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005838: CLARKE, VIRGINIA AND GARRATT, J. G. (EDS) - Seventh General Index to Book-Auction Records
014648: VIRSHUP, BERNARD, MD - Coping in Medical School
074311: VIRTUE, NOEL - The Redemption of Elsdon Bird, A Novel
Pb365: VISCHER, PHIL - Junior's Colors
079664: VISCOTT, DAVID S. (MD) - The Making of a Psychiatrist
047420: VISCOTT, DAVID S. (M.D.) - The Making of a Psychiatrist
057236: VISE, DAVID A. - The Bureau and the Mole: The Unmasking of Robert Philip Hanssen, the Most Dangerous Double Agent in FBI History
P5255: VISHER, EMILY B.; VISHER, JOHN S. - How to Win As a Stepfamily
081157: VISHNIAC, ROMAN - Art in Medicine - Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
024937: VISSCHER, MAURICE B. (ED) - Chemistry and Medicine
049658: VITANZA, VICTOR J. (EDITOR - Harvest '66 (1967): Poetry, Short Stories, Essays, Art (The University of Houston)
Pb5856: VITKUS, JOHN - The McGraw-Hill Casebook in Abnormal Psychology
069244: VITRY, PAUL - The Louvre Museum: A General Guide to the Collections
073279: VITTORINI, DOMENICO - High Points in the History of Italian Literature
081529: KERR, VIVIAN AND DON - Kerr's Country Kitchen
043502: VIVIAN, JOHN - The Media of Mass Communication: Third (3rd) Edition (Instructor's Annotated Edition)
083559: COLLE, VIVIENNE WITH KATZ, MARJORIE P. - Vivienne Colle's Make-It-Yourself Boutique
Pb6217: FRANK H. VIZETELLY - A Daily guide to Knowledge
072403: VLADECK, BRUCE C. - Unloving Care: The Nursing Home Tragedy
005926: HACHINSKI, VLADIMIR (MD) AND NORRIS, JOHN W. (MD) - The Acute Stroke
073537: VLIET, R.G. - Scorpio Rising
Pb704: VLK, SUZEE - The Gmat for Dummies
077935: VOELCKER, PROF. DR. F. - Chirurgie der Samenblasen
058357: VOGAN, SARA - Scenes from the Homefront (Illinois Short Fiction)
062744: VOGEL, ILSE-MARGRET - Farewell Aunt Isabell
011250: VOGEL, J. H. K. (ED) - Long-Term Prognosis Following Valve Replacement
Pa603: STANLEY M. VOGEL - American Literature Volume II
054520: VOGEL, D. HEINRICH - Christologie I - Erster Band
051426: VOGEL, JOHN - Present Please
082496: VOGEL, KARL M. (MD) - Clinical Analytical Methods
040681: VOGEL, LINDA JANE - Helping a Child Understand Death
014584: VOGEL, F. C. W. - 200 Jahre - F. C. W. Vogel
084419: VOGEL, JULIUS (MD) - TRANSLATED BY GEORGE E. DAY - The Pathological Anatomy of the Human Body
080706: VOGEL, DR. ALFRED - Lehrbuch Der Kinderkrankheiten
067392: VOGT, ESTHER LOEWEN - The Sky Is Falling
056231: VOGT, VON OGDEN - The Primary of Worship
Pb7696: VOIGT, CYNTHIA - Dicey's Song
038553: VOLAVKA, ZDENKA - The Bowdoin Sculpture of St. John Nepomuk (Bowdoin College Bulletin - 396)
Pa287: VOLHARD, JOACHIM; VOLHARD, JACK; BARTLETT, MELISSA - What All Good Dogs Should Know: The Sensible Way to Train
Pa253: VOLK, DOUGLAS; VOYT, DOUGLAS - The Morpheus Conspiracy
035663: VOLK, HAROLD L. - Questions of Consequence
066831: VOLKAN, VAMIK D. (MD) - What Do You Get When You Cross A Dandelion With A Rose?
070503: VOLKMANN, RICHARD VON (RICHARD LEANDER) - Volkmann's Kleine Geschichten
081255: DE VOLTAIRE, J.F.M.A. - Candide; or: The Optimist
062086: VOLTAIRE - Collected Works of Voltaire: The Complete Romances, Including Candide, and The Ignorant Philosopher
061400: VOLTAIRE - Oeuvres de Voltaire, Avec Prefaces, Avertissements, notes, Etc. Par M. Beuchot. Tome LVIII, Correspondance, Tome VIII
079247: VOLTAIRE - Candide
041429: VON BERNHARDI, ROMMY VON AND INESTROSA, NIBALDO C. (EDS) - Neurodegenerative Diseases from Molecular Concepts to Therapeutic Targets
086258: VORGRIMLER, HERBERT - Karl Rahner - His Life, Thought and Work
087314: VOROBYEV, NIKOLAI; EDITED BY MAXYM, LUCY - The History and Art of the Russian Icon from the X to the XX Centuries
055621: VORONOFF, DR. SERGE - The Sources of Life
085037: VORONOFF, DR. SERGE - Etude sur la Vieillesse Rajeunissement par la Greffe
019870: VORPAHL, BEN MERCHANT - My Dear Wister - The Frederic Remington - Owen Wister Letters
Pb7492: VOSS, THOMAS M.; SOLIS-COHEN, LITA; PENNINGTON, SAMUEL - Americana at Auction: A Pictorial Record of More than 700 American Antiques Sold by Twenty Auction Houses in 1978
046462: VOSS, ROGER - The Simon & Schuster Pocket Guide to Fortified & Dessert Wines
053524: VOUGHT, WALTER (MD) - A Chapter on Cholera for Lay Readers
Pb7127: C. VOUTSAS - National Archeological Museum
Pa1553: ELIZABETH VREEKEN - One Day Everything Went Wrong
073801: VRETTOS, THEODORE - Hammer on the Sea
079589: DE VRIES, PETER - The Vale of Laughter
Pb3408: HERBERT A. DE VRIES - physiology of Exercise for Physical Education And Athletics
069801: DE VRIES, LEONARD - Little Wide-Awake: An Anthology from Victorian Children's Books and Periodicals in the Collection of Anne and Fernand Greenier
085093: DE VRIES, LEONARD - Victorian Inventions
054545: VRIEZEN, PROF. TH. C. - Die Erwahlung Israels Nach dem Alten Testament
071540: VROOMAN, FRANK BUFFINGTON - The New Politics
066895: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W. AND O'CONNOR, MAEVE - CIBA Foundation Colloquia on Ageing - Volume 4: Water and Electrolyte Metabolism in Relation to Age and Sex
023485: IRVING, GEORGE W. AND HERRICK, HORACE T. (EDS) - Antibiotics
011735: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W. AND CAMERON, MARGARET P. - Comparative Biochemistry of Arginine and Derivatives
006565: NEWELL, GEORGE W. AND BUCKLIN, CHARLES R. - City of Pawtucket - Annual Reports of the City Treasurer and the City Auditor 1889
006566: NEWELL, GEORGE W. AND BUCKLIN, CHARLES R. - City of Pawtucket - Annual Reports of the City Treasurer and the City Auditor 1888
006567: NEWELL, GEORGE W. AND GOODWIN, A. K. - City of Pawtucket - Annual Reports of the City Treasurer and the City Auditor 1887
079150: FITCH, GEORGE W. AND COLTON - Colton and Fitch's Introductory School Geography.
