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87847: DE SAINT-EXUPERY, ANTOINE - Flight to Arras
2281: EYLES, ALLEN - Sherlock Holmes: A Centenary Celebration
75826: EYLES, ALLEN - Sherlock Holmes: A Centenary Celebration
16262: LANDSDOWNE, J.F. AND JOHN A. LIVINGSTONE - Birds of the Eastern Forest: 1
90227: LONG, ERIC F. AND MARK A. AVINO, PHOTOGRAPHY; EDITED BY TOM ALISON AND DANA BELL - At the Controls: The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Book of Cockpits
86997: LONG, ERIC F. AND MARK A. AVINO, PHOTOGRAPHY; EDITED BY TOM ALISON AND DANA BELL - At the Controls: The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Book of Cockpits
85658: FABER, HAROLD, EDITOR - Luftwaffe: An Analysis by Former Luftwaffe Generals
2924: FABIAN, ERIKA - Costumes of Splendid China
78249: FABRE, J. HENRI - The Hunting Wasps
89796: FAHEY, JAMES C. - The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet, 1950, 1958, 1965 Editions (Fahey's Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Editions)
80462: FAHEY, JAMES C., EDITOR - U.S. Army Aircraft (Heavier-Than-Air): 1908-1946
88930: FAHEY, JAMES J. - Pacific War Diary 1942-1945
76654: FAHEY, JAMES C. - The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet (Fahey's Victory Edition)
88929: FAHEY, JAMES J. - Pacific War Diary 1942-1945
901: FAHS, SOPHIA LYON - Red, Yellow and Black: Tales of Indians, Chinese and Africans
89589: FAIN, V.M., AND YA. I. KHANIN - Quantum Electronics--Vol 1 and 2 (Basic Theory & Maser Amplifiers and Oscillators) (translated by H.S.H. Massey; edited by J.H. Sanders)
81798: WILLIAM H. FAIN JR. - Italian Cities and Landscapes: An Architect's Sketchbook (Signed)
13867: SEATTLE WORLD'S FAIR - Art Since 1950: American and International
87818: FAIRBAIRN, TONY - Raf Gibraltar
82704: FAIRBAIRN, NEIL; MICHAEL CYPRIEN - A Traveller's Guide to the Kingdoms of Arthur
89951: FAIRBAIRN, TONY - Raf Gibraltar
77499: FAIRLEY, JOHN - Great Racehorses in Art
70124: FAIRLEY, ROBERT E.; BLACKBURN, JEMIMA - Jemima: Paintings and Memoirs of a Victorian Lady
3102: FAIRMAN, PAUL - To Catch a Crooked Girl (a Wanda Willing Mystery)
11619: FAIRMAN, CHARLES E. - Art and Artists of the Capitol of the United States of America
14177: JACQUES, FAITH AND JEAN SAWYER - Our Village Shop: An Old-Fashioned Model Store with Its Contents Ready to Cut out and Assemble
79830: FAITH, WILLIAM ROBERT - Bob Hope: A Life in Comedy (Signed)
85245: FALCK, WOLFGANG - Wolfgang Falck: The Happy Falcon (Signed)
73667: FALCONER, IAN - Olivia Saves the Circus
87475: FALCONER, IAN - Olivia
73741: FALCONER, IAN - Olivia... And the Missing Toy
73569: FALK, PETER - Autographed Photo of Peter Falk As Colombo
89195: FALK, STANLEY L. - Decision at Leyte
72676: FALKE, TERRY - Observations in an Occupied Wilderness: Photographs by Terry Falke
70998: FALKENSTEIN, CLAIRE; LOUIS STERN FINE ARTS, ; HENDERSON, MAREN - Claire Falkenstein: Structure and Flow Works from 1950-1980
70917: FALKENSTEIN, CLAIRE - The Modernist Jewelry of Claire Falkenstein
11303: FALL, THOMAS (SIGNED) - Eddie No-Name
86125: FALL, BERNARD B. - Last Reflections on a War: Bernard B. Fall's Last Comments on Viet-Nam
14750: FALLODON, VISCOUNT GREY OF - Fallodon Papers
91099: FALLS, CYRIL - Great Military Battles
76254: FALTUM, ANDREW - The Independence Light Aircraft Carriers
77706: FALTUM, ANDREW - The Essex Aircraft Carriers
16413: NATIONAL INVENTORS HALL OF FAME - The 2000 National Inventors Hall of Fame Commemorative Book: 28th Edition
11929: BOROWSKI FAMILY - The Borowski Family: Fantasy to Reality
83119: GRATEFUL DEAD FAN - Grateful Dead--Fan's Notebook --April 22, 1985 to March 8, 1988
76065: FANNING, JIM - The Disney Poster: The Animated Film Classics, from Mickey Mouse to Aladdin
4007: FANSHAW, H. VALENTINE (1878-1940), AND GARY ESSAR - H. Valentine Fanshaw
88909: FARAGO, LADISLAS - War of Wits--the Anatomy of Espionage and Intelligence
16238: FARDON, GEORGE ROBINSON - San Francisco Album: Photographs of the Most Beautiful Views and Public Buildings
76973: LA FARGE, OLIVER - The Eagle in the Egg
3444: LA FARGE, PHYLLIS - The Pancake King
88419: LA FARGE, PHYLLIS; ILLUSTRATED BY ROBIN JACQUES - Jane's Silver Chair (A Read-Alone Book)
72942: FARINA, RICHARD - Long Time Coming and a Long Time Gone
16581: FARISH, TERRY - The Cat Who Liked Potato Soup
11067: FARJEON, ELEANOR - Cherrystones
14838: FARLEY, WALTER - The Horse-Tamer
16115: FARLEY, WALTER - The Black Stallion Returns
13757: KNOTT'S BERRY FARM - Calico Ghost Town: Southern California's Greatest Silver Camp
87596: FARMER, JAMES H. - Broken Wings: Hollywood's Air Crashes
86325: FARMER, J.S.; ILLUSTRATED BY R. SIMKIN - The Regimental Records of the British Army 1660-1901: A Historical Résumé Chronologically Arranged of Titles, Campaigns, Honours, Uniforms, Facings, Badges, Nicknames, Etc.
