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77240: GERNSBACK, HUGO - Ralph 124c41+ --Thrilling Adventures in the Year 2660. Cherry Tree (Fantasy) Books No. 406
78398: FIFTEENTH U.S. ARMY; GEROW, L.T. - History of the Fifteenth United States Army, 21 August 1944 to 11 July 1945
91374: GERSHWIN, IRA; ROBERT KIMBALL - The Complete Lyrics of Ira Gershwin
90634: GERSON, PAULA LIEBER, EDITOR - Abbot Suger and Saint-Denis: A Symposium
85813: VON GERSSDORFF, KYRILL; KURT KNOBLING - Hubschrauber Und Tragschrauber: Entwicklungsgeschichte Der Deutschen Drehflugler Von Den Anfangen Bis Zu Den Internationalen Gemeinschaftsentwicklungen (Die Deutsche Luftfahrt) (German Edition)
85814: VON GERSSDORFF, KYRILL; KURT GRASMANN - Schwerer Als Luft. Die Frühzeit Der Flugtechnik in Deutschland. Die Deutsche Luftfahrt 2
76382: GERSTEIN, DAVID, EDITOR - Mickey and the Gang: Classic Stories in Verse --Vintage Magazine Art 1934-1944
89537: GERSTENHOFER, MIRKO - Sarajevo U Grafici (Sarajevo in Drawings)
77897: GERSTER, GEORG; EDITED BY CHARLOTTE TRUMPLER - The Past from Above: Aerial Photographs of Archaeological Sites
10402: GERTIER, NAT (EDITOR) - 24 Hour Comics Day: Highlights 2004
80542: GERTSCH, WILLIS J. - The New Illustrated Naturalist: American Spiders
16011: GERVAIS, RICKY - Flanimals
74078: GERVAIS, RICKY - Flanimals
14294: GESENSWAY, DEBORAH - Beyond Words: Images from America's Concentration Camps
88205: GETZ, ARTHUR - Hamilton Duck (A Golden Book)
87541: GETZ, C. W., EDITOR;, AND JIMMY DOOLITTLE, INTRODUCTION - The Wild Blue Yonder: Songs of the Air Force --World War I Through the Vietnam War
90917: GETZ, C. W. - Wild Blue Yonder: Songs of the Air Force--Volume II: Stag Bar Edition
79797: GETZ, C. W. - Wild Blue Yonder: Songs of the Air Force--Volume II: Stag Bar Edition
91533: GEWIRTZ, ISAAC - I Am with You: Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass (1855-2005) (Signed)
74483: GHANI, YUSOF; INTRODUCTION BY T.K. SABAPATHY - Yusof Ghani: Drawings (Signed)
4085: GIACCI, VITTORIO, AND ADRIANO PINTALDI - Francesco Rosi: I Mosaici Della Ragione
10264: GIACOMELLI, MARIO - Mario Giacomelli
13895: GIACOMETTI, ALBERTO - Alberto Giacometti
13320: POLITI, GIANCARLO AND HELENA KONTOVA - Flash Art: Two Decades of History
87971: GIBBON, EDWARD; H.H. MILMAN - The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire--Five Volumes Complete
10812: GIBBONS, KAYE - A Virtuous Woman
78326: GIBBONS, CROMWELL - Military Decorations and Campaign Service Bars of the United States
82466: GIBBS, JIM - Pacific Square-Riggers ---Pictorial History of the Great Windships of Yesteryear
90798: GIBLIN, JAMES CROSS - The Truth About Unicorns (Signed)
90410: GIBRAN, KAHILL - Kahill Gibran, the Collected Works (including The Prophet)
90177: GIBSON, MARY - Warneford, V.C. : The First Naval Airmen to Be Awarded the VC
76997: GIBSON, R.H., AND MAURICE PRENDERGAST - The German Submarine War 1914-1918
80742: GIBSON, JOHN FREDERICK - Dark Seas Above: H.M. Submarine Taurus (Fortunes of War series)
16119: GIBSON, WILLIAM - Idoru (Signed)
78524: GIBSON, CHARLES DANA - Ordeal of Convoy N.Y. 119
81654: GIBSON, JAMES R. - Farming the Frontier: The Agricultural Opening of the Oregon Country, 1786-1846
82155: GIBSON, MARGARET DUNLOP, EDITOR - An Arabic Version of the Acts of the Apostles and the Seven Catholic Epistles, from an Eighth or Ninth Century Ms. In the Convent of St. Catharine on Mount Sinai (Studia Sinaitica No. VII) --with a Treatise on the Triune Nature of God and Translation, from the Same Codex
86531: GIBSON, CHARLES DANA - The Ordeal of Convoy N.Y. 119 (Signed)
86417: GIBSON, MARY - Warneford, V.C. : The First Naval Airmen to Be Awarded the VC
85611: GIBSON, R.H.; MAURICE PRENDERGAST - The German Submarine War, 1914-1918
2033: GIDDINGS, THADDEUS P., WILL EARHART, RALPH BALDWIN, AND ELBRIDGE W. NEWTON - Introductory Music (Music Education Series)
90654: GIESE, OTTO, AND JAMES E. WISE - Shooting the War: The Memoir and Photographs of a U-Boat Officer in World War II
85895: GIESE, OTTO - Shooting the War: The Memoir and Photographs of a U-Boat Officer in World War II
1956: GIFFORD, BARRY - The Neighborhood of Baseball: A Personal History of the Chicago Cubs
70607: GIFFORD, BARRY - Francis Goes to the Seashore: The Pillow Book of Francis Reeves (Signed)
70566: GIFFORD, BARRY - Wild at Heart: The Story of Sailor & Lula (Signed)
14652: GIFFORD, BARRY - Night People (Signed)
71524: GIFFORD, BARRY - Read 'Em and Weep: My Favorite Novels
85761: GIFFORD, DENIS - Illustrated Who's Who in British Films
10682: GILB, DAGOBERTO - The Magic of Blood
1919: GILBERT, JIM - Common Threads: A Visual Commentary
