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20014: MORRIS, DAN & NORMAN STRUNG - The Fisherman's Almanac
5324: MORRIS, DESMOND - Animal Days .
37369: MORRIS, ARTHUR - Shorebirds Beautiful Beachcombers
27468: MORRIS, R. O. - The Oxford Harmony Volume One
29300: MORRIS, DICK WITH EILEEN MCGANN - Rewriting History
30029: MORRIS, RICHARD - The Big Questions Probing the Promise and Limits of Science
31314: MORRIS, MICHAEL A. , EDITOR - North-South Perspectives on Marine Policy Westview Special Studies in Ocean Science and Policy
9103: MORRIS, KENNETH, MARC ROBINSON AND RICHARD KROLL - American Dreams, One Hundred Years of Business Ideas and Innovation from the Wall Street Journal .
16359: MORRIS, J. K. - Premarital Counseling a Manual for Ministers
12238: MORRIS, DESMOND - The Naked Ape, a Zoologist's Study of the Human Animal .
12237: MORRIS, DESMOND - The Naked Ape, a Zoologist's Study of the Human Animal .
39968: MORRIS, LLOYD - Postscript to Yesterday America: The Last Fifty Years
1743: MORRIS, DESMOND - The Human Zoo
12305: MORRIS, JAMES A. , JR. - The Art of Conversation: Magic Key to Personal and Social Popularity .
34286: MORRIS, WESLEY - Friday's Footprint Structuralism and the Articulated Text
28826: MORRIS, AUDREY STONE, COMPILER - One Thousand Inspirational Things
9600: MORRIS, CELIA - Bearing Witness, Sexual Harassment and Beyond - Everywoman's Story .
9166: MORRIS, RICHARD B. , EDITOR - Encyclopedia of American History .
8988: MORRIS, DESMOND - Intimate Behaviour .
15262: MORRISEY, THOMAS - 20 American Peaks & Crags
40003: MORRISON, GEORGE AUSTIN, JR. , COMPILER - King Genealogy. Clement King, of Marshfield, Mass. , 1668, and His Descendants
11187: MORRISON, JOHN - Boris Yeltsin, from Bolshevik to Democrat .
11522: MORRISON, WILBUR H. - Fortress without a Roof, the Allied Bombing of the Third Reich .
8252: MORRISON, MARCH - Doctor Morrison's Miracle Body Tune-Up for Rejuvenated Health .
13390: MORRISON, LEGER R. AND ROBERT F. BIRT - Guide to Confused Words for Typists, Stenographers, Transcribers, Writers with a List of Cities and States .
40646: MORRISON, JAMES DALTON, EDITOR - Masterpieces of Religious Verse 2020 Poems By 900 Poets
37881: MORRISON, JAMES & THOMAS F. ANDERS - Interviewing Children and Adolescents Skills and Strategies for Effective Dsm-Iv Diagnosis
35368: MORRISSEY, DANIEL J. - Estimation of the Recharge Area Contributing Water to a Pumped Well in a Glacial-Drift, River-Valley Aquifer U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 86-543
33672: MORRISSEY, MARY KATHLEEN - The Canadian-American Dispute over Dixon Entrance
6073: MORROW, LANCE - The Chief, a Memoir of Fathers and Sons .
42893: MORSE, DONALD R. & M. LAWRENCE FURST - Stress for Success a Holistic Approach to Stress and Its Management
395: MORSE, FRANCES CLARY - Furniture of the Olden Time
378: MORSE, FRANCES CLARY - Furniture of the Olden Time
32838: MORTENSON, GARY, EDITOR - International Trumpet Guild Journal: 30 Years of Itg, 1975 - 2005 Vol. 30, No. 2, January 2006
32839: MORTENSON, GARY, COMPILER - International Trumpet Guild Journal Index, October, 1976 - June, 2003 Including Index of All Newsletters
30921: MORTIMER, JOHN - Rumpole of the Bailey, the Lost Episode: Rumpole and the Confession of Guilt - Dvd Video
33143: MORTIMER, JOHN - Rumpole on Trial
635: MORTON, FREDERIC - The Rothschilds, a Family Portrait
7121: MORTON, ANDREW - Diana, Her True Story .
11003: MORTON, ANDREW - Diana, Her True Story .
8125: MORTON, CRAIG AND ROBERT BURGER . - The Courage to Believe, Inspiring Stories of Famous Sport Figures Who Have Committed Their Lives to Christ .
25132: MORTON, H. V. - I Saw Two Englands the Record of a Journey Before the War, and After the Outbreak of War, in the Year 1939
41047: MOSCATO, MICHAEL & LESLIE LEBLANC, EDITORS - The United States of America V. One Book Entitled Ulysses By James Joyce Documents and Commentary - a 50-Years Retrospective
15259: MOSEL, TAD WITH GERTRUDE MACY - Leading Lady the World and Theatre of Katharine Cornell
41649: MOSEL, TAD WITH GERTRUDE MACY - Leading Lady the World and Theatre of Katharine Cornell
39717: MOSELEY, ROY - Bette Davis an Intimate Memoir
9139: MOSES, BELLE - Louisa May Alcott, Dreamer and Worker .
31694: MOSES, DANIEL DAVID - Delicate Bodies
36021: MOSES, FREDERICK T. - Firemen of Industry 1854-1954 the Hundredth Anniversary of Firemen's Mututal Insurance Company
32640: MOSHER, A. T. - Creating a Progressive Rural Structure to Serve a Modern Agriculture
43108: MOSHER, CLAYTON J. & TERANCE D. MIETHE, TIMOTHY C. HART - The Mismeasure of Crime Second Edition
34224: MOSHER, RICHARD - Zazoo 5 Audio Cassettes
37593: MOSHER, HOWARD FRANK - North Country a Personal Journey Through the Borderland
31590: MOSHIMER, JOAN - The Complete Book of Rug Hooking
26788: MOSKOWITZ, JANE & JANE GILLARD - Bob Steele's 50th Anniversary: An Affectionate Memoir
43025: MOSLEY, NICHOLAS - Julian Grenfell His Life and the Times of His Death 1888-1915
609: MOSLEY, LEONARD - Lindbergh, a Biography
2560: MOSLEY, LEONARD - Dulles
15717: MOSLEY, LEONARD - Hirohito Emperor of Japan
8841: MOSLEY, LEONARD - Lindbergh, a Biography .
43369: MOSLEY, LEONARD - Power Play Oil in the Middle East
38604: MOSLEY, DANIEL J. - The Handbook of Mis Application Software Testing Methods, Techniques, and Tools for Assuring Quality Through Testing
19185: MOSS, NORMAN - Klaus Fuchs the Man Who Stole the Atom Bomb
32295: MOSS, ORLANDO - Complete Handbook for Teaching Small Vocal Ensembles
35382: MOSS, MILTON, EDITOR - The Measurement of Economic and Social Performance Studies in Income & Wealth, No. 38
32094: MOSS, ELAINE, EDITOR - Land Use Controls in New York State a Handbook on the Legal Rights of Citizens
40618: MOSS, FRANK T. - Successful Ocean Game Fishing with Selections By Nelson Benedict, Vic Mccristal, Milt Rosko, Charles R. Meyer, Harry Bonner, Norman Phillips, Mark J. Sosin, Larry Green, & Russell Tinsley
40640: MOST, DOUG - Always in Our Hearts the Story of Amy Grossberg, Biran Peterson, and the Baby They Didn't Want
28703: MOSTELLLER, WILLIAM S. - Systems Programmer's Problem Solver
2190: MOSTESHAR, CHERRY - Unveiled,One Woman's Nightmare in Iran .
