limited to 500 copies]
000267: FRANCE, ANATOLE - The Bloom of Life
000608: FRANK, WALDO - Dawn in Russia. The Record of a Journey [Signed by Author]
001255: LITERATURNO-KHUDOZHESTVENNOGO KRUZHKA GORODA SAN FRANTSISKO - Kaliforniiski Al'manakh 1934 [California Almanac 1934]
000358: HENRY FRENCH - A Typewritten Purchase Order by Prohibitionist-Republican Henry French
000825: FREUD, SIGMUND - Modern Sexual Morality and Modern Nervousness
000774: FREY, HILDEGARD GERTRUDE - The Campfire Girls at School [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
000201: FROISSART, SIR JOHN - Chronicles of England, France, Spain, and the Adjoining Countries
000696: [EDITED BY] MUSREPOV, G.; ET AL - Shmel No. 6, 1958
001183: KATSAROV, G. AND KEPOV, I. - Dokumenti po Kresnenskoto Vustanie ot 1878 God. [Documents on the Kresna Uprising of 1878]
001174: JONES, G. G.; ET AL - Report of Town Superintendent on Text Books. Required by Law
001288: [ATTRIBUTED TO] MOULIN, GABRIEL AND PIGGOTT, JAMES - San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge: 18 Miniature Post Cards [In Original Mail Folder]
002077: GAGARIN, KNIAZ GR. - Risunki i nabroski s natury / Dessins et croquis d'apres nature (Drawings and Sketches from Life)
000559: GAGE, JOHN - Poems: Not Long /1 of 100 Copies [Signed by Author]
001614: GALE, JOHN B. - Affinity no Bar to Marriage
000992: GALLET, HARRIET - In the Land of the Papaia
000680: GAMMER, EFIM - Tantsy Na Perevernutoi Piramide. Proza Assotsiatsii [1 of 100 Copies] Signed/Inscribed by Author
001700: GARFIELDE, S. (SELUCIUS) - Climates of the Northwest; Being Condensed Notes of a Lecture Delivered by Hon. S. Garfielde, Delegate in Congress from Washington Territory [Arnold Henry Guyot'ôs Copy]
000074: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily in the Country
001045: GENT, D. R. - Rugby Football
001565: [EDITED BY] LYNCH, GEORGE AND PALMER, FREDERICK - In Many Wars (By Many War Correspondents) [Signed by Jack London, Grant Wallace, etc.]
000700: [EDITED BY] GEORGIEV, Z. - Georgi Dimitrov
001683: GERSTER, CHARLES - Charles Gerster Catalog and Price list for Horseshoes, Nails, etc. + ALS by Gerster
001267: [EDITED BY] GESSEN, I. V. - Arkhiv Russkoi Revoliutsii. Vol. II [Archive of the Russian Revolution. Vol. II]
000316: PONTIFICIO COLLEGIO RUSSO DI S. TERESA DEL BAMBINO GESU - Penie Na Bozhest-Vennoi Liturgii. Pesnopeniia Dlia Odnorogo Khora. Pesnopeniia Dlia Odnogo Golosa (Kievsk. Raspeva)
000085: GIBBON, EDWARD - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
000495: GILBERT, EDWIN - Damion's Daughter [Signed/inscribed Association Copy]
000670: GIPPIUS, ANNA - Sviatoi Tikhon Zadonskii. Episkop' Voronezhskii i Vseia Rossii Chudotvorets
001885: [GIRODIAS, MAURICE] - L'Affaire Lolita. Defense de l'Ecrevain
000387: GLIAZER, S. - Bitva Na Chudskom Ozere
000908: GLINEK, A. (CHASOVOI MASTER IZ ZHENEVY); [TRANSLATED BY] GDANSKAGO, L. - Chasovshchik - Praktik. Rukovodstvo k Izucheniiu Chasovogo Diela
001590: GOGOL, N. - Taras Bul'ba. Povest' (Taras Bulba. A Novel)
001689: GOINES, DAVID LANCE - A Catalogue of Posters by David Lance Goines Exhibited at the Poster from The Fourteenth of April to the Thirty-First of May Nineteen-Hundred Seventy-Three With a Note on the Technique Employed in Their Production
000683: GONCHAROV, I. A. - Oblomov. Roman v Chetyrekh Chastiakh
000652: GORBATENKO, S. B. - Petergofskaia Doroga. Oranienbaumskii Istoriko-Landshaftnyi Kompleks [1 of 800 Copies]
001476: GORINI, GEMELLO - Dizionario Francese-Italiano e Italiano-Francese. Compilato Sulle Tracce di Quello di Cormon e Manni, ed Aggiuntivi Quattromila Vocaboli Tecnici Tolti dal Gran Dizionario Sergent e Strambio, Preceduto da Una Breve Teoria Sulla Conjugazione de Verbi Aggiuntovi la Pronuncia Francese per Gl'Italiani ed i Dizionarii de' Nomi Proprii Francesi-Italiani si Personali che Geografici
001958: GRAFF, E. D. - Exercises in Color Harmony
000911: GRAFOV, EDUARD - Privet iz Nashei Ery. Fel'etony. Kniga v Piati Vpechatleniiakh ne Schitaia Pervogo [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
001601: GREBENSHCHIKOV, GEORGII - Churaevy (Churaeva) Vol. 2-6
001402: GRIBOEDOV, A. S. - Gore ot Uma [Woe from Wit]
002174: GRIFFIN, SOLOMON BULKLEY - Mexico of To-day
000144: BROTHERS GRIMM - Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
001782: GUMAER, DAVID E. - David E. Gumaer, Former Campus Undercover Operative, Speaking on Revolution on Campus
000595: GUMILEVSKII, LEV - Chernyi Iar
001705: GUPPY, ESTELLA - The Cypress of Monterey. An Historical Sketch
000492: GURYCHEVA, M. S. - Narodnaia Latyn
002153: [EDITED BY] GUYER,WILLIAM - The Merry Mixer, or Cocktails and Their Ilk. A Booklet of Mixtures and Mulches, Fizzes, and Whizzes
000811: HADDON, MARK - The Red House [Uncorrected Proof]
000240: HAHNEMANN, SAMUEL - The Chronic Diseases, Their Specific Nature and Their Homeopathic Treatment. Vol. IV Anti-Psoric Remedies
001810: HALL, WILLIAM HAMMOND - Outline of Matter, and Advance Sheets of the Report on the Legislative, Administrative, Technical, and Practical Problems of Irrigation, in Course of Preparation and Publication [Advance Presentation Copy]
001359: [EDITED BY] HALL, WILLIAM WHITTY - Fireside Monthly. Devoted to Science, Literature, and Practical Life [February, 1860, Vol. I, No. 7]
000364: HALL, HERBERT J - The Untroubled Mind
001857: HAN, O. - Trahediia Mykoly Khvyl'ôovogo (The Tragedy of Mykola Khvylovy)
000947: [MURRAY, HANNAH AND MARY] - The Toilet [A Movable Book]
001642: HARDING, STANLEY - The Amateur Trapper and Trap-Makers' Guide. A Complete and Carefully Prepaired Treatise on the Art of Trapping, Snaring and Netting
001962: HARRIS, SAMUEL - A Pre-Revolutionary War Ship's Customs Clearance Form for the Importation of Rum
001800: WINHAM, HARRY; ET AL - Report of Stockholders of the Salinas City Bank of Savings for the Year 1906
002128: HARTE, BRET - The Queen of the Pirate Isle
000205: HARTE, BRET - Tales of the Argonauts
001776: HASSELL, ELIZABETH - The Cigarette Speaks
001279: [HAVEN, NANCY] - Sauce-y Toppings
001926: HAWTHORNE, JULIAN - Solomon Columbus Rhodes and Company
001814: [EDITED BY] HAYNES, GROVER - I Fringled a Gnu
001747: HAYS, MARGARET G. - Kiddie Land
001157: HECHT, BEN - The Sensualists [Galley Proof]
000203: HEGEL, GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH - Lectures on the Philosophy of History [First English Translation]
001120: HEIDE, HENRY - Fancy Cake Baking
000589: HEMAN, HUMPHREY - The Efficacy and Importance of Combined and Persevering Action. Illustrated, in a Sermon, Delivered at New-Haven, Oct. 19, 1814, Before the Connecticut Society for the Promotion of Good Morals
001405: HEMINGWAY, MARY WELSH - ALS by Mary Hemingway
002022: HENNING, GEORGE WILLIAM - The New religion, with a Chapter on Faith Healing
001093: HERBY, NELS JENSEN - Fata Morgana and Other Verses. With an Essay on the Nature of Poetry
000372: [EDITED BY] HERMAN, HAL C. - How I Broke Into the Movies. Signed Autobiographies by Sixty Famous Screen Stars
001099: HOLLISTER, HIEL - Pawlet for One Hundred Years
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000112: HOSMER, MRS. MARGARET - The Morrisons
000776: [EDITED BY] MRS. SARAH JOSEPHA BUELL HALE; [ILLUSTRATED BY] J. H. HOWARD - Happy Changes [Containing] Pride and Its Consequences : as Exhibited in the History of Little John and Harry ; Passion and its Consequences : as Exhibited in the History of Paul Pepper ; Idleness and its Consequences : as Exhibited in the History of David Drone ; Charles Candid, or the Boy Who Always Spoke the Truth; Peter Polish, or the Polite Boy
001979: HOY, FRANK - Frank R. Hoy...Refined High Class. Manikin Manipulator, Shadowgraphist, and Punchinella Entertainer
000106: HOYLE, EDMOND - The Standard Hoyle, a Complete Guide
001838: ANONYMOUS [HRYSHKO, VASYL] - Kazki pro tsyhaniv (Tales of the Gypsies)
000362: HUBBARD, ELBERT - The Book of Business [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
000130: HUGO, VICTOR - Los Miserables/ 2 Vol.
