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079297: SHAFER, ROBERT - From Beowulf to Thomas Hardy, Volume 4 (War Department Education Manual - EM 109)
035320: SHAFER, MELVILLE ARTHUR - Reveries of a Parson: Visions of the Ideal Life
062914: SHAFFER, JIM - Peterbilt to Laredo
005181: SHAFFER, THOMAS, E. (MD) - Fundamentals of Athletic Training
022331: SHAFFER, LAURANCE FREDERIC - The Psychology of Adjustment
026009: SHAHA, RISHIKESH - An Introduction to Nepal
043690: SHAINBERG, LAWRENCE - Brain Surgeon: An Intimate View of his World
048261: SHAINESS, NATALIE (M.D.) - Sweet Suffering: Woman As Victim
056472: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; LYDE, LIONEL W. (M.A.) EDITOR - Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (Popular Educator Library)
024446: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (W.G. BOSWELL-STONE, EDITOR) - The Two Gentlemen of Verona (The Shakespeare Library)
080304: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; WHITE, RICHARD GRANT - The Works of William Shakespeare, Vol. I. (1)
080117: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; TEXT OF WRIGHT, WILLIAM ALDIS - Julius Caesar (Shakespeare Select Plays, Small's Series)
077220: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; EDITED BY CHURCHILL, GEORGE B. - The Tragedy of Richard the Third (The Tudor Shakespeare)
085661: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; ROLFE, WILLIAM J. - Shakespeare's Comedy of The Merchant of Venice
070842: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Merry Wives of Windsor
070843: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Works of William Shakespeare - Gathered Into One Volume
084223: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - As You Like It, with The Tale of Gamelyn - Cassell's National Library Series
050745: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Shakespeare's Comedies
Pb767: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Two gentlemen of Verona
P000265: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; SALGADO, GAMINI (EDITOR) - Othello : New Swan Shakespeare Advanced Series (New Swan Shakespeare Ser.)
070851: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; URE, PETER (EDITOR) - King Richard II (The Arden Edition of the Works of William Shakespeare)
085887: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Vol. IX - The Dr. Johnson Edition
056475: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Shakespeare's Historical Plays, Poems & Sonnets
060500: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; EDITED BY SHOWER, ALBERT E. - Shakespeare's Hamlet (Eclectic English Classics)
073080: SHAKESPEARE, EDWARD O. (MD) - Report on Cholera in Europe and India
076775: SHALLENBERGER, ROBERT J. (EDITOR) - Hawaii's Birds
011475: SHALLER, JOHN M. (MD) - A Therapeutic Guide to Alkaloidal - Dosimetric - Medication
014780: SHALLER, JOHN M. (MD) - A Therapeutic Guide to Alkaloidal - Dosimetric - Medication
Pb305: LE SHAN, EDA J. - It's Better to Be over the Hill Than Under It: Thoughts on Life over Sixty
024835: SHAND, ALEXANDER INNES - Old Time Travel
084580: SHANDS, ALFRED RIVES (MD), WITH RANEY, RICHARD BEVERLY (MD) - Handbook of Orthopaedic Surgery (Orthopedic)
058432: SHANDS, ALFRED RIVES; RANEY, R. BEVERLY; BRASHEAR, H. ROBERT (MD'S) - Shand's Handbook of Orthopaedic Surgery
051403: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - A Daughter's Geography
Pb7158: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - Sassafrass
Pb1948: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo
017633: SHANLEY, ROBERT A. - The Problem of Simplifying the Massachusetts Constitution
071869: SHANNON, DAVID T. - The Old Testament Experience of Faith
061757: SHANNON, WILLIAM V. - The Heir Apparent: Robert Kennedy and the Struggle for Power
006514: SHANNON, YVONNE, RN - "Just Between Us Preemies"
Pb6602: SHANNON, DELL - Sorrow to the Grave: A Novel
049266: SHANNON, DAVID A. - Between the Wars: America, 1919-1941
043052: SHANNON, ELIZABETH - Up In the Park: The Diary of the Wife of the American Ambassador to Ireland
Pa647: SHAPARD, ROBERT - Sudden Fiction
085183: SHAPIRO, IRWIN - John Henry and the Double Jointed Steam Drill
045792: SHAPIRO, DAVID - To An Idea: A Book of Poems
074519: SHAPIRO, DAVID (COMPILER) - A Select Bibliography of Works in English on Russian History, 1801-1917
052325: SHAPIRO, KARL - Karl Shapiro - Selected Poems
Pb6429: SHAPIRO, BARRY - Baseball Contest 1990: National League Players
Pb4281: SHAPIRO, ANDREW L. - We're Number One!: Where America Stands-And Falls-In the New World Order
055929: SHAPIRO, IRA (PRESIDENT AND PUBLISHER) - Klik Showcase Photography Volume 6
