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39160: PIERSON, ORVILLE - The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search Land a Job You Love Using the Methods Top Career Professionals Teach Their Private Clients
40515: PIERSON, GEORGE WILSON - The Founding of Yale the Legend of the Forty Folios
12814: PIERSON, WILLIAM H. , JR. AND MARTHA DAVIDSON, EDITORS - Arts of the United States, a Pictorial Survey
22063: PILGRIM, AUBREY - Build Your Own Multimedia Pc
24062: PILGRIM, AUBREY - Build Your Own 80386 Ibm Compatible and Save a Bundle
38391: PILKEY, ORRIN H. , SR. , ET AL - Coastal Design a Guide for Builders, Planners, and Home Owners
41031: PILKEY, WALTER D. & PIN YU CHANG - Modern Formulas for Statics and Dynamics a Stress-and-Strain Approach
41472: PILLAI, BISHOP K. C. - Light Through an Eastern Window
41897: PILON, A. BARBARA - Teaching Language Arts Creatively in the Elementary Grades
40536: PILONE, DAN & RUSS MILES - Head First Software Development
26921: PIMLOTT, BEN - The Queen a Biography of Elizabeth Ii
5335: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Too Secret Too Long .
35163: PINDER, GEORGE F. & WILLIAM G. GRAY - Finite Element Simulation in Surface and Subsurface Hydrology
2720: PINES, BURTON YALE - Back to Basics .
31892: PINGITORE, RAYMOND & PAUL LONARDO - Thrill Killers a True Story of Innocence and Murder without Conscience
39810: PINK, DANIEL H. - Free Agent Nation How America's New Independent Workers Are Transformng the Way We Live
37115: PINKAS, LILLY - Guide to the Gardens of Florida
8270: PINKHAM, MARY ELLEN - Mary Ellen's Help Yourself Diet Plan, "the One That Worked for Me. " .
8269: PINKHAM, MARY ELLEN - Mary Ellen's Help Yourself Diet Plan, "the One That Worked for Me" .
1761: PINKHAM, MARY ELLEN - How to Stop the One You Love from Drinking .
12246: PINNEY, ROY - Animals, Inc. .
32051: PINNEY, JOHN J. - Operating a Garden Center Fourth Revised Edition
25166: PINNIGER, R. S. , EDITOR - Jones's Animal Nursing, Second Edition
41828: PINSKY, ROBERT & MAGGIE DIETZ, EDITORS WITH ROSEMARIE ELLIS - An Invitation to Poetry a New Favoite Poem Project Anthology. With Dvd.
40007: PIPER, ROBERT G. , EDITOR IN CHIEF , ET AL - Fish Hatchery Management
7920: PIPER, JAMES - Personal Filmmaking .
24939: PIPER, LEONARD - Murder By Gaslight True Tales of Murder in Victorian and Edwardian England
15360: PIRONE, P. P. - Tree Maintenance
6083: PISETSKY, DAVID S. , M. LD. WITH SUSAN FLAMHOLTZ TRIEN - The Duke University Medical Center Book of Arthritis .
3964: PISTONE, JOSEPH D. - Donnie Brasco, My Undercover Life in the Mafia .
34370: PITINO, RICK & BILL REYNOLDS - Born to Coach a Season with the New York Knicks
30710: PITINO, RICK WITH BILL REYNOLDS - Lead to Succeed the Ten Traits of Great Leardership in Business and Life
41961: PITINO, RICK & BILL REYNOLDS - Born to Coach a Season with the New York Knicks
32082: PITINO, RICK WITH BILL REYNOLDS - Born to Coach a Season with the New York Knicks
38675: PITKIN, OLIVE - There and Then a Vermont Childhood
33132: PITKIN, OLIVE - My Garden and I the Making of a Mid-Life Gardener
32098: PITMAN, ISAAC - Isaac Pitman Shorthand New Era Edition. Commercial Course
3624: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA - Classic Travel Stories .
18104: PITTENGER, PEGGY JETT - The Back-Yard Horse
40801: PITTENGER, W. NORMAN, S. T. D. - Christian Affirmations
10574: PITTMAN, FRANK - Man Enough, Fathers, Sons, and the Search for Masculinity .
41766: PITTS, BYRON - Step out on Nothing How Faith and Family Helpled Me Conquer Life's Challenges
42262: PITTS, VINCENT J. - La Grande Mademoiselle at the Court of France 1627-1693
23100: PIVEN, JOSHUA & DAVID BORGENICHT - The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
38281: PIXLEY, ARISTENE - Vermont Country Cooking
42515: PIXNER, BARGIL - With Jesus in Jerusalem His First and Last Days in Judea
40368: PLASCHKE, BILL WITH TOMMY LASORDA - I Live for This! Baseball's Last True Believer
7559: PLASIL, ELLEN - Therapist .
33731: PLATO - The Dialogues of Plato. The Seventh Letter. Great Books of the Western World Volume 7.
13268: PLATON, NICHOLAS - Zakros, the Discovery of a Lost Palace of Ancient Crete .
6571: PLATT, RUTHERFORD - This Green World .
35858: PLAYBOY - Playboy's Nude Celebrities Dvd Video
31329: PLEASANT, BARBARA - The Gardener's Bug Book Earth-Safe Insect Control
41359: PLESHAKOV, CONSTANTINE - The Tsar's Last Armada the Epic Journey to the Battle of Tsushima
13228: PLETICHA, HEINRICH - Christoph Kolumbus, Der Beginn Der Neuzeit
4871: PLIMPTON, GEORGE - The Bogey Man .
15776: PLIMPTON, GEORGE - Mad Ducks and Bears Football Revisited
43290: PLOSSL, GEORGE W. - Orlicky's Material Requirements Planning Second Edition
38356: PLOTKIN, HAROLD - Shore Road to Ogunquit
12248: PLOWDEN, GENE - Gargantua, Circus Star of the Century .
43458: PLOWDEN, ALISON - Danger to Elizabeth the Catholics Under Elizabeth I
36014: ROYAL NATIONAL THEATRE WITH RICHARD OLIVIER & JOAN PLOWRIGHT - Olivier at Work the National Years. An Illustrated Memoir
13788: PLUMB, J. H. AND HUW WHELDON - Royal Heritage, the Treasures of the British Crown
37791: PLUMMER, JOE - Meet "the System" (the Who, What, When, Where and Why of the Federal Reserve)
31715: PLUNKETT, JAMES - The Trusting and the Maimed and Other Irish Stories
42490: POBEREZNY, PAUL & S. H. "WES" SCHMID - Eaa Aircraft Building Techniques: Wood Eaa "How to" Series
36134: POCHMANN, RUTH FOUTS - Triple Ridge Farm
40869: PODELL, RICHARD N. , M. D. & WILLIAM PROCTOR - When Your Doctor Doesn't Know Best Medical Mistakes That Even the Best Doctors Make - and How to Protect Yourself
43412: PODOLSKY, M. LAWRENCE & VICTOR S. LUKAS, EDITORS - The Care and Feeding of an Iacuc the Organization and Management of an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
17958: PODUSCHKA, WALTER & CHRISTL - Dearest Prickles the Story of a Hedgehog Family
31740: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
34250: POGASH, CAROL - Seduced By Madness the True Story of the Susan Polk Murder Case
1757: POGREBIN, LETTY COTTIN - Among Friends .
1756: POGREBIN, LETTY COTTIN - Family Politics
38473: POGUE, CAROLYN, EDITOR - Treasury of Celebrations Create Celebrations That Reflect Your Values and Don't Cost the Earth
28591: POHL, AMELIA E. & WILLIAM J. BRISK - A Will Is Not Enough in Massachusetts
44063: POINTON, MARCIA - The Bonington Circle English Watercolour and Anglo-French Landscape 1790-1855
32605: POINTS, LARRY & ANDREA JAUCK - Barrier Islands Are for the Birds
42783: POLAN, BARBARA & AMY BRENNER-FRICKE - Worcester an Illustrated History
30765: BOARD OF OCEAN SCIENCE AND POLICY - Disposal of Industrial and Domestic Wastes Land and Sea Alternatives
2631: POLING, DANIEL A. . - Mine Eyes Have Seen .