19305: MOTHERAL, J. G. - Fort Point Gibraltar of the Pacific
41805: ST. PIUS X MOTHERS' GUILD - Favorite Recipes from St. Pius X School Westerly, Rhode Island, 2 Volumes
7192: MOTLEY, MARY - Devils in Waiting .
32254: MOTLEY, JOHN LOTHROP - The Life and Death of John of Barneveld, Advocate of Holland, Two Volumes: A View of the Primary Causes and Movements of the Thirty Years' War.
2174: MOTOR - Auto Trouble Shooter .
29431: MOTTE, G. A. - Navigation for Fishermen and Boat Operators University of Rhode Island Marine Bulletin Number 10
41623: MOUILLOT, MIRANDA RICHMOND - A Fifty-Year Silence Love, War, and a Ruined House in France
42349: DU MOULIN, EDWARD - My Life
38076: MOUNT, TOM & PATTI SCHAEFFER - The Complete Guide to Underwater Modeling
19536: MOUNTFORT, GUY - Tigers .
30333: MOUSTAKI, NIKKI - Labrador Retrievers
607: MOWAT, FARLEY - Woman in the Mists, the Story of Dian Fossey and the Mountain Gorillas of Africa
7669: MOWAT, FARLEY - Sea of Slaughter .
7670: MOWAT, FARLEY - Sea of Slaughter .
2524: MOWAT, FARLEY - Never Cry Wolf
39996: MOWAT, WILLIAM & ALEXANDER MOWAT - A Treatise on Stairbuilding and Handrailing with New Additions.
9987: MOWAT, FARLEY - Never Cry Wolf .
33386: MOWKA, EDMUND J. , JR. - The Seawater Manual Fundamentals of Water Chemistry for Marine Aquarists
34690: MOYER, SUSAN M. & DOUG HOEPKER, EDITORS - 25 Years of Usa Today the Stories That Shape Our Nation
17954: MOYER, BESS - Gypsies of the Air the Girl Flyers
34292: MOYNAHAN, JOHN K. , EDITOR - The Sales Compensation Handbook
39597: MOZART, EDITED BY ARTHUR MENDEL - Missa Brevis in F Major (1774 - K192) Four Solo Voices, Four Part Chorus of Mixed Voices, Two Violins and Continuo
36064: MRANTZ, MAXINE - Hawaii's Tragic Princess Kaiulani: The Girl Who Never Got to Rule
16893: MUCCIOLO, LOUIS - Eightysomething Interviews with Octogenarians Who Stay Involved
42574: MUDD, PHILIP - The Head Game High Efficiency Analytic Decision-Making and the Art of Solving Complex Problems Quickly
4858: MUELLELR, CHESTER AND JOHN OLSON - Small Arms Lexicon and Concise Encyclopedia .
41537: MUELLER, ROBERT KIRK - Behind the Boardroom Door
29934: MUELLER, KENNETH A. - Teaching Total Percussion
35512: MUGGERIDGE, KITTY & RUTH ADAM - Beatrice Webb a Life, 1858 - 1943
34295: MUHLBERGER, RICHARD - What Makes a Monet a Monet?
7916: MUIR, JOHN EDITED BY PETER SEYMOUR - Trails of Wonder, Writing on Nature and Man .
5932: MUIRDEN, JAMES - The Amateur Astronomer's Handbook, a Guide to Exploring the Heavens .
41355: MUIRHEAD, JOHN - Those Who Fall an Unforgetable Chronicle of War in the Air
30797: MULDER, MONIQUE BORGERHOFF & WENDY LOGSDON, EDITORS - I've Been Gone Far Too Long Field Trip Fiascoes and Expedition Disasters
39048: MULFORD, CLARENCE E. - Hopalong Cassidy's Private War Bar-20 Days
27551: MULHERIN, JENNY - Presentation Techniques for the Graphic Artist How to Sell Your Ideas Effectively
12370: MULLER, HERBERT J. - The Children of Frankenstein, a Primer on Modern Technology and Human Values .
8748: MULLER, EDWARD J. - Architectural Drawing and Light Construction
28761: MULLIGAN, DAVID H. - The Tuberculosis Epidemic, Legal and Ethical Issues for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Treatment Providers Treatment Improvement Protocol (Tip) Series 18
12789: MULLOY, ELIZABETH D. - The History of the National Trust for Historic Preservation 1963-1973 .
12043: MULOCK, MISS - The Little Lame Price and His Traveling Cloak .
605: MUMFORD, LEWIS - Herman Melville
39890: MUNDY, E. JAMES - Master Drawings Rediscovered
26922: MUNICH, ADRIENNE - Queen Victoria's Secrets
43064: MUNIER, PAULA - Fixing Freddie a True Story About a Boy, a Mom, and a Very, Very Bad Beagle
30812: MUNK, NINA - Fools Rush in Steve Case, Jerry Levin, and the Unmaking of Aol Time Warner
11008: MUNRO, ELEANOR - Memoir of a Modernist's Daughter .
40521: MUNRO-SMITH, R. - Elements of Ship Design
42326: MUNROE, JOHN A. - Federalist Delaware 1775-1815 Number 6 in the University of Delaware Monograph Series
30225: MUNSON, GOHAM - Penobscot Down East Paradise
39431: MUNSON, KENNETH - Pioneer Aircraft 1903-14 the Pocket Encyclopedia of World Aircraft in Color
39420: MUNSON, KENNETH - Fighters in Service, Attack and Training Aircraft Since 1960. Bombers in Service, Patrol and Transport Aircraft Since 1960 Two Volumes. The Pocket Encyclopedia of World Aircraft in Color.
2434: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO - Twentieth Century Painting 1900 - 1950 .
30647: MUNZ, PHILIP A. - California Spring Wildflowers from the Base of the Sierra Nevada and Southern Moiuntains to the Sea
17509: MUNZ, PHILIP A. - California Mountain Wildflowers
7748: MUNZER, MARTHA E. - Planning Our Town, an Introduction to City and Regional Planning. .
37786: MURAT, CECILE & J. ALPHONSE DEVEAU - Diary of Cecile Murat a Story of Saint Mary's Bay from 1795 to 1825
36136: MURCHIE, GUY - Song of the Sky
27074: MURCK, ALFREDA & WEN FONG - A Chinese Garden Court the Astor Court at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
40290: MURPHY, MARTHA WATSON - How to Start and Operate Your Own Bed-and-Breakfast Down-to-Earth Advice from an Award-Winning B & B Owner
39889: MURPHY, BILL, JR. - The Intelligent Entrepreneur How Three Harvard Business School Graduates Learned the 10 Rules of Successful Entrepreneurship
2198: MURPHY, BRUCE ALLEN - Fortas, the Rise and Ruin of a Supreme Court Justice .
7494: MURPHY, ROBERT - Wild Sanctuaries. Our National Wildlife Refuges - a Heritage Restored .
19194: MURPHY, BRENDAN - The Butcher of Lyon the Story of Infamous Nazi Klaus Barbie
1800: MURPHY, JOHN L. - The Living Christ
32600: MURPHY, GARDNER WITH LAURA A. DALE - Challenge of Psychical Research a Primer of Parapsychology. World Perspectives Volume Twenty-Six.
32999: MURPHY, BERNADETTE - Zen and the Art of Knitting Exploring the Links between Knitting, Spirituality, and Creativity
37672: MURPHY, CHARLES M. - Wallace Stevens a Spiritual Poet in a Secular Age
39119: MURPHY, MARYBETH, ET AL - Bonnet Shores Waves of Recipes
39595: MURPHY, J. M. D. - Thyristor Control of A.C. Motors International Series of Monographs in Electric Engineering Volume 6
23163: MURPHY, ROBERT - The Golden Eagle. .
11896: MURRAY, KATHRYN WITH BETTY HANNAH HOFFMAN - My Husband, Arthur Murray .
