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044745: REPUBLIC FLOW METERS CO. - Chicago the Worlds Youngest Great City
054549: F.&M. SCHAEFER BREWING CO. - To Commemorate Our 100th Year the F. &M. Schaefer Brewing Co. America's Oldest Lager Beer
041338: CHEVROLET MOTOR CO. - Instructions for the Operation and Care of Chevrolet Motor Cars National Series a B April 1, 1928 Fourth Edition
043979: WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO. - Catalogue and Price List of Winchester Repeating Rifles, Carbines and Muskets, Repeating Shotguns, Single Shot Rifles Metallic Cartridges, Paper and Brass Shot Shells, Gun Wads, Primers, Percussions Caps, Loaded Shot Shells, Etc. Catalogue No. 75 March 1
055873: E.I. DU PONT DE NEMOURS POWDER CO. - Farming with Dynamite Saves Money Time Labor Removes Stumps Boulders Hard-Pan Ensures New, Rich Soil Increased Acreage Easy Plowing Bigger Yields
033888: COALE, GRIFFITH BAILY - Victory at Midway
050887: COATES, WES - 50th Anniversary 1931-1981 Suburban Electrification Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R.R.
050888: COATES, WES - 50th Anniversary 1931-1981 Suburban Electrification Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R.R.
008450: COATES, JOHN BOYD - Surgery in World War II Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology
050886: COATES, WES - 50th Anniversary 1931-1981 Suburban Electrification Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R.R.
047057: COATSWORTH, ELIZABETH J. - The Cat and the Captain
043105: COBB, IRVIN S. - Paths of Glory Impressions of War Written at and Near the Front
054945: COBB, BELTON - Murdered on Duty a Chronicle of the Killing of Policemen
018124: COBB, TY - My Life in Baseball the True Record
008451: COBBETT,WILLIAM - A Year's Residence in the United States of America
042849: COBHAM, ALAN - A Time to Fly the Memoirs of Sir Alan Cobham
036360: COBHAM, ALAN - Twenty Thousand Miles in a Flying-Boat
037683: COBLENTZ, CATHERINE CATE - Martin and Abraham Lincoln
023170: COBURN, N. - Optimum Rocket Trajectories
018624: COCCHIA, ALDO - The Hunters and the Hunted Adventures of Italian Naval Forces
037247: COCCHIA, ALDO - The Hunters and the Hunted Adventures of Italian Naval Forces
054606: COCHRAN, DORIS M. - Poisonous Reptiles of the World: A Wartime Handbook
042290: COCHRANE, GORDON S. - Baseball the Fans' Game
014602: COCHRANE, PETER - Scottish Military Dress
035066: COCHRANE, CHARLES H. - Modern Industrial Progress
042334: COCK, THOMAS F. - Manual of Obstetrics
050236: COCKERAM, HENRY - The English Dictionarie of 1623
018626: CODMAN, JOHN - Arnold's Expediton to Quebec
053475: CODY, WILLIAM F. - Life and Adventures of "Buffalo Bill"
052543: CODY, WILLIAM F. - The Life of Hon. William F. Cody Known As Buffalo Bill the Famous Hunter, Scout and Guide
008457: COE, HAMLIN ALEXANDER - Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory Combat Diaries of Union Sergeant Hamlin Alexander Coe
008458: COE, DOUGLAS - Road to Alaska, the Story of the Alaska Military Highway
006789: COE, DOUGLAS - Road to Alaska, the Story of the Alaska Military Highway
054101: COE, SOPHIE D. - America's First Cuisines
018627: COFFEEN, HERBERT - The Custer Battle Book
040764: COFFEY, THOMAS M. - Decision over Schweinfurt the U.S. 8th Air Force Battle for Daylight Bombing
014605: COFFEY, THOMAS M. - Decision over Schweinfurt the U.S. 8th Air Force Battle for Daylight Bombing
008466: COFFIN, CHARLES CARLETON - Following the Flag
047706: COFFIN, CHARLES CARLETON - Marching to Victory the Second Period of the War of the Rebellion Including the Year 1863
049310: COFFMAN, BARBARA F. - Samuel Fry the Weaver and the Mennonites of the Twenty Canadian German Folklore Volume No. 8
040362: COGHLAN, FRANK JUNIOR - They Still Call Me Junior: Autobiography of a Child Star; with a Filmography
030376: COGSWELL, FLOYD - History of the Sixth Cavalry Regiment, Sixth Cavalry Group, at Home and Abroad
040272: COHEN, ELIE A. - Human Behavior in the Concentration Camp
049711: COHEN, OCTAVUS ROY - Sound of Revelry
