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13-1085: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD. - Idylls Of the King.
99-0106: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD. - Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson.
16-1176: TENNYSON, ALFRED. - Enoch Arden.
16-1179: TENNYSON, ALFRED. - Harold: A Drama.
15-5649: ANDREWS NELSON WHITEHEAD; ALFRED TENNYSON. - Ring Out The Old, Ring In the New.
16-1278: TENNYSON, ALFRED. - Queen Mary: A Drama.
16-1172: TENNYSON, ALFRED. - Queen Mary: A Drama.
16-1177: TENNYSON, ALFRED. - Demeter And Other Poems.
16-1171: TENNYSON, ALFRED. - The Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson, Poet Laureate, Etc., Complete in Two Volumes.
15-8432: TENON, MATHEW. - Cry Beloved.
15-9768: OOMOTO TENONKIYO. - Set Of Five Postcards Depicting Temples & Nature Scenes.
10-0022: TEPLOW, NAOMI. - The Four Seasons Ketubah.
10-0023: TEPLOW, NAOMI. - Jerusalem Courtyard Ketubah.
19-3514: TEPPER, IRVIN. - When Cups Speak: Life With the Cup: A 25-Year Survey.
63-4266: TAKASHI TERAMAYE. - Signed MS note from Takashi Teramaye to Herb Yellin, 51299. RE: Olympus printer.
15-8749: TERAOKA, MASAMI. - Ascending Chaos: New Work by Masami Teraoka.
19-3954: MASAMI TERAOKA. - Masami Teraoka. September 7 - October 13, 1990.
12-0060: TERAOKA, MASAMI. - Namiyo at Hanauma Bay.
65-2762: JU. TERAPIANO. - Vstrechi = Encounters.
65-3040: A. TERC. - Ljubimov: povest' = Lyubimov: the novel.
05-0151: TERECHOWICZ. - Teatr Pantomimy.
65-3088: V. F. TEREHOV. - Intensifikacija proizvodstva v evropejskih stranah SÈV = Intensification of Production in the European CMEA countries.
55-2591: TERENCE YOUNG. WITH SEAN CONNERY, CLAUDINE AUGER, ADOLFO CELI. - Thunderball (James Bond 007). Movie photograph.
19-5511: NINA TERENTIEVA. - Portrait of mezzo-soprano Nina Terentieva.
19-5514: NINA TERENTIEVA. - Portrait of mezzo-soprano Nina Terentieva.
19-5513: NINA TERENTIEVA. - Portrait of mezzo-soprano Nina Terentieva.
19-5512: NINA TERENTIEVA. - Portrait of mezzo-soprano Nina Terentieva.
00-0598: TERENZIO, STEPHANIE. - Prints of Robert Motherwell: A Catalogue Raisonné, 1943-1984.
19-4196: MIROSLAVA BENESOVA; PAMATNIK TEREZIN. - Terezin: Mista Utrpeni a Vzdoru.
19-5516: BRYN TERFEL. - Portrait of bass-baritone Bryn Terfel.
19-5515: BRYN TERFEL. - Portrait of bass-baritone Bryn Terfel.
59-3214: TERHUNE, ALBERT PAYSON. - Caleb Conover, Railroader.
51-0665: TÉRIADE, E.. DIRECTEUR - Verve. An Artistic and Literary Quarterly. No 3. (October - December [1938])
51-0651: TÉRIADE, E. DIRECTOR - Verve. An Artistic and Literary Quarterly No. 4. January - March, 1939.
01-0570: TÉRIADE, E. (DIRECTOR) - Verve. Spring, 1938.
51-0643: TÉRIADE, E. DIRECTEUR - Verve. Vol. VII. Nos. 27 & 28.
10-0780: TERKALY, BRUNO. - Collection of original jewelry designs and sketches.
65-3381: O. TERNERA. - Nauka i religija v konce XIX veka = Science and Religion in the Late 19th century.
15-9782: FOTO EDIZIONI ANGELO-TERNI. - Palermo: 20 Fotografie Artistiche.
15-9798: EDIZIONI ANGELI - TERNI. - Amalfi: 20 Vere Fotografie.
01-0470: TERRASSE, CHARLES. - Van Gogh.
12-0305: TERRAZAS, JULIO GARAY. - Improntas: Muestra Internacional de Grabado.
12-0805: TERRELL, GLENN AND STEPHEN GARRETT. - Recent Acquisitions, Ancient Art. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, California.
