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755: TAYLOR, JOHN W.R. - Flight: A Pictorial History from the Wright Brothers to Supersonic
75692: TAYLOR, C.W.; INTRODUCTION BY WILL H. HAYS - Masters and Masterpieces of the Screen
12057: TAYLOR, JOSHUA C. - Futurism
13709: TAYLOR, FLORENCE M. - A Boy Once Lived in Nazareth
16864: TAYLOR, JOHN RUSSELL - Orson Welles: A Celebration
87537: TAYLOR, ROB - The Breach: Kilimanjaro and the Conquest of Self (Signed)
16182: TAYLOR, JANE & ANNE - Meddlesome Matty and Other Poems for Infant Minds
85201: TAYLOR, H.A. - Fairey Aircraft Since 1915
78988: TAYLOR, TELFORD - The March of Conquest: The German Victories in Western Europe, 1940
91846: TAYLOR, LEONARD B. - Financial Management of the Vietnam Conflict,1962-1972 (Vietnam Studies)
78919: TAYLOR, ROBERT, AND ROBERT WESTON - The Air Combat Paintings of Robert Taylor
83283: TAYLOR, IAN - How to Produce Concert Versions of Gilbert and Sullivan
86659: TAYLOR, INA - The Edwardian Lady: The Story of Edith Holden, Author of 'the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady'
91892: TAYLOR, JOHN W.R. - Pictorial History of the Raf--Volume One 1918-1939
77984: TAYLOR, RICH; FOREWORD BY A.J. FOYT, JR. - Indy: Seventy-Five Years of Racing's Greatest Spectacle
88306: TAYLOR, D.J. - Bright Young People: The Lost Generation of London's Jazz Age
88859: TAYLOR, WILLIAM B., EDITOR - 14th Combat Bombardment Wing
73306: TAYLOR, INA - The Edwardian Lady: The Story of Edith Holden, Author of 'the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady'
79417: TAYLOR, JOHN W.R., AND MAURICE F. ALLWARD - Spitfire (1939-1945)
81820: TAYLOR, JUDITH - The Olive in California: History of an Immigrant Tree (Signed)
91893: TAYLOR, JOHN W.R. - Pictorial History of the Raf--Volume Two, 1939-1945
79069: TAYLOR, J.C. - German Warships of World War II
78771: TAYLOR, ERIC - Women Who Went to War, 1938-46
90954: TAYLOR, JUDY - That Naughty Rabbit: Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit (Signed)
84377: TAYLOR, MARK; GRAHAM BOOTH - The Old Woman and the Pedlar
86988: TAYLOR, MICHAEL J.H. - Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation --Revised, Updated, Expanded
81832: TAZAWA, YUTAKA - Biographical Dictionary of Japanese Art
13414: INITIAL TEACHING - Mie Book Ov Hansel and Gretel
84657: HONG KONG COLONY OUTLINE PLANNING TEAM - Land Utilization in Hong Kong, As at 31st March 1966 (missing one map)
89292: THE VIKING LANDER IMAGING TEAM - The Martian Landscape (With Stereo Viewer) NASA SP-425
90117: TEARE, DENYS - Evader: The Compelling True Story of Escape and Evasion Behind Enemy Lines
88771: TEHRANCHIAN, HASSAN, TRANSLATOR; ILLUSTRATED BY ANATOLE UR - Kalilah and Dimnah: Fables from the Ancient East
80095: TEIGNMOUTH, LORD, AND CHARLES G. HARPER - The Smugglers: Picturesque Chapters in the History of Contraband --Illustrated by Paul Hardy, by the Authors, and from Old Prints and Pictures, Vol. 1
89653: TEIXEIRA, CLOTILDES AVELLAR - Nazareno Altavilla: O Pintor Das Casas Velhas (Nazareno Altavilla: Painter of the Old Houses) (Portuguese edition)
10049: DAILY TELEGRAPH - King Albert's Book: A Tribute to the Belgian King and People from Representative Men and Women Throughout the World
81562: MUSEUM OF TELEVISION AND RADIO - Jack Benny: The Radio and Television Work
71977: TEMBLER, PAUL - The Spring Dance
76673: E. TEMIME, ET AL. - Marseille Et Les Américains, 1940-1946 (French Edition)
73635: TEMKIN, ANN - Contemporary Voices: Works from the Ubs Art Collection
1395: TEMPLAR, H.P. - Manchester, a Sketch-Book
73200: TEMPLE, LOU JANE - Death Du Jour (Signed)
16693: TEMPLE, SHIRLEY - Shirley Temple's Bedtime Book
16000: TEMPLE, VERE - Baby Animals on the Farm and How to Draw Them
71620: TEMPLE, WAYNE C. - Lincoln the Railsplitter
72241: TENGEIJI, MATAICHIRO - Mataichiro Tengeiji: Paintings 1987
91716: TENGGREN, GUSTAF - Tenggren's Story Book
85699: TENNENT, ALAN J. - British and Commonwealth Merchant Ship Losses to Axis Submarines, 1939-1945
13444: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - The Death of Oenone, Akbar's Dream, and Other Poems
82264: TENNYSON, JEFFREY - Hamburger Heaven: The Illustrated History of the Hamburger (Signed)
85958: TENT, JAMES FOSTER - E-Boat Alert: Defending the Normandy Invasion Fleet
85675: TENT, JAMES FOSTER - E-Boat Alert: Defending the Normandy Invasion Fleet
16295: TERAOKA, MASAMI - Masami Teraoka
91282: TEREBA, TERE - Mickey Cohen: The Life and Crimes of L.A. 's Notorious Mobster (Signed)
13188: LAMBERT, TERENCE AND ALAN MITCHELL - Lambert's Birds of Shore and Estuary
11496: TERKEL, STUDS - American Dreams Lost and Found
85240: TERRAINE, JOHN - Business in Great Waters: The U-Boat Wars, 1916-1945
85700: TERRAINE, JOHN - White Heat: The New Warfare, 1914-1918
92782: TERRAINE, JOHN - U-Boat Wars 1916-45
90058: TERRAINE, JOHN - Business in Great Waters: The U-Boat Wars, 1916-1945
83131: PAPER ENGINEERING BY JEFFREY TERRESON ET AL. - Creatures of the Desert World
91939: EPSTEIN, TERRI AND JUDY EPSTEIN GAGE; ILLUSTRATED BY ROGER ROTH - The Cat Hall of Fame: Imaginary Portraits and Profiles of the World's Most Famous Felines
92478: TREADWELL TERRY - The Ironworks: A History of Grumman's Fighting Aeroplanes
84731: TERRY, R.D. - The Case for the Deep Submersible
16186: NOBLE, T. TERTIUS AND HELEN SEWELL - A Round of Carols
11387: TERVALON, JERVEY - Understand This
85561: TERZIBASCHITSCH, STEFAN - Escort Carriers and Aviation Support Ships of the U.S. Navy
2944: PARVIN E'TESAMI - A Nightingale's Lament
74832: TESNER, LINDA - Lewis & Clark College Faculty Art Exhibition--January 24 to March 16, 2008
71981: TESTA, RON - Transient Places
87716: MATTIS-TEUTSCH, JANOS - Janos Mattis-Teutsch and the Hungarian Avant-Garde 1910-1935
84861: TEUTSCH, BETSY PLATKIN - One Little Goat--Had Gadya
89456: PELL, DEREK (TEXT AND COLLAGES) - Doktor Beys Handbook of Strange Sex --Complete Unexpurgated Version!
