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10152: WEAVER, JOHN V.A. - In American: The Collected Poems of John V.A. Weaver
14313: WEAVER, JOHN D. - El Pueblo Grande: Los Angeles from the Brush Huts of Yangna to the Skyscrapers of the Modern Megalopolis (Signed)
72458: WEAVER, HARRIETT E. - There Stand the Giants: The Story of the Redwood Trees (A Sunset Junior Book)--Signed
11886: WEBB, PETER - Portrait of David Hockney
84398: WEBB, PAUL A. - Loch Ard Clipper Ship 1874 Model Construction Plan Set
80305: WEBB, CHARLES - The Investor's Illustrated Guide to American Convertible and Special-Interest Automobiles, 1946-1976
70500: WEBB, TODD - Todd Webb, Photographs: Early Western Trails and Some Ghost Towns
12118: WEBB, MICHAEL - The City Square: A Historical Evolution
84300: WEBBE, ELIZABETH - The Three Bears --A Rand McNally Giant Book
10726: SWEIBOCKA, TERESA, JONATHAN WEBBER AND CONNIE WILSACK - Auschwitz: A History in Photographs
89505: WEBER, JENNIFER L. - Copperheads: The Rise and Fall of Lincoln's Opponents in the North
14353: WEBER, MSGR. FRANCIS J. - Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
14397: WEBER, WILLIAM A. (EDITOR) - Theodore D.A. Cockerell: Letters from West Cliff, Colorado, 1887-1889
60021: WEBER, MAX - Max Weber: Early Works
60026: WEBER, MAX - Max Weber Drawings
74891: WEBER, MAX - Max Weber: The Figure in Retrospect 1906-1958
90035: WEBER, EBERHARD, AND UWE FEIST - Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Wurger - Aero Series 18
79489: WEBER, NICHOLAS FOX, ET AL. - American Painters of the Impressionist Period Rediscovered
90985: WEBSTER, GRAHAM - The Roman Imperial Army of the First and Second Centuries A.D.
14214: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH - A Dreamer of Wine
84848: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH - Dining at the Pavillon (Signed by Henri Soule)
3342: WECHSLER, JEFFREY - Watercolors from the Abstract Expressionist Era
72931: WEDDLE, DAVID - Among the Mansions of Eden: Tales of Love, Lust, and Land in Beverly Hills (Signed)
83565: WEED, CLARENCE MOORES - The Flower Beautiful
11026: WEEDON, L.L. - Pretty and Wise for Sweet Bright Eyes
70927: WEEGEE - Weegee's People
70785: WEEGEE; MEL HARRIS - Naked Hollywood
83364: WEEKES, TREVOR - The Teach Your Chicken to Fly Training Manual
78942: WEEKS, JOHN - Airborne Equipment: A History of Its Development
82044: WEEKS, KENT R. - The Classic Christian Townsite at Arminna West (Yale Expedition to Egypt, Number 3)
91490: WEEKS, JOHN - Airborne Soldier
1533: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - William Wegman's Mother Goose
74155: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - My Town
11754: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Funney-Strange (Signed)
12093: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, Videotapes
12624: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Farm Days
13914: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Man's Best Friend
14470: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Farm Days (Signed)
74459: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Fay
92209: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - William Wegman's Mother Goose (Signed)
86100: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Farm Days, or How Chip Learnt an Important Lesson on the Farm or A a Day in the Country or Hip Chip's Trip or Farmer Boy (Signed)
10594: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - Fay
11308: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - The Making of Little Red Riding Hood: Fay's Fairy Tales
86708: WEGMAN, WILLIAM - William Wegman: Polaroids
92172: WEIDER, JOE - The Ifbb Album of Bodybuilding All-Stars
2086: WEIERMAIR, PETER; TRANSLATED BY CLAUS NIELANDER - The Hidden Image: Photographs of the Male Nude in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
16585: WEIERMAIR, PETER (EDITOR) - George Platt Lynes
70436: WEIERMAIR, PETER - Photographie Als Kunst 1879-1979, Kunst Als Photographie 1949-1979 (2 Volumes)
14644: WEIERMAIR, PETER (EDITOR) - The Male Nude: A Male View
80022: WEIGHT, CAREL, EDITOR - Painters on Painting (Volume 1)
80023: WEIGHT, CAREL, EDITOR - Painters on Painting (Volume 2)
78328: WEIGHTMAN, ALFRED E. - Heraldry in the Royal Navy: Crests and Badges of H.M. Ships
509: WEIGLE, OSCAR; PICTURES BY TADASU IZAWA - Big & Little: A Preschool Puppet Book.
88524: WEIHS, ERIKA, ILLUSTRATOR - The Little Red Hen and Other Nursery Tales
85548: WEINAND, RON - Npea Daggers and Associated Knives. A Collector's Guide
79361: WEINAND, RON - Npea Daggers and Associated Knives --A Collector's Guide
12990: WEINBERG, HERMAN G. - The Complete Wedding March of Erich Von Stroheim
70693: WEINBERG, HERMAN G. - The Complete Greed of Erich Von Stroheim, a Reconstruction of the Film in 348 Still Photos Following the Original Screenplay Plus 52 Production Stills (Signed)
73283: WEINBERG, HERMAN G. - Saint Cinema: Writings on Film, 1929-1970
78475: WEINGARTNER, JAMES J. - Hitler's Guard: The Story of the Leibstandarte Ss Adolf Hitler, 1933-1945 (Battery Classics Series)
73875: WEINSTEIN, HETH, AND JED WEINSTEIN - Buskers: The on-the-Streets, in-the-Trains, Off-the-Grid Memoir of Two New York City Street Musicians (Signed)
87495: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - Private Shaw & Public Shaw: A Dual Portrait of Lawrence of Arabia and G.B. S.
86270: WEIR, ADRIAN - The Last Flight of the Luftwaffe: The Fate of Schulungslehrgang Elbe, 7 April 1945
10373: WEIR, ALISON - Peter, Good Night
73133: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P - Millet and His Barbizon Contemporaries: Exhibition
14978: WEISBERG, GABRIEL P. - Art Nouveau Bing: Paris Style 1900
92718: WEISBERG, HAROLD - Whitewash II: The Fbi-Secret Service Coverup
74998: WEISBERG, RUTH - Ruth Weisberg
86423: WEISBORD, MERRILY; MERILYN SIMONDS MOHR - The Valour and the Horror: The Untold Story of Canadians in the Second World War
92048: WEISS, JAQUELINE SHACHTER - Profiles in Children's Literature: Discussions with Authors, Artists, and Editors
10265: WEISS, PETER - The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat As Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade
88232: WEISSBORT, DANIEL, EDITOR - Translating Poetry: The Double Labyrinth
91567: WEITZMAN, DAVID - Jenny: The Airplane That Taught America to Fly
2873: WELCH, STUART CARY - Indian Drawings and Painted Sketches: 16th Through 19th Centuries
13069: WELCH, STUART CARY - A King's Book of Kings: The Shah-Nameh of Shah Tahmasp
13917: KEMP-WELCH, ALICE - Of Six Medieval Women, with a Note on Medieval Gardens
92051: WELCH, STUART CARY; MILO CLEVELAND BEACH - Gods, Thrones and Peacocks: Northern Indian Painting from Two Traditions: Fifteenth to Nineteenth Centuries
90658: WELCH, DAVID - The Hitler Conspiracies: Secrets and Lies Behind the Rise and Fall of the Nazi Party
70837: WELD, JOHN - Fly Away Home: Memoirs of a Hollywood Stunt Man (Signed)
77186: WELD, JOHN - Young Man in Paris (Signed)
92642: WELDON, FAY - Splitting (Signed)
77227: WELDON, SIR HUW - Red Berets Into Normandy: 6th Airborne Division's Assault Into Normandy D Day 1944
