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88596: HALLION, RICHARD P. - Rise of the Fighter Aircraft 1914-1918
72437: HALLIS, HOWARD - Burning Man Comix, Number 1, October 1997
76133: HALLIWELL, LESLIE - The Filmgoer's Companion: From Nickelodeon to New Wave
80720: HALLO, JEAN - Monsieur Legionnaire: L'Homme Et Ses Traditions (French Edition) (Mr. Legionnaire: The Men and the Traditions)
72857: HALMOS, PAUL R. - Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces
77935: HALPENNY, BRUCE BARRYMORE - Action Stations: Military Airfields of Greater London, Vol. 8 --with Update Supplement
85643: HALPENNY, BRUCE BARRYMORE - To Shatter the Sky: Bomber Airfield at War
92541: HALPER, MARK ROBERT - Sunlight and Water: Celebrating the Winemakers of Santa Barbara County (Signed)
81796: HALPERT, MARTA S. - Jewish Life in Austria
11820: HALSE, ALBERT O. - Architectural Rendering: The Techniques of Contemporary Presentation
82765: HALSEY, F.A. - The Use of the Slide Rule
84330: HALSEY, MINA DEANE - Whiskeretta
87007: HALSEY, MARGARET - Color Blind: A White Woman Looks at the Negro
92383: HALSEY, FRANCIS WHITING - Women Authors of Our Day in Their Homes
89480: HALSMAN, PHILIPPE - Philippe Halsman's Jump Book
78129: HAMANN, FRED, EDITOR - Air Words: A Popular Aviation Definitionary of the Language Flyers Speak
78913: HAMBLEN, DONALD N., AND B.H. NORTON - One Tough Marine: The Biography of First Sergeant Donald N. Hamblen, Usmc (Signed)
14851: HAMBLEN, ABIGAIL ANN - Agatha on Stage
78979: HAMID, S. SHAHID - So They Rode and Fought
87661: HAMILL, PETE - Why Sinatra Matters
74128: HAMILTON, ED - Hamilton Press Editions: Lithographs 1998-2005
78734: HAMILTON, ALEXANDER - Wings of Night: The Secret Missions of Group Captain Pickard, Dso and Two Bars, Dfc
89013: HAMILTON, NIGEL - Monty: The Battles of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery
92261: HAMILTON, IAN - Writers in Hollywood 1915-1951
75173: HAMILTON, DENISE, EDITOR - Los Angeles Noir (Signed)
3528: HAMILTON, JAMES - William Heath Robinson
10557: HAMILTON, CHARLES - Scribblers & Scoundrels (Signed)
91842: HAMILTON, VIRGINIA - Arilla Sun Down
83860: HAMILTON, CHARLES F. - As Bees Drown in Honey: The Love, Lives & Letters of the Roycroft's Alice and Elbert Hubbard
82676: HAMILTON, NIGEL - Monty: The Making of a General (1887-1942)
79669: HAMILTON, RICHARD - Retrospective: Paintings and Drawings 1937 to 2002
78648: HAMILTON, BRUCE, EDITOR - Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse in Color --1930s Disney Comic Strips
82668: HAMILTON, IAN - Writers in Hollywood 1915-1951
76936: HAMILTON, CHARLES - Leaders and Personalities of the Third Reich: Their Biographies, Portraits, and Autographs
89017: HAMILTON, ROBERT - The Great War: Unseen Archives
91782: DOUGLAS-HAMILTON, LORD JAMES; LADDIE LUCAS - Air Battle for Malta: The Diaries of a Fighter Pilot
91215: DOUGLAS-HAMILTON, LORD JAMES; LADDIE LUCAS - Air Battle for Malta: The Diaries of a Fighter Pilot
83213: HAMILTON, J.; TROMBORG, B. - Partial Wave Amplitudes and Resonance Poles
86736: HAMM, MANFRED, PHOTOGRAPHS; TEXT MY ROLF STEINBERG - Dead Tech: A Guide to the Archaeology of Tomorrow
83719: HAMMACHER, A.M. - Lipchitz in Otterlo
85386: HAMMEL, ERIC - Aces Against Germany: The American Aces Speak, Vol. 2
91451: HAMMEL, ERIC - Ambush Valley: I Corps Vietnam, 1967 ---The Story of a Marine Infantry Battalion's Battle for Survival
90267: HAMMEL, ERIC - Chosin: Heroic Ordeal of the Korean War
84727: HAMMER, KARL - Nazi War Art --Nazi Kriegskunst
78533: HAMMER, KENNETH - Biographies of the 7th Cavalry, June 25th, 1876
84195: HAMMERTON, J. A. - The Actor's Art : Theatrical Reminiscences, Methods of Study, Advice to Aspirants
89009: HAMMERTON, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Second World War : An Illustrated History of Wwii--10 Volumes Complete
12418: HAMMOND, PAUL - French Undressing: Naughty Postcards from 1900 to 1920
88486: HAMMOND, WILLIAM M. - Reporting Vietnam: Media and Military at War
91942: HAMPTON, MARK - Mark Hampton on Decorating
12876: HAMPTON, DUANE - Mark Hampton: The Art of Friendship (Signed)
75028: HAMPTON, MARK - Mark Hampton on Decorating (Signed)
11638: HAMPTON, JANIE - Come Home Soon, Baba
83810: HAMPTON, MARK - Legendary Decorators of the Twentieth Century
91876: HAMPTON, MARK - Mark Hampton on Decorating
82207: VERDON, TIMOTHY, WITH DAVID S. HAMRICK AND DAVID H. DARST - The Humanity of God: Reflections on the Meaning of Two Works of Renaissance Art
2983: HAN, NATHAN, COMPILER - A Parsing Guide to the Greek New Testament
16371: HANDEL, LEO A. - A Dog Named Duke: True Stories of German Shepherds at Work with the Law
2729: HANDLER, DAVID (LEMONY SNICKET) - The Bad Beginning: Book the First in a Series of Unfortunate Events
2730: HANDLER, DAVID (LEMONY SNICKET) - The Reptile Room: Book the Second in a Series of Unfortunate Events
87669: HANDLER, RUTH - Dream Doll: The Ruth Handler Story (Signed)
72698: HANDZO, BEN - Ben Handzo: Youth Protection
79857: HANKINSON, C.F.J., EDITOR - Debrett's Peerage and Titles of Courtesy 1949
75646: HANNA, JOHN C., AND WILLIAM R. WITHERELL, COEDITORS; MAX H. MORTENSEN, PUBLISHER - Warpath: A Story of the 345th Bombardment Group (M) in World War II
1335: HANNAH, BARRY - Hey Jack!