92496: TEYNARD, FELIX; ESSAY BY KATHLEEN STEWART HOWE - Felix Teynard: Calotypes of Egypt: A Catalogue Raisonne
71695: TEZUKA, OSAMA - Osama Tezuka
72223: TEZUKA, KANEKO - Japanese Food (Tourist Library 14)
91681: THACKER, CHRISTOPHER - The History of Gardens
2384: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - Henry Esmond and Lovel the Widower (Household Edition)
2396: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The History of Pendennis
2397: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Adventures of Philip on His Way Through the World& a Shabby Genteel Story
90081: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - Vanity Fair (Collector's Edition) the 100 Greatest Books Ever Written (A Novel Without a Hero)
70176: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE - The Adventures of Philip on His Way Through the World Shewing Who Robbed Him, Who Helped Him and Who Passed Him By
89681: THALMANN, RITA; EMMANUEL FEINERMANN - Crystal Night: 9-10 November 1938
87666: ROTTMANN, LARRY; PHOTOGRAPHY BY NGUYEN TRONG THANH AND LARRY ROTTMEN - Voices from the Ho Chi Minh Trail: Poetry of America and Vietnam, 1965-1993 (Signed)
72144: THARP, TWYLA - Push Comes to Shove: An Autobiography
92384: THAYER, JOSEPH HENRY - A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, Being Grimms Wilkes Clavis Novi Testamenti
86525: THAYER, ERNEST LAWRENCE - Casey at the Bat
92071: THAYER, ERNEST LAWRENCE; ILLUSTRATED BY BARRY MOSER. - Casey at the Bat: A Centennial Edition
75481: THEAKSTON, GREG - The Betty Pages Annual Volume 2
89517: BOITEN, THEO AND MARTIN BOWMAN - Jane's Battles with the Luftwaffe: The Bomber Campaign Against Germany 1942-45
90482: BOITEN THEO; MARTIN BOWMAN - Jane's Battles with the Luftwaffe: The Bomber Campaign Against Germany 1942-45
87929: THEOBALD, A.B. - The Mahdiya: A History of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 1881 - 1899
84766: JUDISCHES KOMITEE FUR THERESIENSTADT - Totenbuch Theresienstadt: I--Deportierte Aus Osterreich
86095: THERIAULT, FLORENCE - The Way They Wore: Doll Costumes and Accessories, 1850-1925
16532: THEROUX, ALEXANDER - Master Snickup's Cloak
81327: THERS, ALEXANDRE - Armor in Normandy: The British & Armor in Normandy: The Americans (Two Volumes)
74784: THERY, MURAD - Nuts to You and Tales from "the Twilight World
77826: THETFORD, OWEN, COMPILER - Aircraft of the Fighting Powers--Volume 7 (1946)
72709: THEYS, HANS, AND GUY ROMBOUTS & MONICA DROSTE - Rombouts & Droste: Cowboys, Ridders, Circusartiesten En Andere Buitenaardse Wezens-- Een Kijk-en Leesboek Gemaakt Door Hans Theys
87494: THIELICKE, HELMUT - Voyage to the Far East
14841: VAN THIENEN, FRITHJOF - The Great Age of Holland 1600-1660
13655: PONCELET, THIERRY AND BRUCE MCCALL - Sit! the Dog Portraits of Thierry Poncelet
71908: THIRSK, JOAN - Fooles and Fricassees: Food in Shakespeare's England
79000: THIXTON, MARSHALL J., GEORGE E. MOFFAT, AND JOHN J. O'NEIL - Bombs Away by Pathfinders of the Eighth Air Force
73713: THOENE, BODIE, AND BROCK THOENE - Jerusalem Vigil (the Zion Legacy Series): The Zion Legacy Book 1 (Signed)
3358: THOLLANDER, EARL - Back Roads of California (in Slipcase)
77436: THOMAS, GEOFF - U.S. Navy Carrier Aircraft Colours: Units, Colours and Markings of Us Navy Carrier-Borne Aircraft During World War 2
89495: THOMAS, FRANK - Brother Against Brother: Experiences of a British Volunteer in the Spanish CIVIL War
79887: THOMAS, TONY; FOREWORD BY BETTE DAVIS - The Films of Olivia de Havilland
1909: THOMAS, FRANK J., PHOTOGRAPHER - Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden: An Annotated Catalog of the Collection, 1978
79413: THOMAS, DAVID A. - A Companion to the Royal Navy
11058: THOMAS, GRAHAM STUART - The Art of Planting
12501: MCKNIGHT, THOMAS AND ANNIE GOTTLIEB - Voyage to Paradise: A Visual Odyssey
13673: WINNETT, THOMAS AND DON DENISON - The Tahoe-Yosemite Trail
89082: THOMAS, NANCY, ET AL. - The American Discovery of Ancient Egypt
16622: THOMAS, DYLAN - Adventures in the Skin Trade and Other Stories
90522: THOMAS, BOB - Joan Crawford: A Biography
80611: THOMAS, GEOFF - U.S. Navy Carrier Aircraft Colours: Units, Colours and Markings of Us Navy Carrier-Borne Aircraft During World War 2
88878: THOMAS, DAVID A. - Battles and Honours of the Royal Navy
86426: THOMAS, DAVID A. - Malta Convoys
71734: THOMAS, JOHN - John Thomas: Recent Paintings
70827: THOMAS, DYLAN - Me and My Bike. Foreword by Sydney Box. Illustrated by Leonora Box.
87545: THOMAS, DAVID A. - Battles and Honours of the Royal Navy
16035: THOMAS, LORENZO - Chances Are Few
16395: THOMAS, NORMAN - Socialism Re-Examined
1560: THOMAS, DYLAN - A Child's Christmas in Wales
88703: THOMAS, TED; KATE WILHELM - Year of the Cloud
16124: THOMAS, LOWELL - So Long Until Tomorrow: From Quaker Hill to Kathmandu (Signed)
78269: THOMAS, JEAN - Devil's Ditties: Being Stories of the Kentucky Mountain People, with the Songs They Sing
77534: THOMAS, PETER - 41 Independent Commando R.M. Korea 1950 to 1952 (Special Publications No. 8)
80769: THOMAS, TONY - Joel Mccrea: Riding the High Country
80699: THOMAS, TONY - Howard Hughes in Hollywood
88267: THOMAS, GORDON; MAX MORGAN WITTS - Guernica: The Crucible of World War II
80152: THOMAS, TONY - That's Dancing!
82196: THOMAS, W. DONALD - Nostalgia Northamericana: Artistic Publicity of the Early Airlines
79554: TERRY-THOMAS - Filling the Gap
79813: THOMAS, MARLO, AND FRIENDS - The Right Words at the Right Time (Signed)
86522: THOMAS, JOHN - Epopoeia and the Decay of Satire (Signed)
83180: THOMAS, D.M. - Two Voices
77125: THOMAS, DAVID A. - Battles and Honours of the Royal Navy
79597: THOMAS, LOWELL - Count Luckner, the Sea Devil
92055: BROTHER THOMAS - The Ceramics of Weston Priory / Brother Thomas
79889: THOMAS, TONY - The Films of Ronald Reagan
77705: THOMAS, ROWAN T. - Born in Battle: Round the World Adventures of the 513th Bombardment Squadron
89236: THOMASON, ERIC - Whirlwind Squadron: Memoirs of 1941-45
87403: THOMPSON, GEORGE RAYNOR, AND DIXIE R. HARRIS - U.S. Army in World War II, the Technical Services, the Signal Corps: The Outcome (Mid-1943 Through 1945) (Green Book)
86750: THOMPSON, H.L. - New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force (Volume III): Mediterranean and Middle East and South-East Asia --Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939-45
3972: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - Lives of the Hunted
11453: THOMPSON, DENNIS F. - Political Ethics and Public Office
79697: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Hell's Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
13224: THOMPSON, BRETT R. (EDITOR) - Olympiad: A Graphic Celebration
13959: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - Songs of the Doomed: More Notes on the Death of the American Dream - Gonzo Papers Vol. 3
14042: THOMPSON, JAMES WESTFALL - Ancient Libraries
14533: THOMPSON, KAY - Kay Thompson's Eloise
14971: THOMPSON, MORRIS M. - Maps for America: Cartographic Products of the U.S. Geological Survey and Others
16679: THOMPSON, HERBERT - Wagner & Wagenseil: A Source of Wagner's Opera 'Die Meistersinger'
3002: THOMPSON, JULIAN, EDITOR - Wilkie Collins: The Complete Shorter Fiction
87069: THOMPSON, JULIAN - The Imperial War Museum Book of the War at Sea: The Royal Navy in the Second World War
92165: THOMPSON, WARREN - F-86 Sabres of the 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing (Osprey Frontline Colour 6)
