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003861: IPARRAGUIRRE, SYLVIA - Tierra Del Fuego (Uncorrected Advance Proof)
001085: IPSIROGLU, MAZHAR S. - Chefs-d'oeuvre du Topkapi. Peintures et Miniatures
001121: IRVING, JOHN - The Fourth Hand
007281: IRVING, JOHN - Until I Find You: A Novel
000734: IRVING, JOHN - The Fourth Hand
001908: IRVING, JOHN - A Son of the Circus
007208: IRVING, JOHN - A Widow for One Year {SIGNED, Cook Neilson Assoc.}
000735: IRVING, JOHN - A Son of the Circus
003698: IRVING, WASHINGTON; TRENT, WILLIAM P.; HELLMAN, GEORGE S. - The Journals of Washington Irving, 3 Vols.
007801: WILL MOSES; WASHINGTON IRVING - Rip Van Winkle {Signed}
008072: WASHINGTON IRVING - Bracebridge Hall & Old Christmas
005639: IRVING, JOHN - Until I Find You
005640: IRVING, JOHN - The Hotel New Hampshire
007209: IRVING, JOHN - A Son of the Circus {SIGNED, Cook Neilson Assoc.}
007317: REGINALD ISAACS - Gropius: An Illustrated Biography of the Creator of the Bauhaus
002580: ISRAEL, MARGARET - Margaret Israel: Sculpture & Paintings, March 25 To April 24, 1976
007973: BANCA D'ITALIA - Art Collections in Palazzo Koch, Rome
002575: IVES, COLTA FELLER;METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK, N.Y.) - The Great Wave:the Influence of Japanese Woodcuts on French Prints: The Influence of Japanese Woodcuts on French Prints
004113: CARMAN, HARRY J. AND THOMPSON, ARTHUR H. - A Guide to the Principal Sources for American Civilization, 1800-1900, in the City of New York
006973: SAWYER, CHARLES J. AND F.J. HARVEY DARTON - English Books 1475-1900: A Signpost for Collectors (2 Volume Set)
005194: PORTER, RAYMOND J. AND BROPHY, JAMES D. (EDITORS) - Modern Irish Literature: Essays in Honor of William York Tindall
001266: JACK, DANA CROWLEY - Silencing the Self: Women and Depression
004661: MCNAIRN, JACK AND MACMULLEN, JERRY - Ships of the Redwood Coast
000167: NICKLAUS, JACK WITH KEN BOWEN - On and Off the Fairway - A Pictorial Autobiography
006119: JACKSON, WALLACE - Vision and Re-Vision in Alexander Pope
002503: JACKSON, SHIRLEY - Hangsaman
006836: JACKSON, BEVERLEY - Splendid Slippers: A Thousand Years of an Erotic Tradition
004450: JACKSON, MARY-LIN MOORE;BEECHER, JOHN D.;SOCIETY OF SPONSORS OF THE UNITED STATES NAVY - Ships of the United States Navy and Their Sponsors, 1958-1990
006932: JACKSON, KURT - Paintings of Cornwall and the Scillies
001954: JACOBS, TIMOTHY - Great Golf Courses of the World
004654: JACOBS, JAMES RIPLEY - The Beginning of The U.S. Army 1783-1812
003836: JACOBS, LOUIS - Hasidic Prayer
002051: JACOBSSON, PER - The Market Economy In The World of Today - Jayne Lectures for 1961
006296: JAFFA, HARRY V. - Original Intent and the Framers of the Constitution: A Disputed Question
007363: JAMES, WILL - Sand
000632: JAMES, P. D. - A Time to Be in Earnest: A Fragment of Autobiography
002987: JAMES, DOROTHY BUCKTON - The Contemporary Presidency
003454: JAMES, HENRY - The Ambassadors
001417: JAMES, RUSSELL - Payback
006466: JAMES, THEODORE - Fifth Avenue
007921: JAMES, WILL - Lone Cowboy
006805: JAMES, WARREN A. (EDITOR) - Kohn Pedersen Fox: Architecture and Urbanism, 1986-1992
007927: THURBER, JAMES AND WHITE, E.B. - Is Sex Necessary? Or Why You Feel the Way You Do
001397: PADEREWSKI, IGNACE JAN AND MARY LAWTON - The Paderewski Memoirs
002511: JANOWITZ, TAMA - Slaves of New York
000422: JANOWITZ, TAMA - By the Shores of Gitchee Gumee
007332: REIN JANSMA - Stairs
006432: JANVIER, THOMAS A. - The Passing of Thomas and Other Stroies
002620: JARRELL, RANDALL - Kipling, Auden and Company
000513: JASTROW, ROBERT - Red Giants And White Dwarfs
002004: LIPMAN, JEAN AND TOM ARMSTRONG, EDS. - American Folk Art in Wood, Metal and Stone