77217: FARMER, JAMES H. - America's Pioneer Aces: A Historic Perspective on the First Pursuit Group's Remarkable Anomalies; Frank Luke, Jr. And Eddie Rickenbacker, and Their Times
88746: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE; FOREWORD BY ISAAC ASIMOV - The Classic Philip Jose Farmer, 1952-1964 --Classics of Modern Science Fiction
77339: FARMER, JAMES H. - Broken Wings: Hollywood's Air Crashes
89262: FARMER, PHILIP JOSE - Down in the Black Gang
81738: FARNAN, WILLIAM T. - The Christmas Story According to Luke
79753: FARNOL, LYNN - To the Limit of Their Endurance: A Family Story of the VII Fighter Command
83494: FARNSWORTH, R.W.C. - A Southern California Paradise (in the Suburbs of Los Angeles), Being a Historic and Descriptive Account of Pasadena, San Gabriel, Sierra Madre, and La Canada, with Important References to Los Angeles and All Southern California, and Containing Maps and Illustrations
89978: FARNY, HENRY; GERALD P. PETERS GALLERY - The Realistic Expressions of Henry Farny: A Retrospective
83618: FARQUHARSON, RONALD - Confessions of a China Hand
90540: FARR, FINIS - Rickenbacker's Luck: An American Life
78381: FARRAN, ROY - Winged Dagger: Adventures on Special Service
87703: FARRAND, GEORGE E. - An "Owed" to Law Stenographers (Signed)
81940: FARRAND, JOHN, JR., EDITOR - The Audubon Society Master Guide to Birding (Three-Volume Set) --An Advanced Field Handbook to the Birds of North America in Three Volumes
85417: FARRE, HENRI - Sky Fighters of France: Paintings of Battles in the Air (Signed)
2754: FARRELL, SUZANNE, WITH TONI BENTLEY - Holding on to the Air
11165: FARRINGTON, S. KIP JR. - Railroading from the Rear End
12859: FARRINGTON, DORIS E. - Fireside Cooks & Black Kettle Recipes
86242: FARRINGTON, JR., S. KIP - Railroads at War
87848: FARSON, NEGLEY - Behind God's Back
81036: FARWELL, BYRON - Armies of the Raj: From the Mutiny to Independence, 1858-1947
88598: FARWELL, BYRON - Mr. Kipling's Army: All the Queen's Men
86217: FARWELL, BYRON - Armies of the Raj: From the Great Indian Mutiny to Independence: 1858-1947
84267: FASANELLA, RALPH; PATRICK WATSON - Fasanella's City: The Paintings of Ralph Fasanella with the Story of His Life and Art
70067: FASSETT, KAFFE; HUNT, ZOE - Kaffe Fassett's Family Album More Glorious Knits for Children and Adults
70068: FASSETT, KAFFE - Kaffe Fassett's Glorious Color Sources of Inspiration for Knitting and Needlepoint, With 17 Projects
74075: FAST, HOWARD - The Romance of a People: The History of the Jews
16400: FAST, HOWARD - The Naked God: The Writer and the Communist Party
83161: FAULK, ODIE B. - Destiny Road: Gila Trail and the Opening of the Southwest
87898: FAULK, JOHN HENRY - Fear on Trial
2067: FAULKNER, WILLIAM; JOSEPH BLOTNER, EDITOR - Selected Letters of William Faulkner
11466: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - A Faulkner Perspective: A Companion-Guide to the Limited First Edition of the Selected Letters of William Faulkner
12613: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Selected Short Stories of William Faulkner
72949: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Mayday
14694: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Mosquitoes
72997: FAUNCE, SARAH - Masters of Art: Courbet
4233: FAWCETT, ANTHONY; PHOTOGRAPHS BY HENRY DILTZ - California Rock California Sound: The Music of Los Angeles and Southern California
81971: FAWCETTE, STEVEN L - Archangels of Dreamland (Signed)
81970: FAWCETTE, STEVEN L - Archangels II: The Grigori (Signed)
73816: FAYNE, CHUCK - Something Old, Something New: Lecture Notes (Signed)
12700: FEATHERSTONE, DAVID (EDITOR) - Observations: Essays on Documentary Photography
70431: FEATHERSTONE, DAVID; KRIZ, VILEM - Vilem Kriz, Photographs
75210: FEATHERSTONE, DAVID, EDITOR - Close to Home: Seven Documentary Photographers (Untitled 48)
80598: KING FEATURES - King Features Dictionary a-Z
13465: FECHER, CHARLES A. (EDITOR) - The Diary of H.L. Mencken
88195: FEDERICO, HELEN - The Golden Happy Book of ABC
78817: FEENBERG, EUGENE, AND GEORGE EDWARD PAKE - Notes on the Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum
88969: FEENIE, ROB; FOREWORD BY CHARLIE TROTTER - Rob Feenie Cooks at Lumiere (Signed)
70423: FEHR, GERTRUDE - Gertrude Fehr: Fotografien Seit 1918
78077: FEIBELMAN, W.A. - Rails to Pittsburgh: Steam, Diesel, and Electrics in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania & the East, 1945-1970 (a Train Watchers Collection)
12084: FEIBLEMAN, PETER S. - The Daughters of Necessity
2931: FEIERBERG, M.Z. - Whither? and Other Stories
2466: FEIFFER, JULES - The Man in the Ceiling (Signed)
3114: FEIFFER, JULES - The Man in the Ceiling