80690: THOMPSON, LEROY - Uniforms of the Indo-China and Vietnam Wars
80285: THOMPSON, R.W. - Montgomery, the Field Marshal: The Campaign in North-West Europe, 1944-45
79545: THOMPSON, CHARLES - Bing: The Authorized Biography
86332: THOMPSON, HOWARD - Fred Astaire: A Pictorial Treasury of His Films (Hollywood's Magic People)
71571: THOMPSON, DEL; THOMPSON, DANA; DUBOWSKI, CATHY EAST; MATEU, FRANC - Disney's Goofy Visits Pluto: A Book About the Planets
71786: THOMPSON, BOB - Bob Thompson: Meteor in a Black Hat
74828: THOMPSON, LIZ, COMPILER - Aboriginal Voices: Contemporary Aboriginal Artists, Writers and Performers
90375: THOMPSON, WARREN - P-61 Black Widow Units of World War 2
73328: THOMPSON, KAY, AND HILARY KNIGHT - Eloise: The Ultimate Edition
78935: THOMPSON, R.W. - The Price of Victory
79021: THOMPSON, JIM - Rescuers: The World's Top Anti-Terrorist Units
86751: THOMPSON, H.L. - New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force--Volume II: European Theatre January 1943 - May 1945 --Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939-45
82640: THOMPSON, H.L. - New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force--Volumes I, II, and III (Three-Volume Set) Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939-45
86819: THOMPSON, W.B. - San Antonio in Color: Paintings by W.B. Thompson
75542: THOMPSON, R.W. - At Whatever Cost: The Story of the Dieppe Raid
91728: THOMPSON, LAWRENCE - The Story of Scotland Yard --World Landmark Books W-16)
85580: THOMPSON, LEROY - Uniforms of the Indo-China and Vietnam Wars
80871: THOMPSON, JULIAN - The Imperial War Museum Book of War Behind Enemy Lines
89335: THOMPSON, JULIAN - Ww2 Victory in Europe Experience: From D-Day to the Destruction of the Third Reich (with Audio Cd)
90670: THOMPSON, JULIAN - Imperial War Museum Book of War Behind Enemy Lines
91986: THOMPSON, KAY; ILLUSTRATED BY JOE EULA - Kay Thompson's Miss Pooky Peckinpaugh, and Her Secret Private Boyfriends Complete with Telephone Numbers
91982: THOMPSON, DOROTHY B. - Garden Lore of Ancient Athens --Agora Picture Book # 8
11547: THOMSON, DAVID - The Whole Equation: A History of Hollywood
88173: THOMSON, IAIN - Frank Lloyd Wright in Pop-Up
12673: THOMSON, DAVID - Suspects
14731: D.C. THOMSON AND CO., LTD. - Judy for Girls 1969
71463: THOMSON, WINIFRED HOPE - Someone to Dinner: Chef Cooking for Little Kitchens
91330: THOMSON, DAVID - A Biographical Dictionary of Film
16334: THORBURN, ARCHIBALD - Thorburn's Mammals
76291: THORGRIMSSON, THOR, AND E.C. RUSSELL - Canadian Naval Operations in Korean Waters, 1950-1955
86662: THORN, MARK; FOREWORD BY ASHLEY MONTAGU - Taboo No More: The Phallus in Fact, Fantasy and Fiction
88538: THORNTON, W. M. - Submarine Insignia & Submarine Services of the World
13485: THORNTON, LAWRENCE - Tales from the Blue Archives (Signed)
91168: THORNTON, W.M. - Submarine Insignia & Submarine Services of the World
16777: THORPE, ROSA HARTWICK - Curfew Must Not Ring to-Night
14659: THORPE, JAMES, EDITOR - Poems in Manuscript
82125: THORPE, JAMES, AND HERBERT C. SCHULZ - The Ellesmere Manuscript of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and the Gutenberg Bible: Landmark in Learning (Two Small Volumes from the Huntington Library)
86337: THORPE, DONALD W. - Japanese Army Air Force Camouflage and Markings World War II
88301: THORPE, DONALD W. - Japanese Army Air Force Camouflage and Markings World War II
79902: THORPE, DONALD W. - Japanese Army Air Force Camouflage and Markings World War II (copy of color chart laid in)
80117: THORPE, JAMES - Henry Edwards Huntington: A Biography
84113: THORPE, DONALD W. - Japanese Army Air Force Camouflage and Markings World War II
88692: THORPE, DONALD W. - Japanese Army Air Force Camouflage and Markings World War II
89143: THORPE, DONALD W. - Japanese Army Air Force Camouflage and Markings World War II (Copy of Color Chart Laid in)
81138: THORSON, SCOTT, WITH ALEX THORLEIFSON, - Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace
90027: THRASHER, FREDERIC, EDITOR - Okay for Sound: How the Screen Found Its Voice
87056: THROM, EDWARD L., AND JAMES S. CRENSHAW - Popular Mechanics Album of Aviation
80511: U.S. AIR FORCE THUNDERBIRDS - The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds 1977 (Signed by Alex Haley)
79931: MAYER-THURMAN, CHRISTA C. - Raiment for the Lord's Service: A Thousand Years of Western Vestments
80980: THURSFIELD, H.G., EDITOR - Brassey's Annual 1954: The Armed Forces Year-Book
80919: THURSFIELD, H.G., EDITOR - Brassey's Navy Annual 1947
88530: THURSTON, CLARA BELL - The Jingle of a Jap (with Doll and Box)
89377: BUI BIEN THUY - Dien Bien Phu: Pictures and Events (Bilingual Edition)
92619: THYSSE, JAC. P. - Lente (in Dutch)
3403: TIBON, GUTIERRE - Los Ritos Magicos Y Tragicos de la Pubertad Femenina
2546: TIDY, BILL - The Great Eric Ackroyd Disaster
82255: TIERNEY, PATRICIA E. - Ladies of the Avenue
70741: OHNUKI-TIERNEY, EMIKO - The Monkey As Mirror: Symbolic Transformations in Japanese History and Ritual
71376: TIETJEN, ARTHUR - Soho: London's Vicious Circle
89144: TILLMAN, BARRETT - Hellcat Aces of World War 2 (Aircraft of the Aces) (with poster)
90128: TILLMAN, BARRETT - Wildcat: The F4f in World War II
90379: TILLMAN, BARRETT - Wildcat Aces of World War 2 (Aircraft of the Aces Series )
75575: TILLMAN, BARRETT - Mig Master: The Story of the F-8 Crusader (Signed)
82361: TILLMAN, BARRETT - Corsair: The F4u in World War II and Korea
80493: TILLMAN, BARRETT - Hellcat Aces of World War 2 (Aircraft of the Aces) (with poster)
91315: TILLMAN, BARRETT - Above & Beyond: The Aviation Medals of Honor
13523: TILLMAN, LYNNE - Bookstore: The Life and Times of Jeannette Watson and Books & Co. (Signed by Jeannette Watson)
91299: TILLMAN, BARRETT - Corsair: The F4u in World War II and Korea
87050: TILLMAN, BARRETT - Hellcat: The F6f in World War II
75353: BERRESHEIM, TIM AND WOLFGANG BRAUNEIS - Tim Berresheim: Condition Tidiness
10268: HILL, TIM AND GEOFFREY WARD (EDITORS) - Audience: March-April 1972, Volume 2, Number 2
86295: TIMBERLAKE, RICHARD H. - They Never Saw Me Then
86458: EDITORS OF NAVY TIMES - They Fought Under the Sea: The Saga of the Submarine
75473: TINKER, F.G., JR. - Some Still Live
92066: TIPPLE, EZRA S. - Some Famous Country Parishes (Signed)
16685: TISCHNER, HERBERT - Kulturen Der Sudsee: Einfuhrung in Die Volkerkunde Ozeaniens
90505: LE TISSIER; TONY - Patton's Pawns: The 94th Us Infantry Division at the Siegfried Line
11200: TITLE, DAENA - One Year After: In Memory of Her Father
90594: TITLER, DALE M. - The Day the Red Baron Died
81788: TITTLE, WALTER - My Country: An Illuminated and Illustrated Version of the American National Anthem
75601: TLYDEN, MAJOR G. - The Armed Forces of South Africa with an Appendix on the Commandos-- Facsimile reproduction of the 1954 edition with the three Addenda and Corrigenda published in Africana Notes and News
78386: DUPLESIS, E., AS TOLD TO AND WRITTEN DOWN BY E.C. TRELAWNEY-ANSELL - The Cohort of the Damned: From "Bleu" to Capitaine
73717: SYONGO, TODA AND MAX MICELI - Godog (Signed)
86482: TODD, PAMELA - The Impressionists at Home
80154: TOEPPERWEIN, HERMAN; DRAWINGS BY CHARLES SHAW - Showdown: Western Gunfighters in Moments of Truth
1535: TOKI, ZEMMARO - Japanese No Plays (Tourist Library: 16)
83215: TOKUGAWA, YOSHINOBU - The Shogun Age Exhibition --From the Tokugawa Art Museum, Japan