90974: HANNAH, DICK - Tarawa: The Toughest Battle in Marine Corps History (A U.S. Camera Book)
3970: HANNAN, WALTER FREDERICK - Dawn's Left Hand (Signed)
88773: HANNIBAL, EDWARD - Chocolate Days, Popsicle Weeks
82244: HANNON, KERRY - Trees in a Circle: The Teec Nos Pos Story
15059: HANSEN, MARK VICTOR - Future Diary
70991: HANSEN, TRUDY V. - Intaglio Printing in the 1980s Prints, Plates, and Proofs from the Rutgers Archives for Printmaking Studios
92330: HANSEN, ARTHUR A., AND BETTY E. MITSON, EDITORS - Voices Long Silent: An Oral History Into the Japanese American Evacuation
11123: HANSON, ANNE COFFIN - Manet and the Modern Tradition
71357: HANSON, BERNARD - Frederic Edwin Church: The Artist at Work
90051: AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE; PATRICIA KING HANSON, EDITOR - The American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures Produced in the United States: Feature Films, 1911-1920 --Credit & Subject Indexes
70916: HAOZOUS, BOB - Bob Haozous: The Dartmouth Exhibition
90108: O'HARA, GEORGINA; INTRODUCTION BY CARRIE DONOVAN - The Encyclopaedia of Fashion
70850: O'HARA, JOHN - Two by O'Hara: The Man Who Could Not Lose & Far from Heaven
82802: O'HARA, JOHN - Appointment in Samarra
79443: HARBRON, JOHN D. - The Longest Battle: The Rcn in the Atlantic 1939-1945
73243: HARBURG, E.Y.; ILLUSTRATED BY SEYMOUR CHWAST - Rhymes for the Irreverent
81355: HARCLERODE, PETER, EDITOR - The Elite and Their Support (Volume One)
78927: HARCLERODE, PETER - Fighting Dirty: The Inside Story of Covert Operations from Ho Chi Minh to Osama Bin Laden
11463: HARDING, A. - The Peony
91012: HARDING, STEVE - Gray Ghost: The R.M. S. Queen Mary at War
10844: HARDWICK, ELIZABETH - Sleepless Nights
13063: HARDWICK, MICHAEL - A Guide to Anthony Trollope
16454: HARDY, THOMAS - The Return of the Native
89454: HARDY, THOMAS - Jude the Obscure (Collector's Edition): The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written
76921: HARDY, M.J. - The de Havilland Mosquito (Arco Aircraft Classic No. 3)
77294: HARDY, A.C. - Merchant Navy at War (Britain at War Series)
89400: HARDY, ALEXANDER G. - Hitler's Secret Weapon: The 'Managed' Press and Propaganda Machine of Nazi Germany
86106: HARE, PAUL R. - Aeroplanes of the Royal Aircraft Factory
76968: HARGRAVE, BASIL - Origins and Meanings of Popular Phrases & Names Including Those Which Came Into Use During the Great War
13892: HARLAN, VOLKER - Was Ist Kunst? - Wekstattgesprach Mit Beuys
16938: HARLOW, FRANCIS H. - Historic Pueblo Indian Pottery
16716: HARLOW, NEAL - California Conquered: War and Peace on the Pacific: 1846-1850 (Signed)
84429: HARMAN, S.W. - Hell on the Border
86376: HARMANN, DIETMAR - Focke-Wulf Fw 190a: An Illustrated History of the Luftwaffe's Legendary Fighter Aircraft
88260: HARMETZ, ALJEAN - On the Road to Tara--the Making of Gone with the Wind
74264: HARMON, JIM - Maniac Siren: Two '60s Novels: The Man Who Made Maniacs / Silent Siren (Signed)
83912: LUCIAN; A.M. HARMON, TRANSLATOR - Lucian IV (Loeb Classical Library)
74269: HARMON, JIM - Vixen Scandal: Two '60s Novels: Vixen Hollow / the Celluloid Scandal (Signed)
91021: HARMS, NORM; RON VOLSTAD - Waffen Ss in Action - Combat Troops No. 3
81684: D'HARNONCOURT, RENE - Mexicana: A Book of Pictures
15016: HARP, GRADY (CURATOR) - Memento Mori: Contemporary Still Life by Tom Eckert, Robert Peterson, and John Rise
86209: HARPER, STEPHEN - Capturing Enigma --How H.M.S. Petard Seized the German Naval Codes
73607: HARPER, CHARISE MERICLE - The Best Birthday Ever! by Me (Lana Kittie) (with Help from Charise Harper)
87941: HARRER, HEINRICH - Huka-Huka - Bei Den Xingu Indianern IM Amazonasgebiet
83704: HARRIMAN, MARGARET CHASE - And the Price Is Right
88452: HARRINGTON, DANIEL F. - The Air Force Can Deliver Anything: A History of the Berlin Airlift (Signed)
72872: HARRINGTON, ELLEN M., AND MARIA KURPIK (CURATOR) - International Cinema Posters from Poland
1414: HARRINGTON, KARL POMEROY - The Roman Elegiac Poets
91071: HARRINGTON, PETER - Culloden 1746: The Highland Clans' Last Charge
3930: HARRINGTON, ELLEN M., AND MARIA KURPIK (CURATOR) - International Cinema Posters from Poland