72498: WELLER, TOM - Cultvre Made Stupid: A Misguided Tour of Illiterature, Fine & Dandy Arts, & the Subhumanities
50026: WELLES, ORSON, AND ROGER HILL (MERCURY THEATRE) - Everybody's Shakespeare: Twelfth Night, Edited for Reading and Arranged for Staging (Signed by Orson Welles)
89896: WELLMUTH, FRANCIS, EDITOR - The Golden Treasury of Chess (Chess Classics Series)
2333: WELLS, ROSEMARY - Moss Pillows (Miniature Edition)
3782: WELLS, H.G. - The Fate of Man
16392: WELLS, H.G. - The Croquet Player
71597: WELLS, ROBERT - Toffy and Sweets: How to Make Them; or, the Art of Sugar-Boiling Made Easy (Reprinted in Facsimile)
76386: WELLS, DICKY, AS TOLD TO STANLEY DANCE - The Night People;: Reminiscences of a Jazzman
89240: WELLSTED, IAN - Sas with the Maquis: In Action with the French Resistance, June-September 1944
92620: WELSH, STANLEY L. - Wildflowers of Zion National Park
10790: WELTER, JOHN - Night of the Avenging Blowfish
91152: DER WELTKRIEG - Der Zweite Weltkrieg: Der Schritt Uber Die Grenzen (Six Volumes)
1549: WELTY, EARL M. & FRANK J. TAYLOR - The Black Bonanza: The Fabulous Life and Times of Union Oil Company of California
92690: WELTY, EUDORA - Losing Battles
92798: WELTY, EUDORA; EDITED BY PATTI CARR BLACK - Eudora Welty: Early Escapades
78054: WEMYSS, D.E.G. - Walker's Groups in the Western Approaches
16722: HO LEE, WEN WITH HELEN ZIA - My Country Versus Me: A First-Hand Account by the Los Alamos Scientist Who Was Falsely Accused of Being a Spy
1052: WENDERS, WIM - Buenas Vistas of Havana
10146: CLEMSON, WENDY AND DAVID, DIANE JAMES, TOBY, AND CLAIRE WATTS - Fun with Math: Puzzles, Activities, and Games to Help Your Child Have Fun with Math and Numbers
13498: PINI, WENDY AND RICHARD - Elfquest: The Hidden Years
14516: HALPERIN, WENDY AND GUY DE MAUPASSANT - When Chickens Grow Teeth
73352: WENINGER, PETER - Osterreich: Landschaft Und Mensch in Meistergemalden (German Edition)
1467: WENNER, JANN - Lennon Remembers: The Rolling Stone Interviews
76924: WENTWORTH, HAROLD - American Dialect Dictionary
2388: WENTWORTH, JUDY - Quilts
86404: WERCKMEISTER, O.K. - The Making of Paul Klee's Career 1914-1920
2263: WERFEL, FRANZ - Poems
91664: WERNER, HERBERT A. - Iron Coffins: A Personal Account of the U-Boat Battles of World War II
91661: WERNER, HERBERT A. - Iron Coffins: A Personal Account of the U-Boat Battles of World War II
1734: WERNER, ELSA JANE, EDITOR; ILLUSTRATED BY DECIE MERWIN - Wings of the Morning: A Child's Own Treasury of Bible Sayings
10184: WERNER, ELSA JANE - Patrick: The Fuzziest Bunny
10453: WERNER, ELSA JANE - Houses
84612: WERNER, THEODOR; LOHKAMP, BRIGITTE - Theodor Werner: Ausgewahlte Arbeiten 1934-1965 (German Edition)
88439: WERNER, JANE, EDITOR; ILLUSTRATED BY GARTH WILLIAMS - The Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies with Assorted Pixies, Mermaids, Brownies, Witches, and Leprechauns
71812: WERNER, THEODOR - Theodor Werner: Ausgewahlte Arbeiten 1939-1966
91250: WERNER, HERBERT A. - Iron Coffins: A Personal Account of the U-Boat Battles of World War II
89348: WERNER, HERBERT A. - Iron Coffins: A Personal Account of the U-Boat Battles of World War II
92627: WERSBA, BARBARA; DAVID PALLADINI - Twenty-Six Starlings Will Fly Through Your Mind
87550: WERT, JEFFRY D. - Mosby's Rangers
70672: WERTENBAKER, THOMAS J., AND MARVIN W. SCHLEGEL, EDITOR - Norfolk: Historic Southern Port
88797: WERTH, ALEXANDER - Russia at War 1941-1945
82024: WESCHLER, LAWRENCE, EDITOR - Omnivore: A Journal of Writing & Visual Culture from the New York Institute for the Humanities at Nyu--Autumn 2003, Prototype Issue
89698: WESEEN, MAURICE H. - Dictionary of American Slang
72371: WESLEY, STRICK - Out There in the Dark (Signed)
91718: WESSELLS, KATHARINE TYLER; GERTRUDE ELLIOTT - The Golden Song Book: 60 Favorite Songs and Singing Games
13739: WEST, RICHARD M. - The Girl in the Albergo Borghese (Signed)
71219: WEST, GEORGE C. - An Identification Guide to the Common Summer Birds on Kachemak Bay, Alaska
71164: WEST, GEORGE C. - A Birder's Guide to the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska (From Portage to Seward, Kenai, Soldotna, Homer, and Kachemak Bay; the Chiswell and Barren Islands)
16888: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters at Mystery Mountain
16889: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Old Clipper Ship
16890: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Little Mermaid
16891: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery
16892: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery at Missile Town
16893: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters at the Snowflake Camp
84528: WEST, CORNELL; FELIX GONZALEZ-TORRES - Out There: Marginalization and Contemporary Culture (Documentary Sources in Contemporary Art)
16150: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters at Mystery Mountain
71220: WEST, GEORGE C. - Shorebird Guide for Kachemak Bay and Homer, Alaska
71226: WEST, GEORGE C. - A Bird Finder's Guide to Homer and Kachemak Bay, Alaska
87615: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters and the Cowboy Mystery
87616: WEST, JERRY - The Happy Hollisters at Snowflake Camp
87775: WEST, ANDREW - Rolling Thunder in a Gentle Land: The Vietnam War Revisited
90440: WEST, NIGEL - Mi6: British Secret Intelligence Service Operations 1909-1945
82216: WEST, CINDY, AND IB PENICK - The Joys of Christmas: A Celebration in Three Dimensions, with Special Holiday Centerpiece
82386: ORWELL. GEORGE; WEST, W.J.(EDITOR) - Orwell; the War Commentaries
78175: WEST, NIGEL - Secret War: The Story of Soe, Britain's Wartime Sabotage Organisation
76355: WESTCOTT, LINN H., EDITOR - Model Railroader Cyclopedia - Volume 1: Steam Locomotives
91644: WESTLAKE, DONALD; DARWYN COOKE - Richard Stark's Parker, Vol. 1: The Hunter
91645: WESTLAKE, DONALD; DARWYN COOKE - Richard Stark's Parker, Vol. 2: The Outfit
88494: WESTLAKE, RAY - British Battalions on the Western Front--January to June 1915
12417: WESTON, EDWARD - Edward Weston: Color Photography
13021: WESTON, MARTHA - Peony's Rainbow
88985: WESTON, MARGARET W., AND DALE W. STULZ - Passion and Precision: Photographs from the Collection of Margaret W. Weston
80041: WESTOVER, JOHN G. - Combat Support in Korea --The United States Army in the Korean Conflict
80279: WESTPHAL, RUTH LILLY, AND JANET BLAKE DOMINIK, EDITORS - American Scene Painting: California, 1930s and 1940s
84162: WESTPHAL, KATHERINE - Dragons and Other Creatures: Chinese Embroideries of the Ch'Ing Dynasty
71599: WOMEN'S CLUB OF WESTPORT - The New Connecticut Cookbook, Being a Collection of Recipes from Connecticut Kitchens
89216: WESTWELL, IAN - Condor Legion: The Wehrmacht's Training Ground (Spearhead)
86801: WESTWELL, IAN - 1st Marine Division, "the Old Breed" (Spearhead) (Hardcover edition)
84954: WESTWELL, IAN - 1st Infantry Division, "Big Red One" (Spearhead)
76260: WESTWOOD, DAVID - U-Boat War: Doenitz and the Evolution of the German Submarine Service 1935 - 1945 (The German Submarine Service and the Battle of the Atlantic)
86792: WESTWOOD, DAVID - The U-Boat War--the German Submarine Service and the Battle of the Atlantic 1935 - 1945
86543: DE WET, OLOFF - The Patrol Is Ended
80917: WETTERN, DESMOND - The Decline of British Seapower