90445: TOLAND, JOHN - In Mortal Combat: Korea, 1950-1953
91123: TOLAND, JOHN - Adolf Hitler
90349: TOLAND, JOHN - The Rising Sun: The Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire, 1936-1945
70934: TOLEDANO, FRANCISCO - Francisco Toledano: Retrospective of Graphic Works
79341: TOLIVER, RAYMOND F., AND TREVOR J. CONSTABLE - The Blond Knight of Germany
86074: TOLIVER, RAYMOND F.; AND TREVOR J. CONSTABLE - Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe
77602: TOLIVER, RAYMOND F.; AND TREVOR J. CONSTABLE - Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe (Signed)
92672: TOLIVER, RAYMOND F., AND TREVOR J. CONSTABLE - The Blond Knight of Germany
77601: TOLIVER, RAYMOND F.; AND TREVOR J. CONSTABLE - Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe (Signed)
89362: TOLIVER, RAYMOND F., AND TREVOR J. CONSTABLE - Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe
75521: TOLIVER, RAYMOND F.; AND TREVOR J. CONSTABLE - Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe (Signed)
86053: TOLIVER, RAYMOND F., AND TREVOR J. CONSTABLE - Fighter General: The Life of Adolf Galland, the Official Biography
11081: TOLKIN, MICHAEL - Among the Dead
83201: TOLKIN, MICHAEL - The Player
88829: TOLLEY, KEMP - Yangtze Patrol: The U.S. Navy in China (Bluejacket Books)
74661: DE TOLNAY, CHARLES - Hieronymous Bosch
88694: TOLSON, JOHN J. - Airmobility 1961-1971. Vietnam Studies
11647: DAWE, TOM AND SYLVIA FICKEN - A Gommil from Bumble Bee Bight
12548: ADAMS, TOM AND KEITH BANISTER - Aquarial Fish
14390: MORAN, TOM AND TOME SEWELL - Fantasy by the Sea
75196: AKERS, TOM AND SAM - The Game Breaker: The Story of Bruce Smith, Minnesota's Only Heisman Award Winner (Signed)
83847: TOMAN, ROLF - Neoclassicism and Romanticism --Architecture-Sculpture-Painting-Drawings
75267: TOMB, DAVID - David Tomb: Portraits
84763: TOMCZYK, ANDRZEJ M. - Japonska Bron Pancerna - Japanese Armor Vol. 2 - Tankpower No. 10 Armour (Bilingual edition)
3950: TOMEA, PAOLO, EDITOR - Chiaravalle: Arte E Storia Di Un Abbazia Cistercense (Chiaravalle: The Art and History of a Cistercian Abbey)
79691: TOMIDY, PAUL, CURATOR - De-Persona (May 18 - September 22, 1991 the Oakland Museum)
82172: OGITA, TOMOO AND RICHARD PETTERSON - Asian Cloisonné Enamels from the Dorothy Adler Routh Collection
13520: TOMS, ELSIE - The Story of St. Albans
90063: HOLT, TONIE AND VALMAI HOLT - I'LL Be Seeing You: Picture Postcards of World War II
16614: TONTI, ALDO - Odore Di Cinema (Signed)
10656: MACKERTICH, TONY AND PETER - Façade: A Decade of British and American Commercial Architecture
12807: CRAWLEY, TONY AND ED CARAEFF - Screen Dreams: The Hollywood Pinup
14295: HENDRA, TONY AND PETER ELBLING - The 90s: A Look Back
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598: UELSMANN, JERRY - Silver Meditations
14926: UGLOW, JENNY - A Little History of British Gardening
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77725: ULANOFF, STANLEY M., EDITOR - Fighter Pilot: Aerial Combat Aces from 1914 to the Present Day (Revised Edition)
75846: ULANOFF, STANLEY M., EDITOR - Fighter Pilot
83987: ULANOFF, STANLEY M., EDITOR - Fighter Pilot --Aerial Combat Aces from 1914 to the Present Day
81885: ULLBERG, LLOYD - Lloyd Ullberg: Modernist Photographer
2609: ULLMAN, ALLAN & LUCILLE FLETCHER - Sorry, Wrong Number
89034: ULLRICH, KARL - Wie Ein Fels IM Meer (Like a Cliff in the Sea) --Die 3. SS-Panzerdivision "Totenkopf" Im Bild
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974: ULTSCH, PAUL - Damals in Schweinfurt: Als Die Stadtmauer Noch Begrenzung War
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16884: (UNCREDITED) - The Language of Flowers
71258: UNCREDITED - The Artists of Gugging (Die Kunstler Aus Gugging)
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13206: UNDERHILL, LIZ - Jack of All Trades
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88436: UNGERER, TOMI - Zeralda's Ogre
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952: UNKNOWN - Ricordo Di Pisa; Postcards
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663: UPDIKE, JOHN - Rabbit Redux
10248: UPDIKE, JOHN - Rabbit at Rest
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14993: UPDYKE, JAMES - It's Always Four O'Clock
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16039: UPSTONE, ROBERT - The Pre-Raphaelite Dream: Paintings and Drawings from the Tate Collection
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92702: URBANKE, AXEL - U-Boot IM Focus / U-Boat in Focus No 3
92703: URBANKE, AXEL - U-Boot IM Focus / U-Boat in Focus No 4
92704: URBANKE, AXEL - U-Boot IM Focus / U-Boat in Focus No 5
79566: URQUHART, R.E. - Arnhem
85380: USAF - Bombardiers' Information File
85379: USAF - Pilot Training Manual for the Flying Fortress B-17
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87489: UTT, WALTER C., AND BRIAN E. STRAYER - The Bellicose Dove: Claude Brousson and Protestant Resistance to Louis XIV, 1647 -1698
12957: BUERKLE, JACK V. AND DANNY BARKER - Bourbon Street Black: The New Orleans Black Jazzmen
82295: LE VA, BARRY - Barry le Va
72821: VACA, GUSTAVO ALBERTO GARCIA - The Multiple Entrance: Classic Science-Fiction and Mystery Stories Remixed and Re-Imagined (Signed)
74439: VACHSS, ANDREW - Down Here: A Burke Novel (Signed)
83774: LAMARCHE-VADEL, BERNARD - Giacometti
90030: VAETH, J. GORDON - Graf Zeppelin: The Adventures of an Aerial Globetrotter
85672: VAETH, J. GORDON - Blimps & U-Boats: U.S. Navy Airships in the Battle of the Atlantic
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87266: VALANT, GARY M. - Vintage Aircraft Nose Art --Over 1000 Photographs of Pin-Up Paintings on USA Military Aircraft in World War 2 and Korea
80940: VALENCIA, JERRY - Knights of the Sky (Volume 1)
3792: VALENTIN, LEO - Bird Man
70009: VALENTINE, MAGGIE - The Show Starts on the Sidewalk: An Architectural History of the Movie Theatre, Starring S. Charles Lee
87460: VALENTINE, JEAN - Door in the Mountain: New and Collected Poems 1965-2003
11462: VALENTINO, JIM - A Touch of Silver, Book One: A Sociopath in Training
72656: VALERIE, BELIN - Valerie Belin
10472: VALERY, PAUL - L'Idee Fixe Ou Deux Hommes a la Mer
10486: VALERY, PAUL - Choses Tues, Moralites, and Regards Sur le Monde Actuel
84489: VALLANCE, AYMER - Old Crosses and Lynchgates
3696: VALLEE, RUDY - Let the Chips Fall-(Signed)
12326: VALLEJO, DORIS - The Boy Who Saved the Stars
84333: VALLENTINE, DEWAIN - Dewain Valentine: Recent Sculpture
11039: VALLIER, DORA - Henri Rousseau
14186: VALLINS, G.H. - The Pattern of English
72708: VALLOTTON, FELIX - Felix Vallotton
83727: VALSECCHI, CARLO - Frutta E Verdura / Fruit and Vegetables (a Photographic Journey / Un Percorso Fotografico) Dual Language English/Italian
82441: VALTIN, JAN - Children of Yesterday
83155: VANCE, ROBERT W. - Cryogenic Technology (Signed)
90679: VANCE, JR., JAMES E. - The North American Railroad: Its Origin, Evolution, and Geography (Creating the North American Landscape)
1684: VANDEVANTER, ANNE WOODROW - Poster Making for the Amateur
71576: VANDYKE, KIRK - Hatred of One's Fascination with an Idea of Wilderness
74345: KALVODOVA-SIS-VANIS - Chinese Theatre
90514: VANN, FATHER JOSEPH, EDITOR; INTRODUCTION BY FATHER THOMAS PLASSMANN - Lives of Saints with Excerpts from Their Writings, Selected and Illustrated (Gutenberg Edition, in original gift box)
78251: VANNOY, ALLYN R., AND JAY KARAMALES - Against the Panzers: United States Infantry Versus German Tanks, 1944-1945: A History of Eight Battles Told Through Diaries, Unit Histories and Interviews
