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1859: AESOP, SEBASTIAN BRANDT - Appologi Sive Mythologi Cum Quibusdam Carminum Et Fabularum Additionibus Sebastiani Brant
1669: AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES - The Birds of America, from Drawings Made in the United States and Their Territories
1857: MARCUS AURELIUS, EMPEROR OF ROME (MERIC CASAUBON TRANSLATOR) - Marcus Aurelius Antoninus the Roman Emperor, His Meditations Concerning Himselfe: Treating of a Naturall Mans Happinesse; Wherein It Consisteth, and of the Meanes to Attaine Unto It
1441: BANDINI, RALPH - Companeros (Two Typed Synopses of Bandini's Unpublished Work)
1440: BANDINI, RALPH - Tight Lines (Author's Own Copy, Inscribed for His Close Friend and with an Original Ink Sketch Laid in)
1640: BANNERMAN, HELEN - The Story of Little Black Sambo
1811: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT AND ROBERT - The Complete Works of Mrs. E.B. Browning and Robert Browing
1829: BAUDELAIRE, CHARLES - Les Fleurs Du Mal (Presentation Copy)
1840: CHILD, JULIA; SIMONE BECK AND LOUISETTE BERTHOLLE - Mastering the Art of French Cooking
1076: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - Madeline
1501: BLOCH, ROBERT - Psycho (Association Copy)
1832: DANTE ALIGHIERI; REV. HENRY BOYD, TRANSLATOR - The Divina Commedia of Dante Alighieri, Consisting of the Inferno - Purgatorio - and Paradiso
1734: BRADBURY, RAY - Fahrenheit 451
1869: BRADBURY, RAY - Fahrenheit 451 (Asbestos Binding)
597: BROWNING, ROBERT - Men and Women
1577: BROWNING, ROBERT - Men and Women
721: BRYANT, WILLIAM CULLEN - The Embargo; or, Sketches of the Times with the Spanish Revolution
1709: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM - The Naked Lunch
1559: BURROUGHS, WILLIAM - The Naked Lunch
1795: CAMUS, ALBERT - The Fall
1427: CARROLL, LEWIS - Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There
1584: [DESCARTES] R. DES CARTES (1596 - 1650) - The Passions of the Soule in Three Books
1217: CHANDLER, RAYMOND - Killer in the Rain
1647: DICKENS, CHARLES AND JOHN FORSTER - The Second Illustrated Library Edition of Dickens' Works (in 30 Volumes) - with the Life of Dickens (in 3 Volumes)
559: COLLINS, WILKIE - The Two Destinies: A Romance
1567: COLLODI, C. - The Story of a Puppet, or the Adventures of Pinocchio
1058: COMBE, WILLIAM (THOMAS ROWLANDSON, ILLUSTRATOR) - The Tour of Doctor Syntax, in Search of the Picturesque (Presentation Copy)
1624: O'CONNOR, FLANNERY - The Violent Bear It Away
994: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale
897: CORYATE, THOMAS - Coryats Crudities. Hastily Gobled Up in Five Moneths Travells in France, Savoy, Italy... Helvetia Alia Switzerland, Some Parts of Germany and the Netherlands. .
1520: CRANE, STEPHEN - The Red Badge of Courage
1357: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - The Andromeda Strain (Signed First Edition)
1183: DAHL, ROALD - James and the Giant Peach
1823: [DALI, SALVADOR] DANTE ALIGHIERI - La Divine Comedie
1229: DAVIES, VALENTINE - Miracle on 34th Street
1771: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Battle of Life
1696: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Personal History of David Copperfield
1867: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Cricket on the Hearth
1868: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain
1012: DICKENS, CHARLES - Hard Times
962: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Chimes: A Goblin Story
1281: [DICKENS, CHARLES] BOZ - Oliver Twist; or the Parish Boy's Progress
1866: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Chimes: A Goblin Story
1652: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Christmas Carol [with: ] the Chimes. [and: ] the Cricket on the Hearth. [and: ] the Battle of Life. [and: ] the Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain
1777: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Tale of Two Cities
1872: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Cromwell and Other Poems (Dedication Copy)
1871: DRINKWATER, JOHN - Small Archive of 11 Books Inscribed for His Wife and Also Signed by Her
583: DRYDEN, JOHN - The Fables of John Dryden
1736: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Les Trois Mousquetaires [the Three Musketeers]
1770: DUPLAIX, GEORGES - Gaston and Josephine
1822: EARHART, AMELIA - 20 Hrs. 40 Min. : Our Flight in the Friendship
1843: EDWARDS, JONATHAN - A Careful and Strict Enquiry Into the Modern Prevailing Notions of That Freedom of Will, Which Is Supposed to Be Essential to Moral Agency, Vertue and Vice, Reward and Punishment, Praise and Blame
379: ELIOT, T. S. [THOMAS STEARNS] - Four Quartets
1657: ELIOT, T. S. [THOMAS STEARNS] - Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
1807: ELLIS, BRET EASTON - American Psycho
1031: EMBURY, DAVID - The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks (Inscribed First Edition)
1035: EMBURY, DAVID - The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks (Inscribed Early Printing)
1026: GOSLARER EVANGELIAR - Goslarer Evangeliar [Faksimile, Facsimile Edition] with the Commentary Volume
1818: SAINT-EXUPERY, ANTOINE DE - The Little Prince (Signed Ltd. )
1503: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Light in August
814: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Requiem for a Nun
1056: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Last Tycoon
1306: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - All the Sad Young Men
1602: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - Taps at Reveille (Signed First Edition)
1098: FLAVIN, MARTIN - The Author's Original Typed Manuscript for "Journey in the Dark.