048594: POTTER, HOWARD W. (MD) ET AL - Feeblemindedness, Mental Defectives, Criminology, and Reformatories
006569: NEWELL, GEORGE W. AND BUCKLIN, CHARLES R. - City of Pawtucket - Annual Reports of the City Treasurer and the City Auditor 1890
038503: KONODY, PAUL G.; BROCKWELL, MAURICE W. AND LIPPMANN, F. S. (EDITED BY T. LEMAN HARE) - The National Gallery 100 Plates in Colour - Parts 4, 5 and 6
081726: PHELPS, WINTHROP M. (MD); HOPKINS, THOMAS W. AND COUSINS, ROBERT - The Cerebral-Palsied Child: A Guide for Parents
081092: MURRILL, PAUL W. AND SMITH, CECIL L. - Introduction to Computer Science
034789: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W. AND BIRCH, JOAN - CIBA Foundation Symposium on Pyrogens and Fever
012915: MOSKOWITZ, ROLAND W. ET AL - Osteoarthritis: Diagnosis and Management
006574: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W. AND O'CONNOR, MAEVE (EDS) - Endocrinology of the Testis
006568: NEWELL, GEORGE W. AND GOODWIN, A. K. - City of Pawtucket - Annual Reports of the City Treasurer and the City Auditor 1886
005219: HAYES, W. AND CLOWES, R. C. (EDS) - Microbial Genetics - Tenth Symposium, Society for General Microbiology
068973: GOODALL, E. W. AND WASHBOURN, J. W. (MD'S) - A Manual of Infectious Diseases
066627: DAWSON, MILDRED A.; ELWELL, M. ARDELL; JOHNSON, ERIC W. AND ZOLLINGER, MARIAN - Language for Daily Use - Gold, Explorer Edition
046091: SERVICE, ROBERT W. AND LONDON, JACK - The American Reader's Library - The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses and Ballads of a Cheechako (by Robert W. Service); The Terrible Solomons (by Jack London)
080374: DINNING, CLEMENTINA W. WITH A SUPPLEMENT BY COLVILLE, W.J. - Inspirational Hymns and Songs of Progress
068055: SUNDERMAN, F. W. AND F. W. JR. - Laboratory Diagnosis of Endocrine Diseases
074940: HODGES, FRED JENNER; HOLT, JOHN FLOYD; JACOX, HAROLD W. AND COLLINS, VINCENT P. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Year Book of Radiology - 1953-54 Series
069029: HARRISON, L. W. AND CLARKSON, E. R. T. (EDITORS) - The British Journal of Venereal Diseases, Volume III, 1927
052591: TAYLOR, KENNETH J. W. AND VISCOMI, GREGORY N. - Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine
017284: HOLMES, GEORGE W. AND RUGGLES, HOWARD E. (MD'S) - Roentgen Interpretation
071435: BOTSFORD, THOMAS W. (MD) ET AL - Cancer: A Manual for Practitioners
073358: BANCROFT, FREDERIC W. AND MURRAY, CLAY RAY (MD'S), EDITORS - Surgical Treatment of the Motor-Skeletal System, Two Volumes Complete (One, Two, 1,2)
074960: HOLT, JOHN FLOYD; WHITEHOUSE, WALTER M.; JACOX, HAROLD W. AND KLIGERMAN, MORTON M. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Year Book of Radiology - 1960-1961 Series
069027: HARRISON, L. W. AND CLARKSON, E. R. T. (EDITORS) - The British Journal of Venereal Diseases, Volume V, 1929
006493: SWEET, S. I.; ALSTON, C. W. AND SWEET, W. G. - Annual Report of the Town of Andover, Vermont for the Year Ending February 1, 1918
010915: JUDD, RICHARD W. AND MCNAMARA, MARTHA J. (EDS) - Maine History, Summer, 2001: Lynching Jim Cullen
010914: JUDD, RICHARD W. AND MCNAMARA, MARTHA J. (EDS) - Maine History, Spring, 2001: The Nature of Maine
010874: JUDD, RICHARD W. AND MCNAMARA, MARTHA J. (EDS) - Maine History, Spring, 2000: History's Boundaries
010913: JUDD, RICHARD W. AND MCNAMARA, MARTHA J. (EDS) - Maine History, Winter, 2000-01: Television Comes to Bangor
010873: JUDD, RICHARD W. AND MCNAMARA, MARTHA J. (EDS) - Maine History, 1999 - Bicycling in Maine
010872: JUDD, RICHARD W. AND MCNAMARA, MARTHA J. (EDS) - Maine History, Fall 1998 - Education in Maine
072881: LAMBERT SAMUEL W. AND GOODWIN, GEORGE M. (MD'S) - Minute Men of Life
074950: HOLT, JOHN FLOYD; HODGES, FRED JENNER; JACOX, HAROLD W. AND KLIGERMAN, MORTON M. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Year Book of Radiology - 1956-57 Series
061454: PETERSON, THEODORE; JENSEN, JAY W.; AND RIVERS, WILLIAM L. - The Mass Media and Modern Society
060628: COMBS, ARTHUR W. AND SNYGG, DONALD - Individual Behavior: A Perceptual Approach to Behavior
059493: COAN, OTIS W. AND LILLARD, RICHARD G. - America In Fiction: An Annotated List of Novels That Interpret Aspects of Life in the United States
056645: GERMOND, JACK W. & WITCOVER, JULES - Whose Broad Stripes and Bright Stars? The Trivial Pursuit of the Presidency 1988
054136: ROBERTS, ROBERT W. AND NEE, ROBERT H. (EDITORS) - Theories of Social Casework
053041: CASEWIT, CURTIS W. AND POWNALL, DICK; INTRODUCTION BY ULLMAN, JAMES RAMSEY - The Mountaineering Handbook: An Invitation to Climbing