043977: COHEN, J. SOLIS - Inhalation Its Therapeutics and Practice a Treatise on the Inhalation of Gases, Vapors, Nebulized Fluids, and Powders
008476: COHEN, SAUL B. - Jerusalem Bridging the Four Walls a Geopolitical Perspective
014611: COHEN, STEPHEN P. - The Indian Army Its Contribution to the Development of a Nation
022622: COHEN, SAM - The Truth About the Neutron Bomb the Inventor of the Bomb Speaks out
048600: COHEN, MICHAEL MICKEY;NUGENT, JOHN PEER - Mickey Cohen in My Own Words the Underworld Autobiography of Michael Mickey Cohen, As Told to John Peer Nugent
037953: COHEN, ARTHUR - Lethal Floor Fighting
043446: COHEN, RICHARD M.;NEFT, DAVID S.;DEUTSCH, JORDAN A. - The Ohio State Football Scrapbook
042941: COHEN, STAN - Alcan and Canol a Pictorial History of Two Great World War II Construction Projects
053443: COHEN, MURRAY L. - Vietnam Odyssey the Story of the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, in Vietnam
054404: COHEN, RONALD MIDDLETON, JOHN EDITORS - Comparative Political Systems Studies in the Politics of Pre-Industrial Societies
054352: COHEN, YEHUDI - Man in Adaption the Cultural Present
054344: COHEN, WILLIAM B. - Rulers of Empire: The French Colonial Service in Africa
044953: COHN, DAVID L. - The Good Old Days a History of American Morals and Manners As Seen Through the Sears, Roebuck Catalogs 1905 to the Present
049599: COHN, NORMAN - Warrant for Genocide the Myth of the Jewish World=Conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
051066: COIL, HENRY WILSON - A Comprehensive View of Freemasonry
041081: COKER, P.C. - Building Warship Models
038279: COLAS, RENE - Le Style Roman En France Dans L'architecture Et la Decoration Des Monuments
029066: COLBERT, ELIAS EVERETT, CHAMBERLIN - Chicago and the Great Conflagration
043590: COLBY, C.B. - Our Fighting Jets
046358: COLBY, ELBRIDGE - Army Talk a Familiar Dictionary of Soldier Speech
023401: COLE, RALPH D. HOWELLS, W.C. - The Thirty-Seventh Division in the World War Volumes I and II
014613: COLE, J.A. - Lord Haw-Haw & William Joyce
039593: COLE, JOANNA - This Is the Place for Me
014614: COLE, HOWARD - Formation Badges of World War 2, Britain, Commonwealth and Empire
041348: COLE, DUANE - Conquest of Lines and Symmetry
052202: COLE, SYLVAN - Will Barnet Etchings Lithographs Woodcuts Serigraphs 1932-1972
018629: COLEMAN, JOHN S. - Bataan and Beyond Memories of an American Pow
039954: COLEMAN, CHARLES C. - The Early Records of the First Presbyterian Church at Goshen, New York from 1767 to 1885
048695: COLEMAN, TED; WENKAM, ROBERT - Jack Northrop and the Flying Wing: The Story Behind the Stealth Bomber
039945: COLEMAN, CHARLES C. - The Early Records of the First Presbyterian Church at Goshen, New York from 1767 to 1885
008484: COLES, J.M. - Studies in Ancient Europe Essays Presented to Stuart Piggott
008485: COLES, MANNING - They Tell No Tales
008486: COLES, MANNING - Alias Uncle Hugo
030470: COLES, K. ADLARD - In Broken Water Being the Adventures of a Six-Tonner Through Holland and Among the Frisian and Danish Islands
040707: COLES, ROBERT COLES, JANE HALLOWELL - Women of Crisis Lives of Struggle and Hope
047073: COLIO, QUINTINA - American Decoys Ducks Eiders Scoters Geese Brant Swan Shorebirds from Peeps to Curlew Gulls Terns Owls Crows Blackbirds Herons Loon Fish & Other Unusual Decoys from 1865 to 1920
008487: COLITT, LESLIE - Spy Master the Real-Life Karla, His Moles, and the East German Secret Police
030653: COLLARD, ELIZABETH - The Potters View of Canada : Canadian Scenes on Nineteenth Century Earthenware
023412: COLLARD, EILEEN - From Toddler to Teens an Outline of Children's Clothing Circa 1780 to 1930
048710: COLLECTOR, STEPHEN - Law of the Range Portraits of Old-Time Brand Inspectors
020098: COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF COLLEGE - Aggresor Military Forces
052022: COLLER, DEREK - Jess Stacy the Quiet Man of Jazz
021355: COLLIAS, JOE G. - The Last of Steam
018630: COLLIER, WILLIAM ROSS - Dave Cook of the Rockies Frontier General Fighting Sheriff and Leader of Men
044503: COLLIER, CHRISTOPHER - Decision in Philadelphia: The Constitutional Convention of 1787
044648: COLLIER, RICHARD - Duce!