55-0308: TERRELL, JOHN UPTON. - War for the Colorado River [prospectus].
02-1076: TERUKAZU, AKIYAMA. - Treasures of Asia: Japanese Painting.
63-1092: BARBIERI (ILLUSTR.); FR. TERZAGHI. - Pietroburgo (Petersburg).
63-1091: BARBIERI (ILLUSTR.); FR. TERZAGHI. - Mosca Basilica di S. Basilo (Moscow: Basilica St. Basil).
63-2348: TESSA DEANE, JACK ALLEN, CLAIRE LUCE, ET AL. - Original Autographs by Tessa Deane, Jack Allen, Claire Luce & others.
16-2868: TESTA - il dissenso culturale nei paesi dell'est (Biennale de Venezia)
59-0494: TESTANA, JOSEPH. - Portrait of Cardinal Johannes Walter Sluse, obit. 1687.
08-0932: TESTINO, MARIO. - LIma, Peru.
59-2077: TESTORI, GIOVANNI. - Natá.
63-1183: EDWARD DORN; MICHAEL MYERS (ARTIST); HOLBROOK TETER. - The Octopus Thinks With Its Third Arm (after Young.
63-0851: EDWARD DORN; MICHAEL MYERS (ARTIST); HOLBROOK TETER. - The Octopus Thinks With Its Third Arm (after Young.
65-2469: TETJUKOVA, P. - Po putjam i dorogam.
15-8830: TEUBER, GOTTFRIED. - Gottfried Teuber: Bilder zu Goethes Faust, Zweiter Teil.
12-0987: TEUTEBERG, HANS JÜRGEN. - Die Industrialisierung der britischen Seeschiffahrt in deutschen Augenzeugenberichten zwichen 1750 und 1850.
59-4151: TEUTSCH, WALTHER. - Stürmende Bayern (Bavarians Attacking).
15-4763: J. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM; ELIZABETH C. TEVIOTDALE (INTR.). - The Psalms And Their Illustration. February 1-April 23, 2000.
12-0762: TEVIS, WALTER. - Mockingbird (Uncorrected Proof).
63-0983: TEZNER, EDMUND. - Die Kapelle In Noten (The Chapel in Notes).
60-0112: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE. - Daumier's "Robert Macaire" [electronic file].
15-4871: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE. - The Orphan of Pimlico, a Moral Tale of Belgravian Life. By Miss M. T. Wigglesworth, many years Governess in the Nobility's families, and authoress of "Posies of Poesy." "Thoughts on the use of the Globes" &c. And Other Sketches, Fragments and Drawings. With Some Notes by Anne Isabella Thackeray.
16-0063: THACKERAY, W. M. - Sultan Stork And Other Stories and Sketches.
65-0043: THATCHER. - Still Life with Apples.
54-1285: THAW, EUGENE VICTOR. - Jackson Pollock: New-Found Works.
16-1704: THAYER, WILLIAM ROSCOE. - The Life and Letters of John Hay. Volume I.
15-4268: THAYER, MABEL DUNHAM. - Good Morning.
16-1705: THAYER, WILLIAM ROSCOE. - The Life and Letters of John Hay. Volume II.
99-0068: THAYER, JAMES. - Prospectus for A Western Journey with Mr. Emerson.
15-3257: MOROSCO THEARE. - Butley. A New Play by Simon Gray, Starring Alan Bates.
15-3258: LYCEUM THEARE. - Wings.
19-4892: MITSUKOSHI THEATER. - Kaidan Botandourou: July 1950.
19-4891: IMPERIAL THEATER. - Bunraku: October 1-20, 1949.
19-4889: TOKYO THEATER. - Kanadehon-Chushingura: 47 Ronins. Kabuki Drama March 1950.
16-2614: BOLSHOJ DRAMATICHESKIJ TEATR - THE BOLSHOI DRAMA THEATER. - Prem'era: A. Volodin Kinopovest' S Odnim Antraktom = Premier: A. Volodin Film prose with one intermission.
16-2613: BOLSHOJ DRAMATICHESKIJ TEATR - THE BOLSHOI DRAMA THEATER. - Prem'era: A. Dudarev - Porog = Premier: A. Dudarev - Threshold.
51-0903: BREAD AND PUPPET THEATER. - Bread and Puppet Theater.
16-2867: BREAD AND PUPPET THEATER - Masaccio et chanteurs populaires d'italie.
