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34668: G. O. S. H. - Garvin Elementary School Cook Book Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland, Ri
29504: SOUTH KINGSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1938 - The Anchor Yearbook Volume Viii
1327: - The Winds of Wanderlust, Hiking and Tourist Trails in the Soviet Union
3304: - Entertainment Weekly Guide to the Greatest Movies Ever Made .
5280: - Ecclesiastes, with a Wood Engraving and Eight Trial Drawings By Hans Foy
5426: - The New Testament in Four Versions: King James, Revised Standard, Phillips Modern English, New English Bible .
5775: - Chilton's Repair & Tun-Up Guide Datson 1973 to 1980 .
6095: - Farmer's World, the Yearbook of Agriculture 1964 .
6912: - World Nuclear Directory .
6918: - Webster's Biographical Dictionary .
8802: - Ferhoodled English .
7850: - Furniture You Can Make .
6791: - Mr. Boston Spirited Dessert Guide .
6717: - Family Circle Decorative Crafts for Your Home .
32594: - Instruction Manual, Operation and Maintenace Parts List, Gray Marine Diesels Model 64-Hn9 Built for Bureau of Ships, United Stats Navy Contract Number Nobs 1184, Unit Numbers 1 to 9000, Incl. , Bureau Numbers D-49437 to D-58436, Incl.
5454: - Our Father, Matthew 6
3465: - Love Poems & Love Letters for All the Year .
34500: -
35777: -
7996: - Seventh-Day Adventists Believe. . . , a Biblical Exposition of 27 Fundamental Doctrines .
5890: - Audience, Volume 1, Number 1, Advance Edition .
1399: - The Guideposts Treasury of Hope
36786: -
36657: - Destroyers. . . Key Ships of the Fleet Fourth Edition.
11600: T 124 - Sea Power .
42584: COOKBOOK COMMITTEE 2001 - Favorite Recipes a Collection of Recipes By St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Charlestown, Rhode Island
7301: - The Wit and Wisdom of Women .
6908: - More Meanings of Your Dreams .
6931: - Britannica Book of the Year 1975 .
6941: - Britannica Book of the Year 1965 .
6861: - Dictionary of Scientific Terms .
5959: - National Geographic Index 1947-1976 Inclusive .
5246: - Larousse Encyclopedia of the Earth .
1895: - The Americana Annual 1963
27624: -
3128: AARIETI, SILVANO - The Intrapsychic Self .
12152: AARONS, EDWARD S. - Assignment Black Viking .
18817: AARONSON, KATHY - Selling on the Fast Track How to Become a Sales Athlete
17619: AARRE, BENT - Sejlbade I Danmark
40664: ABBE, ELFRIEDE, EDITOR - Letters of George Waldo Abbe and Charlotte Colgate Abbe
40895: ABBE, PATIENCE, RICHARD AND JOHN - Around the World in Eleven Years .
42447: ABBEY, ALAN D. - Journey of Hope the Story of Ilan Ramon, Israel's First Astronaut
42888: MONSIGNOR J. PATRICK CARROLL-ABBING - But for the Grace of God the Story of an Irish Priest Who Became a Resistance Leader and Later a Father to Thousands of Children in the Boys' Towns of Italy
32187: ABBOT, WILLIS J. - Blue Jackets of 1812 a History of the Naval Battles of the Second War with Great Britain to Which Is Prefixed an Account of the French War of 1798
22725: ABBOTT, WINSTON O. - Letters from Chickadee Hill
42932: ABBOTT, JACOB - Histories of William the Conqueror and Queen Elizabeth
39891: ABDUL-JABBAR, KAREEM & ANTHONY WALTON - Brothers in Arms the Epic Story of the 761st Tank Battalion, Wwii's Forgotten Heroes
24350: ABEGGLEN, JAMES C. & GEORGE STALK, JR. - Kaisha, the Japanese Corporation
40080: ABIR, MORDECHAI - Saudi Arabia in the Oil Era Regime and Elites; Conflict and Collaboration
38151: ABIR-AM, PNINA G. & DORINDA OUTRAM, EDITORS - Uneasy Careers and Intimate Lives Women in Science 1789-1979
41941: D'ABOVILLE, GERARD - Alone the Man Who Braved the Vast Pacific - and Won
14798: ABRAHAMS, EVELYN - Mum's the Word the Wit and Wisdom of a Semi-Sweet Grandmother
5194: ABRAHAMSON, FRANK H. , EDITOR - American Rose Annual 1958 (#43) .