71256: VANRIET, JAN, AND GERD SEGERS - Jan Vanriet: Aquarelle & Gemalde
76701: VAREIKA, BILL - John la Farge: American Artistic Genius and Renaissance Man (1835-1910)
75832: VARGA AND ESQUIRE - Esquire's 1947 Varga Calendar Year Book
2432: VARIOUS - National Gallery: Illustrated General Catalogue
3843: VARIOUS - Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 67, 1874
11347: VARIOUS - Yang Liu Qing Woodcut New Year Pictures
73253: VARIOUS - Set of Four Books from the Venus Library: Five Men; la Tarantula: An Erotic Tale of Spain; M. Fontaine's Establishment; Two Flappers in Paris
16841: VARIOUS - Big Horror Issue No. 28 of Big Magazine
16843: VARIOUS - The Art of Mosaics: Selections from the Gilbert Museum
72225: VARIOUS - Hommage a Alex
74331: VARIOUS - Independence Movement Through Pictures (1)
91631: VARIOUS - Materials on the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
84796: VARIOUS - Die Uniformen Und Abzeichen Fahnen, Standarten Und Wimpel Der Sa, Ss, Hz, Des Stahlhelm (German Edition)
77361: VARIOUS - Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research, Volume IX, No. 36, April 1930 (Volume 9, Number 36)
84815: VARIOUS - The Annals of the War Written by Leading Participants North and South (Volume 1) (Originally Published in the Philadelphia Weekly Times)
87218: VARIOUS - Recueil de Voiages Au Nord (Tome Troisieme) --Contenant divers Memoires tres utiles au Commerce & a la Navigation
86382: VARIOUS - Warships --User Manual
85775: VARIOUS - The Annals of the War Written by Leading Participants North and South (Volume 2) (Originally Published in the Philadelphia Weekly Times)
74388: VARIOUS - Art in the Congo
74287: VARIOUS - History of the Fourteenth Engineers U.S. Army, from May, 1917 to May, 1919
85591: VARIOUS - Type 99 Carrier Dive-Bomber --Famous Airplanes of the World #33
86960: VARIOUS - Scale Warplanes, Volume I: Modelling the Messerschmitt Bf 109 & Supermarine Spitfire
87333: VARLEY, HELEN, EDITOR - The Air Traveler's Handbook: The Complete Guide to Air Travel, Airplanes and Airports
83608: VARNEY, CARLETON - In the Pink: Dorothy Draper--America's Most Fabulous Decorator
90982: VARON, ELIZABETH R. - Southern Lady, Yankee Spy: The True Story of Elizabeth Van Lew, a Union Agent in the Heart of the Confederacy
76558: VARRIALE, PAOLO - Italian Aces of World War I (Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 89)
73814: VARRO, STEVE - Comedy Is No Laughing Matter (Signed)
85055: VASCO, JOHN - Messerschmitt Bf 110: Bombsights over England: Erprobungsgruppe 210 in the Battle of Britain (Schiffer Military History)
13699: VASQUEZ, ROBERT - At the Rainbow (Signed)
91552: VASU, SRISA CHANDRA, EDITOR - The Siddhanta Kaumudi of Bhattoji Diksita
90336: VAN DER VAT, DAN - The Good Nazi: The Life and Lies of Albert Speer
88919: VAN DER VAT, DAN - The Atlantic Campaign: Great Struggle at Sea, 1939-45
89826: VAN DER VAT, DAN; - Stealth at Sea: The History of the Submarine
4023: VAUGHAN, WILLIAM - German Romanticism and English Art
718: VAUGHN, ROBERT L., EDITOR - Space Shuttle: A Triumph in Manufacturing
76369: VAUSE, JORDAN - Wolf: U-Boat Commanders in World War II
88015: VAUTRIN, JEAN. TARDI - Le Cri Du Peuple: Les Heures Sanglantes (French Edition)
89910: VEDLICH, JOSEPH, EDITOR - The Prints of the Ten Bamboo Studio: A Chinese Masterpiece
14577: VEECK, BILL - The Hustler's Handbook
71691: VEGESACK, ALEXANDER, MATEO KRIES - 100 Masterpieces from the Vitra Design Museum Collection
78207: VEIGELE, WILLIAM J. - Sea Bag of Memories: Images, Poems, Thoughts & Crafts of the Small Ship Sailors of World War II
92486: VEITH, GEORGE J. - Code-Name Bright Light: The Untold Story of U.S. Pow Rescue Efforts During the Vietnam War
92463: VEITH, GEORGE J. - Code-Name Bright Light: The Untold Story of U.S. Pow Rescue Efforts During the Vietnam War
71991: VEKRIS, BABIS - Babis Vekris: The Silicone Season
91593: VELIKOVSKY, IMMANUEL - Ramses II and His Time
83241: VELOSO, CAETANO - Tropical Truth: A Story of Music and Revolution in Brazil
3556: THE REV. HUBERT VENABLES, EDITOR - The Frankenstein Diaries
12396: VENEZIA, MIKE - Hopper: Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists (in Chinese)
14273: VENKATRANGAIYA, M. - The General Election in Bombay 1952
1472: VENTURI, ROBERT - Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture
14129: SKIRA-VENTURI, ROSABIANCA - A Weekend with Renoir
87398: VERBEEK, GUSTAVE - The Incredible Upside-Downs
80109: VERCELLONI, MATTEO, WITH SILVIO SAN PIETRO; PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL WARCHOL - Urban Interiors in New York & Usa (International Architecture and Interiors)
10839: VERDELIS, NICHOLAS - The Land of Atrides: Mycenae, Tiryns, Heraion and Epidaurus
71499: VERGARA, CARLOS - Carlos Vergara
84885: VERGNANO, PIERO - The Fiat Fighters 1930- 1945
73026: VERHOEVEN, GERT - Gert Verhoeven: Auto-Mio
10275: IM INSEL VERLAG - Die Minnesinger in Bildern Der Manessischen Handschrift: Insel-Bucherei Nr. 450
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90557: VERLINDEN, FRANCOIS - Lock on No. 28 - Messerschmitt Bf-109g-2
2805: VERNE, JULES - Dr. Ox's Experiment
10905: VERNE, JULES - A Long Vacation
91906: VERNEY, G. L.; JOHN HACKET - Desert Rats: The 7th Armoured Division in World War II (Greenhill Military Paperbacks)
79568: VERNON, P.V. - The Royal New South Wales Lancers 1885-1960, Incorporating a Narrative of the 1st Light Horse Regiment A.I. F. 1914-1919 (Signed)
13359: VERRAL, CHARLES SPAIN - The Case of the Missing Message
84405: VERRALL, CHARLES SPAIN - The Adventure of Lassie --A Giant Little Golden Book #5012
85128: VERRIER, ANTHONY - The Bomber Offensive: The Exciting Saga of the American and British Strategic Bomber Offensive Against Germany from 1939-1945
938: VERSAND, KENNETH - Polyglot's Lexicon: 1943-1966
91637: A.E.F. VERSE - Yanks
83517: VERTREES, J.D. - Japanese Maples: Momiji and Kaede
10095: VEST, MICHAEL - Fern Palace
12408: VICENS, FRANCESC - Cathedral of Tarragona
89993: VICENTE, ESTEBAN, AND BERRY-HILL GALLERIES - Esteban Vicente: Then and Now: Work from the 1950s and 1990s
91194: VICENTE, ESTEBAN - Esteban Vicente
13926: HAUGE, VICTOR AND TAKAKO - Folk Traditions in Japanese Art
10287: VICTOR, JOAN BERG - Sh-H! Listen Again! Sounds of the Season
14016: THE VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - The Victoria and Albert Colour Books (Four-Volume Set)
13641: DAILEY, VICTORIA AND STEVE TURNER - Danish Posters 1910-1940
71874: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM STAFF - Patterns for Papers (the Victoria and Albert Colour Books)
74912: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Chinese Porcelain of the Ch'Ing Dynasty
78402: VIDAL, NURIA - The Films of Pedro Almodovar
16676: VIDOR, KING - A Tree Is a Tree
81762: ARTISTS OF THE BUDDHIST INSTITUTE OF VIETNAM AND LAOS - Temiya Jataka (The Story of the Prince Temiya)
90699: FRONT NATIONAL DE LIBERATION DU SUD VIETNAM - Le Sud Vietnam Sur le Chemin de la Victoire (French Edition)
74480: VIGO, JEAN, AND FRANCOIS TRUFFAUT - The Complete Jean Vigo: Zero for Conduct, L'Atalante (Classic Film Scripts)
14740: BERTOZZI-VILLA, ELENA - Broadmoor Memories: The History of the Broadmoor
92322: VILLAREJO, MARY - The Tiger Hunt
83339: VILLASENOR Y VILLASENOR, RAMIRO - Las Calles Historicas de Guadalajara (3 vols.)