000435: HURLBUT, JESSE - Beautiful Bible Stories for Children
001574: KLEKERE, I.; ET AL - Iz istorii Latyshskoi Knigi (History of the Latvian Books)
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000315: LIPINSKAIA, IADVIGA AND MARTSINIAK, MAREK - Mifologiia Drevnego Egipta
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000391: IAROSLAVSKII, EMELIAN - [Populism] Razgrom Narodnichestva
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000849: SEN'EI IKENOBO - Ikenobo Kaden-sho (The Book of Ikebana) Part I and Part II
001150: ILICH, DRAGUTIN - Novyi Rynok. (O Torgovykh Snosheniiakh Mezhdu Rossiei i Serbiei)
001837: ILIN, MIKHAIL (PSEUD. FOR MARSHAK, ILIA) - Rasskaz o velikom plane (The Story of the Great Plan)
001943: ILKIV, MYKHAILO - Nimetski kontsentratsiini laheri. Spohad (German Concentration Camps. Memories)
002069: IMMERA, A. E. - Iagodnyia rasteniia (Berry Plants)
000715: IOFIK, L. L. - Slozhnoe Predlozhenie V Novo-Angliiskom Iazyke
000255: IRVING, WASHINGTON (GEOFFREY CRAYON, GENT.) - Rip Van Winkle and Other Sketches
000788: IVANOV, L. N. - Miunkhenskaia Politika Zapadnykh Derzhav i Rol' SSSR Kak Deistvitel'nogo Faktora Mira (1937-1940 Gody) (6-ia Lektsiia Tsikla) [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi 29 Iiunia 1947 Goda v Lektsionnom Zale v Moskve]
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001397: IVANOV, IORDAN; IVANOV, ILIIA; GEORGOV, IVAN - Sammelband: "Bulgarski Starini iz Makedoniia" together with "Geografiia na Makedoniia" and "Laibnits
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000357: JANES, LOUIS L. - [Advertisement] San Rafael Gas & Electric Light Co. Advertisement Letter
000828: MLLE. CAMILLE DE JANON - Recueil de Poesies a L'usage de la Jeunesse Americaine
001114: JENNINGS, F. B. - Address delivered at the dedication of the Catamount monument at Bennington, June 23rd, 1897
000941: JOHN, AUGUSTUS E. - Russian Gypsy Songs
000368: JOWETT, FERGUSON MARSHALL - The Airedale Terrier
000043: ALGER JR., HORATIO - The Young Miner; Or, Tom Nelson in California / LIMITED TO 450 COPIES
000838: JUNIOR, ALLAN - Burns in Scottish Scene and Song
000389: KAFTANOV, S. - [Intelligentsia] Sovetskaia Intelligentsiia I Ee Zadachi V Novoi Piatiletke
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000901: KAIGORODOV, DMITRII - Nashi Lietnie Tsviety: Populiarnye Ocherki. Seriia III
000900: KAIGORODOV, DMITRII - Nashi Vesennie Tsviety: Populiarnye Ocherki. Seriia II-ia. Rasteniia Zatsvietaiushchiia vo Vtoroi Polovinie Vesny
001437: KARATEEV, MIKHAIL - Zheleznyi Khromets. Istoricheskii Roman Epokhi Zavoevanii Timura (Konets 14 - Nachalo 15 vv.)
000521: KATSNEL'SON, S. D. - Kratkii Ocherk Iazykoznaniia
001256: KAVYL', MIKHAS - Pad Zorami Belymi. Vershy [Beneath the White Stars. Poems] Signed/Inscribed by Author
002097: KAYSER, ALBERT - Greetings from Monterey, Cal. [Early Post Card]
000226: KEETELS, JEAN GUSTAVE - A Child's Illustrated First Book in French
001404: [PRESENTED BY] KELLOGG, MABEL MORRIN - A Talk on Mysticism and Economics by a Representative of The Temple of the People, a Theosophical Organization and a Reading. The Mystical Interpretation of Christmas
002135: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - Message from the President of the United States Transmitting Special Message for the Establishment of a Permanent Peace Corps
001071: KENT, ROKUELL - Plavanie k Iugu ot Magellanova Proliva [Voyaging Southward from the Strait of Magellan]
000371: OMAR KHAIIAM - Rubai
001980: KHAN, SANAA - An A to Z of Uncommon Phobias
000792: KHARLAMOV, A. E. - Komsomol v Gody Poslevoennogo Stroitel'stva [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve]
001340: KHOMIAKOV, V. - Strukturno-semanticheskie i Sotsial'no-stilisticheskie Osobenosti Angliiskogo Ekspressivnogo Prostorechiia [Structural-semantic and Socio-stylistic Characteristics of the Expressive Vernacular English] Signed/Inscribed by Author
000711: KHOMIAKOV, V. A. - Strukturno-Semanticheskie I Sotsial'No-Stilisticheskie Osobenosti Angliiskogo Ekspressivnogo Prostorechiia [1 of 1000 Copies]
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001589: BEREZINS'KII, EVGEN (BEREZINSKY, EUGENE) - Mishok smikhovinok. Gumor-Satira-Karikaturi (A Sack of Jokes. Humor-Satire-Caricatures)
001213: RUDANS'KII, STEPAN - Spivomovki [Light Ditties]
000821: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water-Babies. A Fairy Tale For A Land-Baby
000266: KINGSLEY, DARWIN P. - Life Insurance is Light
000265: KINGSLEY, DARWIN P. - Let Us Have Peace and Other Addresses
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002058: KLAUSTINA, ELZA - Mezs runa. Dziesmu un deju spele 3 celienos (The Forest Speaks. A Song-and-dance Play in 3 Acts))
002183: KNOX, THOMAS - The Young Nimrods Around the World. A Book for Boys" and "The Young Nimrods in North America. A book for Boys" (Hunting Adventures on Land and Sea, Part 1 and Part 2)
001418: KOBLENTS, B. - Valdgeim
001184: KOLAROV, VASIL - Dolu Maskite (Rech, Durzhana na 22 Iuni 1919 Godina na Publichnoto Subranie v Teatr "Korona") [Masks Off. Speech Delivered on June 22, 1919 at the Public Meeting a the "Crown" Theater)
001104: KOLCHEV, LEONID - Tainy Zagrobnoi Zhizni. K Voprosu o Pominovenii Usopshikh
000951: KOLTANOWSKI, GEORGE - Practical Play of the Max Lange Attack (Signed by Author)
000296: KOMISSAROV, VILEN NAUMOVICH - Slovo O Perevode (the Tale of Translation)
000868: KOROLENKO, VLADIMIR - Pis'ma k Lunacharskomu [Limited Edition of 600 Copies]
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000887: KRAVKOV, S. V. - Rabota Organov Chuvstv [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve] (Purpose of the Sensory System)
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000676: KUBLITSKII, GEORGII - Mechi I Kolos
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000942: LADONSHCHIKOV, G. - Zimnie Kartinki [An Accordion-style Book]
000993: LAKHMAN, GIZELLA - Zerkala. Vtoraia Kniga Stikhov [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
001978: LAMBERT, MARY (ELIZA TUCKER) - La Rabida. A California Columbian Souvenir Poem
000470: HARMON LARRY AND FLETCHER, HELEN JILL - Bozo Helps Dinky Toot His Horn
001191: LARSEN, THORLEIF - The Growth of the Peele Canon
001780: LAWES, WARDEN LEWIS E. - Sing Sing
001930: LAWRENCE, A. R., COUNSELLOR AT LAW - Manuscript Letter, Regarding the Lawsuit Involving Mayor of New York Fernando Wood and Relator John Green
000808: LAYLANDER, O. J. - The Chronicles of a Contented Man [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
001658: BY A LAYMAN (POMEROY, EVERETT) - The Great Reformation," a Great Mistake [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
001459: LEBEDEV, N. - [Paleography] Chtenie Rukopisnago. Khristomatiia dlia Uprazhneniia v Chtenii Rukopisei Razlichnykh Pocherkov (Handwriting Reading. A Primer with Exercises for Reading Various Handwritings)
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000623: LEITNER, KONRADI - How to Hypnotize. A Master Key to Hypnotism
001585: LENIN, N.; UKRAINIAN FEDERATION OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF AMERICA - Derzhava i revoliutsiia. Nauka Marksizmu pro derzhavu i zavdania proletariiatu v revoliutsii (The State and Revolution. The Marxist Theory of the State and the Task of the Proletariat in the Revolution)
000613: LENIN, N. - Proletarskaia Revoliutsiia i Renegat Kautskii
000228: LENIN, VLADIMIR ILYICH - [Revolutionary] What Is to Be Done? Burning Questions of Our Movement
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000482: LERMONTOV, M. - Geroi Nashego Vremeni [Original Engravings by Russian Artist Dementii Shmarinov]
001152: LERMONTOV, MIKHAIL - Pesnia pro Tsaria Ivana Vasil'evicha, Molodogo Oprichnika i Udalogo Kuptsa Kalashnikova [A Song about Tsar Ivan Vasil'evich, His Young Oprichnik, and the Valiant Merchant Kalashnikov]
000995: LESKOV, NIKOLAI - Soboriane
001773: LEVERING, H. BROOKE - The Story of Dolly and Dan and the Dimpledees
000040: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Ann Vickers / Scarse 1st Uk Ed. 1933
001277: IRWIN T. HOLTZMAN LIBRARY - The Life of Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago. The First 50 Years
001013: LIGUORI, ALPHONSE DE - Visites au St. Sacrement et a la Sainte Vierge, pour Chaque Jour du Mois
000288: LIHACHEV, D. S.[EDITOR] - Slovo O Polku Igoreve (the Tale of Igor's Campaign)
000543: LINNER, JOHN H. M. D. - From Normandy to Okinawa. A Navy Medical Officer's Diary and Overview of World War II [Signed by Author]
001596: LISIUK, KALENIK (PSEUD. LEPIKASH, VASIL') - V oboroni Ukrains'koi Pravdi. Sprava Ukrains'ko-Zhidivs'kikh Vzaemovidnosin (In Defence of the Ukrainian Truth. In the Case of Ukrainian-Jewish Relationship)
000880: LIUBEK, OTTO - Statika i Grafostatika
000446: LONDON, DZHEK - Zheliaznata Peta (the Iron Heel)
000244: VIARDOT, LOUIS; ET AL - The Masterpieces of French Art, Illustrated. Being a Biographical History of Art in France, from the Earliest Period to and Including the Salon of 1882 Vol. II
002166: MACOUILLARD, LOUIS; ET AL - A Group of Matson Lines Menus and Lists
000757: LOVE, CHRISTOPHER - The Zealous Christian, Taking Heaven by Holy Violence: Tending to Direct Men How to Hear with Zeal, How to Pray with Importunity. To Which is Added the Christian's Directory, Tending to Guide Him in Those Several Conditions Which God'ôs Providence May Cast Him Into. Being in All, the Summe and Substance of XXXII Sermons, Preached by That Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, Mr. Christopher Love, Late Minister of Lawrence-Jury London