11897: MURRAY, KATHRYN WITH BETTY HANNAH HOFFMAN - My Husband, Arthur Murray .
11079: MURRAY, MICHELE, EDITOR - A House of Good Proportion, Images of Women in Literature .
17337: MURRAY, JAMES GRAHAM - The Conspirators
17914: MURRAY, PETER & LINDA - The Art of the Renaissance
19379: MURRAY, EDWARD - Nine American Film Critics a Study of Theory and Practice
28953: MURRAY, JOHN A. & JEFF GNASS - Desert Awakenings a Unique Journey Through America's Splendid Southwest
31894: MURRAY, DOUGLAS - Bosie a Biography of Lord Alfred Douglas
35074: MURRAY, WILLIAM - Fortissimo Backstage at the Opera with Sacred Monsters and Young Singers
43196: MURRAY, MARGARET - My First Hundred Years
22489: MURRELL, J. C. & L. M. ROBERTS, EDITORS - Understanding Genetic Engineering
36365: MURRELL, JAMES WARREN - Design of Aided Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems a Dissertation in Electrical Engineering.
41084: MURSELL, GORDON - English Spirituality from 1700 to the Present Day
35273: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - British Watercolors 1750 - 1850 a Loan Exhibition from the Victoria and Albert Museum
11682: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Covent Garden 25 Years of Opera and Ballet, Royal Opera House .
30250: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BOSTON - Monet Unveiled a New Look at Boston's Paintings
36415: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BOSTON - American Paintings 1815 - 1865 One Hundred and Thirty-Six Paintings
40097: AMERICAN CLOCK & WATCH MUSEUM - Six Volumes of the Timepiece Journal Spring, 1990. Spring, 1991. Fall, 1991. Spring, 1992. Fall, 1993. Summer, 1995
39675: MUSEUM OF ART, RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN - Selection Vii: American Paintings from the Museum's Collection, C. 1800-1930 March 31 - May 8, 1977
13044: AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF MUSEUMS - Museums Directory of the United States and Canada, Second Edition .
42409: MUSHARRAF, PERVEZ - In the Line of Fire a Memoir
5810: MUSHENO, ELIZABETH J. - Sewing Shortcuts Form a to Z .
40565: MUTTART, WILLIAM P. & LINDA R. ASHLEY - One Hundred & Eleven Questions and Answers Concerning the Pilgrims Passengers on the Mayflower, 1620
40550: MWAKIKAGILE, GODFREY - Tanzania Under Mwalimu Nyerere Reflection on an African Statesman
16922: MYERS, WILLIA STARR & WALTER H. NEWTON - The Hoover Administation a Documented Narrative
2965: MYERS, RAWLEY, EDITOR - The Catholic Digest Book of Courage .
28701: MYERS, DAIVD L. & VALARIE A. ELSWICK, PATRICK W. HOPFENSPERGER, JOSEPH P. PAVLOVICH - Computer Programming in Basic Houghton Mifflin Computer Education Program
30363: MYERS, WALTER DEAN - Malcolm X By Any Means Necessary, a Biography
32998: MYERS, ROBERT MANSON - A Georgian at Princeton
38157: MYERS-RUSSO, ERICA WITH NICHOLAS COOLEY, EDITOR - A Refuge in the Country Anshei Israel Synagogue
39208: MYGATT, TRACY D. - Julia Newberry's Sketch Book Or the Life of Two Future Old Maids
29172: MYLOD, JOHN & ALEC THOMAS, EDITOR - Biography of a River the People and Legends of the Hudson Valley
21141: MYLROIE, LAURIE - Study of Revenge Saddam Hussein's Unfinished War Against America
34610: MYRDAL, GUNNAR - The Challenge of World Poverty a World-Anti-Poverty Program in Outline
42977: NACHMAN, GERALD - Seriously Funny the Rebel Comedians of the 1950s and 1960s
38824: NACHMIAS-BAEU, YVETTE - A Reluctant Life a Wife's Journey Through Love and Loss
13756: NADER, RALPH AND WESLEY J. SMITH - Winning the Insurance Game, the Complete Consumer's Guide to Saving Money
34722: NADER, RALPH AND WESLEY J. SMITH - Winning the Insurance Game, the Complete Consumer's Guide to Saving Money
38010: NADLER, LEONARD & ZEACE NADLER - The Comprehensive Guide to Successful Conferences and Meetings Detailed Instructions and Step-By-Step Checklists
30229: NADWORNY, LAURA - Jp Rufio: Entrepreneur an American Success Story
22054: NAFF, CLAYTON - About Face How I Stumbled Onto Japan's Social Revolution
42004: NAFIE, JOAN - To the Beat of a Drum a History of Norwich, Connecticut During the American Revolution
11786: NAGEL, PAUL C. - Descent from Glory, Four Generations of the John Adams Family .
12229: NAGLE, ROBIN - Penguins .
36368: NAGLER, GORDON R. , EDITOR - Naval Tactical Command and Control
28775: NAGYSZALANCZY, SANDOR - Fixing and Avoiding Woodworking Mistakes
34268: NAIFEH, STEVEN & GREGORY WHITE SMITH - The Mormon Murders, Volume 1 a True Story of Greed, Forgery, Deceit, and Death
30901: NAIR, KESHAVAN - A Higher Standard of Leadership Lessons from the Life of Gandhi
37341: NAIRN, ALAN E. M. & MICHAEL CHURKIN, JR. , FRANCIS G. STEHLI, EDITORS - The Ocean Basins and Margins Volume 5: The Arctic Ocean
40428: NAKAMURA, JAMES I. - Agricultural Production and the Economic Development of Japan 1873-1922
40461: NALTY, BERNARD C. & DANNY J. CRAWFORD - The United States Marines on Iwo Jima the Battle and the Flag Raisings
40462: NALTY, BERNARD C. - United States Marines at Harper's Ferry in the Civil War
38831: O'NAN, STEWART & STEPHEN KING - Faithful Two Diehard Boston Red Sox Fans Chronicle the Historic 2004 Season
35868: NANCARROW, LOREN & JANET HOGAN TAYLOR - The Worm Book the Complete Guide to Worms in Your Garden
42662: NANCE, JOHN J. - The Mud-Pie Dilemma a Master Potter's Struggle to Make Art and Ends Meet
34795: NANTZ, JIM WITH ELI SPIELMAN - Always By My Side a Father's Grace and a Sports Journey Unlike Any Other
42542: NAPJUS, JAMES - Trouble on the Infield
33879: FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF NARRAGANSETT - Love Is the Main Ingredient a Collection of Recipes
41527: NASAW, DAVID - The Patriarch the Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy
3969: NASH, JAY ROBERT - Almanac of World Crime .
11414: NASH, ALANNA - Golden Girl, the Story of Jessica Savitch .
12586: NASH, OGDEN - Good Intentions .
12587: NASH, OGDEN - The Private Dining Room and Other Verses .
12588: NASH, OGDEN - Versus .
12589: NASH, OGDEN - Versus .
12590: NASH, OGDEN - Many Long Years Ago .
12591: NASH, OGDEN - You Can't Get There from Here .
14848: NASH, OGDEN - Everyone But Thee and Me
7443: NASH, OGDEN - I'm a Stranger Here Myself .
31325: NASH, HELEN & MARILYN M. COOK - Water Gardening Basics
2474: NASH, JENNIE - Altered States .
35723: NASH, JOYCE D. , PH. D. - Binge No More Your Guide to Overcoming Disordered Eating
33959: NASS, L. & G. J. WITKOWSKI - The Nude in the French Theatre with an Introduction By Anatole France
24123: NASSAR, DAVID S. - How to Get Started in Electronic Day Trading Everything You Need to Know to Play Wall Street's Hottest Game
43540: NATHAN, ROBERT - The Barley Fields a Collection of Five Novels By Robert Nathan with an Introduction By Stephen Vincent Benet
9557: NATHANSON, LAURA WALTHER - Kidshapes .