Pb1611: SHAPIRO, JANE - The Dangerous Husband
024054: SHAPIRO, KARL - Poetry: A Magazine of Verse Volume 81, Number 3, December 1952
Pb2242: UNITED STATES; SHAPIRO, MARTIN M.; UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION - Constitution of the Us and Related Documents
074102: THE STAFF OF CBS NEWS; SHAPIRO, WILLIAM E. (PROJECT EDITOR) - Admiral Byrd (The Twentieth Century)
080080: SHAPIRO, JULIUS - Electrolysis: Beauty and Confidence Through Permanent Hair Removal
017602: SHAPLEN, ROBERT - Toward the Well-Being of Mankind
074824: SHARBER, KATE TRIMBLE - At the Age of Eve
082291: SHARKANSKY, IRA - The Maligned States - Policy Accomplishments, Problems, and Opportunities
017314: SHARKEY, ROBERT P. - Johns Hopkins: Centennial Portrait of a University
022195: SHARKEY, ROBERT P. - Johns Hopkins: Centennial Portrait of a University - SIGNED
068067: SHARLIP, IRA D. (MD), ET AL - Infertility - Report on Varicocele and Infertility
068066: SHARLIP, IRA D. (MD), ET AL - Infertility - Report on Optimal Evaluation of the Infertile Male
068065: SHARLIP, IRA D. (MD), ET AL - Infertility - Report on Evaluation of the Azoospermic Male
069735: STICHTER, SHARON AND PARPART, JANE L. (EDITORS) - Women, Employment and the Family in the International Division of Labour
053149: SHARP, R. FARQUHARSON - A Dictionary of English Authors, Biographical and Bibliographical
021809: SHARP, HAROLD S. - Handbook of Pseudonyms and Personal Nicknames - Volume I: A-J
021808: SHARP, HAROLD S. - Handbook of Pseudonyms and Personal Nicknames - First Supplement, Volume I: A-J
077165: MERCK, SHARP & DOHME - A Capsule Look at Loop Diuretics
075215: SHARP, SAMUEL L. - New Constitutions in the Soviet Sphere
Pb3605: SHARP, MARILYN - Masterstroke
021807: SHARP, HAROLD S. - Handbook of Pseudonyms and Personal Nicknames - Volume II: K-Z
037996: SHARP, WILLIAM (ARRANGED AND EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY) - Great English Painters (The Evergreen Library)
069877: SHARP, MARY - Point and Pillow Lace: A Short Account of Various Kinds Ancient and Modern, and How to Recognise Them
021806: SHARP, HAROLD S. - Handbook of Pseudonyms and Personal Nicknames - First Supplement, Volume II: K-Z
051520: SHARP, MARY - Point and Pillow Lace: A Short Account of Various Kinds Ancient and Modern, and How to Recognize Them
075057: SHARP, DANIEL A. (EDITOR) - U.S. Foreign Policy and Peru
016476: SHARP, WILLIAM - Life of Robert Browning
041606: SHARP, FRANK CHAMPMAN (PH.DR.) - The Aesthetic Element in Morality, and Its Place in a Utilitarian Theory of Morals
069679: SHARP, MARILYN - Falseface
085980: SHARP, PAULA - Crows Over A Wheatfield - A Novel, Advance Uncorrected Proof
005200: MERCK SHARPE & DOHME - Ganglionic Blockade in the Management of Hypertension
060058: MERRITT, SHARYNE AND STEINER, LINDA - And Baby Makes Two: Motherhood Without Marriage
087558: SHATNER, WILLIAM - TekWar Tek War
038960: SHATTUCK, L.A. (PROPERTY OF) - Catalogue of the Choice Collection of Engravings, Etchings, Lithographs, Etc. The Property of L.A. Shattuck, Esq., Of Boston. To Be Sold at Auction
053361: SHATTUCK, KATHARINE - The Narrowest Circle: A Novel
055966: SHATTUCK, FREDERICK C. (MD) - The Treatment of Pneumonia
066354: SHATTUCK, LEMUEL - Report of the Sanitary Commission of Massachusetts: 1850
042549: SHATTUCK, HARRIETTE R. - The Woman's Manual of Parliamentary Law
022291: SHATTUCK, GEORGE CHEEVER (MD) - Principles of Medical Treatment
Pb4188: SHAUGHNESSY, DAN - The Curse of the Bambino
P000090: JOHN J. SHAUGHNESSY & EUGENE B. ZECHMEISTER - Research Methods in Psychology
080825: SHAUGHNESSY, MARY ANGELA - Religious Education and the Law: A Catechist Handbook
077454: SHAUGHNESSY, GERALDO - Statuta Dioecesis Seattlensis
049053: SHAVER, ERWIN L. - Present-Day Trends in Religious Education: Lectures on the Earl Foundation and Other Papers
085937: SHAVER, CALRE - Amusons-nous!
087156: SHAW, S. B. - Children's Edition of Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer
040475: SHAW, JOHN MACKINTOSH (M.A., D.D.) - Life After Death: The Christian View of the Future Life
078946: SHAW, HENRY B. - In the Shadow of Peter
021072: SHAW, (GEORGE) BERNARD - Three Plays for Puritans
000996: SHAW, SIR WILLIAM FLETCHER (MD) - Twenty-Five Years - The Story of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists 1929 - 1954
074018: SHAW, IRWIN - Bread Upon the Waters
069879: SHAW, BERNARD - Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant: The First Volume, Containing the Three Unpleasant Plays
061953: SHAW, IRWIN - The Young Lions
051484: SHAW, BERNARD - Translations and Tomfooleries.