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001499: [LUTHER, MARTIN] - Das Neue Testament unsers Herrn und Heilandes Jesu Christi. Nach Dr. Martin Luthers Ueberfekung
001502: [LUTHER, MARTIN] - Der Kleine Catechismus des Sel. D. Martin Luthers. Nebst den Gew√ɬ∂hnlichen Morgen-, Tisch- und Abend-Gebeten. Welchem die Ordnung des Heils, in Einem Liede, in Kurzen Satzen, in Frag und Antwort, und in Einer Tabelle; Wie auch Eine Zergliederung des Catechismus, das W√ɬľrtemburgische Kurze Kinder-Examen, die Confirmation und Beichte Beygefuget; Und Etliche Lieder, Freylinghausens Ordnung des Heils, das Guldene A, B, C, der Kinder, und die Sieben Buss-Psalmen, Angehanget Sind. Zum Gebrauch der Jungen und Alten
000292: LYUBIMOV, NIKOLAI MIKHAILOVICH - Perevod-Iskusstvo (Translation-Art)
001806: WARDALL, E. M.; ET AL - Populism [People's Party Circular]
002041: [COMPILED AND ENGRAVED BY] SOLOVEV, M. - Kanvovye uzory i azbuka (Embroidery Patterns and Alphabet)
000489: [[COMPILED AND EDITED BY] LOTMAN, IU. M. - Tiutchevskii Sbornik. Stat'i O Zhizni I Tvorchestve Fedora Ivanovicha Tiutcheva [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
000459: SOLOVII, M. M. AND SKWAROK, J. - Liturgika Dlia Ukrains'Kikh Katolits'Kikh Shkil (in 2 Vol. ) [Vol. I - Sviati Rechi; Vol. II - Sviati Bogosluzhbi]
001594: [COMPILED BY] TAUBE, A. M. AND SHMID, V. A. - Anglo-Russkii morskoi slovar'ô (English-Russian Nautical Dictionary)
000620: MACBEAN, ALEXANDER - A Dictionary of Ancient Geography, Explaining the Local Appellations in Sacred, Grecian, and Roman History; Exhibiting the Extent of Kingdoms, and Situations of Cities, &c. And illustrating the Allusions and Epithets in the Greek and Roman Poets. The Whole Established by Proper Authorities, and Designed for the Use of Schools
002115: MACOMBER, JOHN - A Note of a Crew Member's Discharge from the Whaling Bark "Pantheon
000819: MADARIAGA, SALVADOR DE - Espana: Ensayo de Historia Contemporanea
001282: MAGEE, LOUIS J. - Songs After Work
001961: MAGUIRE, THOMAS - Maguire's New Theatre" Advertisement Broadside
001850: MAIAKOVSKII, VLADIMIR - Maiakovskii izdevaetsia. Pervaia knizhitsa satiry (Maiakovskii Jeers. First Booklet of Satires)
001091: MAKHNO, NESTOR; [EDITED BY] VOLIN, T. - Ukrainskaia Revoliutsiia (Iul' - Dekabr' 1918 g.) Kniga III
001090: MAKHNO, NESTOR - Makhnovshchina i Ee Vcherashnie Soiuzniki - Bol'sheviki (Otvet na Knigu M. Kubanina "Makhnovshchina")
002065: MAKOVSKII, SERGEI - Somnium Breve. Stikhi (A Dream Writ. Poems)
000940: [EDITED BY] MAKSIMOVA, G. P. - P. A. Kropotkin i Ego Uchenie. Internatsional'nyi Sbornik Posviashchennyi Desiatoi Godovshchine Smerti P.A. Kropotkina [Limited to 3000 Copies]
000714: MALAKHOVSKII, L. V. - Teoriia Leksicheskoi I Grammaticheskoi Omonimii [1 of 1750 Copies]
001534: O'MALLEY, BILL - A Small Collection of Bill O'Malley Broadsides Advertising Gallo Wine
002188: [EDITED BY] MANEVICH, I. - Ukraina / Ukraine
000511: MARCH, FRANCIS ANDREW - A Parser and Analyzer for Beginners, With Diagrams and Suggestive Pictures
000812: MARCOUX, CARL HENRY - An Atmosphere of Violence. Santa Ana, Branch of Heaven [A Novel about El Salvador During the Civil War]
001079: PIERCY, MARGE; ET AL - Women Poems
001298: MARGOLIS, WILLIAM J. - The Eye
001080: BLAZEK, MARIE; ET AL - Libera, Issue No. 2, Summer 1972 [Letter from Vietnam. A Women's Free School. Death in the Delivery Room. Poetry. Fiction. Graphics] A New Women's Journal
001421: MARKOFF, MILAN - The Political Lot of the Dobrudja after the Berliner Congress
000447: MARKOV, GEORGI - Muzhe (Men)
000689: [COMPILED BY] MARKOVA, G. A. - Bol'Shoi Kremlevskii Dvorets
000562: MARSHAK, SAMUIL - Detki V Kletke
002070: MARTOV, L. - Kant s Gindenburgom, Marks s Kantom. Iz letopisi ideinoi reaktsii (From Kant to Hindenburg, Marx to Kant. From the Annals of Ideological Reaction)
002103: KIRBY, MARY AND ELIZABETH - Truth is Always Best, or, "A Fault Confessed is Half Redressed
002181: MASSON, PAUL - Ways with Brandy. A Drink and Cooking Guide
001946: A MASTER - Crazygrams for Parties (A Card Game)
000386: MAVRODIN, VLADIMIR VASIL'EVICH - Formirovanie Russkoi Natsii. Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii Prochitannoi 7 Iulia 1947 Goda
000081: MAXWELL, JAMES QUILLIAN - Birth of a Salesman
001192: THOMAS, J. R., MAYOR; ET AL - City of Ukiah, California. Contract Documents and Specifications for the Construction of a Municipal Sewage Disposal Project
000860: MCLAUGHLIN, MARK - Sierra Stories. True Tales of Tahoe / In 2 Volumes [Signed by Author]
001006: MCNEVIN, CAPTAIN EDMUND - A Guide to Practical Navigation. Containing the Rules and Methods of Solving Problems in the Most Practical Manner; the Simplest and Most Complete Method for Finding a Ship's Position at Sea, as Well as a Thoroughly Approved Method of Finding the Latitude and Longitude at the Same Instant of Time. By Double Altitudes
002076: INKIOSTRI-MEDENJAK, DRAGUTIN - Anonymous Poster
001388: MEDTNER, N. - Trois Nocturnes pour Violon et Piano. Op. 16 (Title page and front wrap in French, German, and Russian) Illustrated by Ivan Bilibin
001107: MEREZHKOVSKII, DMITRII - Aleksandr Pervyi (Two Volumes Bound as One)
001119: MERRIAM, KENDALL; [PHOTOGRAPHS BY] WHEATON, ED - The Illustrated Dictionary of Lobstering [Signed and Inscribed by Both the Author and the Photographer]
000442: METODIEV, DIMITAR - Sin Na Svoia Narod, Sin Na Svoeto Vreme (Son of His People, Son of His Time)
001685: MEYER, CARL - Carl Meyer, Sattelfabrikant (Saddle Manufacturer), Catalog
000885: MIASNIKOV, A. L. - Sovremennoe Uchenie o Gipertonicheskoi Bolezni [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve] (Contemporary Study of Hypertension)
002056: MIATLEV, I. P. - Sensatsii i zamechaniia g-zhi Kurdiukovoi za granitseiu, dan letranzhe (Sensations and Observations of Mrs. Kurdiukova Abroad)
001960: MIDDLEBROOK, DIANE; DJERASSI, CARL - Geschwister: A Celebration, 22 June 1985
000817: MILLER, BRUCE [SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS, ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA] - Sources of Free and Inexpensive Teaching Aids
000197: MILLER, JOAQUIN - The Ship in the Desert
001469: MILLER, HENRY - Tropic of Capricorn
000535: MILNE, ROBERT - Turtle Lake. Portrait of an Extortionist [Signed/inscribed by Author]
001820: MILNS, WILLIAM - The Well-bred Scholar, or Practical Essays on the Best Methods of Improving the Taste, and Assisting the Exertions of Youth in Their Literary Pursuits
001036: MILTON, JOHN - The Poetical Works of John Milton with a Sketch of His Life
000653: MINEEVA, K. I. - Tsaritsyno. Dvortsovo-Parkovyi Ansambl
001537: MINKOV, SVETOSLAV - Ognenata Ptitsa. Chetiri Razkaza (The Fire Bird. Four Stories)
000443: MINKOV, IVAN - Arestuvani Knigi/ "Slunchev Briag" Lagerut Na Smurtta (Arrested Books/ "Sunny Beach" the Camp of Death)
000382: MINTS, I. [EDITED BY] - [Education] Programma Po Istorii Sssr
001158: MIRCHEV, PETUR - Kipezhut. Kniga za Sofiia 1878-1884
001465: [EDITED BY] MIRONOV, M. P. - La Russie Illustree / Illiustrirovannaia Rossiia. No. 31 (Illustrated Russia. No. 31)
002042: MUIR AND MIRRIELEES - Miur i Meriliz. Noveishaia azbuka dlia vyshivaniia krestom (Muir and Mirrielees. The Latest Embroydery ABC)
001305: MITCHELL, S. AUGUSTUS - County Map Of California
000843: FOX, LILLIAN MOHR; ET AL - Folk Songs of the United States. For enriched Social Living in School, Home, and Community [California State Series]
001442: DEBOGORII-MOKRIEVICH, VLADIMIR - Bunt v Goranakh [The Revolt in Gorany]
000890: MOLODCHIKOV, A. I. - Velikii Preobrazovatel' Prirody - Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin (The Great Transformer of Nature - Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin)
001165: [VALAAMSKAGO MONASTYRIA] - Voskresenskii Skit na Valaame I v Nem Kuvukliia s Podobiem Groba Gospodnia [Resurrection Skete on Valaam and Its Edicule Reproduced after the Holy Sepulchre]
000430: MONTGOMERY, CARRIE JUDD - The Prayer of Faith
000036: MOORE, THOMAS - The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore
001166: MORDOVIN, K. - Morskaia Opis'. Kratkoe Rukovodstvo dlia Proizvoditelei Gidrograficheskikh Rabot [Naval Inventory. Quick Guide for Creators of Hydrographic Works]
000594: MORLEI, MARGARET - Gans iz Doliny Igrushek
002071: MOSENDZ, LEONID - Kanitfershtan. Na movu Ukrainskuiu perelitsovanyi. Poema
001538: MULIARCHIK, IVAN - Pro Moiu Podorozh z Zemli do Marsa (Realistichno-Fantastichne Opovidannia) [Of My Journey from Earth to Mars (A Realistically-Fantastic Story)]
000852: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO - The Ceramic Art of Japan. A Handbook for Collectors
001571: MURAVEV, NIKOLAI NIKOLAEVICH - Russkie na Bosfore v 1833 godu. Iz zapisok N. N. Murav'eva
001189: MURRAY, DAVID CHRISTIE - Old Blazer's Hero [Pratt's Circulating Library]
001856: MUSIICHUK, STEPAN - V borotbi za Voliu. Drama v 4. diiakh i 5. vidslonakh, osnovana na tli borotby Ukrainskogo narodu za derzhavnu samostiinist (The Struggle for Freedom. A Drama in 4 Acts, Based on the History of the Fight of the Ukrainian People for Independence)
001947: MUSKATIROVIC, JOVAN - Pricte iliti po prostomu poslovice temze sentenzie iliti recenia (Parables or Proverbs and Sentences...)