5448: ABRAHAMSON, FRANK H. , EDITOR - American Rose Annual 1959, #44
32390: ABRAM, NORM & MARK FREIER, EDITOR - Ask Norm 250 Answers to Questions About Your Home from Television's Foremost Home Improvement Expert, Norm Abram
30595: ABRAMOWITZ, ALAN I. & JEFFREY A. SEGAL - Senate Elections
36702: ABRAMS, DAVID - Fobbit
37130: ABRAMS, ROGER L. - The Dark Side of the Diamond Gambling, Violence, Drugs and Alcoholism in the National Pastime
35538: ABRAMS, MALCOLM & HARRIET BERNSTEIN - More Future Stuff over 250 Inventions That Will Change Your Life By 2001
43275: ACHESON, DEAN - Power and Diplomacy
37793: ACHESON, JAMES M. - The Lobster Gangs of Maine
38413: ACHESON, JAMES M. - The Lobster Gangs of Maine
43432: ACHORN, EDWARD - Fifty-Nine in '84 Old Hoss Radbourn, Barehanded Baseball, and the Greatest Season a Pitcher Ever Had
37723: ACHORN, EDWARD - Fifty-Nine in '84 Old Hoss Radbourn, Barehanded Baseball, and the Greatest Season a Pitcher Ever Had
29935: ACKERMAN, BRUCE A. , ET AL - The Uncertain Search for Environmental Quality a Case Study in the Failure of Modern Policy Making
31605: ACKERMAN, PHYLLIS - The Persian Exhibition New York, 1940: Gods of Our Forefathers
31607: ACKERMAN, PHYLLIS - The Persian Exhibition New York, 1940: The First Goddesses
16051: ACKERSON, CORNELIUS - The Complete Book of Chrysanthemums
30491: ACZEL, AMIR D. - Entanglement the Greatest Mystery in Physics
31617: ADA, ALMA FLOR & F. ISABEL CAMPOY, SELECTORS - ! Pio Peep! Rimas Tradicionales En Espanol. Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes
40301: ADAMS, JAY E. - From Forgiven to Forgiving Discover the Path to Biblical Forgiveness
38355: ADAMS, CHARLES J. III - Pennsylvania Dutch County Ghosts Legends and Lore
3494: ADAMS, SAMUEL HOPKINS - Grandfather Stories .
4153: ADAMS, SAMUEL HOPKINS - A. Woollcott, His Life and His World
5666: ADAMS, ALEX WITH WILLIAM STADIEM - Madam 90210, My Life As Madam to the Rich and Famous .
38040: ADAMS, GERRY - A Farther Shore Ireland's Long Road to Peace
12570: ADAMS, FRANKLIN P. , EDITOR - Innocent Merriment, an Anthology of Light Verse .
12829: ADAMS, SHERMAN - Firsthand Report, the Story of the Eisenhower Administration .
12830: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW - The March of Democracy: The Rise of the Union .
38681: ADAMS, ANSEL - The Print Contact Printing and Enlarging. Basic Photo 3
14799: ADAMS, FRANKLIN P. - Nods and Becks
23268: ADAMS, SHERMAN W. , EDITED BY RONNA L. REYNOLDS - The Maritime History of Wethersfield, Vol. 1
10156: ADAMS, RUTH - Say No ! , the New Pioneers' Guide to Action to Save Our Environment .
17388: ADAMS, MARCIA - Heartland the Best of the Old and the New from Midwest Kitchens
42577: ADAMS, DOUGLAS - The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
9559: ADAMS, NOAH - Noah Adams on All Things Considered, a Radio Journal .
9224: ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW, EDITOR - Album of American History, Colonial Period .
22118: ADAMS, WALTER - The Test
42342: ADAMS, J. T. - Arco's Complete Woodworking Handbook
35236: ADAMS, DAVID W. , M. S. W. - Childhood Malignancy the Psychosocial Care of the Child and His Family
30733: ADAMS, FREDERICK B. , JR. - An Introduction to the Pierpont Morgan Library
30759: ADAMS, HAZARD - The Academic Tribes a Wry View of the American University - with a Dash of Bitters
24616: ADAMS, A. P. & C. E. W. HAHN - Principles and Practice of Blood-Gas Analysis
32878: ADAMS, ANSEL - Natural-Light Photography Basic Photo 4
38248: ADAMS, ANSEL WITH ROBERT BAKER - The Camera the Ansel Adams Photography Series Book 1
39633: ADAMS, CAROLYN & DAVID BARTELT, DAVID ELESH, IRA GOLDSTEIN, NANCY KLENIEWSKI, WILLIAM YANCEY - Philadelphia Neighborhoods, Division, and Conflict in a Postindustrial City
35224: ADAMS, JOHN P. - John P. Adams' Third Bottle Book a Guide to Collecting and Pricing Antique Bottles
22049: ADAMS, JAMES L. - The Care and Feeding of Ideas a Guide to Encouraging Creativity
14673: ADAMS, EUSTACE L. - Doomed Demons
38951: ADAMS, ROGER, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Organic Reactions Volume Iii
35873: ADAMS, ANNE B. & NANCY NASH-CUMMINGS - Clean It. Fix It. Find It.
42243: ADAMS, GEORGE - Birdscaping Your Garden a Practical Guide to Backyard Birds and the Plants That Attract Them. Special Edition for the National Home Gardening Club
39793: ADAMS, BRIAN - La Stupenda a Biography of Joan Sutherland
39263: ADAMSON, JOY - Pippa's Challenge
12065: ADAMSON, JOY - Born Free .
12073: ADAMSON, JOY - The Spotted Sphinx .
12079: ADAMSON, JOY - Born Free, a Lioness of Two Worlds .
30311: ADAMSON, HELEN LYON - Grandmother's Household Hints As Good Today As Yesterday
36137: ADDICKS, LAWRENCE, EDITOR - Silver in Industry
31576: ADDISON, JOSEPH WITH JOHN RICHARD GEEN, EDITOR - Essays of Joseph Addison Chosen and Edited By John Richard Green, M.A. , Ll. D.