053035: WEBB, JAMES W. AND GREEN, A. WIGFALL (EDITORS) - William Faulkner of Oxford
087352: GOODPASTURE, ERNEST W. AND TEAGUE, OSCAR (MD'S) - Transmission of the Virus of Herpes Febrilis Along Nerves in Experimentally Infected Rabbits
057851: TAYLOR, LLOYD W., WATSON, WILLIAM W. AND HOWE, CARL E. - General Physics for the Laboratory
051519: DALTON, GENE W. (S.M., D.B.A.); AND LAWRENCE, PAUL R. (M.B.A., D.C.S.) - EDITORS - Motivation and Control in Organizations
025206: MCGUIRE, L. W. AND REDDEN, W. R. (MD'S) - Treatment of Influenza Pneumonia by the Use of Convalescent Human Serus - Preliminary Report
025203: KEETON, ROBERT W. AND CUSHMAN, A. BEULAH (MD'S) - The Influenza Epidemic in Chicago
005207: SEVY, R. W. ET AL - Proceedings of the Annual Meeting: Council for High Blood Pressure Research
039495: JADASSOHN, W. AND SCHIRREN, C. G. (EDS) - XIII. Congressus Internationalis Dermatologiae - Volume 1
029553: LAM, RAYMOND W. (MD) AND LEVITT, ANTHONY J. (EDS) - Clinical Guidelines for the Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (GIFT QUALITY)
021871: CLARK, EARL W. AND HADDOCK, HOYT S. - Medical and Hospital Care for Merchant Seamen - Vol. II
081603: LAWLER, RONALD; WUERL, DONALD W.; AND LAWLER, THOMAS COMERFORD (EDITORS) - The Teaching of Christ: A Catholic Catechism for Adults (Study Guide)
017038: FORREST, D. W. AND JOHN BROWN'S SON - Letters of Dr. John Brown
082335: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W. AND MILLAR, ELAINE C. P. - CIBA Foundation Symposium on Paper Electrophoresis
031269: WACHTER, KENNETH W. AND BULATAO, RODOLFO A. (EDS) - Offspring - Human Fertility Behavior in Biodemographic Perspective (GIFT QUALITY)
007323: LABAREE, BENJAMIN W. ET AL (EDS) - Essex Institute Historical Collections April, 1958
079474: GOODWIN, WILLIAM W. AND WHITE, JOHN WILLIAMS (EDITORS) - Selections from Xenophon and Herodotus
087140: DUVAL, CHARLES W. AND HIBBARD, R. J. - The Nature of the Toxic Principle of the Scarlet Fever Streptococcus for Rabbits
068073: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W. AND O'CONNOR, CECILIA M. - CIBA Foundation Colloquia on Endocrinology: Volume 12, Hormone Production in Endocrine Tumours
077890: KERNOHAN, JAMES W. AND SAYRE, GEORGE P. (MD'S) - Atlas of Tumor Pathology - Tumors of the Central Nervous System
056917: EDITED BY GINGER, RAY; GENERAL EDITORSHIP OF LEVY, LEONARD W. AND YOUNG, ALFRED - William Jennings Bryan: Selections (The American Heritage Series)
064360: SIMON, JOHN G.; POWERS, CHARLES W.; AND GUNNEMANN, JON P. - The Ethical Investor: Universities and Corporate Responsibility
075591: MANTER, H.W. AND MILLER, D.D. - Introduction to Zoology
063738: WITMER, JOSEPH W. AND WRIGHT, J. ROBERT (EDITORS) - Called to Full Unity: Documents on Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations, 1966-1983
047633: WADE, H. W. (MD) AND J. J. DU PRE LE ROUX - A Leprosy Case Progress Chart
055309: J. W. - Historical Sketches of John Knox's House and Its Museum
066630: DAWSON, MILDRED A.; ELWELL, M. ARDELL; JOHNSON, ERIC W. AND ZOLLINGER, MARIAN - Language for Daily Use - Teacher's Edition, Red, Explorer Edition
067216: VOLK, BRUNO W. AND WELLMANN, KLAUS F. (EDITORS) - The Diabetic Pancreas
053352: WOLSTENHOLME, G.E.W. AND MILLAR, ELAINE C.P. (EDITORS FOR THE CIBA FOUNDATION) - Ciba Foundation Symposium on Extrasensory Perception
068670: DUFOUGERE, DR. W. AND BOULAND, DR. A. - Atlas De Radiographie Dentaire
069026: HARRISON, L. W. AND CLARKSON, E. R. T. (EDITORS) - The British Journal of Venereal Diseases, Volume VI, 1930
069028: HARRISON, L. W. AND CLARKSON, E. R. T. (EDITORS) - The British Journal of Venereal Diseases, Volume IV, 1928
077892: KERNOHAN, JAMES W. AND SAYRE, GEORGE P. (MD'S) - Atlas of Tumor Pathology - Tumors of the Pituitary Gland and Infundibulum
071215: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W. AND CAMERON, MARGARET P. - CIBA Foundation Symposium on Transplantation
071511: MATTHES, M. (MD); TRANSLATED BY HELD, I. W. AND GROSS, M. H. (MD'S) - Textbook of Differential Diagnosis of Internal Medicine
047164: HUCKLEBERRY, ALAN W. AND STROTHER, EDWARD S. - Speech Education for the Elementary Teacher
047071: TURPIN, JAMES W. (MD) WITH HIRSHBERG, AL - Vietnam Doctor: The Story of Project Concern
072633: PARMLEY, WILLIAM W. (MD) AND CHATTERJEE, KANU - Cardiology Two Volumes Complete (1,2,I, II)
010871: JUDD, RICHARD W. AND MCNAMARA, MARTHA J. (EDS) - Maine History, Summer 1998 - Perspectives on Maine's North Woods
068437: DAVENPORT, RUSSEL W. WITH THE EDITORS OF FORTUNE - U.S.A.: The Permanent Revolution