1464: FLEMING, IAN - Goldfinger
1429: FLEMING, IAN - Casino Royale
1810: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - The Writings of Benjamin Franklin
1698: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - Political, Miscellaneous and Philosophical Pieces. .
1682: FROST, ROBERT - New Hampshire
1563: DR. SEUSS [THEODOR S. GEISEL] - How the Grinch Stole Christmas
1537: DR. SEUSS [THEODOR S. GEISEL] - The Cat in the Hat
1083: GERNSBACK, HUGO - Ralph 124 C41+: A Romance of the Year 2660 (Presentation Copy)
1830: GOGOL, NIKOLAI VASILIEVICH - Pokhozhdeniya Chichikova, ILI Mertvyya Dushi: Poema [the Adventures of Chichikov, or Dead Souls. A Poem]
1707: GRAHAME, KENNETH - The Wind in the Willows
1023: GRAPALDUS, FRANCISCUS MARIUS [GRAPALDI, FRANCESCO MARIA] (1465 - 1515) - De Partibus Aedium, Lexicon Utilissimum
1713: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - King Solomon's Mines
1261: HAMMETT, DASHIELL - The Glass Key
919: HAMSUN, KNUT - Hunger
1277: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER - Uncle Remus His Songs and His Sayings the Folk-Lore of the Old Plantation
1815: HAWKING, STEPHEN W. - A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes
1651: HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. - The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
1828: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - For Whom the Bell Tolls
1681: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - To Have and Have Not
1793: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories
1813: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - A Farewell to Arms
1165: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - Winner Take Nothing
1838: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Old Man and the Sea
1854: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - The Old Man and the Sea
1803: HERSEY, JOHN - A Bell for Adano
1078: HOLMES, JOHN CLELLON - The Horn (Inscribed First Edition)
1715: AGEE, JAMES AND WALKER EVANS - Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
1071: JOYCE, JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
723: PARKMAN JR., FRANCIS - The California and Oregon Trail
1658: KAFKA, FRANZ - Die Verwandlung [the Metamorphosis]
1007: KEATS, JOHN (W. B. MACDOUGALL ILLUSTRATOR) - Isabella or the Pot of Basil
1224: KENNEDY, MARGARET - The Constant Nymph
1808: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Ironweed
1586: KEROUAC, JACK - On the Road
1191: KESEY, KEN - Sometimes a Great Notion (Inscribed First Edition)
1219: KESEY, KEN - One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
1600: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward-Ho
1747: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Jungle Book & the Second Jungle Book
1508: KNOWLES, JOHN - A Separate Peace (Signed First Edition)
1680: LAVATER, JOHANN CASPAR. BLAKE, WILLIAM (ENGRAVER) - Essays on Physiognomy. Designed to Promote the Knowledge and the Love of Mankind. Illustrated by More Than Eight Hundred Engravings Accurately Copied; and Some Duplicates Added from Originals. Executed by, or Under the Supervision of, Thomas Holloway. Translated from the French by Henry Hunter
1842: LAWRENCE, D. H. - The Rainbow
1579: LEE, HARPER - To Kill a Mockingbird
1604: LEE, HARPER - To Kill a Mockingbird
567: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - The Man Who Knew Coolidge
1592: LEWIS, C. S. [CLIVE STAPLES] - The Magician's Nephew
1792: LEWIS, C. S. - The Chrionicles of Narnia, Including: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the Silver Chair, the Horse and His Boy, the Magician's Nephew, and the Last Battle
565: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Kingsblood Royal
1705: LINDBERGH, CHARLES - The Spirit of St. Louis (Signed Presentation Edition)
1752: LOCKE, JOHN - An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding
1846: LONDON, JACK - The Call of the Wild (Signed Presentation Copy)