38989: ADDISS, STEPHEN - The World of Kameda Bosai the Calligraphy, Poetry, Painting and Artistic Circle of a Japanese Literatus
41731: ADE, GEORGE, EDITED BY JEAN SHEPHERD - The America of George Ade (1866-1914) Fables, Short Stories, Essays
38625: ADELE, DEBORAH - The Yamas & Niyamas Exploring Yoga's Ethical Practice
26297: ADENAUER, KONRAD - Erinnerungen 1945 - 1953
34124: ADES, LESLIE J. - Managing Mavericks the Art of Sales Management
37923: ADIGA, CHANDRASHEKAR & D. D. SOMASHEKARA, EDITORS - Proceedings of the International Conference on the Works of Srinivasa Ramanujan July 01-02, 2000
3036: ADLER, BILL, EDITOR - The Kennedy Wit
7665: ADLER, RICHARD AND LEE DAVIS - "You Gotta Have Heart" .
41091: ADLER, RENATA - Gone the Last Days of the New Yorker
16929: ADLER, BILL - Fred Astaire a Wonderful Life
23980: ADLER, BILL - Fred Astaire a Wonderful Life
35262: ADLER, STEPHEN J. - The Jury Trial and Error in the American Courtroom
43120: ADLER, ALFRED, EDITED BY HEINZ L. ANSBACHER & ROWENA R. ANSBACHER - The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler a Systematic Presentation in Selections from His Writings
42625: ADLER, MORTIMER J. - Philosopher at Large an Intellectual Autobiography
29716: ADLESTEIN, LINDA - Great Restaurants and Recipes of Nantucket Twelve Signature Recipes and Photographs Inspired By This Enchanting Island and the Surrounding Sea`
42603: ADLOW, ELIJAH - The Genius of Lemuel Shaw Expounder of the Common Law
29295: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS - Three Booklets: 1) Roles and Relationships, School Boards and Superintenden Ts. 2) Improving School Staffs, an Administrator's Guide to Staff Development, Volume Iii. 3) Pr for School Board Members, Volume Viii.
6013: ADOLFS, ROBERT - The Grave of God, Has the Church a Future? .
36458: ADROSKO, RITA J. - Natural Dyes in the United States United States National Museum Bulletin 281
42478: AEBI, ORMOND & HARRY AEBI - The Art and Adventure of Beekeeping
31029: AFRICA, THOMAS W. - The Ancient World
41912: AGEE, JOEL - In the House of My Fear a Memoir
43547: NATIONAL IMAGERY AND MAPPING AGENCY - Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation Latitudes 30° - 45° , Inclusive. Pub. No. 229, Vol. 3
35057: DEFENSE MAPPING AGENCY - Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation Latitudes 30° - 45°, Inclusive Pub. No. 229, Vol. 3
42787: AGETON, ARTHUR A. - Dead Reckoning Altitude and Azimuth Table H.O. No. 211, Third Edition
18818: AGONITO, ROSEMARY, PH. D - No More 'nice Girl' Power, Sexuality and Success in the Workplace
41294: AGRESS, ELIYAHU - Golda Meir Portrait of a Prime Minister
2116: AGRESS, CLARENCE M. , M. D. - Energetics .
12545: U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Crops in Peace and War, the Yearbook of Agriculture 1950-1951 .
12547: U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Plant Diseases, the Yearbook of Agriculture 1953 .
12548: U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - The Face of Rural America. 1976 Yearbook of Agriculture .
12549: U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Outdoors Usa, the Yearbook of Agriculture 1967 .
12550: U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE - Science for Better Living, the Yearbook of Agriculture 1968 .
42332: AGUAYO, RAFAEL - Dr. Deming the American Who Taught the Japanese About Quality .
17940: AHLBERG, G. & O. JARNERYD - Block and Silk Screen Printing
12649: AHLSTRAND, ALAN AND JOHN H. HAYNES - Ford Escort & Mercury Lynx Automotive Repair Manual, 1981 - 1990, All Gasoline Engine Models .
31045: AHUJA, SATINDER - Selectivity and Detectability Optimizations in Hplc Chemical Analysis Volume 104
38506: RITE AID - New Hire Pharmacist Training Program April 2012 Version2. 1 Form #2215
21933: AIDALA, THOMAS & CURT BRUCE - The Great Houses of San Francisco
15636: AINSLIE, TOM - Ainslie's Encyclopedia of Thoroughbred Handicapping
15616: AINSLIE, TOM - Complete Guide to Harness Racing
30970: AJAY, BETTY - Betty Ajay's Guide to Home Landscaping
37988: AKER, FRANK & MORGAN NORVAL - Breaking the Hold: The Liberation of Grenada
30204: AKERS, CHARLES W. & JOHN W. CARTER - Bo Mc Millin Man and Legend
31451: AKRE, NANCY, GENERAL EDITOR - Miniatures the Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques, Compiled for the Cooper-Hewitt Museum
40535: AKUTAGAWA, RYUNOSUKE - Hell Screen. Cogwheels. A Fool's Life
37912: ALBANESE, MARILIA - The Treasures of Angkor Cultural Travel Guides
42835: ALBERONI, FRANCESCO, ET AL - Occhiali Italiani English Text
7726: ALBERS, VERNON M. - The Repair and Reupholstering of Old Furniture .
23984: ALBERT, HOLLIS - Fellini, a Life
37023: ALBION, ROBERT GREENHALGH & JENNIE BARNES POPE - Sea Lanes in Wartime, Second Edition the American Experience 1775-1945
40649: ALBION, ROBERT G. & WILLIAM A. BAKER, BENJAMIN W. LABAREE - New England and the Sea
39750: ALBOHER, MARCI - The Encore Career Handbook How to Make a Living and a Difference in the Second Half of Life
30111: ALBRIGHT, DANIEL - Tennyson the Muses' Tug-of-War
35312: ALCALY, ROGER - The New Economy What It Is, How It Happened, and Why It Is Likely to Last
5647: ALCOCK, ANNE - The Love of Horses .