10204: WETTRE, HAKAN - Goteborgs Konstmuseum
70033: WEX, MICHAEL - Just Say Nu: Fluent Yiddish for Every Occasion (When English Just Won't Do) (Signed)
74414: WEXLEY, JOHN - The Judgment of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
80646: WEYGAND, JACQUES - Legionnaire: Life with the Foreign Legion Cavalry
80207: WEYGAND, GENERAL - Histoire de L'Armee Francaise (French edition)
82163: WHALE, J.S. - The Protestant Tradition
10188: WHARTON, DON (EDITOR) - The Roosevelt Omnibus
14103: WHARTON, EDITH - The Old Maid
2610: WHATLEY, BRUCE & ROSE SMITH - Whatley's Quest: An Alphabet Adventure
73022: WHEAT, ELLEN HARKINS (AUTHOR); WILLIAM R. HARVEY (FOREWORD) - Jacob Lawrence: The Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman Series of 1938-40
76462: WHEATLY, EDWIN T. JR., BARRY C. WEAVER, AND CHARLES P. MCDOWELL - The Boxer Uprising: Campaigns, Medals, and Men --An Orders and Medals Society of America Monograph
10583: WHEATON, JACK - The Poetry of Jazz: Adding a New Dimension to America's Original Art Form
3676: WHEELER, JACKSON - Swimming Past Iceland
70016: WHEELER, DANIEL - Gulp: Generative Urban Landscape Project
88469: WHEELER, JAMES SCOTT - The Big Red One--America's Legendary 1st Infantry Division from World War I to Desert Storm
86795: WHEELER, RICHARD - The Bloody Battle for Suribachi
83684: WHEELER, RUTHE S. - Janet Hardy in Radio City
75792: WHEELER, RICHARD - The Bloody Battle for Suribachi
82634: WHEELER, RICHARD - The Bloody Battle for Suribachi
77712: WHEELER, BARRY C. - Military Aircraft Markings & Profiles
12671: WHEELIS, ALLEN - The Desert
10946: WHEELOCK, JOHN HALL - A Bibliography of Theodore Roosevelt
74431: WHEELOCK, ARTHUR K., EDITOR - Johannes Vermeer
90266: WHELAN, RICHARD - Drawing the Line: Korean War, 1950-53
71300: WHERRETT, J. RAMSEY - Composition ("How to Draw" Series)
82375: WHERRY, JOSEPH H. - The Totem Pole Indians
14780: WHIFFEN, MARCUS - Thomas Archer: Architect of the English Baroque
92803: WHIFFEN, MARCUS, AND CARLA BREEZE - Pueblo Deco: The Art Deco Architecture of the Southwest
86745: WHINNEY, BOB - The U-Boat Peril: An Anti-Submarine Commander's War
77465: WHINNEY, BOB - The U-Boat Peril: An Anti-Submarine Commander's War
74599: WHIPPLE, SIDNEY B., EDITOR - The Trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann (the Lindbergh Kidnapping Case) With a History of the Case
89069: WHITAKER, W. DENIS; SHELAGH WHITAKER - Rhineland: The Battle to End the War
87547: WHITAKER, W. DENIS; SHELAGH WHITAKER - The Battle of the Scheldt
73949: WHITAKER, KATHLEEN, WITH SUSIE HART - Common Threads: Pueblo and Navajo Textiles in the Southwest Museum
79513: WHITAKER, W. DENIS, AND SHELAGH WHITAKER - Tug of War: The Canadian Victory That Opened Antwerp
79582: WHITAKER, W. DENIS, AND SHELAGH WHITAKER - Rhineland: The Battle to End the War
13272: WHITCOMB, IAN - Resident Alien: The Hilarious Adventures of a Public School Man in Wildest California (Signed)
85331: WHITE, JOHN F. - U Boat Tankers 1941-45: Submarine Suppliers to Atlantic Wolf Packs
82837: WHITE, RANDY WAYNE - Dark Light (Signed)
92455: WHITE, EDMUND - My Lives: An Autobiography (Signed)
84015: WHITE, UNK; P. NEWELL - Brisbane Sketchbook
4029: WHITE, JOHN - Art and Architecture in Italy: 1250-1400
10783: WHITE, E.B. - The Points of My Compass: Letters from the East, the West, the North, the South
10826: WHITE, KATHARINE S. - Onward and Upward in the Garden
12951: WHITE, WILLIAM - Nathanael West: A Comprehensive Bibliography
11416: WHITE, MINOR - Aperture 15: 2
13512: WHITE, JAMES - Original Letters, Etc. Of Sir John Falstaff and His Friends
13653: WHITE, WILLIAM S. - The Taft Story
13866: WHITE, BARBARA EHRLICH (EDITOR) - Impressionism in Perspective
90224: WHITE, MARK J. - Missiles in Cuba: Kennedy, Khrushchev, Castro and the 1962 Crisis
70413: WHITE, NANCY, JOHN ESTEN, AND MARTIN MUNKACSI - Style in Motion: Munkacsi Photographs of the '30s, '40s, and '50s
89598: WHITE, B.T. - British Tanks and Fighting Vehicles, 1914-1945
76682: WHITE, JOHN M., AND BETTY ANN BROWN - Lifelines: John M. White: A Retrospective Exhibition of Performance, Installation, Sculpture, Painting & Drawing
79423: WHITE, JOHN BAKER - The Big Lie
548: WHITE, T.H. - The Book of Merlyn
14628: WHITE, MILTON - Listen, the Red-Eyed Vireo
92621: WHITE, JAMES - Place-Names of the Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River
90359: WHITE, JOHN F. - U Boat Tankers 1941-45: Submarine Suppliers to Atlantic Wolf Packs
87524: WHITE, MARK J. - The Kennedys and Cuba: The Declassified Documentary History
92685: WHITE, PATRICK - Riders in the Chariot
91624: WHITE, GLEESON, EDITOR - Practical Designing: A Handbook on the Preparation of Working Drawings
73451: WHITE, RANDY WAYNE - Shark River (Signed)
75071: WHITE, EDMUND - The Flaneur: A Stroll Through the Paradoxes of Paris
76454: WHITE, ALEXANDER S. - Dauntless Marine: Joseph Sailer, Jr. , Dive-Bombing Ace of Guadalcanal
79577: WHITE, BETTY - If You Ask Me: (and of Course You Won't) (Signed)
88415: WHITE, GWEN - A Book of Dolls
89084: WHITE, RANDALL - Dark Caves, Bright Visions: Life in Ice Age Europe
84636: WHITE, THEODORE H. - The View from the Fortieth Floor (Signed)
82701: WHITEHILL, WALTER MUIR - Boston: A Topographical History
76755: WHITEHOUSE, ARCH - Decisive Air Battles of the First World War
91560: WHITEHOUSE, DAVID B. - Journal of Glass Studies, Vol. 42
92676: WHITEHOUSE, ARCH - Heroes of the Sunlit Sky
84110: WHITEHOUSE, ARCH - Heroes of the Sunlit Sky
86947: WHITEHOUSE, STANLEY; GEORGE B. BENNETT - Fear Is the Foe: A Footslogger from Normandy to the Rhine
87548: WHITING, CHARLES - Ardennes: The Secret War
91069: WHITING, CHARLES - 44: In Combat from Normandy to the Ardennes (West Wall Series)
11962: WHITING, NATHAN - The London a-Z Poems (Signed)
77452: WHITING, CHARLES - The Ghost Front: The Ardennes Before the Battle of the Bulge
86487: WHITING, CHARLES - Three Star Blitz: The Baedeker Raids and the Start of Total War, 1942-45
80096: WHITING, JOHN; RONALD HAYMAN, EDITOR - Whiting: Plays Two
88401: WHITING, CHARLES - The Battle of Hurtgen Forest--Untold Story of a Disastrous Campaign
75927: WHITING, CHARLES - Massacre at Malmedy: The Story of Jochen Peiper's Battle Group, Ardennes, December, 1944
80175: WHITING, CHARLES - The Last Assault: 1944-the Battle of the Bulge Reassessed
88809: WHITING, CHARLES - The Search for Gestapo Müller
88242: WHITING, CHARLES - Poor Bloody Infantry: 1939-45
89720: WHITING, CHARLES - The Other Battle of the Bulge: Operation Northwind
77925: WHITING, CHARLES - Finale at Flensburg: The Story of Field Marshall Montgomery's Battle for the Baltic
77780: WHITING, CHARLES - The Battle of Hurtgen Forest
87265: WHITING, CHARLES - Hitler's Secret War: The Nazi Espionage Campaign Against the Allies
85697: WHITING, CHARLES - Battleground Korea: The British in Korea
86813: WHITING, CHARLES - Jochen Peiper: Battle Commander, Ss Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler
83817: WHITLEY, M.J. - Cruisers of World War Two: An International Encyclopedia
1872: WHITMAN, WALT - Memories of President Lincoln
10082: WHITMAN, WILLIAM B. - Literary Cities of Italy
12519: LUCAS, GEORGE, JOHN WHITMAN AND BRANDON MCKINNEY - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