42950: NATION, ALLAN - Pasture Profits with Stocker Cattle
32910: NATTERSON, JOSEPH M. & RAYMOND J. FRIEDMAN - A Primer of Clinical Intersubjectivity
32760: NAUGHTON, JOHN - A Brief History of the Future from Radio Days to Internet Years in a Lifetime
15742: NAUGHTON, JIM - Taking to the Air the Rise of Michael Jordan
16311: NAUGLE, MATTHEW G. - Local Area Networking
10957: DE NAVACELLE, THIERRY - Woody Allen on Location .
38852: NAVAS, DEBORAH, EDITOR - New Fiction from New England a Distinctive Collection of Short Fiction By Nationally Known Writers, Published in Yankee Magazine.
601: NAY, CATHERINE - The Black and the Red, Francois Mitterrand, the Story of an Ambition
42137: NAY, CATHERINE - The Black and the Red Francois Mitterrand, the Story of an Ambition
3041: NEAL, CHARLES D. - Do-It-Yourself Housebuilding .
42050: NEAL, ROBERT H. - Moodus Poems By Robert H. Neal
25632: NEAL, HERBERT V. & HERBERT W. RAND - Chordate Anatomy
42318: O'NEAL, TATUM WITH HILARY LIFTIN - Found a Daughter's Journey Home
33967: NEALE, J. E. - Elizabeth I and Her Parliaments, Two Volumes 1559-1581, 1584-1601
43030: O'NEALL, WILLIAM B. , EDITOR - The American Association of Architectural Bibliographers Papers, Volume Vi, 1969 an Intelligent Interest in Architecture. A Bibliography of Publications About Thomas Jefferson As an Architect, Together with an Iconography of the Nineteenth-Century Prints of the University of Virginia
14334: NEAR, HOLLY WITH DERK RICHARDSON - Fire in the Rain. . . Singer in the Storm
38920: NEAR, HOLLY WITH LISA DESIMINI - The Great Peace March
19825: NEELY, WILLIAM - The Jim Gilmore Story Alone in the Crowd
6690: NEFF, DONALD - Warriors at Suez, Eisenhower Takes America Into the Middle East .
38424: NEFF, JOHN WITH S. L. MINTZ - John Neff on Investing
6788: NEHRLING, ARNO AND IRENE NEHRLING - Gardeing, Forcing, Conditioning and Drying for Flower Arrangements .
28726: NEHRLING, ARNO AND IRENE NEHRLING - The Picture Book of Annuals
28690: NEIBAUER, ALAN - The Official Guide to Corel Wordperfect Suite 7 for Windows 95
41834: NEIBERG, MICHAEL S. , EDITOR - The World War I Reader Primary and Secondary Sources
41646: NEIDER, CHARLES, EDITOR - Antarctica Authentic Accounts of Life and Exploration in the World's Highest, Driest, Windiest, Coldest and Most Remote Continent
16480: NEIDITZ, MINERVA H. - Business Writing at Its Best
29426: NEIDITZ, MINERVA H. - Business Writing at Its Best
32562: O'NEIL, JACQUELINE - All About Agility Revised Edition
33068: O'NEIL, JOHN - Leadership Aikido 6 Business Practices to Turn Around Your Life
23836: O'NEILL, EUGENE - The Iceman Cometh a Play
644: O'NEILL, TIP WITH WILLIAM NOVAK - Man of the House, the Life and Political Memoirs of Speaker Tip O'neill
2790: O'NEILL, JEANNE LAMB - Flower Arranging without Flowers .
42416: NEILL, PETER, EDITOR - American Sea Writing a Literary Anthology
10220: O'NEILL, TIM - And We, the People, Ten Years with the Primitive Tribes of New Guinea .
33878: O'NEILL, WILLIAM L. - A Democracy at War America's Fight at Home and Abroad in World War Ii
34703: O'NEILL, DAVID P. - The Sharing Community Parish Councils and Their Meaning
22173: O'NEILLL, CHERRY BOONE - Starving for Attention
35318: O'NEILLL, JOHN, EDITOR - On Critical Theory
31896: NEIMARK, PAUL - Same Time Next Week? How to Leave Your Therapist
33321: O'NELLL, EUGENE - The Iceman Cometh a Play By Eugene O'neill
5302: NELSON, DAVID L. , ET AL, EDITORS . - Chemistry of High-Temperature Superconductors .
7767: NELSON, GLENN C. - Ceramics, a Potter's Handbook, Second Edition .
36659: NELSON, JOHN K. - A Year in the Life of a Shinto Shrine
10973: NELSON, WALTER HENRY - The Great Discount Delusion .
10758: NELSON, JILL - Volunteer Slavery, My Authentic Negro Experience .
17077: NELSON, WILLIE & BUD SHRAKE - Willie, an Autobiography
18619: NELSON, MARY CARROLL - Connecting the Art of Beth Ames Swartz
41608: NELSON, LEE - Rockwell Storm Testament Vi. A Biographical Novel.
9064: NELSON, GLENN C. - Ceramics, a Potter's Handbook .
40585: NELSON, STEWART B. - Oceanographic Ships Fore and Aft
43310: NELSON, SUSIE - Heart Worn Memories a Daughter's Personal Biography of Willie Nelson
40657: NELSON, HARRY WILLIAM - Never to Forget This
40572: NEMOY, ELIZABETH MCGINLEY & SERENA FOLEY DAVIS - The Correction of Defective Consonant Sounds, Revised Edition a Teachers' Manual of Ear Training Stories and Motivated Lessons for Group Or Individual Instruction
37744: NESBIT, E. - The Bastables the Story of the Treasure Seekers. The Wouldbegoods
16074: NESBITT, ALEXANDER - The History and Technique of Lettering
39238: NESMITH, ROBERT I & JOHN S. POTTER, JR. - Treasure. . How and Where to Find It
4334: NETTEL - Photography for Profit .
43037: NETTL, PAUL - The Book of Musical Documents
38471: NEUBERGER, ANNE E. - Stories of Saints Through the Centuries Mystics & Martyrs, Healers & Hermits, Soldiers & Seekers
39621: NEUFELD, ADOLFO - To War in a Red Subaru a Memoir. A Volunteer's Chronicle of the Yom Kippur War. Between Stories and Dreams.