053901: COLLIER, WILLIAM FRANCIS - History of Ireland for Schools
054355: COLLIER, GERSHON - Sierra Leone Experiment in Democracy in an African Nation
033025: COLLINGS, ELLSWORTH - The Old Home Ranch: Birthplace of Will Rogers
034565: COLLINGS, KENNETH - Just for the Hell of It
053302: COLLINS, A. FREDERICK - The Boys' Airplane Book
054751: COLLINS, CECIL S. CRANMER, LILLIAN REEVES, EDITH WATTS, FREDERICK A. - Out of the Past a Pictorial History of Barnegat, New Jersey
008499: COLLINS, STEWART A. - The Mariner 6 and 7 Pictures of Mars Nasa Sp-263
027157: COLLINS, DALE - Sea-Tracks of the Speejacks Round the World
031091: COLLINS, FRANCIS A. - The Air Man His Conquests in Peace and War
038551: COLLINS, DARRELL L. - General William Averell's Salem Raid Breaking the Knoxville Supplyline
049147: COLLINS, MAX ALLAN HAGENAUER, GEORGE - Mens Adventure Magazines in Postwar America
054584: COLLINS, TOM - The Legendary Model-T Ford the Ultimate History of America's First Great Automobile
046524: COLLIS, MAURICE - Foreign Mud Being an Account of the Opium Imbroglio at Canton in the 1830's and the Anglo-Chinese War That Followed
014623: COLLISON, THOMAS - Flying Fortress the Story of the Boeing Bomber
031827: COLLISON, THOMAS - Flying Fortress the Story of the Boeing Bomber
008500: COLLODI, D. - Pinocchio
029443: COLLODI, D. - Pinocchio
039817: COLOMB, P.H. - Naval Warfare Its Ruling Principles and Practice Historicallytreated Two Volumes.
051985: COLQUITT, HARRIET ROSS - The Savannah Cook Book a Collection of Old Fashioned Receipts from Colonial Kitchens
033595: COLT, MIRIAN (DAVIS) - Went to Kansas
014625: COLTON, WALTER - Deck and Port; Or, Incidents of a Cruise of the United States Frigate Congress to California
043199: COLTON, GEORGE - A Maryland Editor Abroad What He Saw and What He Thought of It
045814: COLUM, PADRAIC - Where the Winds Never Blew
008503: COLUMBUS, CHRISTOPHER - Letter of Christopher Columbus on the Discovery of America
049088: COLVIN, FRED H. - Manufacture of the Model 1903 Springfield Service Rifle
031198: COLVIN, FRED H. - The Aircraft Handbook
050443: COLVIN, IAN - The Unknown Courier
045216: COLVIN, FRED H. - The Aircraft Handbook a Collection of Facts and Suggestions Concerning the Construction and Care of Planes, Motors and Instruments for Those Interested in Modern Aircraft
055000: COLVIN, IAN - Vansittart in Office an Historical Survey of the Origins of the Second World War Based on the Papers of Sir Robert Vansittart Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs 1930-38
043990: COMBE, GEORGE BOARDMAN, ANDREW - Lectures on Phrenology
022201: COMBS, JERALD A. - American Diplomatic History Two Centuries of Changing Interpretations
019756: COMEGNO, CAROL - The Battleship Uss New Jersey from Birth to Berth
019755: COMEGNO, CAROL - The Battleship Uss New Jersey from Birth to Berth
041895: COMENCINI, LUIGI - Italian Directors
008505: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE - The Spirit of 'seventy-Six the Story of the American Revolution As Told By Participants Volume I and II
039234: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE - The Blue and the Gray the Story of the Civil War As Told By Participants
042961: COMMANDER AIR TRANSPORT COMMAND - H-21-B Pilot's Check List
048677: AIR MOBILITY COMMAND - C-5 Command Aircraft Systems Training (Cast) Program No. 5371-73 1 August 1994
054628: STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND - Observers Standing Operating Procedures Navigators Bombardiers Radar Observers Sac Manual 50-13
052180: G2 SECTION ICELAND BASE COMMAND - Armed Guardians One Year in Iceland
022975: ARMY AIR FORCES AIR TRANSPORT COMMAND - Passenger Guide Army Air Forces Air Transport Command Pacific Division
022983: MATERIEL COMMAND - Recognition of Aircraft By the Weft Systemt. O. No. 00-40-5
048678: AIR MOBILITY COMMAND - Kc-135r Command Aircraft Systems Training (Cast) Program No. 5341-43 1 January 1994
019978: ARMY AIR FORCES TRAINING COMMAND - Wings for Combat the Story of the Training of an Air Force
037737: OHIO COMMANDERY - Sketches of War History 1861-1865 Papers Read Before the Ohio Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States 1886-1888 Volume II
048671: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE - Maintenance, Repair, and Alteration of Certified Aircraft, Engines, Propellers, and Instruments Civil Aeronautics Manual 18
021799: CANADIAN FIELD COMFORTS COMMISSION - With the First Canadian Contingent
029123: TOLEDO OHIO CITY PLANNING COMMISSION - Railroad Transportation