13375: WHITMAN, THOMAS JEFFERSON - Dear Brother Walt: The Letters of Thomas Jefferson Whitman
71290: WHITMAN, ROBERT, AND COOSJE VAN BRUGGEN - Robert Whitman: Turning
84966: WHITMAN, WALT - Leaves of Grass (Collector's Edition) the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written
11548: WHITNEY, THOMAS P. (EDITOR) - The Young Russians: A Collection of Stories About Them
90902: WHITNEY, WANDA - Lyman's Diary (Wwii Diary, Pilot Flight Record, and Flight Log, and Other Memorabilia of Lyman Harvey Whitney from 1942 - 1945) --Signed
71674: WHITNEY, DAVID, AND JEFFREY KIPNIS, EDITORS - Philip Johnson: The Glass House
1142: WHITTEMORE, EDWARD - Jericho Mosaic
10957: WHITTEMORE, EDWARD - Quin's Shanghai Circus
73092: WHITTEMORE, REED - Pure Lives: The Early Biographers & Whole Lives: Shapers of Modern Biography (Two volumes)
90364: WHITTEN, MAURICE M. - The Gunpowder Mills of Maine (Signed)
2716: WHITTINGHAM, SARAH, EDITOR - The Victorian Society Journal 1997
1319: WHITTINGTON, HARRY - The Brass Monkey
71155: WHITTLE, JOHN - Birding Hotspots of Southeast Texas
75503: WHYATT, BERT - Muggsy Spanier: The Lonesome Road--a Biography and Discography (with Cd) (Softcover)
12581: WHYMPER, EDWARD - Travels Amongst the Great Andes of the Equator
91484: WHYMPER, FREDERICK - Travel and Adventure in the Territory of Alaska, Formerly Russian America - - Now Ceded to the United States (With Maps and Illustrations)
91430: WICHMANN, SIEGFRIED - Jugendstil Art Nouveau: Floral and Functional Forms
4060: WICKER, IREENE, THE SINGING LADY - The Lively Little Rabbit (Little Golden Record #2)
78784: WIDMER, TED; FOREWORD BY CAROLINE KENNEDY - Listening in: The Secret White House Recordings of John F. Kennedy (with two 75-minutes CDs)
12343: WIELAND, LIZA - You Can Sleep While I Drive (Signed)
76660: WIENER, ALLEN J. - The Beatles: A Recording History
10409: WIENER, LEIGH A. - Leigh Wiener: Portraits
82486: WIENER, ALLEN J. - The Beatles: A Recording History
1631: WIENER, JAN - The Assassination of Heydrich
73504: WIESEL, ELIE; ILLUSTRATED BY MARK PODWAL - King Solomon and His Magic Ring (Signed)
89602: WIESENTHAL, SIMON - Justice Not Vengeance
13123: WIESENTHAL, M. - The Belle Epoque of the Orient-Express
89298: WIESENTHAL, SIMON - Every Day Remembrance Day: A Chronicle of Jewish Martyrdom
90712: WIESNER, DAVID - Tuesday (Signed)
73525: WIESNER, DAVID - Flotsam (Caldecott Medal Book)
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16165: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Penelope's Progress
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92717: WIGGINS, MELANIE - U-Boat Adventures: Firsthand Accounts from World War II
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79026: WIGNALL, C.J . - Complete British Railways Maps and Gazetteer, from 1830-1981
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81986: WILCOX, DAVID C. - Cliches of Liberalism: Governing Through Insult, Confusion and Sound Bites (Signed)
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71588: WILDE, OSCAR - Selections from Oscar Wilde (Two-Volume Set)
89955: WILDENSTEIN, DANIEL, AND VLADIMIR VISSON - Loan Exhibition of Cezanne for the Benefit of the New York Infirmary, March 27-April 26, 1947 at Wildenstein
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91479: WILDER, LAURA INGALLS - On the Way Home: The Diary of a Trip from South Dakota to Mansfield, Missouri, in 1894 --plus" West from Home: Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder" and "The Story of the Ingalls
92581: WILDER, LAURA INGALLS - The Little House Collection--Five-Volume Boxed Set
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70112: WILDSMITH, BRIAN - Twelve Days of Christmas
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13114: WILLENBECHER, JOHN - Ray Johnson (Signed)
90506: WILLENSON, KIM - The Bad War--an Oral History of the Vietnam War
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90470: WILLETT, ROBERT L. - One Day of the CIVIL War: America in Conflict, April 10,1863
92018: WILLETT, RALPH - A Memoir on the Origin of Printing, in a Letter Addressed to John Topham, Esq. F.R. & A. Ss.
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88402: WILLIAMS, JEFFREY - The Long Left Flank: Hard-Fought Way to the Reich, 1944-45
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73510: WILLIAMS, C. K. - Collected Poems
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76639: WILLIAMS, MARTIN - Jazz Masters of New Orleans (the Roots of Jazz)
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71531: WILLIAMS, ARA - A Universal Vocabulary of Proper Names, Ancient and Modern; Together with Classes of People, Religious, National, and Philosophical; and Titles, Ecclesiastical and CIVIL, Among Christians, Jews, Mahometans, and Pagans
73861: WILLIAMS, ROBYN C. - J Is for Jabiru: An Australian ABC
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92634: WILLIAMS, KIT - Masquerade
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89860: WILLIAMS, DAVID P. - Night Fighters: Hunters of the Reich
90251: WILLIAMS, DAVID P. - Night Fighters: Hunters of the Reich
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91854: WILLIAMS, MARGERY; ILLUSTRATED BY WILLIAM NICHOLSON - The Velveteen Rabbit Or, How Toys Become Real
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91813: WILLIAMSON, GORDON - Wolf Pack: The Story of the U-Boat in World War II
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83583: WILLIS, BESS GOE, ILLUSTRATOR - The Peter Rabbit Story Book
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81453: WILLITS, MALCOLM - The Wonderful Edison Time Machine: A Celebration of Life (Signed)
16071: HOFFMAN, MICHAEL ALLEN, KARIN L. WILLOUGHBY AND ELIZABETH B. STANTON - The First Egyptians: An Exhibition Organized by Mckissick Museum and the Earth Sciences and Resources Institute of the University of South Carolina (Signed)
81189: WILLS, ROSETTA - The King of Western Swing: Bob Wills Remembered (Signed)
80211: WILLS, ROSETTA - The King of Western Swing: Bob Wills Remembered
87908: WILM, HUBERT - Die Gotische Holtzfigur - Ihr Wesen Und Ihre Technik
84352: WILMARTH, CHRISTOPHER - Christopher Wilmarth; Drawings 1963-1987
92298: WILMERDING, JOHN - Fitz Hugh Lane, 1804-1865, American Marine Painter
89841: WILMOT, CHESTER - The Struggle for Europe
92527: WILMOTT, NED, AND JOHN PIMLOTT - Strategy and Tactics of War (Land, Sea, Air)
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11705: WILSON, EDMUND - The American Earthquake: A Documentary of the Jazz Age, the Great Depression, and the New Deal
11707: WILSON, EDMUND - A Piece of My Mind: Reflections at Sixty
12854: WILSON, ROBERT - Robert Wilson: The Theater of Images
13097: WILSON, SANDY - Ivor
13742: WILSON, THOMAS A. - The Practice of Collotype
14119: WILSON, EDMUND - The Forties: From Notebooks and Diaries of the Period
15033: WILSON, EDMUND - The Scrolls from the Dead Sea
16421: WILSON, R.N.D. - Books and Their History: Shown to the Children
86943: WILSON, MICHAEL - Destination Dardanelles--the Story of Hms E7
16651: WILSON, JAMES GRANT - Thackeray in the United States, 1852-3, 1855-6