000226: LIPMAN, JEAN AND TOM ARMSTRONG, EDS. - American Folk Painters of Three Centuries
007187: JEANNEROD, MARC - The Brain Machine: The Development of Neurophysiological Thought
005564: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - Thurso's Landing; Dear Judas and Other Poems
007485: JEFFERSON, ROBERT - Fifty Years on the Saskatchewan (Series: Canadian North-West Historical Society)
004504: JELLICOE, ADMIRAL VISCOUNT - Grand Fleet 1914-1916: Its Creation, Development & Work
006816: JENCKS, CHARLES - Kings of Infinite Space : Frank Lloyd Wright and Michael Graves
006819: JENCKS, CHARLES - Le Corbusier and the Tragic View of Architecture
001801: JENCKS, CHRISTOPHER - Rethinking Social Policy: Race, Poverty, and the Underclass
003693: JENCKS, CHARLES - Heteropolis: Los Angeles The Riots and the Strange Beauty of Hetero-Architecture
000158: JENKINS, DAN; IOOSS, WALTER, JR. - Football
006395: JENKINS, ROY - Victorian Scandal: A Biography of The Right Honourable Gentleman Sir Charles Dilke
003531: JENKINSON, MICHAEL - Wild Rivers of North America
007583: JENNY, HANS - Kymatik Cymatics the Structure and Dynamics of Waves and Vibrations, Vol 1 Cymatics Wave Phenomena Vibrational Effects Harmonic Oscillations with Their Structure, Kinetics and Dynamics Vol 2 Two Volumes
001981: JENSEN, OLIVER ORMEROD;GREEN, SHIRLEY L.;LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - America's Yesterdays: Images of Our Lost past Discovered in the Photographic Archives of the Library of Congress
006249: FAN JINSHI; PHOTOGRAPHER-WU JIAN - Dunhuang Grottoes
002861: JOCANO, F. LANDA - Growing up in a Philippine Barrio
000891: SMALLMAN, JOHN & WILCOX, E.H. - The Art of A Capella Singing
002089: WADSWORTH JOHN - Counter Defensive being the Story of a Bank in Battle
007677: HELD, JOHN & CONNELLY, MARC (FOREWORD) - The Most of John Held, Jr.
007080: CACCIATORE, JOHN AND O'LEARY, JAMES - Nancy Kozikowski: Tapestries, painting, drawings
006815: JOHNSON, PHILIP - Writings {SIGNED}
007364: JOHNSON, CHALMERS A. - Peasant Nationalism and Communist Power: The Emergence of Revolutionary China, 1937-1945
003829: JOHNSON, CHARLES - Faith and the Good Thing
007513: JOHNSON, WALTER - How We Drafted Adlai Stevenson
000744: JOHNSON, HUGH - Hugh Johnson's Modern Encyclopedia of Wine
003061: JOHNSON, PAMELA R.; EL DAHRY, AHMED; DEKMEJIAN, RICHARD - Egypt: The Egyptian American Rural Improvement Service, A Point Four Project, 1952-63
004859: JOHNSON, OTTO T. - Nineteen-Six in Vermont
000331: JOHNSON, GLENN S. - The Sebastian Miniature Collection : a Guide to Identifying, Understanding and Enjoying Sebastian Miniatures
000657: JOHNSON, PAMELA HANSFORD - Hungry Gulliver, an English critical appraisal of Thomas Wolfe
007797: J. SEWARD JOHNSON - Beyond the Frame: Impressionism Revisited
005334: JOHNSON, ROSSITER - Campfires and Battlefields: The Pictorial History of the Civil War
005622: JOHNSON, CHALMERS - Miti and the Japanese Miracle: The Growth of Industrial Policy, 1925-1975
001400: JOHNSON, HAYNES - Dusk at the Mountain : The Negro, the Nation, and the Capital : A Report on Problems and Progress
003859: JOHNSON, PETER - Pretty Happy
005330: JOHNSON, SWAFFORD - History of the U.S. Cavalry
002176: JOHNSTON, ANNIE FELLOWS - Two Little Knights of Kentucky Who Were the Little Colonel's Neighbours
007712: DANIEL JOHNSTON - Oil Company Financial Analysis in Nontechnical Language (Pennwell Nontechnical Series)
007141: JONES, OWEN - Grammar Of Chinese Ornament
004345: JONES, DAN BURNE;KENT, ROCKWELL - The Prints of Rockwell Kent: Catalogue Raisonne
001637: JONES, W.T. - The Romantic Syndrome: Toward a New Method in Cultural Anthropology and History of Ideas