71881: GILBERT, W.S. - The Yeomen of the Guard, or, the Merryman and His Maid
90276: GILBERT, MARTIN - Auschwitz and the Allies
10944: GILBERT - Poesies Diverses de Gilbert Avec Une Notice Bio-Bibliographiques
84924: GILBERT, ADRIAN - Germany's Lightning War --From the Invasion of Poland to El Alamein
73700: GILBERT & GEORGE, DAVID SYLVESTER, AND MICHAEL BRACEWELL - Gilbert & George: The Rudimentary Pictures 1998
86931: GILBERT, MARTIN - Atlas of the Holocaust
78993: GILBEY, JOHN F. - Secret Fighting Arts of the World
2395: GILCHRIST, ELLEN - Light Can Be Both Wave and Particle
78856: GILCHRIST, DONALD - Castle Commando
80397: GILCHRIST, PETER - Boeing 747-400 (Airlife's Airliners: 3)
82573: GILES, SARAH - Fred Astaire: His Friends Talk
83314: GILES, CHRISTINE, CURATOR, AND BIRGER SANDZEN - Colores Del Oeste: Las Pinturas de Birger Sandzen
79248: GILES, CARL; AND JOHN GORDON - Giles Daily Express and Sunday Express Cartoons (First Annual)
16485: GILFILLAN, MARJORIE MARY - Folk Dance Photos of Europe with National Costume Index
1479: GILL, F.C. - The Vector Operator J
1487: GILL, BRENDAN - The Malcontents
12653: GILL, BRENDAN - Tallulah
85605: GILL, ANTON - The Journey Back from Hell--an Oral History --Conversations with Concentration Camp Survivors
77147: GILL, RONALD, AND JOHN GROVES - Club Route in Europe: The Story of 30 Corps in the European Campaign
80394: GILLETT, ROSS - Australia's Military Aircraft
374: GILLIATT, PENELOPE - Sunday Bloody Sunday
79688: GILLILAND, C. HERBERT, AND ROBERT SHENK - Admiral Dan Gallery: The Life and Wit of a Navy Original (Signed)
82484: GILLISON, DOUGLAS - Royal Australian Air Force 1939-1942--Series Three, Air: Volume I (Australians in the War of 1939-1945)
86249: GILLMER, THOMAS - Fundamentals of Construction and Stability of Naval Ships
16695: GILLOW, NORAH - William Morris: Designs & Patterns
11221: GILMAN, STEPHEN - The Novel According to Cervantes
81771: GILMAN, RICHARD - Decadence: The Strange Life of an Epithet
90688: GILMORE, DONALD L. - U.S. Army Atlas of the European Theater in World War II
88690: SCOTT GILMORE WITH PATRICK DAVIS - A Connecticut Yankee in the 8th Gurkha Rifles: A Burma Memoir
87906: GILMORE, MIKAL; RUSS PARSONS - Honky Tonk Visions--on West Texas Music 1936-1986
90729: GILPATRIC, GUY - Mr. Glencannon Ignores the War - Special Collector's Edition --Vol 1 of the 4 vol. Glencannon Stories
90866: GILPIN, LAURA - Temples in Yucatan: A Camera Chronicle of Chichen Itza
82471: POTHAST-GIMBERG, C. E.; VAN BEEK, ELLY - Corso the Donkey
84325: LOLLOBRIGIDA. GINA - Italia Mia: Photographs by Gina Lollobrigida.
3131: GINSBERG, ALLEN - Cosmopolitan Greetings: Poems 1986-1992
12552: GINSBERG, ALLEN - The Visions of the Great Rememberer
88427: GINSBURG, MIRRA; ILLUSTRATED BY PAUL O. ZELINSKY - The Sun's Asleep Behind the Hill
90559: GINTER, STEVE - Martin Mars Xpb2m-1r & Jrm Flying Boats: Naval Fighters Number Twenty-Nine
83285: GIOIA, TED - The Birth (and Death) of the Cool (Signed)
79488: GUZZO, PIETRO GIOVANNI ET AL. - Pompei--Picta Fragmenta: Decorazioni Parietali Della Citta Sepolta
73562: GIOVANNI, NIKKI; ILLUSTRATED BY CHARLES BIBLE - Spin a Soft Black Song: Poems for Children
85334: GIRBIG, WERNER - Six Months to Oblivion: The Defeat of the Luftwaffe Fighter Force over the Western Front, 1944/1945
76255: GIRBIG, WERNER - Six Months to Oblivion: The Defeat of the Luftwaffe Fighter Force over the Western Front, 1944/1945
72304: GIRDNER, WALT - 3 Continents
73064: GIROUD, OLIVIER - Olivier Giroud
71418: GISPERT, LUIS, AND JEFFREY REED - Stereomongrel
86653: GIUFFRE, GUIDO - Giorgio Morandi (Italian Edition)
81525: GIULIANO, ANTONIO - Arco Di Costantino [Arch of Constantine]
1524: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Mother + Child
1678: (NO AUTHOR GIVEN) - The Jetsons Explore Space (Fantastic Discovery Series)
1766: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Dinosaurs Pop-Up Book (Ds5-8)
1768: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Hansel and Gretel (the World of Fairy Tales)
2906: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Paint and Color with Leger
2907: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Paint and Color with Vasarely
2908: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Paint and Color with Vasarely
3126: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Nursery Rhymes a B C
3383: NOT GIVEN - El Noble Coran Su Traduccion-Comentario En Lengua Espanola
3401: NO AUTHOR GIVEN - Aphrodisiacs: An Encyclopedia of Erotic Wisdom
1784: (NO AUTHOR GIVEN) - The Murderer's Dictionary: Over 2000 Hard-Boiled Terms Used in Today's Crime Fiction.