89754: WILSON, ROBIN J. - Stamping Through Mathematics
86362: WILSON, STEWART - Aircraft of Wwii
79473: WILSON, FRANK - Regiments at a Glance
72475: WILSON, DOUGLAS, AND LESLIE DREW - Argillite: Art of the Haida
83423: WILSON, MITCHELL - Live with Lightning
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75711: WILSON, STEWART - Sabre, Mig-15 & Hunter (Legends of the Air, Volume 1)
82775: WILSON, JOHN HAROLD - All the King's Ladies: Actresses of the Restoration
92270: WILSON, AUGUST - Two Trains Running
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85061: WILSON, JAMES - Luftwaffe Propaganda Postcards: A Pictorial History in Original German Postcards
90907: WILSON, HAROLD S. - Confederate Industry: Manufacturers and Quartermasters in the CIVIL War
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73920: WILSON, MILLIE - Pipe, Pulp, Pony
79709: WILSON, EARL - Pikes Peek or Bust
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78871: WILT, ALAN F. - War from the Top: German and British Military Decision Making During War War II
86937: WILT, ALAN F. - War from the Top: German and British Military Decision Making During War War II
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78465: WINANT, LEWIS - Pepperbox Firearms
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75643: 64TH FIGHTER WING - History 64th Fighter Wing 1942-1945
89991: WINKEL, JOYCE, CURATOR - Romanian Folk Textiles
91467: WINKLER, HENRY, AND LIN OLIVER - Day of the Iguana (Hank Zipzer) --The Mostly True Confessions of the World's Best Underachiever (Signed)
13217: WINKOWSKI, FRED - The Martian Crystal Egg
72081: WINKS, ROBIN W. - These New Zealanders
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72385: WINN, CLAYBOUGH - Be Nice (or Else!): And What's in It for You (Signed)
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14393: WINNICOTT, D.W. - Human Nature
92313: WINNINGTON, RICHARD; EDITED BY PAUL ROTHA - Film Criticism and Caricatures 1943-53
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71658: WINOKUR, JON - Advice to Writers: A Compendium of Quotes, Anecdotes, and Writerly Wisdom from a Dazzling Array of Literary Lights (Signed)
16147: WINSHIP, FLORENCE SARAH - Peter Rabbit
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2130: WINTER, JONAH - Frida
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83446: WINTER, CHRISTOPHER - Christopher Winter: Songs of Innocence --Paintings Watercolors and a Bavarian House
89582: WINTER, ROBERT, EDITOR - Toward a Simpler Way of Life: The Arts and Crafts Architects of California
83417: WINTER, JEANETTE - Calavera Abecedario: A Day of the Dead Alphabet Book
83397: WINTER, ROBERT - The California Bungalow (Signed)
92509: WINTER, ROBERT - Batchelder Tilemaker
83396: WINTER, ROBERT, EDITOR - Toward a Simpler Way of Life: The Arts and Crafts Architects of California (Signed)
90703: WINTER, ROBERT - The California Bungalow (Signed)
91130: WINTER, JAY; BLAINE BAGGETT - The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century
86855: WINTERBOTHAM, F.W. - The Nazi Connection --The Adventures of a Master Spy Inside Hitler's Germany
89370: WINTERBOTHAM, F.W. - The Ultra Spy: An Autobiography
1767: WINTERBOURNE, PAMELA - A Book for My Mother
81889: WINTERS, ROBIN - Robin Winters: Think Tank
16916: WINTERSON, JEANETTE - Gut Symmetries
89531: WINTON, JOHN - For Those in Peril: Fifty Years of Royal Navy Search and Rescue
90092: WINTON, JOHN - Ultra in the Pacific: How Breaking Japanese Codes and Ciphers Affected Naval Operations Against Japan, 1941-45
86744: WINTON, JOHN - Ultra at Sea: How Breaking the Nazi Code Affected Allied Naval Strategy During World War II
85682: WISE, JAMES E. - Stars in the Corps: Movie Actors in the United States Marines
81251: WISE, TERENCE, AND MARK HEALY - Hannibal's War with Rome: The Armies and Campaigns 216 Bc
83038: WISE, DAVID BURGESS - Vintage Motorcars
81106: WISE, TERENCE - Military Vehicle Formation Signs (Military Vehicle Markings) --A Bellona Book
85680: WISE, JAMES E. - International Stars at War: Movie Actors in Service to Their Countries
85681: WISE, JAMES E. - Stars in Blue: Movie Actors in America's Sea Services
81107: WISE, TERENCE - Tactical Signs and National Identification Marks (Military Vehicle Markings--Part 2) --A Bellona Book
83425: WISE, W.E. - Young Edison: The True Story of Edison's Boyhood
82599: WISE, TERENCE - European Edged Weapons
74486: WISEMAN, ADELE - Old Woman at Play (Signed)
83805: WISNER, FRANZ - Honeymoon with My Brother: A Memoir (Signed)
92348: WISNIEWSKA, PAULINA - Brain Researcher: The Dramatic Life of Noted Neurologist, Dr Henryk Wisniewski
14515: WISNIEWSKI, DAVID - Tough Cookie
87125: WITHAM, LARRY - The Proof of God: The Debate That Shaped Modern Belief
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85301: WITKIN, JEROME - Jerome Witkin: Moral Visions
12090: WITNEY, DUDLEY - The Lighthouse
84172: WITTER, GEORGE - A Funny Thing Happened... And a Hunt in the Yukon (Signed)
88179: WITTER, DEAN - Shikar
15014: WITTIG, MONIQUE - The Opoponax
82305: WODEHOUSE, ROGER P. - Hay Fever Plants --Their Appearance, Distribution, Time of Flowering, and their Role in Hayfever, with Special Reference to North American
73642: WODEHOUSE, P G - The Heart of a Goof --Michael M. Thomas (Afterword), Herbert Warren Wind (Foreword)
13563: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Som Det Anstar En Wooster (the Code of the Woosters) (Swedish Edition)
76187: WOERPEL, DON - A Hostile Sky: The Mediterranean Airwar of the 79th Fighter Group
80380: WOERPEL, DON - A Hostile Sky: The Mediterranean Airwar of the 79th Fighter Group
75900: WOLCOTT, IMOGENE - The New England Yankee Cook Book: An Anthology of Incomparable Recipes from the Six New England States and a Little Something About the People Whose Tradition for Good Eating Is Herein Permanently Recorded
83756: WOLDAN, ERICH - Tirol in Bildern: Trachten- Und Landschaftsbilder, Nachdruck Der Tafeln Um 1830 --Die Bibliophilen Taschenbucher
10526: WOLF, FRED ALAN - Mind Into Matter: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit
78813: WOLF, CARL B., AND WILLIS E. WAGENER - El Aliso: A Series of Papers on the Native Plants of California--Vol. 1: The New World Cypresses
79783: WOLF, WILLIAM - American Fighter-Bombers in World War II: Usaaf Jabos in the Mto and Eto (Schiffer Military History)
90280: WOLF, WILLIAM - Victory Roll! the American Fighter Pilot and Aircraft in World War II (Schiffer Military History)
83885: WOLF, SYLVIA; SONDRA GILMAN GONZALEZ-FALLA - Visions from America: Photographs from the Whitney Museum of American Art, 1940-2001
79572: WOLF, WILLIAM - Victory Roll: The American Fighter Pilot and Aircraft in World War II
89371: WOLF, INGRID - With the Help of Thomas
10136: WOLFE, TOM - Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers
10987: WOLFE, TOM - Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine
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71928: WOLFE, TOM - In Our Time
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73991: WOLFF, TOBIAS - This Boy's Life (Signed)
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71286: WOLFORD, JEAN KENNEDY - Contemporary African Art