13868: ALCOCK, ANNE - The Love of Horses
41510: ALCORN, EDGAR G. - The Duties and Liabilities of Bank Directors
11990: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. - Under the Lilacs .
2500: ALDEN, CARROLL STORRS AND RALPH EARLE . - Makers of Naval Tradition .
38654: ALDEN, PETER & BRIAN CASSIE - National Audubon Society Field Guide to New England Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
41131: ALDEN, JOHN D. - U.S. Submarine Attacks During World War Ii Including Allied Submarine Attacks in the Pacific Theater
12317: ALDERMAN, ELLEN AND CAROLINE KENNEDY - The Right to Privacy .
39114: ALDRED, CYRIL - Akhenaten Pharoah of Egypt - a New Study
3288: ALDRICH, RICHARD STODDARD - Gertrude Lawrence As Mrs. A. .
9479: ALDRICH, RICHARD STODDARD - Gertrude Lawrence As Mrs. A, an Intimate Biography of the Great Star .
42788: ALDRICH, LAWSON M. - The Cheechako a Restauranteur's Reminiscences. Facts & Fables & Recipes.
25986: ALDRIDGE, MARIAN D. & KEVIN LEWIS, EDITORS - The Changing Shape of Protestantism in the South
43175: ALDRIN, BUZZ & JOHN BARNES - The Return
36641: ALEC, WENDY - Journal of the Unknown Prophet Legacy to a Renegade Generation
34682: ALEENE - Wedding Announcement & Wedding Shower Designs 98/20
31141: D'ALESSIO, VITTORIAE - The Allergy-Free Home. The Allergy Free Home. A Practical Guide to Creating a Healhy Environment
1812: ALEXANDER, SHANA - When She Was Bad the Story of Bess, Hortense, Sukhreet & Nancy
3945: ALEXANDER, SHANA - Nutcracker. Money, Madness, Murder: A Family Album .
15124: ALEXANDER, PAT, COMPILER - A Feast of Good Stories a Special Collection
17010: ALEXANDER, JOHN T. - Catherine the Great, Life and Legend .
32783: ALEXANDER, J. M. , ET AL, EDITORS - Cirp Annuals 1984: Manufacturing Technology. Volume 33/1/1984 Annals of the International Institution for Production Engineering Research.
42551: ALEXANDER, SHANA - Happy Days My Mother, My Father, My Sister & Me
30243: ALEXANDER, LEWIS M. & SCOTT ALLEN, LYNNE CARTER HANSON - New Developments in Marine Science and Technology: Economic, Legal and Political Aspects of Change Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Conference of the Law of the Sea Institute
31875: ALEXANDER, DAVID AND PAT ALEXANDER, EDITORS . - Eerdmans' Handbook to the Bible . American Edition
36450: ALEXANDER, JEFFREY C. , EDITOR - Durkheimian Sociology: Cultural Studies
28712: ALEXANDER, A. L. , COMPILER - Poems That Touch the Heart New, Enlarged Edition
42776: ALEXANDROV, V. JOHN - Affirmations of Wealth 101 Secrets of Daily Success
31105: ALEXANDROV, V. JOHN - Your Spiritual Gold Mind the Divine Guide to Financial Freedom
35109: ALFASSY, LEO - Blues Hanon
34739: ALFONSI, CHRISTIAN - Circle in the Sand Why We Went Back to Iraq
39251: ALFORD, MICHAEL B. - Traditional Work Boats of North Carolina
11998: ALGER, HORATIO, JR. - Hector's Inheritance .
11996: ALGER, HORATIO, JR. - Julius the Street Boy Or out West
11991: ALGER, HORATIO, JR. - The Store Boy Or, the Fortunes of Ben Barclay .
34590: ALGER, ADAH B. , ET AL - Favorite Recipes 1951. Deborah Chapter, No. 9.O. E.S.
40716: ALGER, JOHN I. , WITH THOMAS E. GRIESS, SERIES EDITOR - Definitions and Doctrine of the Military Art the West Point Military History Series
39089: ALGHRARY, BECKY - Mountain Magnolias - Women of Avery the Lives of Fourteen Avery Women
9055: ALGISI, LEONE - John the Twenty-Third .
28629: ALI, MAJID - The Canary and Chronic Fatigue
43276: ALIGHIERI, DANTE - The Divine Comedy Translated By Henry Francis Cary. Illustrated By Gustave Dore.
2813: ALINE, COUNTESS OF ROMANONES - The Spy Went Dancing .
12156: ALLARDYCE, PAULA - Eliza , Originally Published As Miss Jonas's Boy .
33181: ALLEN, ROBERT G. - The Challenge
34422: ALLEN, STEVE - Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion, & Morality
33297: ALLEN, GAYLE & ROBERT FLETCHER ALLEN - Three Worlds Cookbook Velsmagende. Taihen Oishii. Very Tasty
41128: ALLEN, RICHARD & BRUCE HERSHENSON, EDITORS - War Movie Posters Volume Thirteen of the Illustrated History of Movies Through Posters
2428: ALLEN, FRED - Much Ado About Me
5896: ALLEN, ROBERT G. - Nothing Down .
7871: ALLEN, ROBERT G. - Nothing Down .
12082: ALLEN, ARTHUR A. AND OTHERS - Stalking Birds with Color Camera .