71438: GIVENS, LARRY - Re-Enacting the Artist... A Story of the Ampico Reproducing Piano
85493: GLANTZ, DAVID M., AND HAROLD S. ORENSTEIN, TRANSLATORS AND EDITORS - The Battle for Kursk: The Soviet General Staff Study
85594: GLANTZ, DAVID M. - Kharkov 1942: Anatomy of a Military Disaster
78598: DAVID M GLANTZ - The Role of Intelligence in Soviet Military Strategy in World War II
84157: GLANTZ, DAVID (INTRODUCTION) - Slaughterhouse: The Encyclopedia of the Eastern Front
82105: GLANTZ, JERRY - The Leib Glantz Project: Forty-Three New Arrangements of the Compositions of Cantor and Composer Leib Glantz (with CDs)
83508: GLASELL, PAMELA - Collector's Guide to Vintage Tablecloths
14771: GLASGOW, ELLEN - The Woman Within: The Autobiography of Ellen Glasgow
16873: GLASGOW, VAUGHN L. - A Social History of the American Alligator: The Earth Trembles with His Thunder
87844: GLASGOW, ELLEN - In This Our Life
77390: GLASS, E.L.N., EDITOR - The History of the Tenth Cavalry, 1866-1921
88056: GLASS, IRA; CHRIS WARE; TIM SAMUELSON - Lost Buildings--an on-Stage Radio & Picture Collaboration between Ira Glass and Chris Ware-- Illustrations, Apologies, and Appreciations of the Buildings by Tim Samuelson
82882: GLASS, PHILIP - Music by Philip Glass (Edited and with supplementary material by Robert T. Jones)
84255: GLASS, CHARLES - Americans in Paris: Life and Death Under Nazi Occupation
2377: GLASSER, WILLIAM, MD - Reality Therapy: A New Approach to Psychiatry
2668: GLASSMAN, PETER, EDITOR - Oz: The Hundredth Anniversary Celebration
90746: GLATTHAAR, JOSEPH T. - General Lee's Army: From Victory to Collapse
10967: GLAZEBROOK, PHILIP - The Eye of the Beholder
3612: GLEASON, DAVID KING - Over New Orleans
14830: GLEASON, MAT - Coagula Art Journal: The Low-Down on High Art, No. 18
81483: GLEASON, DOUGLAS, AND DOROTHY GLEASON - Sketches and Paintings from Mexico (Signed)
85512: GLEICHEN, LORD EDWARD; GWYN BAYLISS - Chronology of the Great War
79365: GLEMSER, KURT - A Guide to Military Dress Daggers, Volume II
72542: GLEMSER, BERNARD - The Lieutenant
86411: GLEN, PAUL - Leading Geeks: How to Manage and Lead the People Who Deliver Technology (Signed)
2697: YAGO, GLENN AND SUSANNE TRIMBATH - Beyond Junk Bonds: Expanding High Yield Markets
13175: GLENN, LOIS - Charles W.S. Williams: A Checklist
14951: KETCHUM, ROBERT GLENN AND CHARLES CALLISON - Overlooked in America: The Success and Failure of Federal Land Management
89111: GLENN, RUSSELL W. - Reading Athena's Dance Card: Men Against Fire in Vietnam
86137: GLENN, TOM - P-47 Pilots: The Fighter-Bomber Boys
75032: GLENN, CONSTANCE W., AND JIM DINE - Jim Dine: Figure Drawings, 1975-1979
81990: KETCHUM, ROBERT GLENN AND CHARLES CALLISON - Overlooked in America: The Success and Failure of Federal Land Management (Signed)
88013: GLIMCHER, MILDRED, AND ALEXANDER CALDER - Calder '76 : The Cutouts
83367: GLINES, CARROLL V. - Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders (Signed)
90619: GLINES, CARROLL V. - The Doolittle Raid: America's Daring First Strike Against Japan
79206: GLINES, CARROLL V. - Attack on Yamamoto
71430: GLINSKI, GREGOR VON, ET. AL - Masters of Tattoo
83110: GLIORI, DEBI - Deep Water (Signed)
13827: GLOAG, JOHN - A Short Dictionary of Furniture
79432: GLOVER, MICHAEL - An Assemblage of Indian Army Soldiers & Uniforms
71084: GLOVER, DOROTHY, AND GRAHAM GREENE - Victorian Detective Fiction A Catalogue of the Collection (Signed)
87595: GLOVER, MICHAEL - An Assemblage of Indian Army Soldiers & Uniforms from the Original Paintings by the Late Chater Paul Chater
76497: GLUBB, JOHN BAGOT (GLUBB PASHA) - Story of the Arab Legion (Signed, with ephemera)