31954: NEUGEBOREN, JAY - Imagining Robert My Brother, Madness, and Survival. A Memoir
35976: NEUMAN, LEO - With My Last Breath, Let Me See Jerusalem the Memoirs of Leo Neuman, Holocaust Survivor
40197: NEUSTADT, RICHARD E. - Presidential Power the Politics of Leadership
34274: NEVATIA, RAMAKANT - Machine Perception
42314: NEVINS, ALLAN - The Emergence of Lincoln, Volume Ii Prologue to the Civil War 1859-1861
34837: NEWBERGER, ELI H. , M. D. - The Men They Will Become the Nature and Nurture of Male Character
29527: NEWBERRY, PAUL A. - Ethical Traditions
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14788: NEWMAN, EDWIN - A Civil Tongue
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25622: NICHOLLS, RICHARD - Custom Cars in Color
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25117: NICOLSON, IAN - Improve Your Own Boat Projects and Tips for the Practical Boat Builder
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22287: NIZER, LOUIS - Catspaw the Famed Trial Attorney's Heroic Defense of a Man Unjustly Accused
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31818: OPATZ, JOSEPH P. , EDITOR - Economic Impact of Worksite Health Promotion
40706: OPDYCKE, SANDRA - No One Was Turned Away the Role of Public Hospitals in New York City Since 1900
35191: COMMITTEE ON SHIPS' BALLAST OPERATION - Stemming the Tide Controlling Introductions of Nonindigenous Species By Ships' Ballast Water
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30115: OPPEL, FRANK, COMPILER - Tales of the New England Coast
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42165: ORITA, ZENJI WITH JOSEPH D. HARRINGTON - I-Boat Captain How Japan's Submarines Almost Defeated the U.S. Navy in the Pacific
37618: THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF NEW ORLEANS - The Plantation Cookbook Illustrated By M. Dell Weller
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396: ORMSBEE, THOMAS H. - Field Guide to American Victorian Furniture
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294: ORMSBEE, THOMAS H. - Care and Repair of Antiques
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1745: OSHERSON, SAMUEL, PH. D. - Wrestling with Love How Men Struggle with Intimacy with Women, Children, Parents, and Each Other
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42386: OSLIN, REID - Tales from the Boston College Sideline
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35280: PAAR, JACK - P.S. Jack Paar an Entertainment
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1766: PACKARD, VANCE - The Status Seekers
1764: PACKARD, VANCE - A Nation of Strangers
1284: PACKARD, REYNOLDS - Rome Was My Beat
32186: PADDOCK, JUDAH - A Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Ship Oswego on the Coast of South Barbary, and of the Sufferings of the Master and the Crew While in Bondage Among the Arabs: Interspersed with Numerous Remarks Upon the Country and Its Inhabitants; and Concerning the Peculiar Perils of the Coast.
9211: PADOVER, SAUL K. - A Jefferson Profile, As Revealed in His Letters .
42347: PAFFORD, JOHN M. - How Firm a Foundation William Bradford and Plymouth
38134: PAGDEN, ANTHONY - The Fall of Natural Man the American Indian and the Origins of Comparative Ethnology
26230: PAGE, FRANK - Sailing Solo to America
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35071: PAGE, TIM & VANESSA WEEKS PAGE, EDITORS - Selected Letters of Virgil Thomson
35788: PAGELS, HEINZ R. , EDITOR - Computer Culture the Scientific, Intellectual, and Social Impact of the Computer. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 426
11256: PAHL, DAVID - Space Warfare and Strategic Defense .
2488: PAINE, PHILBROOK - Squarely Behind the Beavers .
21339: PAINE, LAURAN - The Assassins' World
28420: PAINE, JOHN K. - The History of Music to the Death of Schubert
40778: PAINTER, GILIAN - A Herb Cookbook
25390: PAISNER, MARSHALL B. - Sustaining the Family Business an Insider's Guide to Managing Across Generations
24663: PAKER, JOSEPHINE - Beating the Drum Merlion Arts Library
33512: PAKULA, MARION BROOME - Needlepoint Plaids
38327: PALAZZINI, FIORA STEINBACH - Coca-Cola Superstar
16399: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS TURNER - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language
12594: PALGRAVE, FRANCIS T. - The Golden Treasury, Selected from the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language. Two Volumes in One . Revised and Enlarged, Two Volumes in One
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39063: PALINSKI-WADE, ERIN, RD, CDE & ALISA BOWMAN - 2 Day Diabetes Diet Diet Just 2 Days a Week and Dodge Type 2 Diabetes
35432: PALLOFF, RENA M. & KEITH PRATT - Collaborating Online Learning Together in Community
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11705: PALMER, WINTHROP AND ANATOLE CHUJOY - Dance News Annual 1953 .
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33826: PALMER, M. B. - We Fight with Merchant Ships
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41853: PALMER, GERTRUDE - The Combatant Biography of John J. Sidey (Founder of Kingston Bible College)
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33822: PALMQUIST, ROLAND E. - Electrical Course for Apprentices and Journeymen Newly Revised
40067: PANAGGIO, LEONARD J. - Portrait of Newport Ii 175th Anniversary Publication of the Bank of Newport, Rhode Island
34979: PANDEY, CAROL - Study Guide to Accompany Schneider/Tarshis Elements of Physiological Psychology
31238: PANDOLFINI, BRUCE - More Chess Openings; Traps and Zaps 2
15821: PANISH, PAUL - Exit Visa the Emigration of the Soviet Jews
33327: PANTANO, ILARIO WITH MALCOLM MCCONNELL - Warlord No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy
18668: PAOLINO, THOMAS J. , JR. M. D. - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: Theory, Technique, Therapeutic Relationship and Treatability
39861: PAPADAKI, STAMO - Oscar Niemeyer the Masters of World Architecture Series
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43160: PAPINI, GIOVANNI - Life of Christ
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43299: PAPPANO, LAURA - Inside School Turnarounds Urgent Hopes, Unfolding Stories
27413: PAPROCKI, JOE - Renewing Your Ministry Walking with Jesus in All That You Do
10569: PARADIS, ADRIAN AND GRACE PARADIS - Grow in Grace, Devotions for Family Worship .
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30651: PARDEY, LIN AND LARRY PARDEY - Cruising in Seraffyn
36910: PARDEY, LARRY & LIN PARDEY - The Self-Sufficient Sailor
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35480: PARFIT, MICHAEL - South Light a Journey to the Last Continent
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11388: PARISH, JAMES ROBERT - The Paramount Pretties .
42847: PARISHIONERS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS, CHURCH OF ST. MARK - A Taste of Heaven a Collection of Recipes from Parishioners, Family and Friends, Church of St. Mark, Cranston, Ri
41884: PARK, WON - Thoughts of a Korean
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18661: PARKER, DEREK & JULIA PARKER - The Complete Astrologer's Love Signs
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41624: PARKER, T. JEFFERSON, EDITOR - Hook, Line & Sinister
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13901: PARKHURST, WILLIAM - True Detectives, the Real World of Today's P.I.
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26536: PARKIN, ALAN J. - Memory & Amnesia an Introduction
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38329: PARKS, TIM - Italian Neighbors Or, a Lapsed Anglo-Saxon in Verona
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9871: PARMET, HERBERT S. - Richard Nixon and His America .
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14850: PARR, JACK - Three on a Toothbrush
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36241: PARSONS, FRANCES WIESEN - Jack in the Pulpit
8910: PARSONS, P. ALLEN - Complete Book of Fresh Water Fishing .
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639: PARTRIDGE, BELLAMY - Country Lawyer
14851: PARTRIDGE, BELLAMY - Excuse My Dust
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35677: PASCUCCI, JOHN & CAMERON STAUTH - The Manhunter the Astounding True Story of the U.S. Marshal Who Tracked Down the World's Most Evil Criminals
2175: PASTERNAK, BORIS - I Rembmber, Sketch for an Autobiography .
21493: PASTERNAK, BORIS - The Poems of Doctor Zhivago
19049: Q, MIKE & PAT Q - The Manual of Slide Duplicating
33859: PATAI, RAPHAEL - The Kingdom of Jordan
10387: PATEL, HARSHAD - Vanishing Herds .
22476: PATENT, DOROTHY HINSHAW - Prairie Dogs
40279: PATEY, JEAN - New England's Lighthouses a Photographic Portrait
41932: PATINKIN, MARK - An African Journey Stories and Photographs By Mark Patinkin
42059: PATINKIN, MARK & DON BOUSQUET - The Rhode Island Dictionary
31790: PATINKIN, MARK - Up and Running the Inspiring True Story of a Boy's Struggle to Survive and Triumph
34030: PATINKIN, MARK - Up and Running the Inspiring True Story of a Boy's Struggle to Survive and Triumph
32663: PATITUCCI, FRANK M. & MICHAEL H. LICHTENSTEIN - Improving Cash Management in Local Government: A Comprehensive Approach
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16358: PATRICK, JOHN - So You Wanna Be a Gambler! Blackjack Learn How to Win
43401: PATRICK, DAVID R. - Toxic Air Pollution Handbook
41032: PATROSKI, HENRY - Invention By Design How Engineers Get from Thought to Thing
37497: PATTEN, JEFFREY - Cape Neddick Light Station and Sohier Park Where the Land Meets the Sea and the Past Meets the Future
41369: PATTEN, DAVID - Three Sides to the Sea Memories of a S'cunnet Childhood
11807: PATTERSON, LINDSAY - Anthology of the American Negro in the Theatre, a Critical Approach .
