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78531: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - Eyes of the Raf: A History of Photo-Reconnaissance
85819: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - Raf: An Illustrated History from 1918
88793: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - Raf: An Illustrated History from 1918
14536: NESBIT, E. - Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare
90589: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - Failed to Return: Mysteries of the Air, 1939-45
89465: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS; FOREWORD BY J.E. (JOHNNIE) JOHNSON - An Illustrated History of the Raf
88823: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - Raf Coastal Command in Action, 1939-1945
79844: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - The Strike Wings: Special Anti-Shipping Squadrons 1942-1945
86314: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - The Raf in Camera 1903-1939--Archive Photographs from the Public Record Office and the Ministry of Defence
85259: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - The Battle of the Atlantic
85151: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - Raf in Action: 1939-1945--Images from War Artists and Air Cameras
87468: NESBIT, ROY C. - The Armed Rovers--Beauforts 7 Beaufighter over the Mediterranean
86514: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - Raf Coastal Command in Action 1939-1945: Archive Photographs from the Public Record Office
73151: NESBIT, E., ILLUSTRATED BY LISBETH ZWERGER - Deliverers of Their Country
87200: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - The Raf in Camera 1903-1939--Archive Photographs from the Public Record Office and the Ministry of Defence
89564: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - An Illustrated History of the Raf (R.A. F. - Royal Air Force)--Battle of Britain 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition
85102: NESBIT, ROY CONYERS - The Battle of Britain
84759: NESBITT, PHIL - Nicolas Patatiesa (in Spanish)
83951: NESMEYANOV, A.N.; ROBERT GARY, EDITOR - Vapor Pressure of the Chemical Elements
83863: NESS, F.C. - Practical Dope on the Big Bores
82153: NESTLE, EBERHARD - A Tract of Plutarch on the Advantage to Be Derived from One's Enemies (de Capeienda Ex Inimicis Utilitate): The Syriac Version (Studia Sinaitica No. IV)
70694: NEUBURG, VICTOR E. MILESTONES IN CHILDREN'S LITERATURE - The Penny Histories: A Study of Chapbooks for Young Readers over Two Centuries-- Milestones in Children's Literature
13431: NEUGEBAUER, JOHANNES-WOLFGANG - Archaologie in Niederosterreich: St. Polten Und Das Traisental
84477: NEUGEBAUER, JANET M., AND WALT MCDONALD; FOREWORD BY LAURA BUSH - Whatever the Wind Delivers: Celebrating West Texas and the Near Southwest
10062: NEUHAUS, EUGEN - The Art of the Exposition
3777: NEUHAUS, EUGEN - The Art of Treasure Island: First-Hand Impressions of the Architecture, Sculpture, Landscape Design, Color Effects, Mural Decorations, Illumination, and Other Artistic Aspects of the Golden Gate International Exposition.
85793: NEULEN, HANS WERNER - In the Skies of Europe: Air Forces Allied to the Luftwaffe 1939-1945
83045: NEUMANN, HANS-JOACHIM; HENRIK EBERLE - Was Hitler ILL? --A Final Diagnosis
13214: NEUMEYER, PETER F. - The Phantom of the Opera
84204: NEUPERT, HANNS; F.E. KIRBY - Harpsichord Manual: A Historical and Technical Discussion
75595: NEUREUTHER, KARL, AND CLAUS BERGEN, EDITORS - U-Boat Stories. Narratives of German U-Boat Sailors
75396: NEUTRA, RICHARD - Life and Shape
60027: NEUTRA, RICHARD - The Architecture of Richard Neutra: From International Style to California Modern
83224: NEUTRA, DIONE - Richard Neutra: Promise and Fulfillment, 1919-1932: Selections from the Letters and Diaries of Richard and Dione Neutra
80179: NEVILL, CAPTAIN H.L. - Campaigns on the North-West Frontier
16762: NEVILLE, VERA (ILLUSTRATOR) - Frank Visits the Dentist
75829: NEVILLE, D.G., AND ALAN DE HURST - Medal Ribbons of the World, Part 1, France and Her Former Colonies
77156: NEVILLE, RALPH - Survey by Starlight
86356: NEVINS, EDWARD M. - Forces of the British Empire 1914
3520: NEVINS, DEBORAH, EDITOR - Grand Central Terminal: City Within the City (with Model)
81161: NEVINS, EDWARD M. - Forces of the British Empire, 1914
72178: NEVINS, FRANCIS M. - The Films of the Cisco Kid (Signed)
91101: NEVINS, ALLAN - War for the Union; Volume I, the Improvised War 1861-1862; Volume II, War Becomes Revolution 1862-1863; Volume III, the Organized War 1863-1864; Volume IV, the Organized War to Victory 1864-1865--Complete in Four Volumes
87304: NEVINS, ALLAN - The Ordeal of the Union, Eight-Volume Set, Complete: Vol. 1 & II: The Ordeal of the Union 1847-1857; Vol. III & IV: The Emergence of Lincoln; Vol. V: The War for the Union: The Improvised War 1861-1862; Vol. VI: The War for the Union: War Becomes Revolution 1862-1863; Vol. VII: The War for the Union: The Organized War 1863-1864; Vol. VIII: The War for the Union: The Organized War to Victory 1864-1865
74770: NEVINS, ALLAN - The Emergence of Lincoln (Two-Volume Boxed Set) ---Vol. 1: Douglas, Buchanan and Party Chaos, 1857-1839; Vol. 2: Prologue to Civil War 1859-1861
83292: NEWBERGER, ROY R., AND IRVING SANDLER - Roy R. Neuberger: Patron of the Arts
11284: NEWBORN, MONTY - Kasparov Versus Deep Blue: Computer Chess Comes of Age
86770: NEWCOMB, RICHARD E. - Abandon Ship! Death of the U.S. S Indianapolis
82491: NEWCOMB, RICHARD F. - Savo: The Incredible Naval Debacle Off Guadalcanal
77869: NEWCOMB, RICHARD F. - Abandon Ship! Death of the U.S. S. Indianapolis
1328: NEWCOMER, ALPHONSO GERALD - Memorial Ode and Other Poems
90573: NEWELL, GORDON, AND JOE WILLIAMSON - Pacific Steamboats: From Sidewheeler to Motor Ferry --A Vivid Pictorial History of the West Coast's Boats and Boatsmen
3371: NEWELL, PETER - Two by Newell: The Slant Book & the Hole Book
87068: NEWELL, GORDON; SMITH, ALLAN E. - Mighty Mo: The U.S. S. Missouri--a Biography of the Last Battleship
80450: NEWELL, GORDON; AND ALLEN E. SMITH - Mighty Mo: The U.S. S. Missouri. A Biography of the Last Battleship (Signed)
70397: NEWHALL, BEAUMONT - Photography, Essays & Images: Illustrated Readings in the History of Photography
71373: NEWHALL, BEAUMONT - History of Photography: From 1839 to the Present (Revised and enlarged edition)
16636: NEWHALL, BEAUMONT - The History of Photography: From 1939 to the Present
80456: NEWHART, MAX R. - American Battleships: A Pictorial History of Bb-1 to Bb-71 with prototypes Maine & Texas
88602: NEWHART, MAX R. - American Battleships: A Pictorial History of Bb-1 to Bb-71 with prototypes Maine & Texas
83634: NEWHOUSE, WILFRED J.; ILLUSTRATED BY LOU SARDELLA - Sandman Tales: Sparkle the Pet Horse, Book 2
77974: NEWLAND, JOSEPH N., EDITOR - Sources of Light: Contemporary American Luminism
3024: NEWLIN, JEANNE T., AND LUCINDA BALLARD - Dressing Broadway: Costume Designs of Lucinda Ballard
10052: NEWLOVE, JOHN - Lies
10924: NEWMAN, NANETTE - Sharing
13873: NEWMAN, CHARLES (EDITOR) - Triquarterly 32: Anti-Object Art, Winter 1975
71253: NEWMAN, JOHN, AND PAUL DUVAL - John Newman
91497: NEWMAN, SHARAN - Death Comes As Epiphany
84755: NEWMAN, ROGER K., EDITOR - The Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law
14677: NEWQUIST, ROY - A Special Kind of Magic
14142: ART NEWS - Art News Annual 1948
2832: NEWSWEEK - The Agency Book
3061: NEWTON, A. EDWARD - Doctor Johnson: A Play
92216: NEWTON, A. EDWARD - The Amenities of Book Collecting and Kindred Affections
87944: NEWTON, HARRY L.; BUCKTON NENDICK - Some Vaudeville Monologues
71925: NEWTON, A. EDWARD - The Greatest Book in the World and Other Papers (with illustrations)
90342: NEWTON, HELMUT - Helmut Newton: Autobiography
71505: NEWTON, ISAAC; I. BERNARD COHEN, EDITOR - Isaac Newton's Papers & Letters on Natural Philosophy and Related Documents
88393: WINSOR & NEWTON - English Historic Costume Painting Book: #1-15 (in Black Slipcase File Box)
91717: NEWTON, DON - The Beginning of the World
78324: NEY, VIRGIL - Notes on Guerrilla War: Principles and Practice
75208: TORRES-NEZ, JOHN - Beesh Ligaii in Balance: The Diane and Sandy Besser Collection of Navajo and Pueblo Silverwork
83290: NG, WIN, AND ALLEN R. HICKS - The Art of Win Ng: A Retrospective
84222: NIALL, IAN; CHRISTOPHER WORMELL - English Country Traditions
85593: BETHELL. NICHOLAS - The War Hitler Won, September 1939
75577: NICHOLS, LESTER M. - Impact: The Battle Story of the Tenth Armored Division (Signed)
2651: NICHOLS, JOHN; FOREWORD BY ROBERT REDFORD - A Fragile Beauty: John Nichols' Milagro Country
77613: NICHOLS, CHAS. S. JR., AND HENRY I. SHAW, JR. - Okinawa: Victory in the Pacific
81740: NICHOLS, RUDGE, AND CAROLINE N. POOLE - Peter Powers Pioneer: The Story of the First Settler in Hollis, New Hampshire (annotated and personalized with newspaper clippings, wedding dress swatches, and genealogical information)
73871: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - Garden Open Today
70062: NICHOLS, FREDERICK D. - Thomas Jefferson's Architectural Drawings, with Commentary and a Check List
16143: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - Men Do Not Weep
84654: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - Beverley Nichols' Cats' A.B. C.