13483: POLLACK, PETER - The Picture History of Photography from the Earliest Beginnings to the Present Day .
32025: POLLAK, RICHARD - The Creation of Dr. B. A Biography of Bruno Bettelheim
20866: POLLAN, STEPHEN M. & MARK LEVINE - Die Broke a Radical, Four-Part Financial Plan
43813: POLLARD, STEPHEN F. - Boatbuilding with Aluminum
30894: POLLARD, JOHN E. - Exploring Our Catholic Faith Basic Teachings and Practices
31651: POLLNAC, RICHARD B. & JOHN J. POGGIE, EDITORS - Fish Aggregating Devices in Developing Countries: Problems and Perspective S
36187: POLLOCK, F. - Thermodynamics of Rotating Liquid He Ii
30535: POLLOCK, J. C. - Hudson Taylor and Maria Pioneers in China
9011: POLLOCK, JOHN - Billy Graham, the Authorized Biography .
36179: POLLOCK, F. - Quantization of Circulation in a Non-Ideal Bose Gas
36210: POLLOCK, FRANKLIN - Scattering of Acoustic Waves By Pressure Fluctuations
43130: POLMAN, DICK - Dateline: Connecticut the Best of Dick Polman
35030: POLMAR, NORMAN & THOMAS B. ALLEN - Rickover
41820: POLTROON, MILFORD ("STANLEY") - How to Fish Good Fearless Facts About Lying, Cheating, Thieving, Poaching & Other Ancient and Honorable Piscatorial Practices
31177: POMADA, ELIZABETH & MICHAEL LARSEN - Painted Ladies San Francisco's Resplendent Victorians
12249: POND, ALONZO W. - The Desert World
8295: POND, JEAN - Surviving, the Story of a Courageous Woman, a Loving Family, and Triumph over a Medical Nightmare .
10091: POND, JEAN SARAH - Bradford, a New England Academy .
42115: PONIATKOWSKI, MICHEL - Louis-Philippe Et Louis Xviii Autour Du Journal de Louis-Philippe En Mars 1815
34508: POOLE, STEVEN - Trigger Happy Videogames and the Entertainment Revolution
34252: POOLE, H. JOHN - Tactics of the Crescent Moon Militant Muslim Combat Methods
40645: JEANNE JUGAN RESIDENT LITTLE SISTER OF THE POOR - Home Cookin' from Our Home to Yours
10675: POPCORN, FAITH AND LYS MARIGOLD - Clicking, 16 Trends to Future Fit Your Life, Your Work, and Your Business .
34428: POPE, ANNE - Hear Solutions, Skills, and Sources for People with Hearing Loss
14545: POPKIN, HENRY, EDITOR - The New British Drama
10459: POPOV, IVAN - Stay Young, a Doctor's Total Program for Youthful Health and Vigor .
24578: POPOVA, OLGA - Russian Illuminated Manuscripts
35278: POPOVA, NATALIA - Saint Petersburg and Its Environs
41807: PORTER, ELEANOR H. - Oh, Money! Money!
40829: PORTER, ANDREW - Musical Events a Chronicle: 1980-1983
38217: PORTER, TOM & BOB GREENSTREET - Manual of Graphic Techniques 1 for Architects, Graphic Designers , & Artists
12050: PORTER, ELEANOR H. - Pollyanna, the Glad Book .
17986: PORTER, HORACE - Railway Passenger Travel 1825-1880
29994: PORTER, ANDREW - Music of Three More Seasons, 1977 - 1980 .
34766: PORTER, RICHARD E. - As-253 History & Regulation of Aviation Audiotape Album
36114: PORTER, DAVID - Fixed , How Goodfellas Bought Boston College Basketball
2221: PORTER, SYLVIA - Your Financial Security .
33639: PANEL ON OCEAN BOTTOM POSITIONING - Seafloor Referenced Positioning: Needs and Opportunities
44095: POSNER, GERALD - God's Bankers a History of Money and Power at the Vatican
8268: POST, ELIZABETH AND ANTHOKNY STAFFIERI - The Complete Book of Entertaining from the Emily Post Institute .
38757: POST, DAN WERNER - Porsche Owner's Companion a Manual of Preservation and Theft Protection
22730: VAN DER POST, LAURENS - The Lost World of the Kalahari
41213: POST, DR. GEORGE - Textbook of Fish Health Revised and Expanded Edition
28063: POSTEL, SANDRA - Last Oasis, Facing Water Scarcity
41595: POTOK, CHAIM - Davita's Harp
40925: POTTER, E. B. & CHESTER W. NIMITZ, EDITORS - Admiral Arleigh Burke a Biography
13930: POTTER, JERRY ALLEN AND FRED BOST - Fatal Justice, Reinvestigating the Macdonald Murders
42922: POTTER, CHARLES H. - Have You Tried Perennials ?
42518: POTTER, E. B. - Bull Halsey
26439: POTTER, JERRY ALLEN & FRED BOST - Fatal Justice Reinvestigating the Macdonald Murders
27503: POTTER, DENNIS - Pennies from Heaven, Vhs Video
32066: POTTER, PETER, COMPILER - All About Success
27258: POTTERFIELD, PETER - In the Zone Epic Survival Stories from the Mountaineering World
29821: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. - The Idiom of Poetry
36243: POTTS, MICHAEL - The New Independent Home People and Houses That Harvest the Sun, Wind, and Water. Revised and Expanded Edition.
12250: POUGH, RICHARD H. - Audubon Bird Guide Small Land Birds of Eastern & Central North American from Southern Texas to Central Greenland .
34365: POULIN, GIL - This Quirky Unit
31831: POUNTNEY, ALBERT - Modelling a Figure in Clay
30889: POWE-ALLRED, ALEXANDRA & MICHELLE POWE - The Quiet Storm a Celebration of Women in Sport
16343: POWELL, J. H. - Bring out Your Dead the Great Plague of Yellow Fever in Philadelphia in 1793
8341: POWELL, FRED - The Bartender's Standard Manual .
43112: POWELL, COLIN WITH TONY KOLTZ - It Worked for Me in Life and Leadership
37081: POWELL, JODY - The Other Side of the Story
8685: POWELL, EVAN WITH ROBERT P. STEVENSON - Complete Guide to Home Appliance Repair .
43656: POWELL, S. STEVEN - Covert Cadre Inside the Institute for Policy Studies
42934: POWER, J. F. , EDITOR - The Role of Legumes in Conservation Tillage Systems the Proceedings of a National Conference, University of Georgia, Athens, April 27-29, 1987
42379: POWERS, MADELON - Faces Along the Bar Lore and Order in the Workingman's Saloon, 1870 - 1920
40787: POWERS, ARTHUR - The Book of Lotham
34489: POWERS, ROBERTA F. - George M. Powers a Biography
36102: POWERS, JOHN & RON DRISCOLL - Fenway Park, 100th Anniversary a Salute to the Coolest, Cruelest, Longest-Running Major League Ballpark in America
44117: POWERS, RON - Mark Twain a Life
35155: POWLES, WILLIAM E. - Human Development and Homeostasis the Science of Psychiatry
38018: POYNTER, JANE - The Human Experiment Two Years and Twenty Minutes Inside Biosphere 2
3446: POZNER, VLADIMIR - Parting with Illusions .
11977: POZNER, VLADIMIR - Parting with Illusions .
17655: POZOS, ROBERT S. & DAVID O. BORN - Hypothermia Causes, Effects, Prevention
29911: VAN PRAAG, SIEGFRIED E. - Madame de Pompadour Roman
6046: PRABHUPADA, A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI - Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, Abridged Edition .
7866: PRABHUPADA, HIS DIVINE GRACE A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI - A Second Chance, the Story of a Near-Death Experience .
7867: PRABHUPADA, A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI - The Journey of Self-Discovery .
6962: AMERICAN SCHOOL OF PRACTIPEDICS - Elementary Course in Practipedics, Or Practipedics, the Science of Giving Foot Relief and Removing the Cause of Minor Foot and Shoe Troubles .