12003: FEIFFER, JULES - Feiffer's Album
16726: FEIFFER, JULES - Meanwhile-- (Signed)
3778: FEIFFER, JULES - Tantrum
83514: FEIFFER, JULES - A Room with a Zoo
83400: FEINBLATT, EBRIA, INTRODUCTION - Agostino Mitelli: Drawings--Loan Exhibition from the Kunstbibliothek, Berlin 31 March-30 April 1965
71473: FEINEMAN, NEIL; REISS, STEVEN - Thirty Frames Per Second: The Visionary Art of the Music Video
83562: FEININGER, LYONEL; EILA KOKKINEN - Lyonel Feininger: The Ruin by the Sea
72288: FEININGER, ANDREAS - In a Grain of Sand: Exploring Design by Nature
16079: FEININGER, LYONEL - The Ruin by the Sea
70994: FEINSTEIN, RONI - With the Grain: Contemporary Panel Painting
90040: FEIST, UWE, AND RENE J. FRANCILLON - Luftwaffe in World War II - Aero Pictorials 1
90977: FEIST, UWE - The Fighting Me 109
90857: FEIST, UWE - Soviet Panzers in Action: Armor #6
84690: FEIST, UWE, AND THOMAS MCGUIRL - Luftwaffe Diary (Volume 1)
87447: FEIST, UWE; NORMAN HARRIS; MIKE DARIO - The Fighting 109 --A Pictorial History of the Messerschmitt BF109 in Action
90855: FEIST, UWE; NORM HARMS - Tiger I in Action (Armor number 8)
90859: FEIST, UWE; MIKE DARIO - Nashorn, Hummel, Brumbar in Action - Armor No. 5
84691: FEIST, UWE, AND THOMAS MCGUIRL - Luftwaffe Diary (Volume 2)
90061: FEIST, UWE - Messerschmitt Me 109 - Aero Series 1
78429: FEIST, UWE, AND BRUCE CULVER - Panzerkampfwagen Tiger (Tiger I) --50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition
86158: FEIST, UWE; NORMAN HARMS; MIKE DARIO - The Fighting 109: A Pictorial History of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 in Action
90300: FEIST, UWE - Deutsche Panzer, 1917-1945
90858: FEIST, UWE - Panzer III in Action - Armor No. 1
90856: FEIST, UWE; MIKE DARIO - Panzerjager in Action - Armor No. 7
90860: FEIST, UWE; MIKE DARIO - Panzerspahwagen in Action - Armor No. 4
90861: FEIST, UWE; KURT RIEGER - German Halftracks in Action - Armor No. 3
81892: FEITELSON, LORSER, AND FRAN COLPITT - Lorser Feitelson: The Late Paintings
80978: FEITELSON, LORSER, AND FRAN COLPITT - Lorser Feitelson: The Late Paintings
83807: FEIVER, CHRISTOPHER - Ferlinghetti Portrait
91355: FEL, EDIT - Peasant Embroidery on Linen and Hemp in Hungary (Hungarian Folk Art)
83305: FELD, ELIZABETH, AND STUART P. FELD, CURATORS - For Work & for Play: A Selection of American Neo-Classical Furniture
90669: FELDT, ERIC A.; DOUGLAS A. MACARTHUR - The Coast Watchers
75026: DAHL, FELICITY AND ROALD - Memories with Food at Gipsy House
73681: FELSEN, HENRY GREGOR - Letters to a Teen-Age Son (Signed)
71366: FELSKE, COERTE V. W. - Word (Signed)
73586: FENG, WANG - Wang Feng: Dunhuang Bodhisattva
73389: FENGUANG, SONG, AND ZHANG JINPING - Collection of Song Fenguang's and Zhang Jinping's Paintings (Signed)
81373: FENNIMORE, DONALD L., AND ANN K. WAGNER - Silversmiths to the Nation: Thomas Fletcher & Sidney Gardiner: 1808-1842
89316: FENTON, ROBERT W. - The Big Swingers: A Biography
13748: MILLAR, MARGARET ROBINSON, JEANNIE FERBER AND PRISCILLA HARPER (EDITORS AND COMPILERS) - Six Inches to England: A Special Collection of International Children's Stories
1606: FERBER, EDNA - Great Son
71510: FERBRACHE, LEWIS - Theodore Wores: Artist in Search of the Picturesque
3947: SZAKÁLY FERENC - Szigetvári Csöbör Balázs Török MiniatúráI, 1570 (Bibliotheca Historica)
14796: FERET, BILL - Lure of the Tropix: A Pictorial History of the Tropic Temptress in Films, Serials and Comics
14428: FERGUSON, WILLIAM M. - Maya Ruins of Mexico in Color
70218: FERGUSON, MAX - Going, Going, Gone: Paintings of a Vanishing New York (Signed)
84012: FERGUSON, OTIS; DOROTHY CHAMBERLAIN; ROBERT WILSON - Otis Ferguson Reader (December, Vol. 24, No. 1-2. )
86900: FERLING, JOHN - Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence
79736: FERNETT, GENE - Swing out: Great Negro Dance Bands
78923: FERNETT, GENE - A Thousand Golden Horns: A Pictorial History of Famous Dance Bands and Their Leaders
78183: FERRAGAMO, SALVATORE - Salvatore Ferragamo: The Art of the Shoe 1898-1960
77320: FERRELL, BOB - The United States Mosquito Fleet
91260: FERRELL, BOB - The United States Mosquito Fleet
83255: FERRIN, LESLIE - Teapots Transformed: Exploration of an Object
74967: FERRO, SERGIO, CHERIF KEBBAL, PHILIPPE POTIE, AND CYRILLE SIMONNET - Le Couvent de la Tourette: Le Corbusier (Monographies D'Architecture) (French Edition)
88913: FERRO, MAXIMILIAN L., AND MELISSA L. COOK`` - Electric Wiring and Lighting in Historic American Buildings--Guidelines for Restoration and Rehabilitation Projects
4217: VON FERSEN, HANS-HEINRICH - Autos in Deutschland 1920-1939
89366: FEST, JOACHIM C. - Hitler