91944: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - Down the Kitchen Sink: A Memoir
88874: NICHOLS, CHARLES S.; HENRY I. SHAW - Okinawa: Victory in the Pacific
80518: NICHOLS, CHAS. S. JR., AND HENRY I. SHAW, JR. - Okinawa: Victory in the Pacific
76077: NICHOLS, LESTER M. - Impact: The Story of the Tenth Armored Division (Signed)
77117: NICHOLS, CHAS. S., AND HENRY I. SHAW JR. - Okinawa: Victory in the Pacific
83999: NICHOLSON, JOHN D. - White Buffalo
4164: NICHOLSON, T.R. - Sportwagen 1928-1939
12699: NICHOLSON, SUSAN BROWN - Teddy Bears on Paper
14716: NICHOLSON, KATHLEEN - Turner's Classical Landscapes: Myth and Meaning
72069: NICHOLSON, T.R. - Sports Cars, Book Two: 1907-1927
78210: NICHOLSON, J.B.R. - Tradition Model Soldiers (Les Petits Soldats, Model Soldaten)
79142: NICHOLSON, J.B.R., AND MICHAEL ROFFE - The Gurkha Rifles --Osprey Men-at-Arms series
88631: NICHOLSON, G.W.L. - Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War--the Canadians in Italy 1943-1945 (Volume II)
71333: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM - An Alphabet
74840: NICHT, JUTTA - Die Mobel IM Neuen Palais (German Edition)
16574: NICKLIN, KEITH - Yoruba: A Celebration of African Art
79339: NICOL, MIKE, AND KEN OOSTERBROEK - The Invisible Line: The Life and Photography of Ken Oosterbroek
2074: WOOLFF, VIRGINIA; NIGEL NICOLSON AND JOANNE TRAUTMANN, EDITORS - The Letters of Virginia Woolf: Volume Five 1932-1935
73559: NIELSON, VERNER - IL Colpo Dei Barbari: Revista d'Arte Internazionale/Internationalt Kunsttidkrift
81996: NIEMEYER, OSCAR, AND MUSEU DE ARTE CONTEMPORANEA DE NITEROI - Oscar Niemeyer: Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Niteroi
70779: NIEMOELLER, ADOLPH F. - American Encyclopedia of Sex
11107: NIEMOJOWSKA, JEANETTE DE - Souvenir de Poznan: Mazourka - Caracteristique Pour le Violin Avec Accompaguement de Piano
72291: NIERITZ, GUSTAV - The Plum-Woman; or the Child with Three Mothers-- A Tale of High Life and Low Life
10048: NIESS, ALFRED D. - Monkey Shines for a Laughing Lunacy
90582: NIEZYCHOWSKI, ALFRED VON - The Cruise of the Kronprinz Wilhelm: The True Story of a German Cruiser in Ww I (Signed)
85059: NIJBOER, DONALD - Gunner: An Illustrated History of World War II Aircraft Turrets and Gun Positions
85621: NIJBOER, DONALD - Gunner: An Illustrated History of World War II Aircraft Turrets and Gun Positions
79094: NIMITZ ERNEST M., AND CHESTER M. ELLER - United States Submarine Losses World War II
12930: NIN, ANAIS - Portrait in Three Dimensions
92616: NINOMIYA, YASUAKI - Jet-Age Jamboree: Complete Collection of Paper Airplanes
92484: DE NIRO, SR., ROBERT; JEDD NOVATT - Robert de Niro, Sr. (1922-1993) Paintings
91363: NISBET, PETER - De-Natured: German Art from Joseph Beuys to Martin Kippenberger, Selections from the James Keith Brown and Eric Diefenbach Collection
74958: NISBET, PETER, EDITOR - Birthday Presents: Acquisitions for the 100th Anniversary of the Busch-Reisinger Museum, Harvard University
87832: NISBET, ROBERT - Twilight of Authority
87325: TEKIHO NISIZAWA - Japanese Folk-Toys
87072: NISSEN, JACK; A.W. COCKERILL - Winning the Radar War
91736: NISSEN, JACK; A.W.COCKERILL - Winning the Radar War
14150: NISTER, ERNEST - Merry Magic-Go-Round
14151: NISTER, ERNEST - Revolving Pictures
2884: NITSCHKE, GUNTER (SEAMI ANAND GOVIND) - The Silent Orgasm: From Transpersonal to Transparent Consciousness
12598: NIVER, KEMP R. - Mary Pickford, Comedienne
83313: NIXON, NICHOLAS - Nicholas Nixon: Photographs from One Year
92130: NIXON, RICHARD - No More Vietnams
91874: NIXON, EDWARD C. - The Nixons: A Family Portrait (Signed)
82971: NIXON, MIGNON - Fantastic Reality: Louise Bourgeois and a Story of Modern Art
78878: NOAH, JOE, AND SAMUEL L. SOX, JR. - George Preddy: Top Mustang Ace
16640: NOAKES, VIVIAN - Edward Lear 1812-1888
11749: NOBISSO, JOSEPHINE - The Numbers Dance: A Counting Comedy (Signed)
74360: NOBLE, FRANCES KHIRALLAH - The Situe Stories (Arab American Writing) (Signed)
81165: BARNES & NOBLE - The Gatefold Book of World War II Warplanes
82725: NOBLE, DENNIS L. - Forgotten Warriors: Combat Art from Vietnam
89572: NOCK, O.S. - The Pocket Encyclopedia of British Steam Locomotives in Colour
89573: NOCK, O.S. - Steam Railways of Britain in Color: The Pocket Encyclopedia of World Railways
10937: SIMON, NOEL AND PAUL GEROUDET - Last Survivors: The Natural History of Animals in Danger of Extinction
70025: NOEL, BERNARD - Andre Masson: La Chair Du Regard
71604: NOEL, GEORGES - Andres Nagel: "an Irreverent Approach
1482: NOERDLINGER, HENRY S. - Moses and Egypt: The Documentation to the Motion Picture the Ten Commandments
71682: NOEVER, PETER - Josef Hoffmann Designs
87324: NOGAMI, TOYOICHIRO - Japanese Noh Plays: How to See Them (Tourist Library 2)
77686: NOGGLE, ANNE - A Dance with Death: Soviet Airwomen in World War II (Hardcover)
83794: NOHAIN, JEAN, AND F. CARADEC - Le Petomane 1857-1945: The Story of an Amazing Man Who Breezed His Way to Fame and Fortune
77283: NOHARA, SHIGERU - Camouflage & Markings of the Luftwaffe Aircraft: Vol. 1--Day Fighters
88575: SHIGERU NOHARA - Junkers Ju 88 - Aero Detail 20 (Bilingual edition)
86534: NOHARA, SHIGERU; MASATSUGU SHIWAKU - Focke-Wulf Fw 190a/F - Aero Detail 6 (English and Japanese Edition)
89619: NOLAN, KEITH W. - Ripcord: Screaming Eagles Under Siege, Vietnam 1970
79604: NOLAN, BRIAN - Hero: The Buzz Beurling Story
92426: NOLAN, KEITH WILLIAM - Into Laos --The Story of Dewey Canyon II (2) / Lam Son 719, Vietnam 1971
71886: NOLAND, KENNETH - Kenneth Noland: Doors and Ghosts--Painted Monotypes
12778: NOLDE, EMIL - Emil Nolde: Woodcuts, Lithographs and Etchings
80963: NOLLEN, SCOTT ALLEN - Warners Wiseguys: All 112 Films That Robinson, Cagney and Bogart Made for the Studio
83758: SEIROKU NOMA - Artistry in Ink
85642: NOMIS, LEO - Desert Hawks: An American Volunteer Fighter Pilot's Story of Israel's War of Independence, 1948
85120: NOMIS, LEO, WITH BRIAN CULL - The Desert Hawks
13055: NOON, PATRICK - The Human Form Divine: William Blake from the Paul Mellon Collection
742: NORDAN, LEWIS - Welcome to the Arrow-Catcher Fair
10496: NORDAN, LEWIS - Lightning Song
10865: NORDAN, LEWIS - The Sharpshooter Blues
92584: NORDAN, LEWIS - Boy with Loaded Gun: A Memoir
10481: NORDAN, LEWIS - Wolf Whistle
82550: NORDBY, LARRY V. - Prelude to Tapestries in Stone: Understanding Cliff Palace Architecture (Mesa Verde Research Series Number 4, Mesa Verde National Park Archeological Report)
16477: NORFLEET, BARBARA (EDITOR) - Killing Time: Photographs by Joe Steinmetz
70467: NORFLEET, - The Champion Pig: Great Moments in Everyday Life
14384: CHESTER, NORLEY AND RICHARD WILSON - Three Northern Romances: Siegfried, Lohengrin and Undine
10786: BROUDE, NORMA AND MARY D. GARRARD (EDITORS) - The Power of Feminist Art
77478: POLMAR, NORMAN AND SAMUEL LORING MORISON - Pt Boats at War: World War II to Vietnam
11687: NORMAN, HOWARD - The Museum Guard
11739: HAMMOND, NORMAN AND GORDON R. WILEY (EDITORS) - Maya Archaeology and Ethnohistory
86129: NORMAN, AARON - The Great Air War: The Men, the Planes, the Saga of Military Aviation: 1914-1918
16363: NORMAN, DOROTHY - Alfred Stieglitz: An American Seer
90207: NORMAN, AARON - The Great Air War: The Men, the Planes, the Saga of Military Aviation: 1914-1918
89074: NORMAN, BILL - Failed to Return: The Yorkshire Memorial to the Bomber Squadrons of No. 4 Group Raf & No. 6 (Rcaf) Group, 1939-1945
90255: NORMAN, ANDREW - Hms Hood: Pride of the Royal Navy