030440: CANADIAN FIELD COMFORTS COMMISSION - With the First Canadian Contingent
040439: AMERICAN BATTLE MONUMENTS COMMISSION - 33d Division Summary of Operations in the World War
049781: U.S. CIVIL WAR CENTENNIAL COMMISSION - The Reissue of Harpers Weekly a Journal of Civilization Monthly Chronology for 1863
033928: TOWN HISTORY COMMITTEE - Fitzwilliam, the Profile of a New Hampshire Town, 1884-1984
040950: CIVILIAN DEFENSE COMMITTEE - Air Raids What You Should Know What You Should Do
042807: THE JOINT ARMY-NAVY ASSESSMENT COMMITTEE - Japanese Naval and Merchant Shipping Losses During World War II By All Causes
052338: INTERLAKEN HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMITTEE - Interlaken Journal 1922-1997 Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Borough of Interlaken
020693: HOUSE OF COMMONS, BRITAIN - Second Report from the Select Committee on the Army Before Sebastopol; with the Minutes of Evidence, and Appendix
021548: AMERICAN LOCOMOTIVE COMPANY - American Locomotive Went to War
044078: SPERRY GYROSCOPE COMPANY, INC. - The Sperry Aircraft Gyropilot Model a-3 Instruction No. 15-728a December 1940
055869: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodaks and Kodak Supplies
050148: MINE SAFETY APPLIANCES COMPANY - Instruction Manual for Navy Oxygen Rescue Breathing Apparatus Type a-1
023734: BOEING AIRCRAFT COMPANY - Engine Change Manual for the B-29 Bomber
048361: CONSOLIDATED VULTEE AIRCRAFT COMPANY - Pilots Amplified Check Off List B-24d, E, & G Airplanes
055030: THE VENDO COMPANY - Galaxie Service Manual
050070: CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY - Operation Manual for Cessna 120 140
050071: CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY - Cessna Model 310 J Owners Manual 1965
046893: PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD COMPANY - Pennsylvania Railroad System the Pennsylvania Railroad Company West Jersey and and Seashore Railroad Company Pennsylvania and Atlantic Railroad Company Waynesburg and Washington Railroad Company. . . Operating Department Rules for Conducting Transportation
024332: PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY - Glass Paints, Varnishes and Brushes Their History Manufacture and Use
054473: BUICK MOTOR COMPANY - Instruction Book Buick Valve-in-Head Motor Cars
022735: DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT COMPANY - Preparation for First Engine Run Safety and Preflight Check Wright-R-2600 P. &W. -R-1830 Wright-1820
022828: EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY - Kodaks and Kodak Supplies
009248: FIDELITYTRUST COMPANY - Historic Newark
021401: THE PULLMAN COMPANY - Pullman on Dress Parade
026797: SCOTT STAMP & COIN COMPANY - The Scott Stamp & Coin Co. , Ltd February, 1896
031248: PACKARD MOTOR CAR COMPANY - Information Packard Six Motor Cars 326-333
004385: NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY - Telephone Men & Women in War
054273: THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY - Singer Sewing Machines Price List of Parts Machines Nos. 69-5 to 69-16 and 69-25
018358: THE AUSTIN MOTOR COMPANY - The Austin Devon and Dorset Sedans Running and Maintenance Instructions
056127: THE CROMPTON COMPANY - A Pile Fabric Primer Corduroy / Velveteen / Velvet
033049: CANNON ELECTRIC DEVELOPMENT COMPANY - Cannon Plugs for Aircraft Electrical Circuits a Manual of the Construction, Application and Maintenance of Cannon Multiple Contact Electrical Cables
054620: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - Details and Specifications of the Ford V-8 Car for 1935
043810: STANDARD OIL COMPANY - Aviation Manual
055029: CAVALIER COMPANY - Cavalier Seventies' Series Part Manual "H" Model Coolers Shelf Type Css-64h Css-64hc Css-80h Css-96h Css-120h Css-141h Css-177h Automatic (Paddle Type) C6-168h C6-244h C6-320h Automatic (Swing Latch) C4-96h C6-144h C6-174h C6-222h Automatic. . . .
054621: FORD MOTOR COMPANY - Instruction Book Ford V8
043707: CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY - Instructions for the Operation and Care of Chevrolet Motor Cars Superior Model Series V April 1926 Edition
055799: PONTIAC MOTOR COMPANY - Pontiac Shop Manual 1935 and 1936 Models
055028: CAVALIER COMPANY - Cavalier Service Manual Coin Coolers Shelf Type: Cs-64d, Cs-80d, Cs-96d Automatics: C-55d, C-148d, Cs-148d, C-244d, Cs-244d-3, Cs-244-4
034578: COMPARATO, FRANK E. - Age of Great Guns Cannon Kings and Cannoneers Who Forged the Firepower of Artillery
008507: COMPERE,TOM - The Navy Blue Book Volume I