14043: ALLEN, FRED - Much Ado About Me
14044: ALLEN, EVERETT S. - This Quiet Place, a Cape Cod Chronicle
10175: ALLEN, DAVID M. - Unifying Individual and Family Therapies .
43190: ALLEN, PATRICIA, EDITOR - Food for the Future Conditions and Contradictions of Sustainability
42219: ALLEN, GLORIA SEAMAN & NANCY GIBSON TUCKHORN - A Maryland Album Quiltmaking Traditions 1634-1934
23577: ALLEN, MARY - Portrait Photography in Practice
24001: ALLEN, SUSAN HEUCK - Finding the Walls of Troy Frank Calvert and Heinrich Schliemann at Hisarlik
42617: ALLEN, MRS. IDA BAILEY - The Service Cook Book Number One and Number Two Published Exclusively for F.W. Woolworth Co.
24645: ALLEN, HAROLD W. G. - The New Cosmology
28827: ALLEN, MARK - Working with Dos with Floppy Disk.
29100: ALLEN, SAM - Locks & Alarms No. 1559
29269: ALLEN, EVERETT S. - This Quiet Place, a Cape Cod Chronicle
29383: ALLEN, ROBERT THOMAS - The Illustrated Natural History of Canada: The Great Lakes
30048: ALLEN, WOODY - Hollywood Ending, Vhs Video
40894: ALLEN, ROSS, EDITED BY PATRICIA E. POPE - How to Keep Snakes in Captivity
30865: ALLEN, ALEXANDER V. G. - Life and Letters of Phillips Brooks, Volume Ii
42790: ALLEN, JOHN W. - Legends & Lore of Southern Illinois
32588: ALLEN, CHARLES A. & GEORGE D. STEPHENS, EDITORS - Satire Theory and Practice
33067: ALLEN, CHARLES F. & JONATHAN PORTIS - The Comeback Kid the Life and Career of Bill Clinton
4770: ALLEN, CHARLES L. - God's Psychiatry .
18820: ALLEN, ROBERT G. - Creating Wealth .
40862: ALLEN, PAUL - Idea Man a Memoir By the Cofounder of Microsoft
38785: ALLEN, R. C. - Roses for Every Garden
8058: ALLEN, ROBERT G. - Creating Wealth .
34316: ALLEN, DAVID GRAYSON & KATHLEEN MCDERMOTT - Accounting for Success a History of Price Waterhouse in America 1890 - 1990
35908: ALLEN, GRANT ET AL - Nature Studies
39661: ALLEN, LOCHIE JO & EDWARD C. KINNEY, EDITORS - Proceedings of the Bio-Engineering Symposium for Fish Culture Fcs Publ. 1
41748: ALLEN, STEVEN W. - You Can't Take It with You. . . So How Will You Leave It Behind? a "Plain English" Guide to Wills and Trusts
36873: ALLEN, HUBERT J. B. - Roland Allen Pioneer, Priest, and Prophet
21917: ALLEN, GERALD R. & CONNIE ALLEN - Cockatiel Handbook
34932: ALLEN, C. FRANK, S. B. - Field and Office Tables Specially Applicable to Railroads, Fourth Edition, Revised
43165: ALLEN, MEL, ET AL - Yankee Magazine's Great New England Recipes and the Cooks Who Made Them Famous
42127: ALLEY, JEAN & HARTLEY ALLEY - A Gentleman from Indiana Looks at Newport & the Narragansett Bay Area
5773: D'ALLEYRAND, MARC R. - Image Storage and Retrieval Systems, a New Approach to Records Management .
10279: ALLINSON, ANNE C. E. - Selections from the Distaff .
8366: ALLIO, ROBERT AND MALCOLM W. PENNINGTON, EDITORS - Corporate Planning: Techniques & Applications .
43441: ALLIS, RYAN P. - Zero to One Million How to Build a Company to One Million Dollars in Sales
41471: ALLISON, GRAHAM T. & KALYPSO NICOLAIDIS, EDITORS - The Greek Paradox Promise Vs. Performance
41708: ALLISON, GORDON H. - Mini-Dictionary English-Thai, Thai-English
37619: ALLISON, OLIVE - Island Retreats a Guide to Retreat Houses in Malta and Gozo
35061: ALLPHIN, WILLARD - Primer of School Lighting Lamps and Maintenance
40329: ALLWEN, JONATHAN & AMIE PARNES - H R C State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton
39259: ALLYN, OLIVER - Dreams of a Landlocked Boatman Adventures on the Connecticut River
38468: ALMEIDA, JOSEPH, JR. , ET AL - Strategy for Reducing Risks from Natural Hazards in Narragansett, Rhode Island: A Multi-Hazard Mitigation Strategy
34724: ALMEIDA, JOSEPH, JR. , ET AL - Strategy for Reducing Risks from Natural Hazards in Narragansett, Rhode Island: A Multi-Hazard Mitigation Strategy
39549: ALMODOVAR, NORMA JEAN - Cop to Call Girl Why I Left the Lapd to Make an Honest Living As a Beverly Hills Prostitute
9747: ALMQUIST, ARDEN - Missionary, Come Back ! .
36486: ALPER, JOEL R. ET AL - The Book on Vsats
13471: ALPERT, HOLLIS - Burton .
9811: ALPERT, BARBARA - No Friend Like a Sister, a Celebration in Words and Memories .