81074: NORMAN, AARON - The Great Air War: The Men, the Planes, the Saga of Military Aviation: 1914-1918
86627: NORMAN, BILL - Broken Eagles: Luftwaffe Losses over Yorkshire 1939 - 1945
88406: NORMAN, BILL - Luftwaffe over the North
84483: NORMAN, GERALDINE - Biedermeier Painting, 1815-48: Reality Observed in Genre, Portrait and Landscape
91402: NORMAN, GERALDINE - Biedermeier Painting, 1815-48: Reality Observed in Genre, Portrait and Landscape
71179: NORRIS, LARRY L., AND WILLIAM SCHREIER - A Checklist of the Birds of Death Valley National Monument
87027: THE ROYAL AIR FORCE REVIEW; GEOFFREY NORRIS, EDITOR - Royal Air Force Flying Review: Journal of the Royal Air Force. Vol. XVII, 1961-1962
73417: NORTH, SYDNEY H. - Oil Fuel: Its Supply, Composition, and Application
91293: NORTH, PETER - Eagles High: The Battle of Britain --50th Anniversary
71533: NORTH, STERLING - The Birthday of Little Jesus
75963: NORTH, JOHN - North-West Europe, 1944-5: The Achievements of 21st Army Group
89968: NORTH, OLIVER L., WITH WILLIAM NOVAK - Under Fire: An American Story (Signed)
92545: NORTH, MARIANNE - A Vision of Eden: The Life and Work of Marianne North (Published in Collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)
91643: NORTHEY, NEIL WAYNE - The Bluebirds and Their Neighbors (Vol. 1 in the Homestead Tales)
89762: NORTON, CAROLINE E.S. - Bingen on the Rhine
88136: NORTON, ANDRE - Moon of Three Rings
88234: NORTON, ANDRE - Red Hart Magic
76995: NORTON, G.G. - The Red Devils: From Bruneval to the Falklands (Famous Regiments)
88235: NORTON, ANDRE - Fur Magic
92582: NORTON, MARY - The Borrowers: Fiftieth-Anniversary Gift Edition
90572: NORTON, G.G. - The Red Devils: The Story of the British Airborne Forces
88106: NORTON, ANDRE - Night of Masks
77140: NORTON, G.G. - The Red Devils: The Story of the British Airborne Forces (Famous Regiments)
77832: NORTON, CHARLES B. - American Breech-Loading Small Arms
88112: NORTON, ANDRE - The X Factor
12891: NOSTALGIA, INC. - The Official John Travolta Postcard Book
89971: NOTOWITZ, DAVID; ELLIOTT GOULD, NARRATOR - Voices of the Shoah (Book and Audio Cds)
14495: NOTT, STANLEY CHARLES - Chinese Jade Throughout the Ages: A Review of Its Characteristics, Decoration, Folklore and Symbolism
16153: NOVAK, MATT - Elmer Blunt's Open House
10042: ORGANIZACION EDITORIAL NOVARO - Gente Muuuy Importante
83931: NOVIKOFF, ALEX; ILLUSTRATED BY SEYMOUR NYDORF - From Head to Foot: Our Bodies and How They Work (A Young World Book)
85954: NOWARRA, HEINZ J. - The Messerschmitt 109: A Famous German Fighter
88369: NOWARRA, HEINZ - The Focke-Wulf 190: A Famous German Fighter
89457: NOWARRA, HEINZ J., UWE FEIST, AND EDWARD T. MALONEY - The Tiger Tanks (Aero Armor Series No. 1)
85826: NOWARRA, HEINZ - Heinkel He 111: A Documentary History
85757: NOWARRA, HEINZ J., AND KIMBROUGH S. BROWN - Von Richthofen and the "Flying Circus"
90038: NOWARRA, HEINZ J., AND UWE FEIST - Dornier Do 335 Pfeil - Aero Series 9
86812: NOWARRA, HEINZ J. - Deutsche Jagdflugzeuge 1915-1945: Eine Gesamtubersicht Uber Die Wichtigsten Deutschen Jagdflugzeuge (Bilingual edition)
79994: NOWARRA, HEINZ J., AND KIMBROUGH S. BROWN - Von Richthofen and the "Flying Circus"
77091: NOWARRA, HEINZ J., WITH TONE PAINTINGS BY W.F. HEPWORTH - The Messerschmitt 109: A Famous German Fighter
85991: NOWARRA, HEINZ J. - Messerschmitt Bf 109: Aircraft & Legend
85098: NOWARRA, HEINZ J. - Deutsche Jagdflugzeuge 1915-1945: Eine Gesamtübersicht über Die Wichtigsten Deutschen Jagdflugzeuge (Bilingual edition)
70344: NOWLAN, ROBERT A.; NOWLAN, GWENDOLYN WRIGHT - Cinema Sequels and Remakes, 1903-1987
86175: NEWCOURT-NOWODWORSKI, STANLEY - Black Propaganda in the Second World War
89055: NSDAP - Deutschland Erwacht: Werden, Kampf Und Sieg Der Nsdap
83743: NUGENT, BOB L., AND ROBERT MCDONALD - Bob L. Nugent: Série Dos Jardins
89342: NUNEZ, SIGRID - Mitz: The Marmoset of Bloomsbury
84849: NUNIS, JR., DOYCE, EDITOR - The Bidwell-Bartleson Party: 1841 California Emigrant Adventure: The Documents and Memoirs of the Overland Pioneers (Signed)
92563: NUNN, GEORGE E. - The la Cosa Map and the Cabot Voyages: Was New York Bay Discovered by John Cabot, 1498?
83538: NURIDSANY, CLAUDE, AN MARIE PERENNOU - The Metamorphosis of Flowers
83072: NURIDSANY, CLAUDE; MARIE PERENNOU - Microcosmos: The Invisible World of Insects
14496: NUTTING, WALLACE - Furniture Treasury, Volume III
14497: NUTTING, WALLACE - Furniture Treasury, Volumes I and II
91760: NUZZI, CRISTINA, ET AL. - Fortuny Nella Belle Epoque (Italian Edition)
76724: NYBERG, DOROTHY HUSE - History of Wayne County Nebraska: Pioneers, Settlement, Growth, and Development, Together with a View of the Territory in 1938. (Signed)
76617: NYE, COLONEL W.S. - Carbine & Lance: The Story of Old Fort Sill (Revised and enlarged)
73445: NYHOLM, ERIK - Erik Nyholm: Utstillinger Hosten 1973 (Danish edition)
73820: NYMAN, ANDY - Andy Nyman, Short, Punchy & Mental: Lecture Notes
16520: PEITGEN, H.O AND P.H RICHTER - The Beauty of Fractals: Images of Complex Dynamical Systems
91628: OAKES, MAUD - Beyond the Windy Place: Life in the Guatemalan Highlands
16178: OAKESHOTT, GORDON B. - Geology and Mineral Deposits of San Fernando Quadrangle Los Angeles County, California
80157: OAKIE, JACK - Jack Oakie's Double Takes
11947: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - By the North Gate
83701: OATES, LEAH; INTRODUCTORY TEXT BY PIERRE ST.-JACQUES - The Paradura Series: Photography by Leah Oates
89442: OATES, STEPHEN B. - Our Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln, John Brown, and the CIVIL War Era
89116: OATES, JOAN - Babylon
89881: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - The Gravedigger's Daughter (Signed)
75663: OATTS, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL L.B. - I Serve: Regimental History of the 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wales Dragoon Guards)
80477: OATTS, L.B. - Emperor's Chambermaids: The Story of the 14th/20th King's Hussars
73301: OBATA, ERI - Costume Design in Cinema (Signed)
81992: OBATA, CHIURA - Chiura Obata's Topaz Moon: Art of the Internment
73257: OBERHANSLI, TRUDI, ILLUSTRATOR - Sleep, Baby, Sleep: An Old Cradle Song
74730: OBOLENSKY, CHLOE; INTRODUCTION BY MAX HAYWARD - The Russian Empire: A Portrait in Photographs
11561: OBST, LYNDA ROSEN (EDITOR) - The Sixties: The Decade Remembered Now, by the People Who Lived Then
13401: OBST, LYNDA ROSEN - The Sixties: The Decade Remembered Now, by the People Who Lived It Then
16823: ODA, JAMES - Heroic Struggles of Japanese Americans: Partisan Fighters from America's Concentration Camps
90113: ODDONE, PATRICK - Dunkirk, 1940: French Ashes, British Deliverance--the Story of Operation Dynamo
92168: ODGERS, GEORGE - Air War Against Japan 1943-1945 (Series Three-Air-Volume II, Australia in the War of 1939-1945)
79246: ODGERS, GEORGE - Across the Parallel: The Australian 77th Squadron with the United States Air Force in the Korean War
76754: ODGERS, GEORGE - Across the Parallel: The Australian 77th Squadron with the United States Air Force in the Korean War
82877: ODIER, PIERRE A. - Charles F. Lummis: Inside His Habitat
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13626: OLOFSSON, ANNEE - Inside
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959: PAIEWONSKY, ISIDOR - Eyewitness Accounts of Slavery in the Danish West Indies Also Graphic Tales of Other Slave Happenings on Ships and Plantations.