2703: HAMPTONS FILM FESTIVAL - The Hamptons International Film Festival (October 19-23, 1994)--Program
73575: FETTING, RAINER - Rainer Fetting: Holzbilder (Wood Paintings)
85217: USSR MINISTRY OF DEFENSE; FETZER, LELAND; RAY WAGNER - The Soviet Air Force in World War II: The Official History
87430: FEUCHTWANGER, LION - Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
70718: FEULNER, ADOLF - Die Zick: Deutsch Maler Des 18. Jahrhunderts
90134: FEY, WILL - Armor Battles of the Waffen Ss, 1943-45 (Stackpole Military History Series)
13786: FEYNMAN, RICHARD P. - Ojala Lo Supiera!: Las Cartas de Richard P. Feynman
84085: FEYNMAN, RICHARD P. - Classic Feynman: All the Adventures of a Curious Character
2413: FIALA, FR. JOHN L. - Lilacs: The Genus Syringa
74048: FICKEWIRTH, ALVIN A. - California Railroads: An Encyclopedia of Cable Car, Common Carrier, Horsecar, Industrial Interurban, Logging, Monorail, Motor Road, Short Lines, Streetcar, Switching & Terminal Railroads (1851-1992)
90420: FIEDLER, LESLIE - Freaks: Myths & Images of the Secret Self
1316: FIEDLER, LESLIE - An End to Innocence: Essays on Culture and Politics
78050: FIELD, CYRIL - Old Times Under Arms: A Military Garner
2963: FIELD, RACHEL - All Through the Night
2979: FIELD, CAROL - Celebrating Italy
12079: FIELD, EUGENE - The Writings in Prose and Verse of Eugene Field: The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac
10697: FIELD, CAROL - Italy in Small Bites
76129: FIELD, EUGENE - The Writings in Prose and Verse of Eugene Field--12 Volume Set (Works of Eugene Field--12 volume set, complete)
83332: FIELD, JAMES A. - America and the Mediterranean World, 1776-1882
87845: FIELD, ISOBEL - This Life I'Ve Loved: An Autobiography
80271: FIELD, RICHARD, CURATOR - An Exhibition of Canadian Gameboards (Game Boards) of the 19th & 20th Centuries from Ontario, Quebec & Nova Scotia
83970: FIELD, EUGENE - The Writings in Prose and Verse of Eugene Field (Works of Eugene Field--12 volume set, complete)
88100: FIELD, EUGENE; ILLUSTRATED BY FERN BISEL PEAT - The Sugar-Plum Tree and Other Verses
79553: FIELD, ALICE EVANS - Hollywood, U.S. A. : From Script to Screen --with an introduction by Will Hays
89541: FIELD, HENRY; REVISED BY W.D. HAMBLY - The Races of Mankind (Sculpture by Malvina Hoffman)
1735: FIELD, RACHEL - Prayer for a Child --pictures by Elizabeth Orton Jones
87840: FIELD, RACHEL - All This, and Heaven Too (Signed)
86967: FIELD, RON; RICHARD HOOK - The Confederate Army 1861-65, Vol. 4: Virginia & Arkansas (Men-at-Arms)
10972: FIELDING, HENRY - The Tragedy of Tragedies, or the Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great, with the Annotations of H. Scriblerus Secundus
14204: FIELDING, HENRY - The History of Tom Jones (Two Volumes)
90083: FIELDING, HENRY - Tom Jones (Collector's Edition) the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written
75384: FIELDS, VIRGINIA M. - The Hover Collection of Karuk Baskets
75253: FIENUP-RIORDAN, ANN, ET AL. - The Artists Behind the Work: Life Histories of Nick Charles Sr. , Frances Demientieff, Lena Sours and Jennie Thlunaut
11982: FIERMAN, FLOYD S. - Roots and Boots: From Crypto-Jew in New Spain to Community Leader in the American Southwest
83035: ANN FIERY; ILLUSTRATED BY PETER MALONE - At the Opera --Tales of the Great Operas
2116: FIKE, BONITA - A Passion for Glass: The Aviva and Jack A. Robinson Studio Glass Collection
12784: LONGO, FILIPPO ET AL - La Biennale Di Venezia: 32a Mostra Internazionale D'Arte Cinematografica
84991: FILLEY, BRIAN - Focke Wulf Fw 190 in Action - Aircraft No. 170 (FW 190A, F, and G in Action)
86986: FILLMORE, CHARLES - Metaphysical Bible Dictionary
10032: JANUS FILMS AND FILMS INCORPORATED - A Classic Collection: A Joint Distribution Venture by Janus Films and Film Incorporated
87653: FILONOW, PAWEL; JURGEN HARTEN - Pawel Filonow Und Seine Schule (Softcover In German and Russian )
74611: FINCH, CHRISTOPHER - American Watercolors
89569: FINCH, CHRISTOPHER - Chuck Close: Work
86676: FINCH, CHRISTOPHER - Chuck Close: Life
78242: FINCH, CHRISTOPHER - The Art of Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms
80006: FINDLAY, ARTHUR - The Unfolding Universe, on the Edge of the Etheric, the Rock of Truth, and the Autobiography of a Spiritualist (Four-Volume Boxed Set)
3252: FINE, RUTH E. - Drawing Near: Whistler Etchings from the Zelman Collection
16764: FINE, RUTH E. - Gemini G.E. L. Art and Collaboration
81945: FINESTONE, HARRY, EDITOR - Bacon's Rebellion: The Contemporary News Sheets
12628: FINKEL, DONALD - The Garbage Wars
89982: FINKELSTEIN, NORMAN G. - The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering
12887: FINLAY, IAN - Scottish Crafts
71211: FINLAY, J. CAM - A Bird-Finding Guide to Canada
90391: FINLER, JOEL W. - The Hollywood Story
72767: FINLEY, KAREN - Pooh Unplugged: A Parody
72806: FINLEY, KAREN - Living It Up: Humorous Adventures in Hyperdomesticity (Signed)
72339: FINN, DAVID; CLARK, KENNETH - The Florence Baptistery Doors
89469: FINNE, K.N. - Igor Sikorsky: The Russian Years
88392: FINNEY, JACK - Time and Again: An Illustrated Novel
80619: FINNEY, CHARLES G. - The Old China Hands
11115: HACKNEY, FIONA AND ISLA - Charles Rennie Mackintosh
85132: FISCH, ROBERT - Field Equipment of the Infantry 1914-1945
90329: FISCHER, KLAUS P. - Nazi Germany: A New History
13952: FISCHER, JOSEPH - Threads of Tradition: Textiles of Indonesia and Sarawak
87751: FISCHER, MARTIN - Gracian's Manual: A Truthtelling Manual and the Art of Worldy Wisdom, Being a Collection of Aphorisms Which Appear in the Works of Baltasar Gracian
91349: FISCHER,, HENRY W. - Secret Memoirs: The Court of Royal Saxony 1891-1902--the Story of Louise Crown Princess
72054: FISHCETTI, LUIGI - Pompeii Past and Present: Its Principal Monuments as They Are and as They Used to Be, Reproduced and Restored from Photographs and Original Sketches, along with the Myth of Dionysus and the Villa of the Mysteries
82160: FISHER, LOREN R. - The Claremont Ras Shamra Tablets (Analecta Orientalia 48)
82161: FISHER, LOREN R. - The Claremont Ras Shamra Tablets (Analecta Orientalia 48) (Signed)
11149: FISHER, LEONARD EVERETT - The Unions: Nineteenth Century America
11651: FISHER, HARRY - Comrades: Tales of a Brigadista in the Spanish CIVIL War
15132: FISHER, M.F.K. - Dubious Honors
15108: FISHER, JUDE - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Visual Companion
74305: FISHER, SANDRA - Sandra Fisher: Paintings and Monotypes
86169: FISHER, JAMES - Adventure of the World
71112: FISHER, AILEEN - Listen Rabbit
71113: FISHER, AILEEN - Sing, Little Mouse
16043: FISHER, M.F.K. - Map of Another Town: A Memoir of Provence
82968: FISHER, MICHAEL H. - The Travels of Dean Mahomet: An Eighteenth-Century Journey Through India
83523: FISHER, M.F.K. - Here Let Us Feast: A Book of Banquets
84581: FISHER, ANNE - It's a Wise Child: A Disorderly Comedy of Fatherhood
79723: QUASI (STEVE FISHER) - The World Is Your Litter Box: A How-to Manual for Cats (Signed)
83647: FISHER, FREDERICK - Delight (Signed)
78799: FISHER, M.F.K.; INTRODUCTION BY JOAN REARDON - A Stew or a Story: An Assortment of Short Works by M.F. K. Fisher
89107: FISHMAN, JACK - And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
14999: FISHMAN, RICHARD - Richard Fishman: Drawings and Sculpture 1980-1987
90471: FISK, WILBUR; EMIL & RUTH ROSENBLATT (EDITORS) - Hard Marching Every Day: The CIVIL War Letters of Private Wilbur Fisk, 1861-1865 (Modern War Studies)
71933: FITCH, ROBERT F. - Hangchow Itineraries, Describing the Chief Places of Interest with a Note on the Famous Bore
15038: FITCH, JANET - Paint It Black (Signed)
78311: FITES, TAMARA, ET. AL; AND S.M.A.C. - Make Shift
72513: FITTS, J. BENNETT - J. Bennett Fitts: Industrial Landscape[Ing]
11767: FITZGERALD, ROBERT - A Wreath for the Sea
14776: FITZGERALD, PENELOPE - Charlotte Mew and Her Friends
15011: FITZGERALD, EDWARD - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
70007: FITZGERALD, EDWARD, TRANSLATOR - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
73536: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - Tender Is the Night
87924: FITZGERALD, C. P. - Barbarian Beds: The Origin of the Chair in China
90709: JAMI; EDWARD FITZGERALD, TRANSLATOR; E.A. COX, ILLUSTRATOR - Salaman and Absal: An Allegory Translated from the Persian of Jami
3178: FITZHUGH, BILL - Pest Control
86167: FITZLYON, APRIL - The Price of Genius: A Life of Pauline Viardot
80744: FITZPATRICK, JIM - The Bicycle in Wartime: An Illustrated History
89561: FITZSIMONS, BARNARD, EDITOR - War Planes & Air Battles of World War I
82546: FITZSIMONS, CECILIA - My First Birds: A Pop-Up Field Guide
85108: FITZSIMONS, BERNARD - Warships & Sea Battles of World War I
85109: FITZSIMONS, BERNARD - Warships and Sea Battles of World War I
88098: FIX, BETTY S., AND EDITH E. BUHLER - The Adventures of Idabell and Wakefield (Dolls Around the World)
12818: FLACELIERE, ROBERT - Greek Oracles
76012: FLACK, MARJORIE - Angus Y El Gato (Angus and the Cat)
91010: FLACK, JEREMY - Spitfire: The World's Most Famous Fighter
85469: FLACK, JEREMY - 100 Years of Royal Navy Submarines
13159: O'FLAHERTY, JOSEPH S. - An End and a Beginning: The South Coast and Los Angeles 1850-1887 (Signed)
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85451: FLOWER, JOHN - Moonlight Serenade: A Bio-Discography of the Glenn Miller Civilian Band