44014: PRADOS, JOHN - Keepers of the Keys a History of the National Security Council from Truman to Bush
35605: PRANGE, GORDON W. WITH DONALD M. GOLDSTEIN & KATHERINE V. DILLON - Target Tokyo the Story of the Sorge Spy Ring
2331: PRANGE, GORDON W. WITH DONALD M. GOLDSTEIN AND KATHERINE V. DILLON - Target Tokyo, the Story of the Sorge Spy Ring .
36621: PRASHKER, IVAN - Duty, Honor, Vietnam Twelve Men of West Point
12811: PRATT, DOROTHY AND RICHARD PRATT - A Guide to Early American Homes North .
42176: PRATT, FLETCHER - Eleven Generals Studies in American Command
27459: PRATT, JAMES BISSETT - Democracy and Peace
31688: PRATT, MIKE - Own a Steel Boat
36574: PRATT, VIRGINIA ANDERSON - Coming Alive How Mates Help Each Other Solve Problems and Find Freedom and Intimacy. Gestalt Therapy and Other Methods
36039: PRATT, DOUGLAS H. & JACK JEFFREY - Hawai'i's Beautiful Birds
31257: PRAWER, S. S. - Caligari's Children the Film As Tale of Terror
31716: PRECHTER, ROBERT R. , JR. - Conquer the Crash You Can Survive and Prosper in a Deflationary Depression
42116: PREGEANT, RUSSELL - Matthew Chalice Commentaries for Today
14504: PREHODA, ROBERT W. - Designing the Future the Role of Technological Forecasting
41892: PREMINGER, ERIC LEE - Gypsy & Me at Home and on the Road with Gypsy Rose Lee
39045: PRENTICE, G. EDWARD - Through the Woods and Across the Fields to Narragansett Pier the Sea View Rail Road
7948: DES PRES, TERRENCE - The Survivor, an Anatomy of Life in the Death Camps .
18161: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - The World of the Incas
5214: PRESCOTT, PETER S. - Never in Doubt, Critical Essays on American Books, 1972-1985 .
1783: PRESCOTT, PETER S. - The Child Savers .
39034: INVESTORS PRESS - Beyond the 401 (K) , Helping Employees Achieve Total Financial Security
44100: THE EDITORS OF SALEM PRESS - Magill's Choice: Notable Poets. 3 Volumes Anna Akhmatova - George Herbert 1-482. Friedrich Holderlin - Adrienne Rich 483-952. Rainer Maria Rilke - Yevgeny Yevtushenko 953-1408.
6412: EDITORS OF RODALE PRESS - Cut Your Spending in Half without Settling for Less . How to Pay the Lowest Price for Everything
42837: PRESSLER, SENATOR LARRY - Star Wars the Strategic Defense Initiative Debates in Congress
40540: PRESSMAN, ROBERT M. - Microcomputers and the Private Practitioner
6341: PRESSMAN, ROBERT M. AND RODIE SIEGLER - The Independent Practitioner, Practice Management for the Allied Health Professional .
14941: PRESSMAN, ROGER S. - Software Engineering, a Practitioner's Approach
39432: PRESSMAN, ROGER S. - Making Software Engineering Happen a Guide for Instituting the Technology
32413: PRESTON, ANTONY - Submarines
4561: PRESTON, ANTONY - Aircraft Carriers .
4961: PRESTON, RICHARD - The Hot Zone .
35696: PRESTON, ANTONY - Cruisers
2978: PRICE, HARRY, PETTY OFFICER . - The Royal Tour 1901 Or the Cruise of H.M. S. Ophir .
34021: PRICE, ANN HESSE - The Serger Idea Book a Collection of Inspiring Ideas from the Palmer/Pletsc H Professionals
9270: PRICE, WILSON T. AND MERLIN MILLER - Elements of Data Processing Mathematics .
30951: PRICE, BRICK - The Model-Building Handbook Techniques Professionals Use
31328: PRICE, CHARLES - A Golf Story Bobby Jones, Augusta National, and the Masters Tournament
39641: PRICE, MARGARET EVANS, ILLUSTRATOR - Cinderella Or the Little Glass Slipper
2218: PRICE, IRVING - Buying Country Property, Pitfalls and Pleasures .
34834: PRICE, W. L. - Graphs and Networks an Introduction
38974: PRICE, CHARLES P. - The Principles of Christian Faith and Practice
32740: PRICHARD, ANITA - Anita Prichard's Complete Candy Cookbook
6797: PRICHARD, ANITA - Fondu Magic: Fun, Flame and Saucery Around the World .
37583: PRICHARD, ELIZABETH R., ET AL - Home Care Living with Dying
30698: PRIEST, LISA - Operating in the Dark the Accountability Crisis in Canada's Health Care System
10296: PRIESTLEY, J. B. - Instead of the Trees, a Final Chapter of Autobiography .
29304: PRIESTLEY, J. B. & IAN CURTEIS - Lost Empires Six Video Casettes
42225: PRIESTLEY, J. B. & IAN CURTEIS - English Journey Being a Rambling But Truthful Account of What One Man Saw and Heard and Felt and Thought During a Journey Through England During the Autumn of the Year 1933
38269: PRIGOGINE, ILYA & ISABELLE STENGERS - Order out of Chaos Man's New Dialogue with Nature
42439: PRIME, JIM WITH BILL NOWLIN - Tales from the Red Sox Dugout a Collection of the Greatest Red Sox Stories Ever Told
43104: PRIME, JIM WITH BILL NOWLIN - More Tales from the Red Sox Dugout Yarns from the Sox
38871: PRINCENTHAL, NANCY & LISA PHILLIPS - George Sugarman: Painted Wood Sculpture
16919: PRINDIVILLE, KATHLEEN - First Ladies
39504: PRINSEN, GERRY L. , EDITOR - Miscellaneous Masonic Documents the Sharp Documents, Volume Vi
10138: JOINT COMMITTEE ON PRINTING . - Memorial Services in the Congress of the United States and Tributes in Eulogy of Lyndon Baines Johnson, Late a President of the United States .
41050: PRISCO, ROSMARY W. & SARAH C. O'DOWD, RITA TERRAS, EDITORS - Rhode Island Women Speak an Anthology of Rhode Island Women Authors and Artists
20507: PRITCHARD, ANTHONY - Grand Prix Championship 1950-70
7254: PRITCHETT, V. S. - A Cab at the Door, a Memoir .
10944: PRITCHETT, V. S. - Chekhov, a Spirit Set Free .
8646: PRITIKIN, ROBERT - The New Pritikin Program, the Easy and Delicious Way to Shed Fat, Lower Your Cholesterol, and Stay Fit .
35716: PRITTIE, T. C. F. , M. B. E. , & W. EARLE EDWARDS, CAPTAIN, M. B. E. , T. D. - Escape to Freedom
39180: PRIVITERA, JOSEPH F. - Sicilian-English English-Sicilian Dictionary & Phrasebook
6900: PROCHNOW, HERBERT V. - The Public Speaker's Treasure Chest .
6901: PROCHNOW, HERBERT V. - The Public Speaker's Treasure Chest .
39703: A PROFESSIONAL THIEF, & EDWIN H. SUTHERLAND - The Professional Thief Annotated and Interpreted By Edwin H. Sutherland
2303: PRONZINI, BILL, EDITOR - Tales of the Dead .
14531: PRONZINI, BILL AND MARTIN H. GREENBERG, EDITORS - A Treasury of World War Ii Stories
42338: PROPHET, MARK L. & ELIZABETH CLARE PROPHET - Climb the Highest Mountain Book One: The Path of the Higher Self
41982: PROSEK, JAMES - Joe and Me an Education in Fishing and Friendship
33575: PROSPECTUS STUDY CLUB, STRATFORD, TEXAS - A Cornucopia of Great Recipes from Our Home to Yours 1998-1999
24866: PROTESS, DAVID & ROB WARDEN - A Promise of Justice
43709: PROTTER, ERIC & NANCY PROTTER - Celtic Folk and Fairy Tales Edited and Adapted By Eric and Nancy Protter
13491: PROULX, EARL AND EDITORS OF YANKEE MAGAZINE - Yankee Magazine's Make It Last, over 1,000 Ingenius Ways to Extend the Life of Everything You Own .