048529: COMPTON, SUSAN - Marc Chagall My Life, My Dream Berlin and Paris 1922-1940
022680: COMSTOCK,SARAH - Old Roads from the Heart of New York Journeys Today By Ways of Yesterday Within Thirty Miles Around the Battery
052725: COMSTOCK, SARAH - Roads to the Revolution with Here and There a Byway to Colonial Days
046167: CONANT, KENNETH JOHN - Carolingian and Romanesque Architecture, 800 to 1200
017432: CONARD,HOWARD LOUIS - Uncle Dick Wootton the Pioneer Frontiersman of the Rocky Mountain Region
008818: DE CONDE, ALEXANDER - The Quasi-War the Politics and Diplomacy of the Undeclared War with France 1797-1801
039371: CONDIT, JOHN - Wings over the West: Russ Baker and the Rise of Pacific Western Airlines
049890: CONE, JOHN FREDERICK - Adelina Patti Queen of Hearts
040836: CONENNA, LUCIA BONELLI PACINI, ETTORE - Vita in Villa Nel Senese Dimore, Giardini E Fattorie
020551: CONFORD, ELLEN - Just the Thing for Geraldine
048946: CONFORTI, ALBERTO - Il Violino
024024: CONGDON, DON - Combat: World War I
008514: CONGER, ELIZABETH MALLETT - Ships of the Fleet
026767: 37TH CONGRESS, 3D SESSION - Report of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War Part Iii
054789: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - Astronauts and Cosmonauts Biographical and Statistical Data (Revised-May 31, 1976)Report Prepared for the Committee on Science and Technology U.S. House of Representatives Ninety-Fourth Congress
054788: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - Astronauts and Cosmonauts Biographical and Statistical Data (Revised-May 31, 1978) Report Prepared for the Committee on Science and Technology U.S. House of Representatives Ninety-Fifth Congress Second Session
008517: CONLIN, JOSEPH R. - The Morrow Book of Quotations in American History
017633: CONN,FRANCES G. - The First Oil Rush
050400: CONNELL, CHARLES - The Hidden Catch
050356: CONNELL, JOHN - The House By Harod's Gate
040645: CONNELL, EVAN S. - Son of the Morning Star
021383: O'CONNELL, MARGARET J. - Pennington Profile a Capsule of State and Nation
043191: CONNELL, WILL - The Missions of California
014632: CONNELLEY, WILLIAM ELSEY - Quantrill and the Border Wars
051163: CONNELLY,THOMAS LAWRENCE - Army of the Heartland the Army of Tennessee,1861-1862
046844: CONNELY, WILLARD - Louis Sullivan As He Lived the Shaping of American Architecture
051601: CONNETT, EUGENE V. - The Small-Boat Skipper and His Problems a Collection of Facts That Have Been Learned the Hard Way About Small Cruising Boats and How to Enjoy Them
027114: CONNIFORD, M.P. - A Summary of the Transport Used By the British Army 1939-45 Part 2, Handbook 3
008526: CONNOLLY, JAMES B. - Navy Men
053646: CONNOLLY, JAMES B. - Master Mariner the Life and Voyages of Amasa Delano
053209: CONNOLLY, DON - Painting Planes the Aviation Art of Don Connolly
004452: O'CONNOR, EILEEN - Intermediate Full Point Ballet Technique
004453: O'CONNOR, JOHN J. - A Chaplain Looks at Vietnam
008527: CONNOR, JACK - Leahy's Lads the Story of the Famous Notre Dame Football Teams of the 1940s
014633: CONNOR, SEYMOUR V. FAULK,ODIE B. - North America Divided the Mexican War 1846-1848
030819: CONNOR, W.B. - History of the 28th Regt. Infantry United States Volunteers from Organization to Date of Muster with Roster and Record of Events By Companies
030424: CONNOR, D. RUSSELL HICKS, WARREN W. - Bg on the Record a Bio-Discography of Benny Goodman
043031: O'CONNOR, FRANCIS V.;MESSER, THOMAS M.;LADER, MELVIN P. - Charles Seliger: Redefining Abstract Expressionism
011790: O'CONNOR, JOHN T. - Negotiator out of Season the Career of Wilhelm Egon Von Furstenberg 1629 to 1704
055408: O'CONNOR, JOHN - Broadway Racketeers
033167: CONQUEST, NED - The Gun and Glory of Granite Hendley
052225: CONQUEST, ROBERT - The Harvest of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-Famine
008531: CONRAD, JOSEPH - The Rescue a Romance of the Shadows
055361: CONRAD, BARNABY - How to Fight a Bull
038062: CONROY, MARY - The Rational Woman's Guide to Self-Defense
025017: NAVY DEPARTMEN, BUREAU OF CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR - Nomenclature of Decks Specifications for Numbering Watertight Compartments Specificationis for Labelling for Vessels of the United States Navy
037691: CONWAY, THOMAS - The Operation of the New Bank Act
029863: CONWAY, MARTIN KNOTT, SUSAN G. - Outer Banks
055454: CONWAY, J.S. - The Nazi Persecution of the Churches 1933-45
045597: CONZELMANN, HANS - The Theology of St. Luke
008539: COOK, ALBERT S. - A First Book in Old English Grammar, Reader, Notes, and Vocabulary