002003: JONES, CAROLINE A. - Modern Art at Harvard: The Formation of the Nineteenth-And Twentieth-Century Collections of the Harvard University Art Museums
003263: PRYCE-JONES, DAVID (EDITOR) - Evelyn Waugh and His World
005019: JONES, ROBERT TRENT - Golf by Design: How to Lower Your Score by Reading the Features of a Course
003446: JONES, PHILIP CHAPIN - The Nature of Knowledge
003511: JONES, LEROI - Dutchman and the Slave
000866: JONES, DORA DUTY - The Technique of Speech, A Guide to the Study of Diction According to the Principles of Resonance
007579: EDGAR YOXALL JONES - Father of art photography, O. G. Rejlander, 1813-1875
002714: JOPLING, CAROL F. (ED) - Art and Aesthetics in Primitive Societies: A Critical Anthology
003572: JORDAN, NINA R. - Homemade Dolls in Foreign Dress
003986: SEMPRUM, JORGE AND ALAIN RESNAIS - La Guerre Est Finie
007870: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
007001: JOYCE, STANISLAUS; ELLMANN, RICHARD (ED., INTRO.); ELIOT, T. S. (PREFACE) - My Brother's Keeper: James Joyce's Early Years
007798: CLAIRE JOYES - Monet's Table: The Cooking Journals of Claude Monet
000318: JUCKETT, J. WALTER - In Retrospect
007737: DEANE JUHAN - Job's Body: A Handbook for Bodywork
001833: JUNG, C.G. - Answer to Job, The Problem of Evil: Its Psychological and Religious Origins
005893: JUNGK, PETER STEPHAN - Franz Werfel: A Life in Prague, Vienna, and Hollywood
003225: CHESTERTON G K - A Miscellany of Men
004240: KAHANA, RABBI K. - The Case For Jewish Civil Law in the Jewish State
007738: KAHN, EUGEN, TRANSLATED BY H. FLANDERS DUNBAR - Psychopathic Personalities
001737: KAKONIS, TOM; EVANS, DAVID ALLAN - From Language to Idea:an Integrated Rhetoric: An Integrated Rhetoric
006662: KALISCH, SLOSHANA - Yes, We Sang! Songs of the Ghettos and Concentration Camps
000009: KAMINSKY, MAX - My Life In Jazz (Signed)
003315: KAMPF, AVRAM - Contemporary Synagogue Art: Developments In The United States, 1945-1965
004330: KANE, H. VICTOR, SR. - The River That Flowed Upstream The Story of American Baptists in New York State
001262: KANFER, LARRY, PHOTOGRAPHER - Prairiescapes
006626: KANTER, LAURENCE B.;METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART (NEW YORK, N.Y.) - Painting and Illumination in Early Renaissance Florence, 1300-1450
007664: LAURENCE B. KANTER - Painting and Illumination in Early Renaissance Florence, 1300-1450
005704: KAPLAN, HELEN SINGER - Disorders of Sexual Desire and Other New Concepts and Techniques in Sex Therapy
007748: ROBERT KAPLAN; ELLEN KAPLAN - The Art of the Infinite: The Pleasures of Mathematics
004963: KARAGEORGHIS, VASSOS - View from the Bronze Age: Mycenaean and Phoenician Discoveries at Kition
006013: KARASU, TB; BELLAK, L. (EDS.) - Specialized Techniques for Specific Clinical Problems in Psychotherapy
007720: KARDINER, ABRAM - The Traumatic Neuroses of War - Psychosomatic Medicine Monograph II-III
005109: KARL, FREDERICK ROBERT - Franz Kafka: Representative Man
007988: NORMAN KARLSON - American Art Tile 1876-1941
002969: KARP, WALTER - Liberty Under Siege: American Politics 1976-1988
000471: KARTAL, HENRY - Noah's Ark
000472: KARTAL, HENRY - On Alien Lute
003166: KATSIGRIS, COSTAS;PORTER, MARY - The Bar and Beverage Book: Basics of Profitable Management
000179: KATZ, STEVEN D. - Film Directing : Cinematic Motion - a Workshop for Staging Scenes
003544: KATZ, EPHRAIM - Film Encyclopedia
005424: KATZ, WILLIAM LOREN - Eyewitness: The Negro in American History - Text Edition
006394: KATZ, MICHAEL B. - Poverty and Policy in American History
002380: KAUFFMAN, STUART - At Home in the Universe: The Search for Laws of Self-Organization and Complexity
000539: KAUFMAN, JENNIFER; MACK, KAREN - Literacy and Longing in L. A.