40140: PROUSKY, JONATHAN E. - The Vitamin Cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
651: PROVINCE, CHARLES M. - The Unknown Patton
40224: PROVOST, ANTONIO - Junior Classic Latin Dictionary Latin-English and English-Latin. With Supplement of Latin Geographical, Historical, and Mythological Proper Names.
41121: PROWLER, DONALD & HARRISON FRAKER - Project Journal: Teaching Passive Design in Architecture
35698: PRUDDEN, BONNIE - Bonnie Prudden's Quick Rx for Fitness and Spot Reducing
7766: PRYDE, DUNCAN - Nunaga, Ten Years of Iskimo Life .
43683: PRYOR, MRS. ROGER A. - The Mother of Washington and Her Times
38510: PRYWES, NOAH S. , EDITOR - Amplifier and Memory Devices: With Films and Diodes
35298: BROOKS SCHOOL PTA - Cooking with Class at E.C. Brooks School
31876: WOODENBOAT PUBLICATIONS - The Register of Wooden Yachts 1993-1994 a List of North American Wooden Yachts, Boats, Vessels and Their Owners
44085: STAFF OF BLOOD-HORSE PUBLICATIONS - Greatest Kentucky Derby Upsets
42383: PUCCINI, GIACOMO - Turandot Lyric Drama in Three Acts & Five Scenes
37089: PUCKETT, JOHN L. - Foxfire Reconsidered a Twenty-Year Experiment in Progressive Education
38495: PUDNEY, JOHN - Suez de Lesseps' Canal
25901: PUETTE, WILLIAM J. - Through Jaundiced Eyes How the Media View Organized Labor
35518: PUHARICH, ANDRIJA - Uri a Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller
32100: PULA, JAMES S. , EDITOR - The French in America 1488 - 1974 a Chronology & Fact Book. Ethnic Chronology Series Number 20
42601: PULEO, STEPHEN - The Boston Italians a Story of Pride, Perseverance, and Paesani, from the Years of the Great Immigration to the Present Day
40902: PULEO, STEPHEN - Due to Enemy Action the True World War Ii Story of the Uss Eagle 56
34090: PULFREY, DAVID L. - Photovoltaic Power Generation
23576: PULG-FERRAN, J. & A. PAMPANA & JUAN SOTO - Mallorca, English Edition Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera
672: PULITZER, ROXANNE WITH KATHLEEN MAXA - The Prize Pulitzer, the Scandal That Rocked Palm Beach - the Real Story
29109: PULLEN, ROBERT & STEPHEN TAYLOR - Montserrat Caballe Casta Diva
43164: PULLEN, JOHN J. - The Transcendental Boiled Dinner
39353: PULLMAN, FRED - The Sons of Thunder
43440: PUMMILL, TROY & JUDY DAY - The Mirror Effect: More Than Soul Mates 6 Steps to Finding Your Magical Match Using Online Dating
36469: SMASHING PUMPKINS - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
11870: PURCELL, HENRY AND E. J. DENT, ET AL - Purcell's the Fairy Queen As Presented By the Sadler's Wells Ballet and the Covent Garden Opera .
43660: PURDON, ERIC - The Valley of the Larks a Story of Inner Mongolia
671: PURDY, CLAIRE LEE - Gilbert and Sullivan Masters of Mirth and Melody
26028: PURDY, CLAIRE LEE - Gilbert and Sullivan Masters of Mirth and Melody
43407: PURDY, BARBARA A. - How to Do Archaelogy the Right Way
1598: PURDY, W. A. - The Church on the Move
33138: PURDY, CLAIRE LEE - Song of the North the Story of Edvard Grieg
35674: PURYEAR, DOUGLAS A. - Helping People in Crisis
11760: PYE, MICHAEL - Moguls, Inside the Business of Show Business .
19264: PYKE, MAGNUS - The Science Century
2675: PYLE, DAVID W. - Intelligence, an Introduction .
12812: PYLE, ERNIE - Home Country .
12813: PYLE, ERNIE - Home Country .
41220: PYLE, ROBERT MICHAEL - Chasing Monarchs Migrating with the Butterflies of Passage
42580: PYLE, KATHERINE - Once Upon a Time in Rhode Island .
9081: PYM, BARBARA - A Very Private Eye, an Autobiography in Diaries and Letters .
40905: PYRON, DARDEN ASBURY - Southern Daughter, the Life of Margaret Mitchell
40904: PYRON, DARDEN ASBURY - Southern Daughter the Life of Margaret Mitchell
38650: PYTHAGORAS, TRANSLATED BY FABRE D'OLIVET & NAYAN LOUISE REDFIELD - The Golden Verses of Pythagoras Explained and Translated Into French By Fabre D'olivet, Done Into English By Nayan Louise Redfield
9074: QUATTROCCHI, JOHN, JR. - Pitfalls in Marriage and Divorce .
44018: QUEEN, WILLIAM - Under and Alone the True Story of the Undercover Agent Who Infiltrated America's Most Violent Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
669: QUENNELL, PETER - Hogarth's Progress
41573: QUICK, JIM - Fishing the Nymph
37658: QUIGLEY, JOAN - What Does Joan Say ? My Seven Years As White House Astrologer to Nancy and Ronald Reagan .
8845: QUIGLEY, JOAN - What Does Joan Say ? My Seven Years As White House Astrologer to Nancy and Ronald Reagan .
35144: QUINDLEN, ANNA - Loud and Clear
23212: QUINLAN, PAUL D. , EDITOR - The United States and Romania American-Romanian Relations During the Twentieth Century
44069: QUINN, CAREY E. - Daffodils, Outdoors and in
7223: QUINN, CREY E. - Daffodils, Outdoors and in .
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7488: QUONIAM, PIERRE - Le Louvre .
39725: RABAN, JONATHAN - Coasting
5809: RABAN, JONATHAN - Old Glory, an American Voyage
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35455: RABBIT, JACK - Working Alone and Other Confusion #1
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33737: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS - Gargantua and Pantagruel Great Books of the Western World Volume 24
44092: RABELAIS, FRANCOIS - The Histories of Gargantua and Pantaguel Translated By John M. Cohen. With Illustrations of Frank C. Papé.
38776: RABEN, JONATHAN D. - Italian Americans and Federal Hill Rhode Island's Little Italy
41223: RABIN, LEAH - Rabin Our Life, His Legacy
30034: RABIN, LEAH - Rabin Our Life, His Legacy
29529: RACHELS, JAMES - Can Ethics Provide Answers? and Other Essays in Moral Philosophy
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29947: VON RAD, GERHARD - The Message of the Prophets
37702: VON RAD, GERHARD - Genesis, a Commentary
36859: RADCLIFFE, DONNIE - Simply Barbara Bush a Portrait of America's Candid First Lady
668: RADCLIFFE, DONNIE - Hillary Rodham Clinton, a First Lady for Our Time
42545: RADDATZ, FRITZ J. - Karl Marx a Political Biography
667: RADDOCK, MAXWELL C. - Portrait of an American Labor Leader: William L. Hutcheson
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666: RADNER, GILDA - It's Always Something
5840: RADNER, GILDA - It's Always Something .
37892: RADNER, EPHRAIM & PHILIP TURNER - The Fate of Communion the Agony of Anglicanism and the Future of a Global Church
10081: RADNER, GILDA - It's Always Something .
10655: RADZINOWICZ, SIR LEON AND JOAN KING - The Growth of Crime, an International Experience .