63-2111: NOE VALLEY NURSERY SCHOOL; EDISON SCHOOL; THE JULIAN THEATER. - Noe Valley Nursery School Annual Street Fair. Sunday, April 28, 1974.
16-2849: BREAD AND PUPPET THEATER - Bread and Puppet Circus. Domestic Resurrection.
16-2636: BOLSHOJ DRAMATICHESKIJ TEATR - THE BOLSHOI DRAMA THEATER. - Prem'era: Smert' Tarelkina = Premier: The Death of Tarelkin.
15-11274: VALERIE BETTIS DANCE THEATER (NEW YORK). - Valerie Bettis Dance Theater Promotional Card for April 10 performance at the Goodman Theater.
59-3634: OPEN THEATER. - Transvaluations One and Interiors: A Premier.Play by R. L. Sassoon. Directed by J. M. Svendsen. Garden of Sound by R. Moran.
50-1484: NATIONAL THEATERS. - Grauman's Chinese Theater.
19-4894: SHINBASHI-ENBUJO THEATRE. - Program for Azuma-Odori, April 1-20, 1950.
19-4890: TOKYO THEATRE. - Great Kabuki Drama August 6th to 30th.
19-4888: KABUKIZA THEATRE. - Program of Great Kabuki Drama: January 1951.
19-4886: KABUKIZA THEATRE. - Program of Great Kabuki Drama. [April, 1950s].
19-4887: KABUKIZA THEATRE. - The Program of Great Kabuki Dramas. [March, 1950s].
19-4885: KABUKIZA THEATRE. - Kabuki Program for November.
19-4884: KABUKIZA THEATRE. - Kabuki Program for December.
19-4883: KABUKIZA THEATRE. - Kabuki Program for April.
19-4882: KABUKIZA THEATRE. - Kabuki Program for February.
19-4881: KABUKIZA THEATRE. - Kabuki Program for September 1963.
19-4880: KABUKIZA THEATRE. - Kabuki Program for April 1962.
19-5180: NATALIA MAKAROVA; AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE. - Portrait of prima ballerina Natalia Makarova.
63-2335: JOHN GIELGUD; PICCADILLY THEATRE (LONDON). - Original Autograph by John Gielgud, during a production of "Macbeth" at Piccadilly Theatre in London, 1942. "John Gielgud, Macbeth 1942, Best Wishes."
63-1849: MAYAKOVSKY THEATRE (MOSCOW). - An Unpublished Report (Neopublikovannyi Reportazh) production photos.
19-0190: GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY (LONDON) OPERATIC SOCIETY; SCALA THEATRE. - Program For A Production of The Lilac Domino.
15-7379: CHERRY LANE THEATRE. - Happy Days. The Death Of Bessie Smith.
19-0186: BROOKS ATKINSON THEATRE. - Indians. An Issue of Playbill, the National Magazine For Playgoers.
15-6151: WINDSOR THEATRE. - Programs & Newspaper Clippings.
15-6156: MURRAY HILL THEATRE. - The Private Secretary, A Farcical Comedy, in Three Acts, by C. H. Hawtrey.
15-11338: ANTHONY QUAYLE; SHAKESPEARE MEMORIAL THEATRE. - TLS Anthony Quayle to Geoffrey Robinson, November 25, 1954.
59-3121: THE PLAYGOER: THE SHUBERT THEATRE. - The Sound of Music.
08-0170: PARKWAY THEATRE. - Program for December, 1938.
07-1167: KINGSWAY THEATRE (LONDON). - Program for The Great Adventure.
07-0648: CORONET THEATRE. - The Playgoer, Coronet Theatre. Program for Michael Todd's Film Around the World in 80 Days.
07-0530: HONOLULU COMMUNITY THEATRE. - Program for theatrical production of Noah by Andre Obey.
07-0060: GARDEN COURT THEATRE. - The Playgoer: "Guys and Dolls."
05-1929: SURREY THEATRE (LONDON). - Programs for stage productions of Hop o' My Thumb and Puss in Boots.
05-1927: GRECIAN THEATRE (LONDON). - Programs for stage productions of King Frolic and Happy Go Lucky...
05-1926: ROYALTY THEATRE (LONDON). - Programs for stage productions of Sindbad, and Pluto, or, Little Orpheus and His Lute.
05-1923: LYCEUM THEATRE (LONDON). - Programs for stage productions of Aladdin and The Monk and the Woman.