11476: PAINE, TOM - Scar Vegas and Other Stories (Signed)
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841: RICE, DOROTHY, PAINTINGS AND TEXT - Las Vegas with Love
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91694: PAL, PRATAPADITYA - Nepal: Where the Gods Are Young
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71631: PALEY, GRACE - Little Disturbances of Man (Signed)
72311: PALEY, ALBERT - Inspiration & Context the Drawings of Albert Paley
11047: PALL, ELLEN - Corpse de Ballet (Signed)
73241: PALLADINO, TONY - Once There Was a General
73752: PALLAVICINO, FERRANTE - The Whore's Rhetorick Calculated to the Meridian of London and Conformed to the Rules of Art in Two Dialogues
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71453: PALLUCCHINI, ANNA - Giambattista Tiepolo
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88786: PALMER, SCOTT - A Who's Who of British Film Actors
91843: PALMER, JR., BRUCE - The 25-Year War: America's Military Role in Vietnam
76222: PALMER, CHARLIE, WITH JUDITH CHOATE - Great American Food (Signed)
87622: PALMER, HENRY R. - This Was Air Travel --A Pictorial History of Aeronauts and Aeroplanes From the Beginning to the End
85926: PALMQUIST, PETER E. - Shadowcatchers: A Directory of Women in California Photography Before 1901
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82675: PANASSIE, HUGUES - Hot Jazz: The Guide to Swing Music
80907: PANASSIE, HUGUES - The Real Jazz
2426: PANCOAST, HENRY - History of Berkeley
88747: PANGBORN, EDGAR - West of the Sun (Doubleday Science Fiction)
13266: PANKEY, WILLIAM - Urban Options
12965: PANKHURST, RICHARD - Sylvia Pankhurst, Artist and Crusader
82952: PANOFSKY, WOLFGANG K.H. - Particles and Policy (Signed)
72433: PANTER, GARY, AND CHARLES BURNS - Facestasm (H Simulated and Real)
71922: PANTOLIANO, JOE, WITH DAVID EVANIER - Who's Sorry Now: The True Story of a Stand-Up Guy (Signed)
70364: PAPAGEORGE, TOD - Walker Evans and Robert Frank: An Essay on Influence
90690: PAPANEK, ERNST; EDWARD LINN - Out of the Fire
11586: PAPARELLI, FRANK - Boogie Woogie for Beginners
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90686: PAPPERT, EDWARD - Landing Was the Easy Part (Signed)
3772: PARAL, MIROSLAV - Czech Ceramic Design
88314: PARDINI, ALBERT L. - The Legendary Secret Norden Bombsight
13991: PARE, RICHARD - Photography and Architecture 1839-1939
86454: PARE, RICHARD - Photography and Architecture 1839-1939
3315: PARENTE, PETER - Peeper the Kinkajou (Signed)
14906: PARENTE, GUILHERME - Guilherme Parente
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75613: PARIS, MIKE, AND CHRIS COMBER - Jimmie the Kid; the Life of Jimmie Rodgers
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81558: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT - Hollywood's Great Love Teams
76719: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT - The Great Cop Pictures (Great Pictures)
76720: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT, AND MICHAEL R. PITTS - The Great Spy Pictures (Hardcover)
91973: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT - Hollywood Character Actors
83046: PARK, PAUL - The Tourmaline (Signed)
77108: PARK, EDWARDS, AND WILLIAM S. PHILLIPS. - The Art of William S. Phillips: The Glory of Flight (Signed)
2629: MT. COOK NATIONAL PARK - The Story of Mount Cook National Park
3314: PARK, LINDA SUE, AND JULIA DURANGO - Yum! Yuck! a Foldout Book of People Sounds (Signed)
16228: PARK, DAVID - David Park: The 1930s and '40s
88774: PARKER, RICHARD; FOREWORD BY G. WILLIAM DOMHOFF - The Myth of the Middle Class --Notes on Affluence and Equality
10591: PARKER, GWENDOLYN M. - These Same Long Bones
88670: PARKER, DANNY S. - The Battle of the Bulge: The German View--Perspectives from Hitler's High Command
16754: PARKER, FRED R. - Manuel Alvarez Bravo
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89094: PARKER, ALFRED E. - Crime Fighter: August Vollmer
87115: PARKER, T. JEFFERSON - California Girl (Signed)
10263: PARKER, DOROTHY - Sunset Gun
83050: PARKER, ROBERT ANDREW - Sweet Betsy from Pike: A Song from the Gold Rush Days
90337: PARKER, JOHN - Silent Service: The Inside Story of the Royal Navy's Submarine Heroes
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88421: PARKER, NANCY WINSLOW - The Spotted Dog: The Strange Tale of a Witch's Revenge (Signed)
89770: PARKER, NANCY WINSLOW - The Party at the Old Farm: A Halloween Story
88818: PARKER, DANNY S. - To Win the Winter Sky: The Air War over the Ardennes 1944-45
85124: PARKER, DANNY S. - To Win the Winter Sky: The Air War over the Ardennes 1944-1945
3744: PARKES, MICHAEL - Drawings and Stone Lithographs
79181: PARKES, OSCAR - British Battleships: A History of Design, Construction and Armament, Warrior, 1860 to Vanguard, 1950: New & Revised Edition
13733: PARKHIRST, DOUGLASS - I, Scheherazade: Memoirs of a Siamese Cat
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81097: PARKIN, ROBERT SINCLAIR - Blood on the Sea: American Destroyers Lost in World War II
81445: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - France and English in North America: A Series of Historical Narratives--Part First: Pioneers of France in the New World
89424: PARKS, MARTHA SMITH - Microelectronics in the 1970's
14969: PARKS, GORDON - Gordon Parks: A Poet and His Camera
71087: PARKS, GORDON - A Star for Noon: An Homage to Women in Images, Poetry, and Music
71040: PARKS, WALTER P - The Miracle of Mata Ortiz: Juan Quezada and the Potters of Northern Chihuahua
78466: PARKS, WALTER P. - The Famous Fliers' Wall of the Mission Inn
74232: PARKS, ARVA MOORE - Miami Then & Now
81724: PARKS, GORDON - Arias in Silence (Signed)
1550: PARMENTIER, ERNEST, EDITOR - Filmfacts 1960
91943: PARR, MARTIN - Boring Postcards
88256: PARR, MARTIN; JOHN DAVIES - Sguardi Gardesani 2 (In English and Italian)
72887: PARR, MARTIN - Think of England
76488: PARRINO, MICHAEL F. - An Introduction to Pack Transport and Pack Artillery: The Role of the Mule--Past and Present--in War and Peace
89536: PARRIS, BILL - The Making of a Legionnaire: My Life in the French Foreign Legion Parachute Regiment
90151: PARRISH, THOMAS - The Ultra Americans: The U.S. Role in Breaking the Nazi Codes
2837: PARROT, ANDRE - Sumer: The Dawn of Art
74355: PARRY, MARIAN - Die Vogel (the Birds of Basle)
71364: PARRY, NIGEL - Sharp: Photographs by Nigel Parry
81746: PARSA, TIM, EDITOR - Strangeland 1
84870: PARSHALL, JONATHAN, AND ANTHONY TULLY - Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway
81628: PARSONS, RUSS - How to Read a French Fry
1770: PARSONS, AMANDA - High Exposure: Hollywood Lives
83346: PARSONS, LEE - Masterpieces of Black African Art: An Exhibition
78418: PARSONS, IAIN, EDITOR - The Encyclopedia of Air Warfare
75191: PARSONS, SAMUEL JR. - Landscape Gardening
77519: PARTCH, VIRGIL - It's Hot in Here
78829: PARTCH, VIRGIL FRANKLIN - Man the Beast
87140: PARTCH, VIRGIL - It's Hot in Here
10989: PARTON, J. - The Life of Horace Greeley
83553: PARTRIDGE, JENNY - Hopfellow (An Oakapple Wood Story)
81157: PARTRIDGE, ERIC, EDITOR - A Dictionary of Forces' Slang 1939-1945
10719: PARTRIDGE, ERIC - The Macmillan Dictionary of Historical Slang
77815: PARTRIDGE, ERIC, EDITOR - A Dictionary of Forces' Slang 1939-1945: Naval Slang by Wilfred Granville; Army Slang by Frank Roberts; Air Force Slang by Eric Partridge.