82112: WOLFSON, HARRY AUSTRYN - Repercussions of the Kalam in Jewish Philosophy
89766: WOLKEN, ANN ALEXANDRA - The Women of Skid Row: A Pen & Ink Sketchbook with Commentary (Signed)
81371: WOLL, GERD - Edvard Munch: The Complete Graphic Works
92049: WOLLE, MURIEL SIBELL - The Bonanza Trail; Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of the West
13947: BEAGLE, PETER, BARON WOLMAN ET AL - American Denim: A New Folk Art
82594: WOLPER, DAVID L. - Producer --- A Memoir (Signed)
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74397: WOLPERT, STANLEY - Zulfi Bhutto of Pakistan: His Life and Times (Signed)
74396: WOLPERT, STANLEY - Shameful Flight: The Last Years of the British Empire in India (Signed)
13092: WON, KO - Some Other Time (Signed)
70902: WON, PARK - Echoes of a Korean
73087: WONG, DIANA SHUI-IU - Diana Shui-Iu Wong: The Wonders of Heaven
83677: WONG, JANET S. - Good Luck Gold, and Other Poems (Signed)
74785: WONG, JANET S. - A Suitcase of Seaweed and Other Poems (Signed)
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1562: WOOD, ROBERT WILLIAMS - How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers and Other Woodcuts: A Revised Manual of Flornithology for Beginners
85803: WOOD, W. RAYMOND - Or Go Down in Flame: A Navigator's Death over Schweinfurt
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87164: WOOD, TONY; BILL GUNSTON - Hitler's Luftwaffe
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16563: WOODBURY, LAEL J. - Mosaic Theatre: The Creative Use of Theatrical Constructs
2077: ARKANSAS WOODCHOPPER - Arkansas Woodchopper's World's Greatest Collection of Cowboys Songs with Yodel Arrangement
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73964: WOODROFFE, PATRICK - Pastures in the Sky
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11550: WOODS, PAULA L. - Stormy Weather
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91901: WOODWARD, W.E. - Meet General Grant
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11718: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Writer's Diary
13971: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Writer's Diary
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1773: WOOLLEY, C. LEONARD - The Sumerians
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86093: WOOLNOUGH, JOHN H. - The 8th Air Force Album: The Story of the Mighty Eighth Air Force in Ww II
72895: WOOLSEY, GEORGE - Applied Surgical Anatomy-- Regionally Presented, for the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine
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92445: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM; GEORGE MALLABY, EDITOR - Poems by William Wordsworth
16292: WORES, THEODORE - Theodore Wores: Works from the California and Japan Years (with CD)
16303: WORES, THEODORE - Theodore Wores: Paintings at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, San Francisco
91431: WORES, THEODORE - Theodore Wores: An American Artist in Meiji Japan
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78200: WORKMAN, JOHN - Betty Being Bad
77837: BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS - Mallet Articulated Locomotives: Baldwin Locomotive Works Record No. 72
77838: BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS - Pacific Type Locomotives: Baldwin Locomotive Works Record No. 79
11738: HIGGINS BRICK & TILE WORKS - A Book of Fireplaces, Barbecues, Ponds, Walks, and Fences Built out of Brick
88389: WORRELL, ESTELLE ANSLEY - Americana in Miniature
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71784: WOSK, MIRIAM - Sequins and Skeletons: The Art of Miriam Wosk (Signed)
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89825: WRAGG, DAVID - Wings over the Sea: A History of Naval Aviation
91285: WRAGG, DAVID - Carrier Combat
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16681: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - The Future of Architecture
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88717: WRIGHT, DERRICK - The Battle for Iwo Jima,1945
79008: WRIGHT, LAWRENCE - The Wooden Sword: The Untold Story of the Gliders in World War II
71661: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Haiku: This Other World
73615: WRIGHT, MILTON - What's Funny--and Why: An Outline of Humor
73811: WRIGHT, TIM - Deceptive Entertainment That Is Delightfully Wright (Signed)
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79255: WRIGHT, BRADFORD W. - Comic Book Nation: The Transformation of Youth Culture in America
75033: WRIGHT, JUDY - Claremont: A Pictorial History (Signed)
85368: WRIGHT, DALE - Lona: A Fairy Tale
76299: WRIGHT, ROBERT - The Man Who Won the Battle of Britain
92631: WRIGHT, CELESTE TURNER - Etruscan Princess & Other Poems (Signed)
91641: WRIGLEY, ELSIE - The Tale of the Bookmouse
824: KLEVEN, ELISA, WRITER AND ILLUSTRATOR - A Monster in the House (Signed)
74501: WEBBER, HELEN (WRITER AND ILLUSTRATOR) - The Sea Is My Blanket, Summer Sun, and My Kite Is the Magic Me (Three of Four Volumes in Boxed Set) (An Astor book)
75049: GERSTLE, MIRIAM (WRITER AND ILLUSTRATOR) - Star Dust: Fairy Tales for Children from Six to Sixty
79612: HOLLING, HOLLING CLANCY (WRITER AND ILLUSTRATOR) - Claws of the Thunderbird: A Tale of Three Lost Indians
82986: OXFORD UNIVERSITY STAFF WRITERS - Handbook to the University of Oxford
84237: AFA WRITERS - Cast Metals Handbook
1471: WRONSKY, GAIL - The Love-Talkers
71336: WU, PETER - Peter Wu Sign Your Name Like a Ghost
84500: WULF, JURGEN, AND MAGNUS WEIDEMANN - Magnus Weidemann: Keitum-Sylt 1880-1967 (Signed)
86642: WUNDER, RICHARD P. - Architectural and Ornament Drawings of the 16th to the Early 19th Centuries in the Collection of the University of Michigan Museum of Art.
70259: WURTHLE, MICHEL - Wurthle and Nyehaus at Gramercy Park: Too Far for Binoculars
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13049: WYE, DEBORAH - Louise Bourgeois
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80240: WYKEHAM, PETER - Fighter Command: A Study of Air Defence 1914-1960
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87785: WYLLIE, ROMY - Caltech's Architectural Heritage: From Spanish Tile to Modern Stone (Signed)
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91371: WYLLIE, ROMY - Caltech's Architectural Heritage: From Spanish Tile to Modern Stone (Signed)
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78431: WYNN, KENNETH G. - U-Boat Operations of the Second World War: Volume 1, Career Histories, U1-U510
84971: WYNN, KENNETH G. - U-Boat Operations of the Second World War: Volume 2, Career Histories, U511-Uit25
83923: WYNN, KENNETH G. - U-Boat Operations of the Second World War: Volume 1, Career Histories, U1-U510; Volume 2, Career Histories, U511-Uit25 (Two-Volume Set)
70662: WYNN, KEENAN, AS TOLD TO JAMES BROUGH - Ed Wynn's Son (Signed)
90592: WYNN, HUMPHREY - Desert Eagles
88565: WYNN, KENNETH G. - U-Boat Operations of the Second World War: Volume 1, Career Histories, U1-U510; Volume 2, Career Histories, U511-Uit25 (Two-Volume Set)
77727: WYNN, HUMPHREY, AND SUSAN YOUNG - Prelude to Overlord
91967: WYNNE, H. HUGH - Motion Picture Stunt Pilots and Hollywood's Classic Aviation Movies