05-1922: ROYAL OLYMPIC THEATRE (LONDON). - Programs for stage productions of Claude Duval and The Pointsman.
05-1840: COMEDY THEATRE (LONDON). - Programs for stage productions of Jane, Rip van Winkle, The Marionettes and Preserving Mr. Panmure.
05-1838: ALHAMBRA THEATRE. - Programs for stage productions of The Merry War; Babil & Bijou; Black Crook; and a promotional booklet for the Alhambra Theatre.
05-1839: GAIETY THEATRE (LONDON). - Programs for stage productions of My Only Coat, Aladdin, A Pair of Them, Ariel, Blue Beard, Whittington and His Cat, Peggy and The Girl on the Film.
05-1836: VAUDEVILLE THEATRE (LONDON). - Programs for stage productions of The Guv'nor and The Half-way House.
05-1834: ROYAL COURT THEATRE (LONDON). - Programs for stage productions of The Parvenu, Engaged, The Danischeffs, A Bachelor of Arts and Comrades.
05-1762: CRITERION THEATRE (LONDON). - Programs for stage productions of Where is the Cat?, Fourteen Days, Little Miss Muffet, Great Divorce Case, and Brighton.
05-1707: GAIETY THEATRE (HASTINGS, ENGLAND). - Programs for stage productions of March Hares, His Master's Voice, The Fanatics, etc.
05-1706: WIMBLEDON THEATRE (LONDON). - Programs for stage productions of Iris Intervenes, The Jest, Sunshine of the World, The Ringer, The Chinese Bungalow, and Alibi.
05-1702: GEARY THEATRE (SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.). - Program for stage production of Harvey.
05-1505: ROYAL PRINCESS THEATRE (LONDON). - The Lights o' London. (Program).
54-2028: BILTMORE THEATRE. - The Forgotten Factor: An Industrial Drama for National Teamwork.
55-0485: CIRCLE STAR THEATRE. - Mister Roberts.
54-0821: MAJESTIC THEATRE (NEW YORK). - The Playbill for the Majestic Theatre. Silk Stockings.
54-0822: MAJESTIC THEATRE. - The Playbill for the Majestic Theatre. Agatha Christie's Witness for the Prosecution.
54-0819: MAJESTIC THEATRE (NEW YORK). - The Playbill for the Majestic Theatre. Fanny.
15-6150: UNION SQUARE THEATRE. - Union Square Theatre (New York City) Programs & Newspaper Clippings, from the Theatre Collection of Dan Totheroh.
63-2340: ARTHUR ASKEY; EDDIE [GEARY]; PALACE THEATRE (LONDON). - Original Autographs by Arthur Askey & Eddie [Geary] from a production of "Jack And Jill" at the Palace Theatre in London, March 1942.
15-7776: NEW AMSTERDAM THEATRE. - Madame Sherry.
67-0140: MERMAID THEATRE. - Mermaid Theatre. With compliments.
15-7377: SHOWBILL; CHERRY LANE THEATRE. - Theater Of the Absurd.
15-1469: CALIFORNIA THEATRE (SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.). - Edwin Booth and John McCullough in Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar.
15-1434: FIGARO THEATRE. - The Figaro Official Programme, Yosemite Theatre. Sinbad, or, the Maid of Balsora, March 20, 1896.
19-2255: MAGIC THEATRE (SAN FRANCISCO). - Magic Theatre.
11-0912: COPENHAGEN INTERNATIONAL THEATRE. - Copenhagen International Theatre Festival '82.
11-0911: ROYAL SHAKESPEARE THEATRE. - All's Well That Ends Well by William Shakespeare.
11-0910: ROYAL SHAKESPEARE THEATRE. - A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.
11-0907: HALF MOON THEATRE. - W.C.P.C., a Play by Nigel Williams.
11-0906: ROYAL SHAKESPEARE THEATRE. - Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare.
11-0909: NATIONAL THEATRE. - William Shakespeare's Othello.
11-0895: NATIONAL THEATRE. - August Strindberg's The Dance of Death.
11-0894: BARBICAN THEATRE. - Henry IV: A History in Two Parts.
59-3288: THE ALHAMBRA THEATRE. - Waltzes from Vienna: A Love Story of Music.
59-3079: ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE - Henry Irving Centenary Matinee
59-3840: 19TH-CENTURY AMERICAN THEATRE. - Six advertising cards for 19th century actors.