11137: GLUCK, GUSTAV - Die Furstlich Liechtensteinsche Bildergalerie in Wien: 30 Farbige Reproduktionen
83755: GLUCK, GUSTAV; EVELINE BYAM SHAW - Peter Brueghel the Elder
90012: GLUCK, GUSTAV - Die Landschaften Von Peter Paul Rubens (German Edition) (Signed) (The Landscapes of Peter Paul Rubens)
12748: GLYNN, PRUDENCE - Skin to Skin: Eroticism in Dress
10610: GNOLI, DOMENICO - Orestes, or the Art of Smiling
12596: GODARD, JEAN-LUC - Godard on Godard
80221: GODBOLT, JIM - A History of Jazz in Britain 1919-50
77370: GODBOLT, JIM - The World of Jazz in Printed Ephemera and Collectibles
77636: GODDARD, GEORGE W., WITH DEWITT S. COPP - Overview: A Lifelong Adventure in Aerial Photography
16349: GODDEN, GEOFFREY A. - Coalport & Coalbrookdale Porcelains
84094: GODEL, KURT - The Consistency of the Axiom of Choice and of the Generalized Continuum-Hypothesis with the Axioms of Set Theory
80580: GODFREY, JOHN T. - The Look of Eagles
89098: GODFREY, JOHN T. - The Look of Eagles
16744: GODFREY, TONY - Markus Lupertz: The Alice in Wonderland Paintings
81673: GODFREY, E.S. - An Account of Custer's Last Campaign and the Battle of Little Big Horn
76610: FEDERAL WRITERS PROJECT; LOU GODY, EDITOR - New York City Guide (A volume in the American Guide series)
89713: GOEBBELS, JOSEPH - Final Entries 1945: The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels
77841: GOEBEL, ROBERT J. - Mustang Ace: Memoirs of a P-51 Fighter Pilot (Signed)
89967: GOETZ, ROBERT - 1805: Austerlitz: Napoleon and the Destruction of the Third Coalition
89383: GOFF, STANLEY; ROBERT SANDERS; CLARK SMITH - Brothers: Black Soldiers in the Nam
12317: GOFFIN, JOSSE - Ah!
16697: GOFFSTEIN, M.B. - Artists' Helpers Enjoy the Evenings
90898: GOFFSTEIN, M.B. - A Little Schubert (Book & Record)
13174: GOHN, JACK BENOIT - Kingsley Amis: A Checklist
12810: GOLANI, RIVKA - Birds of Another Feather-My Musical Colleagues
11549: GOLD, GLEN DAVID - Carter Beats the Devil (Two Formats) (Signed)
73345: GOLDBECKER, CAPTAIN WILLIAM, AND ERNEST H. HART - This Is the German Shepherd
76914: GOLDBERG, LEE - Mr. Monk Is Cleaned out (Signed)
76915: GOLDBERG, LEE - Mr. Monk Goes to Germany (Signed)
1116: GOLDBERG, RUBE - How to Remove the Cotton from a Bottle of Aspirin-and Other Problems Solved
2151: GOLDBERG, ROSELEE - Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present (Revised and Enlarged Edition)
13148: GOLDBERG, GERRY (EDITOR) - Strange Glory: Awakening Man's Latent Powers
72601: GOLDBERG, MYRA - Whistling and Other Stories (Signed)
76916: GOLDBERG, LEE - Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop (Signed)
86442: GOLDBERG, GARY DAVID - Sit, Uber, Sit --How I Went from Brooklyn to Hollywood with the Same Woman, the Same Dog, and a Lot Less Hair (Signed)
71267: GOLDBERG, MICHAEL, AND JOHN YAU - Michael Goldberg: New Paintings
81609: GOLDBERG, VICKI - The Power of Photography: How Photographs Changed Our Lives
76918: GOLDBERG, LEE - Mr. Monk Is Miserable (Signed)
4039: GOLDIN, MARCO, CURATOR - Monet la Senna le Ninfee: IL Grande Fiume E IL Nuovo Secolo
13457: GOLDIN, JUDAH - Studies in Midrash and Related Literature
78317: GOLDING, HARRY, EDITOR - The Wonder Book of Soldiers for Boys and Girls (Eighth Edition--Revised)
88215: GOLDING, AMY THOMAS - Miniature Travelers
11817: GOLDMAN, PAUL - Victorian Illustrated Books 1850-1870: "the Heyday of Wood-Engraving
83214: GOLDMAN, EDWARD ALPHONSO - Biological Investigations in México
74830: GOLDMAN, JUDITH, AND JOHN ARTHUR - Brooke Alexander: A Decade of Print Publishing
78082: GOLDMAN, HERBERT G. - Banjo Eyes: Eddie Cantor and the Birth of Modern Stardom