000519: MUTAFCHIEVA, VERA - Ritsariat
001009: MYERS, KARL - The Quick Years
000451: VERZILIN, N. AND KORSUNSKAIA, V. - Sadu Michurina (in Michurin's Garden)
000516: VERZILIN, N. AND KORSUNSKAIA, V. - V Sadu Michurina
000905: SCHASTNEV, P. N. AND TEREKHOV, P. G. - Geografiia Chastei Sveta i Vazhneishikh Gosudarstv. Uchebnik dlia VI-VII Klassov Vos√ä¬Ļmiletnei Shkoly
000314: ZHUKOVSKOI, K. N. AND KOROSTOVTSEVA, M. A. - Povest' Peteise III. Drevneegipetskaia Proza
001341: KAZANSKII, N.; ET AL - Predmetno-poniatiinyi Slovar' Grecheskogo Iazyka. Krito-Mikenskii Period
000605: [EDITED BY] IU. NABOK - Volodar Vitriv. Nenetska Narodna Kazka
001880: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR - Carrousel. Laughter and Dreams. Painted wood. The Russian Song
001886: NABOKOV, VLADIMIR (SIRIN, V.) - Korol, dama, valet (King, Queen, Knave)
001877: CAPEN, NAHUM; ET AL - A form letter and a Circular from the Postmaster of the City of Boston sent to "Postmasters or their Clerks throughout New England" encouraging them "to unite in making contributions in aid of the cause...'Ě of the Ladies'ô Mt. Vernon Association of the Union
000606: [COMPILED BY] NAUMENKO, G. - Solnyshko, Pokazhis'! Krasnoe, Snariadis'! Russkie Narodnye Detskie Skorogovorki, Schitalki, Zaklichki, Igry, Prigovorki
000698: [EDITED BY] NAWROCKI, KONRAD - W Kazimierzu Nad Wisla
001813: NEIL, MARION HARRIS - 40 Unique Dromedary Cocoanut Recipes
000564: NEKRASOV, NIKOLAI - Krest'ianskie Deti
000673: NEKRASOV, VIKTOR - V Okopakh Stalingrada
000378: NEKRASOV, NIKOLAI A. - Stikhotvoreniia II
002160: NELTNOR, JOHN - No. 1. Price List of Small Fruits, Dwarf and Standard Fruit Trees, nut Bearing Trees,...for Sale by John C. Neltnor, Grove Place Nurseries and Fruit Gardens, Turner Junction, Ill.
002036: NESSELRODE, K. - ALS by Russian Statesman Karl Nesselrode to Sixth Viscount Strangford, Percy Smithe
001087: NETTLAU, M. - Tseli i Metody Anarkhizma (V Lichnuiu Pol'zu Avtora)
002025: NICHOLS, RICHARD (MASTER) - Report and Manifest of the Cargo of the Schooner Ann...
000182: NICHOLSON, H. ALLEYNE - The Ancient Life-History of the Earth
002037: NIKOLAEVNA, OLGA - A Diplom of Recognition by Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia, Queen Consort of W√ɬľrttemberg
001137: NIVE, P. A - Otechestvennaia Voina [The Patriotic War] Volume V
001968: NOBLE, JOHN - The Spirit of the Flowers. An Elegant Paper Doll Designed in the Victorian Manner
001144: BY THE AUTHOR OF - [Early Publisher's Cloth Binding] The Linwoods; Or, "Sixty Years Since" in America [In Two Volumes]
001089: OKHRIMENKO, VASIL' - Emigrant (Vibrani Tvori) [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
001742: OKS, B. A. - Meditsinskii Latinsko-Russkii i Russko-Latinskii slovar'ô [Medical Latin-Russian and Russian-Latin Dictionary]
002186: OSBORN, LIEUT. SHERARD - Stray Leaves from an Arctic Journal; or, Eighteen Months in the Polar Regions, in Search of Sir John Franklin's Expedition, in the Years 1850-1851
002194: OSTROVA, MARINA - Okroshka iz Pepsi-Koly
000872: OSTROVSKII, ALEKSANDR - Svoi Liudi'ĒSochtemsia. Original√ä¬Ļnaia Komed√Ą¬ęia v Chetyrekh Deistviiakh
001287: [COMPILD BY] OTT, LESTER B. - You - Tell - Em the Funny Sayings
002020: OTT, IRV. - New Black Face Joke Book. Containing the Latest and Funniest Monologues, Crossfire, Gags, Jokes, Etc., as Used by the Best Known Black Face Artists on the Stage. Also a Selected Collection of Amusing Negro Stories
000204: OVERSTREET, BONARO W. - American Reasons
000173: OWENS, FRANCES - Mrs. Owen's Cook Book and Useful Household Hints
000917: [EDITED BY] SYSOEV, P.; ET AL - Iunyi Khudozhnik / No. 6, 1938
001146: PADDOCK, MRS. A. G. - The Fate of Madame La Tour. A Tale of Great Salt Lake + A Small Archive of Contemporary Newspaper Clippings with Anti-Mormon Articles
001791: PANIN, IVAN - bible Numerics. Two Lectures Given at Caxton Hall, Westminster, on February 19th, 1934
001790: PANIN, IVAN - The Last Twelve Verses of Mark. Their Genuineness Established [Bible Numerics: a Periodical Devoted to the Defence of the Faith]
001163: PANTELEIMONOV, BORIS - Zverinyi Znak [The Sign of the Animal]
000910: PAPERNYI, ZINOVII - Muzyka Igraet Tak Veselo. Fel'ôetony, Parodii, Druzheskie Poslaniia, Rasskazy, Memuary, Dnei Minuvshikh Anekdoty [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
001134: [EDITED BY] MELNIKOVA-PAPOUSHKOVA, N. F. - Antologiia Russkoi Poezii XX Stolietiia. I [Anthology of Russian Poetry of the XX Century. Volume I]
001172: PARDOE, GEOFFREY - This is a Mystery [Limited Signed First Edition]
002117: PARTRIDGE, A. E. - The Story of the Heavens. How the 48 Ancient Constellations Got Their Names 500 Years Ago
001924: PASTERNAK, BORIS - Winter Festivities
000407: PASTERNAK, BORIS - Na Rannikh Poezdakh. Novye Stikhotvoreniia (On Early Trains. New Poems) [Limited to 3000 copies]
000410: PASTERNAK, BORIS - Poverkh Bar'erov. Stikhi Raznykh Let [Limited to 3000 copies]
000417: PASTERNAK, BORIS - Dve Knigi. Stikhi [Limited to 3000 copies]
000487: [PHOTOGRAVURE BY] PAULUSSEN, R. V.; [ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPH BY] DECHY, M. V. - Jalomiczathal (Bucsecs. ) Siebenburgische Karpathen
001743: PAVLENKOV, F. - Slovar'ô inostrannykh slov, voshedshikh v sostav Russkago iazyka [Dictionary of Foreign Words Used in the Russian Language]
000339: PAYELLE, G., ET AL. - Frightfulness in Retreat
000433: PAYNE, JAMES A. (TINY THE MUSICAL CLOWN) - Reflections of a Clown
001122: PECK, CHARLES HORTON - ALS by Charles Horton Peck
000127: PECK, ELISABETH - American Frontier
000354: PERRINE, CHARLES D. - Bulletin of the United States Geological Survey No. 129. Earthquakes in California in 1894
000882: PEVZNER, M. I. - Sovremennye Puti Razvitiia Nauki o Lechebnom Pitanii [Contemporary Developments in the Science of Clinical Nutrition]
001985: PHILLIPS, GEO W. - echoes from the Great Beyond. A Sermon Preached by Geo W. Phillips, Sunday Evening, January 19, 1930, Tenth Avenue Baptist Church, Oakland, California
001420: PIHIDO, FEDIR - Konsolidatsiia i T. Zv. Neperedrishenstvo
001269: PIMENOVA, EMILIIA - Tainy Tibeta
000649: TENG HSIAO-PING - Speech by Chairman of the Delegation of the People's Republic of China, Teng Hsiao-Ping, at the Special Session of the U.N. General Assembly, April 10, 1974