40926: ALPERT, GEOFFREY & ROGER G. DUNHAM - Policing Urban America Third Edition
42077: ALSON, PETER - Confessions of an Ivy League Bookie a True Tale of Love and the Vig
33677: ALSOP, JOSEPH W. WITH ADAM PLATT - I've Seen the Best of It Memoirs
32089: ALSTON, WALTER WITH JACK TOBIN - A Year at a Time
41679: ALSTON, GEORGE G. WITH CONNIE VANACORE - The Winning Edge Show Ring Secrets
7315: ALTEA, ROSEMARY - The Eagle and the Rose, a Remarkable True Story .
6272: ALTEA, ROSEMARY - The Eagle and the Rose, a Remarkable True Story .
2716: ALTER, DINSMERE, ET AL - Pictorial Astronomy
33326: ALTER, JONATHAN - Between the Lines a View Inside American Politics, People, and Culture
41196: ALTER, CATHERINE & WAYNE EVENS - Evaluating Your Practice a Guide to Self-Assessment
11562: ALTH, MAX - Do-It-Yourself Roofing and Siding .
28490: ALTHOLZ, JOSEF L. - Victorian England 1837-1901 Conference on British Studies, Bibliographical Handbooks
35503: ALTMAN, NATHANIEL - Ahimsa (Dynamic Compassion)
35193: ALVAREZ, CARMELO - People of Hope the Protestant Movement in Central America with Selected Statements from the Churches
33744: ALVAREZ, RODOLFO, ET AL - Racism, Elitism, Professionalism Barriers to Community Mental Health
26481: ALVAREZ, WALTER C. - Incurable Physician an Autobiography
38964: ALVARO, JIM - Muskrat Tales Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 1994 Jefferson Beach
42842: ALVORD, LORI ARVISO & ELIZABETH COHEN VAN PELT - The Scalpel and the Silver Bear the First Navajo Woman Surgeon Combines Western Medicine and Traditional Healing
31205: AMARAL, MARK & VIRGINIA LEE - Environmental Guide for Marinas Controlling Nonpoint Source and Storm Water Pollution in Rhode Island
21151: AMARNICK, CLAUDE, D. O. & ARNOLD S. GOLDSTEIN - Don't Put Me in a Nursing Home. Revised Edition
3944: AMATO, JOSEPH - When Father and Son Conspire, a Minnesota Farm Murder .
12147: AMBLER, ERIC - Passage of Arms .
40901: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - The Wild Blue. Large Print Edition. The Men and Boys Who Flew the B-24s over Germany
11619: AMBROSE, KAY - The Ballet-Lover's Pocket Book, Technique without Tears for the Ballet-Love R .
11620: AMBROSE, KAY WITH CELIA FRANCA - The Ballet-Student's Primer, a Concentated Guide for Beginners of All Ages .
11634: AMBROSE, KAY - Ballet Impromptu, Variations of a Theme .
18909: AMBROSE, KAY & CELIA FRANCA - The Ballet-Student's Primer a Concentrated Guide for Beginners of All Ages
33671: AMBROSE, SUSAN, ET AL, EDITORS - Dahlias of Today 2004
42185: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - The Supreme Commander the War Years of General Dwight D. Eisenhower
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12009: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - Home Repairs, Merit Badge Series .
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12007: BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA - Pioneering, Merit Badge Series
12833: ARCHAEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA - Archaeological Discoveries in the Holy Land .
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14007: AMES, NOEL (COMPILER) - These Wonderful People, Intimate Moments in Their Lives
3044: AMORY, CLEVELAND - The Trouble with Nowadays .
7479: AMORY, CLEVELAND - The Best Cat Ever .
9189: AMORY, CLEVELAND - The Cat Who Came for Christmas .
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7734: AMOS, WILLIAM H. - The Life of the Seashore .
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12424: AMSBURY, WAYNE - Data Structures from Arrays to Priority Queues .
43380: ANASTASI, MARK - The Laptop Millionaire How Anyone Can Escape the 9 to 5 and Make Money Online
22300: ANASTASIA, GEORGE - The Summer Wind Thomas Capano and the Murder of Anne Marie Fahey
38344: ANCONA, JUAN FRANCISCO PEON - Chucherias de la Historia de Yucatan Coleccion 17 Voces de Yucatan
23341: ANDERE, MARY - Old Needlework Boxes and Tools Their Story and How to Collect Them
32695: ANDERHEGGEN, CAROL - Are You a Born-Child?
29628: ANDERHUB, WERNER & HANS PETER ROTH - Crop Circles Exploring the Designs and Mysteries
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12638: ANDERSEN, ISABELLE - Gentle Asylum, Life at a Mental Hospital .
13052: ANDERSEN, ARTHUR OLAF - Practical Orchestration .
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30179: ANDERSEN, WAYNE - My Self
31442: ANDERSEN, CHRISTOPHER - The Day John Died
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43149: ANDREW, DOUGLAS R. - Missed Fortune 101 a Starter Kit to Becoming a Millionaire. Includes Cd-Rom, "Ten Keys to Achieve a Meaningful Transformation", Presented By Douglas R. Andrew.
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32133: ANNAND - Sing It Aince for Pleasure
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22409: ANOBILE, RICHARD J. , EDITOR - A Flask of Fields Verbal and Visual Gems from the Films of W.C. Fields
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8385: OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS - Overeaters Anonymous .