28943: PATTERSON, CHARLES - Marian Anderson
30762: PATTERSON, THOMAS E. & ROBERT D. MCCLURE - The Unseeing Eye the Myth of Television Power in National Politics
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29851: PAUL, SHERMAN, EDITOR - Six Classic American Writers, an Introduction Franklin, Irving, Emerson, Longfellow, Thoreau, Whitman
40272: PAUL, JAMES L. & TERRY JO SMITH, EDITORS - Stories out of School. Memories and Reflections on Care and Cruelty in the Classroom
19663: DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL - Into the Woods and Other Favorite Verses .
33815: PAUL, SHALE & CANDACE PAUL - Tough/Nice: A Manager's Guide to Sustained High Performance
36222: PAULEY, BRUCE F. - From Prejudice to Persecution a History of Austrian Anti-Semitism
29778: PAULEY, JANE - Skywriting a Life out of the Blue
34072: PAULLIN, ELLEN - Ted's Stroke the Caregiver's Story
43374: PAVLOVSKII, E. N. , EDITOR - Techniques for the Investigation of Fish Physiology Rukovodstvo Po Metodike Issledovaniya Fiziologii Ryb
42654: PAVONE, FATHER FRANK - Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day Minute Meditations for Every Day Containing a Text from Scripture (Or Other Church Documents) , a Reflection, and a Prayer (No. 168/19)
38354: PAXSON, ETHEL - One Day Poems and Lighter Verse
659: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler
2317: PAYNE, ROBERT - The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler
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30959: PAYNE, ELIZABETH B. & D. BRENTON SIMONS, EDITORS - 150 Years Exploring Our Heritage Sesquicentennial Commemorative
3050: PAYNE, ROBERT - Forever China .
38688: PAYNE, F. ANNE - Chaucer and Menippean Satire
20443: PAYSON, HERB - Blown Away
42872: PAYSON, HAROLD H. ("DYNAMITE") - Instant Boats
26215: PAYTON, ROBERT L. - Philanthropy Voluntary Action for the Public Good
43198: PAYTRESS, MARK - I Was There Gigs That Changed the World
36382: PAZMINO, ROBERT W. - The Seminary in the City a Study of New York Theological Seminary
36381: PAZMINO, ROBERT W. - Principles & Practices of Christian Eduction an Evangelical Perspective
42719: PEABODY, ERNEST H. - A Book of Random Verses
30072: PEACH, EMILY - Things That Go Bump in the Night How to Investigate and Challenge Ghostly Experiences
36463: PEACHEY, LEE D. , EDITOR - Conferences on Cellular Dynamics Proceedings of the Third and Fourth Interdisciplinary Conferences
41500: PEACHEY, ERICA - Understanding Your Dog Understanding and Training Your Dog for Life
658: PEALE, MRS. NORMAN VINCENT - The Adventure of Being a Wife
5952: PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT - Stay Alive All Your Life .
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6688: PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT - Imaging, the Powerful Way to Change Your Life
2995: PEALE, NORMAN VINCENT - Why Some Positive Thinkers Get Powerful Results .
18229: PEARCE, JOSEPH CHILTON - Evolution's End Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence
34178: PEARLMAN, JEFF - The Rocket That Fell to Earth Roger Clemens and the Rage for Baseball Immortality
43240: PEARLMAN, JEFF - The Rocket That Fell to Earth Roger Clemens and the Rage for Baseball Immortality
10814: PEARSALL, PAUL - The Ten Laws of Lasting Love .
29730: PEARSE, ANDREW - The Latin American Peasant
908: PEARSON, DREW, EDITED BY TYLER ABELL - Diaries 1949-1959
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10269: PEARSON, HESKETH - Sir Walter Scott, His Life and Personality .
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30444: PEARSON, HAYDN S. - Sea Flavor
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33854: PEARSON, JOHN - Magic Doors
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40510: PEATMAN, JOHN B. - Coin-Cell-Powered Embedded Design
18171: PECHTER, WILLIAM S. - Twenty-Four Times a Second Films and Film-Makers
41276: PEDDE, LAWRENCE D. , ET AL - Metric Manual
3011: PEDERSON, BARBARA I. - A Century of Spirit, Unocal 1890 - 1990 .
39043: PEDEVILLANO, CATHY, EDITED BY LINDA MORSE - Habitat Values of New England Wetlands
39979: PEDREGON, CYNTHIA COLLINS - With Love, from Cynthia a Collection of Recipes & Remembrances
43123: PEDROIA, DUSTIN WITH EDWARD J. DELANEY - Born to Play My Life in Baseball
38893: PEEBLES, P. J. E. - Principles of Physical Cosmology .
13458: PEEPLES, FANNIE H. - Junior Garden-Club Handbook, a Leader's Guide .
41928: PEFFER, RANDALL S. - Logs of the Dead Pirates Society a Schooner Adventure Around Buzzards Bay
4780: PEGELS, C. CARL - Health Care and the Elderly .
40481: PEGIS, ANTON C. , EDITOR - Basic Writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Volume One. Volume Two. God and the Order of Creation. Man and the Conduct of Life.
27023: PEGRAM, THOMAS R. - Battling Demon Rum the Struggle for a Dry America, 1800-1933
30495: PEI, MARIO A. & FRANK GAYNOR - A Dictionary of Linguistics
27742: PEINS, MARYANN - Contemprary Approaches in Stuttering Therapy
12799: PEIRCE, NEAL R. AND JERRY HAGSTROM - The Book of America, Inside Fifty States Today .
32577: PEJOVICH, TED - The State of California Growing Up Foreign in the Backyards of Eden
30429: PELIKAN, JAROSLAV, EDITOR - The Idea of the University a Reexamination
16184: PELIKAN, JAROSLAV, EDITOR - Jesus Through the Centuries His Place in the History of Culture
41609: PELISSIER, ROGER, EDITED BY MARTIN KIEFFER - The Awakening of China 1793-1949
35857: PELL, SENATOR CLAIBORNE WITH HAROLD LELAND GOODWIN - Challenge of the Seven Seas the Fascinating Story of Man's Discovery of New Worlds Under the Sea
42831: PELL, CLAIBORNE, SENATOR - Power and Policy America's Role in World Affairs
33140: PELLEW, JOHN C. - Painting Maritime Landscapes
25202: PELLMAN, RACHEL & KENNETH PELLMAN - The World of Amish Quilts
16336: VAN PELT WILSON, HELEN AND LEONIE BELL - The Fragrant Year Scented Plants for Your Garden and Your House
19390: VAN PELT WILSON, HELEN AND LEONIE BELL - The Fragrant Year Scented Plants for Your Garden and Your House
1092: PELTZ, MARY ELLIS - Behind the Gold Curtain
40452: PELZ, DAVE WITH JAMES A. FRANK - Dave Pelz's Putting Bible the Complete Guide to Mastering the Green
42415: PEMBER, HARRY E. - Sikorsky Vs-44 Flying Boat Classic Aircraft in Profile Volume 1
42925: PEMBERTON, JOHN C. - Pemberton Defender of Vicksburg
37490: PEMSEL, HELMUT - A History of War at Sea an Atlas and Chronology of Conflict at Sea from Earliest Times to the Present
39611: PENDERS, TOM & STEVE RICHARDSON - Dead Coach Walking Tom Penders Surviving and Thriving in College Hoops
42123: PENDOLA, RICHARD G. , PH. D. - Introductory Microbiology Laboratory Manual
36009: PENNAZ, STEVE & AMY MATTSON, EDITORS - North American Fishing Club Members' Cookbook
892: PENNER, JAMES - Goliath, the Life of Robert Schuller
32980: PENNIMAN, HOWARD R. , EDITOR - Britain at the Polls, 1979 a Study of the General Election
40365: PENNINGTON, BILL - On Par the Everyday Golfer's Survival Guide
2695: PENNINGTON, M. BASIL - A Place Apart .