91120: HARRINGTON, JOSEPH D. - Yankee Samurai: The Secret Role of Nisei in America's Pacific Victory
89219: HARRIS, SHELDON H. - Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932-45, and the American Cover-Up
847: HARRIS, ANN SUTHERLAND; LINDA NOCHLIN - Women Artists: 1550-1950
937: HARRIS, MARK - The Goy
10169: HARRIS, MELISSA (SENIOR EDITOR) - Aperture: No. 129, Fall 1992
11102: HARRIS, GODFREY - The Fascination of Ivory: Its Place in Our World (Signed)
13804: HARRIS, SEYMOUR E. (EDITOR) - Schumpeter: Social Scientist
79138: HARRIS, RONALD, AND CHRIS WARNER - Bengal Cavalry Regiments 1857-1914 --Men-at-Arms Series 91 (Osprey Military)
87619: HARRIS, SHELDON H. - Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932-45, and the American Cover-Up
10451: HARRIS, MARK - The Southpaw
10467: HARRIS, MELISSA (EDITOR) - Aperture: 50th Anniversary 1952-2002
10171: HARRIS, MELISSA (SENIOR EDITOR) - Aperture: No. 125, Fall 1991
12112: HARRIS, JAMES T. - The Peregrine Falcon in Greenland: Observing an Endangered Species
16173: HARRIS, THOMAS - The Silence of the Lambs
80027: HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER; ADAPTED BY VAN DYKE PARKS; ILLUSTRATED BY BARRY MOSER - Jump Again! More Adventures of Brer Rabbit by Joel Chandler Harris
85287: HARRIS, WILLIAM C. - Lincoln's Rise to the Presidency
84097: HARRIS, DOUGLAS - Structures in Topology
81657: HARRIS, SAM HYDE - The Paintings of Sam Hyde Harris (1889-1977): A Retrospective Exhibition
83626: HARRIS, JOHN HOWELL, EDITOR - Pendulous Breasts Quarterly Presents: Madame Bainbridge's Compendium of Primo Dong
89503: HARRIS, J.P.; F.N. TOASE - Armoured Warfare
86981: HARRIS, PAUL; AND PHYLLIS DIEBENKORN - Paul Harris Sculpture, Certain Pieces, 1958-1980
84989: HARRISON, W.A. - Fairey Swordfish in Action - Aircraft No. 175
11436: HARRISON, KATHRYN - Exposure
88743: HARRISON, HARRY - A Stainless Steel Rat Is Born
13474: HARRISON, DAVID - The Little Boy in the Forest
16709: HARRISON, G.B. (EDITOR) - Elizabethan & Jacobean Quartos
91022: HARRISON, W.A.; DON GREER - Fairey Swordfish in Action - Aircraft No. 175
88749: HARRISON, HARRY - The Deathworld Trilogy: Three Novels
88751: HARRISON, HARRY, EDITOR; INTRODUCTION BY ISAAC ASIMOV - Astounding: John W. Campbell Memorial Anthology
92279: HARRISON, JIM - The Beast God Forgot to Invent (Signed)
72328: HARRISON, HANK - The Dead Book: A Social History of the Haight-Ashbury Experience (Vol. 1 of a Trilogy)
85270: HARRISON, JR., ALFRED C. - William Keith: The Saint Mary's College Collection
79165: HARRISON, D.I. - These Men Are Dangerous: The Special Air Service at War
89831: HARRISON, W. - Swordfish at War
80911: HARRISON, MAX, CHARLES FOX, AND ERIC THACKER - The Essential Jazz Records: Volume I, Ragtime to Swing
10078: HARRISS, WILL - Noble Rot
77028: HART, SYDNEY - Discharged Dead: A True Story of Britain's Submarines at War
87418: HART, B. H. LIDDELL - The Tanks: The History of the Royal Tank Regiment and Its Predecessors, Heavy Branch Machine-Gun Corps, Tank Corps and Royal Tank Corps 1914 - 1945 (2 Volumes)
87812: HART, STEPHEN; RUSSELL HART; MATTHEW HUGHES - The German Soldier in World War II
2597: HART, HENRY ANSON - Cut and Make Old-Time Circus Toys
11223: HART, DENNIS - From Tradition to Consumption: Construction of a Capitalist Culture in South Korea
13264: HART, E.J. - The Selling of Canada: Cpr and the Beginnings of Canadian Tourism
13566: HART, BERNARD - The Psychology of Insanity
78723: HART, SMITH - The New Yorkers: The Story of a People and Their City
70219: HART, KATHERINE W. - James Gillray Prints by the Eighteenth-Century Master of Caricature
88901: HART, B.H. LIDDELL - The Tanks: The History of the Royal Tank Regiment--Volume One 1914-1939
76827: HART, STEPHEN - Sherman Firefly Vs Tiger: Normandy 1944
80620: HART, B.H. LIDDELL HART - A Battle Report: Alam Halfa
78539: HART, ADRIAN LIDDELL - Strange Company
77587: HART, SYDNEY - Submarine Upholder
81310: HARTCUP, GUY - Challenge of War: Britain's Scientific and Engineering Contributions to World War Two
78934: GUY HARTCUP - Camouflage: A History of Concealment and Deception in War
88254: HARTE, BRET; ILLUSTRATED BY KATE GREENAWAY - The Queen of the Pirate Isle