074941: HODGES, FRED JENNER; HOLT, JOHN FLOYD; JACOX, HAROLD W. AND KLIGERMAN, MORTON M. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Year Book of Radiology - 1954-55 Series
074949: HOLT, JOHN FLOYD; HODGES, FRED JENNER; JACOX, HAROLD W. AND KLIGERMAN, MORTON M. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Year Book of Radiology - 1955-56 Series
074952: HOLT, JOHN FLOYD; HODGES, FRED JENNER; JACOX, HAROLD W. AND KLIGERMAN, MORTON M. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Year Book of Radiology - 1958-1959 Series
074953: HOLT, JOHN FLOYD; WHITEHOUSE, WALTER M.; JACOX, HAROLD W. AND KLIGERMAN, MORTON M. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Year Book of Radiology - 1959-1960 Series
074961: HOLT, JOHN FLOYD; WHITEHOUSE, WALTER M.; JACOX, HAROLD W. AND KLIGERMAN, MORTON M. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Year Book of Radiology - 1961-1962 Series
074962: HOLT, JOHN FLOYD; WHITEHOUSE, WALTER M.; JACOX, HAROLD W. AND KLIGERMAN, MORTON M. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Year Book of Radiology - 1963-1964 Series
074963: HOLT, JOHN FLOYD; WHITEHOUSE, WALTER M.; JACOX, HAROLD W. AND KLIGERMAN, MORTON M. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Year Book of Radiology - 1962-1963 Series
036061: HARDY, DANIEL W. AND FORD, DAVID F. - Jubilate: Theology in Praise
080128: DOLCH, EDWARD W. AND MARGUERITE P. - Once There Was A Cat
061611: DAWSON, MILDRED A.; ELWELL, E. ARDELL; JOHNSON, ERIC W.; AND ZOLLINGER, MARIAN - Language for Daily Use: Red Explorer Edition (Review Copy)
061555: DAWSON, MILDRED A.; ELWELL, M. ARDELL; JOHNSON, ERIC W.; AND ZOLLINGER, MARIAN - Language for Daily Use: Red Explorer Edition (Advance Review and Examination Copy)
004190: WOLSTENHOLME, G.E.W. AND CAMERON, MARGARET P. - The Chemical Structure of Proteins
061547: DAWSON, MILDRED A.; ELWELL, M. ARDELL; JOHNSON, ERIC W.; AND ZOLLINGER, MARIAN - Language for Daily Use: Purple Explorer Edition (Advance Review and Examination Copy)
061531: DAWSON, MILDRED A.; ELWELL, M. ARDELL; JOHNSON, ERIC W.; AND ZOLLINGER, MARIAN - Language for Daily Use - Orange Explorer Edition - Teacher's Edition (Advance Review and Examination Copy)
061530: DAWSON, MILDRED A.; ELWELL, M. ARDELL; JOHNSON, ERIC W.; AND ZOLLINGER, MARIAN - Language for Daily Use - Purple Explorer Edition - Teacher's Edition (Advance Review and Examination Copy)
061392: DAWSON, MILDRED A.; ELWELL, M. ARDELL; JOHNSON, ERIC W.; AND ZOLLINGER, MARIAN - Language for Daily Use: Brown, Explorer Edition (Advance Review and Examination Copy)
013673: SMITH, LAWRENCE W. AND GAULT, EDWIN S. (MD'S) - Essentials of Pathology
015249: HARRIS, G. W. AND DONOVAN, B. T. (EDS) - The Pituitary Gland - Vol. II: Anterior Pituitary
012144: BEARD, R. W. AND SHARP, F. (EDS) - Early Pregnancy Loss: Mechanisms and Treatment
019248: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W. AND O'CONNOR, CECILIA M. - Ionizing Radiations and Cell Metabolism
057847: BAINBRIDGE, J.W. AND STOCKDALE, R.W. - Weather Study: An Approach to Scientific Inquiry (Review Copy)
038502: KONODY, PAUL G.; BROCKWELL, MAURICE W. AND LIPPMANN, F. S. (EDITED BY T. LEMAN HARE) - The National Gallery 100 Plates in Colour - Parts 7, 8 and 9
072057: EVANS, W. AND MENETREY, W.R. - Energy Conversion Systems Reference Handbook: Volume V (5) - Direct Solar Conversion (Wadd Technical Report 60-699 Volume V)
014398: HOLMES, GEORGE W. AND RUGGLES, HOWARD E. (MD'S) - Roentgen Interpretation: A Manual for Students and Practitioners
010984: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W. AND O'CONNOR, MAEVE - CIBA Foundation Symposium on Haemopoiesis
054960: DAWSON, MILDRED A.; ELWELL, M. ARDELL; JOHNSON, ERIC W.; AND ZOLLINGER, MARIAN - Language For Daily Use - Brown - Explorer Edition (Review Copy)
014116: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W. AND O'CONNOR, CECILIA M. - Steric Course of Microbiological Reactions in Honour of Prof. Dr. V. Prelog
000407: SHANNON, GARY W. AND PYLE, GERALD F. - Disease and Medical Care in the United States (GIFT QUALITY)
041875: JOHNSON, DOUGLAS W. & WALTZ, ALAN K. - Facts & Possibilities: An Agenda for the United Methodist Church
041410: BARRETT, GEORGE W. AND CASSERLEY, J.V. LANGMEAD - Dialogue on Destiny
087013: FOOTE, FRANK W. AND FRAZELL, EDGAR L. (MD'S) - Atlas of Tumor Pathology - Tumors of the Major Salivary Glands
073763: THIBEAULT, DONALD W. AND GREGORY, GEORGE A. (MD'S), EDITORS - Neonatal Pulmonary Care