001061: KAUFMAN, DANIEL - Ireland: Presences
007865: KAUFMANN, FRITZ - Thomas Mann: The World as Will and Representation
005328: KEEGAN, JOHN - Who Was Who in World War II
002748: KEES, HERMAN - Ancient Egypt : A Cultural Topography
005651: KEES, HERMANN - Ancient Egypt: A Cultural Topography
003034: KEESING , FELIX M - Cultural Anthropology: The Science of Custom
002284: KEESING, ROGER M.;KEESING, FELIX MAXWELL - New Perspectives in Cultural Anthropology
002702: KEHOE, ALICE BECK - The Ghost Dance: Ethnohistory and Revitalization
002703: KEISER, R. LINCOLN - Vice Lords: Warriors of the Streets
007178: KELLER, JOHN F. - Lectures on Steel and Its Treatment
003150: KELLING, GEORGE W. - Blind Mazes: A Study of Love
004293: KELLS, HERB R. - Monday's Child
007315: MICHAEL KELLY - Things Worth Fighting for: Collected Writings
004846: KELSO, LOUIS O., AND ADLER, MORTIMER J. - The Capitalist Manifesto
004769: KEMBLE, JOHN HASKELL - San Francisco Bay: A Pictorial Maritime History
005927: KEMBLE, FANNY;CLINTON, CATHERINE - Fanny Kemble's Journals
007953: KEMMERER, EDWIN WALT - The ABC of the Federal Reserve System, Ninth Edition
000073: KEMP, JAMES F. - The Mineral Springs of Saratoga
003588: KENDREW, W. G. - The Climates of the Continents
002062: KENDRICK, JOHN W. - Postwar Productivity Trends in the United States, 1948-1969
002093: KENDRICK, JOHN W., ED. - The Industrial Composition of Income and Product
007964: GEORGE FROST KENNAN - The Marquis de Custine and His "Russia in 1839"
003936: KENNY, MAURICE;BRUCHAC, JOSEPH - On Second Thought: A Compilation
003894: KENT, JAMES T. - Lectures in Homeopathic Philosophy
007373: KENT, T. J., JR. - The Urban General Plan
002845: KENYON, KATHLEEN M - Archaeology in the Holy Land
007816: KEPES, GYORGY (EDIT.) - Education of Vision
006128: KER, WILLIAM PATON - ON THE PHILOSOPHY OF HISTORY An Address Delivered to the Historical Society, University of Glasgow January 8, 1909
008069: JACQUES KERCHACHE - L'art africain
000493: KERCHEVAL, JESSE - The Museum of Happiness: A Novel
003338: KERFOOT, J. B. - American Pewter
000600: KEROUAC, JACK; MARION, PAUL - Atop an Underwood: Early Stories and Other Writings
004045: KERR, WALTER - God on the Gymnasium Floor, and Other Theatrical Adventures
004730: KERRIGAN, EVANS E. - American Badges and Insignias
004690: KERRIGAN, EVANS E. - American Medals and Decorations
004744: KERRIGAN, EVANS E. - American War Medals and Decorations
001155: KETTERER, DAVID - The Science Fiction of Mark Twain
007694: KATHI KEVILLE - Illustrated Herb Encyclopedia: A Complete Culinary, Cosmetic, Medicinal, and Ornamental Guide to Herbs
007867: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD - The General Theory of Employment Interest and Money
005123: KHAN, HAZRAT INAYAT - The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan: Volume 3; Education, Rasa Shastra, Character Building and the Art of Personality, Moral Culture
001901: KHAYYAM, OMAR [GEORGE ROE, TRANSLATOR] - RUBA 'IYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAM. A New Metrical Version Rendered Into English from Various Persian Sources By George Roe
007093: KIEHL, DAVID / CHILDE HASSAM - Childe Hassam as Printmaker, A Selection in Various Mediam June 28-September 11, 1977
007909: BENEDICT KIELY - The Collected Stories of Benedict Kiely