2951: GOLDSCHEIDER, LUDWIG - Michelangelo: Paintings, Sculptures, Architecture (Complete Edition)
70006: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Vicar of Wakefield
88093: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER; ILLUSTRATED BY ARTHUR RACKHAM - The Vicar of Wakefield (in original box)
91312: GOLDSTEIN, DONALD M.; KATHERINE V. DILLON;; J. MICHAEL WENGER - The Vietnam War: The Story and the Photographs
14201: GOLDSTEIN, BARBARA (EDITOR) - Arts and Architecture: Crossovers and Collaborations Volume 3, Number 4
82417: GOLDSTEIN, JOYCE ESERKY - Back to Square One: Old-World Food in a New-World Kitchen
79988: GOLDSTEIN, JOYCE - The Mediterranean Kitchen (Signed)
83273: GOLDSTEIN, DONALD M.; KATHERINE V. DILLON; MICHAEL WENGER - The Way It Was, Pearl Harbor: The Original Photographs
80951: PRANGE, GORDON W., WITH DONALD M. GOLDSTEIN AND KATHERINE V. DILLON - Target Tokyo: The Story of the Sorge Spy Ring
71509: GOLDSTEIN, GARY - Une Bonne Nouvelle Qui Vous Rendra Heureux (Good News to Make You Happy) An Altered Book
83591: GOLDSTEIN, BERNARD - The Stars Bear Witness
72119: GOLDSTEIN, JAN - The Prince of Nantucket (Signed)
85983: GOLDSTEIN, DONALD; KATHERINE V. DILLON; J. MICHAEL WENGER - Nuts! the Battle of the Bulge: The Story and Photographs
90936: GOLDSTON, ROBERT - Sinister Touches: The Secret War Against Hitler
70437: GOLDSWORTHY, ANDY - Stone
78442: GOLDSWORTHY, ANDY - Touching North
71408: GOLDTHWAITE, RICHARD A. - Villa Spelman of the Johns Hopkins University: An Early History
74954: GOLDYNE, JOSEPH; AND THOMAS GIBSON FINE ART - Joseph Goldyne: An Exhibition of Monotypes and Monoprints
81735: GOLDYNE, JOSEPH, AND LINDA STEINBERG - Fifty Treasures, Fifty Stories --Fifty Works from the Israel Museum
11232: GOLINO, CARLO L. (EDITOR) - Galileo Reappraised
83175: GOLIO, GARY; MARC BURCKHARDT - When Bob Met Woody: The Story of the Young Bob Dylan
78941: GOLLEY, JOHN - Hurricanes over Murmansk
91100: GOLLOMB, JOSEPH - Spies
16895: GOLLOMB, JOSEPH - Window on the World
16728: GOLLUB, MATTHEW - Cool Melons--Turn to Frogs! (Signed)
16729: GOLLUB, MATTHEW - The Jazz Fly (Signed)
83972: GOLOVKINA, SOPHIA - Lessons in Classical Dance
83454: GOMBOS, KAROLY, ET AL. - Asiatic Saddle Covers from the Collection of Nicolas M. Salgo / Asziai Nyeregtakarok / Sammlung Asiatischer Satteldecken Des Sammlers Nicolas M. Salgo
81843: GOMBRICH, E.H. - Meditations on a Hobby Horse and Other Essays on the Theory of Art
13606: GOMBROWICZ, WITOLD - Diary: Volume Two 1957-1961
1460: BUENO GOMEZ, ANTONIO - Anuncios Clasificados (Classifieds)
3227: GOMEZ, TRAUDE; PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRIAN BIERY - Power of One: Pasadenans Shaping Our Community
1702: GONTARSKI, S.E., EDITOR - The Grove Press Reader 1951-2001
82727: GONZALEZ, ANTONIO VINAYO - Pintura Románica. Panteón Real de San Isidoro. León
71352: GONZALEZ, JULIO - Julio Gonzalez (1876-1942): Drawn from the Studio
85930: GONZALEZ, DAVID; PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALEX FUSTER - Doce Sitios Fusterianos: Guia Para Orientarse En Jaimanitas (Bilingual Edition) --Twelve Fusterian Sites: Guide to Get Around in Jaimanitas
82507: GONZALEZ, DANIEL - Great Spaces Small Houses
13330: GOOD, ARTHUR - 100 Amazing Magic Tricks
12065: GOODALL, JOHN S. - An Edwardian Season
73506: GOODALL, JOHN S. - An Edwardian Holiday
88502: GOODALL, JOHN STRICKLAND - Before the War: 1908-1939--an Autobiography in Pictures
88503: GOODALL, JOHN S. - Paddy's New Hat
88504: GOODALL, JOHN S. - Paddy's Evening out
88505: GOODALL, JOHN S. - The Midnight Advnetures of Kelly, Dot, and Esmeralda
88506: GOODALL, JOHN S. - The Surprise Picnic
3222: GOODE, DIANE - Tiger Trouble!