040751: POLSBY, NELSON W. AND WILDAVSKY, AARON - Presidential Elections
037737: LEVY, LEONARD W. AND ROCHE, JOHN P. (EDS) - The American Political Process
037044: POPPE, THOMAS W. AND STRAND, HAROLD P. - House Wiring: A Treatise
036084: NORWOOD, F.W. (D.D.) AND BARRY, F.R. (D.S.O., M.A.); STIRLING, JOHN (ED.) - The Study Bible: St. Luke - A Little Library of Exposition with New Studies
035861: FAIRCHILD, ROY W. AND WYNN, JOHN CHARLES - Families in the Church: A Protestant Survey
003478: RAMSDEN, W. AND LIPKIN, I. J. - Detection and Estimation of Quinine in Blood and Urine
038317: JANSON, HORST W. AND DORA JANE - Malerei Unserer Welt
052438: KNIGHT, F.B.; STUDEBAKER, J.W.; AND RUCH, G.M.; EDITED BY MYWERS, G.W. - Standard Service Arithmetics: Book One (1) for Third Grade (Standard Mathematical Service)
051691: HARBORD, F. W. AND HALL, J. W. - The Metallurgy of Steel - A Volume of Griffin's Metallurgical Series
038504: KONODY, PAUL G.; BROCKWELL, MAURICE W. AND LIPPMANN, F. S. (EDITED BY T. LEMAN HARE) - The National Gallery 100 Plates in Colour - Parts 13, 14 and 16
005217: NEEL, JAMES V., SHAW, MARGERY W. AND SCHULL, WILLIAM J. (EDS) - Genetics and the Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases
017257: DELANCEY, MARK W. AND VIRGINIA H. - A Bibliography of Cameroon - SIGNED
059930: DOLCH, EDWARD W. AND DOLCH, MARGUERITE P. - Zoo Is Home (A First Reading Book)
066629: DAWSON, MILDRED A.; ELWELL, M. ARDELL; JOHNSON, ERIC W. AND ZOLLINGER, MARIAN - Language for Daily Use - Teacher's Edition, Gold, Explorer Edition
005547: WOLSTENHOLME, G.E.W. AND KNIGHT, JULIE (EDS) - The Pineal Gland
058838: DAWSON, MILDRED A.; ELWELL, E. ARDELL; JOHNSON, ERIC W.; AND ZOLLINGER, MARIAN - Language for Daily Use - Blue Explorer Edition (Teacher's Edition)
069846: SANDERS, CHARLES W. AND SANDERS, JOSHUA C. - The School Reader. Fifth Book - Revised Edition
009698: BUCKHAM, JOHN W. AND GOODRICH, J. E. - The Very Elect Sermons and Addresses of Matthew Henry Buckham
005836: DE ROBERTIS, E.D.P. (MD), NOWINSKI, W. W. AND SAEZ, FRANCISCO A. - General Cytology
005862: JONES JR., HOWARD W. (MD) AND SCOTT, WILLIAM WALLACE, (MD) - Hermaphroditism, Genital Anomalies and Related Endocrine Disorders
005879: WOLSTENHOLME, G. E. W. AND O'CONNOR, CECILIA M. - CIBA Foundation Colloquia on Endocrinology: Volume 9, Internal Secretions of the Pancreas
007330: KIES, MARIAN W. AND ALVORD, ELLSWORTH C., JR. MD - "Allergic" Encephalomyelitis
028066: THOMAS, J. W. AND THOMAS, T. J. - Bi/Polar - Foundations of Productivity
086650: CARRICK, ROBERT W. AND ROSENFELD, STANLEY Z. (EDITORS) - Defending the America's Cup
009656: SALZMAN, EDWIN W. (MD) AND BRITTEN, ANTHONY - Hemorrhage and Thrombosis - A Practical Clinical Guide
071103: NICHOLSON, WILLIAM; KEMBLE, E.W.; AND OPPER, F. - Mr. Dooley's Philosophy
007324: LABAREE, BENJAMIN W. ET AL (EDS) - Essex Institute Historical Collections January 1959
010015: BOTSFORD, THOMAS W. AND WILSON, RICHARD E. (MD'S) - The Acute Abdomen
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082819: DONALD B. WATT - Intelligence Is Not Enough: The Story of My first Forty Years and of the Early Years of The Experiment in International Living
Pb4052: LORRAINE E. WATTERS, ETC. - The Magic of Music - Book Two
Pa488: WATTERS, RON - The White-Water River Book: A Guide to Techniques, Equipment, Camping, and Safety
022297: WATTERSON, RAY L. (ED) - Endocrines in Development
Pb2129: WATTERSON, BILL - Something Under the Bed Is Drooling
016462: WATTERSON, HENRY - Marse Henry: An Autobiography, Volume 1 Only
005925: WATTS, GEORGE O. (MD) - Dynamic Neuroscience: Its Application to Brain Disorders
079157: WATTS, RALPH L. - Vegetable Gardening
062994: WATTS, I. - The Psalms of David, Imitated in the Language of the New Testament, and Applied to the Christian State and Worship.
064964: WATTS, MABEL - Stories of Magic and Mystery to Read Aloud
Pb7813: MABEL WATTS - Tall Tree Small Tree
Pb5366: WATTS, BARRIE - Ladybug
Pb1990: WATTS, MABEL - The King and the Whirlybird
065264: WATTS, ROBERT B. (EDITOR) - Headquarters of the Mother Supreme Council of the World, The Supreme Council of the Thirty-Third and Last Degree Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry: 1976 Special Commemorative Issue Bicentennial of The United States of America, 1776-1976
003833: WATTS, RALPH J., COMPILER - Massachusetts Agricultural College Songs
064869: WATZMAN, HAIM - Company C: An American's Life as a Citizen-Soldier in Israel
071128: WAUGH, HILLARY - The Con Game
035828: WAUGH, JOHN - Messiah's Mission. A Poem in Nine Books.