71375: HARTEL, HERBERT, AND JEANNINE AUBOYER - Indien Und Sudostasien (Band 21 in the Propylaen Kunst Geschichte)
84760: HARTLEY, MAJOR A.B. - Unexploded Bomb: A History of Bomb Disposal
92013: HARTLEY, MARSDEN - Marsden Hartley: Observation and Intuition
83644: HARTLEY, FRED - Old Pasadena Then and Now
76417: HARTNEY, LIEUT. COL. HAROLD E. - Up and at 'Em
13979: HARTNOLL, PHYLLIS - Who's Who in Shaw
10520: DEN HARTOG, KRISTEN - Origin of Haloes
83019: HARTT, FREDERICK - Art Studies for an Editor: 25 Essays in Memory of Milton S. Fox
16148: HARTWELL, MARJORIE - Chicken Little
1701: HARUF, KENT - Plainsong
91903: HARVEY, JOHN - With the French Foreign Legion in Syria
10422: HARVEY, STEPHEN - Directed by Vincent Minnelli
92523: HARVEY, WILLIAM, AND ROBIN L. MARSH (INTRODUCTION) - Geographical Fun, or, Humorous Outlines of Various Countries
12250: HARVEY, ROBERT C. - A Gallery of Rogues: Cartoonists' Self-Caricatures
72091: HARVEY, JANET - Traditional Textiles of Central Asia
86162: HARVEY, JAMES - Movie Love in the Fifties
91803: HARVEY, WILLIAM - Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis Et Sanguinis in Animalisbus (Anatomical Studies of the Motion of the Heart and Blood) --An English Translation with Annotations by Chauncey D. Leake (Signed)
73928: HARVIILL, RILEY - Elizabeth's Change
79822: HARWELL, RICHARD, EDITOR - Gone with the Wind As Book and Film
84618: HARWERTH, WILLI - Das Kleine Kräuterbuch. Einheimische Heil-, Würz- Und Duftpflanzen, Nach Der Natur Gezeichnet Von Willi Harwerth
84471: HARWOOD, W.S. - New Creations in Plant Life: An Authoritative Account of the Life and Work of Luther Burbank (Signed by Luther Burbank)
75190: HARWOOD, W.S. - New Creations in Plant Life: An Authoritative Account of the Life and Work of Luther Burbank
13835: HASELTON, SCOTT E. - Epiphyllum Handbook
70649: HASHIMOTO, FUMIO - Architecture in the Shoin Style: Japanese Feudal Residences Japanese Arts Library
89694: HASHIMOTO, MOCHITSURA; INTRODUCTION BY EDWARD L. BEACH - Sunk! the Story of the Japanese Submarine Fleet, 1941-1945
81289: HASHIMOTO, KIKUO - The World Aircraft in Colour
74022: HASKELL, MOLLY - From Reverence to Rape: The Treatment of Women in the Movies
74953: HASKELL, BARBARA, AND JOHN BERGGRUEN GALLERY - American Modernism: Paintings and Drawings from the Collection of William and Glenn Janss
87742: HASKELL, H.J. - The New Deal in Old Rome How Government in the Ancient World Tried to Deal with Modern Problems
12871: HASKELL, MOLLY - From Reverence to Rape: The Treatment of Women in the Movies
75937: HASKELL, W.A. - Shadows on the Horizon: The Battle of Convoy Hx-233
90148: HASKEW, MICHAEL E. - Encyclopedia of Elite Forces in the Second World War: Paratroops, Commandos, Rangers, Waffen Ss
88466: HASKEW, MICHAEL E. - Wehrmacht 1935-1945--the Essential Facts and Figures for the German Armed Forces
86892: HASKEW, MICHAEL E. - Tanks Inside out
70881: HASKIN, BYRON, AND JOE ADAMSON - Byron Haskin (Directors Guild of America Oral History)
91970: HASKINS, JIM - The Cotton Club
12902: HASLEM, JOHN - The Old Derby China Factory
74200: HASLETT, ADAM - You Are Not a Stranger Here (Signed)
70056: HASSLER, JON - North of Hope (Signed)
70680: HASSON, BRUCE - Resonating Themes 1995-2000 Recent Works Originating in San Francisco and Italy
75655: HASSRICK, PETER H., AND MELISSA J. WEBSTER - Frederic Remington: A Catalogue Raisonne of Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings
76200: HASSRICK, PETER - Frederic Remington-- Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture in the Amon Carter Museum and the Sid W. Richardson Foundation Collections
13294: HASTINGS, MICHAEL - Sir Richard Burton
85768: HASTINGS, MAX - Armageddon: The Battle for German, 1944-1945
76711: HASTINGS, MAX - Das Reich: The March of the 2nd Ss Panzer Division Through France,
91820: IKUHIKO HATA; YASUHO IZAWA; CHRISTOPHER SHORES - Japanese Naval Fighter Aces: 1932-45 (Stackpole Military History Series)
90913: HATA, IKUHIKO; YASHO IZAWA; CHRISTOPHER SHORES - Japanese Army Fighter Aces: 1931-45 (Stackpole Military History Series)
76628: HATA, IKUHIKO; AND YASUHO IZAWA - Japanese Naval Aces and Fighter Units in World War II