23615: RAE, LESLIE - Guide to in-Company Training Methods
35218: RAE, GWENNETH - The Developmental Correlates of Infant Babbling and Motor Behaviors a Dissertation
41070: RAEBURN, PAUL - The Last Harvest the Genetic Gamble That Threatens to Destroy American Agriculture
41676: RAFFAN, RICHARD - Turned-Bowl Design a Fine Woodworking Book
35343: RAFFERTY, TOD - The Complete Catalog of Harley-Davidson a Model-By-Model History of the American Motorcycle
24725: RAFIQUZZAMAN, M. - Preparing for an Outstanding Career in Computers Questions & Answers for Professionals & Students
39004: RAFIZADEH, MANSUR - Witness from the Shah to the Secret Arms Deal, an Insider's Account of U.S. Involvement in Iran
20867: RAGLAND, KAY - Guinea Pigs
30769: RAGLE, SHARON - The Oceans Are Waiting Around the World on the Yacht Tigger
40522: RAGO, DAVID & SUZANNE PERRAULT - Miller's Treasure Or Not? How to Compare & Value American Art Pottery
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21998: RAINEY, SARITA R. - Fiber Expressions Knotting and Looping
42721: RAKES, CHARLES D. - Alarms 55 Electronic Projects and Circuits
41109: RAKOFF, DAVID - Fraud Essays with Illustrations By the Author
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41618: RAMUS, DANIEL & LINDA RAMUS - Connecticut and Rhode Island Trivia
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41937: RANDALL, JESSY - Injecting Dreams Into Cows Poems
14568: RANDALL, HOMER - Army Boys on the Firing Line Or, Holding Back the German Drive
36387: RANDO, THERESE A. , EDITOR - Parental Loss of a Child
44041: RANDO, THERESE A. - Treatment of Complicated Mourning
17110: RANDOLPH, JOHN, COLLECTOR - The First Completely Revised Edition of Texas Brags
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663: RAPHAEL, SALLY JESSY WITH PAM PROCTOR - Sally, Unconventional Success
25835: RAPHAEL, CHAIM - A Coat of Many Colours: A Coat of Many Colors Memoirs of a Jewish Experience
43938: RAPHAEL, CHAIM - A Coat of Many Colours: A Coat of Many Colors Memoirs of a Jewish Experience
41367: RAPKIN, MICKEY - Pitch Perfect the Quest for Collegiate a Cappella Glory
40151: RAPOPORT, ROGER & BOB DREWS, KIM KLESCEWSKI, EDITORS - I Should Have Stayed Home: Hotels Hospitality Disasters at Home and Abroad
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40773: RAPPLEYE, CHARLES - Sons of Providence the Brown Brothers, the Slave Trade, and the American Revolution
43100: RAPPLEYE, CHARLES - Sons of Providence the Brown Brothers, the Slave Trade, and the American Revolution
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41851: RASMUSSEN, KNUD - A Journey to the Arctic Adapted from the Netsilik Eskimos By Knud Rasmussen
25360: RATCLIFF, EDWARD C. - The English Coronation Service: Being the Coronation Service of King George V and Queen Mary, with Historical Introduction and Notes, Together with Extracts from Liber Regalis, Accounts of Coronations, Etc.
28665: RATCLIFF, ROSEMARY - Refurbishing Antiques
36317: RATH, FREDERICK L. , JR. & MERRILYN ROGERS - Nysha Selective Reference Guide to Historic Preservation
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13272: RATHER, DAN AND GARY PAUL GATES . - The Palace Guard .
42611: RATHER, DAN WITH MICKEY HERSKOWITZ - The Camera Never Blinks Adventures of a Tv Journalist
33606: RATHER, DAN WITH MICKEY HERSKOWITZ - The Camera Never Blinks Twice the Futher Adventures of a Television Journalist
39489: RATIGAN, DYLAN - Greedy Bastards! How We Can Stop Corporate Communists, Banksters, and Other Vampires from Sucking America Dry
29932: RATLIFF, RODNEY R. - Return to the Promised Land, Appalachia
37450: RAU, BOB - The Finders How Leading Life Underwriters Find Their Prospects
30627: RAU, MARGARET - Holding Up the Sky Young People in China
36518: RAUGEL, FELIX - Les Anciens Buffets D'orgues Du Departement de Seine-Et-Marne
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7696: RAUX, EMILLE - The Salesman's Complete Ideas Handbook .
42820: RAVIV, DAN & YOSSI MELMAN - Every Spy a Prince the Complete History of Israel's Intelligence Community
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6841: READER'S DIGEST - Reader's Digest Scenic Wonders of America .
12268: READER'S DIGEST - Our Amazing World of Nature, Its Marvels and Mysteries .
13269: READER'S DIGEST - The Story of America .
18720: READER'S DIGEST - Mysteries of the Unexplained
18721: READER'S DIGEST - How in the World?
6796: READER'S DIGEST - Household Hints & Handy Tips .
35653: EDITORS OF THE READER'S DIGEST - Great Cases of Scotland Yard
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36926: RECH, GEZA - The Salzburg Mozart Book
16647: RECHTSCHAFFEN, JOSEPH S. , M. D. AND ROBERT CAROLA - Minding Your Body 100 Ways to Live and Be Well. Includes Recipes.
15170: RECHTSCHAFFEN, JOSEPH S. , M. D. AND ROBERT CAROLA - Minding Your Body 100 Ways to Live and Be Well. Includes Recipes.
44111: EDITORS OF ARCHITECTURAL RECORD - Religious Buildings an Architectural Record Book
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31138: RECTOR, MARGARET HAYDEN - Alva, That Vanderbilt-Belmont Woman Her Story As She Might Have Told It
41453: RECTOR, DEAN D. - Soil Survey of Rhode Island
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16847: REDDING, SAUNDERS - The Lonesome Road Ths Story of the Negro's Part in America
8345: REDFIELD, JAMES - The Celestine Prophecy .
1594: REDFIELD, JAMES - The Tenth Insight, Holding the Vision .
1595: REDFIELD, JAMES - The Celestine Prophecy
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32816: REDGROVE, HUGH - Gardening with the Experts: Annuals & Biennials
1780: REDL, FRITZ . - When We Deal with Children, Selected Writings .
39378: REDLICH, OTTO - Thermodynamics Fundamentals, Applications
35632: REECE, COLLEEN L. - Mark of Our Moccasins
10956: REED, RALPH - Politically Incorrect, the Emerging Faith Factor in American Politics .
35599: REED, DON C. - The Dolphins and Me
42040: REED, FRANK A. - Lumberjack Sky Pilot
8017: REED, REX - Travolta to Keaton .
11082: REED, JOHN - The Hudson River Valley .
43536: REED, LUTHER D. - The Lutheran Liturgy a Study of the Common Service of the Lutheran Church in America
29972: REED, BRENDA LEE - Easy-to-Make Decorative Paper Snowflakes
27475: REED, EVAN L. - Ways and Means of Identifying Ancestors
28232: REEDER, CAROLYN & JACK REEDER - Shenandoah Vestiges What the Mountain People Left Behind
30645: REEDY, GEORGE - From the Ward to the White House the Irish in American Politics
16541: REES, THOMAS D. , M. D. WITH SYLVIA SIMMONS - More Than Just a Pretty Face How Cosmetic Surgery Can Improve Your Looks and Your Life
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29008: REES, ALAN M. , EDITOR - Consumer Health Information Source Book, 7th Edition
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31893: REESE, THOMAS J. - Archbishop Inside the Power Structure of the American Catholic Church
7643: REEVE, JAMES K. - The Art of Showing Art .
33279: REEVES, AMBROSE - Shooting at Sharpeville the Agony of South Africa
24038: REEVES, DAN WITH DICK CONNOR - Reeves, an Autobiography
678: REGAN, DONALD T. - For the Record, from Wall Stdreet to Washington
31133: REGAN, MARDEE HAIDIN - Great Desserts
2456: REGENSTEIN, LEWIS - The Politics of Extinction
12251: REGENSTEIN, LEWIS - America the Poisoned .