008540: COOK, ALBERT S. - The Classic Line a Study in Epic Poetry
008541: COOK, GRAEME - None But the Valiant Exciting True War Stories in the Air and at Sea
008543: COOK, HAROLD E. - Shaker Music: A Manifestation of American Folk Culture
033358: COOK, EMILY - The Little Pilgrim
014638: COOK, RICHARD J. - Rails Across the Midlands
017635: COOK, GRAEME - None But the Valiant Exciting True War Stories in the Air and at Sea
018127: COOK, JAMES H. - Fifty Years on the Old Frontier As Cowboy, Hunter, Guide,Scout, and Ranchman
024691: COOK, RICHARD J. - Super Power Steam Locomotives
032210: COOK, FRED J. - Dawn over Saratoga the Turning Point of the Revolutionary War
049207: COOK, FREDERICK A. - My Attainment of the Pole
041192: COOK, PRESTON - The Railroad Night Scene
051301: COOK, RICHARD J. - New York Central's Mercury the Train of Tomorrow
046148: COOKE,W. GEORGE COXEY,WILLIAM J. - Atlantic City Railroad the Royal Route to the Sea a History of the Reading's Seashore Railroad 1877-1933
041287: COOKE, DAVID C. - War Wings Fighting Planes of the American and British Air Forces
014639: COOKE, DAVID C. - War Planes of the Axis
018637: COOKE, JOSEPH COTTIN - The Vera Gerard Case
022590: COOKE, CANFIELD - The Flying Wing a Lucky Terrell Flying Story
051111: COOKE, GEORGE WILLIS - Bibliography of James Russell Lowell
055410: COOKE, JOHN ESTEN - Wearing of the Gray Being Personal Portraits, Scenes and Adventures of the War
050326: COOKRIDGE, E.H. - Shadow of a Spy the Complete Dossier on George Blake
038535: COOKRIDGE, E. H. - They Came from the Sky
050622: COOKSLEY, PETER G. - De Havilland Dh. 2 in Action
045286: COOKSLEY, PETER - The Air Vcs Vcs of the First World War
042804: COOLEY, THOMAS M. - The American Railway Its Construction, Development, Management, and Appliances
054406: COOLEY, JOHN K. - Baal, Christ, and Mohammed Religion and Revoluton in North Africa
024238: COOLIDGE, DANE - Fighting Men of the West Armed Services Edition
043258: COOLIDGE, CALVIN - The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge
014640: COOLING, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN - Symbol, Sword, and Shield Defending Washington During the Civil War
014641: COOLING, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN - Symbol, Sword, and Shield Defending Washington During the Civil War
054704: COOMBES, B.L. - Those Clouded Hills
056113: COON, CARLETON S. - A North Africa Story the Anthropologist As Oss Agent 1941-1943
025082: COONE, HERBERT W. - The Sequential Soldier
042923: COONEY, DAVID M. REAR ADMIRAL U.S. NAVY, CHIEF OF INFORMATION - A Chronology of the U.S. Navy: 1775-1965
006790: COONEY, DAVID M. REAR ADMIRAL U.S. NAVY, CHIEF OF INFORMATION - Ships, Aircraftand Weapons of the United States Navy, Navso P-3564
014642: COONEY, DAVID M. REAR ADMIRAL U.S. NAVY, CHIEF OF INFORMATION - A Chronology of the U.S. Navy: 1775-1965
018640: COONTZ, ROBERT E. - From the Mississippi to the Sea
040740: COOPER, CHARLIE; COOPER, ANN; LA GRONE, ROY - Tuskegee's Heroes Featuring the Aviation Art of Roy Lagrone
047975: COOPER, MATTHEW - The Nazi War Against Soviet Partisans 1941-1944
026383: COOPER, ALAN W. - The Men Who Breached the Dams 617 Squadron "the Dambusters"
008552: COOPER, HERSTON - Investigator's Manual on Drugs and Narcotics
008553: COOPER, J.FENIMORE - The Pathfinder; Or, the Inland Sea
014645: COOPER, MATTHEW LUCAS,JAMES - Panzer the Armoured Force of the Third Reich
018641: COOPER, BRYAN - The Battle of the Torpedo Boats
055077: COOPER, GORDON HENDERSON, BRUCE - Leap of Faith an Astronaut's Journey Into the Unknown
042836: COOPER, ROBERT FLOYD - Serenade to the Blue Lady the Story of Bert Stiles
027612: COOPER, HARRY SHARKHUNTERS INTERNATIONAL - "U-Boat!" Volume I the Men of the U-Bootwaffe
031400: COOPER, HOWARD M. - Historical Sketch of Camden
029455: COOPER, MATTHEW - The German Army 1933-1945 Its Political and Military Failure
029058: COOPER, HENRY S.F. - Before Lift-Off the Making of a Space Shuttle Crew
044877: COOPER, RUSSELL M. - American Consultation in World Affairs
047371: COOPER, JOHN C. - The Right to Fly a Study in Air Power
041302: COOPER, MATTHEW - The German Army, 1933-1945 Its Political and Military Failure
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040788: CRISMON, FRED - U.S. Military Tracked Vehicles
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052933: CROZIER, JOSEPH - In the Enemy's Country
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008655: CROZIER, EMMET - Yankee Reporters 1861-65
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040982: CUMMINGS, O.R. - Union Street Railway