001474: PINKERTON, ALLAN - Thirty Years a Detective. A Thorough and Comprehensive Expose of Criminal Practices of All Grades and Classes. Containing Numerous Episodes of Personal Experience in the Detection of Criminals and Covering a Period of Thirty Years'ô Active Detective life
001726: KORVIN-PIOTROVSKII, VLADIMIR - Pogremushki. Stikhi (Rattles. Poems)
001422: PIRINSKY, GEORGE - Slavic Americans in the Fight for Victory and Peace
001693: POCH, JOSE - Proyectos y Testamento del Difunto Emperador de Rusia, Nicolas. Curiosa Relación en la Que se Manifiestan sus Miras y su Desmedida Ambicion (Life and Deeds of the Late Emperor of Russia, Nicholas. A Strange Tale, in which are Revealed His Lies and His Overweening Ambition)
002072: POLTAVA, LEONID - Za muramy Berlinu. Poezii, 1942-1945 pp. (Behind the Walls of Berlin. Poetry, 1942-1945)
001419: PONIATENKO, P. - Kul'tura, Natsional'nist ta Asimiliatsiia
000311: POPOV, GAVRIIL - Blesk i Nishcheta Administrativnoi Sistemy
000708: PORTSIG, VAL'TER - Chlenenie Indoevropeiskoi Iazykovoi Oblasti [1 of 1100 Copies]
001075: POTT, F. L. HAWKS; SLOVODCHIKOV, L. A. - Uchebnik Shankhaiskago Nariechiia
001460: POZDNEEV, DIMITRII - Iaponskaia Istoricheskaia Khrestomatiia. Tekst v Romaji, Perevod i Slova k Nachal'noi Istorii Iaponii. Chast I, Otdely I i II (A Reader of Japanese History. Text in Romaji, with Translation and Words to the Early History of Japan) Part I, Series I and II
001945: POZEN, M. P. - Bumagi po krestianskomu delu (Papers on the Abolition of Serfdom)
001149: PRENTICE, HARRY [PSEUD. KALER, JAMES OTIS] - The King of Apeland. The Wonderful Adventures of a Young Animal-Trainer
001468: PRIETO, GUILLERMO - San Francisco in the Seventies: The City as Viewed by a Mexican Political Exile [Signed and Inscribed by John Henry Nash to Author Joy Lichtenstein]
001170: PROKHODA, VASIL - Simon Petliura
000679: [COMPILED BY] PTASHNYI, L. - Anglo-Russkii Slovar' Po Avtomatike, Kibernetike, I Kontrol'No-Izmervatel'Nym Priboram
002067: PUSHKIN, A. - Sochineniia A. S. Pushkina. Polnoe sobranie v odnom tome (Works of A. S. Pushkin.The Complete collection in One Volume)
000869: PUTRAMENT, IEZHI [PUTRAMENT, JERZY] - Atentatut vuv "Vulcheto Legovishte"
001896: QUINBY, REV. HOSEA - The Prison Chaplaincy, and Its Experiences
001912: QUINBY, REV. HOSEA - The Prison Chaplaincy, and Its Experiences
001966: J. R. - Beam, Kindly Light! (Poetry Manuscript)
000227: FINANCIAL MINISTRY OF U.S.S.R - Rashodoi Na Socialno-Kulturnoe Meropriatia Po Gosudarstvenomu Budjetu Sssr (Statistical Spending on Social and Cultural Activities from the U.S. S. R Government Budget)
000875: RADISHCHEV, ALEKSANDR NIKOLAEVICH - Puteshestvie iz Peterburga v Moskvu [Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow]
000686: RASKIN, A. - Gorod Lomonosov. Dvortsovo-Parkovye Ansambli XVIII Veka
001783: RAY, HOD - Football Facts and Fun [Signed/Inscribed by the Author]
001232: IVANOV-RAZUMNIK - Aleksandr Blok. Andrei Belyi.
002018: REA, LOUIS E. - California Artist Louis E. Rea Advertisement Photograph
002164: READ, EDWARD PARKER - For Autumn and Winter Ailments Try the best Remedy, Read's Herb Tonic
001789: REED, DON - How the Mounties Got Their Own Man
000719: [EDITED BY] REID, ROBERT A. - The Red Book of Views of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition San Francisco 1915. Official Publication
001375: [COLLECTED BY] EER; [PRINTED BY] RER - One Brick Short of a Load & Other Whimsies
000479: REYBURN, NOEL - Reflections [Signed/inscribed by author]
000478: REYBURN, NOEL J. - Thoughts From My Quiet Corner [Signed/inscribed by author]
001394: RIBAKOVA, ANASTAZIIA - Siroti. Drama v Dvokh Diiakh z Zhittia Ukraintsiv na Amerikans'kii Zemli
002082: COULSON, ROBERT AND JUANITA - Yandro, Vol. XVI - No.1
002081: COULSON, ROBERT AND JUANITA - Yandro, Vol. XVI - No.2
001762: LANSING, ROBERT; ET AL - Memorandum on Certain Aspects of the Bolshevist Movement in Russia: Character of Bolshevist Rule; Economic Results of Bolshevist Control; Bolshevist Program of World Revolution
000395: ROBERTS, FLORENCE - Testimonial Benefit to Hobart Bosworth
000048: ROBIE, M.D., W. F. - The Art of Love [Limited to 500 copies]
000797: ROGINSKII, IA. IA. - N. N. Miklukho-Maklai [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi 29 Aprelia 1948 Goda v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve]
000884: ROKHLINA, M. L. - Dolgoletiiu [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve] (Longevity)
001847: ROLING, DZH. - Garri Potter i kubok ognia (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
000220: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The War in the Northwest
001748: ROQUELAURE, GASTON-JEAN-BAPTISTE, DUC DE - The Secret Memoirs of the Duc De Roquelaure Written By Himself Now for the First Time Completely Translated Into English in Four Volumes
000761: RYDBERG, VIKTOR; [TRANSLATED BY] CLARK, ALFRED CORNING - Roman Days. With a Sketch of Rydberg by Dr. H. A. W. Lindhehn
000501: RZHEVSKII, LEONID DENISOVICH - Prochten'e Tvorcheskogo Slova [Signed/Inscribed Posthumously by Author's Wife - Poet Agniia Rzhevskaia]
000990: HUGHES, J. S. AND AUBEL, C. E. - Pig Sense - Hog Dollars
001920: LIFAR, S. AND GOFMAN, M. - Pisma Pushkina k N. N. Goncharovoi. Iubileinoe izdanie, 1837 - 1937 (Letters from Pushkin to N. N. Goncharova. Memorial Edition, 1837 - 1937) [Signed/Inscribed by Serge Lifar]
000275: SALTEN, FELIX - Bembi (Bambi)
000002: CHRISTOPHER SANDFORD - Kurt Cobain (Signed and Inscribed by Author in English)
000080: SANGER, ANDLIGA - Hemlands-Klockan
000912: SARTAKOV, SERGEI - Plot Idet na Sever
002104: SAUNDERS, F. - About Woman, Love, and Marriage
000983: SAVINKOV, BORIS - A Cryptic Letter by Russian Terrorist and Revolutionary Boris Savinkov to a Monsieur Vaughan (in French)
001907: BY PUPILS OF THE ROBINSON PUBLIC SCHOOLS - Longfellow Memorial Programme, February 26, 1886
002053: SCHOULGUINE, VASSILI (SHULGIN, VASILII) - La resurrection de la Russie. Mon voyage secret en Russie sovietique (The resurrection of Russia. My secret trip to Soviet Russia)
002111: [REVIEWED BY] R. S. SCHREIBER, CDR USN - Yerba Buena and Treasure Islands. Historical View
000123: SCHULTZ, CHARLES - Lot of 5 Peanuts Books/ 1st Ed 1st Pr.