86936: HATA, IKUHIKO; AND YASUHO IZAWA - Japanese Naval Aces and Fighter Units in World War II
88274: HATCH, ERIC - Two and Two Is Six
81871: HATCHER, TERI - Burnt Toast--and Other Philosophies of Life (Signed)
76393: HATEFUTSOTH, BETH - Passage Through China: The Jewish Communities of Harbin, Tientsin and Shanghai
76449: HATFIELD, D.D., COMPILER - Aeroplane Scrap Book Number 1, 1910-1941 (or Flying Machine)
13953: HATHORN, LIBBY - Sky Sash So Blue
92286: HATHOUT, HASSAM - Reading the Muslim Mind (Signed)
92087: HATJE, GERD, EDITOR - Encyclopedia of Modern Architecture
81786: HATSUMI, MASAAKI - The Way of the Ninja: Secret Techniques
16100: HATTEN, HOMER - Eagle on His Wrist
89134: HAUBEN, LAWRENCE, AND BO GOLDMAN, BASED ON THE NOVEL BY KEN KESEY - One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest: Screenplay
82609: HAUFF, WILHELM; ILLUSTRATED BY MAURICE SENDAK - Dwarf Long-Nose (Signed by Maurice Sendak)
70810: HAUGE, VICTOR; AND TAKAKO HAUGE - Folk Traditions in Japanese Art
90314: HAUGLAND, VERN - The Eagles' War: The Saga of the Eagle Squadron Pilots 1940-1945
89927: HAUGLAND, VERN - The Eagle Squadrons: Yanks in the Raf, 1940-1942
77778: HAUGLAND, VERN - The Aaf Against Japan
91659: HAUGLAND, VERN - The Aaf Against Japan
87991: HAULTAIN, ARNOLD - The Mystery of Golf
84730: HAUPT, WERNER - Der Kampf IM Nordabschnitt Der Ostfront: Heeresgruppe Nord 1941 - 1945 (German edition)
84880: HAUPT, WERNER - Die Deutschen Vor Moskau 1941/42
87230: HAUPT, WERNER - Moskau Rshew Orel Minsk: Bildbericht Der Heeresgruppe Mittle 1941-1945 (German edition)
89545: HAUPT, WERNER; J.K.W. BINGHAM - Der Afrika Feldzug 1941-1943 (German Edition)
70478: HAUSMANN, RAOUL - Raoul Hausmann: Photographies 1927-1957
87233: HAUSSER, PAUL - Wenn Alle Bruder Schweigen;: Grosser Bildband Uber Die Waffen-Ss (German edition)
85974: VAN HAUTE, ANDRE - Pictorial History of the French Air Force--Volume 1, 1909-1940
76370: HAVER, RONALD - David O. Selznick's Hollywood
87207: HAVIGHURST, WALTER - Vein of Iron: The Pickands Mather Story
91724: HAVIGHURST, WALTER; JOHN C. WONSETLER - Buffalo Bill's Great Wild West Show --Landmark Books #73
83039: HAVIL, JULIAN - Gamma: Exploring Euler's Constant
90701: HAWASS, ZAHI - Valley of the Golden Mummies
74268: HAWKE, RICHARD - Speak of the Devil (Signed)
14064: HAWKES, JOHN - Death, Sleep & the Traveler
1930: HAWKES, JOHN - Lunar Landscapes: Stories and Short Novels, 1949-1963
1648: HAWKES, JACQUETTA - Early Britain (Britain in Pictures)
91166: HAWKES, CLARENCE; ILLUSTRATED BY CHARLES COPELAND - Shaggy Coat: The Biography of a Beaver
83926: HAWKINS, LAURENCE A. - Adventures Into the Unknown: The First Fifty Years of the General Electric Research Laboratory
85153: HAWKINS, IAN - The Munster Raid: Bloody Skies over Germany
15158: HAWLEY, HENRY - Neo-Classicism Style and Motif (Signed)
88806: HAY, IAN - The King's Service: An Informal History of the British Infantry Soldier
86505: HAY, PETER - Theatrical Anecdotes (Signed)
86958: HAY, MARLEY FOTHERINGHAM - Secrets of the Submarine
89237: HAYASHI, SABUR - Kogun: The Japanese Army in the Pacific War
79268: HAYASKI, SABURO, AND ALVIN D. COOX - Kogun: The Japanese Army in the Pacific War
10503: HAYDEN, ROBERT - Collected Poems
80068: HAYDN, JOSEPH - The Book of Dignities 1894
82236: HAYEK, F.A., EDITOR - Capitalism and the Historians
89647: HAYEK, FRIEDRICH A. - The Road to Serfdom (the Library of American Freedoms)
83510: HAYES, MICHELLE - Elegant Table Linens: From Weil & Durrs Including Wilendur
4037: HAYES, DAVID - David Hayes: Vertical Motifs at the Mobile Museum of Art
10089: HAYES, DERMOTT - Sinead O'Connor: So Anders
12073: HAYES, JOHN - The Art of Thomas Rowlandson
92397: HAYES, SARAH; ILLUSTRATED BY P.J. LYNCH - The Candlewick Book of Fairy Tales
80663: HAYES, GRACE PERSON - The History of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in World War II: The War Against Japan
74693: HAYES, WILLIAM C. - Most Ancient Egypt (edited, and with an introduction, by Keith C. Seele
87636: HAYES, FLORENCE - Alaskan Hunter
81870: HAYGOOD, WIL - The Haygoods of Columbus: A Love Story
1398: HAYNES, CARLYLE B. - The Return of Jesus