59-3615: EMPIRE GRAND THEATRE AND PRINCE OF WALES THEATRE. - Broadsheets from British Provincial Theatres.
59-3657: MERMAID THEATRE. - Mermaid Poetry.
19-1158: THEATRE OF REVOLUTIONARY SATIRE, VONPILOV, ALEXANDER. - The Theatre of Revolutionary Satire Presents the American Premiere of Last Summer in Chulimsk.
51-0880: THÉÂTRE DE L'ACTE - Cestas.
16-2619: MEZHDUNARODNYJ FESTIVAL' TEATROV KUKOL = INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PUPPET THEATRES. - International Festival of Puppet Theatres (Text in English, French, German and Russian) 1976.
19-5519: BLANCHE THEBOM. - Portrait of mezzo-soprano Blanche Thebom.
15-10673: TAMARIND INSTITUTE (ALBUQUERQUE, NM); R. C. GORMAN; GERALD THEISEN (INTR.). - Homage To Navajo Women: A Suite of Five Original Lithographs by R. C. Gorman.
12-1681: THEOBALD, FRED V. - An Account of British Flies (Diptera), Volume I (in Eight Parts).
59-2292: THEOBALD, SIMON. - Simon Theobald Fine Art Dealer. Catalogue, May 2003.
15-10278: OLIMPIA THEODOLI (LONDON). - Master Prints, Winter 1990. Lots 1 - 100.
15-10279: OLIMPIA THEODOLI (LONDON). - Master Prints, Winter 1992. Lots 1 - 85.
15-10280: OLIMPIA THEODOLI (LONDON). - Master Prints, Winter 1991. Lots 1 - 82.
19-1288: THEODORE B.DONSON, LTD. - Uncommon Prints. (Including Seven Stranded Whales and a Walrus)
19-1289: THEODORE B.DONSON, LTD. - Uncommon Prints 2. Thirty-three Turn-of-the-Century Women (Not Counting the Tigre)
65-3418: BISHOP THEOPHAN. - Put' ko spaseniju (kratkij ocherk asketiki), tret'ja chast': nachertanija christianskago nravouchenija v treh otdelah. Izdanie vos'moe = The Path to Salvation (Outline of Asceticism); part 3, vol. 8.
15-5485: THERESA, MOTHER. - Poems Written By Mother Theresa and Engraved On the Wall of Her Home For Children in Calcutta.
15-11215: LA SOCIETE DU CASINO MUNICIPAL D'AIX-THERMAL. - Semaines Gastronomiques 1957: Le Table Et Le Vin.
63-1415: E. THEROND. - Kloster Troika Bei Moskau (Troika Monastery near Moscow).
15-11479: THEROUX, PAUL. - Picture Palace.
12-0760: THEROUX, PHYLLIS. - California and Other States of Grace: A Memoir (Uncorrected Proof).
63-0975: THEUERKAUF, G. - Musifanten Aller Art.
56-0182: THEW, ROBERT, AFTER JOHN OPIE. - Shakspeare. Timon of Athens, Act IV, Scene III.
65-0469: THEYS, YVAN - Yvan Theys.
51-0918: THEYS, IVAN. - Portrait of a Woman.
19-7505: THIBAUDAT, JEAN-PIERRE. - Jean-Luc Lagarce.
59-0487: THIBOUST, B. - Portrait of Cardinal Bandino Panciatici, Patriarch of Jerusalem, obit. 1718.
59-3029: THIEBAUD, WAYNE. - Four Cows.
63-0805: ALLAN STONE GALLERY (NEW YORK); ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH; WAYNE THIEBAUD. - Wayne Thiebaud: The Figure. December 3 - 6, 2009.
01-0799: THIEBAUD, WAYNE. - Photo Archive of works by Thiebaud.
19-5520: CHRISTIAN THIELEMANN. - Portrait of conductor Christian Thielemann.
65-0941: THIEM, GUNTHER. - Prints by Erich Heckel and Karl Schmidt-Rotluff. A centenary celebration.
19-3960: EKKEHARD THIEME. - Radierungen 1977-1996.
15-7647: THIENEN, FRITHJOF VAN. - Pieter De Hoogh.