13467: THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF PASADENA - California Heritage Continues: A Cookbook
70519: PASCAL, PATRICK - Kesling Modern Structures: Popularizing Modern Design in Southern California 1934-1962
2573: PASKALEVA, KOSTADINKA - Icons from Bulgaria
81540: PASSAVANT, G. KATHERINE WATSON (TRANSLATOR) - Verrocchio: Sculptures, Paintings and Drawings (Complete Edition)
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14872: DOS PASSOS, JOHN - Midcentury: A Contemporary Chronicle
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1364: PASTERNAK, JOSEPH - Cooking with Love and Paprika
78149: PASTERNAK, BORIS - An Essay in Autobiography
13089: PATCHEN, KENNETH - Cloth of the Tempest
84312: PATCHETT, ANN - Run (Signed)
92367: PATCHETT, ANN - What Now? (Signed)
13427: PATER, WALTER - The Renaissance: Studies in Art and Poetry (Signed)
74460: PATER, WALTER - Marius the Epicurean: His Sensations and Ideas (Two-Volume Set)
74403: PATER, WALTER - Greek Studies: A Series of Essays (Prepared for the Press by Charles L. Shadwell)
11712: PATER, WALTER; EDITED BY RICHARD ALDINGTON - Walter Pater: Selected Works
76349: PATERSON, LAWRENCE - U-Boat War Patrol: The Hidden Photographic Diary of U-564 (Hardcover)
85876: PATERSON, LAWRENCE - Second U-Boat Flotilla
74224: PATERSON, KATHERINE - Still Summoned by Books
71138: PATERSON, ANDREW - Birds of the Bahamas
85875: PATERSON, LAWRENCE - First U-Boat Flotilla
85725: PATERSON, LAWRENCE - U-Boats in the Mediterranean: 1941-1944
84149: A.B. PATERSON; DEE HUXLEY - Banjo Paterson: A Children's Treasury
91209: PATERSON, MICHAEL - The Secret War: Personal Accounts of the Secret Heroes of World War II
92195: PATIENCE, JOHN - The Seasons in Fern Hollow
13141: ROCHARD, PATRICIA ET AL (EDITORS) - 100 Years of Art in Germany 1885-1985
14372: MATHER, PATRICIA AND ISOBEL BENNETT (EDITOR) - A Coral Reef Handbook: A Guide to the Geology, Flora and Fauna of the Great Barrier Reef
11510: PATRICK, RANDAL - White Trash in a Trailer Park (Signed)
10206: PATRITO, MARCO - Dar Shak 2: La Main Des Dieux
87106: ORLOFSKY, PATSY AND MYRON - Quilts in America
76374: MORRISON, PATT AND MARK LAMONICA - Rio L.A. : Tales from the Los Angeles River
87348: VAN PATTEN, VINCE; ROBERT J. RANDISI - The Picasso Flop (Signed)
90152: PATTERSON, LAWRENCE - U-Boat War Patrol: The Hidden Photographic Diary of U564
72064: PATTERSON, JERRY E. - The City of New York: A History Illustrated from the Collections of the Museum of the City of New York
92488: PATTI, ARCHIMEDES L.A. - Why Vietnam? Prelude to America's Albatross
92174: PATTIE, JANE - John Wayne: A Western Celebration
87727: RENGER-PATZSCH, ALBERT - Aperture 131: Albert Renger-Patzsch--Joy Before the Object (Spring 1993 )
89858: PAUL, ALLEN - Katyn: Stalin's Massacre and the Seeds of Polish Resurrection
1896: PAUL, TESSA; DESIGN BY SHEILA MOXLEY - Christmas Long Ago: Christmas Past with Changing Pictures
2811: PAUL, ANN WHITFORD - Shadows Are About (Signed)
11424: BERTOLLI, PAUL AND ALICE WATERS - Chez Panisse Cooking
91831: EBERLE, PAUL AND SHIRLEY - Abuse of Innocence: The Mcmartin Preschool Trial
13288: PAUL, VIRGINIA - This Was Sheep Ranching: Yesterday and Today
16029: PAUL, ANN WHITFORD - Eight Hands Round: A Patchwork Alphabet (Signed)
79817: PAUL, WILLIAM - Laughing Screaming: Modern Hollywood Horror and Comedy (Film and Culture)
89314: PAUL, SAMUEL, AND ROBERT B. STONE - The Complete Book of Home Modernizing --Ideas that improve the appearance, add to the comfort, increase the value
82070: BALFOUR-PAUL, H.G. - History and Antiquities of Darfur
85176: PAUL, WOLFGANG - Hermann Goering: Hitler Paladin or Puppet?
77095: PAULE, JEAN - Arthur Gardiner Coons: Academic Statesman (Signed)
2408: PAULSEN, GARY - Sisters/Hermanas
73804: PAULUS, DAN - Good Stuff": Comedy & Magic for the Stand Up Magician: Lecture Notes (Signed)
81276: PAUTIGNY, BRUNO - Corsair: 30 Years of Filibustering, 1940 - 1970
4078: PAVIGNANO, ANNA (EDITOR) - Massimo Troisi
72850: PAVLAT, LEO - Tajemstvi Knihy (Mystery Book)
70356: PAWLEY, MARTIN, EDITOR - World Architecture Issue No. 40--Hellmuth Obata + Kassabaum
90726: PAWLEY, MARGARET - In Obedience to Instructions -- FANY with the SOE in the Mediterranean
88826: PAWLOWSKI, GARETH L. - Flat-Tops and Fledglings--a History of American Aircraft Carriers
85319: PAYNE, CHRISTOPHER - The Encyclopedia of Modelmaking Techniques
78434: PAYNE, A.A. - A Handbook of British and Foreign Orders, War Medals, and Decorations Awarded to the Army and Navy Chiefly Described from Those in the Collection of A.A. Payne of Which There Are Some 2,500; More Than 500 of These Have Been Awarded to Officers Whose Services Are Therein Recorded; Illustrated with Nearly Sixty Portraits, Orders and Medals
11238: PAYNE, JOAN BALFOUR - Pangur Ban
13263: PAYNE, LEE - Lighter Than Air: An Illustrated History of the Airship
91160: PAYNE, LEE - Lighter Than Air: An Illustrated History of the Airship
75889: PAYNE, L.G.S. - Air Dates
2995: PAYNE, JOHN R. (FOREWORD) - John Steinbeck: A Collection of Books & Manuscripts (the Harry Valentine Collection)--Catalogue 8
85929: PAYNE, ANN - Medieval Beasts
91109: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler
91998: PAYNE, GREGORY, AND SCOTT RATZAN - Tom Bradley: The Impossible Dream--a Biography
89905: PEACOCK, W., EDITOR - Selected English Essays
86858: PEACOCK, LINDSAY - Mighty Hercules: The First Four Decades
766: PEAK, ROBERT - Golden Moments: A Collection of United States 1984 Commemorative Olympic Issues
89782: PEARCE, FRANK; LORD LEVIN - Heroes of the Fourth Service
89218: PEARCE, FRANK; LORD LEVIN - Heroes of the Fourth Service
87359: PEARCE, FRANK - Sea War: Great Naval Battles of World War II
82389: PEARCE, CHRISTOPHER - Vintage Jukeboxes - the Hall of Fame
81504: PEARCE, CHRIS, EDITOR - Woven Jewels: Tibetan Rugs from Southern California Collections
90593: PEARCY, ARTHUR - Berlin Airlift
90601: PEARCY, ARTHUR - Lend-Lease Aircraft in World War II: An Operational History
72520: PEARL, NANCY - Book Lust: Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason (Signed)
84454: PEARLSTEIN, PHILIP; ALLAN FRUMKIN - Philip Pearlstein: Pantings, Watercolors and Drawings
2289: PEARSALL, WILLIAM - Junior Skipper
87051: PEARSON, MICHAEL - Red Sky in the Morning: The Battle of the Barents Sea--1942
86083: PEART, ALAN MCGREGOR - From North Africa to the Arakan --The Engrossing Memoir of WWII Spitfire Ace Alan McGregor Peart DFC, RNZAF
13724: PEART, PAUL J. - Pictorial Plant Guide for Mild Region Landscaping
16750: PEASE, SIR ALFRED E. - The Book of the Lion
81467: PEAT, F. DAVID - Infinite Potential: The Life and Times of David Bohm (Helix Books)
88658: PEAT, FRANK EDWIN; ILLUSTRATED BY FERN BISET PEAT - Christmas Carols, with the Christmas Story As Told by St. Luke and St. Matthew
91710: PEAT, FRANK EDWIN; FERN BISEL PEAT - Christmas Carols--Illustrated by Fern Bisel Peat
76926: PEATE, MARY - Girl in a Sloppy Joe Sweater: Life on the Canadian Home Front During World War II (Signed)
74489: PECK, AMELIA - American Quilts and Coverlets in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
85796: PEDDIE, JOHN - The Roman War Machine
78515: PEDEN, CHARLES - Newsreel Man
88345: PEDEN, MURRAY - A Thousand Shall Fall
87287: PEEBLES, P.J.E. - Principles of Physical Cosmology (Princeton Series in Physics)
75272: PEEK, CAROL - Carol Peek: Forty at Forty (Signed)
11632: PEEL, MARK & NANCY SILVERTON - The Food of Campanile: Recipes from the Famed Los Angeles Restaurant
81747: PEEL, MARK & NANCY SILVERTON - The Food of Campanile: Recipes from the Famed Los Angeles Restaurant
88325: PEET, BILL - Fly Homer Fly (Signed)
90807: PEETE, RODNEY, WITH DANELLE MORTON - Not My Boy! a Father, a Son, and One Family's Journey with Autism (Signed)
91801: PEETERS, BENOIT - Tintin and the World of Herge: An Illustrated History
79143: PEGLER, MARTIN, AND RAMIRO BUJEIRO - The Military Sniper Since 1914 --Osprey Elite
86354: PEGLER, MARTIN, AND MIKE CHAPPELL - British Tommy 1914-18 (Osprey Warrior Series: 16)
80664: PEILLARD, LEONCE - The Laconia Affair
71355: PEITZ, DICK - An Exhibition of Work by Dick Peitz in the Art Gallery, Grant Hall, University of Nevada
74311: PELECANOS, GEORGE - Hard Revolution (Signed)
14633: PELECANOS, GEORGE - Hard Revolution (Signed)
86483: PELEFSKY, JAY - Metamorphimals (Signed)