1617: LONDON, JACK - One Page Manuscript (Ms) Notes for a Novel
1615: LONDON, JACK - White Fang (Inscribed First Edition)
1625: LONDON, JACK - The Mutiny of the Elsinore
908: LOOS, ANITA - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
740: LOOS, ANITA - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Inscribed First Edition)
1474: MACDONALD, JOHN ROSS - The Doomsters (Inscribed First Edition)
1863: MACLEAN, NORMAN - A River Runs Through It and Other Stories
179: MAILER, NORMAN - The Naked and the Dead (Arc)
552: MALAMUD, BERNARD - The Natural
658: MANN, THOMAS - Death in Venice
1554: MARLOWE, CHRISTOPHER - Hero and Leander Begunne by Christopher Marloe, and Finished by George Chapman
1849: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - One Hundred Years of Solitude
1673: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - One Hundred Years of Solitude
963: [MARTIAL] MARTIALIS, MARCUS VALERIUS (40 AD - 102 AD) - Epigrammata [Epigrams]
1326: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - A Storm of Swords (Signed First Edition)
1325: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - A Clash of Kings (Signed First Edition)
1689: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The Razor's Edge
375: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The Land of the Blessed Virgin (Inscribed First Edition)
1798: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Rebecca (Signed First Edition)
1645: MEGARGEE, LON - The Cowboy Builds a Loop (Signed)
1855: MELVILLE - Redburn: His First Voyage
1448: MILLER, FRANCIS TREVELYAN - The World in the Air (Signed Limited Edition)
1211: MILLER, ARTHUR - Death of a Salesman (Signed First Edition)
1210: MILLER, ARTHUR - Death of a Salesman (Signed First Edition)
544: MILLHAUSER, STEVEN - Edwin Mullhouse (Signed First Edition)
1735: MILNE, A. A. [E. H. SHEPARD, ILLUSTRATOR] - The Pooh Books, Including: When We Were Very Young; Winnie-the-Pooh; Now We Are Six; and the House at Pooh Corner
1691: MILNE, A. A. [E. H. SHEPARD, ILLUSTRATOR] - The Pooh Books, Including: When We Were Very Young; Winnie-the-Pooh; Now We Are Six; and the House at Pooh Corner
1845: MILTON, JOHN - Paradise Lost... With the Life of Milton by Thomas Newton. -- Paradise Regain'd. A Poem in Four Books. To Which Are Added, Samson Agonistes: And Poems on Several Occasions
1858: MITCHELL, MARGARET - Gone with the Wind (Cast Signed)
1753: MORE, SIR THOMAS - The Workes of Sir Thomas More Knyght, Somtyme Lord Chancellour of England, Wrytten by Him in the Englysh Tonge
817: MORRIS, RICHARD - Early English Alliterative Poems, in the West-Midland Dialect of the Fourteenth Century
1558: NERUDA, PABLO - Alturas de Macchu Picchu
1057: NERUDA, PABLO - Espana En El Corazon
1550: OSBORN, JR., JOHN JAY - The Paper Chase (Uncorrected Proof)
71: PAYNE, C. D. - Youth in Revolt (Signed First Edition)
922: PLATO (WITH NOTES BY M. DACIER) - The Works of Plato, Abridg'd. With an Account of His Life, Philosophy, Morals, and Politicks. Together with a Translation of His Choicest Dialogues, Viz. 1. Human Nature, 2. Prayer, 3. Wisdom, 4. Holiness, 5. What One out to Do. 6. Immortality of the Soul, 7. Valour, 8. Philosophy
823: PORTER, ROBERT KER - Travelling Sketches in Russia and Sweden During the Years 1805, 1806, 1807, 1808
757: POST, EMILY - Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics, and at Home
1677: PYNCHON, THOMAS - The Crying of Lot 49
1449: RACKHAM, ARTHUR (ILLUSTRATOR), WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - A Midsummer-Night's Dream (Signed Ltd. )
1389: RACKHAM, ARTHUR (ILLUSTRATOR), THE BROTHERS GRIMM - Hansel & Grethel & Other Tales
1522: RAND, AYN - Atlas Shrugged (Presentation Copy)
890: RAND, AYN - The Fountainhead
1817: RAND, AYN - Atlas Shrugged
1619: RODIN, AUGUSTE - Autograph Letter Signed (Als) Thanking the Publishers for Sending an Art Book
1622: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - Typed Letter Signed (Tls)
1678: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Signed First Edition)