33948: ANONYMOUS - The Recreations of a Country Parson
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42177: ANTALFFY, GYULA - A Thousand Years of Travel in Old Hungary
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40891: APPS, JEROLD W. - Leadership for the Emerging Age Transforming Practice in Adult and Continuing Education
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41687: ARAGON, JAMES R. - Shipmaster's Handbook on Ship's Business. Second Edition Based on the Original Edition By Ben Martin
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36182: ARASE, ELIZABETH M. & PETER D. HAHN - Tables for the Mutual Radiation Resistance and Reactance of Aligned Rectangular Pistons in an Infinite Rigid Baffle
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36204: ARASE, ELIZABETH M. - Comments on "Acoustic Response of a Rectangular Receiver to a Rectangular Source"
35665: ARATON, HARVEY - Crashing the Borders How Basketball Won the World and Lost Its Soul at Home
40158: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF ANN ARBOR - The Bountiful Arbor a Collection of Favorite Recipes Gathered from Our Members
33405: ARCHER, JULES - African Firebrand Kenyatta of Kenya
35732: ARCHIBALD, ARTHUR C. - New Testament Evangelism How It Works Today
35492: ARCHULETA, DAVID WITH MONICA HAIM - Chords of Strength a Memoir of Soul, Song, and the Power of Perseverance
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34884: ARDMAN, PERRI & HARVEY ARDMAN - Woman's Day Book of Fund Raising
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9886: ARDREY, ROBERT - The Territorial Imperative, a Personal Inquiry Into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations .
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42627: ARGULLOL, RAFAEL - The End of the World As a Work of Art a Western Story
33721: ARISTOTLE - The Works of Aristotle Volume Ii. Great Books of the Western World Volume 9
37199: ARLEDGE, ROONE - Roone a Memoir
43509: ARLEN, MICHAEL - Babes in the Wood a Relaxation Intended for Those Who Are Always Travelling But Never Reaching a Destination
33769: ARLISS, GEORGE - Up the Years from Bloomsbury an Autobiography
36075: ARMISTEAD, LEIGH, EDITOR - Information Operations Warfare and the Hard Reality of Soft Power
12690: ARMITAGE, MERLE - Dance Memoranda .
34510: ARMITAGE, ALLAN M. - Armitage's Garden Perennials a Color Encyclopedia
38117: ARMOUR, RICHARD - It All Started with Marx with Pictures for Those Unable to Read By Campbell Grant
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13973: ARMSTRONG, MARGARET - Trelawny, a Man's Life
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29428: ARMSTRONG, JOHN, ET AL - Coastal Zone Management: The Process of Program Development
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43225: ARMSTRONG, STEVE - The Clay Courts of Norwich a History of Public Tennis Court Faciliies in Norwich, Connecticut
16689: ARNAUD, CLAUDE - Chamfort a Biography
38170: ARNAUD, PASCAL - Estado Y Capitalismo En America Latina Casos de Mexico Y Argentina
39587: ARNESS, JAMES WITH JAMES E. WISE, JR. - James Arness an Autobiography
43222: ARNOLD, WILFRED NIELS - Vincent Van Gogh: Chemicals, Crises, and Creativity
35553: ARNOLD, MICHAEL - The Archduke the Romantic Love Story of Rudolf of Habsburg
8127: ARNOLD, PETER WITH EDWARD L. PENDERGAST, JR. . - Emergency Handbook, a First Aid Manual for Home and Travel .
43121: ARNOLD, LEE W. - The Golden Eagle and Its Economic Status. Circular 27
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36599: ARNOLD, GRANT - Creative Lithography and How to Do It
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40812: ARNOLD, MARTIN - The Vikings Wolves of War
42561: ARNOLD, DOROTHY MUSGRAVE - Called By Christ to Heal the Story of Dorothy Kerin
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33349: ARONSON, DAN R. - The City Is Our Farm Seven Migrant Ijebu Yoruba Families
13972: ARONSON, THEO - Victoria and Disraeli, the Making of a Romantic Partnership
9615: ARONSON, STEVEN M. L. - Hype
40186: AROS, ANDREW A. - An Actor Guide to the Talkies, 1965 Through 1974 (As Conceived By Richard B. Dimmitt)
35146: ARP, DAVID H. , ET AL - Fighting for Your Empty Nest Marriage Reinventing Your Relationship When the Kids Leave Home
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43281: ARUM, RICHARD & JOSIPA ROKSA, AMANDA COOK - Improving Quality in American Higher Education Learning Outcomes and Assessments for the 21st Century
35863: ASALA, JOANNE - Celtic Folklore Cooking
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32788: ASH, BERYL & ANTHONY DYSON - Introducing Dyeing and Printing
35020: ASH, TIMOTHY GARTON - Facts Are Subversive Political Writing from a Decade without a Name
41922: ASH, MARY KAY - Mary Kay - You Can Have It All Lifetime Wisdom from America's Foremost Woman Entrepreneur
34008: ASHBERY, JOHN, EDITED BY DAVID BERGMAN - Report Sightings Art Chronicles, 1957 - 1987
41833: ASHBY, LOUISE - The Magic of the Mask
24426: ASHBY, LOUISE - The Magic of the Mask
38277: ASHBY, DARREN - Electrical Engineering 101. Third Edition Everything You Should Have Learned in School. . . But Probably Didn't
29668: ASHCRAFT, MORRIS - Makers of the Modern Theological Mind: Rudolf Bultmann
25991: ASHDOWN, DULCIE M. - Princess of Wales
12839: ASHE, GEOFFREY - The Quest for Arthur's Britain .