51-2098: THIERMAIR, FRANZ IGNAZ (FRANCISCO IGNATIO) - Kurtzer Unterricht, In Besorglich- und Gefährlichen Seuchen, So wol für Krancke inficirte, als auch andere Personen, Die den Krancken beystehen sollen : Samt vorhergehenden Praeservativ-Mittlen, und hernach folgender Intruction, wie bey begebendem Fall alle inficirte Sachen wiederum zu reinigen .... (Original edition)
08-0006: BERNARD SLYDEL (PRESS AGENT); SUZANNE THIERRY. - Portrait of Vivian Blaine, star of Guys and Dolls.
08-0007: SUZANNE THIERRY. - Portrait of Maurice Chevalier with Suzanne Thierry.
03-0813: THIERRY, CH. - Le Coucher.
01-0334: THIERS, M. A. - Histoire de la Révolution Française.
19-3013: DOROTHY THIES (EDITOR). - Who's Who in Glendale, a Biographical Dictionary of Notable Men and Women of Glendale, California, 1936-1937.
10-0254: THINAKARAN (CEYLON). - Thinakaran (Ceylon), Thursday, May 30, 1940.
50-1040: THIOLLIER. - Galerie Suillerot [poster].
15-10936: THIRIEZ, REGINE. - Barbarian Lens: Western Photographers of the Qianlong Emperor's European Palaces.
63-3098: ANGELA THIRKELL. - Dust Jacket for Pomfret Towers. Front Panel of Dust Jacket only.
13-0279: THISTLETON, FRANCIS (WILLIAM HENRY FLEET). - Prospectus for How I Came To Be Governor of the Island of Cacona.
55-0359: THOLLANDER, EARL. - Back Roads of California [prospectus].
11-0943: THOMA, HANS. - Hans Thoma.
03-0684: THOMA, HANS. - Rest on the flight into Egypt.
03-0685: THOMA, HANS. - Wotan.
50-1273: THOMA, HANS. - In einem kühlen Grunde.
54-1334: THOMAJAN, P. K. - Handbook of Designs and Motifs.
16-1139: THOMAS, D. M. - Selected Poems.
15-2732: THOMAS, GILBERT. - William Cowper and the Eighteenth Century.
15-3522: THOMAS, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN; ISAAC DAVIS. - Reminiscences Of Past Members of the Worcester Fire Society.
63-0904: THOMAS LEGH, LORD NEWTON, 2ND BARON. - Signature of Thomas Legh, Lord Newton, 2nd Baron, pasted onto card with typed title.
55-0190: THOMAS, N. - 20. Oui ou non.
12-1790: THOMAS, PETER AND DONNA. - Twenty Years of Books from the Press of Peter & Donna Thomas. A Checklist for the Show at The Book Club of California, October 19-November 27, 1998.
16-1147: THOMAS, D. M. - Symphony In Moscow.
60-0227: THOMAS, T. H. - Ottavio Leoni--A Forgotten Portraitist (1578-1630) [electronic file]. With: Notes on the Drawings by Leoni in the Biblioteca Marucelliana.
13-0044: THOMAS, DON. - Swamp Er)r(ie Blues.
16-1135: THOMAS, D. M. - Ararat.
63-1572: E. B. THOMAS. - MSS letter E. B. Thomas of Halifax to Ellen, August 6th, 1867.
51-1348: THOMAS, DANNY (1912-1991) - Signed and inscribed Photograph of Danny Thomas.
16-1140: THOMAS, D. M. - Protest: A Poem. After a Medieval Armenian Poem by Frik.
16-1148: THOMAS, D. M. - Logan Stone.
16-1134: THOMAS, D. M. - Ararat.
16-1132: THOMAS, D. M. - Memories And Hallucinations: A Memoir.
16-1137: THOMAS, D. M. - Sphinx: A Novel.
13-1198: THOMAS, HELEN. - When You Come Home Someday; The Christmas Tree; Shelter Lullaby.
16-1130: THOMAS, D. M. - Pictures At an Exhibition.
15-3406: THOMAS, OWEN (ED.); HENRY DAVID THOREAU. - Walden And Civil Disobedience: Authoritative Texts, Background, Reviews and Essays in Criticism.
16-1133: THOMAS, D. M. - Eating Pavlova.
16-1141: THOMAS, D. M. - Lilith-Prints.
15-11464: THOMAS, ROSS (AS OLIVER BLEECK). - Ikke Til At Skyde Igennem.
63-0015: GALERIE HOPKINS THOMAS (PARIS). - Galerie Hopkins Thomas: The International Fine Art Fair, Seventh Regiment Armory, New York City, May 13 - May 17, 1994.
15-11463: THOMAS, ROSS. - Chinaman's Chance.