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12371: PENZIAS, ARNO - Ideas and Information, Managing in a High-Tech World .
36145: PENZLER, OTTO, EDITOR - Murderers' Row Original Basball Mysteries By All-Star Bestselling Authors
26166: PEPPER, CURTIS BILL - An Artist and the Pope Based Upon the Personal Recollections of Giacomo Manzu
30384: PEPPER, CLAUDE DENSON WITH HAYS GOREY - Pepper Eyewitness to a Century
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42001: PERESS, GILLES - The Rockaways
30163: PEREZ, LOUIS A. , JR. - Cuba and the United States: Ties of Singular Intimacy
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21931: PERLIS, VIVIAN - Charles Ives Remembered an Oral History
41102: PERLMAN, ADRIENNE L. & KONRAD S. SCHULZE-DELRIEU - Deglutition and Its Disorders Anatomy, Physiology, Clinical Diagnosis, and Management
36743: PERLMAN, HELEN HARRIS - Relationship the Heart of Helping People
28048: PERLOFF, HARVEY S. & EDWARD FOSTER, PERRY NORTON - Planning and the Urban Community Essays on Urbanism and City Planning Presented Before a Seminar Sponsored By the Joint Committee on Planning and Urban Development of Carnegie Institute of Technology and University of Pittsburgh
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8272: PERMUT, JOANNA BAUMER - Embracing the Wolf, a Lupus Victim and Her Family Learn to Live with Chronic Disease .
42969: PERRETT, BRYAN - The Changing Face of Battle from Teutoburger Wald to Desert Storm
14682: PERRIN, ELULA - So Long As There Are Women Nine Lives of Women Who Prefer Women
23159: PERRIN, NOEL - Third Person Rural Further Essays of a Sometime Farmer
24110: PERRY, GREG - Managing Rental Properties for Maximum Profit
4339: PERRY, ROBIN - Photography for the Professionals
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31330: PERRY, RALPH BARTON - The Thought and Character of William James Briefer Version
3520: PERRY, SAMUEL, M. D. , ALLEN FRANCES, M. D. , AND JOHN CLARKIN, PH. D. . - A Dsm-Iii Casebook of Differential Therapeutics .
9364: PERRY, MARGARET - Christmas Card Magic .
40005: PERRY, WILLIAM & JOHN EARLE BENTLEY, COMPILERS - Genealogy of One Branch of the Peckham Family of Newport and Westerly, R.I. And Its Allied Families
39186: ST. -JOHN PERSE - Birds with Reproductiions of Four Original Color Etchings By Georges Braque. Bollingen Series Lxxxii
35003: PERSING, VIRGINIA & TRISH KROTOWSKI - The New Jersey Hospital Association Celebrating Innovative Leadership in Healthcare 75th Anniversary
36285: BUREAU OF NAVAL PERSONNEL - Electronics Technician 2, Vol. 1 Navpers 10190-a
36286: BUREAU OF NAVAL PERSONNEL - Electronic Technician's Mate 2c Vol. 1 Edition 1946
36906: BUREAU OF NAVAL PERSONNEL - Basic Electronics Revised Edition
32256: PERUN, THOMAS J. & C. L. PROPST, EDITORS - Computer-Aided Drug Design Methods and Applications
433: PESIN, HARRY - The Incredible Waterford Contest Book
28108: PESKIN, HENRY M. & EUGENE P. SESKIN - Cost Benefit Analysis and Water Pollution Policy Papers Prepared for a Symposium
34029: PESKY, JOHNNY WITH PHIL PEPE - Few and Chosen Defining Red Sox Greatness Across the Eras
33028: PESSEN, EDWARD - Most Uncommon Jacksonians the Radical Leaders of the Early Labor Movement
24294: PETER, MARY - Collecting Victoriana
16528: PETERS, MARGOT - Mrs. Pat the Life of Mrs. Patrick Campbell
9206: PETERS, HARRY T. - Currier & Ives, Printmakers to the American People .
21061: PETERS, JOAN & ANNA SUTCLIFFE - Making Costumes for School Plays
22225: PETERS, ROBERT L. - Getting What You Came for the Smart Student's Guide to Earning a Master's Or a Ph. D.
25827: PETERS, MIKE - Mother Goose and Grimm: Top Dog
30104: PETERS, TOM - The Excellence Challenge, Six Audio Cassettes
12376: PETERS, TOM - Liberation Management, Necessary Disorgnization for the Nanosecond Nineties .
27077: PETERS, CHUCK & SANDI KILCOLLINS, WENDY NICHOLS, EDITORS - The Computer Videomaker Handbook, Second Edition a Comprehensive Guide to Making Video
34607: PETERSEN, PETER B. , LIEUTENANT COLONEL - Against the Tide an Argument in Favor of the American Soldier
4889: PETERSON, FLORENCE, EDITOR . - The Big Book of Favorite Dog Stories .
13426: PETERSON, GAIL - The Last Laugh, a Completely New Collection of Funny Old Epitaphs
16143: PETERSON, FRANKLYNN - Children's Toys You Can Build Yourself
42734: PETERSON, BARBARA S. - Blue Streak Inside Jetblue, the Upstart That Rocked an Industry
33675: PETERSON, PAUL W. - Natural Singing and Expressive Conducting Revised Edition
9810: PETITE, IRVING - The Elderberry Tree .
40707: PETRIE, PAUL - From Under the Hill of Night Poems By Paul Petrie
33914: PETRIE, PAUL - The Academy of Goodbye
10994: PETROCELLI, DANIEL WITH PETER KNOBLER - Triumph of Justice, the Final Judgment on the Simpson Saga .
19076: PETTENGILL, HELEN - History of Grafton, Vermont 1754 - 1985 and Sidelights on Grafton History
12245: PETTINGILL, OLIN SEWALL, JR. - A Guide to Bird Finding East of the Mississippi .
29199: PETTY, THOMAS L. & LOUISE M. NETT - Enjoying Life with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Third Edition
37806: PEYREFITTE, ROGER - The Jews a Fictional Venture Into the Follies of Antisemitism
40963: PEYSER, ETHEL - How to Enjoy Music a First Aid to Music Listeners
40561: PEZZA, KELLY SULLIVAN - Snowglobe
24219: PFAFFENBERGER, BRYAN - Mosaic User's Guide Disk Included
43009: PFATTEICHER, CARL F. & ARCHIBALD T. DAVISON - The Church Organist's Golden Treasury, Volume Three an Anthology of Choral Preludes
33348: PFEIFFER, ROBERT H. - History of New Testament Times with an Introduction to the Apocrypha
7573: PFEIFFER, JOHN E. - The Emergence of Society, a Prehistory of the Establishment .
30819: PFEIFFER, C. BOYD - The Compleat Surfcaster Tackle. Strategies. Techniques. An American Littoral Society Book
17736: PFLAUM, ROSALYND - By Influence & Desire
12053: PHANG, RUTH AND SUSAN L. ROTH - We Build a Climber .