1677: HAYNES, MAX - Sparky's Rainbow Repair
74739: HAYNES, RICHARD F. - The Awesome Power: Harry S. Truman As Commander in Chief
4154: HAYS, DONALD - The Dixie Association
90217: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - The World War One Source Book
85770: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - The Colonial Wars Source Book
86788: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - A Photohistory of World War One
88493: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - Photohistory of World War I
78286: HAYTHORNTHWAITE, PHILIP J. - World War One Source Book
2298: HAYWARD, SUSAN - French National Cinema
13230: HAYWARD, CHARLES B. - Automobile Ignition, Starting and Lighting
1166: HAYWOOD, CAROLYN - B" Is for Betsy
70774: HAYWOOD, GAR ANTHONY - It's Not a Pretty Sight: An Aaron Gunner Mystery (Signed)
13391: HAZEN, A.T. - A Bibliography of Horace Walpole
74992: HE NU, AND THE JINGZHOI MUSEUM - Excellently Selected Historic Relics from Jiangling
15124: HEACOX, KIM - Iditarod Spirit
77776: HEADQUARTERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Battlefield Illumination Fm 20-60 --Department of the Army Field Manual
79160: HEADQUARTERS, EIGHTH UNITED STATES ARMY - Identification Handbook
85166: HEALEY, JOHN - Panzers in North Africa (Armor at War series)
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82182: HEAPS, LEO - Log of the Centurion --Based on the Original Papers of Captain Philip Saumarez on Board HMS Centurion, Lord Anson's Flagship During His Circumnavigation, 1740-1744
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90296: HEILMANN, WILLI - Alert in the West: A Luftwaffe Pilot on the Western Front (Fortunes of War)
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85419: HENRI, RAYMOND - Iwo Jima: Springboard to Final Victory
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4123: HERSCHENSOHN, BRUCE - Above Empyrean: A Novel of the Final Days of the War on Islamic Terrorism (Signed)
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70804: HERSEY, HAROLD - When the Boys Come Home
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1194: HEWETT, JOAN, WITH PHOTOGRAPHS BY RICHARD HEWETT - Motorcycle on Patrol: The Story of a Highway Officer (Signed)
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12330: HEYER, PAUL - Mexican Architecture: The Work of Abraham Zabludovsky and Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon
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16559: HEYMAN, THERESE THAU - Posters American Style
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76678: HEYMAN, THERESE THAU - Monotypes in California
81937: HEYMAN, THERESE, EDITOR - Picturing California: A Century of Photographic Genius
13712: HEYWARD, DUBOSE; ILLUSTRATED BY MARJORIE HACK - The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes as told to Jenifer
90072: HEZLET, ARTHUR - Hms Trenchant at War: From Chatham to the Banka Strait
85646: HEZLET, ARTHUR - Hms Trenchant at War: From Chatham to the Banka Strait
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91715: HIBBEN, FRANK C. - Hunting in Africa
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10650: HIETT, STEVE - Pleasure Places
688: HIGGINS, DICK - The Ladder to the Moon
91750: HIGGINS, MARGUERITE - Our Vietnam Nightmare
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76737: HIGHAM, ROBIN - Official Histories: Essays and Bibliographies from Around the World
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16923: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA - The Selected Stories of Patricia Highsmith
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722: HILDEBRANDT, GREG, ILLUSTRATOR - Treasures of Chanukah
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75062: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Bobbsey Twins' Search in the Great City
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10963: HOROWITZ, GLENN - Catalogue 7, Glenn Horowitz, Bookseller: Modern First Editions
83455: HOROWITZ, MARYANNE CLINE - Seeds of Virtue and Knowledge (Signed)
16385: HORSFALL, R. BRUCE - Bluebirds Seven