19-7464: PETER AND DONNA THOMAS. - Prospectus for "The Poet is Dead" a centenary edition of William Everson's elegy for Robinson Jeffers. (This is the prospectus for the work, not the book itself).
16-1131: THOMAS, D. M. - Memories And Hallucinations.
16-0254: THOMAS, BILL (ED.). - Things: Writing By Children.
15-11477: THOMAS, ROSS. - Dod Pa Bestallning.
60-0288: THOMAS, T. H. - The Drawings and Pastels of Nanteuil [electronic file].
15-1077: THOMAS, DONALD. - Robert Browning: A Life Within Life.
19-0600: THOMAS, BOB; STUDIOS WALT DISNEY. - L'Art du Dessin Animé.
65-1179: THOMAS, LEWIS C. - The Thinker.
15-5516: THOMAS, PETER AND DONNA. - The Poet Is Dead. A Centenary Edition of William Everson's Elegy for Robinson Jeffers.
19-6613: THOMAS MORE, EDWIN A. ABBEY (AFTER). - The Traveling Photographer in the Country.
07-0072: THOMAS, LARRY. - Larry Thomas.
55-1261: ALLOM AND THOMAS. - Royal Theatre and Athenaeum, Plymouth.
55-1223: ALLOM AND THOMAS. - Houghton Castle, on the North Tyne.
55-1137: ALLOM AND THOMAS. - Underlay Hall, Seat of Alexander Nowell, Esquire, Westmoreland. "Near Kirby Lowsdale."
55-1136: ALLOM AND THOMAS. - Underlay Hall, Seat of Alexander Nowell, Esquire, Westmoreland.
55-0842: ALLOM AFTER THOMAS. - Lifton Park, Devonshire.
15-6517: THOMAS-GRAHAM, PAMELA. - Blue Blood.
65-1500: THOMAS, HANS. - Elzbieta Woitas. Arbeiten 1987-1992.
03-0345: THOMAS, GERALD. DIRECTOR. - Carry on Nurse.
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59-1150: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Glen of the Downs, Wicklow.
59-1151: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Glen of the Downs, Wicklow.
59-1148: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - The Menai Bridge, from the Caernarvonshire side.
59-1147: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Pass of Llanperis, from Snowdon, Anglesea in the Distance.
59-1146: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Glas Lyn of Wifr, the Highest Peak of Snowdon.
59-1145: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Llyday Lake and Lliwydd, on the side of Snowdon.
59-1144: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Snowdon from Capel Curig.
59-1143: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - St. Vincent's Rocks, Clifton.
59-1142: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - View from Durdham Downs, Clifton -- Looking down the Avon.
59-1141: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Clevedon Church, Somersetshire.
59-1140: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Clevedon, Somersetshire.
59-1139: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Walton House, Somersetshire.
59-1138: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Walton, Somersetshire.
59-1136: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Walton Castle, Somersetshire.
59-1134: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Ruins of Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire.
59-1135: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Abbots-Leigh Church, Somersetshire.
59-1133: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - The Moss Cottage, Wynd-Cliff, Monmouthshire.
59-1132: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Tintern Abbey from the Northeast.
59-1131: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - View of the East Window of Tintern Abbey.
59-1244: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Maruccia di Bagnoli.
59-1243: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Woman and Child.
59-1241: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Italian Woman.
59-1242: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Welsh House.
59-1240: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Portrait of Angela Gabrielli di Bagnoli, Age 60.
59-1239: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Street Scene.
59-1238: TOWNSHEND, MARIANNE OLIVER. - Langdon House, Wandsworth.
19-0883: TOWNSHEND, MARQUIS. - A Poetical Epistle on Major Money's Ascent in a Balloon, from the City of Norwich; and his Descent into the Sea, Seven Leagues off Lowestoff.
63-2900: FRANCIS TOYE. - For What We Have Received.
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63-3270: MORRIE TURNER. - TLS with Original Autograph by Morrie Turner, Cartoonist of Wee Pals.
08-1023: TURNER, LANA; LEHAR, FRANZ; WEBSTER, PAUL FRANCIS; LOEWS. - MGM presents Lana Turner as "The Merry Widow." Souvenir Album.
65-0082: TURNER, CHARLES, AFTER LAWRENCE. - The Right Honble. John Lord Rolle, Baron Rolle of Stevenstone.