003415: KIERNAN, E. VICTOR GORDON - State & Society in Europe, 1550-1650
007742: LINDAHL-KIESSLING, KERSTIN; LANDBERG, HANS (EDS.) - Population, Economic Development, and the Environment
003016: KIEV, ARI M. D. - Somatic Manifestations of Depressive Disorders
000420: KILMER, NICHOLAS - Lazarus, Arise
003610: KILMER, ALINE - Vigils
006470: KILPATRICK, ANDREW - Of Permanent Value: The Story of Warren Buffett/2011 Travel and Adventure Edition
001977: KINCAID, ZOE - KABUKI The Popular Stage of Japan
000959: KINCH, JOHN A. - A Journey for All Seasons: A Cross-Country Celebration of the Natural World
003137: KINEALY, CHRISTINE - This Great Calamity: The Irish Famine, 1845-52
000821: KING, RUFUS - North Star
001577: KING, STEPHEN - Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse
001593: KING, STEPHEN - The Dark Half
002124: KING, HENRY CHURCHILL - Reconstruction in Theology
001240: KING, STEPHEN - The Dark Half
001236: KING, STEPHEN - Dolores Claiborne
001237: KING, STEPHEN - Desperation
001072: KING, STEPHEN - From a Buick 8: A Novel
001241: KING, STEPHEN - Rose Madder
000401: KING, JONATHON - A Visible Darkness
002443: KING, NOEL QUINTON - Christian and Muslim in Africa
007822: ROSS KING - Brunelleschi's Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture
003659: KINGMAN, RUSS - A Pictorial Biography of Jack London
001840: KINGSLAND, WILLIAM - The Gnosis or Ancient Wisdom in the Christian Scriptures, or, The Wisdom in a Mystery
000872: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Hypatia: or, New Foes with An Old Face
005341: KINNELL, SUSAN (ED.) - Military History of the United States: An Annotated Bibliography
006927: KINSTLER, EVERETT RAYMOND - Original Art - Verdi Morte
006928: KINSTLER, EVERETT RAYMOND - Original Art - Busseto
002207: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Eyes of Asia
007331: U.S. WAR DEPT.; GEORGE B. DAVIS; LESLIE J. PERRY; JOSEPH W. KIRKLEY - The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War
004288: KIRSCH, PAUL J. - We Christians and Jews
007585: TERUHISA KITAHARA - Japanese tin toys: T. Kitahara collection (Wonderland of toys)
004718: KITFIELD, JAMES - Prodigal Soldiers: How the Generation of Officers Born of Vietnam Revolutionized the American Style of War
006398: KNORR, KLAUS AND SIDNEY VERBA, EDS. - The International System: Theoretical Essays
000518: KLAVAN, ANDREW - Man and Wife
000414: KLAVAN, ANDREW - Dynamite Road
005957: KLEEBLATT, NORMAN L., (ED.) - The Dreyfus Affair: Art, Truth, and Justice
001566: KLEES, EMERSON - The Crucible of Ferment: New York's "Psychic Highway"
000609: KLEIN, PHILIP SHRIVER - The Story of Wheatland
007116: CYNTHIA V. A. SCHAFFNER; SUSAN KLEIN - American Painted Furniture
005709: KLEIN, MELANIE - The Psycho-Analysis Of Children - Third Edition
000590: KLINE, CHRISTINA BAKER - Sweet Water
005738: KLINE, NATHAN;ANGST, JULES - Psychiatric Syndromes and Drug Treatment
007880: KLINE, FRANZ - Sidney Janis Presents an Exhibition of New Paintings by Franz Kline
000411: KLISE, KAY - Deliver Us From Normal
007400: KNIGHT, CHARLES - Knight's Pictorial Gallery of Arts. Vol 1. Useful Arts, Illustrated with Steel Engravings and Nearly Four Thousand Woodcuts
003922: KNOBEL, LANCE - The Faber Guide to Twentieth-Century Architecture: Britain and Northern Europe