88896: GOODE, GERALD, EDITOR; INTRODUCTION BY LEONIDE MASSINE - The Book of Ballets Classic & Modern
81167: GOODENOUGH, SIMON - War Maps: Great Land, Sea and Air Battles of World War II
86304: GOODFRIEND, ARTHUR - The German Soldier
80734: GOODFRIEND, ARTHUR - Map Reading for the Soldier
87519: GOODINGE, ANTHONY; BRIAN HORROCKS - The Scots Guards (Famous Regiments)
84091: GOODIS, DAVID - Cassidy's Girl
3944: GOODMAN, AMY, AND DAVID GOODMAN - Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People Who Fight Back (Signed)
10652: GOODMAN, MITCHELL - The End of It
15031: GOODMAN, PAUL - Collected Poems
90585: GOODMAN, RUPERT - Hospital Ships --Manunda; Wanganella; Centaur and Oranje
82703: GOODMAN, ANTHONY; CYPRIEN, MICHAEL - A Traveller's Guide to Early Medieval Britain
87667: GOODMAN, JACK - As You Pass by: Architectural Musings on Salt Lake City (Signed)
79218: GOODMAN, BENNY, AND IRVING KOLODIN - The Kingdom of Swing
81497: GOODMAN, FREDERICK - Zodiac Signs
16447: GOODRICH, LLOYD - Winslow Homer
16795: GOODSPEED, REV. E.J., D.D. - The Great Fires in Chicago and the West
78814: GOODSPEED, T. HARPER - Plant Hunters in the Andes
89798: GOODSPEED, M. HILL, AND W.J. HOLLAND - U.S. Navy: A Complete History
10461: GOODWIN, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Complete Guide to Britain's National Theatre
84695: GOODWIN, DORIS KEARNS - Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln (Signed)
88357: GOODWIN, DORIS KEARNS - Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln
82702: GOODYEAR, DANA - Honey and Junk: Poems (Signed)
13495: MOTHER GOOSE - Hi Diddle Diddle (with Record)
10518: GOPNIK, ADAM - The King in the Window
88265: GORALSKI, ROBERT; RUSSELL W. FREEBURG - Oil & War: How the Deadly Struggle for Fuel in Wwii Meant Victory or Defeat
73330: GORDE, MONIQUE, ILLUSTRATOR - Comptines Et Chansons de France
2144: GORDIMER, NADINE - Writing and Being
11181: GORDON, ALASTAIR (CURATOR) - Convergence: The Hamptons Since Pollock - April 2 - May 29, 2000
14720: GORDON, MAURICE BEAR - Aesculapius Comes to the Colonies: The Story of the Early Days of Medicine in the Thirteen Original Colonies
70405: GORDON, JERRY - Swimmers: Photographs by Jerry Gordon
90157: GORDON, ELIZABETH - The Turned-Into's
90223: GORDON, YEFIM; DIMITRIY KHAZANOV - Yakovlev's Piston Engined Fighters, Vol. 5
81311: GORDON, LAWRENCE L. - British Battles and Medals: A Description of Every Campaign Medal and Bar Awarded Since the Armada, with the Historical Reasons for Their Award and the Names of All the Ships, Regiments and Squadrons of the Royal Air Force Whose Personnel Are Entitled to Them
72052: THE GORDONS (MILDRED GORDON AND GORDON GORDON) - Night After the Wedding (Signed)
79636: GORDON, LAWRENCE L. - British Orders & Awards
84809: GORDON, HAROLD J. - Hitler and the Beer Hall Putsch
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76925: GOVENAR, ALAN B., AND JAY F. BRAKEFIELD - Deep Ellum and Central Track: Where the Black and White Worlds of Dallas Converged
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1958: GRASS, GUNTER - The Flounder
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88807: GREENAWALT, KENT - Religion and the Constitution: Volume I: Free Exercise and Fairness
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2438: GREGORY, JOSEPH T. - Tertiary Freshwater Lakes of Western America: An Ephemeral Theory
2440: GREGORY, JOSEPH T. - Tertiary Freshwater Lakes of Western America: An Ephemeral Theory
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71565: [GREGORY, JOHN, M.D.] - A Comparative View of the State and Facilities of Man with Those of the Animal World
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76633: GRINSELL, ROBERT - Aces Full (Hardcover)
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88845: GROSS, CHRIS; BERND RAUCHBACH - Luftwaffe Seaplanes: 1939-1945: An Illustrated History
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70803: ARCHIGRAM (GROUP) - Archigram
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81117: GRUENHAGEN, ROBERT W. - Mustang; the Story of the P-51 Fighter
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80005: DANCE GUILD - Mambo Made Easy --A Complete Home Instruction Course in the Mambo--with Two 45-RPM Extended Play Records, Illustrations and Foot Patterns
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90972: HADLOCK, RICHARD - Jazz Masters of the 20's
86759: HADLOCK, RICHARD - Jazz Masters of the 20's
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11846: HAJEK, LUBOR - Harunobu
70614: HAKE, SABINE - Passions and Deceptions: The Early Films of Ernst Lubitsch