30729: REGESTER, JOHN DICKINSON - Albert Schweitzer the Man and His Work
43384: FR. REGINALD GARRIGOU-LAGRANGE, O. P. - Life Everlasting and the Immensity of the Soul a Theological Treatise on the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell
33471: REGUSH, NICHOLAS - The Virus Within a Coming Epidemic
33294: REHNQUIST, WILLIAM H. - All the Laws But One Civil Liberties in Wartime
43788: REHNQUIST, WILLIAM H. - All the Laws But One Civil Liberties in Wartime
16545: REICH, ROBERT B. - Locked in the Cabinet
41458: REICH, ROBERT B. - Tales of a New America
29659: REICH, RON - Kite Precision Your Comprehensive Guide for Flying Controllable Kites
37740: REICH, CHARLES A. - Opposing the System
36001: REICHENBACH-KLINKE, HEINZ-HERMANN WITH MARSHA LANDOLT - Reichenbach-Klinke's Fish Pathology a Guide to the Recognition and Treatment of Diseases and Injuries of Fishes, with Emphasis on Environmenta L and Pollution Problems
37291: REICHHELD, FREDERICK F. , EDITOR - The Quest for Loyalty Creating Value Through Partnership
31626: REICHMAN, CHARLES, EDITOR - Transfer Printing Manual
41660: REID, GEORGE H. - Shiphandling with Tugs
37933: REID, HARRY, SENATOR - Searchlight the Camp That Didn't Fail
34781: REID, MICHAELA - Ask Sir James Sir James Reid, Personal Physician to Queen Victoria and Physician-in-Ordinary to Three Monarchs
36268: REID, SENATOR HARRY WITH MARK WARREN - The Good Fight Hard Lessons from Seachlight to Washington
12464: REID, WILLIAM H. - The Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders Revised for the Dsm-Iii-R .
28608: REID, CHARLES L. - Basic Philosophical Analysis
29769: REID, T. R. - Congressional Odyssey the Saga of a Senate Bill
31474: REID, T. WEMYSS - Charlotte Bronte a Monograph
35755: REID, P. R. - Escape from Colditz the Two Classic Escape Stories - the Colditz Story and Men of Colditz - in One Volume.
19126: REIDA, BERNICE & ANN IRWIN - Hawkeye Adventure
40333: REIF, RITA - Living with Books: 116 Designs for Homes and Offices a New York Times Book
42962: REIF, JANE - The Tibetan Terrier Book Second Edition
42963: REIF, JANE - Reflections on the Tibetan Terrier Second Edition. A Collection of Writings About the Tibetan Terrier
34621: O'REILLY, EILEEN, COLLECTOR - Newport Inspirations a Selection of Verse and Visions Inspired By Newport, R.I.
25967: REILLY, ANN & SUSAN A. ROTH - The Home Landscaper 55 Professional Landscapes You Can Do
32814: O'REILLY, BILL - A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity
42680: O'REILLY, BILL & MARTIN DUGARD - Killing Patton the Strange Death of World War Ii's Most Audacious General
43997: O'REILLY, KENNETH - Nixon's Piano Presidents and Racial Politics from Washington to Clinton
31709: REINDEL, DAVID J. WITH STEVE MARSH - Don't Die Broke How Annuities Can Guarantee Your Income and Keep Your Retirement from Going Belly-Up
43904: REINFELD, FRED - The Complete Chessplayer
19299: REINHARDT, RICHARD - Chinatown San Francisco
30821: REINHART, GREGORY A. & DANIEL P. CAREY, EDITORS - Recent Advances in Canine and Feline Nutrition Volume Iii 2000 Iams Nutrition Symposium Proceedings
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13280: REISCHAUER, EDWIN O. - The Japanese .
13281: REISCHAUER, EDWIN O. - Beyond Vietnam: The United States and Asia .
39102: REISCHAUER, EDWIN O. - My Life between Japan and America
14052: REISCHAUER, EDWIN O. - My Life between Japan and America
21102: REISNER, ROBERT - Graffiti, Two Thousand Years of Wall Writing
40338: REISSIG, HERMAN F. - Uneasily in Love with God Selections from His Sermons, Articles, Lectures, Prayers, Letters and Ruminations
42685: REITMAN, BARRY - Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of a Powerful Memory the Memory Shock. Oh-So-Easy How-to-Remember User's Guide for Your Brain
31846: RELEI, CAROLYN - Bird Designs Stained Glass Pattern Book
15865: REMINGTON, FREDERIC, EDITED BY HAROLD MCCRACKEN - Frederic Remington's Own West .
2451: REMINGTON, FREDERIC - Frederic Remington's Own West .
42856: REMSBERG, CHARLES - The Tactical Edge Surviving High-Risk Patrol
41440: REMY, JERRY WITH COREY SANDLER - Watching Baseball Discovering the Game Within the Game. Completely Revised and Updated!
40722: RENDELL, JOAN - Flower Arrangement with a Marine Theme
18913: RENDELL, RUTH - L'homme a la Tortue
41694: RENEHAN, EDWARD J. , JR. - The Kennedys at War 1937-1945
33384: RENEHAN, EDWARD J. , JR. - The Secret Six the True Tale of the Men Who Conspired with John Brown
40497: RENEHAN, EDWARD J. , JR. - Legend & Legacy the Life of Seymour St. John
30453: RENNER, JOHN W. , ET AL - Research, Teaching, and Learning with the Piaget Model
3665: RENOU, LOUIS, EDITOR - Hinduism .
41316: VAN RENSSELAER, STEPHEN - American Firearms an Histology of American Gunsmiths, Arms Manufacturers & Patentees with Detailed Description of Their Arms
10898: RENTSCHLER, BILL - The Paper Sword of Bill Rentschler .
2291: U. S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT - Plan Your Retirement Now, So You Won't Be Sorry Later .
2292: U. S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT - Social Security and Medicare Simplified, What You Get for Your Money .
10195: REPPLIER, AGNES - J. William White, M.D. , a Biography .
20410: RESCHER, NICHOLAS - Scientific Progress a Philosophical Essay on the Economics of Research in Natural Science
33774: TRI-STATE BIRD RESCUE & RESEARCH - Oiled Bird Rehabilitation a Guide for Establishing and Operating a Treatment Facility for Oiled Birds
29848: RESNICK, JANE PARKER, EDITOR - Cherish the Cat Illustrated Poems and Quotes for Cat Lovers
41560: RESNICK, MITCHEL - Turtles, Termites, and Traffic Jams Explorations in Massively Parallel Microworlds
22470: RESNICK, JANE - International Connoisseur's Guide to Cigars the Art of Selecting and Smoking
19613: RESNICK, JANE - International Connoisseur's Guide to Cigars the Art of Selecting and Smoking
20584: RESSLER, ROBERT K. & TOM SHACHTMAN - I Have Lived in the Monster
32205: RESTAK, RICHARD M. , M. D. - Brainscapes an Introduction to What Neuroscience Has Learned About the Structure, Function, and Abilities of the Brain
676: RESTON, JAMES, JR. - The Lone Star, the Life of John Connally
677: RESTON, JAMES - Deadline, a Memoir
32086: RESTON, JAMES - Deadline, a Memoir
43402: RESTUCCIA, NANCY, EDITED BY ANN ANDERSON - Publish Your Patterns ! How to Write, Print, and Market Your Designs
30669: RETTON, MARY LOU & BELA KAROLYI WITH JOHN POWERS - Mary Lou Creating an Olympic Champion
8661: REUBEN, DAVID - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask .
40321: REV. DR. FR. THOMAS, C. M. F. - The Mystery of Konnersreuth
26631: REWALD, JOHN - Georges Seurat Second, Revised Edition
11912: REYNA, FERDINANDO - A Concise History of Ballet .
4888: REYNAUD, JOYCE - Samoyeds
44043: REYNOLDS, QUENTIN - The F.B. I. Landmark Books #46
34629: REYNOLDS, FRANCIS J. & ALLEN L. CHURCHILL, EDITORS - World's War Events, Volume Iii Recorded By Statesmen, Commanders and Historians and By Men Who Fought Or Saw the Great Campaigns
37997: REYNOLDS, BILL - Fall River Dreams a Team's Quest for Glory - a Town's Seach for Its Soul
10125: REYNOLDS, BURT - My Life .
42277: REYNOLDS, BILL - '78 the Boston Red Sox, a Historic Game, and a Divided City
36224: REYNOLDS, DOUGLAS M. & MARJORY MYERS, EDITORS - Working in the Blackstone River Valley Exploring the Heritage of Industrialization
8599: REYNOLDS, JAMES - Ghosts in American Houses .