059101: WAUGH, EDGAR WIGGINS - Second Consul: The Vice Presidency: Our Greatest Political Problem (Advance Copy)
029635: WAUGH, ALEC - The Mainstream of the Modern World: A Family of Islands: A History of the West Indies from 1492 to 1898
Pb5208: WAUGH, CHARLES G.; GREENBERG, MARTIN H. - The Best New England Stories
083911: WAUGH, EVELYN - Brideshead Revisited: The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder: A Novel
070985: WAUGH, WILLIAM F. (MD) - The Treatment of the Sick - A System of Applied Therapeutics
083047: WAUGH, ALICE - Interior Design: A Laboratory Manual for House Furnishing (Fifth Edition)
066872: THE AUTHOR OF WAVERLEY - The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Emperor of the French - Volume II (of 3)
071557: WAWRZYSZKO, ALEKSANDRA K. - Bibliography of General Linguistics: English & American
015497: WAXBERG, JOSEPH D. (MD) - Bypass
032028: WAXMAN, MEYER - A Handbook of Judaism as Professed and Practices Through the Ages
032031: WAXMAN, MEYER - A History of Jewish Literature, Volume III
006690: WAXTER, THOMAS J. S. - Widening the Lengthened Path of Life
082772: WAY, PETER - Codes and Ciphers (Undercover)
050063: WAY, ARTHUR S. (M.A.) - The Tragedies of Euripides in English Verse. In Three Volumes. Vol. I (1)
022687: WAYLAND, MARY MARVIN, R. LOUISE METCALFE MCMANUS, AND MARGENE O. FADDIS (ISABEL M. STEWART, EDITOR) - The Hospital Head Nurse: Junior Executive and Clinical Instructor
084907: WAYLAND, FRANCIS - The Elements of Intellectual Philosophy
085452: WAYNE, BENNETT (EDITOR) - 3 Jazz Greats
073505: WAYS, PETER (MD) - Take Charge of Your Health - The Guide to Personal Health Competence
081713: WEAL, MICHELE - Texture and Color in Needlepoint
056514: WEATHERFORD, CAROLYN - "Our Father..." The Doctrine of Prayer
036657: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE D. - Personalities of the Passion: A Devotional Study of Some of the Characters Who Played a Part in the Drama of Christ's Passion and Resurrection
039735: WEAVER, WARREN A. (ALPHABETICALLY ARRANGED BY) - Supplement No. 2 to Lithographs of N. Currier and Currier & Ives
027286: WEAVER, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (MD) - The Lightning Doctor - A Self-Diagnostician and Practical Doctor Book
Pa235: ROBERT G. WEAVER - Nice Guy, go Home
087139: WEAVER, GEORGE H. - The Vitality of Bacteria from the Throats of Scarlet Fever Patients with Special Study of Streptococci
065634: WEAVER, JOHN D. - The Great Experiment: An Intimate View of the Everyday Workings of the Federal Government
034352: WEAVER, ROBERT C. - The Urban Complex
026405: WEAVER, KITTY D. - Lenin's Grandchildren - Preschool Education in the Soviet Union
074362: WEAVER, JOHN D. - Another Such Victory
Pb2012: WEAVER, LYNN; JERVIS, BOB - Inside Java Workshop
031244: WEAVER, SIR LAWRENCE - Sir Christopher Wren - Scientist, Scholar and Architect
040721: WEAVER, DR. B. F. - The Is The Key Which Unlocks the Hidden Mysteries
077807: WEAVER, MARY JO - New Catholic Women: A Contemporary Challenge to Traditional Religious Authority
066845: WEBB, JAMES - The Emperor's General, A Novel - ADVANCE READING COPY
077084: WEBB, CHRISTOPHER - The Ann and Hope Mutiny
065046: WEBB, ADDISON - Birds in Their Homes
062085: WEBB, HERSCHEL - An Introduction to Japan
027269: WEBB, DAVID R. (ED) - Immunopharmacology and the Regulation of Leukocyte Function
066694: WEBB, W.L. (EDITOR); INTRODUCTION BY USTINOV, PETER - The Bedside 'Guardian' 33: A Selection from The 'Guardian' 1983-84
Pa816: NANCY MCIVER WEBB - Makema of the Rain Forest
019338: WEBB, NINA H. - Footsteps Through the Adirondacks - The Verplanck Colvin Story (GIFT QUALITY)
048671: WEBB, LANCE - God's Surprises
064748: HILL, LEWIS WEBB (MD) AND ECKMAN, RENA S. - The Allen (Starvation) Treatment of Diabetes
019844: WEBB, CHARLES T. - The Kingdom Within
Pb7187: WEBB, PHYLLIS - Wilson's Bowl
066693: WEBB, W.L. (EDITOR); INTRODUCTION BY MELLY, GEORGE - The Bedside 'Guardian' 34: A Selection from The Guardian 1984-5
052069: WEBB, R. K. (MANAGING EDITOR) - The American Historical Review, Volume 77, No. 3, June 1972
079453: WEBB, PEGGY - Until Morning Comes
079642: WEBB, REV. ROBERT LEE - The Ministry as a Life Work
005381: WEBBER, HARRY E. - Greater Salem in the Spanish-American War - SIGNED
061742: WEBBER, IRMA E. - Anywhere in the World: The Story of Plant & Animal Adaptation
087421: WEBER, JESSICA B. - Let Freedom Ring: A History of the Jews in the United States - Teacher's Guide
Pb5369: WEBER, BRUCE; LAPADULA, TOM - Mark McGwire: The Home-Run King
Pa641: WEBER, MARK - Dress Casually for Success...for Men
084076: GEORGE WEBER, EDITOR - Advances in Enzyme Regulation, Volume 2
074025: WEBER, NANCY - Brokenhearted (Broken-Hearted)
011388: WEBER, CARL J. (EDITOR) - The Best of Browning
017906: WEBER, ARTHUR - Die Elektrokardiographie
049678: VON WEBER, CARL MARIA; REVIDIERT VON ADOLF RUTHARDT - Carl Mario Von Weber: Original - Kompositionen, Fur Klavier Zu Vier Handen (Edition Peters)
075899: WEBER, JOSEF - The Dog in Training
084276: WEBSTER, STOKELY - Stokely Webster and His Paris: New York, London,and Venice
076997: WEBSTER, NOAH - A Witchdance in Bavaria
086776: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Webster's Biographical Dictionary - 1966
065616: WEBSTER, ELIZABETH CHARLOTTE - Ceremony of Innocence - A Novel
065353: WEBSTER, CAROLINE LE ROY; INTRODUCTION BY FUESS, CLAUDE M. - "Mr. W. & I" Being the Authentic Diary of Caroline Le Roy Webster During a Famous Journey with the Hon. Daniel Webster to Great Britain and the Continent in the Year 1839
075873: WEBSTER, FRANK V. - The Young Treasure Hunter (or) Fred Stanley's Trip to Alaska
046184: WEBSTER, JESSIE FRASER - Years That Have Passed (Inscribed & Signed By Author's Daughter/Publisher)
Pb5464: WEBSTER, HARRIET - Coastal Daytrips in New England
Pb5085: WEBSTER, NANCY; WOODWORTH, RICHARD - Inn Spots and Special Places in New England
Pa859: WEBSTER, RICHARD - Webster's New World Misspeller's Dictionary
009086: WEBSTER, STATEN W. (ED) - The Disadvantaged Learner: Knowing, Understanding, Educating
061426: WEBSTER, DANIEL - The Works of Daniel Webster - Volume III (3)
061425: WEBSTER, DANIEL - The Works of Daniel Webster - Volume II (2)
035637: WEBSTER, DOUGLAS - What is Spiritual Healing?