000212: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Abbot/ Vol. I
000458: SCOTT, JOHN - The Soviet Economic Offensive. A Report on Ruble Diplomacy
001136: SEDYKH, ANDREI [PSEUD. TSVIBAK, IAKOV] - Tam, Gde Byla Rossiia [Where Russia Used to Be]
000779: SEGAL, IA. E. - Skandinavskie Strany i "Plan Marshalla" [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnoi Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve]
001273: [EDITED BY] SEMEVSKII, MIKHAIL - Russkaia Starina. Ezhemesiachnoe Istoricheskoe Izdanie. Vol. XI, Issues 9-12, 1874 [Russian Antiquity. Monthly Historical Publication. Vol. XI, Issues 9-12]
000622: COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY UNITED STATES SENATE - Humans Used As Guinea Pigs in the Soviet Union. Hearing Before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate. Ninety-Fourth Congress, Second Session
000785: SERGIEV, P. G. - Novoe v Preduprezhdenii i Lechenii Maliarii [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve]
001727: PROTOIEREI IOANN SERGIEV (KRONSHTADTSKII) - Moia zhizn'ô vo Khriste ili minuty dukhovnago trezveniia i sozertsaniia, blagogoveinago chuvstva, dushevnago ispravleniia i pokoia v Boge. Izvlechenie iz dnevnika [vypusk pervyi]
001610: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tempest
001609: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Taming of the Shrew
000675: SHAPOSHNIKOVA, L. V. - Taina Plemeni Golubykh Gor
000892: SHAUMIAN, V. A. - Uspekhi Michurinskoi Biologii v Molochnom Zhivotnovodstve [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve] (Succesful Applications of Michurin's Biological Studies in Dairying)
002105: SHELLEY, PERCY BISSHE - Prometheus Unbound. A Lyrical Drama in Four Acts with Other Poems
000909: SHESTOV, LEV - Sola Fide - Tol'ko Veroiu. Grecheskaia i Srednovekovaia Filosofiia Liuter i Tserkov'
000929: SHNEERSON, FISHEL - Psikhologiia Intimnoi Zhizni Rebenka. Novye Metody Issledovaniia Fantazii i Emotsii Normal√ä¬Ļnogo i Nenormal√ä¬Ļnogo Rebenka
001768: SHOUP, PAUL - Side Tracks From the Main Line. Being Occasional Excursions Away From the Business World to Pleasant Places of Literary Recreation [Signed/Inscribed by the Author]
001263: [COMPILED BY] SHTAL', TOMAS - Berlin (Zapadnyi) Sovremennaia Arkhitektura [West Berlin Modern Architecture]
000402: SIDNEY, MARGARET - Five Little Peppers and Their Friends
000426: SIENKIEWICZ, HENRYK - Quo Vadis. A Narrative of the Time of Nero
001884: SIKORSKI, HELENE (SIKORSKAIA, ELENA) - Vladimir Nabokov. Perepiska s sestroi (Vladimir Nabokov. Correspondence with His Sister)
001694: SKELDING, SUSIE - Roses and Forget Me-Nots
000619: HAZARD, THOMAS ROBINSON [WITH A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH AND NOTES BY ROWLAND ROBINSON HAZARD] - The Jonny-Cake Papers of "Shepherd Tom" Together with Reminiscences of Narragansett Schools of Former Days (Two Identical Signed/Inscribed Family Association Copies)
001832: J. V. SLOAN & CO. - The Cake Walk" Shadowgraph
000338: SMIRNITSKII, A. I. - Sravnitelnaia Fonetika Novogermanskikh Iazykov. [Angliiskogo, Nemetskogo, Shvedskogo]
000297: SMIRNITSKII, A. I. - Sravnitelnaia Fonetika Novogermanskih Iazuikov. [Angliiskogo, Nemetskogo, Shvedskogo] (Comparative Phonetics of the Germanic Languages [English, German, Swedish])
002014: SMITH, GEORGE HAND - Cast Steel; Process of Manufacture Direct from the Ore
000989: SMITH, J. E. A. - Souvenir Verse and Story. Memorial of Fifty Years
001588: SMITH, A. D. - A. D. Smith's Instructions How to Make His Compound Chemical Soap, and Dry Wick Candles
000344: SMITH, RALPH E. - [Agriculture] Diseases of Flowers and Other Ornamentals. Circular 118
001822: SMOLIAR, G. - Mstiteli getto (The Ghetto Avengers)
000665: SNEAD, SAM - How to Play Golf and Professional Tips on Improving Your Score. Also Rules of the Game of Golf
000477: SNELLING, WILLIAM JOSEPH; (WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY) FLANAGAN, JOHN T. - Tales of the Northwest [Signed/Inscribed by John Flanagan]
000787: SOBOLEV, A. I. - Leninskaia Teoriia Otrazheniia i Iskusstvo [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve]
001717: LADIES AID SOCIETY - Choice Recipes from Bethany Ladies and Friends
000969: STAMFORD HOSPITAL AID SOCIETY - The Stamford Cook Book
000167: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - 2 Vol National Geographic Magazine 1930 Jan-Dec 12 Issues
000168: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - 2 Vol National Geographic Magazine 1931 Jan-Dec 12 Issues
000895: KOMMUNISTICHESKAIA PARTIIA SOVETSKOGO SOIUZA - [Miniature] Ustav Kommunisticheskoi Partii Sovetskogo Soiuza. Utverzhden XXIII s√ä¬ļezdom KPSS (Constitution of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union [Approved at the 22nd Congress of CPSU])
000796: SOLDATENKO, E. I. - Ob Otchetnom Doklade Tovarishcha I. V. Stalina na XVIII Sezde Partii [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve]
002151: SOLOVIEFF, S. - Early 20th-century "Spanish Prisoner Scam" Letter
000484: SOLZHENITSYN, ALEKSANDR - Avgust Chetyrnadtsatogo (Uzel 1. 10-21 Avgusta St. St.)
002163: SOTHERLUND, SELMA (OF RUSSIA) - Selma's Famous Russian Toilet Preparations
000273: SOUPERANSKAIA, ALEKSANDRA VASILIEVNA - Udarenie V Sobstvennyh Imenah V Sovremennom Russkom Iazyke (Words' Stress in First Names in the Contemporary Russian Language)
001575: SOWINSKI, JANUSZ - Adam Poltawski. Typograf Artysta (Adam Poltawski. Typographer Artist)
001887: SPALAIKOVITCH, PIERRE - The Many Faces of Truth. Homage to Dali [Graphic Designer's Dummy]
001181: STAMBOLIISKI, ALEKSANDUR - Politicheski Partii ili Suslovni Organizatsii? [Political Parties or Professional Organizations?]
001818: STANFIELD, GLADYS - A Portfolio of Original Dress and Costume Designs
000704: STANIUKOVICH, KONSTANTIN - Polnoe Sobranie Sochinenii K.M. Staniukovicha (in 12 Volumes)
000351: DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Peace and War. United States Foreign Policy 1931-1941
000699: STAWINSKI, JERZY STEFAN - Pulkownik Kwiatkowski Czyli Dziura W Suficie
000370: STEDWELL, PAKI - Murder in Mind [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
000448: STEFANOVA, LILIANA - Edna Esen V America (One Fall in America)
000854: STEINBECK, JOHN - Puteshestvie s Charli: V Poiskakh Ameriki [Travels with Charlie: In Search of America]
000385: STEPANOV, IVAN VASIL'EVICH - Krest'Ianskaia Voina Pod Predvoditelstvom S.T. Razina (1670-1671 Gg. )
000939: STEPNIAK, SERGEI - Three Letters Written by Revolutionary Sergei Mikhailovich Stepniak - Kravchinskii to His Publisher Sonnenschein
000592: STIVENSON, R. L. - Bereg Faleza
000798: STUDITSKII, A. N. - Sovremennye Problemy Regeneratsii (Vosstanovlenie Utrachennykh Organov i Tkanei) Stenogramma Nauchno-populiarnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi 26 Marta 1948 Goda v Tsentral√ä¬Ļnom Lektorii Obshchestva v Moskve
000630: STUHR, JERZY - Sercowa Choroba. Czyli Moje Zycie W Sztuce [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
000631: STUHR, JERZY - Ucieczka Do Przodu! Jerzy Stuhr Od a Do Z W Wywiadach Marii Malatynskiej [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
000480: SUDZILOVSKII, G. A. - Sleng-Chto Eto Takoe? Anglo-Russkii Slovar' Voennogo Slenga
002013: SUMNER, CHARLES - The True Grandeur Of Nations: An Oration Delivered Before The Authorities Of The City of Boston, July 4, 1845 [Signed/Inscribed by the Author]
000264: SUNIK, OREST P. - Obshtaia Teoria Chastei Rechi (Common Theory on the Parts of Speech)
000906: SVIFT, DZHONATAN - Puteshestviia v Nekotorye Otdalennye Strany Sveta Lemiuelia Gullivera, Snachala Khirurga a Potom Kapitana Neskol√ä¬Ļkikh Korablei
000449: SVIFT, DZHONATAN, [RETOLD FOR CHILDREN BY] GABBE, T. - Puteshestviia Gullivera (Gulliver's Travels)
001898: WATERHOUSE, SYLVESTER; ET AL - A Memorial to Congress to Secure an Adequate Appropriation for a Prompt and Thorough Improvement of the Mississippi River
001342: BELIAEVA, T. AND POTAPOVA, I. - Angliiskii Iazyk za Predelami Anglii
000236: HEADLEY J. T. - Sacred Scenes and Characters
001253: TALBERG, NIKOLAI - Otechestvennaia Byl. Iubileinyi Sbornik [The Story of Our Country. An Anniversary Collection]
001573: TARSAIDZE, ALEKSANDR - Morskoi Korpus za Chetvert Veka, 1901 - 1925 (The Naval Corps for a Quarter of the Century, 1901-1925) Signed/Inscribed by Author
000424: TAYLOR, JOHN WILSON - Some of Those Days. An Autobiography [Signed/Inscribed by Author]
000294: TCHAIKOVSKY, ROMAN ROMANOVICH - Milosti Bulata Okudzhavui (The Grace of Bulat Okudzhava)
000490: TEKKEREI, UIL'IAM - Kol'Tso I Roza ILI Istoriia Printsa Obaldu I Printsa Perekorilia
002062: TELIHA, OLENA - Dusha na storozhi. Vybir z poezii (The Soul on Guard. A Selection of Poems)
000518: TEMKINA, MARINA - V Obratnom Napravlenii
001098: TEMPLE, W. M. - Central Show Printing Company Route Book and Price List
000440: STOIANOV, TENIU AND KIUL'OVSKI, ILIIA - [Trotskyism] [Trials] Predatelskata Shpionska I Sabotiorska Grupa Na Traicho Kostov Pred Suda Na Naroda (the Process Against Traicho Kostov and His Group)
000181: TENNYSON, ALFRED - The Holy Grail, and Other Poems
000199: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - The Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson
000178: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Queen Mary, a Drama
000883: TEPLOV, B. M. - Sovetskaia Psikhologicheskaia Nauka za 30 Let [Stenogramma Publichnoi Lektsii, Prochitannoi 13 Oktiabria 1947 Goda v Dome Soiuzov v Moskve] (30 Years of the Science of Psychology in the Soviet Union)
001436: TERTS, ABRAM [PSEUD. FOR ANDREI SINIAVSKII] - Mysli Vrasplokh [Thought Unaware]
000096: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The History of Pendennis Vol. II
001043: THOMPSON, KENNETH R. - The Mental Side of Golf. A Study of the Game as Practised By Champions
000626: THOREZ, MAURICE; GARAUDY, ROGER; OTHERS - Le Parti Communiste Et Les Intellectuels. Pour la Defense de la Culture, de la Paix Et Du Progres Social. XIV Congres Du Parti Communiste Francais (le Havre 18-21 Julliet 1956)
002063: [COMPILED BY] TIKHOMIROVA, M. N. - Novgorodskaia kharateinaia letopis (The Novgorod Parchment Chronicle)
000685: TIUTCHEV, F. I. - Stikhotvoreniia
000097: SMOLLETT, TOBIAS & ANDERSON, ROBERT - The Miscellaneous Works of Tobias Smollett, M.D. , with Memoirs of His Life and Writings
001855: TOBILEVYCH, IVAN (PSEUD. KARPENKO-KARYI) - Naimychka. Drama v piaty diiakh (The Handmaiden. A Drama in Five Acts)
000491: TOLSTAIA, ALEKSANDRA - Probleski vo T'me [Signed/inscribed by author]
000462: TOLSTOI, LEV N. - Bul'ka. Rasskazy Ofitsera
000684: TOLSTOI, L. N. - Detstvo. Povesti
000692: TOLSTOY, LEO - Bethink Yourselves!