000469: KNOX, ESTHER MELBOURNE - Swift Flies the Falcon: A Story of the First Crusade
002492: ROBERT KNOX AND SIR CHARLES BELL - A Manual of Artistic Anatomy Together with The Hand Its Mechanism and Vital Endowments as Evincing Design
006170: KOCH, WERNER - Pontius Pilate Reflects
007626: KOCH, STEPHEN - Star-Gazer: Andy Warhol's World and His Films
001741: KOCHER, PAUL H. - Master of Middle-Earth : The Fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien
001350: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - Twilight Bar
002349: KOHLSTEDT, SALLY GREGORY - The Formation of the American Scientific Community: The American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1848-60
002945: KOLARS, JOHN F. - Tradition, Season, and Change in a Turkish Village
005024: KOLB, LEON (ED.) - The Woodcuts of Jakob Steinhardt
003322: KOLLWITZ, K. - Prints and Drawings of Kathe Kollwitz
003198: KOMROFF, MAUEL, ED.; RAWLINSON, GEORGE, TRANSLATOR - The History of Herodotus
007316: CHARLES KONIA - The Emotional Plague: The Root of Human Evil
003980: KONIGSBERG, IRA - The Complete Film Dictionary
004236: KONVITZ, MILTON, R. (EDITOR) - Judaism and Human Rights
000647: KOONTZ, DEAN R. - Cold Fire
000648: KOONTZ, DEAN R. - Sole Survivor
000374: KOONTZ, DEAN - Life Expectancy
000375: KOONTZ, DEAN - Fear Nothing
003013: KOPIN, IRWIN J. (ED.) - Neurotransmitters: Proceedings of the Association December 4 and 5, 1970, New York, NY. Research Publications Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease Volume 50
004324: KOPIT, ARTHUR - Indians
005451: KORN, BERTRAM WALLACE - American Jewry and the Civil War
006860: KOSLOFF, MYRON - Spy Hunt
006872: KOUDELKA, JOSEF - Gypsies: Photographs
005797: ANISSIA; KOUZMINSKAYA, T. A.; TOLSTOY, LEO - My Life as Told By the Peasant Anissia to T.A. Kouzminskaya
003893: KOWIT, STEVE - Mysteries
003860: KOZER, JOSE - Stet: Selected Poems
002301: KRADER, LAWRENCE - Formation of the State
002941: KRANTZ, JOHN C., JR. - Portrait of Medical History and Current Medical Problems
003666: KRAUSE, MARTIN;WITKOWSKI, LINDA - Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: An Art in Its Making
006877: KRAUSS, RUTH; SENDAK, MAURICE - A Very Special House
006590: KRAUSS, RUTH - Charlotte and the White Horse - SIGNED
007675: JILL KREMENTZ - The Jewish Writer
007488: KRIGER, MALCOLM D. - THE PEACEABLE KINGDOM IN HARTSDALE. A Celebration of Pets and Their People
002598: KRIM, SEYMOUR - What's This Cat's Story?: The Best of Seymour Krim
004968: KRISTENSEN, THORKIL - Development in Rich and Poor Countries: A General Theory with Statistical Analyses
001639: KROEBER, THEODORA - Ishi in Two Worlds: A Biography of the Last Wild Indian in North America
004077: KRUTCH, JOSEPH WOOD - Herbal
005008: KUBISCH, NATASCHA;SEGER, PIA ANNA - Ornaments: Patterns for Interior Decoration
002029: KUBY, ERICH - The Sitzkrieg Of Private Stefan
006949: KUGHLER, FRANCIS VANDEVEER - Murals Of North Carolina. for the Assembly Hall of the Joseph Palmer Knapp Building
002706: KUHN, THOMAS S. - The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
002363: KUHN, KLAUS;OLSEN, BJRN REINO - Biology, Chemistry, and Pathology of Collagen
006486: KULL, IRVING S. (EDITOR) - New Jersey: A History. Complete in 4 Vols.