84633: VILLENEUVE, ARTHUR - Arthur Villeneuve's Quebec Chronicles (Signed)
10473: VILLON, MASTER FRANCOIS - The Poems of Master Francois Villon of Paris
74642: VILLON, FRANCOIS - The Lyrical Poems of Francois Villon (Signed)
13184: VINCENT, GILLIAN - Writer's Favorite Recipes
77410: VINCENT, CHRISTIAN - Christian Vincent: Recent Paintings
90613: VINCENT, GABRIELLE - A Day, a Dog
14658: VINCENT, STEPHEN (EDITOR) - Shocks, Issue 5, Feb. 1975: The Day Book
71353: VINCENT, CHRISTIAN - Christian Vincent: New Paintings
92479: VINCENT, CARL - The Blackburn Shark --Canada's Wings Vol. 1a
13586: VINCI, JOHN - The Art Institute of Chicago: The Stock Exchange Trading Room
10269: DA VINCI, LEONARDO - Leonardo Da Vinci: Anatomical Drawings from the Queen's Collection at Windsor Castle
90984: VINOGRADOV, V.K. - Hitler's Death: Russia's Last Great Secret from the Files of the Kgb
3629: VIOLA, JEROME - The Painting and Teaching of Philip Pearlstein
72702: VIOLA, BILL - Bill Viola: Buried Secrets (Vergrabene Geheimnisse) (Katalog)
87670: VIORST, JUDITH - Sad Underwear and Other Complications: More Poems for Children and Their Parents (Signed)
12339: HAVILAND, VIRGINIA AND MARGARET N. COUGHLAN (SELECTED AND INTRODUCED) - Yankee Doodle's Literary Samples of Prose, Poetry and Pictures
13980: MCKENNA, VIRGINIA AND BILL TRAVERS - On Playing with Lions
4003: VIRTUE, JOHN - John Virtue: Ten New Works
72235: VIRTUE, JOHN - John Virtue: Ten New Works
3869: VISEUX, CLAUDE - Viseux
11616: VITERBI, ANDREW J. - Principles of Coherent Communication
10439: VITRA - Vitra 2002/2003
71103: VITTORINI, ELIO - The Twilight of the Elephant
70018: VIVIAN, BART - Imagine (Signed)
92591: VIVO, JORGE A. - Razas Y Lenguas Indigenas de Mexico Su Distribucion Geografica
15173: VLACH, JOHN MICHAEL - The Afro-American Tradition in Decorative Arts
83052: VLAHOS, LEN - The Scar Boys (Signed)
89627: VOAS, DAVID - The Bad News Bible: The New Testament
81918: VOEGELIN, ERIC - Israel and Revelation (Order and History, Volume One)
79733: VOGEL, MICHELLE - Marjorie Main: The Life and Films of Hollywood's "Ma Kettle
74937: VOGEL, AMOS; ILLUSTRATED BY MAURICE SENDAK - How Little Lori Visited Times Square
92561: VOGELER, ALBERT, ROY V. BOSWELL, AND THE COLLECTION FOR THE HISTORY OF CARTOGRAPHY - Worlds That Never Were: Early Maps of the World and the Western Hemisphere 1513-1676 --Twenty-seven maps, 1556-1855, plus one
13480: VOGT, PAUL - Contemporary Painting
83762: VOGT, PAUL; HANS ROSENWALD - The Best of Christian Rohlfs
89907: BABST-VOKEY, ARLENE - Echoes: Essays and Short Stories
72448: VOLL, DICK, EDITOR - Wolvertoons: The Art of Basil Wolverton
92019: VOLMERSTEIN, TINA - Der Stil Der Zwanziger: Art Deco-Bauhaus-de Stijl (Elite Bibliothek)
11772: VOLTAIRE - The Works of Voltaire: The Maid of Orleans in Two Volumes - Vol. 2
11770: VOLTAIRE - The Works of Voltaire: Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 10
11769: VOLTAIRE - The Works of Voltaire: Dramas, Volume 16
72141: VAN DE VOORDE, URBAIN - War Van Overstraeten (Monographies de l'art Belge)
92323: VOPAT, FRANTISEK; J.F. BURKE - Animal Alphabet
72300: VOZNESENSKY, ANDREI - Story Under Full Sail
75998: VRDOLJAK, MARY KATHLEEN, COMPILER - The History of South African Regiment: A Select Bibliography
1097: DE VRIES, PETER - Sauce for the Goose (Signed)
11721: DE VRIES, PETER - The Tunnel of Love
71467: DE VRIES, PETER - The Vale of Laughter
89309: DE VRIES, A.B. - Jan Vermeer Van Delft
89434: VROON, PIET, ET AL. - Smell: The Secret Seducer
11829: VSETECKA, JIRI - Prazsky Chodec: Kniha Forografii Prahy No Motivy Vitezslava Nezvala
4171: VYSE, HOWARD, EDITOR - Automobile Connoisseur 4
4172: VYSE, HOWARD, EDITOR - Automobile Connoisseur 5
11249: REED, A.W. WITH A.E. BROUGHAM - The Concise Maori Handbook: Encyclopedia Dictionary Place Names Proverbs
79110: BOWMAN, MARTIN W. AND TOM CUSHING - Confounding the Reich: The Operational History of 100 Group ( Bomber Support) Raf
83861: WACHTEL, ALBERT - The Cracked Lookingglass: James Joyce and the Nightmare of History (Signed)
12510: WADE, ROSALIND - Come Fill the Cup
73744: WADLEIGH, WELLS E. - Through These Arches: Fifty Years at Crystal (Signed)
82074: WAGLER, DAVID, AND ROMAN RABER - The Story of the Amish in Civilian Public Service, with Directory containing names and essential information concerning all Amish men inducted into the Civilian Public Service program up to January 1, 1945
10640: WAGNER, HAROLD - Smith's Comic Songs for the Ukelele: A Collection of Clean Comic Songs with Simple Diagram Chords Anyone Can Play at Sight
82200: WAGNER, WILLIAM - Ryan, the Aviator: Being the Adventures and Ventures of Pioneer Airman and Businessman T. Claude Ryan (Signed)
14011: WAGNER, BRUCE - The Chrysanthemum Palace (Signed)
84355: WAGNER, ROB, AND RUPERT HUGHES - Two Decades: The Story of a Man of God--Hollywood's Own Padre
92134: WAGNER, RICHARD; ENGLISH TRANSLATION BY FREDERICK JAMESON - The Ring of the Nibelungen: Third Part, Siegfried
70757: WAGNER, LUDWIG - Der Szeniker Ludwig Sievert: Studie Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte Des Buhnenbildes IM Letzten Jahrzehnt
16374: WAGNER, BRUCE - Memorial (Signed)
88843: WAGNER, WILLIAM - Reuben Fleet and the Story of Consolidated Aircraft
92135: WAGNER, RICHARD; TRANSLATED BY FREDERICK JAMESON - Dusk of the Gods: Complete Vocal Score in a Facilitated Arrangement
85938: WAGNER, RAY - North American Sabre (MacDonald Aircraft Monographs)
71566: WAGNER, A., PHD - Facts and Fallacies of Mesmerism: Demonstrated to Its Friends and Opponents in Two Lectures, Delivered in London, January, 1845
88736: WAGNER, RAY - North American Sabre (MacDonald Aircraft Monographs)
85615: WAGNER, MARGARET E. - The American CIVIL War: 365 Days
73935: WAGNER, JAMES - Work Book
12401: WAGNER, WILLIAM - Ryan, the Aviator: Being the Adventures and Ventures of Pioneer Airman and Businessman T. Claude Ryan (Signed)
82528: WAGNER, BRUCE - Force Majeure: The Bud Wiggins Stories (Signed)
87975: WAGONER, DAVID - Money Money Money
73300: WAGSTAFF, J. M. - The Evolution of the Middle Eastern Landscapes: An Outline to A.D. 1840
89729: WAHL, JAN; ILLUSTRATED BY STAN MACK - Needle and Noodle and Other Silly Stories
72952: KA WAI, TONG - Ton Ka Wai: Mountains of Heaven: Modern Chinese Paintings
2615: WAINWRIGHT, A. - A Furness Sketchbook & a Second Furness Sketchbook
85463: WAINWRIGHT, GEOFFREY; KAREN B. WESTERFIELD TUCKER - The Oxford History of Christian Worship
73014: WAITS, WILLIAM B - The Modern Christmas in America: A Cultural History of Gift-Giving (American Social Experience Series)
73453: WAIWAIOLE, LONO - Wiley's Lament (Signed)
87455: WAKAMATSU, JACK K. - Silent Warriors: A Memoir of America's 442nd Regimental Combat Team
84682: WAKEFIELD, KEN - Pfadfinder: Luftwaffe Pathfinder Operations over Britain, 1940-1944
73017: WALCH, PETER - French Oil Sketches and the Academic Tradition: Selections from a Private Collection on Loan to the University Art Museum of the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
76948: WALD, JERRY, AND RICHARD MACAULAY, EDITORS - The Best Pictures 1939-1940 and the Year Book of Motion Pictures in America
70938: WALD, ROBERT - The Majestic Albatross Images of Kaua'i's Beloved Seabirds
16130: WALDBERG, PATRICK - Eros in la Belle Epoque
2042: WALDMAN, AYELET - Nursery Crimes (a Mommy-Track Mystery)
10005: WALDMAN, SARAH - Light: The First Seven Days
11269: WALDMAN, DIANE - Italian Art Now: An American Perspective 1982 Exxon International Exhibition
11506: WALDMAN, AYELET - A Playdate with Death (Signed)