060200: WEBSTER, JEAN - Daddy-Long-Legs
016909: CORY, DONALD WEBSTER AND MASTERS, R. E. L. - Violation of Taboo
069621: WEBSTER, ELISABETH - The Magic Cane
046238: WEBSTER, RALPH W. (MD) - Diagnostic Methods - Chemical, Bacteriological and Microscopical
002278: WEBSTER, HARRIET - Trips with Children - New England
054470: WECHSBERG, JOSEPH - The Self-Betrayed: A Novel
061072: WECHSLER, ISRAEL S. (MD) - A Text-Book of Clinical Neurology
006985: WECHSLER, ISRAEL S. (MD) - The Neuroses
063372: WECHSLER, ISRAEL S. (MD) - Clinical Neurology
031188: WECKBECKER, WILHELM - The Cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna
035148: WEDDA, JOHN - New England Worships - The Changing Face of Faith Shown in Words and Drawings
068499: WEDDELL, ALEXANDER WILBOURNE - Introduction to Argentina
018183: WEDDELL, ALEXANDER WILBOURNE - Introduction to Argentina
068610: WEDDELL, ALEXANDER WILBOURNE - Introduction to Argentina
050844: WEDDINGTON, SARAH - A Question of Choice
Pb3350: WEDDLE, LINDA MASSEY - T.J. and the Nobody House
073284: WEDDLE, ROBERT S. - Wilderness Manhunt: The Spanish Search for La Salle
081877: WEDGE, FLORENCE - How to Cope with Unanswered Prayers
067548: WEDGE, GEORGE A. - Applied Harmony: A Text-Book - Book I (1) - Diatonic
084646: RALPH J. WEDGWOOD, MD - EDITOR - Pediatric Clinics of North America, November 1963: Symposium on Collagen Diseases
083908: WEED, CLARENCE M. - Farm Friends and Farm Foes: A Text-Book of Agricultural Science
074192: WEEDON, HARRY - A Pilgrim's Guide to Rome
047167: WEEKES, BLANCHE E. (PH.D.) - Literature and the Child
067972: WEEKS, EDWARD - The Open Heart (Signed By Author)
082667: WEEKS, EDWARD - In Friendly Candor
085528: WEEKS, WILLIAM E. - All in the Racket
069574: WEEKS, EDWARD - Breaking Into Print: An Editor's Advice on Writing
063950: WEEKS, EDWARD (EDITOR) - The Tavern at Seventy-Five, 1934-1959: A Medley
042518: WEEKS, EDWARD - Writers and Friends
019946: WEEKS, EDWARD - The Open Heart
018839: WEEKS, JOHN ELMER (MD) - A Treatise on Diseases of the Eye
047364: WEEMS, ROBERT A. - Mississippi Wills and Estates: Cases, Statutes, and Materials - Second (2nd) Edition
078813: WEEMS, JOHN EDWARD - The Tornado
086314: WEGMAN, HERMAN - Christian Worship in East and West: A Study Guide to Liturgical History
054512: WEHNER, JOSEF MAGNUS - Mohammed Der Roman Seines Lebens
001057: WEIDEL, WOLFHARD - Virus
080743: WEIDENSAUL, SCOTT - Mountains of the Heart: A Natural History of the Appalachians
042465: WEIDMAN, JEROME - Praying for Rain
041436: WEIGEL, GUSTAVE (S.J.) - The Modern God: Faith in a Secular Culture
036454: WEIGEL, GUSTAVE (S.J.) - The Modern God: Faith in a Secular Culture
037732: WEIGERT, HANS - Kleine Kunstgeschichte der Aussereuropaiscyhen Hochkulturen
032292: WEIGL, BRUNO - Handbuch Der Orgelliteratur
064965: WEIGLE, OSCAR (ADAPTED AND ABRIDGED); STORY BY SIDNEY, MARGARET - Five Little Peppers and How They Grew (Read-Aloud)
083055: WEIGLE, OSCAR - The Riddle Book
074098: WEIGLE, LUTHER A. - The Pupil and the Teacher
Pb3011: OSCAR WEIGLE - Prince and princess Stories to read Aloud
067654: WEIGLE, OSCAR - What Is It? (A Preschool Puppet Book)
077302: WEIKART, JIM - Casualty Loss
048916: WEIL, HENRICUS - Aeschyli Tragoediae
Pb6824: WEIL, ANDREW - The Natural Mind: An Investigation of Drugs and the Higher Consciousness
Pa1270: WEIL, ANDREW X. - Health and Healing: Understanding Conventional and Alternative Medicine
077051: WEIL, P.-EMILE - L'Hematologie Clinique et Laboratoire
039817: ALBERT-WEIL, JEAN - Les Poisons Du Bacille Tuberculeux et Les Reactions Cellulaires et Humorales dans La Tuberculose - SIGNED
085673: WEILERSTEIN, SADIE ROSE - Ten and a Kid
085548: WEILERSTEIN, SADIE ROSE - The Best of K'tonton
086537: WEILERSTEIN, SADIE ROSE - Jewish Heroes, Book One
083215: WEIMER, JAN - Kitchen Redos, Revamps, Remodels, And Replacements: Without Murder, Madness, Suicide, Or Divorce
Pa386: DAVID R. WEIMER - America 20th Century Poetry: Landscapes of the Mind
042466: WEIMER, JOAN - Back Talk: Teaching Lost Selves to Speak
027885: WEIN, DR. ERNST - Agriculturchemische Analyse
033573: WEINBERG, WERNER - The History of Hebrew Plene Spelling
009705: WEINBERG, MARTHA WAGNER - Managing the State
047794: WEINBERG, GEORGE - Nearer to the Heart's Desire: Tales of Psychotherapy
029653: WEINBERGER, STEVEN E. (MD) - Principles of Pulmonary Medicine - Second Edition
024762: WEINER, MURRAY - The Medicine Makers
Pb7953: HERBERT WEINER - The Wild goats of Ein Gedi
Pb5360: WEINER, ERIC - The Kids' Complete Baseball Catalogue
Pb4930: WEINER, E. - Insiders Guide to the Future