007659: UDO KULTERMANN - The New Painting (Revised and Updated Edition)
002837: KUMMER, HANS - Primate Societies: Group Techniques of Ecological Adaptation
007082: KUNSTHANDEL, JORG MAASS - German Drawings - Catalog
001633: KUNSTLER, JAMES HOWARD - Thunder Island
002880: KUPER, HILDA - The Swazi: A South African Kingdom
002258: KUSHNER, IRVING;VOLANAKIS, JOHN E.;NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES;GEWURZ, HENRY - C-Reactive Protein and the Plasma Protein Response to Tissue Injury
003407: KUTSKY, ROMAN J. - Handbook of Vitamins and Hormones
005503: KYTE, DENNIS - The Botanical Footwear of Dennis Kyte
004782: REYNOLDS, FRANCIS J.; CHURCHILL, ALLEN L.; AND MILLER, FRANCIS TREVELYAN (EDITORS) - The United States Navy From the Revolution to Date
007511: GILETTE, MRS. F. L. & ZIEMANN, HUGO - The White House Cookbook, New and Enlarged Edition
002013: LABINE, CLEM - Old-House Journal Compendium
006352: UNITED STATES BUREAU OF LABOR - Report on Strike of Textile Workers in Lawrence, Mass., in 1912
002917: BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABORATORY - Enzyme Models and Enzyme Structures: Report of a Symposium, June, 1962
007287: LAFFONT, ROBERT - The Ancient Art Of Warfare, Volumes 1 & 2
001474: LAHR, JOHN; ORTON, JOE - The Orton Diaries: Including the Correspondence of Edna Welthorpe and Others
001497: LAIDLAW, G. NORMAN - Elysian Encounter: Diderot and Gide
008056: DALAI LAMA (TEXT) & ROWELL, GALEN (PHOTOS&INTRO) - My Tibet, Text by his Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet
000451: LAMAR, ASHTON - The Stolen Aeroplane or How Bud Wilson Made Good
003230: LAMBERT, JOHN C. - Missionary Heroes In Oceania
005165: LAMONT, W. D. - The Value Judgement
007939: LAMONT, THOMAS W. - Henry P. Davison: The Record of a Useful Life
004937: LAMPARSKI, RICHARD - Whatever Became of ... ? Eighth Series
000212: LANDIS, BENSON Y. - Poetry and Rural Life: Some American Poets and Their Writings
004219: LANDMAN, ISAAC ( EDITOR ) - Christian and Jew: a Symposium for Better Understanding
005824: LANDPHAIR, HARLOW C.;KLATT, FRED - Landscape Architecture Construction
000586: LANDRETH, MARSHA - A Clinic for Murder (A Dr. Sam Turner Mystery)
001762: LANDSMAN, ANNE CHEEK - Needlework Designs from the American Indians: Traditional Patterns of the Southeastern Tribes
004138: LANE, EDWARD WILLIAM (TRANSLATOR) - The Thousand and One Nights; or, the Arabian Nights Entertainments: Translated and Arranged for Family Reading with Explanatory Notes (Complete in 3 Volumes)
003408: LANE, CARL DANIEL - Go South Inside: Cruising the Inland Waterway
007289: LANES, SELMA - The Art of Maurice Sendak
006316: LANG, OLGA - Chinese Family and Society
008059: LANGE, HARALD - Kilimanjaro, the white roof of Africa
003418: LANGMAN, JAN;SADLER, T.W. - Langman's Medical Embryology
002810: LANGNESS, L.L. - The Study of Culture
007910: LANGTRY, LILLIE - The Days I Knew
002370: LAPIDUS, IRA M. - A History of Islamic Societies
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000888: OATES, STEPHEN B. - To Purge This Land With Blood: A Biography of John Brown
004850: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Woman Writer: Occasions and Opportunities
007827: OBERG, BARBARA B. [EDITOR]; STOUT, HARRY S. [EDITOR]; - Benjamin Franklin, Jonathan Edwards, and the Representation of American Culture
004663: WAR OFFICE - Textbook Of Small Arms 1929
002006: OGLESBY, CATHARINE - French Provincial Decorative Art
004376: OGLETREE, GREGORY W. - Awards and Decorations of U.S. State Military Forces SIGNED
000629: OHARA, JOHN - The Hat on the Bed
007874: OLDENBURG, CLAES - Oldenburg: An Exhibition of New Work by Claes Oldenburg, April 26 to May 27, 1967
002354: OLDHAM, LINDA; TEKCE, BELGIN; SHORTER, FREDERIC - A Place to Live: Families and Child Health in a Cairo Neighborhood
003627: OLENDORFF, RICHARD R. - Golden Eagle Country
003430: OLESEN, CANDACE - The Crow's Call: Collected Poetry
003786: OLIVAN, D. ALEJANDRO - Cartilla Agraria - Nueva Edicion
002396: OLIVER, ROLAND - African Experience: Major Themes in African History from Earliest Times to the Present