83720: HAKONARSON, EINAR, INTRODUCTION - Living Letters / Lifandi Letur. International Exhibition of Calligraphy
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89595: HALBERSTADT, HANS - Inside the Great Tanks: Close-Up Details of Classic Tanks & Afvs in Colour Photographs
1103: HALDANE, SUZANNE - The See-Through Zoo: How Glass Animals Are Made
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82765: HALSEY, F.A. - The Use of the Slide Rule
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87007: HALSEY, MARGARET - Color Blind: A White Woman Looks at the Negro
89480: HALSMAN, PHILIPPE - Philippe Halsman's Jump Book
78129: HAMANN, FRED, EDITOR - Air Words: A Popular Aviation Definitionary of the Language Flyers Speak
78913: HAMBLEN, DONALD N., AND B.H. NORTON - One Tough Marine: The Biography of First Sergeant Donald N. Hamblen, Usmc (Signed)
14851: HAMBLEN, ABIGAIL ANN - Agatha on Stage
78979: HAMID, S. SHAHID - So They Rode and Fought
87661: HAMILL, PETE - Why Sinatra Matters
74128: HAMILTON, ED - Hamilton Press Editions: Lithographs 1998-2005
78734: HAMILTON, ALEXANDER - Wings of Night: The Secret Missions of Group Captain Pickard, Dso and Two Bars, Dfc
89013: HAMILTON, NIGEL - Monty: The Battles of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery
75173: HAMILTON, DENISE, EDITOR - Los Angeles Noir (Signed)
3528: HAMILTON, JAMES - William Heath Robinson
10557: HAMILTON, CHARLES - Scribblers & Scoundrels (Signed)
83860: HAMILTON, CHARLES F. - As Bees Drown in Honey: The Love, Lives & Letters of the Roycroft's Alice and Elbert Hubbard
82676: HAMILTON, NIGEL - Monty: The Making of a General (1887-1942)
79669: HAMILTON, RICHARD - Retrospective: Paintings and Drawings 1937 to 2002
78648: HAMILTON, BRUCE, EDITOR - Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse in Color --1930s Disney Comic Strips
82668: HAMILTON, IAN - Writers in Hollywood 1915-1951
76936: HAMILTON, CHARLES - Leaders and Personalities of the Third Reich: Their Biographies, Portraits, and Autographs
89017: HAMILTON, ROBERT - The Great War: Unseen Archives
91215: DOUGLAS-HAMILTON, LORD JAMES; LADDIE LUCAS - Air Battle for Malta: The Diaries of a Fighter Pilot
83213: HAMILTON, J.; TROMBORG, B. - Partial Wave Amplitudes and Resonance Poles
86736: HAMM, MANFRED, PHOTOGRAPHS; TEXT MY ROLF STEINBERG - Dead Tech: A Guide to the Archaeology of Tomorrow
83719: HAMMACHER, A.M. - Lipchitz in Otterlo
85386: HAMMEL, ERIC - Aces Against Germany: The American Aces Speak, Vol. 2
91451: HAMMEL, ERIC - Ambush Valley: I Corps Vietnam, 1967 ---The Story of a Marine Infantry Battalion's Battle for Survival
80948: HAMMEL, ERIC - Guadalcanal: Starvation Island
90267: HAMMEL, ERIC - Chosin: Heroic Ordeal of the Korean War
84727: HAMMER, KARL - Nazi War Art --Nazi Kriegskunst
78533: HAMMER, KENNETH - Biographies of the 7th Cavalry, June 25th, 1876
84195: HAMMERTON, J. A. - The Actor's Art : Theatrical Reminiscences, Methods of Study, Advice to Aspirants
89009: HAMMERTON, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Second World War : An Illustrated History of Wwii--10 Volumes Complete
12418: HAMMOND, PAUL - French Undressing: Naughty Postcards from 1900 to 1920
88486: HAMMOND, WILLIAM M. - Reporting Vietnam: Media and Military at War
12876: HAMPTON, DUANE - Mark Hampton: The Art of Friendship (Signed)
75028: HAMPTON, MARK - Mark Hampton on Decorating (Signed)
11638: HAMPTON, JANIE - Come Home Soon, Baba
83810: HAMPTON, MARK - Legendary Decorators of the Twentieth Century
82207: VERDON, TIMOTHY, WITH DAVID S. HAMRICK AND DAVID H. DARST - The Humanity of God: Reflections on the Meaning of Two Works of Renaissance Art
2983: HAN, NATHAN, COMPILER - A Parsing Guide to the Greek New Testament
89221: HANBY, JEANNETTE, AND DAVID BYGOTT - Kangas: 101 Uses
90312: HANDEL, PAUL - Fifty Years of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps
16371: HANDEL, LEO A. - A Dog Named Duke: True Stories of German Shepherds at Work with the Law
2729: HANDLER, DAVID (LEMONY SNICKET) - The Bad Beginning: Book the First in a Series of Unfortunate Events
2730: HANDLER, DAVID (LEMONY SNICKET) - The Reptile Room: Book the Second in a Series of Unfortunate Events
87669: HANDLER, RUTH - Dream Doll: The Ruth Handler Story (Signed)
72698: HANDZO, BEN - Ben Handzo: Youth Protection
79857: HANKINSON, C.F.J., EDITOR - Debrett's Peerage and Titles of Courtesy 1949
75646: HANNA, JOHN C., AND WILLIAM R. WITHERELL, COEDITORS; MAX H. MORTENSEN, PUBLISHER - Warpath: A Story of the 345th Bombardment Group (M) in World War II
1335: HANNAH, BARRY - Hey Jack!