91427: PELHAM, DAVID - A Is for Animals --26 Pop-Up Surprises, An Animal ABC
14774: PELIKAN, JAROSLAV - The Westminster Tanner-Mcmurrin Lectures on the History and Philosophy of Religion at Westminster College, Volume III
90281: PELLETIER, A.J. - Bell Aircraft Since 1935 (Putnam Aeronautical Books)
83321: PELLICER, CARLOS, AND RAFAEL CARRILLO AZPEITIA - Mural Painting of the Mexican Revolution
92297: PELLY, THOMAS MINOR - Judgment, and Other Poems (Signed)
74991: PELS, JACQUELIN RUTH BENSON - Unga Island Girl [Ruth's Book] (Signed)
70327: PENA, ISMAEL - Ismael Pena Titeres con Cabeza coleccion Ismael
92137: PENDERGAST, A.W., AND W. PORTER WARE - Cigar Store Figures in American Folk Art
3175: PENDLE, KARIN, EDITOR - Women & Music
75799: PENDO, STEPHEN - Aviation in the Cinema
86115: PENHALLOW, DAVID P. - The Story of the Coco Palms Hotel: The Grace Buscher Guslander Years 1953-1985 --Revised Edition
87282: PENN, IRVING - Flowers
10840: PENNELL, JOSEPH - A Little Book of London
16350: PENNEY, CLARA LOUISA - An Album of Selected Bookbinding
10232: PENNINCK, JOSEPH - L'Hopital Saint Jean Bruges
78163: PENNINGTON, WILLIAM - Pick Up Your Parrots and Monkeys: The Life of a Boy Soldier in India (Cassell Military Trade Books) (and fall in facing the boat)
14430: PENNY, NICHOLAS (EDITOR) - Reynolds
85358: PENONE, GIUSEPPE - Giuseppe Penone: Indistinti Confini (Indistinct Distinctions)
13582: PENROSE, ROLAND - The Sculpture of Picasso
86786: PENROSE, JANE, EDITOR - The D-Day Companion
14193: PEPIN, JACQUES - Jacques Pepin's the Art of Cooking Volume 2
92597: PEPIN, JACQUES - La Technique: An Illustrated Guide to the Fundamental Techniques of Cooking
70611: PEPLE, EDWARD - The Littlest Rebel (Shirley Temple Edition) Containing illustrations from the motion picture featuring Shirley Temple
16331: PEPPER, STEPHEN COBURN - The Basis of Criticism in the Arts
14000: PERCY, GRAHAM - Arthouse
1539: PERELMAN, S.J. - The Rising Gorge
11380: PERELMAN, S.J. - The Road to Miltown, or Under the Spreading Atrophy
87248: PEREZ, JOSE; TEXT BY WAYMAN R. SPENCER - Perez on Medicine --The Whimsical Art of Jose Perez, Specialty by Specialty
83041: PERICOLI, TULLIO - Tullio Pericoli: Woody, Freud and Others
12049: PERINI, JIMO - San Francisco Grip
12573: PERKINS, JOHN - To the Ends of the Earth
70043: PERKINS, HENRY - The Scholar's Companion Containing Exercises in the Orthography, Derivation, and Classification of English Words Arranged on the Basis of Butter's Etymological Expositor
83014: PERLMAN, SELIG - The Theory of the Labor Movement
75000: PERLS, KLAUS G. - Jean Fouquet
2502: PERLSTEIN, FRAN - From Nonsensical to Sensible for Teeny-Agers, Teen-Agers, in-between-Agers, Serious-Mien-Agers
73638: PERREAULT, JOHN, AND PHILIP PEARLSTEIN - Philip Pearlstein: Drawings and Watercolors
72190: PERREAULT, JOHN - Streamline Design: How the Future Was
86625: PERRETT, BRYAN - Valentine in North Africa, 1942-43
89214: PERRETT, BRYAN - Tank Warfare (Combat Development in World War II)
85715: PERRETT, BRYAN - Allied Tanks Italy, World War Two (Tanks Illustrated No. 20)
79170: PERRETT, BRYAN, PETER SARSON, AND MIKE CHAPPELL - Churchill Infantry Tank 1941-1951 (Osprey Military--New Vanguard 4)
81187: PERRETT, BRYAN - Desert Warfare: From Its Roman Origins to the Gulf Conflict
76638: PERRETT, BRYAN - Tank Warfare (Combat Development in World War II)
85714: PERRETT, BRYAN - Allied Tanks North Africa, World War Two (Tanks Illustrated No. 21)
80384: PERRETT, BRYAN - Canopy of War: Jungle Warfare, from the Earliest Days of Forest Fighting to the Battlefields of Vietnam
84984: PERRIGAULT, JEAN-CLAUDE - 21. Panzer-Division
82508: PERRIN, NOEL - Dr. Bowdler's Legacy ---A History of Expurgated Books in England and America
78879: PERRONE, STEPHEN M. - World War II B-24 Snoopers: Low Level Anti-Shipping Night Bombers in the Pacific Theater (Signed)
1591: PERRONE, LISBETH - Folk Art in Needlepoint & Cross-Stitch
1707: PERRY, THOMAS - Blood Money & Death Benefits
2458: PERRY, PHYLLIS J. - The Fiddlehoppers: Crickets, Katydids, and Locusts
4117: PERRY, THOMAS - Runner (a Jane Whitefield Novel) (Double Signed)
13257: PERRY, SARAH - If-(Signed)
70606: PERRY, THOMAS - Dead Aim (Signed)
81186: PERRY, MARK - Partners in Command: George Marshall and Dwight Eisenhower in War and Peace
16161: PERRY, CHARLES - Joachim Splichal's Patina Cookbook: Spuds, Truffles and Wild Gnocchi (Signed)
91239: PERRY, JOHN WEIR - Lord of the Four Quarters: Myths of the Royal Father
91619: PERRY, MICHAEL; ILLUSTRATED BY DOUG CUNNINGHAM - Turntable Timmy (with Cd) (Signed)
72021: PERRY, HERB - I'm Never Satisfied
79602: PERRY, F.W. - History of the Great War: Order of Battle of Divisions: Indian Army Divisions Pt. 5b
81873: PERSE, ST.-J. - Anabasis: A Poem by St. -J. Perse --with a translation into English by T.S. Eliot
80918: BUREAU OF NAVY PERSONNEL - Survival in the Water - Navy Training Courses Navpers 10080
74808: PERUCCA-RAMIREZ, MARIE, AND JULIO J. RAMIREZ - The Turtle Bay Cookbook: A Feast of Flavors from Latin America and the Caribbean --Featuring Recipes from Coastal Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean (Signed)
84753: PESCE, GIUSEPPI - L'8° Gruppo Caccia in Due Conflitti Mondiali
84738: PESCHANSKI, DENIS, ET AL.; TRANSLATED BY LORY FRANKEL - Collaboration and Resistance: Images of Life in Vichy France 1940-1944
16122: PESSL, MARISHA - Special Topics in Calamity Physics
16096: DANIEL, PETE AND RAYMOND SMOCK - A Talent for Detail: The Photographs of Miss Frances Benjamin Johnston
11777: PETER, JOHN - The Oral History of Modern Architecture: Interviews with the Greatest Architects of the Twentieth Century
74107: PETER, JOSH - Fried Twinkies, Buckle Bunnies, and Bull Riders: A Year Inside the Professional Bull Riders Tour (Signed)
15179: BRADFORD, PETER AND BARBARA PRETE - Chair: The Current State of the Art, with the Who, the Why, and the What of It
77317: CHAMBERLAIN, PETER AND CHRIS ELLIS - Sherman Tank Production Models 1941-1945 (Almarks Publications Weapons Series)
82382: MALLARY, PETER AND FRANCES - A Redoute Treasury: 468 Watercolours from Les Liliacees of Pierre-Joseph Redoute
76689: PETERDI, GABOR, AND UNA E. JOHNSON - Gabor Peterdi: Graphics 1934-1969
81902: PETERS, F. E - The Hajj
1683: PETERS, JAMES - Simple Etiquette in Arabia
13098: PETERS, ROBERT - Gauguin's Chair: Selected Poems 1967-1974 (Signed)
15027: PETERS, SALLY - Bernard Shaw: The Ascent of the Superman (Signed)
73524: PETERS, BERNADETTE - Stella Is a Star (with Cd) (Signed)
70829: PETERS, CARL W. - Carl W. Peters 1897-1980
76766: PETERS, RICHARD, AND XIAOBING LI - Voices from the Korean War: Personal Stories of American, Korean, and Chinese Soldiers
76169: PETERSON, CAPTAIN BERNARD W. - Briny to the Blue: Memoirs of World War II by a Sailor/Marine Fighter Pilot (Signed)
2076: PETERSON, WALTER, "THE KENTUCKY WONDER BEAN - Sensational Collection of Mountain Ballads and Old Time Songs
3622: PETERSON, GAIL, AND GREG HILDEBRANDT; PAPER ENGINEERING BY KEITH MOSELEY - Greg Hildebrandt's Book of Three-Dimensional Dragons
11916: PETERSON, SUSAN - Shoji Hamada (Signed)
71195: PETERSON, RICHARD A. - A Birdwatcher's Guide to the Black Hills and Adjacent Plains
86184: PETERSON, JOHN - Realism and Logical Atomism (Studies in the Humanities, No 14)
87283: PETERSON, IVARS - The Mathematical Tourist: Snapshots of Modern Mathematics
84696: PETERSON, BERNARD W. - Short Straw: Memoirs of Korea by a Fighter Pilot/Forward Air Controller (Signed)
11961: PETIET, HENRI - Estampes Modernes
3691: PETTERSON, RICHARD - Examples of Guatemalan Textiles
73036: PETTERSON, PER - I Curse the River of Time (Signed)
76178: PETTIGREW, TERENCE - British Film Character Actors-- Great Names and Memorable Moments
90237: PETTIT, CLYDE E. - The Experts: 100 Years of Blunder in Indo-China
2878: PETTY, KATE - I Didn't Know That Some Planes Hover (and Other Amazing Facts About Flying Machines)
75833: PETTY, GEORGE - Petty: A Portfolio from Esquire
90109: PEYSER, ETHEL - The House That Music Built: Carnegie Hall
77561: PEYTON, GREEN (G. PEYTON WERTENBAKER) - 5,000 Miles Towards Tokyo: How the United States Won the Naval Struggle in the Pacific
87091: PFANZ, HARRY W. - Gettysburg--Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill
88448: PFEIFFER, BRUCE BROOKS, EDITOR - Frank Lloyd Wright: His Living Voice
4001: PFISTER, ANDREA; JEAN-CLAUDE CARRIERE - Andrea Pfister: Thirty Years of Creation