85387: SCHEIBERT, VON HORST AND ULRICH ELFRATH - Panzer in Russland: Die Deutschen Gepanzerten Verbande IM Russland-Feldzug 1941-1944 (Bilingual edition)
91948: HORSTING, JESSIE - Stephen King at the Movies
76852: HORSTMAN, DOROTHY - Sing Your Heart out, Country Boy (Revised Edition)
92586: HORT, FENTON JOHN ANTHONY, AND BROOKE FOSS WESTCOTT, EDITORS - The Kingdom: Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures
89775: HORTON, LAUREL, EDITOR - Quiltmaking in America: Beyond the Myths --Selected Writings from the American Quilt Study Group
2587: HORTON, LAUREL, EDITOR - Uncoverings 1990: Volume II of the Research Papers of the American Quilt Study Group
70842: HORTON, ANDREW - The Films of George Roy Hill
80845: HORTON, JOHN - The Grub Street Dictionary of International Aircraft Nicknames, Variants and Colloquial Terms
90615: HORTON, EDWARD - The Illustrated History of the Submarine
10760: HOSKYNS, BARNEY - The Band and America: Across the Great Divide
84164: HOSONO, MASANOBU - Nagasaki Prints and Early Copperplates
87648: BIXBY HOTCHKIS, KATHARINE - Christmas Eve at Rancho Los Alamitos
85034: HOTSON, FRED W. - The de Havilland Canada Story
3112: HOUGH, EMERSON - The Sowing: A "Yankee's" View of England's Duty to Herself and to Canada
80446: HOUGH, FRANK - The Assault on Peleliu (Marine Corps Monographs)
87361: HOUGH, FRANK O., AND JOHN A. CROWN - The Campaign on New Britain (Marine Corps Monograph series)
86862: HOUGH, SAMUEL J. - Italians and the Creation of America: An Exhibition at the John Carter Brown Library, Brown University
75375: HOUGH, KATHERINE PLAKE, AND MICHAEL ZAKIAN, CURATORS - Art of the Old West from the L.R. French, Jr. , Collection
89007: HOUGH, RICHARD; INTRODUCTION BY C.S. FORESTER - Dreadnought: A History of the Modern Battleship
92400: HOUGH, FRANK; VERLE E. LUDWIG, AND HENRY I. SHAW - Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal: History of U.S. Marine Corps Operations in World War II--Volume 1
16277: HOULE, MARCY COTTRELL - Wings of Flight: The Peregrine Falcons of Chimney Rock (Signed)
79727: HOULE, GEORGE, AND GEORGE CUKOR - The George Cukor Collection (Signed)
86993: HOULIHAN, MICHAEL - World War I: Trench Warfare
12349: THE ROYAL OPERA HOUSE - The Sadler's Wells Ballet
14056: JOHN MARTIN'S HOUSE, INC. - The Red Goose Book
15004: ZHAOHUA PUBLISHING HOUSE - Dotting the Eyes on a Painted Dragon: Stories of Chinese Set Phrases I
10278: STATE FINE ARTS PUBLISHING HOUSE - Leningrad: Views of the Town
10325: HODERN HOUSE - Rare Books, Manuscripts, Paintings & Prints
1708: HOUSEMAN, JOHN - Entertainers and the Entertained: Essays on Theater, Film and Television
72523: HOUSEMAN, JOHN - Final Dress (Signed)
82785: HOUSEN, PATRICIA; GENARO MOLINA - Ferris in Exile
84537: BREUNIG, ROBERT, CURATOR; ALLAN HOUSER AND ROBERT HAOZOUS - Houser and Haozous: A Sculptural Retrospective
83894: HOUSMAN, JOHN - Final Dress (Signed)
89909: HOUSTON, PAM - A Little More About Me (Signed)
16120: HOVANNISIAN, RICHARD G. - Armenia on the Road to Independence
16131: HOVANNISIAN, RICHARD G. - The Republic of Armenia Volume 1: 1918-1919 (Signed)
14880: HOVING, THOMAS; WILLIAM F. PONS - The Cloisters Apocalypse, Volumes I and II: An Early Fourteenth-Century Manuscript in Facsimile
85728: HOW, MAJOR J.J. - Hill 112: Cornerstone of the Normandy Campaign
92103: HOWARD, MICHAEL - The Franco-Prussian War: The German Invasion of France, 1870-1871
91487: HOWARD, RICHARD - Inner Voices: Selected Poems, 1963-2003
87869: HOWARD, JOYCE, EDITOR, AND HENRY MILLER - Letters by Henry Miller to Hoki Tokuda Miller
13111: KANDEL, HOWARD AND DON SAFRAN - Stoned Like a Statue: A Complete Survey of Drinking Cliches Primitive, Classical and Modern
15068: HOWARD, JEAN - Travels with Cole Porter
89852: HOWARD, PHILIP - The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment): The 42nd Regiment of Foot
71615: HOWARD, JAMES - Michael Powell
84022: HOWARD, PETER - The Dictator's Slippers: A Play in Two Acts
84023: HOWARD, PETER - The Real News: A Play in Three Acts
86761: HOWARD, CLIVE, AND JOE WHITLEY - One Damned Island After Another
91917: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN; HOWARD AND EDNA HONG - Either/or, Part II (Kierkegaard's Writings, Vol. 4) (Signed by Susan Sontag)