85450: FLOWER, JOHN - Moonlight Serenade: A Bio-Discography of the Glenn Miller Civilian Band
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1987: THE ARMAND HAMMER FOUNDATION - Impressionist to Early Modern Paintings from the U.S. S.R.
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82273: FRADA, EBERONI - Carcasses
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82841: FRANCISCO, RUTH - Confessions of a Deathmaiden (Signed)
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14882: FRANTZ, SUSANNE K. - Contemporary Glass: A World Survey from the Corning Museum of Glass
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72756: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - The Twenty-Seventh City
81032: FRASCHKA, GUNTHER - Knights of the Reich: The Twenty-Seven Most Highly Decorated Soldiers of the Wehrmacht in World War II
77789: FRASCHKA, GUNTHER - Knights of the Reich: The Twenty-Seven Most Highly Decorated Soldiers of the Wehrmacht in World War II
13865: FRASER, JAMES - The American Billboard: 100 Years
13853: FRASER, PHYLLIS - This Little Piggy and Other Counting Rhymes
13856: FRASER, PHYLLIS - Mother Goose
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83993: GALLERY, DANIEL V. - Twenty Million Tons Under the Sea
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73206: GARDNER, DAVID PIERPONT - Earning My Degree: Memoirs of an American University President (Signed)
91494: GARDNER, J. STARKIE, AND W.W. WATTS - Ironwork (Part I and Part II)
85426: GARDNER, J.R.; GEOFFREY TILL - Decoding History: The Battle of the Atlantic and Ultra
84348: GARFIELD, LEON; TREVOR RIDLEY - Boy and the Monkey
1169: GARFIELD, BRIAN - Recoil
91129: GARFIELD, LEON - Blewcoat Boy (Signed)
14283: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily and His Friends
14317: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily's Travels
15007: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily's Auto Sled
70526: GARIS, ROGER - My Father Was Uncle Wiggily: The Story of the Remarkable Garis Family who created Uncle Wiggily and wrote countless adventures of the Motor Boys, the Motor Girls, Baseball Joe, the Bobbsey Twins, Tom Swift and the Outdoor Girls
74801: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Set of Six Uncle Wiggily Books: Uncle Wiggily and the Pirates; Uncle Wiggily and His Flying Rug; Uncle Wiggily Plays Indian Hunter; Uncle Wiggily on Roller Skates; Uncle Wiggily and His Funny Auto; Uncle Wiggily Goes Camping
16555: GARLAND, MICHAEL - Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook
72256: GARLINGTON, MICHAEL - Portraits from the Belly of the Whale (Signed)
85410: GARLINSKI, JOZEF - The Survival of Love -- Memoirs of a Resistance Officer
85425: GARLINSKI, JOZEF; R.V. JONES - The Enigma War --The Inside Story of the German Enigma Codes and How the Allies Broke Them
88076: GARNER, W.E. (GENERAL INTRODUCTION) - Crystal Growth: Discussions of the Faraday Society No. 5
88995: GARNER, JOE R. - Code Name: Copperhead: My True-Life Exploits As a Special Forces Soldier
78391: GARNERAY, LOUIS - The Floating Prison: The Extraordinary Account of Nine Years Captivity on the British Prison Hulks During the Napoleonic Wars, 1806-1814
13647: GARNETT, DAVID - A Man in the Zoo
78842: GARNETT, GRIFFIN T. - The Sandscrapers: A Forgotten Navy (Signed)
79732: GARON, PAUL, AND BETH GORDON - Woman with Guitar: Memphis Minnie's Blues
78162: GAROUSTE, GERARD - Les Palais de la Memoire (Les Confessions, Livre X, Saint Augustine) (Les Indiennes)
74108: GARRELS, GARY - Eden's Edge: Fifteen L.A. Artists
86384: GARRET, MIKE; BRIAN GOULDING - Lancaster at War: 5: Fifty Years on
70836: GARRETT, EDMUND H. - The Pilgrim Shore
80300: GARRETT, BETTY, WITH RON RAPOPORT - Betty Garrett and Other Songs: A Life on Stage and Screen (Signed)
87617: GARRETT, WENDELL - American Colonial: Puritan Simplicity to Georgian Grace
14092: GRAU-GARRIGA, JOSEP - Grau-Garriga
83165: GRAU-GARRIGA, JOSEP - Grau-Garriga
87552: GARRISON, WEBB, WITH CHERYL GARRISON - The Encyclopedia of CIVIL War Usage --An Illustrated Compendium of the Everyday Language of Soldiers and Civilians
90630: GARROW, DAVID - The Fbi and Martin Luther King, Jr. : From "Solo" to Memphis
83809: GARSIDE, ANNE; PHOTOGRAPHS BY ORLANDO SUERO - Camelot at Dawn: Jacqueline & John Kennedy in Georgetown, May 1954
2843: GARTHWAITE, MARION - Coarse Gold Gulch
2080: GARVER, THOMAS H., ARTHUR ROTHSTEIN, JOHN VACHON, AND ROY STRYKER - Just Before the War: Urban America from 1935 to 1941 As Seen by Photographers of the Farm Security Administration.