1706: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Satanic Verses (Signed First Edition)
468: CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE [TRANS. THOMAS SHELTON] - The History of the Valorus and Witty Knight Errant Don-Quixote, of the Mancha
987: SALINGER, J.D. - Franny and Zooey
1171: SENDAK, MAURICE - In the Night Kitchen (Inscribed First Edition)
1047: STEINBECK, JOHN - Burning Bright
1775: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Grapes of Wrath
1745: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Master of Ballantrae
1476: STOUT, REX - Too Many Cooks
966: SADI (STEPHEN SULIVAN, TRANSLATOR) [SA'DI, MUSLIH-AD-DIN.] OR [SAADI] - Select Fables from Gulistan, or the Bed of Roses
851: SVEVO, ITALO (ARON ETTORE SCHMITZ) - Confessions of Zeno
1296: SWIFT, JONATHAN - Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World. In Four Parts
1703: THAYER, ERNEST L. - Casey at the Bat
1090: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail (Inscribed First Edition)
832: [THOMPSON, DANIEL PIERCE] (1795 - 1868) - The Green Mountain Boys: A Historical Tale of the Early Settlement of Vermont
1245: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID - A Yankee in Canada, with Anti-Slavery and Reform Papers
1613: THORPE, JIM - Jim Thorpe's History of the Olympics (Signed by Author and Athletes)
1847: DE TOCQUEVILLE, ALEXIS - Democracy in America [with] Democracy in America. Part the Second
1527: TOLSTOI [TOLSTOY], COUNT LYOF N. - Anna Karenina
1675: TOOLE, JOHN KENNEDY - A Confederacy of Dunces (Signed by Percy)
1848: TOOLE, JOHN KENNEDY - A Confederacy of Dunces
1081: TUROW, SCOTT - One L (Signed First Edition)
1028: TWAIN, MARK [SAMUEL L. CLEMENS] - Life on the Mississippi
1416: TWAIN, MARK (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS) - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
1860: TWAIN, MARK [SAMUEL L. CLEMENS] - Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
1695: TWAIN, MARK [SAMUEL L. CLEMENS] - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
1819: TWAIN, MARK [SAMUEL L. CLEMENS] - Life on the Mississippi
1679: TWAIN, MARK (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS) - A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
1757: TWAIN, MARK [SAMUEL L. CLEMENS] - A Tramp Abroad
815: VASCONCELOS, JOSE MAURO DE - My Sweet-Orange Tree
476: VERNE, JULES - The Lighthouse at the End of the World
1627: VONNEGUT, JR., KURT - Breakfast of Champions (Signed W. Drawing)
1824: WAGNER, RICHARD - The Nibelung's Ring (Association Copy)
1153: WALTON, IZAAK; CHARLES COTTON; AND ROBERT VENABLES - The Universal Angler, Made So by Three Books of Fishing. [the Compleat Angler, the Compleat Angler, Part 2, and, the Experienced Angler, or Angling Improved. ]
1796: WARHOL, ANDY - The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (from a to B & Back Again) (Signed First Edition)
575: WARHOL, ANDY - Andy Warhol's Index (Book)
830: WARTON, THOMAS (RICHARD PRICE, EDITOR) - The History of English Poetry from the Close of the Eleventh to the Commencement of the Eighteenth Century
1852: WASHINGTON, BOOKER T. - Up from Slavery (Presentation Copy)
1500: WEBB, CHARLES - The Graduate
1533: WHITMAN, WALT - Leaves of Grass
1694: WILDE, OSCAR - The Picture of Dorian Gray
705: WILDE, OSCAR - After Reading: Letters of Oscar Wilde to Robert Ross
1247: [WILDE, OSCAR] C. 3. 3 - The Ballad of Reading Gaol
1727: WILDE, OSCAR - The Writings of Oscar Wilde (in 12 Volumes)
1732: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - A Streetcar Named Desire
1806: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
1726: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - To the Lighthouse
651: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Native Son (Signed First Edition)
1621: WRIGHT, ORVILLE - Typed Letter Signed (Tls) Re: Receipt of a Book
1062: YEATS, W. B. - The Secret Rose

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