34369: REYNOLDS, BILL - Big Hoops a Season in the Big East Conference
39156: REYNOLDS, WARREN L. & RUFUS W. LUMRY - Mechanism of Electron Transfer Modern Concepts in Chemistry Series
31933: REYNOLDS, BILL - Cousy His Life, Career, and the Birth of Big-Time Basketball
38264: REYNOLDS, BILL - Cousy His Life, Career, and the Birth of Big-Time Basketball
40592: RHODE ISLAND SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS, COMPILERS - Roster of Registered Engineers in State of Rhode Island As of October 31, 1958
41551: RHODES, RICHARD - A Hole in the World an American Boyhood
16040: RHODES, RICHARD - The Inland Ground, Revised Edition an Evocation of the American Middle West
38024: RHODES, JEAN & SHAWN BOBURG - Becoming Manny Inside the Life of Baseball's Most Enigmatic Slugger
36410: RHODES, WELLER - Veendam Iv: A Heritage for the Future
42430: RHODES, GREY & JOHN ERARDI. CARTOONS BY JERRY DOWLING - The First Boys of Summer the 1869-1870 Cincinnati Red Stockings. Baseball's First Professional Team
19156: VAN DER RHOER, EDWARD - Deadly Magic a Personal Account of Communications Intelligence in World War Ii in the Pacific
39470: RHOLES, W. STEVEN & JEFFRY A. SIMPSON, EDITORS - Adult Attachment Theory, Research, and Clinical Implications
30939: RHOTON, ELAINE - The Ship Called Logos
39813: RHYNE, NANCY - Tales of the South Carolina Low Country. More Tales of the South Carolina Low Country. Two Volumes
18576: RIASANOVSKY, NICHOLAS V. - The Image of Peter the Great in Russian History and Thought
43284: RIBEIRO, SAULO WITH KEVIN HOWELL - Jiu-Jitsu University
43919: RIBEIRO, AILEEN - Fashion and Fiction Dress in Art and Literature in Stuart England
4790: RICCIUTI, EDWARD R. - Killer Animals .
15405: RICCIUTI, EDWARD R. - Killers of the Seas the Dangerous Creatures That Threaten Man in an Alien Environment
30097: RICCIUTI, EDWARD R. - Killers of the Seas
4860: RICE, F. PHILIP - America's Favorite Fishing, a Complete Guide to Angling for Panfish .
12596: RICE, HELEN STEINER - Somebody Loves You .
12597: RICE, HELEN STEINER - Daily Pathways .
9289: RICE, F. PHILIP - Lures, Flies and Baits for Freshwater Fish .
39198: RICE, STANLEY - Book Design Systematic Aspects
2735: RICE, HELEN STEINER - Sunshine of Joy .
39739: RICE, MARIE S. - A Dummy Like Me Eddie Donovan
40445: RICH, ANDREW M. , C. F. P. - How to Survive & Succeed in a Small Financial Planning Practice
28477: RICH, LOUISE DICKINSON - Only Parent
43271: RICHARD, WENDY WITH LIZZIE WIGGINS - Wendy Richard . . . No 's' My Life Story
19726: LEOPOLD. RICHARD W. - The Growth of American Foreign Policy, a History
32947: SUINN. RICHARD M. - Anxiety Management Training a Behavior Therapy
43433: RICHARDS, MARY ANNE, STAFF HOME ECONOMIST - Favorite Recipes of America, 5 Volumes Desserts. Meats. Salads. Casseroles. Vegetables.
33392: RICHARDS, ANN WITH RICHARD U. LEVINE, M. D. - I'm Not Slowing Down Winning My Battle with Osteoporosis
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14853: RICHLER, MODRECAI, EDITOR - The Best of Modern Humor
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6647: ROGERS, JOYCE - The Art of Flower Arrangement .
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701: ROLLIN, BETTY - Am I Getting Paid for This?
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19302: ROOTS, CLIVE - Tropical Birds
30793: ROQUES, HENRI - The "Confessions' of Kurt Gerstein
44070: ROREM, NED - Settling the Score Essays on Music
39760: DE ROSA, PETER - Rebels the Irish Rising of 1916
40949: ROSCOE, THEODORE - Only in New England the Story of a Gaslight Crime
36630: ROSE, LOIS ROSE - Seeing Solomon's Knot Amulets. Beads. Bibles. Ceramics. Jewels. Mosaics. Textiles.
42483: ROSE, PETE WITH RICK HILL - My Prison without Bars
11209: ROSE, STEPHEN M. - The Betrayal of the Poor, the Transformation of Community Action .
42666: ROSE, TORE, EDITOR - Seminaires Du Centre de Developement: Afrique Subsaharienne: De la Crise Au Redressement
27997: ROSE, PETER I. - Slavery and Its Aftermath Americans from Africa, Volume 1
29263: ROSE, GRAHAM - The Classic Garden the Complete Practical Guide to Receating the Charms of Traditional Garden Styles
40254: ROSE, J. , EDITOR - Technological Injury the Effect of Technological Advances on Environment, Life, and Society
33536: ROSE, MARY SWARTZ - A Laboratory Handbook for Dietetics
37317: ROSE, FRANK - West of Eden the End of Innocence at Apple Computer
35079: ROSEAN, LEXA - Power Spells Get the Magical Edge in Business, Work Relationships, and Life
40189: ROSECRANCE, RICHARD - International Relations: Peace Or War?
42578: ROSELIUS, J. CHRIS - Kevin Garnet All-Star on and Off the Court.
31351: ROSEMOND, JOHN - John Rosemond's New Parent Power!
32519: ROSEMONT, HENRY, JR. WITH HUSTON SMITH - Rationality and Religious Experience the Continuing Relevance of the World's Spiritual Traditiions
41759: ROSEN, CHARLES - Arnold Schoenberg with a New Preface
35085: ROSENAU, MILTON D. , JR. - Project Management for Engineers
12413: ROSENBERG, MAXINE B. - On the Mend, Getting Away from Drugs .
21540: ROSENBERG, BRUCE A. - The Code of the West
36174: ROSENBERG, LLOYD - Estimation of the Parameters of the Weibull Distribution from Attribute Data 36th Session of the International Statistical Institute
38176: ROSENBERG, NATHAN & L. E. BIRDZELL, JR. - Exploring the Black Box Technology, Economics, and History
39971: ROSENBERG, DAVID - Lightworks a Poet's Bible. Interpreted from the Original Hebrew Book of Isaiah
39544: ROSENBERG, SHELLEY KAPNEK - Adoption and the Jewish Family Contemporary Perspectives
40953: ROSENBERG, JOEL C. - The Tehran Initiative
14613: ROSENBERGER, JESSE LEONARD - Rochester the Making of a University
34305: ROSENBLATT, SEYMOUR & REYNOLDS DODSON - Beyond Valium the Brave New World of Psychochemistry
42792: ROSENFELD, RICHARD, EDITOR - The Best of Michael Jackson 23 Sensational Full Color Photographs
35502: ROSENFELD, NANCY & DIANNA W. BOLEN, PSY. D. - Just As Much a Woman Your Personal Guide to Hysterectomy and Beyond
5953: ROSENFELD, DR. ISADORE - Modern Prevention, the New Medicine .
40738: ROSENFELD, DANIEL, EDITOR WITH ANN H. SLIMMON & JUDITH A. SINGSEN - European Painting and Sculpture, Ca. 1770-1937 in the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design
9530: ROSENFIELD, PAUL - The Club Rules, Power, Money, Sex, and Fear - How It Works in Hollywood .
35342: ROSENGREN, JOAN E. - Textiles and Tapestries of the Middle Ages Txc 560
43722: ROSENKRANZ, MOSES - Childhood an Autobiographical Fragment
33176: ROSENSTONE, ROBERT A. - Romantic Revolutionary a Biography of John Reed
29774: ROSENTHAL, A. M. & ARTHUR GELB, EDITORS - The Sophisticated Traveler Winter: Love It Or Leave It
8702: ROSENTHAL, M. SARA - The Gynecological Sourcebook .