13971: ASHE, ARTHUR AND ARNOLD RAMPERSAD - Days of Grace, a Memoir
35196: ASHE, ARTHUR WITH NEIL AMDUR - Off the Court
41246: ASHER, HARRY - Photographic Principles & Practices, Second Edition
37977: ASHER, ROBERT - Connecticut Workers and Technological Change Connecticut Workers and a Half Century of Technological Change, 1930-1980, Project
3139: ASHLEY, MIKE, EDITOR - The Mammoth Book of Short Horror Nokvels .
3286: ASHLEY, ELIZABETH WITH ROSS FIRESTONE - Actress, Postcards from the Road .
24465: ASHLEY, ELIZABETH WITH ROSS FIRESTONE - Actress, Postcards from the Road .
10899: ASHMAN, CHARLES - Connally, the Adventures of Big Bad John .
8484: ASHMAN, CHARLES R. - The Finest Judges Money Can Buy and Other Forms of Judicial Pollution .
12834: ASHMORE, HARRY S. - Hearts and Minds, the Anatomy of Racism from Roosevelt to Reagan .
40325: ASHMORE, HARRY S. - Unseasonable Truths the Life of Robert Maynard Hutchins
40334: ASIMOV, ISAAC - Opus 300
11220: ASIMOV, ISAAC AND KAREN A. FRENKEL - Robots, Machines in Man's Image .
18078: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Intelligent Man's Guide to Science, Two Volumes the Physical Sciences, the Biological Sciences
43169: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Left Hand of the Electron
12320: ASIMOV, ISAAC - A Choice of Catastrophes, the Disasters That Threaten Our World .
36570: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Exploding Suns the Secrets of the Supernovas
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41898: ASLUND, ANDERS - How Russia Became a Market Economy
43365: ASLUND, ANDERS - Building Capitalism the Transformation of the Former Soviet Bloc
8000: EARL OF OXFORD AND ASQUITH - Memories and Reflections 1852 - 1927 , Two Volumes .
21600: ASSAEL, SHAUN - Wide Open Days and Nights on the Nascar Tour
37547: NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION - Three Publications: The Basics of Shotgun Shooting. The Basics of Personal Protection. The Basics of Rifle Shooting
40741: SOCIAL REGISTER ASSOCIATION - Social Register 1982 Vol. Xcvi November, 1981
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36271: MOUNTAINSIDE HOSPITAL ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION - Tlc: Tender Loving Cooking a Book of Favorite Recipes
28453: AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION - Dietitians' Food Favorites Recipes from Members of the American Dietetic Association
36705: RHODE ISLAND VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION - Thirtieth Annual Scientific Seminar: Program Notes for Veterinarians Feline Medicine. Case Based Discussions on Gastroenteric, Hepatic, and Pancreatic Disorders Affecting Dogs and Cats
42879: AMERICAN BRAIN TUMOR ASSOCIATION - A Primer of Brain Tumors a Patient's Reference Manual
41998: NAGASAKA PREFECTURE HIBAKUSHA TEACHERS ASSOCIATION - In the Sky over Nagasaki an a-Bomb Reader for Children
36419: ASTIN, A. V. , DIRECTOR - The Iscc-Nbs Method of Designating Colors and a Dictionary of Color Names National Bureau of Standards Circular 553
39888: ASTIN, ALEXANDER W. - What Matters in College? Four Critical Years Revisited
40164: TASK GROUP ON ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS - Astronomy and Astrophysics Space Science in the Twenty-First Century: Imperatives for the Decades 1995 to 2015
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31298: ATHEY, MARGARET & GWEN HOTCHKISS - Complete Handbook of Music Games and Activities for Early Childhood
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7467: ATKINSON, ORIANA - Manhattan and Me .
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39091: ATKINSON, BROOKS - Broadway Scrapbook
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6182: ATTWOOD, WILLIAM - The Twilight Struggle, Tales of the Cold War
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7150: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - Edith Wharton, a Woman in Her Time .
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36532: AUDSLEY, GEORGE ASHDOWN - Organ-Stops and Their Artistic Registration Names, Forms, Construction, Tonalities, and Offices in Scientific Combination
32925: AUERBACH, ANN HAGEDORN - Wild Ride, the Rise and Tragic Fall of Calumet Farm, Inc. , America's Premier Racing Dynasty Updated with a New Afterword
3550: AUERBACH, RED WITH JOE FITZGERALD - On & Off the Court .
22475: AUERBACH, RED WITH JOE FITZGERALD - On and Off the Court
32037: AUGUST, JOHN - Big Fish Vhs Video
41896: AULD, CHRIS ET AL - Practical Web Database Design
1450: AULETTA, KEN - The Underclass
42131: AURAND, A. MONROE, JR. - Little Known Facts About Bundling in the New World
42023: AUROBINDO, SRI - The Synthesis of Yoga
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31297: AUSTAD, CAROL SHAW & WILLIAM H. BERMAN, EDITORS - Psychotherapy in Managed Health Care the Optimal Use of Time & Resources
39223: AUSTING, G. RONALD & JOHN B. HOLT, JR. - The World of the Great Horned Owl
40923: NO AUTHOR - The Stability of Labelled Organic Compounds
32371: NO AUTHOR - Heating with Wood Burning Wood Safely
35174: NO AUTHOR - Improving Fish Stock Assessments
34504: NO AUTHOR - Crossings Devotional Bible King James Version
43232: NO AUTHOR - The Beginning of an Era
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