000705: TOLSTOY, LEO - A Great Iniquity
000575: MCKIMSON, TOM AND DEMPSTER, AL - Bugs Bunny [Little Golden Book #72]
001793: CIVIL LIBERTIES ASSOCIATION OF TORONTO - An Appeal for Justice. The Case of the Seized Properties of the Ukrainian Labour-Farmer Temple Association
001672: TRAIN, GEORGE FRANCIS - Young America in Wall-Street [Association Copy]
001249: TROTSKII, LEV (LEON TROTSKY) - Biulleten' Oppozitsii (Bol'shevikov-Lenintsev) No. 64 [Bulletin of the Opposition (Bolshevik-Leninists) No. 64]
002035: TROTSKY, LEON - Mi Vida (My Life) [In 5 Volumes]
001584: TROWBRIDGE, J.M - The Cider Maker's Hand Book. A Complete Guide for Making and Keeping Pure Cider
000716: TSINGER, IA. A. - Zanimatel'Naia Zoologiia. Ocherki I Rasskazy O Zhivotnykh
000111: TSUDA, NORITAKE - ABC of Japanese Art
001746: TUDOR, TASHA - An Advent Calendar from Tasha Tudor, "Lapin and Lapin Afternoon Teas
001077: TURGENEV, IVAN - Mumu
000320: TURSKII, GRIGORII - Istoriia Frankov (Historia Francorum)
000859: TWAIN, MARK - The Prince and the Pauper. A Tale for Young People of All Ages
000988: SOCIO-ECOLOGICAL UNION, MOSCOW / "THE ANGARA - ENISEI RESCUE" ASSOCIATION, LESOSIBIRSK - Ecological and Social Problems of Central Siberia (the Angara-Enisei Region). (Materials for the NGO - International Scientific - Practical Conference)
000743: UNKNOWN - [Advertisement][Cooking] Reliable Recipes and Helpful Hints
000734: UNKNOWN - Two Little Pets and Other Stories [Chromolithograph Illustrations]
000028: UNKNOWN - Secret Memoirs of the Royal Family of France During the Revolution. From the Journal and Letters of the Princess Lamballe [Two Volumes]
002102: URMY, CLARENCE T. - A Rosary of Rhyme
001082: URSULA - An 1854 Letter from A Young Lady to Her Friend
002028: USHAKOV, N. - Zagadki. Knizhka-malyshka (Riddles. A Little Book for a Little Kid) [Miniature]
000309: KLOPOV, E. V. AND GORDON, L. A. - [Social Psychology] Chelovek Posle Raboty: Sotsial'Nye Problemy Byta I Vnerabochego Vremeni: Po Materialam Izucheniia Biudzhetov Vremeni Rabochikh V Krupnykh Gorodakh Evropeiiskoii Chasti Sssr. Prilozhenie
000310: ARUTIUNIAN, IURII. V.; ET AL [EDITED BY] - [Sociology] Sotsiologicheskoe Izuchenie Sela: Sotsial'Naia Struktura, Trud, Upravlenie (Materialy K Vsesoiuznomu Simpoziumu Po Sotsiologicheskim Problemam Sela V G. Krasnodare, 27-31 Maia 1968 G. )
000381: SHESTAKOV, A. V.; ET AL - [Education] Ob Izuchenii Istorii Sssr
000380: SHESTAKOV, A. V.; ET AL - [Education] K Izucheniiu Istorii
000830: VACQUIER, J. - A Visit to the Invalides
001101: VAGNER, H. - Kum Pobieda s Bulgarskitie Voiski
001435: VAIT, E. G. [WHITE, ELLEN G.] - Razmyshlenie o Nagornoi Propovedi Iisusa Khrista [Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing]
001712: VARIOUS - Cook Book, Compiled and Published by the Board of Directors of the Larkin Children's Home, Elgin, Illinois
001827: VARIOUS - An Outrageous Archive of Crank Letters, Theories, and Demands of the Smithsonian Institute and the Director of the American Museum of Natural History Frederick Augustus Lucas
001524: VARIOUS - Arts and Crafts Affairs [Vol. Vi, No. 1]
001194: VARIOUS - Rice University Graduate Wives Cookbook
001062: VARIOUS - A Small Archive of Items Related to the Golden State Warriors from Their Long-time Owner Frank Mieuli's Personal Collection
001900: VARIOUS - Almanaque Dulce 1940
001512: VARIOUS - Cookin' in the Mountains (All Recipes at Least "100 Years Old")
001812: VARIOUS - Purposes of the Civil-Service Reform Association, Together with Its Constitution, San Francisco, 1881 (Publications of the Civil-Service Reform Association of California - No. 1)
002156: VARIOUS - A Small Collection of Ephemera, Featuring Sideshow Performer Midgets, Some of Them Autographed
001952: VARIOUS - Californians "As We See 'Em." A Volume of Cartoons and Caricatures
001326: VARIOUS - [Quackery] Medicines and Doctors'ô Advertisement Newspapers Clippings Scrapbook Encompassing More Than a Hundred Years
001769: VARIOUS - California, the Empire Beautiful. Her Great Bays, Harbors, Mines, Orchards and Vineyards, Olive, Lemon and Orange Groves. Her Men and Women, a Prophecy of the Coming Race
002136: VARIOUS - A Small Archive of Adolph Sutro-related Items
002055: VARIOUS - A Collection of Material, Presented to Parliament by Command of His Majesty, on Bolshevism and Other Affairs in Russia, 1919 - 1921
001617: VARIOUS - Winter Sports for 1939
001049: VARIOUS - Report from the Secretary of the treasury, in Compliance with a Resolution of the Senate, Showing the Amount of Money Received for Public Land During the Year 1836, and the Amount Expended in the Transportation of Gold and Silver
001407: VARIOUS - Winter Sports Guide. California Season 1938-9
001535: VARIOUS - Suburban Housewives Almanac. Recipes & Preservation of Food
001964: VARIOUS - GOP Gourmet Goodies. A Collection of Gourmet Delights Contributed by Leading Republicans from Throughout the United States
000837: VARIOUS - The Asian American Poetry Book [Limited first edition]
001480: VARIOUS - The Chips are Down! Organized Labor to Defend Its Life
001831: VARIOUS - W. & J. Sloane Original Art, Rug Designs with Yarn Samples
002094: VARIOUS - Thirty-five Delicious Ways of Cooking Potatoes
001373: VARIOUS - Virginia Historic Shrines and Scenic Attractions Accessible by Virginia Historic Highway Tour. Officially Designated by the General Assembly of Virginia
001443: VARIOUS - Vol'naia Mysl', No. 1 [Free Thoughts]
001905: VARIOUS - A Small Collection of Material from the Pennsylvania Prison Society
001592: VARIOUS - Dlia Ukraini, Ch. 1 (For Ukraine, No. 1)
001454: VARIOUS - The Carrier Boys of the Salem Register to Their Patrons, with the Compliments of the Season [January 1, 1885 and January 1, 1886]
001679: VARIOUS - Macmillan Textbooks for Elementary Schools, 1928 'ď 1929
001844: VARIOUS - Russkoe bogatstvo. Ezhemesiachnyi literaturnyi i nauchnyi zhurnal, No. 3, Mart 1884 / No. 11, Noiabr 1884 (Russian Wealth. Monthly Literary and Scientific Journal, No. 3, March 1884 / No. 11, November 1884)
001188: VARIOUS - Otchet Permskago Otdeleniia Sostoiashchago pod Avgusteishim Pokrovitel'ôstvom Eia Imperatorskago Velichestva Imperatritsy Marii Feodorovny Popechitel'ôstva Imperatritsy Marii Aleksandrovny o Slepykh za 1899 God. [Report of the Perm Branch for the Blind under the Patronage of Her Imperial Majesty Empress Maria Feodorovna and the Guardianship of Empress Maria Alexandrovna for the Year 1899]
001858: VARIOUS - An Archive of Material, Related to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, from the Collection of Archpriest Mikhail Polskii of San Francisco
001478: VARIOUS - Election Rally Broadside "Archie Brown for Governor
001484: VARIOUS - Camp Fire Sweets
001620: VARIOUS - The "OXO" Cook Book
002027: VARIOUS - O Moskve (About Moscow) [Micro-miniature]
001622: VARIOUS - Cooking Georgia Chicken with Georgia's First Ladies
001682: VARIOUS - 1913 Blackmore & Langdon'ôs Catalogue of Begonias, Carnations, Delphiniums, Blue Primroses, Cyclamen, Violets, Polyanthus, Etc.