14438: HOWAT, JOHN K. - The Hudson River and Its Painters
87761: HOWBERT, IRVING - Memories of a Lifetime in the Pike's Peak Region
87837: HOWE, GLENN I. - Dinner in the Clouds--Great International Airline Recipes
91398: HOWE, KATHERINE S., AND DAVID B. WARREN - The Gothic Revival Style in America, 1830-1870
88191: HOWE, JAMES; ILLUSTRATED BY LESLIE MORRILL - The Celery Stalks at Midnight (Signed)
83616: HOWE, ROBIN - Balkan Cooking
86837: HOWE, ELLIC - The Black Game--British Subversive Operation Against the Germans During the Second World War
2893: HOWELL, JAMES - James Howell: Series 1. 9 (Set 68. 98)
87480: PURDUE, HOWELL AND ELIZABETH - Pat Cleburne Confederate General: A Definitive Biography
14817: HOWELLS, DR. JOHN - A Plantsman's Guide to Clematis
70860: HOWELLS, JOHN MEAD - The Architectural Heritage of the Piscataqua: Houses and Gardens of the Portsmouth District of Maine and New Hampshire
12297: HOWELLS, JOHN MEAD - The Architectural Heritage of the Piscataqua
13598: HOWLAND, NAOMI - Latkes, Latkes Good to Eat: A Chanukah Story (Signed)
83563: HOWREN, JAIME; TAYLOR BALDWIN KILAND - Open Doors: Vietnam Pows Thirty Years Later (Signed)
82962: HOY, KEN; ILLUSTRATED BY MIKE PETERKIN - Nature Pop-Ups: Water Life
72867: HOYBACH, MARGARET HALL - A Watercolor Journey Through Charleston's Magnolia Plantation and Its Gardens (Signed)
85283: HOYT, EDWIN P. - Submarines at War: The History of the American Silent Service
82935: HOYT, EDWIN PALMER - Bowfin: The Story of One of America's Fabled Fleet Submarines in World War II
77854: HOYT, EDWIN P. - Airborne: The History of American Parachute Forces
91253: HOYT, EDWIN P. - Bowfin: The Story of One of America's Fabled Fleet Submarines in World War II
81177: HOYT, EDWIN P. - U-Boats: A Pictorial History
90437: HOYT, EDWIN P. - On to the Yalu
88372: HOYT, EDWIN P. - The Invasion Before Normandy: The Secret Battle of Slapton Sands
90752: HOYT, EDWIN P. - The Gi's War: The Story of American Soldiers in Europe in Ww II
81021: HOYT, EDWIN P. - Mccampbell's Heroes: The Story of the U.S. Navy's Most Celebrated Carrier Fighters of the Pacific War
89359: HOYT, EDWIN P. - U-Boats: A Pictorial History
90597: HOYT, EDWIN PALMER - Inferno: The Fire Bombing of Japan, March 9 - August 15, 1945
78857: HOYT, EDWIN P. - Storm over the Gilberts: War in the Central Pacific, 1943
91212: HOYT, EDWIN P. - The Pusan Perimeter: Korea, 1950
78905: HOYT, EDWIN P. - The Kamikazes
82078: HSIEH, TEHYI - Confucius Said It First (Signed)
91509: LI HUAYI - LI Huayi at 60--Paintings in the Yiqingzhai Collection (Chinese Edition)
11077: HUBBARD, ELBERT (EDITOR) - The Philistine, a Periodical of Protest Volume 40, No. 2: "Hell Was Made in Germany
11078: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journeys: 16 Volumes
81487: HUBBARD, ELBERT, ET AL. - Guide Book for Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great
81486: HUBBARD, ELBERT, ET AL. - Guide Book for Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great
13596: HUBBARD, ELBERT, AND THE SOCIETY OF THE PHILISTINES - The Philistine: A Periodical of Protest, November 1903
11079: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journeys -- Eight Volumes, with Signed Letter from Hubbard Laid in
81420: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Artists (Two Volumes) (Signed)
91346: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journeys to the Homes of English Authors: William Morris (Little Journeys)
16352: HUBBUCH, KARL - Karl Hubbuch: In Frankriech Und Anderswo Zeichnungen
80463: HUBER, THOMAS M. - Leavenworth Papers - No. 18 - Japan's Battle of Okinawa, April - June 1945
14252: VECCHIERELLO, HUBERT AND JOHN L. WORDEN - A Laboratory Manual of Vertebrate Embryology: A Volume for Use in Colleges and Universities
92575: HUBMANN, FRANZ - Das K. & K. Photoalbum: Ein Bilderreigen Aus Den Tagen Der Donaumonarchie (German Edition)
86738: HUDSON, KENNETH, AND ANN NICHOLLS - Tragedy on the High Seas: A History of Shipwrecks
88281: HUDSON, DEREK - Arthur Rackham: His Life and Work

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