014345: WEINER, BERNARD (ED) - Cognitive Views of Human Motivation
054466: WEINGARTEN, VIOLET - Mrs. Beneker: A Novel
075332: WEINHEBER, JOSEF - Adel Und Untergang
068765: WEINMAN, IRVING - Easy Way Down - A Novel
046912: WEINMAN, PAUL - Gathering Fish - A Chapbook of Narrative Poems
047072: WEINSTEIN, I. BERNARD (EDITOR) - Cellular Targets of Carcinogens
025794: WEINSTEIN, ALLAN M. (MD) - Asthma
Pb2122: MAXINE WEINTRAUB - Dishing it Up for Forty Years
078620: NEWMAYER, S. WEIR AND BROOME, EDWIN C. - The Human Body and Its Care (The Health and Happiness Series)
080416: WEIR, ALISON - The Princes in the Tower
076439: WEIR, FORREST CLEBURNE - Religion in the Bible: The Growth of Ideas About God and Man in the Bible
038280: WEIR, D. M. (MD), EDITOR - Handbook of Experimental Immunology
008239: WEIR, ROBERT F. (ED) - Stored Tissue Samples: Ethical, Legal, and Public Policy Implications (GIFT QUALITY)
079416: WEIR, JOHN L. - The Scottish Scene (Immortal Britain 2)
034210: WEIS, FATHER OTHMAR - The Oberammergau Passion Play 1990, Text
022779: WEISBERG, HARRY F. (MD) - Water, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Balance
Pb1515: WEISBERG, ANNE C.; BUCKLER, CAROL A. - Everything a Working Mother Needs to Know About Pregnancy Rights, Maternity Leave, and Making Her Career Work for Her
005945: WEISENBURG, THEODORE, (MD) AND MCBRIDE, KATHERINE, PH.D. - Aphasia: A Clinical and Psychological Study
085162: WEISGALL, DEBORAH - A Joyful Noise: Claiming the Songs of My Fathers
052384: WEISMAN, DONALD L. - The Visual Arts as Human Experience
054401: WEISMAN, ABNER I. (MD) - Spermatozoa and Sterility - A Clinical Manual
009456: WEISNER, STEPHEN G. - Embattled Editor: The Life of Samuel Bowles
010709: WEISS, ELLIOTT NORMAN - Semi-Markov Models of Patient Flows for Progressive Patient Care Capacity Planning
067086: WEISS, PAUL - Nature and Man
Pb85: WEISS, RITA - Easy-To-Make Patchwork Quilts: Step-By-Step Instructions and Full-Size Templates for 12 Quilts
Pb6798: WEISS, ALLEN - Write What You Mean: A Handbook of Business Communication
Pb3068: WEISS, JOYCE - Full Speed Ahead: Be Driven by Your Dream to Maximize Your Success and Live the Life You Want
047787: WEISS, ROBERT S. - Going It Alone: The Family Life and Social Situation of the Single Parent
069758: WEISS, JEFFREY - Beat the Market 1985
045741: WEISS, THEODORE - A Slow Fuse: New Poems
012371: WEISS, DAVID - Physician Extraordinary
018412: WEISS, SAMUEL (MD) - Clinical Lectures on the Gallbladder and Bile Ducts
015977: WEISS, THEODORE - From Princeton One Autumn Afternoon: Collected Poems of Theodore Weiss
072195: WEISS, LEON (MD), EDITOR - Histology Cell and Tissue Biology
068217: WEISS, E.B. - Merchandising for Tomorrow
083712: WEISS, HARVEY - Horse In No Hurry
052246: WEISSBORT, DANIEL (EDITOR) - Translating Poetry: The Double Labyrinth
064705: WEISSMAN, R. - The Little Midrash Says: A Digest of the Weekly Torah-Portion Based on Rashi, Rishonim, and Midrashim - The Book of Vayikra
062230: WEISSMAN, STEVE (EDITOR); INTRODUCTION BY CHOMSKY, NOAM - Big Brother and the Holding Company: The World Behind Watergate
P000416: WEITEN, WAYNE - Psychology : Themes and Variations (Psychology Ser.)
066076: WEITZ, ALICE C. - Youth and Your Community (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 108)
045079: WEIZSACKER, CARL VON - Theologische Abhandlungen
041687: WELCH, HERBERT (COMPILER, ARRENGER, PREFACE) - Selections from the Writings of the Rev. John Wesley, M.A.
049416: WELCH, WILLIAM HENRY (MD) - Papers and Addresses by William Henry Welch - Vol. 1 Pathology and Preventive Medicine
014662: WELCH, CLAUDE E. (MD) - Intestinal Obstruction
073851: WELCH, JOSEPH N. - The Constitution
076316: WELD, ALLEN H.; REVISED BY NORTON, SIDNEY A. - The Progressive English Grammar (Norton's Edition)
070091: WELD, ALLEN H. - The Progressive Parsing Book; Containing a Brief Course of Syntax
011395: SMITH, LAWRENCE WELD (MD) AND WALKER, ANN DOLAN (RN) - Penicillin Decade 1941-1951
058864: WELDON, T.D. - States and Morals: A Study in Political Conflicts
Pb6937: WELDON, FAY - The Life and Loves of a She-Devil
Pb2821: WELDON, FAY - The Heart of the Country
086309: WELDON, MICHAEL - A Struggle for Holy Ground
Pb525: FRANCES WELLAND - Place That Plant
069659: WELLARD, JAMES - Action of the Tiger: A Novel
Pa805: WELLENDORPH, HANNE - Creative Patchwork
080239: WELLER, MILTON W. (EDITOR) - Waterfowl in Winter: Selected Papers from Symposium and Workshop Held in Galveston, Texas, 7-10 January 1985

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