87137: WALDRON, VINCE - Classic Sitcoms: A Celebration of the Best of Prime-Time Comedy
91816: WALDRON, LAMAR, AND; THOM HARTMANN - Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the Jfk Assassination
89556: WALDRON, W.H. - Flags of America
80564: WALDRON, VINCE - Classic Sitcoms: A Celebration of the Best of Prime-Time Comedy (Signed, with a drawing)
3448: WALEY, ARTHUR - The Life and Times of Po Chu-I (with Translations of 100 New Poems)
89319: WALEY, ARTHUR; ILLUSTRATED BY CYRUS LEROY BALDRIDGE - Translations from the Chinese
12405: WALIA, SARANJEET - Contemporary British Artists, with Photographs by Walia
2866: WALKER, ALICE - Living by the Word: Selected Writings 1973-1987
81693: WALKER, ALICE, AND STEVEN SPIELBERG - Original Deluxe Promotional Book for the Steven Spielberg Film the Color Purple, from the Novel by Alice Walker
76603: WALKER, MORT - Backstage at the Strips
14281: WALKER, ALICE - To Hell with Dying
14510: WALKER, PAUL ROBERT - Giants!: Stories from Around the World
79734: WALKER, MORT - Mort Walker's Private Scrapbook
72082: MATTHEW-WALKER, ROBERT - Simon and Garfunkel
71066: WALKER, ALICE - The Temple of My Familiar (Signed)
91511: WALKER, THEODORE D. - Site Design and Construction Detailing
16154: WALKER, ALICE - Finding the Green Stone
10270: WALKER, MICHELE - The Complete Book of Quiltmaking
85033: WALKER, LOIS E.; SHELBY E. WICKAM - From Huffman Prairie to the Moon - the History of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
76624: WALKER, DOROTHY - Louis le Brocquy
86507: WALKER, MORT, AND DIK BROWNE - The Best of Hi and Lois
90022: WALKER, LEO - The Wonderful Era of the Great Dance Bands (Signed)
78474: WALKER, G. GOOLD - The Honourable Artillery Company 1537-1947
76483: BRIAN WALKER - The Comics: Before 1945
88569: WALKER, FRANK; PAMELA MELLOR - The Mystery of X5: Lieutenant H. Henty-Creer's Attack on the "Tirpitz
91278: WALKER, J. MICHAEL - All the Saints of the City of the Angels: Seeking the Soul of L.A. On Its Streets
2242: WALLACE, IRVING - The Writing of One Novel
78668: WALLACE, BRENTON G. - Patton and His Third Army
16323: WALLACE, IRVING - The Sins of Philip Fleming (Signed)
16625: WALLACE, IRVING - The Fabulous Showman: The Life and Times of P.T. Barnum (Signed)
87574: WALLACE, KEVIN V., CURATOR - Celebrating Nature: Craft Traditions/Contemporary Expressions
87569: WALLACE, LEW - The Prince of India, or, Why Constantinople Fell (Volume 1 and 2)
79236: WALLACE, BRENTON G. - Patton and His Third Army
84643: WALLACE, BETTY - Gunnison Country
90310: WALLACE, G.F. - The Guns of the Royal Air Force, 1939-1945
16647: WALLASCHEK, RICHARD - Primitive Music: An Inquiry Into the Origin and Development of Music, Songs, Instruments, Dances, and Pantomimes of Savage Races
12368: VAN DE WALLE, PROF. A.L.J. - Retrospectieve Gaspard de Wit/Retrospective Gaspard de Wit
11110: WALLER, THOMAS "FATS - Musical Rhythms
11271: WALLER, RAYFIELD - Abstract Blues: Poems 1980-1987
75291: WALLER, BRET - Works from the Collection of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel
86251: WALLERSTEIN, IMMANUEL - The Road to Independence: Ghana and the Ivory Coast (Signed)
11163: RANSOME-WALLIS, P. - On Railways: At Home and Abroad
70703: WALLIS, HAL B., WITH CHARLES HIGHAM - Starmaker: The Autobiography of Hal B. Wallis (Signed)
81720: WALLO, WILLIAM, JOHN PICKARD, AND T.C. CANNON - T.C. Cannon: Native American (a New View of the West)
91070: WALMSLEY, LEO - Fishermen at War
91507: WALPOLE, HORACE; W.S. LEWIS - Horace Walpole's Correspondence, Volume 5: With Madame Du Deffand and Mademoiselle Sanadon, III 1771-1773
91508: WALPOLE, HORACE - Horace Walpole's Correspondence, Volume 8: With Madame Du Deffand, VI (the Yale Edition of Horace Walpole's Correspondence)
73898: WALPOW, NATHAN - The Manipulated (Signed)
11384: WALPOW, NATHAN - One Last Hit: A Joe Portugal Mystery (Signed)
88432: WALSER, DAVID - My Bear Book
75682: WALSH, RAOUL - Each Man in His Time: The Life Story of a Director
89608: WALSH, STEPHEN - Stalingrad: The Infernal Cauldron, 1942-1943
79363: WALSH, BERT - Bayonets Illustrated
73107: WALSH, JOHN - Jan Steen: The Drawing Lesson (Getty Museum Studies on Art) (Signed)
86529: WALSH, STEPHEN - Stalingrad: The Infernal Cauldron, 1942-1943
85966: WALTER, JOHN - Kalashnikov --Machine Pistols, Assault Rifles and Machine Guns,, 1945 to the Present
88822: SCHNEIR, WALTER AND MIRIAM - Invitation to an Inquest: A New Look at the Rosenberg-Sobell Case
84378: WALTERS, JAMES - Crochet Workshop
75135: WALTERS, MINETTE - The Sculptress (Signed)
76938: WALTERS, JAMES - Crochet Workshop
85574: WALTHER, HERBERT - Die Waffen Ss--Eine Bilddokumentation (German and English edition)
90290: WALTHER, HERBERT - The 1st Ss Panzer Division --A Documentation in Words and Pictures
91792: WALTHER, HERBERT - The Waffen-Ss: A Pictorial Documentation
90289: WALTHER, HERBERT - Twelfth Ss Armored Division (the 12th Ss Panzer Division) --A Documentation in Words and Pictures
84881: WALTHER, HERBERT - Die 1. Ss-Panzer-Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler: Eine Dokumentation in Wort Und Bild (German Edition)
80178: WALTHER, HERBERT - Die Waffen Ss--Eine Bilddokumentation (German and English edition)
90351: WALTHER, HERBERT - Der Fuhrer: The Life and Times of Adolf Hitler
1266: WALTON, ROBIN - Glace Fruits: Stories
87827: WALTON, IZAAK - The Complete Angler or, the Contemplative Man's Recreation: Being a Discourse of Fish and Fishing for the Perusal of Anglers
83460: WALWIN, JENI - Low Tide --Writings on Artist Collaborations
75359: WANG, SULING, AND DANIEL PULMAN - Suling Wang -- Paintings and Works on Paper
87276: WANSBROUGH, HENRY, EDITOR - The New Jerusalem Bible
88622: PHOTO JOURNAL OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR, EDITORS. - Allied-Axis (Issue 15, the Photo Journal of the Second World War) --M24 Chaffee Light Tank
10423: WARD, LOCK & CO., LTD. - The Wonder Book of Aircraft
10841: DORRINGTON-WARD, CAROL - Fans from the East
11143: ARPS, LOUISA WARD AND ELINOR EPPICH KINGERY - High Country Names: Rocky Mountain National Park
11594: WARD, ALAN - American Designed Landscapes: A Photographic Interpretation by Alan Ward
13611: WARD, T.R. - An Introduction to the Principles of Aeronautical Design and the Science of Aerodynamics: The Executive Paper Aeroplane Making Kit Including Assembly Plans and Instructions for Eight Flying Models
14188: WARD, A.C. - Illustrated History of English Literature, Volumes 1, 2, and 3:
89759: WARD, MICHAEL DAVID - Yinyang Cat Purrspective (Yin Yang Cat Zen Book)
83158: WARD, PHILIP - Cambridge Street Literature
83301: WARD, MEREDITH E. - William Stanley Haseltine, 1835-1900: Herbert Haseltine, 1877-1962
91399: WARDLAW, ALVIA J., ET AL., AND JOHN BIGGERS - The Art of John Biggers: View from the Upper Room (with exhibition brochure)
82995: WARE, CHRIS - Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth
2642: WARE, HARLAN - Come Fill the Cup (Signed)
75567: WAREING, CHARLES, AND GEORGE GARLICK - Bugles for Beiderbecke
81877: WARHOL, ANDY, AND CHRISTIAN DEMILLY - Andy Warhol En Dessins (French edition)
1336: WARHOL, ANDY - Shoes, Shoes, Shoes
3138: WARHOL, ANDY (BELLAGIO GALLERY OF FINE ART) - Celebrities: More Than Fifteen Minutes
92373: WARK, ROBERT R., KATHLEEN S. WARK - The Story of the Peaceful Valley Project (Signed)
70061: WARK, ROBERT R. - Charles Doyle's Fairyland
88035: WARLIMONT, WALTER - Inside Hitler's Headquarters, 1939-45
76814: WARLIMONT, WALTER - Inside Hitler's Headquarters, 1939-45
1374: WARMAN, EDWIN G. - New Print Price Guide
88484: WARNER, PHILIP - World War One: A Chronological Narrative