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022452: CUNNINGHAM, ALLEN - The Poetical Works of Robert Burns; with Critical and Biographical Notices
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049172: CUNNINGHAM, JOHN T. - Railroading in New Jersey
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048587: CURAMI, ANDREA - Ferrari Road and Racing History
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050996: DEMPSTER, AL ADAPTED BY - Walt Disney's Santa's Toy Shop
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046344: WAR DEPARTMENT - Signal Book United States Army 1916
055775: WAR DEPARTMENT - Combat Lessons Number 3 Rank and File in Combat: What They're Doing How They Do It
042229: U.S. WAR DEPARTMENT - Pensioners of the United States 1818
051191: NAVY DEPARTMENT - Instructions for the Navy of the United States Governing Maritime Warfare June, 1917
039070: WAR DEPARTMENT - Airship Aerodynamics Technical Manual Tm 1-320
046806: WAR DEPARTMENT - Airship Aerodynamics Technical Manual Tm 1-320
039797: WAR DEPARTMENT - Notes on Training for Rifle Fire in Trench Warfare
039796: WAR DEPARTMENT - Notes on Training for Rifle Fire in Trench Warfare
046807: WAR DEPARTMENT - Aerostaticstechnical Manual Tm 1-325
017196: WAR DEPARTMENT - Official Army Register for 1896
017197: WAR DEPARTMENT - Official Army Register for 1897
039795: WAR DEPARTMENT - Aircraft Armament and Pyrotechnics Tm 1-409
055691: WAR DEPARTMENT - Military Intelligence Identification of Japanese Aircraft
006194: WAR DEPARTMENT - Automatic Rifle Marksmanship Document No. 1011
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006210: WAR DEPARTMENT - Tactics and Technique of Air Chemical Spraying Tm 1-282
006219: WAR DEPARTMENT - Equipment, Clothing, and Tent Pitching Basic Field Manual Fm 21-15
006226: WAR DEPARTMENT - Small-Arms Ammunition Tm9-1990
006228: WAR DEPARTMENT - Salerno American Operations from the Beaches to the Volturno (9 September-6october 1943)
055736: WAR DEPARTMENT - Laminating Equipment Ph-523/Gf Tm 11-2369
039465: U.S. NAVY DEPARTMENT - Allied Landing Craft of World War Two
055733: WAR DEPARTMENT - Camera Equipment Mounting Ph-515/Mf Tm 11-2360
052915: WAR DEPARTMENT - Manual for Noncommissioned Officers and Privates of Infantry of the Army of the United States 1917 Document No. 574
055751: WAR DEPARTMENT - First Aid for Soldiers Basic Field Manual Fm 21-11
035853: WAR DEPARTMENT - Japanese Phrase Book Tm 30-641
053716: WAR DEPARTMENT - Pilots' Information File Restricted 1945
019554: WAR DEPARTMENT - Ordnance Maintenance Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, and Clocks Tm 9-1575
055735: WAR DEPARTMENT - Dryer Ph-176 Tm 11-2355
049529: WAR DEPARTMENT - Japanese Phrase Book Technical Manual Tm 30-275
044011: WAR DEPARTMENT - Lubrication Instructions for Carriage Gun, 37 Mm, M4 (A.T. ) Gun, 37 Mm , M3 (A.T. ) Ofsb 6-a-44 1-3
014136: ARMY DEPARTMENT - Dress Regulations (India) 1931
017190: WAR DEPARTMENT - Handbook on German Military Forces
022056: WAR DEPARTMENT - Handbook of the Hotchkiss Machine Gun Model of 1914
022055: WAR DEPARTMENT - Notes on the Use of Machine Guns in Trench Warfare
022054: WAR DEPARTMENT - Notes on the Construction and Equipment of Trenches
022053: WAR DEPARTMENT - Notes for Infantry Officers on Trench Warfare
022052: WAR DEPARTMENT - Defensive Measures Against Gas Attacks
022050: WAR DEPARTMENT - Organization of the Telephone Listening-I Service
022049: WAR DEPARTMENT - Method of Instructing Skirmishers and Small Groups of Skirmishers
022048: WAR DEPARTMENT - Use of Mines in Trench Warfare
022046: WAR DEPARTMENT - Notes on Infantry Attacks and Raids a Organized in the Present War
022045: WAR DEPARTMENT - Deep Gallery Shelters
022044: WAR DEPARTMENT - Notes on Gas As a Weapon in Modern Warfare
022043: WAR DEPARTMENT - Notes on Cover Against Shell Fire with Special Reference to 5. 9-Inch Shells
022042: WAR DEPARTMENT - Instructions on the Offensive Conduct of Small Units
022041: WAR DEPARTMENT - Notes on Grenade Warfare
022040: WAR DEPARTMENT - Lecture on High-Powered Heavy Artillery
022039: WAR DEPARTMENT - Notes on Bayonet Training
017072: U.S.WAR DEPARTMENT (AMBROSE,STEPHEN E. INTRODUCTION) - Handbook on Germanmilitary Forces U.S. War Department
017191: WAR DEPARTMENT - Engineer Field Manual Parts I-Iv I. Reconnaissance II. Bridges Iii. Roads Iv. Railroads V. Field Fortifications Vi. Animal Transpor
019202: NAVY DEPARTMENT - Uniform Regulations United States Navy 1913