92069: PFLAUM, MELANIE - The Insiders
73171: PFLEGER, SUSANNE - Henri Rousseau: A Jungle Expedition (Adventures in Art)
12975: PHELPS, ROBERT - Belles Saisons: A Collette Scrapbook
89414: HENSHALL. PHILIP - The Nuclear Axis--Germany, Japan and the Atom Bomb 1939-45
16821: DURHAM, PHILIP AND EVERETT L. JONES - The Negro Cowboys
89861: HENSHALL. PHILIP - The Nuclear Axis--Germany, Japan and the Atom Bomb 1939-45
11080: PHILIPS, GARY - High Hand (Signed)
76205: PHILIPSON, MORRIS - Bourgeois Anonymous (Signed)
82817: PHILLIPS, JR., E. ROLAND - Drycleaning - Manual of Cleaning Room Practice
1240: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE - Machine Dreams
75458: PHILLIPS, JOHN, PHOTOGRAPHER - Poet and Pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupery
11130: PHILLIPS, LINDA - Lost in the Clearing (Signed)
13244: PHILLIPS, GENE D. - Graham Greene: The Films of His Fiction
15058: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE - Fast Lanes
3849: PHILLIPS, COLES - A Gallery of Girls
84596: PHILLIPS, LANCE - Yonder Comes the Train, the Story of the Iron Horse and Some of the Roads It Travelled
10672: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE - Shelter
71254: PHILLIPS, ANN YAFFE - Crosscurrents: Americans in Paris, 1900-1940
90550: PHILLIPS, JOHN, WITH JIM JEROME - Papa John: An Autobiography (of the Mamas and the Papas): A Music Legend's Shattering Journey Though Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll
83127: PHILLIPS, ULRICH B. - Life and Labor in the Old South
71663: PHILLIPS, JAYNE ANNE - Sweethearts
81895: PHILLIPS, GARY - Violent Spring (Signed)
76951: PHILLIPS, JIM - The Devil's Bodyguard: Prisoner, Paratrooper, Pirate & Patriot (Signed)
91422: PHILLIPS, BAXTER - Swastika: Cinema of Oppression
73054: PHILLIPS, KATE - White Rabbit (Signed)
82197: PHILLIPS, EDWARD H. - Mystery Ship: A History of the Travel Air Type R Monoplanes (Historic Aircraft Series) (Historic Aircraft Series)
86622: PHILLIPS, DAVID - Maps of the CIVIL War: The Roads They Took
79487: ARTHUR PHILLIPS - The Tragedy of Arthur: A Novel (Signed)
76869: PHILLIPS, JIM - The Devil's Bodyguard: Prisoner, Paratrooper, Pirate & Patriot (Signed)
86504: PHILLIPS, EDWARD L. - The History of the 388th Bomb Group
92254: JAYNE ANNE PHILLIPS - Motherkind (Signed)
90819: PHILPOTT, BRYAN - Fighters Defending the Reich: A Selection of German Wartime Photographs from the Bundesarchin, Koblenz
16601: MOLLOD, PHINEAS AND JASON TESAURO - The Modern Gentleman: A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy and Vice
91845: PHO, HAI B. - Vietnamese Public Management in Transition: South Vietnam Public Administration 1955-1975
87214: PHOENIX, JOHN (GEORGE HORATIO DERBY) - Phoenixiana; or, Sketches and Burlesques
81997: CALIFORNIA MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Polemical Landscapes (CMP Bulletin: Volume 9, Number 3)
83437: SOMBOON PHUANGDORKMAI - An Artist at Angkor
12704: KRONHAUSEN, DRS. PHYLLIS AND EBERHARD - Erotic Book Plates: 109 Miniatures from International Private Collections
74758: PIANKOFF, ALEXANDRE, TRANSLATOR; N. RAMBOVA, EDITOR - Egyptian Religious Texts and Representations--Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (Bollingen Series XL)
91687: LE PICHON, YANN - Real World of the Impressionists, Paintings and Photographs 1848-1918
85599: PICKARD, ROY - Fred Astaire
84899: PICKER, HENRY; HEINRICH HOFFMANN - Hitler's Tischgesprache IM Bild
84534: PICKERING, ROBERT B. - Buffalo Bill's Wild West
92324: PICKETT, GEORGE E., EDITED BY LA SALLE CORBELL PICKETT - Heart of a Soldier, As Revealed in the Intimate Letters of General Pickett
88094: PICKETT, RUTH INMAN - The Brooks Family: The Story of Seven Dolls That Leave an Attic Trunk
16415: PICKFORD, MARY - Sunshine and Shadow
71638: PICOT, PIERRE - Art in Los Angeles, Artists 1988
79625: COLUMBIA PICTURES - Columbia Pictures Presents the Sam Spiegel and David Lean Production of Lawrence of Arabia
81236: JANUSZ PIEKAKIEWICZ - Arnhem 1944
88515: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - Moscow, 1941: The Frozen Offensive
86489: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - The German 88 Gun in Combat--the Scourge of Allied Armor
80758: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - The Battle for Cassino
90065: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - Sea War, 1939-1945
80184: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - Rommel and the Secret War in North Africa, 1941-1943: Secret Intelligence in the North African Campaign (Schiffer Military History)
87446: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - The Cavalry of World War II 1939-1945
91510: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - The Cavalry of World War II
89067: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - Tank War: 1939-1945
85006: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JANUSZ - Rommel and the Secret War in North Africa: Secret Intelligence in the North African Campaign 1941-43
82964: PIENKOWSKI, JAN - The First Noel: A Christmas Carousel
86978: PIERCE, W.O'D - Air War: Its Psychological, Technical and Social Implications
12780: PIERRE, MARCEL - Perri L'Ecureuil
3766: PIERSON, ALAIN, EDITOR; LOUIS-JEAN CALVET, WRITER - 20 Chansons Francaises: From 1866 to 1962 (Book I)
84438: MONDRIAN PIET; AD REINHARDT; ARNE GLIMCHER - Mondrian, Reinhardt: Influence and Affinity
90841: PIGNATO, NICOLA; DON GREER - Italian Medium Tanks in Action - Armor No. 39
74395: PIKE, JAMES A. - Modern Canterbury Pilgrims, and Why They Chose the Episcopal Church: Twenty-Three Essays
89661: PIKE, BOB, AND DAVE MARTIN - The Genus of Busby Berkeley
1006: PILDAS, AVE - Movie Palaces: Survivors of an Elegant Era
11923: PILE, JOHN F. - Interior Design
83577: PILLET, ROGER A. - Andre Francois Villeneuve (French Edition)
71546: PILLIN, WILLIAM - The Abandoned Music Room
91771: PIMLOTT, JOHN; SHELBY L. STANTON - Vietnam: The Decisive Battles
85005: PIMLOTT, JOHN - Wehrmacht: The Illustrated History of the German Army in World War II
75047: PINCAS, STEPHANE - Versailles: The History of the Gardens and Their Sculpture
13936: WITTEN-PINCUS, ROBERT - Jedd Garet
11190: PINDER, WILHELM - Deutscher Barock: Die Grossen Baumeister Des 18. Jahrhunderts
73858: PINGAO, JIA - Old XI'an: Evening Glow of an Imperial City
84320: PINHEIRO, AILEEN F.; LENA TAYLOR - The Heritage of Baldwin Park
83883: PINKAVA, IVAN; PETR VANOUS - Ivan Pinkava: Remains
70231: PINKER, STEVEN - The Stuff of Thought (Signed) Language as a Window into Human Nature
89734: PINKNEY, ANDREA DAVIS, AND BRIAN PINKNEY - Sojourner Truth's Step-Stomp Stride
75311: PINNEY, THOMAS - A History of Wine in America: From Prohibition to the Present
83653: PINNEY, MELISSA ANN - Regarding Emma: Photographs of American Women and Girls
83678: PINOS, FERNANDO - Gothsland (Spanish Edition)
11575: PIPER, WATTY (EDITOR) - Nursery Tales Children Love
91627: PIROTTE, PHILIPPE, KAAT DEBO, ET AL. - Beyond Desire (Bilingual edition)
89408: PISERCHIA, DORIS - Spaceling
76104: PISTOLE, LARRY M. - The Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers
73794: PIT, PETER - Method & Magic: The Lecture (Signed)
11020: B.B. (DENYS WATKINS-PITCHFORD) - Dark Estuary
79444: VON PIVKA, OTTO - Armies of the Middle East
78528: PIZZEY, GRAHAM - A Field Guide to the Birds of Australia
16060: LA PLACE, PIERRE ANTOINE DE COMPILIER - Pieces Interessantes Et Peu Connues, Pour Servir a L'Histoire Et a la Litterature, Par M.D. L.P. Tome Troisieme
10195: PLAGENS, PETER - Sunshine Muse: Contemporary Art on the West Coast
16084: PLAGENS, PETER - Peter Plagens: An Introspective
70560: PLANCK, MAX - Vorlesungen Uber Thermodynamik
81752: FRIENDS OF MAGNOLIA MOUND PLANTATION - The Magnolia Mound Plantation Kitchen Book: Being a Compendium of Foodways and Customs of Early Louisiana, 1795-1841
85213: PLANTZ, CONNIE - Bessie Coleman: First Black Woman Pilot
14106: PLATO - Plato: Selected Dialogues
2950: PLATS, RICARDS - Redzes Loka: Spiegi Enciklopedija (Eyewitness Guides: Spies)
88641: PLATT, JUNE, AND SOPHIE KERR - The Best I Ever Ate: A Practical Home Cook Book
82532: PLATZMAN, STEVEN; PAUL CÉZANNE - Cézanne: The Self-Portraits
11094: PLAYBILL - Sir Arthur Wing Pinero's Comedietta Trelawny of the 'Wells'
75180: UPPER PLAYGROUND - Up Until Now