65-0080: TURNER, CHARLES, AFTER LAWRENCE. - The Right Honble. Sir Robert Peel, Bart. First Lord of the Treasury.
65-0075: TURNER, C. AFTER RAEBURN. - The Honble. David Hume.
07-1214: TURNER, CHARLES AFTER SAUNDERS. - Admiral Sir Richard King, Bart.
55-0931: STORER AFTER TURNER. - Hampton Court, Herefordshire.
59-0807: TURNER, CHARLES AFTER CHAMBERLAIN. - Benjamin Franklin.
05-0689: TURNER, LANA. - The Falcon in San Francisco.
55-0265: TURNER, JUSTIN. - Archives, Manuscripts, & Collectors. Some Reflections by Justin G. Turner.
04-1397: TURNER, GERARD L'E. - Collecting Microscopes.
03-0409: TURNER. - Water Lilies.
02-1065: TURNER. - Lovely Lady I.
02-1066: TURNER. - Lovely Lady II.
02-0860: TURNER, CHARLES. - James the First, King of Great Britain.
99-0179: TURNER. - Eighteenth Century Couple in Fancy Dress.
99-0180: TURNER. - Eighteenth Century Couple in Fancy Dress. II.
99-0178: TURNER. - Floral Still-Life. II.
99-0177: TURNER. - Floral Still-Life. I.
50-1286: TURNER, CHARLES (AFTER DELARAM). - Charles, Prince of Wales, Second son of James the First of Great Britain.
284-7: TURNER, NOEL. - American Silver Flatware, 1837-1910.
59-4123: TURNER, FREDERICK. - The Compass Rose.
51-0581: TURNER, JOSEPTH MALLORD. - Poster for Exhibition of the complete series of Liber Studiorum.
07-1131: TURNER, C., AFTER J. J. HALLS. - Mr. Kean, in Richard, "Well as you guess."
15-1277: TURNER, ALBERTA T. (ED.). - 50 Contemporary Poets: The Creative Process.
16-0324: TURNER, ALBERTA T. (ED.). - Fifty Contemporary Poets: The Creative Process.
16-3071: TURPIN, PIERRE JEAN FRANÇOIS (1775-1840) (DEL.) AND FRANÇOIS NOËL SELLIER ( SCULP) - Fucus vitifolius and hirtus [Seaweed] for Alexander von Humboldt's Latin American voyage: Plantes équinoxiales
16-3072: TURPIN, PIERRE JEAN FRANÇOIS (1775-1840) (DEL.) AND FRANÇOIS NOËL SELLIER ( SCULP) - Fucus Humboldtii [Seaweed] for Alexander von Humboldt's Latin American voyage: Plantes équinoxiales
59-2341: TURRINI, PETER; PEINTNER, PETER. - Elmar Peintner. Zeichnungen und Radierungen [Drawings and Etchings].
62-0264: TUSHINGHAM, SIDNEY. - Twelve prints [electronic file]. Reproduced from Fine Prints of the Year.
15-1364: TUTCHEV, F.I. - Stihotvorenija, pis'ma = Poems, letters.
05-2135: TUTERA, DAVID. - Big Birthdays: The Party Planner Celebrates Life's Milestones.
16-1739: TUTHILL, STACY, AND WALTER H. KERR (ED.). - Rye Bread: Women Poets Rising.
16-0449: TUTHILL, STACY, AND WALTER H. KERR (ED.). - Rye Bread: Women Poets Rising. Sound & Color of Poetry Series.
19-3529: DOUGLAS TUTTLE. - Horst Gottschalk 1928 - 1998: Retrospective.
62-0265: TUTTLE, HENRY EMERSON. - Six prints [electronic file]. Reproduced from Fine Prints of the Year.
61-0122: TUTTLE, HENRY EMERSON. - The Etchings of Kleber Hall [electronic file].
12-1560: TUVESON, ERNEST. - Swift and the World-Makers.
12-1559: TUVESON, ERNEST. - Swift and the World-Makers.
12-1527: TUVESON, ERNEST. - An Essay on Man and "The Way of Ideas": Some Further Remarks.
15-8568: TUVESON, ERNEST. - Locke And The "Dissolution of the Ego." Reprinted from Modern Philology, Vol. LII, No. 3, February 1955.
12-1517: TUVESON, ERNEST. - Locke and Sterne.
12-1494: TUVESON, ERNEST. - The Power of Believing.
12-1459: TUVESON, ERNEST. - Locke and Sterne.

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