019474: NAVY DEPARTMENT - The Deck and Boat Book of the United States Navy Navy Department 1914
019478: UNITED STATES NAVY DEPARTMENT - The Pilot Meets the Snj-3
019516: WAR DEPARTMENT - 81-Mortar M1 Fm 23-90
019517: WAR DEPARTMENT - The Gas Mask
019518: WAR DEPARTMENT - Ordnance Maintenance U.S. Rifles, Cal. . 30, M1903, M1903a1, M1903a3 and M1903a4 Tm 9-1270
019519: WAR DEPARTMENT - Technical Manual Handbook on Japanese Military Forces May14, 1941 Tm 30-480
019521: WAR DEPARTMENT - Engineer Antimechanized Measures Engineer Field Manual Fm5-30
028913: WAR DEPARTMENT - Notes on the Use of the Viven-Bessieres Rifle Grenade
019527: WAR DEPARTMENT - Field Fortifications Fm 5-15
019528: WAR DEPARTMENT - Driver's Manual Tm 10-460
019529: WAR DEPARTMENT - Camouflage Fm 5-20
019531: WAR DEPARTMENT - Fire Control Code Tm 6-230
019532: WAR DEPARTMENT - Direct Fire Control for Automatic Weapons, Tracer Observation Pamphlet No. 23-1
019540: WAR DEPARTMENT - Basic Field Manual Military Intelligence Military Maps Fm30-20
019545: WAR DEPARTMENT - Grenades Fm 23-30
019546: WAR DEPARTMENT - Hand Grenades Fm 23-30
028231: WAR DEPARTMENT - Military Intelligence Indentification of Foreign Armored Vehicles German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, and French Fm 30-42
019551: WAR DEPARTMENT - Military Intelligence Identification of British Naval Ships Fm 30-51
019552: WAR DEPARTMENT - Ordnance Maintenance Rifles, U.S. Cal. . 30, M1903 and M1903a1 Tm 9-1270
019556: WAR DEPARTMENT - Technical Manual Camouflage Tm 5-267 Supplement 5
019562: WAR DEPARTMENT - Aircraft Propellers Technical Manual Tm 1-412
019564: WAR DEPARTMENT - Cleaning, Preserving, Lubricating, and Welding Materials and Similar Items Issued By the Ordnance Department Tm 9-850
019566: WAR DEPARTMENT - Ordnance Field Manual Ammunition Supply Fm 9-6
019568: WAR DEPARTMENT - Carbine, Cal. . 30, M1 Ordnance Field Service Technical Bulletin No. 23-7-1
019579: WAR DEPARTMENT - Individual Clothing and Equipment Fm 21-15
019580: WAR DEPARTMENT - Operations in Snow and Extreme Cold Basic Field Manual Fm31-15 September 18, 1941
019581: WAR DEPARTMENT - Equipment, Clothing, and Tent Pitching Basic Field Manual Fm 21-15
035314: WAR DEPARTMENT - The Motorcycle Technical Manual Tm 10-515
019587: WAR DEPARTMENT - Camouflage Materials and Manufacturing Techniques Fm5-20h
019588: WAR DEPARTMENT - Camouflage of Individuals and Infantry Weapons Fm 5-20a
019590: WAR DEPARTMENT - Transportation of the Sick and Wounded Fm 8-35
019594: WAR DEPARTMENT - Handbook on German Military Forces Tm 30-450
019597: WAR DEPARTMENT - Technical Manual Camouflage Tm 5-267 Supplement 1
019599: WAR DEPARTMENT - Desert Operations Fm 31-25
019601: WAR DEPARTMENT - Basic Field Manual Volume Iii Basic Weapons Part One Rifle Company Chapter I Rifle Marksmanship U.S. Rifle,Caliber. 30 M1903
019602: WAR DEPARTMENT - Basic Field Manual Volume II Field Service Pocketbook Chapter 3 Equipment and Clothing, Mounted and Dismounted Organizations
027587: WAR DEPARTMENT - British Military Terminology
055750: WAR DEPARTMENT - The Firing Battery Field Manual Fm 6-140
019922: WAR DEPARTMENT - Us Army Standard Military Motor Vehicles 1943
029726: WAR DEPARTMENT - German a Guide to the Spoken Language Tm 30-306
053952: WAR DEPARTMENT - Fuels and Carburetion Technical Manual Tm 10-550
024033: WAR DEPARTMENT - Trench Line Construction Training Pamphlet No. 6-a
053948: WAR DEPARTMENT - Medical Field Manual Records of Morbidity and Mortality (Sick and Wounded) Fm 8-45
053949: WAR DEPARTMENT - Armored Force Field Manual the Armored Battalion, Light and Medium
022047: WAR DEPARTMENT - On Training for Rifle Fire in Trench Warfare
023289: WAR DEPARTMENT, AIR SERVICE - General Information on Aerial Gunnery War Department Document No. 965
023288: WAR DEPARTMENT, AIR SERVICE - Aerial Gunnery for Depot and Service Bombardment and Observation Squadrons War Department Document No. 960
023133: WAR DEPARTMENT - Military Police Basic Field Manual Fm 29-5
023286: WAR DEPARTMENT, AIR SERVICE - Training in Deflection Aerial Gunnery War Department Document No. 958
023292: WAR DEPARTMENT, AIR SERVICE - Training in Aerial Range Finding War Department Document No. 956
055749: WAR DEPARTMENT - U.S. Rifle Caliber . 30, M1 Basic Field Manual Fm 23-5
055679: WAR DEPARTMENT - U.S. Rifle Caliber . 30 M1917 Fm 23-6
055734: WAR DEPARTMENT - Photographic Equipment Ph-383 Tm 11-2366
023291: WAR DEPARTMENT, AIR SERVICE - Pilots' School Ground Training for Aerial Gunnery War Department Document No. 961

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