70367: GARVER, THOMAS H. - 12 Photographers of the American Social Landscape with 48 reproductions and a critical commentary
71770: GASIOROWSKI, GERARD; JEAN DE LOISY - Gerard Gasiorowski: Ex-Voto
10471: GASKELL, MRS. - Cranford (Two Different Editions)
72281: GASS, WILLIAM H. - Omensetter's Luck (Signed)
3073: GASS, WILLIAM H. - Fiction & the Figures of Life
511: GASSIER, PIERRE - Goya: Biographical and Critical Study
84627: DE GAST, ROBERT - The Churches and Chapels of San Miguel de Allende
16396: GASTER, THEODOR H. (TRANSLATOR) - The Dead Sea Scriptures in English Translation
91548: GASTMAN, ROGER - Enamelized
74873: GATCH, LEE - Lee Gatch: Recent Paintings
81281: GATCHELL, L.B., EDITOR - American Air Mail Catalogue, Vol. 3 --A Reference Listing of the Airports of the World
71974: GATE, RICHARD - Richard Gate: Monotypes & Collages 1988
10567: GATES, HENRY LOUIS JR. - Colored People
88168: GATES, S. JAMES JR. - Superstring Theory: The Dna of Reality --Two Volumes
3754: GATHRID, JONATHAN - Alphabots
74573: GAUDIERI, ALEXANDER - Pablo Picasso: Meeting in Montreal
2177: GAVRILIS, ANDREAS - Sounion: The Ruins and Their History
86364: GAWRYCH, WOJCIECH J. - M4a2 Sherman Part 2 - Armour Photo Gallery No. 16
83085: GAY, PETER - Reading Freud: Explorations and Entertainments
83832: GAY, JOHN; ILLUSTRATED BY WILLIAM NICHOLSON - Polly (Being the Second Part of the Beggar's Opera)
15119: WADE-GAYLES, GLORIA - Pushed Back to Strength: A Black Woman's Journey Home (Signed)
83027: GAYNOR, ELIZABETH; KARI HAAVISTO - Scandinavia Living Design
71644: GAZIN, PATRICIA A. - Footnotes on the Sand (Signed)
84100: GAZZARA, BEN - In the Moment: My Life As an Actor (Signed)
13715: GEARY, CHRISTAUD M. - The Voyage of King Njoya's Gift: A Beaded Sculpture from the Bamum Kingdom, Cameroon, in the National Museum of African Art
82465: GEARY, MARJORIE CRANE - Folk Dances of Czecho Slovakia
13530: GEBHARD, DAVID - Schindler (Pioneers of Modern Architecture)
76623: GEBHARD, DAVID, AND HARRIETTE VON BRETON - L.A. In the Thirties, 1931-1941
1542: GEDDES, ANNE - The Twelve Days of Christmas
70484: GEE, HELEN - Photography of the Fifties: An American Perspective
84458: GEELEN, GUIDO - Guido Geelen. Sculptuur / Sculpture 1986 / 2000
80576: GEER, ANDREW - The New Breed: The Story of the U.S. Marines in Korea
11053: BEE GEES - Bee Gees Greatest
86844: GEEVES, PHILIP, AND HAROLD CAZNEAUX - Philip Geeves Presents Cazneaux's Sydney, 1904-34 --Photograph Selection and Biography by Gael Newton
89162: GEHLEN, REINHARD; DAVID IRVING, TRANSLATOR - The Service: The Memoirs of General Reinhard Gehlen
70855: GEHRY, FRANK - Symphony: Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall
84576: GEISEL, ELLYNANNE - The Apron Book: Making, Wearing, and Sharing a Bit of Cloth and Comfort
14012: GEISERT, ARTHUR - Roman Numerals I to MM (Signed)
11875: GEIST, SIDNEY - Constantin Brancusi 1876-1957: A Retrospective Exhibition
13202: GEIST, KENNETH L. - Pictures Will Talk: The Life and Films of Joseph L. Mankiewicz
91316: GELB, NORMAN - Scramble: A Narrative History of the Battle of Britain
71399: GELBART, LARRY - City of Angels
71400: GELBART, LARRY - Laughing Matters: On Writing Mash, Tootsie, Oh, God!, and a Few Other Funny Things (Signed first edition)
70847: GELDZAHLER, HENRY; HOCKNEY, DAVID; DLUGOS, TIM - Larry Stanton/Painting and Drawing
80649: GELERNTER, DAVID - 1939: The Lost World of the Fair
82884: GELL, PAUL - Flowers from a Painter's Garden: The Watercolors of Paul Gell
70731: WAGMAN-GELLAR, MARLENE - Once Again to Zelda: The Stories Behind Literature's Most Intriguing Dedications (Signed)
12681: GELMAN, WOODY (EDITOR) - Nostalgia Comics, Vol. 1, No. 1
84153: GELUCK, PHILIPPE - Le Chat (French Edition)
3495: GENET, JEAN - Miracle of the Rose
89957: COLLECTION GENIES ET REALITIES - Michel-Ange (French Edition)