002734: OLIVER, DOUGLAS L. - A Solomon Island Society. Kinship and Leadership Among the Siuai of Bougainville
003126: OLLIVANT, ALFRED - Danny
002337: OLMOS, MARGARITE FERNANDEZ - Remaking a Lost Harmony: Stories from the Hispanic Caribbean
002713: OLMOS, MARGARITE FERNANDEZ - Pleasure in the Word: Erotic Writings by Latin American Women
000017: OLSHAN, JOSEPH - Nightswimmer
000018: OLSON, TOBY - Utah
001258: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Anil's Ghost
006711: ONDAATJE, MICHAEL - Anil's Ghost
008039: ONIONS, C. T. (EDITOR) - Shorter Oxford English Dictionary on Historical Principles in 2 Volumes
005232: ONO, YOKO - Yes
002265: CHRIS;OPLER, MORRIS EDWARD - Apache Odyssey: A Journey Between Two Worlds
000911: OPPENHEIM , E. PHILLIPS - The Tempting Of Tavernake
003440: OPPENHEIM , E. PHILLIPS - A Prince of Sinners
007074: ORESMAN, JANICE C. - New Vistas: Contemporary American Landscapes
003378: ORGA, ATES - Chopin : His Life and Times - Second Edition
005567: ORLOFSKY, PATSY;ORLOFSKY, MYRON - Quilts in America
000813: ORTEGA, JOSHUA - Frequencies
003266: ORTIZ, ANTONIO DOMINGUEZ;GODOY, JOSE A.;CARRETERO, CONCHA HERRERO - Resplendence of the Spanish Monarchy: Renaissance Tapestries and Armor from the Patrimonio Nacional
002028: OSARAGI, JIRO - Homecoming
006887: SCHWENCKFELD VON OSSIG, CASPAR - Corpus Schwenckfeldianorum: Letters and Treatises of Caspar Schwenckfeldianorum von Ossig
007625: ROBERT GARDNER; AKOS OSTOR - Making Forest of Bliss: Intention, Circumstance, and Chance in Nonfiction Film
001623: OTIS, JAMES - Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks with a Circus
004139: OTT, FREDERICK W. - The Great German Films
001712: OTTO, WHITNEY - The Passion Dream Book: A Novel
007900: OUIDA', PSEUD DE LA RAMEE MARIE LOUISE - Two Little Wooden Shoes, A Story
001311: OVERDUIN, DS. J. - Hel en Hemel van Dachau
003221: OWEN, RUSSELL - The Antarctic Ocean
001778: OWENS, DEDE;BUNKER, LINDA K. - Golf: Steps to Success
003869: OWENS, ROCHELLE - Plays by Rochelle Owens: Chucky's Hunch, Futz, Kontraption, Three Front
002404: SPRADLEY, JAMES P. AND DAVID W. MCCURDY - Conformity and Conflict
003233: O'CONNOR T.P. - Memoirs of an Old Parliamentarian (2 Volumes)
006806: HUISMAN, P. AND DORTU, M.G. - Lautrec by Lautrec
006874: KARAN, PRADYUMNA P. AND JENKINS, WILLIAM M. JR. - The Himalayan Kingdoms: Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal
005065: PACE, LEE - The Spirit Of Pinehurst
005857: PACKARD, FRANK L. - Jimmie Dale and the Blue Envelope Murder
004456: PADFIELD, PETER - War Beneath the Sea: Submarine Conflict During World War II
002015: PADOVANO, ANTHONY - The Process of Sculpture
000903: PAINE, RALPH D. - The Fighting Fleets - Five Months of Active Service with the American Destroyers and their Allies in the War Zone
001370: PALAZZOLI, MARA SELVINI; CECCHIN, GIANFRANCO; PRATO, GIULIANA; BOSCOLO, LUIGI - Pardox and Counterpoint: A New Model in the Therapy of the Family in Schizophrenic Transaction
006904: PALMER, EDGAR ZAVITZ - The Plummers of Harmony Grove,
006423: PALUKA, FRANK - The Three Voyages of Captain Cook
006364: PANCER, HALLY - Just People - Photographs a traveling Exhibition
001198: PAPI, LIZA - Carnavalia!: African-Brazilian Folklore and Crafts
001688: PAPP, PEGGY - The Process of Change
004725: PAPPAS, GEORGE - Prudens Futuri: The US Army War College 1901-1967
004555: PARDOE, BLAINE - The Cruise Of The Sea Eagle: The Amazing True Story Of Imperial Germany's Gentleman Pirate
003715: PARE, AMBROISE - Apologie and Treatise of Ambroise Pare
000809: PARETSKY, SARA - Hard Time
004919: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT - Great Movie Heroes
000748: PARKER, ROBERT M. JR. - Bordeaux: A Comprehensive Guide to the Wines Produced from 1961-1990
002553: PARKER, XENIA LEY - Designing for Crafts
000405: PARKER, T. JEFFERSON - Silent Joe
006118: PARKER, ROBERT M. JR. - The World's Greatest Wine Estates: A Modern Perspective
004277: PARKES, JAMES - Judaism and Christianity
002005: PARKINSON, JOHN - A Garden of Pleasant Flowers
005974: PARLEY, PETER - Popular Biography

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