89322: PLAZIBAT, DANICA - Od Doma Do Muzeja: Ivan Mestrovic U Zabregu / from Home to Museum: Ivan Mestrovic in Zagreb (Bilingual Edition)
79861: PLEASANTS, HENRY - The Great American Popular Singers
4042: PLENSA, JAUME - Jaume Plensa: One Thought Fills Immensity
11625: PLIMPTON, GEORGE A., PETER MATTHIESSEN, DONALD HALL, ROBERT B. SILVERS, BLAIR FULLER, AND MAXINE GROFFSKY (EDITORS) - The Paris Review, Vol. 23 No. 79, Spring 1981: Hemingway, Faulkner, Gass, Dickey, Rebecca West, Pr History 25th Anniversary Double Issue
14169: PLOUS, PHYLLIS - A Heritage Renewed: Representational Drawing Today
14156: PLOUS, PHYLLIS - Figuration
71787: PLOUS, PHYLLIS; AND FRANCES COLPITT - Knowledge: Aspects of Conceptual Art
88364: PLUMB, CHARLIE - I'm No Hero (Signed)
14670: PLUMMER, JOHN - The Hours of Catherine of Cleves
10979: POAGUE, LELAND A. - The Cinema of Ernst Lubitsch
12811: PODENDORF, ILLA - The True Book of Seasons
70100: PODENDORF; ILLUSTRATED BY PAULINE ADAMS - My Easy-to-Read True Book of Animal Babies
12055: PODESTA, ATTILIO - Seventeenth Century Dutch Painting
84200: PODRO, JOSHUA; ROBERT GRAVES - The Last Pharisee: The Life and Times of Rabbi Joshua Ben Hananyah a First-Century Idealist
14207: PODWAL, MARK - A Jewish Bestiary: A Book of Fabulous Creatures Drawn from Hebraic Legend and Lore
1776: POGANY, WILLY - Oil-Painting Lessons
90340: POGUE, FORREST C. - George C. Marshall, Vol. 4: Statesman, 1945-1959
82951: POGZEBA, WOLFGANG - Ranchos de Taos: San Francisco de Asis Church
11849: POINTER, MICHAEL - The Sherlock Holmes File: The Many Personae of Sherlock Holmes on Stage, in Film, and in Advertising
77933: POIRIER, ROBERT G., AND ALBERT Z. CONNER - The Red Army Order of Battle in the Great Patriotic War --Including Data from 1919 to the Present
90880: POLACCO, PATRICIA - Tikvah Means Hope (Signed)
90881: POLACCO, PATRICIA - Chicken Sunday (Signed)
90882: POLACCO, PATRICIA - Pink and Say (Signed)
78921: POLING, JAMES, COMMENTARY - Esquire's World of Jazz
70533: POLITI, LEO - Redlands Impressions (Signed)
72462: POLITI, LEO - Bunker Hill Los Angeles: Reminiscences of Bygone Days
84349: POLITI, LEO - All Things Bright and Beautiful
90883: POLITI, LEO - Little Leo
83578: POLITI, LEO - Rosa
87268: POLITZER, MICHAEL, AND ANIE POLITZER - Robinson Crusoe: My Journals and Sketchbooks
85051: POLLACK, KENNETH M. - Arabs at War: Military Effectiveness, 1948-1991 (Studies in War, Society, and the Military)
72308: POLLACK, NEAL - The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature (Signed)
81858: POLLACK, NEAL - Alternadad
2498: POLLARD, JOSEPHINE - The Child's Book of Bible Stories
11022: POLLARD, ALFRED W. (EDITOR) - English Miracle Plays, Moralities and Interludes: Specimens of the Pre-Elizabethan Drama
71622: POLLARD, A.W., AND G.R. REDGRAVE - A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad 1475-1640
83868: POLLARD, H.G.C. - A History of Firearms
89393: POLLOCK, JAMES K. - The Government of Greater Germany
90045: POLMAR, NORMAN, AND SAMUEL LORING MORISON - Pt Boats at War: World War II to Vietnam
88755: POLMAR, NORMAN; PETER B. MERSKY - Amphibious Warfare: An Illustrated History
90702: POLMAR, NORMAN - Aircraft Carriers;: A Geographic History of Carrier Aviation and Its Influence on World Events
79961: POLMAR, NORMAN - Aircraft Carriers: A Graphic History of Carrier Aviation and Its Influence on World Events
91079: POLMAR, NORMAN; SAMUEL LORING MORISON - Pt Boats at War: World War II to Vietnam
91258: POLMAR, NORMAN; SAMUEL LORING MORISON - Pt Boats at War: World War II to Vietnam
89660: POLMAR, NORMAN - Aircraft Carriers: A Graphic History of Carrier Aviation and Its Influence on World Events
85447: POLMAR, NORMAN.; ILLUSTRATED BY RIKYU WATANABE - Aggressors: Carrier Power Vs. Fighting Ship
78111: POLMAR, NORMAN, AND THOMAS B. ALLEN - World War II: America at War 1941-1945
16449: POLO, MARCO - The Travels of Marco Polo
72798: POLOS, NICHOLAS C. - San Dimas: Preserving the Western Spirit
14698: POLSENO, JO - Secrets of a Cypress Swamp
14700: POLSENO, JO - Secrets of Redding Glen: The Natural History of a Wooded Valley
13761: POLSKY, RICHARD - I Bought Andy Warhol
88388: POLTARNEES, WELLERAN - Kay Nielsen: An Appreciation
13066: POMERANTZ, CHARLOTTE - One Duck, Another Duck
83904: POMEROY, DIANA - One Potato: A Counting Book of Potato Prints (Signed)
76822: POMEROY, LAURENCE, AND RODNEY WALKERLY - The Motor Year Book 1954
76984: POMEROY, LAURENCE, AND RODNEY WALKERLY - The Motor Year Book 1953
14982: POMFRET, JOHN E. - 10 Americans Speak: Presenting Facsimiles of Documents in the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery
12102: POMODORO, ARNALDO - Arnaldo Pomodoro
92150: POMORSKA, KRYSTYNA - Fifty Years of Russian Prose, from Pasternak to Solzhenitsyn (Two-Volume Set)
72635: PONCE, JOHN, EDITOR; ILLUSTRATED BY ERNEST MAXWELL - Trees of the San Jacinto Mountains
72020: PONCHIELLI - Dance of the Hours: Ballet from :La Gioconda," for Violin and Piano (No. 2661)
70798: PONICSAN, DARRYL - An Unmarried Man (Signed)
91218: CAMPOS-PONS, MARIA MAGDALENA - Everything Is Separated by Water
82394: PONSOLD, RENATE; MOTHERWELL, ROBERT - Apropos: Robinson Jeffers
92506: PONSOT, MARIE, TRANSLATOR; BENVENUTI, ILLUSTRATOR - Russian Fairy Tales (a Giant Golden Book)
71986: PONTY, DENI - Intimate Angel: Paintings and Drawings by Deni Ponty
91915: POOL, JAMES - Hitler and His Secret Partners: Contributions, Loot and Reward, 1933-1945
87678: POOLE, JOHN HUDSON - Buena Vista: An American View of the Philippine Islands
89102: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Allied Submarines of World War Two
80670: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Allied Submarines of World War Two
79420: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Allied Escort Carriers of World War Two in Action
87429: POOLMAN, KENNETH - Armed Merchant Cruisers: Their Epic Story
82220: POP-UP, AND IB PENICK - Buck Rogers: A Pop-Up (a Pop-Up Book: 40) --Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
87161: POPE, DUDLEY - 73 North: The Defeat of Hitler's Navy
90172: POPE, DUDLEY - 73 North: The Defeat of Hitler's Navy
76331: POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM, AND PHYLLIS ACKERMAN, EDITORS - A Survey of Persian Art from Prehistoric Times to the Present: Volume XVI--Bibliography of Islamic Persian Art to 1938 (Volume 16)
90074: POPE, DUDLEY - Flag 4: The Battle of Coastal Forces in the Mediterranean 1939-1945
80958: POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM, AND PHYLLIS ACKERMAN, EDITORS - A Survey of Persian Art: Volume VIII, Plates 258-510, Islamic Architecture, from Prehistoric Times to the Present (Architecture of the Islamic Period and Its Ornament)
86515: POPE, DUDLEY - 73 North: The Battle of the Barents Sea
78277: POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM, AND PHYLLIS ACKERMAN, EDITORS - A Survey of Persian Art: Volume VIII, Plates 258-510, Islamic Architecture, from Prehistoric Times to the Present (Architecture of the Islamic Period and Its Ornament)
15055: POPENOE, DAVID - The Suburban Environment: Sweden and the United States
79607: CHARLES S. ANDERSON DESIGN COMPANY (POPINK) - Happy Kitty Bunny Pony: A Saccharine Mouthful of Super Cute
72849: PORAZINSKA, JANINA; ILLUSTRATED BY JAN BRETT - The Enchanted Book: A Tale from Krakow
72377: ASSOCIATION DE LA TRIENNALE DE LA PORCELAINE - Triennale de la Porcelaine Nyon-Suisse (6 VI-1.XI 1992)
89934: PORCH, DOUGLAS - The French Foreign Legion: A Complete History of the Legendary Fighting Force
13091: PORETZ, DORAINE - Last Exquisite Tear: The Moonstone Poems (Signed)
12715: PORGES, IRWIN - Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan
85805: VON DER PORTEN, EDWARD - Pictorial History of the German Navy in World War II
1923: PORTER, JENNY LIND - Three Dramatic Monologues: Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt
3352: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - Michael O'Halloran
10696: STREET-PORTER, TIM - Freestyle: The New Architecture and Interior Design from Los Angeles
11914: PORTER, TOM - Architectural Drawing Masterclass: Graphic Techniques of the World's Leading Architects
12635: STREET-PORTER, TIM - Freestyle: The New Architecture and Interior Design from Los Angeles
13526: STRATTON-PORTER, GENE - Memorial Service for Gene Stratton-Porter at the Funeral Held in Los Angeles, California

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