13703: WYSE, LOIS - I Wish Every Day Were My Birthday
78146: WYSOCKI, CHARLES; EDITED BY ELISE MACLAY - Heartland --The Greenwich Workshop Collection (Signed)
4125: XAUDARO, J. - The Perils of Flight (Les peripeties de l'aviation)
71526: XINGBAI, LI - A Collection of LI Xingbai's Paintings
13625: XRISTOV, BORIS - The Wings of the Messenger
74798: XU BAIYI, DING HAO, AND JIN XUECHEN - Old Shanghai Advertising (Lao Shanghai Guang Gao)
13883: RAHMANI, L.Y. AND PETER LARSEN - The Museums of Israel
1584: YABLONSKY, LEWIS - George Raft (Signed)
81045: YABLONSKY, LEWIS - George Raft
919: YAGHER, KEVIN - Heverly
92162: YAGUBYAN, EMMA - Paradise Pastry
81884: YAMAGAMI, HATIRO - Japan's Ancient Armour (Tourist Library 31)
83182: YAMAWAKI, KAZUO - Seven Artists: Aspects of Contemporary Japanese Art, Siete Artistas: Aspectos Del Arte Japones Contemporaneo
88972: YAMAZAKI, JAMES N., WITH LOUIS B. FLEMING; FOREWORD BY JOHN DOWER - Children of the Atomic Bomb: An American Physician's Memoir of Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and the Marshall Islands (Signed)
73602: YANAGI, SOETSU, AND SHOJI HAMADA - Japan Folk Crafts Museum (Nippon Mingeikan)
73146: YANAGI, SOETSU - Folk-Crafts in Japan
1546: YANG, BELLE - Baba: A Return to China Upon My Father's Shoulders
73604: YANG, NANCY; COMPILED BY SHU-CHIN YANG - Chinese Paintings by Nancy Yang
10621: YANKER, GARY - Prop Art: Over 1000 Contemporary Political Posters
92153: YAO, PAULINE - Spaces Within: Installations by Michael Lin and Wu Mali
72733: YAPP, NICK - The Hulton Getty Picture Collection: 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s (Decades of the 20th Century: A Six-Volume Set)
81543: YARBOROUGH, TOM - Da Nang Diary: A Forward Air Controller's Gunsight View of Flying with Sog (Revised and Expanded Edition)
90853: YARDLEY, HERBERT O. - The American Black Chamber (Bluejacket Books)
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12351: YARNALL, ELIZABETH BIDDLE - Addison Hutton, Quaker Architect 1834-1916
71490: YARROW, PETER - Day Is Done (Signed)
77886: YARSINSKE, AMY WATERS - Wings of Valor, Wings of Gold: An Illustrated History of U.S. Naval Aviation
87292: YARSINSKE, AMY WATERS - Wings of Valor, Wings of Gold: An Illustrated History of U.S. Naval Aviation
88213: YASHIMA, TARO - Umbrella (Signed)
72946: YASSO, BART, WITH KATHLEEN PARRISH - My Life on the Run: The Wit, Wisdom, and Insights of a Road Racing Icon (Signed)
903: YATES, RICHARD - Liars in Love: Stories
11418: YATES, PENNY (EDITOR) - The Films of Vincente Minnelli: A Retrospective at Carnegie Hall Cinema and Bleecker Street Cinema
72638: YATES, RICHARD - The Collected Stories of Richard Yates
92831: YATES, RICHARD - Liars in Love: Stories
86631: YATES, HARRY - Luck and a Lancaster
88284: YATES, KEITH - Graf Spee's Raiders: Challenge to the Royal Navy, 1914-1915
87269: YAVA, AARON; LESLIE SILKO - Border Towns of the Navajo Nation
14422: YEE, CHIANG - The Silent Traveler in San Francisco
70412: KAL (KAL YEE) - Perfect Form
3305: YEFFETH, GLENN, EDITOR - Anthology at the End of the Universe
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85350: YEIDE, HARRY - The Tank Killers: A History of America's World War II Tank Destroyer Force
87135: YEIDE, HARRY, AND MARK STOUT - First to the Rhine : The 6th Army Group in World War II
80746: YEIDE, HARRY - Weapons of the Tankers: American Armor in World War II (Battle Gear)
74942: YENAWINE, PHILIP - Lines, Color, People, Places (Four-Volume Set)
82583: YENNE, WILLIAM - Classic Woodies: A National Treasure ---A National Treasure
90813: YENNE, BILL - Seaplanes of the World: A Timeless Collection from Aviation's Golden Age
1500: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY - A Precocious Autobiography
83042: YOE, CRAIG; STAN LEE - Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-Creator Joe Shuster
72667: YOICHI, TAKADA - Takada Yoichi, May 10-June 2, 1985
2288: OGAWA YOKO - Color in Fashion
88134: YOLEN, JANE - Heart's Blood: Pit Dragons, Book 2
16116: YOLEN, JANE - Piggins
83545: YOLEN, JANE; ILLUSTRATED BY ANNE ROCKWELL - The Minstrel and the Mountain: A Tale of Peace
84308: YOLEN, JANE; SUSAN GUEVARA - Not One Damsel in Distress: World Folktales for Strong Girls (Signed)
75007: YOLEN, JANE; ILLUSTRATED BY MARK TEAGUE - How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? (Signed)
83540: YONALLY, ANNETTE - The Wreath Book --Planning, Planting and Harvesting Your Wreath Garden
74846: YONEMURA, ANN - Yokohama: Prints from Nineteenth-Century Japan
11282: YONG, HNG HUNG - Five Men & Five Ideas: Building National Identity
71903: SONGBO MUNHWAJAE YONGUWON - Buddhist Paintings of Korea, Volume 22: Tonghwasa and Its Sub-Temples
71905: SONGBO MUNHWAJAE YONGUWON - Buddhist Paintings of Korea, Volume 24: Kounsa and Its Sub-Temples
71904: SONGBO MUNHWAJAE YONGUWON - Buddhist Paintings of Korea, Volume 23: Kounsa and Its Sub-Temples
71902: SONGBO MUNHWAJAE YONGUWON - Buddhist Paintings of Korea, Volume 21: Tonghwasa and Its Sub-Temples
2192: YONGXIANG, WANG - A Critical Biography of Dongzhongshu
2871: YOO, GRACE S. - Two Korean Brothers: The Story of Hungbu and Nolbu
73028: HA YOO, KYOUNG - Kyoung Ha Yoo: Get Connected
3890: JANG YOP, PARK SOO-JIN, CURATORS - Artist of the Year 2006 Chung Hyun
75129: YORINKS, ARTHUR, AND MAURICE SENDAK - Frank and Joey Eat Lunch
75130: YORINKS, ARTHUR, AND MAURICE SENDAK - Frank and Joey Go to Work
73808: YORK, SCOTTY - Shuffled Thoughts (Signed)
2066: LESLIE NOLAN FOR THE MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK - Modern Metropolis: Artists Images of New York (23 Postcards)
2373: CHRISTIE'S NEW YORK - The Collection of Harry Torczyner, Esq. 19, 20, 24 and 25 November 1998
78065: WORKERS OF THE WPA FEDERAL WRITERS' PROJECT IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK - Who's Who in the Zoo: Natural History of Mammals
83740: COMUNE DI FAENZA/ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA OF NEW YORK - Treasures for the Table: An Exhibition of Contemporary Table Settings Majolica from Faenza
15121: YORKE, MALCOLM - Mervyn Peake: My Eyes Mint Gold
92438: HIROMI YOSHII, CURATOR - After the Reality
13116: YOSHIKAWA, SHIZUKO - Colour Shadows: Reliefs, Pictures, Graphics 1983-1984 (Signed)
3275: YOSHIMOTO, KAMON - Traditional Sarasatic: Textile Design IV
11797: YOSHIMOTO, BANANA - Kitchen (Korean Edition)
11800: YOSHIMOTO, BANANA - Argentina Hag (Korean Edition)
72097: YOSHIMOTO, KAMON - Traditional Japanese Small Motif: Textile Design 1
81789: YOSHIMOTO, KAMON, EDITOR - Popular Edition of Sarasatic Drawings Collection: Over 330 Drawings in "Sarasatic Style
12890: YOSHIZAKI, YASUHIRO - Studies in Japanese Literature and Language: A Bibliography of English Materials
3733: YOUNG, STANLEY; PHOTOS BY MELBA LEVICK - The Big Picture: Murals of Los Angeles
13616: YOUNG, STARK - The Flower in Drama: A Book of Papers on the Theatre
13924: YOUNG, NEIL - Neil Young: American Stars N' Bars Songbook
81578: YOUNG, DENNIS, INTRODUCTION - 49th Parallels: New Canadian Art
3833: YOUNG, BETTY LOU - Rustic Canyon and the Story of the Uplifters
80338: YOUNG, EDWARD - Undersea Patrol
89304: YOUNG, DANIEL, EDITOR - Mini Anthology: The Launch of a Legend