36116: ROSENTHAL, MURRAY P. - Fundamentals of Radio
42687: ROSETREE, ROSE - Let Today Be a Holiday 365 Ways to Co-Create with God
34107: ROSKE, RALPH J. & CHARLES VAN DOREN - Lincoln's Commando the Biography of Commander W.B. Cushing, U.S. N.
6553: ROSKO, MILT - Fishing from Boats .
41528: ROSKO, MILT - Secrets of Striped Bass Fishing with a Chapter on Cooking By June Rosko
30176: ROSKO, MILT - Salt-Water Fishing from Boats a Complete, Illustated Guide for the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf Coasts, Including Bermuda and the Bahamas
34648: ROSOFF, SIDNEY D. - Incorporating Your Medical Practice the Key to Your Financial Health
34159: ROSS, DAVID A. - Opportunities and Uses of the Ocean
35904: ROSS, MITCHELL S. - An Invitation to Our Times
2455: ROSS, DIANA - Secrets of a Sparrow
5800: ROSS, ISHBEL - The General's Wife, the Life of Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant .
7126: ROSS, EILEEN - Savage Shadows .
41444: ROSS, JEFFREY - I Only Roast the Ones I Love Busting Balls without Burning Bridges
36087: ROSS, ALAN - The Lure of Lighthouses an Inspiring Journey of the Lights, Keepers, Ghosts, Sea & Sentiment of Our Timeless Lands-End Sentinels
15458: ROSS, SHIRLEY - Plant Consciousness, Plant Care
9785: ROSS, WALTER S. - The Last Hero: Charles A. Lindbergh .
43243: ROSS, BARNEY & MARTIN ABRAMSON - No Man Stands Alone the True Story of Barney Ross
10832: ROSS, JUDY THOMPSON - Down to Earth, Canadian Potters at Work .
33368: ROSS, DAVID - Poet's Gold an Anthology of Poems to Be Read Aloud
41680: ROSS, PAT - Remembering Main Street an American Album
43901: ROSS, JOHN F. - Enduring Courage Ace Pilot Eddie Rickenbacker and the Dawn of the Age of Speed
35171: ROSS, DAVID - Energy from the Waves the First-Ever Book on a Revolution in Technology. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged
36996: ROSS, MABEL - The Encyclopedia of Handspinning
43975: ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL - The House of Life a Sonnet-Sequence. Old World Series.
35574: ROSSIER, ROBERT N. - Introduction to Flight Training a Sourcebook for Students and Newly Rated Pilots
10860: ROSSIT, EDWARD A. - Snow Camping and Mountaineering .
34953: ROSSITER, FREDERIC M. - Le Guide Pratique de la Sante Traite Populaire D'anatomie de Physiologie Et D'hygiene Accompagne D'une Description Scientifique Des Maladies, de Leurs Causes Et de Leru Traitement
5989: ROSTEN, LEO - People I Have Loved, Known Or Admired .
40357: ROSTENBERG, LEONA & MADELEINE STERN - Old Books, Rare Friends Two Literary Sleuths and Their Shared Passion
28765: ROSTENBERG, PETER O. - Alcohol and Other Drug Screening of Hospitalized Trauma Patients Treatment Improvement Protocol (Tip) Series 16
37041: ROTH, HAL - Always a Distant Anchorage
693: ROTH, DAVID - Sacred Honor, Colin Powell, the Inside Account of His Life and Triumphs
32907: ROTH, LOREN H. , EDITOR - Clinical Treatment of the Violent Person
6004: ROTH, CHARLENE DAVIS - The Art of Making Cloth Toys .
43340: ROTH, DAVID M. - Connecticut a Bicentennial History
42264: ROTH, HAL - Chasing the Long Rainbow the Drama of a Singlehanded Sailing Race Around the World
32826: ROTHBERG, ABRAHAM - Eyewitness History of World War Ii, the Total Experience in Words and Photographs: Vol. 1: Blitzkrieg, Vol 3: Counterattack
39679: ROTHFEDER, JEFFREY - Privacy for Sale How Computerization Has Made Everyone's Private Life an Open Secret
8396: ROTHMAN, BARBARA KATZ - Recreating Motherhood, Ideology and Technology in a Patriarchal Society .
19781: ROTHSCHILD, HAL - Cheese Chatter
36810: ROTHSCHILD, EMMA - The Inner Life of Empires an Eighteenth-Century History
41117: ROTHSTEIN, LAWRENCE E. - Plant Closings, Power, Politics, and Workers .
43608: ROTTENBERG, DAN - Death of a Gunfighter the Quest for Jack Slade, the West's Most Elusive Legend
32253: ROUKES, NICHOLAS - Sculpture in Plastics New, Revised and Enlarged Edition
3209: O'ROURKE, P. J. - Give War a Chance .
10970: O'ROURKE, P. J. - All the Trouble in the World .
42312: ROUSMANIERE, JOHN - After the Storm True Stories of Disaster and Recovery at Sea
31265: ROUSMANIERE, JOHN , EDITOR & TECHNICAL COMMITTEE OF THE CRUISING CLUB OF AMERICA - Desirable and Undesirable Characteristics of Offshore Yachts
41446: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES - The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau the Anonymous Translation Into English of 1783 & 1790 Revised and Completed By A.S. B. Glover, with a New Introduction By Mr. Glover
33306: ROUTLEY, ERIK - Twentieth Century Church Music
39526: ROUTMAN, MARK J. , PH. D. - Club Level Duplicate Bridge: Which Strategies Win ?
40211: ROVE, KARL - Courage and Consequence My Life As a Conservative in the Fight
692: ROVERE, RICHARD H. - Senator Joe Mccarthy
42581: ROWAN, EDWARD L. - To Do My Best James E. West and the History of the Boy Scouts of America
43208: ROWE, WILLIAM HUTCHINSON - The Maritime History of Maine Three Centuries of Ship Building & Seafaring with a New Introduction By Kenneth R. Martin
43051: ROWE, DOROTHY SNOWDEN - At the End of the Pond
26068: ROWE, JOHN W. & RICHARD W. BESDINE - Health and Disease in Old Age
30160: ROWELL, GALEN - Many People Come, Looking, Looking
36213: ADIRONDACK ROWING - What You Need to Know Before You Row & Other Vital and Fun Information
34526: ROWLAND, THOMAS W. - Exercise and Children's Health
35870: ROWLANDS, JOHN & OTHERS, EDITORS - Welsh Family History a Guide to Research
37339: ROWLING, J. K. & JIM DALE - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Four Sets of Audio Cassettes
37020: ROWLING, J. K. - The Casual Vacancy
690: ROWSE, A. L. - William Shakespeare, a Biography
1925: ROWSE, A. L. . - William Shakespeare, a Biography
35506: ROWSE, A. L. - A Cornish Childhood Autobiography of a Cornishman
9681: ROWSE, A. L. - The Churchills, the Story of a Family .
42274: ROWSOME, FRANK, JR. WITH STEPHEN D. MAGUIRE, TECHNICAL EDITOR - Trolley Car Treasury a Century of American Streetcars - Horsecars, Cable Cars, Interurbans, and Trolleys
33126: ROY, HOWARD - Nightside
32076: ROY, TRAVIS WITH E. M. SWIFT - Eleven Seconds a Story of Tragedy, Courage, & Triumph
41215: ROY, GABRIELLE, TRANSLATED BY PATRICIA CLAXTON - Enchantment and Sorrow the Autobiography of Gabrielle Roy
36562: ROYKO, MIKE - Sez Who? Sez Me
41134: ROYSTER, CHARLES - A Revolutionary People at War the Continental Army & American Character, 1775-1783
34260: RUBEL, STANLEY M. & EDWARD G. NOVOTNY, EDITORS - How to Raise and Invest Venture Capital
44060: RUBEL, DAVID, EDITOR WITH JAMES M. MCPHERSON, GENERAL EDITOR - "to the Best of My Ability" the American Presidents

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