90974: HANNAH, DICK - Tarawa: The Toughest Battle in Marine Corps History (A U.S. Camera Book)
3970: HANNAN, WALTER FREDERICK - Dawn's Left Hand (Signed)
88773: HANNIBAL, EDWARD - Chocolate Days, Popsicle Weeks
82244: HANNON, KERRY - Trees in a Circle: The Teec Nos Pos Story
15059: HANSEN, MARK VICTOR - Future Diary
70991: HANSEN, TRUDY V. - Intaglio Printing in the 1980s Prints, Plates, and Proofs from the Rutgers Archives for Printmaking Studios
11123: HANSON, ANNE COFFIN - Manet and the Modern Tradition
71357: HANSON, BERNARD - Frederic Edwin Church: The Artist at Work
90051: AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE; PATRICIA KING HANSON, EDITOR - The American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures Produced in the United States: Feature Films, 1911-1920 --Credit & Subject Indexes
80331: HANZLOVA, JITKA - Jitka Hanzlova: Rokytnik
70916: HAOZOUS, BOB - Bob Haozous: The Dartmouth Exhibition
90108: O'HARA, GEORGINA; INTRODUCTION BY CARRIE DONOVAN - The Encyclopaedia of Fashion
70850: O'HARA, JOHN - Two by O'Hara: The Man Who Could Not Lose & Far from Heaven
82802: O'HARA, JOHN - Appointment in Samarra
79443: HARBRON, JOHN D. - The Longest Battle: The Rcn in the Atlantic 1939-1945
73243: HARBURG, E.Y.; ILLUSTRATED BY SEYMOUR CHWAST - Rhymes for the Irreverent
81355: HARCLERODE, PETER, EDITOR - The Elite and Their Support (Volume One)
78927: HARCLERODE, PETER - Fighting Dirty: The Inside Story of Covert Operations from Ho Chi Minh to Osama Bin Laden
11463: HARDING, A. - The Peony
91012: HARDING, STEVE - Gray Ghost: The R.M. S. Queen Mary at War
80894: HARDISON, RICHARD M. - Caissons Across Europe: An Artillery Captain's Personal War
10844: HARDWICK, ELIZABETH - Sleepless Nights
13063: HARDWICK, MICHAEL - A Guide to Anthony Trollope
16454: HARDY, THOMAS - The Return of the Native
89454: HARDY, THOMAS - Jude the Obscure (Collector's Edition): The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written
76921: HARDY, M.J. - The de Havilland Mosquito (Arco Aircraft Classic No. 3)
77294: HARDY, A.C. - Merchant Navy at War (Britain at War Series)
89400: HARDY, ALEXANDER G. - Hitler's Secret Weapon: The 'Managed' Press and Propaganda Machine of Nazi Germany
86106: HARE, PAUL R. - Aeroplanes of the Royal Aircraft Factory
87338: HARFIELD, ALAN - The Indian Army of the Empress 1861-1903
76968: HARGRAVE, BASIL - Origins and Meanings of Popular Phrases & Names Including Those Which Came Into Use During the Great War
13892: HARLAN, VOLKER - Was Ist Kunst? - Wekstattgesprach Mit Beuys
16938: HARLOW, FRANCIS H. - Historic Pueblo Indian Pottery
16716: HARLOW, NEAL - California Conquered: War and Peace on the Pacific: 1846-1850 (Signed)
84429: HARMAN, S.W. - Hell on the Border
86376: HARMANN, DIETMAR - Focke-Wulf Fw 190a: An Illustrated History of the Luftwaffe's Legendary Fighter Aircraft
85993: HARMANN, DIETMAR - Focke-Wulf Ta 152: The Story of the Luftwaffe's Late-War, High-Altitude Fighter
88260: HARMETZ, ALJEAN - On the Road to Tara--the Making of Gone with the Wind
74264: HARMON, JIM - Maniac Siren: Two '60s Novels: The Man Who Made Maniacs / Silent Siren (Signed)
83912: LUCIAN; A.M. HARMON, TRANSLATOR - Lucian IV (Loeb Classical Library)
74269: HARMON, JIM - Vixen Scandal: Two '60s Novels: Vixen Hollow / the Celluloid Scandal (Signed)
91021: HARMS, NORM; RON VOLSTAD - Waffen Ss in Action - Combat Troops No. 3
81684: D'HARNONCOURT, RENE - Mexicana: A Book of Pictures
89518: HOLZER, HAROLD AND CRAIG L. SYMONDS; FOREWORD BY PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON - The New York Times: Complete CIVIL War, 1861-1865 (Book & Cd)
15016: HARP, GRADY (CURATOR) - Memento Mori: Contemporary Still Life by Tom Eckert, Robert Peterson, and John Rise
86209: HARPER, STEPHEN - Capturing Enigma --How H.M.S. Petard Seized the German Naval Codes
73607: HARPER, CHARISE MERICLE - The Best Birthday Ever! by Me (Lana Kittie) (with Help from Charise Harper)
87757: HARR, L.L. - Pung-Chow: The Game of a Hundred Intelligences --Also Known as Mah-Jong, Mah Diao, Mah-Cheuk, Mah-Juck, and Pe-Ling
87941: HARRER, HEINRICH - Huka-Huka - Bei Den Xingu Indianern IM Amazonasgebiet
83704: HARRIMAN, MARGARET CHASE - And the Price Is Right
88452: HARRINGTON, DANIEL F. - The Air Force Can Deliver Anything: A History of the Berlin Airlift (Signed)
72872: HARRINGTON, ELLEN M., AND MARIA KURPIK (CURATOR) - International Cinema Posters from Poland
1414: HARRINGTON, KARL POMEROY - The Roman Elegiac Poets
91071: HARRINGTON, PETER - Culloden 1746: The Highland Clans' Last Charge
3930: HARRINGTON, ELLEN M., AND MARIA KURPIK (CURATOR) - International Cinema Posters from Poland
91120: HARRINGTON, JOSEPH D. - Yankee Samurai: The Secret Role of Nisei in America's Pacific Victory
89219: HARRIS, SHELDON H. - Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932-45, and the American Cover-Up
847: HARRIS, ANN SUTHERLAND; LINDA NOCHLIN - Women Artists: 1550-1950
937: HARRIS, MARK - The Goy
10169: HARRIS, MELISSA (SENIOR EDITOR) - Aperture: No. 129, Fall 1992
11102: HARRIS, GODFREY - The Fascination of Ivory: Its Place in Our World (Signed)
13804: HARRIS, SEYMOUR E. (EDITOR) - Schumpeter: Social Scientist
79138: HARRIS, RONALD, AND CHRIS WARNER - Bengal Cavalry Regiments 1857-1914 --Men-at-Arms Series 91 (Osprey Military)

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