74349: GENTILI, GINO VINICIO - Mosaics of Piazza Amerina: The Hunting Scenes
90834: GENTILLI, ROBERTO; ANTONIO IOZZI, AND PAOLO VARRIALE - Italian Aces of World War I and Their Aircraft (Schiffer Military History Book)
73436: GENTRY, CHRISTINE - When Dogs Run Wild: The Sociology of Feral Dogs and Wildlife
87677: GENTRY, BYRON - Voices of the Airways (Signed)
76302: PENTLAND. GEOFFREY - Raaf Camouflage & Markings 1939 - 45: Volume 1
799: GEORGANO, G.N. - A History of Sports Cars
1192: GEORGE, JEAN CRAIGHEAD - Gull Number 737
2354: GEORGE, ELLY-KREE - Please Don't Step on Me
11612: NELSON, GEORGE AND HENRY WRIGHT - Tomorrow's House: A Complete Guide for the Homebuilder
13516: ORWELL, GEORGE AND REGINALD REYNOLDS (EDITORS) - British Pamphleteers: Volume One, from the Sixteenth Century to the French Revolution
14048: SHERINGHAM, GEORGE AND JAMES LAVER - Design in the Theater
14337: GEORGE, JEAN CRAIGHEAD - The Moon of the Bears (Signed)
16411: KOUSOULAS, GEORGE AND DANIEL PATRICK MOYNIHAN - Washington: Portrait of a City
76903: GEORGE, JOHN B. - Shots Fired in Anger --A Rifleman's-Eye View of the Activities on the Island of Guadalcanal, in the Solomons, during the elimination of the Japanese Forces there by the American Army under General Patch whose troops included the 132 Infantry of the Illinois National Guard, a combat unit of the Americal Division--in which organization the Author served while encountering the experiences described herein
82488: GEORGE, JOHN B. - Shots Fired in Anger --A Rifleman's-Eye View of the Activities on the Island of Guadalcanal, in the Solomons, during the elimination of the Japanese Forces there by the American Army under General Patch whose troops included the 132 Infantry of the Illinois National Guard, a combat unit of the Americal Division--in which organization the Author served while encountering the experiences described herein
78502: GEORGE, PHYLLIS - Craft in America: Celebrating the Creative Work of the Hand (Signed)
83177: GEORGE, JEAN CRAIGHEAD; VINCENT NASTA - The Moon of the Winter Bird
79534: GILBERT & GEORGE - The Words of Gilbert & George, with Portraits of the Artists from 1968 to 1997
12039: BELMONT, GEORGES ET AL - Marilyn Monroe and the Camera
83635: GEORGIADY, NICHOLAS P., AND LOUIS G. ROMANO - Trudi la Cane --A Follett Beginning-to-Read FRENCH Book
72699: GEORGIOU, GEORGE - George Georgiou: "Happy Is He Who Calls Himself a Turk
75024: LABINER, GERALD AND SUZANNE - Reading Hogarth: An Exhibition Emphasizing the Printing History, Narrative Changes, and Narrative Techniques in the Prints of William Hogarth
11882: GERARD, JEAN-IGNACE-ISIDORE - Grandville: Das Gesamte Werk Volume 1
16684: LEVY, GERARD AND SERGE BRAMLY - Fleurs de Peau/Bilder Auf Der Haut
86856: GERARD, PHILIP - Secret Soldiers: The Story of World War II's Heroic Army of Deception
83944: SAFAN-GERARD, DESY; ROLAND REISS; JOAN HUGO; PETER FRAN - Desy Safan-Gerard: As in the Flesh, Paintings-Monoprints
13759: GERBER, MERRILL JOAN - Glimmering Girls: A Novel of the Fifties (Signed)
78774: GERBER, ERNST W. - The Photo-Journal Guide to Marvel Comics / Vol. 3 (a-J), Vol. 4 (K-Z) (Two-volume set)
10704: GERBER, MERRILL JOAN - Anna in Chains (Signed)
83824: GERBER, MERRIL JOAN - Old Mother, Little Cat: A Writer's Reflections on Her Kitten, Her Aged Mother... And Life (Signed)
83289: GERDTS, WILLIAM H. (CURATOR) - All Things Bright and Beautiful: California Impressionist Paintings from the Irvine Museum
84331: GERDTS, WILLIAM - Monet's Giverny: An Impressionist Colony
77353: GERHARD, WILLIAM D. - Attack on the Uss Liberty
10574: SCHLEGEL, GERHARD AND ELKE REINHART - Kaktus No. 1 (Laska Comix No. 3)
16833: GERHART, KLAUS - Embracing Men
83445: GERLOVINA, RIMMA; VALERIY GERLOVIN - Photoglyphs: Rimma Gerlovina, Valeriy Gerlovin
71680: GERMANY, LISA - Harwell Hamilton Harris

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