000907: VARIOUS - Citanka pro Ceske Skoly v Americe [Dil II]
002046: VARIOUS - K 1-mu maia. Proletarskomu prazdniku borby i pobedy (To May, 1. A Celebration of the Proletarian Struggle and Victory)
001495: VARIOUS - Williams' American Home Dictionary. A Compilation of 10,000 of the Principal Words of the English Language, with Their Correct Accent and Accurate Definitions
002090: VARIOUS - The California Teacher and Home Journal. Devoted to Education, Literature, Science, and Art. Volume 1 - Number 6
001874: VARIOUS - 'oeTo the Selectmen of the town of Bristol (Maine) in Lincoln District,'Ě Document, signed by Governor Edward Kent and Secretary of State Sam Benson, calling for an Election for US Congress Representatives
001698: VARIOUS - Historic Old Sacramento
001753: VARIOUS - Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo'Ě Archive
001919: VARIOUS - Sundry Votes Passed by the Church of Christ in Dorchester, Ann. Dom. 1773. Previous to the Meeting of an Ecclesiastical Council There, the Result of Said Council, &c. Published by Order of Said Church
001616: VARIOUS - California Winter Sports Guide 1941 - 42
001458: VARIOUS - A Small Collection of Early 20th Century Czech Erotic Novels
001863: VARIOUS - Clement Company Catalog and Sample Book
001903: VARIOUS - The Land of Oranges
002189: VARIOUS - A Small Collection ofTrade Cards from 19-century San Francisco Businesses
001197: VARIOUS - Placeritas Cook Book
001187: VARIOUS - Otchet Popechitel'nago Obshchestva o 1-m Nochlezhno-rabotnom Dome Bezpriiutnykh Detei i Podrostkov Muzhskogo Pola, Uchrezhdennom Annoiu Eismont v 1901 g. 24 Marta. Za 1908, 1909 i 1910 g.g. [Report of the Trustees of the First Rooming House for Homeless Male children and Adolescents, Established by Anna Eismont on March 24, 1901. For the Years 1908, 1909 and 1910]
001899: VARIOUS - Almanaque Dulce 1937
001001: VARIOUS - Royal Baker and Pastry Cook together with an Original 1 lb. Can from Royal Baking Powder
001105: VARIOUS - Belaia Kniga. Zhizn' i Deiatel'nost' Arkhiepiskopa Afanasiia
001377: VARIOUS - Facts of the China Trouble
000976: VARIOUS - Constitution, By-laws and Rules of Order of the Building Trades' Council of San Francisco (Organized February 6, 1896) Adopted December, 1897. Adopted as Revised, July, 1901
001219: VARIOUS - Khristianstvo Pered Sovremennoi Sotsial'noi Deistvitel'nost'iu. Rechi N. A. Berdiaeva, V. N. Il'ina, G. P. Fedotova. Prot. S. Bulgakova v Otkrytom Sobranii Religiozno-Filosofskoi Akademii [Christianity in Contemporary Social Reality. Speeches of N. A. Berdiaev, V. N. Il'in, G. P. Fedotov, and Archpriest S. Bulgakov at the Public Meeting of the Religious - Philosophical Academy]
001274: VARIOUS - Rossiia i Vselenskaia Tserkov. 5-6 (42-43), 1959 [Russia and the Universal Church. 5-6 (42-43), 1959]
002169: VARIOUS - Universal Safety First Wearing Apparel. Made from Asbestos Cloth, Fireproofed Duck and Leather
001383: VARIOUS - Announcing a Spring Book Show. Macmillan Books for Boys and Girls, Spring 1937
001483: VARIOUS - Kitchen Tunes with Variations
001479: VARIOUS - This is War!
001052: VARIOUS - Offset. "That Something Different in Advertising"
002167: VARIOUS - Seventh Annual Shrine Ice Carnival
002078: VARIOUS - A Small Collection of Children's books, Published by Ivan Sytin
001515: VARIOUS - A Small Archive of Material Pertaining to the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
001906: VARIOUS - Officers' Handbook of Rules and Regulations. Duties and Routine
002068: VARIOUS - Otchet Imperatorskago Moskovskago i Rumiantsovskago muzeia za 1914 god, predstavlennyi Direktorom Muzeia g Ministru Narodnago Prosveshcheniia (Report of the Imperial Moscow and Rumiantsev Museum for 1914, Presented by the Director of the Museum to the Minister of Education)
001671: VARIOUS - Pamiatnaia knizhka na 1842 (Yearbook for 1842)
001825: VARIOUS - An Archive of Publications by the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI)
001784: VARIOUS - The Leland Stanford, Junior, University. The Act of the Legislature of California. The Grant of Endowment. Address of Leland Stanford to the Trustees. Minutes of the First Meeting of the Board of Trustees
001530: VARIOUS - The Sweet Sixteen Recipe Packet No. 4. Prize Winning Recipes for Many New Desserts
001395: VARIOUS - Three Publications of the Lemko Association
002100: VARIOUS - Farm Gardening, with Hints on Cheap Manuring
000313: VARIOUS - Russian Studies (Etudes Russes) Ezhekvartal'nik Russkoi Filologii i Kul'tury (Vol. I No. 2-4 1995, Vol. II No. 1-4 1996, Vol. III No. 1-2 1999-2000 No. 3-4 2000-2001)
000383: VARIOUS - [Epic Poems] Byliny Ob IL'e Muromtse
001841: VARIOUS - 'oePolnyi mesiatsoslov vsekh prazdnuemykh pravoslavnoiu grekovostochnoiu tserkoviiu sviatykh, sobrannyi iz Moskovskikh i Kievskikh sviattsov, iz prologa i chet-minei, s priobshcheniem k nemu na kontse tolkovaniia imen po alfavitu'Ě bound together with 'oeIstoricheskoe opisanie nakhodiashchikhsia v Rossii eparkhii, monastyrei i tserkvei, s pokazaniem: nachala i postroeniia onykh; krestnykh khodov; khramovykh prazdnikov v Sanktpeterburge i Moskve; Paskhalii na 50 let; i dostopamiatneishikh v Rossii proizshestvii Khronologicheskim poriadkom'Ě ('oeComplete Menology of All of the Celebrated Greek Eastern Orthodox Eastern Church Saints, Collected from the Moscow and the Kiev Calendars, from the Prolog and the Menaion, with Interpretation of the Names, in Alphabetical Order, at the End'Ě bound together with 'oeA Historical Description of the Dioceses, Monasteries, and Churches in Russia, with Information on their Founding and Construction, Religious Customs, and Festivals in St. Petersburg and Moscow; and a Timetable of the Paschal Occurrence in Russia for 50 Years, in Chronological Order'Ě)
001708: VARIOUS - A Small Collection of Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition Ribbons
002073: VARIOUS - Vyznachni zhinky Ukrainy. Seriia i-sha (Prominent Ukrainian Women. First Series)
001553: VARIOUS - Chinese Woodcuts - Paper Cut-outs
001862: VARIOUS - Summer Specialties Catalog and Sample Circular
000762: VARIOUS - The Daily Californian [September 25, 1929 Issue]
001580: VARIOUS - Detskoe Chtenie. Knizhechka No. 1/Knizhechka No. 2 (Children's Reading. Books No. 1 and 2)
000707: VARIOUS - Svobodnaia Piesn'. Sbornik Revoliutsionnykh Piesn' I Stikhotvorenii
000441: VARIOUS - An Original Personalized Photo Album of a Member of the Bulgarian Youth Brigade, Appointed by the Communist Party, Working in the Mines in Gorlovka, Ukraine (1957-1960)
001527: VARIOUS - Oakland Shopping News Program of Events. Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island [Two Publications]
001680: VARIOUS - Prix 'ď Courant No. 13 de la Fabrique de Chaussures Veltheim (Current Prices, No. 13, of the Veltheim Shoes Factory)
001477: VARIOUS - Two Broadsides by Ben Davis Club, Communist Party of Contra Costa County
000847: VARIOUS - What to Look for When You Buy a New Motor Car [Pontiac Sales Booklet]
001684: VARIOUS - Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalogue No. 101, Fall and Winter, 1924 'ď 25
002157: VARIOUS - An Archive of Material, Related to the United States Revenue Cutter Service, Belonging to Chief Engineer E. P. Webber
002158: REZNIKOV VASILII - Integral. Stikhi
000461: EDREV-VERDELA, ALEKSANDUR DIMITROV - Falitut Na G-N Bairkov ILI Po Nevolia Komedianti. Komediia V 2 Deistviia (Iz Turgovskiia Zhivot) [Play Script]
000878: VERN, ZHUL' - Vverkh Dnom [Topsy Turvy (The Purchase of the North Pole)]
000187: VERNE, JULES - Meridiana: The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa
000904: [EDITED BY] PEREL'MAN, VIKTOR; ET AL - Vremia i My [July-August 1982] No. 67
000712: VILIUMAN - Sushchestvitel'Nye-Sinonimy V Angliiskom Iazyke. Uchebnoe Posobie [1 of 300 Copies]
001012: [VINCENT, JOHN HEYL] - Curiosities of the Bible Pertaining to Scripture Persons, Places, and Things Including Prize Questions and Answers, Enigmas, Acrostics, Facts and Statistics with Many Valuable Ready Reference Tables. Designed to Incite in Old and Young a Greater Desire to 'oeSearch the Scriptures.'Ě John v. 39

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