83966: WARNER, SYLVIA TOWNSEND - The Cat's Cradle Book
87945: WARNER, SYLVIA TOWNSEND - Winter in the Air and Other Stories
82737: WARNER, SALLY - Finding Hattie: A Novel (Signed)
84983: WARNER, EZRA J., - Generals in Blue & Generals in Gray--2 Vols (Two-Volume Set) Lives of the Union Commanders & Lives of the Confederate Commanders
84356: WARNER, SYLVIA TOWNSEND - Mr. Fortune's Maggot
92683: ASHTON-WARNER, SYLVIA - Incense to Idols
73712: WARNER, NICHOLAS O. - Spirits of America: Intoxication in Nineteenth-Century American Literature (Signed)
88595: WARNER, PHILIP - Phantom
83922: WARNER, DENIS & PEGGY WARNER - The Sacred Warriors: Japan's Suicide Legions
77563: WARNER, OLIVER - Battle Honours of the Royal Navy
76135: WARNOCK, A. TIMOTHY - Air Power Versus U-Boats (U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II) --Confronting Hitler's Submarine Menace in the European Theater
76134: WARNOCK, A. TIMOTHY - The Battle Against the U-Boat in the American Theater (U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II)
86572: WARNOCK, A. TIMOTHY - United States Air Force Combat Medals, Streamers, and Campaigns
81235: WARNOCK, A. TIMOTHY - United States Air Force Combat Medals, Streamers, and Campaigns
2976: WARRACK, ALEXANDER - The Concise Scots Dictionary
1193: WARREN, GEOFFREY - All Color Book of Art Nouveau
2249: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Band of Angels
3395: WARREN, DAVID B. - Bayou Bend: American Furniture, Paintings and Silver from the Bayou Bend Collection
10611: LIPMAN, JEAN, ROBERT BISHOP, ELIZABETH V. WARREN AND SHARON L. EISENSTAT - Five Star Folk Art: One Hundred American Masterpieces
10743: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - A Place to Come to
12827: WARREN, RICHARD JR. (EDITOR) - Charles E. Ives: Discography
13932: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - World Enough and Time
78900: HARRIS-WARREN, H.B. - Dive! the Story of an Atomic Submarine
86441: GEORGE-WARREN, HOLLY; ILLUSTRATED BY LAURA LEVINE - Honky-Tonk Heroes and Hillbilly Angels: The Pioneers of Country and Western Music (Signed)
12675: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Portrait of a Father
77056: WARREN, C.E.T., AND JAMES BENSON - Above Us the Waves: The Story of Midget Submarines and Human Torpedoes
78356: WARREN, C.E.T., AND JAMES BENSON - The Midget Raiders: The Wartime Story of Human Torpedoes and Midget Submarines
79313: WARREN, C.E.T., AND JAMES BENSON - Only Four Escaped: The Sinking of the Submarine Thetis
82558: WARREN, C.E.T., AND JAMES BENSON - The Midget Raiders: The Wartime Story of Human Torpedoes and Midget Submarines
75137: WARREN, WILLIAM - Jim Thompson: The Unsolved Mystery
92821: WARREN, ALTHEA - A Visit to Ella Young at Oceano, 1951
79200: WARRILOW, BETTY - Nabob: The First Canadian-Manned Aircraft Carrier (Signed)
83151: WARWICK, ALAN R. - The Phoenix Suburb: A South London Social History
12949: WASHBURN, WILCOMB E. (EDITOR) - Proceedings of the Vinland Map Conference
4126: WASHINGTON, BOOKER T. - Up from Slavery
3086: WASSERSTEIN, WENDY - Pamela's First Musical
70078: WASSERSTEIN, WENDY - The Heidi Chronicles and Other Plays
89853: WASSERSTEIN, BERNARD - The Secret Lives of Trebitsch Lincoln
14336: WATERHOUSE, DAVID - Early Japanese Prints in the Philadelphia Museum of Art
88085: WATERMAN, THOMAS TILESTON - The Mansions of Virginia 1706-1776
1957: WATERS, JOHN - Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters
71360: WATERSTON, DARREN - Darren Waterston: Thirteen Paintings
4168: WATKINS, MARTYN, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR - Automobile Connoisseur 1
4169: WATKINS, MARTYN, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR - Automobile Connoisseur 2
4170: WATKINS, MARTYN, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR - Automobile Connoisseur 3
13768: WATKINS, T.H. - California: An Illustrated History
80718: WATKINS, ROBERT A. - Battle Colors: Insignia and Aircraft Markings of the Eighth Air Force--Vol. 2: (VIII) Fighter Command
92088: WATRISS, WENDY; FRED BALDWIN; LAWRENCE GOODWIN - Coming to Terms: The German Hill Country of Texas (Charles and Elizabeth Prothro Texas Photography Series)
89690: WATRY, CHARLES A. - Washout! the Aviation Cadet Story
76687: WATSON, WENDY M. - Images of Italy: Photography in the Nineteenth Century
81882: WATSON, JR., CHARLES N. - The Novels of Jack London: A Reappraisal
939: WATSON, JANE WERNER - The True Story of Smokey the Bear
12851: WATSON, LEE - Lighting Design Handbook
13195: WATSON, GEORGE R. - Xth Olympiad Los Angeles, 1932
16023: WATSON, CHARLIE - Explorers: Atlas in the Round
16025: WATSON, JAMES D. - Dna: The Secret of Life
84002: WATSON, JANE WERNER; ILLUSTRATED BY GUSTAF TENGGREN - The Lion's Paw: A Tale of African Animals (A Big Golden Book)
79617: WATSON, JAMES D. - Genes, Girls, and Gamow After the Double Helix (Signed)
80136: WATSON, ERNEST W. - Forty Illustrators and How They Work
83055: WATSON, JAMES D. - Genes, Girls, and Gamow: After the Double Helix
85229: WATSON, JAMES - Dna: The Secret of Life
89332: WATSON, BETTY - Miracle in Hellas: The Greeks Fight on
92105: WATSON, ESTHER - Talking to Angels (Signed)
91187: WATT, RICHARD M. - Bitter Glory: Poland and Its Fate, 1918-1939
84437: WATTERMAKER, RICHARD J. - Puvis de Chavannes and the Modern Tradition
74384: WATTERS, JAMES, AND HORST - Return Engagement
81900: WATTERSON, BARBARA - Amarna: Ancient Egypt's Age of Revolution
73332: WATTS, MABEL; ILLUSTRATED BY HENRY C. PITZ - Over the Hills to Ballybog
81185: WATTS, ANTHONY J. - Allied Submarines (World War 2 Fact Files)
79061: WATTS, ANTHONY J. - The U-Boat Hunters
81184: WATTS, ANTHONY J. - Axis Submarines (World War 2 Fact Files)
13547: BOHN-SPECTOR, CLAUDIA, JENNIFER WATTS AND THE HUNTINGTON LIBRARY AND ART GALLERY - The Great Wide Open: Panoramic Photographs of the American West
73726: WATTS, JR., JOHN, A.K.A. JOHN BOY - The Rollin 80's : Drugs, Money, Politics & Reality: An Autobiography (Signed)
14409: WAUGH, SIDNEY - The Art of Glass Making
73537: WAUGH, EVELYN - Unconditional Surrender
74177: WAUGH, COULTON - The Comics
70179: WAUGH, EVELYN - The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold
87712: WAUGH, EVELYN - The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold--a Conversation Piece
2774: WAXMAN, STEPHANIE - What Is a Girl? What Is a Boy?
72921: WAYCHOFF, ANDREW J. - Local History of Greene County and Southwestern Pennsylvania: A Project of the American Revolution Bicentennial Observance, 1776-1976
16524: WAYLAND, APRIL HALPRIN - The Night Horse (Signed)
3409: WAYNE, JUNE; ESSAY BY ARLENE RAVEN - June Wayne: A Retrospective (Signed)
82602: WAZEM, PIERRE - Promenade(S)
89961: EDITORS OF WE - German Military Uniforms and Insignia, 1933-1945
87168: WEAL, ELKE C; JOHN A. WEAL - Combat Aircraft of World War Two
76536: WEAL, JOHN - Jagdgeschwader 54 : 'Grunherz' (Osprey Aviation Elite 6)
81200: WEAL, ELKE C., EDITOR - Combat Aircraft of World War Two
85483: WEAL, JOHN - Bf 109d/E Aces 1939-1941 (Osprey Aircraft of the Aces No 11)
86965: WEAL, JOHN - Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen (Aviation Elite Units)
86968: WEAL, JOHN - Messerschmitt Bf 110 Zerstorer Aces of World War 2 (Osprey Aircraft of the Aces No 25)
86969: WEAL, JOHN - Junkers Ju 87 Stukageschwader 1937-1941 (Osprey Combat Aircraft 1)
89985: WEATHERHILL, DAVID - Aces, Pilots & Aircraft of the 9th, 12th & 15th Usaaf
76627: WEATHERILL, DAVID - Aces, Pilots & Aircraft of the 9th, 12th & 15th Usaaf

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