10252: PHELPS, WILLIAM LYON - Autobiography with Letters .
41322: PHELPS, WILLIAM LYON - Autobiography with Letters .
37045: PHELPS, ROLAND S. , EDITOR - 750 Practical Electronic Circuits Tab 1499
40817: PHELPS, M. WILLIAM - Nathan Hale the Life and Death of America's First Spy
39997: PHELPS, MARY MERWIN - Kate Chase Dominant Daughter the Life Story of a Brilliant Woman and Her Famous Father
653: PHILBRICK, HERBERT A. - I Led 3 Lives, Citizen, "Communist", Counterspy
12519: PHILBRICK, JOHN AND HELEN PHILBRICK - Organic Gardening for Health and Nutrition .
33238: PHILIP, CYNTHIA OWEN - Robert Fulton a Biography
40944: PHILLIPS, ARTHUR S. - The Borden Murder Mystery in Defence of Lizzie Borden
38311: PHILLIPS-MATZ, MARY JANE - Puccini a Biography
5399: PHILLIPS, J. C. - Physics of High-Tc Superconductors .
13084: PHILLIPS, SUE - Kitchen Garden, a Journal .
14584: PHILLIPS, DUNCAN - The Phillips Collection a Museum of Modern Art and Its Sources Catalogue
40371: PHILLIPS, MELANIE - Londonistan
21430: PHILLIPS, CAROLYN E. - Michelle
33141: PHILLIPS-BIRT, DOUGLAS - The Building of Boats
23900: PHILLIPS, JULIA - You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again .
29381: PHILLIPS, ROGER & SHEILA GRANT WITH TOM WELLSTED, EDITOR - Wild Flowers of Britain over a Thousand Species By Photographic Identificat Ion
1603: PHILLIPS. J. B. - Letters to Young Churches
40854: PHILLIPS, JAN - Marry Your Muse Making a Lasting Commitment to Your Creativity
38112: PHILLIPS, BEEMAN N. - School Stress and Anxiety Theory, Research, and Intervention
41632: PHILLIPS, KEVIN - William Mckinley the American Presidents Series #25
42927: PHILLIPS, RALPH L. , ET AL - A Handbook for Raising Small Numbers of Sheep Leaflet 21389
43186: PHILLIPS, EVERETT FRANKLIN - Beekeeping a Discussion of the Life of the Honeybee and of the Production of Honey
11918: PHILP, RICHARD & MARY WHITNEY - Danseur, the Male in Ballet .
14883: PHILP, PETER - Antique Furniture for the Smaller Home
28052: PHIPPEN, SANFORD - The Police Know Everything Downeast Stories
19301: PHOLERIC, JANET J. - Folk Dances Around the World, Volume 1 the United States and Mexico
6832: WORLD'S GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHERS - 'midwest Images of America. . . By the World's Greatest Photographers .
13519: INDEX STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY - Extensions 7, Science & Medicine
6902: PHYFE, WILLIAM HENRY P. - Putnam's 18,000 Words Often Mispronounced .
13123: PIAGET, JEAN - The Child and Reality, Problems of Genetic Psychology .
34443: PIASECKI, BRUCE, EDITOR - Beyond Dumping New Strategies for Controlling Toxic Contamination
33241: PIAZZA, TOM - Why New Orleans Matters
42573: PICK, ADAM - The Patient's Guide to Heart Valve Surgery Avoid Stress. Know What to Expect. Enhance Recovery. Revised Edition
15971: PICK, CHRISTOPHER - Aircraft in Color Including Record Breaking Events
39225: PICKARD, SAMUEL T. - Life and Letters of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 1
37542: PICKELHAUPT, BILL - Shanghaied in San Francisco
33470: PICKENS, T. BOONE, JR. - Boone
652: PICKENS, T. BOONE, JR. - Boone
7517: PICKENS, T. BOONE, JR. - Boone .
31935: PICKERING, ERNEST - The Homes of America As They Have Expressed the Lives of Our People for Three Centuries
23457: PICKERING, SAMUEL F. , JR. - The Right Distance
20581: PICKLES, WILFRED - Invites You to Have Another Go
33515: PIEL, GERARD - The Acceleration of History
30376: PIEPENBRINK, LINDA - Sweet & Scrumptious Chocolate
42972: PIERATT, MARTY & KEN HONEYWELL - Bobby Plump: Last of the Small Town Heroes
30168: PIERCE, WESLEY GEORGE - Going Fishing the Story of the Deep-Sea Fishermen of New England
34346: PIERCE, CHARLES P. - Moving the Chains Tom Brady and the Pursuit of Everything
38444: PIERER, HEINRICH V. & BOLKO V. OETINGER, EDITORS - A Passion for Ideas How Innovators Create the New and Shape Our World
39160: PIERSON, ORVILLE - The Unwritten Rules of the Highly Effective Job Search Land a Job You Love Using the Methods Top Career Professionals Teach Their Private Clients
40515: PIERSON, GEORGE WILSON - The Founding of Yale the Legend of the Forty Folios
12814: PIERSON, WILLIAM H. , JR. AND MARTHA DAVIDSON, EDITORS - Arts of the United States, a Pictorial Survey
22063: PILGRIM, AUBREY - Build Your Own Multimedia Pc
24062: PILGRIM, AUBREY - Build Your Own 80386 Ibm Compatible and Save a Bundle
38391: PILKEY, ORRIN H. , SR. , ET AL - Coastal Design a Guide for Builders, Planners, and Home Owners
41031: PILKEY, WALTER D. & PIN YU CHANG - Modern Formulas for Statics and Dynamics a Stress-and-Strain Approach
41472: PILLAI, BISHOP K. C. - Light Through an Eastern Window
29499: PILLSBURY, MARY - Peter and Wendy See the New York World's Fair in Pop-Up Action Pictures Official Edition
41897: PILON, A. BARBARA - Teaching Language Arts Creatively in the Elementary Grades
40536: PILONE, DAN & RUSS MILES - Head First Software Development
26921: PIMLOTT, BEN - The Queen a Biography of Elizabeth Ii
5335: PINCHER, CHAPMAN - Too Secret Too Long .
35163: PINDER, GEORGE F. & WILLIAM G. GRAY - Finite Element Simulation in Surface and Subsurface Hydrology
2720: PINES, BURTON YALE - Back to Basics .
31892: PINGITORE, RAYMOND & PAUL LONARDO - Thrill Killers a True Story of Innocence and Murder without Conscience
39810: PINK, DANIEL H. - Free Agent Nation How America's New Independent Workers Are Transformng the Way We Live
37115: PINKAS, LILLY - Guide to the Gardens of Florida
8270: PINKHAM, MARY ELLEN - Mary Ellen's Help Yourself Diet Plan, "the One That Worked for Me. " .
8269: PINKHAM, MARY ELLEN - Mary Ellen's Help Yourself Diet Plan, "the One That Worked for Me" .
1761: PINKHAM, MARY ELLEN - How to Stop the One You Love from Drinking .
12246: PINNEY, ROY - Animals, Inc. .
32051: PINNEY, JOHN J. - Operating a Garden Center Fourth Revised Edition
25166: PINNIGER, R. S. , EDITOR - Jones's Animal Nursing, Second Edition
41828: PINSKY, ROBERT & MAGGIE DIETZ, EDITORS WITH ROSEMARIE ELLIS - An Invitation to Poetry a New Favoite Poem Project Anthology. With Dvd.
40007: PIPER, ROBERT G. , EDITOR IN CHIEF , ET AL - Fish Hatchery Management
7920: PIPER, JAMES - Personal Filmmaking .
24939: PIPER, LEONARD - Murder By Gaslight True Tales of Murder in Victorian and Edwardian England

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