86072: YOUNG, MICHAEL - Army Service Corps 1902-1918
77153: YOUNG, DAVID - Four Five: The Story of 45 Commando, Royal Marines, 1943-1971
90751: YOUNG, EDWARD - One of Our Submarines
75317: YOUNG, AL - Conjugal Visits (Signed)
82518: YOUNG, PERCY M. - A History of British Music
74557: YOUNG, FILSON (EDITOR); ALAN M. DERSHOWITZ, GENERAL EDITOR - The Trial of Hawley Harvey Crippen
80519: YOUNG, EDWARD - Undersea Patrol
79521: YOUNG, JOHN - A Dictionary of Ships of the Royal Navy of the Second World War
75502: YOUNG, CHIC - Blondie: 100 Selected Top Laughs of America's Best Loved Comic
80156: YOUNG, CHIC - 25 Years with Blondie --A Silver-Anniversary Volume
79888: YOUNG, CHRISTOPHER - The Films of Hedy Lamarr
86139: YOUNG, EDWARD - One of Our Submarines
11662: YOUNGS, BILL - The House That Brock Built
11949: YOUNGSON, A.J. - The Making of Classical Edinburgh
10025: YOURGRAU, BARRY - Nastybook
76931: YOURGRAU, BARRY - Wearing Dad's Head (Signed)
86149: YOUSAF, MOHAMMAD - Afghanistan: The Bear Trap: The Defeat of a Superpower
92608: YRIARTE, CHARLES - Histoire de Paris: Ses Transformations Successives (French Edition)
16471: YU, LI - Jou Pu Tuan: A Seventeenth Century Erotic Moral Novel (the Prayer Mat of Flesh)
70723: YU, CONNIE YOUNG - The People's Bicentennial Quilt: A Patchwork History
74127: YU, HONG, AND YU LIULIANG - Chinese Coins: Money in History and Society (Arts of China)
73287: YU, LI - Jou Pu Tuan: A Seventeenth Century Erotic Moral Novel (the Prayer Mat of Flesh)
84459: SSU-YU, TENG - Conversational Chinese
79404: YUMOTO, JOHN M. - The Samurai Sword: A Handbook
90344: YUNG, JUDY - Chinese Women of America: A Pictorial History (Signed)
2881: GRIGOROVICH, YURI AND ALEXANDER DEMIDOV - The Official Bolshoi Ballet Book of Swan Lake
3018: WANG YURU - Little Careful and Little Scatterbrain
10279: BONNAT, YVES AND DE PIC - Ballets de Moscou Par la Troupe Du Theatre Lyrique National Stanislavski Et Nemirovitch-Dantchenko
13607: LA PIERRE, YVETTE AND LOIS SLOAN - Native American Rock Art: Messages from the Past
10769: ZABAR, ABBIE - Alphabet Soup
11784: ZABARI, MOSHE - Homecoming to the Holy Land: New Works by Moshe Zabari
81378: ZAFRAN, ERIC M. - Gauguin's "Nirvana": Painters at le Pouldu, 1889-90
82857: ZAID, BARRY - Wish You Were Here: A Tour of America's Great Hotels During the Golden Age of the Picture Post Card
74405: ZAITLIN, JOYCE - Gilbert Stanley Underwood, His Rustic, Art Deco, and Federal Architecture (Signed)
11270: ZAKANITCH, ROBERT - Robert Zakanitch: Foundation Chateau de Jau 11 Juin-15 Septembre 1983
72604: ZALBEN, JANE BRESKIN - Beni's Family Treasury for the Jewish Holidays (Signed)
92017: ZALCE, ALFREDO - Zalce Total: Museo de Arte Contempora Neo; Alfredo Zalce, Casa de la Cultura de Morelia, Morelia, Michoacán, Julio-Septiembre 1995 [Et Al. ] (Spanish Edition)
81495: ZALETOVA, LIDYA, ET AL. - Revolutionary Costume: Soviet Clothing and Textiles of the 1920s
82827: ZALMAI; RON MOREAU - Return, Afghanistan
88975: ZALOGA, STEVEN J. - Blitzkrieg: Armor Camouflage & Markings, 1939-1940
86012: ZALOGA, STEVEN J. - U.S. Tank Destroyers in Combat 1941-1945
76759: ZALOGA, STEVEN J. - Amtracs: Us Amphibious Assault Vehicles (New Vanguard) (Osprey Military 30)
90943: ZALOGA, STEVEN J.; JIM KINNEAR; ANDREY AKSENOV; ALEKSANDR KOSCHAVTSEV - Stalin's Heavy Tanks, 1941-1945 -- The KV and IS Heavy Tanks
92779: ZALOGA, STEVEN - Us Armour Camouflage and Markings 1917-1945
92755: ZALOGA, STEVEN; JAMES GRANDSEN; DON GREER - T-34 in Action - Armor No. 20
92730: ZALOGA. STEVEN, AND DAVID MARKOV - Russia's Bmp Infantry Combat Vehicles (Armor at War Mini Series) (7507)
85990: ZALOGA, STEVEN; VICTOR MADEJ - The Polish Campaign 1939
73051: ZAMPETTI, PIETRO - I Vedutisti Veneziani Del Settecento
74456: ZANARDO, GIANCARLO, ET AL. - La Sfida Vinta: La Trasvolata della Manica: Come Bleriot Ottant'anni Dopo (Signed)
14212: ZAND, HELEN STANKIEWICZ - Polish Proverbs
86710: ZANNIER, ITALO; FOREWORD BY ALBERTO MORAVIA - Venice, the Naya Collection
1476: ZARNECKI, GEORGE - Romanesque Art
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79858: ZEC, DONALD - Marvin: The Story of Lee Marvin
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86853: ZEMKE, HUBERT; ROGER FREEMAN - Zemke's Stalag --The Final Days of World War II
79520: ZENO - The Cauldron
88181: ZENTMYER, G.A. - The Lighted Cross: The First 100 Years of Riverside's First Church
74188: ZETTERLING, MAI - Night Games
11936: ZHELEZNOVA, IRINA - Vassilisa the Beautiful
11935: ZHELEZNOVA, IRINA - The Tale of Tsarevich Ivan, the Fire-Bird and Grey Wolf
11933: ZHELEZNOVA, IRINA - Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka/ the White Duck
11932: ZHELEZNOVA, IRINA - Marya Morevna
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89936: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - Omdurman
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92776: ZIEMKE, EARL F. - The German Northern Theater of Operations 1940-1945 Department of the Army Pamphlet No. 20-271
90245: ZIJLSTRA, GERRITT - Diary of an Air War: Allied Flight over Fortress Europe in Wwii
79280: ZIM, LARRY; MEL LERNER, AND HERBERT ROLFES - The World of Tomorrow: The 1939 New York World's Fair
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87566: ZIMMERMAN, TOM - Paradise Promoted: The Booster Campaign That Created Los Angeles 1870-1930
86831: ZIMMERMAN, DAVID - Top Secret Exchange: The Tizard Mission and the Scientific War
85673: ZIMMERMAN, DAVID - The Great Naval Battle of Ottawa
74437: ZINN, HOWARD - Disobedience and Democracy: Nine Fallacies on Law and Order
89232: ZITO - Dogs
16208: ZLAMANY, BRENDA - Facing Family
74930: ZLAMANY, BRENDA - Brenda Zlamany--Color Study
13423: ZLOCISTI, THEODOR - Am Tor Des Abends: Lieder Vom Heimweg
2202: ZNAMENOV, VADIM - Petrodvorets Palaces and Parks
12952: ZOLOTOW, CHARLOTTE - The Hating Book
16735: ZOLOTOW, MAURICE - Billy Wilder in Hollywood (Signed)
88334: ZOLOTOW, CHARLOTTE; ILLUSTRATED BY HILARY KNIGHT - When I Have a Little Girl (Signed by Hilary Knight)
88335: ZOLOTOW, CHARLOTTE; ILLUSTRATED BY HILARY KNIGHT - When I Have a Son (Signed by Hilary Knight)
80060: ZONE, RAY - The Deep Image: 3-D in Art and Science --with 3-D glasses
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83689: ZUCKER, JOE; TERRY MYERS - Joe Zucker: Joe's Lakes
81739: ZUCKERMAN, YITZHAK ("ANTEK") - A Surplus of Memory: Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (A Centennial Book)
85889: ZUMWALT, JAMES G. - Bare Feet, Iron Will: Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam's Battlefields
83957: TSONG-ZUNG, CHANG - New Art from China: Post-1989
16326: ZUNSER, ELIAKUM - Selected Songs of Eliakum Zunser
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10956: ZWEIG, PAUL - The Adventurer: The Fate of Adventure in the Western World
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87556: ZWENG, CHARLES - Zweng Aviation Dictionary
84185: ZWINGER, ANN - Beyond the Aspen Grove (First edition)
86014: ZWISOHN, LAURENCE J. - Bing Crosby: A Lifetime of Music
90171: ZYW, ALEKSANDER - Poles in Uniform: Sketches of the Polish Army, Navy and Air Force

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