051337: SHAW, ALAN C. - The Logical Design of Operating Systems
069119: SHAW, ROBIN - Running
Pb955: BERNARD SHAW - Saint Joan, Major Barbara, Androcles and the Lion
Pb7846: BERNARD SHAW - Nine Plays
Pb6427: SHAW, DAVID - The Spirit of Excellence: Restaurants, Chefs, Recipes, Cognac
Pb442: SHAW, KATHRYN - Investment Clubs: A Team Approach to the Stock Market
029393: SHAW, GERALD - Some Beginnings: The Cape Times (1876-1910)
047545: SCHUSTER, CLARA SHAW (PH.D., R.N.) AND ASHBURN, SHIRLEY SMITH (M.S., R.N.) - The Process of Human Development: A Holistic Life-Span Approach - Second (2nd) Edition
069880: SHAW, BERNARD - Plays Pleasant and Unpleasant: The Second Volume, Containing the Four Pleasant Plays
061017: SHAW, BERNARD; CHOSEN BY SHAW, CHARLOTTE F. - Selected Passages from the Works of Bernard Shaw
061379: SHAW, PHILIP B. (EDITOR) - A Concise Treaty of Maine Poets and Their Poems: From Kittery to Fort Kent Comes the Outstanding Poetry of Maine.
084566: SHAW, PHILIP B. (EDITOR) - A Concise Treaty of Maine Poets and Their Poems: From Kittery to Fort Kent Comes the Outstanding Poetry of Maine.
Pb5815: SHAW, HARRY - Spell It Right!
040199: SHAW, CHARLES GRAY - The Road to Happiness
035654: SHAW, CATHERINE - Living Waters: Stories From the New Testament
003518: SHAW, EDWIN H., JR. - The Absorption of Chemical Compounds By Red Blood Corpuscles and Its Therapeutic Significance in the Treatment of Bird Malaria
017880: SHAW, G. BERNARD - The Irrational Knot
016774: SHAW, BERNARD - Press Cuttings: A Topical Sketch Compiled from the Editorial and Correspondence Columns of the Daily Papers
020751: SHAW, CHARLES MACMAHON - Bernard's Brethren
081213: SHAW, M.C. (CHAIRMAN OF THE EDITORIAL COMMITTEE) - International Research in Production Engineering: Discussions (Proceedings of the International Production Engineering Research Conference, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 9-12, 1963)
059405: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD; INTRODUCTION BY CASSON, LEWIS - Man and Superman (In Slipcase)
009130: SHAW, JOHN (MD) - Medical Priestcraft, a National Peril
079852: SHAW, WINFIELD L. (CHAIRMAN) - Study of the Problemns: A Progress Report to the 1949 Session of the General Court
085025: SHAW, HENRY LARNED (MD) - Infectious Diseases of Infancy and Childhood
021750: SHAW, HENRY LARNED (MD) - Starch Digestion in Infancy
078947: SHAW, J.G.; FOREWORD BY BRADY, MATTHEW F. - Edwin Vincent O'Hara: American Prelate
042983: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - Dubcek (Revised and Updated Edition)
067419: SHAWN, BERNARD - Foundations of Citizenship: Book Two (2)
Pb7396: SHAWN, WALLACE - The Fever
081158: SHAY, J. M. - Clairvoyance and ESP - SIGNED
058765: SHAYLOR, H.W. - A Calendar of Stray Thoughts
Pb7863: JOHN G. SHEA - Colonial Furniture Making for Everybody
Pa830: SHEA, LISA - Hula: A Novel
P000480: SHEA, THOMAS M.; BAUER, ANNE M. - An Introduction to Special Education : A Social Systems Perspective
084519: SHEA, MARGARET HAMMEL - Tavern in the Town
063442: SHEA, JOHN - The Hour of the Unexpected
061194: SHEA, MARION EMORY - Moments In Time: Marion Emory Shea Speaks
053652: SHEARER, ANDREW W - A Commitment to Excellence
069402: SHEARN, MARTIN (MD), GUEST EDITOR - The Medical Clinics of North America - Rheumatic Diseases, 1977
P000236: W.S. SHEARS - The Face of England
044807: SHEASBY, ANNE (EDITOR) - Low Fat, Low Cholesterol: Over 400 Delicious No Fat, Low Fat and Low Cholesterol Recipes for Every Occasion
044767: SHEATSLEY, REV. C.V. - Our Mission Field in India: The Report of Rev. C.V. Sheatsley, Commissioner, On the India Field from July 15 to December 1, 1920 (Signed By Author)
086608: KORROS, ALEXANDRA SHECKET AND SARNA, JONATHAN D. - American Synagogue History: A Bibliography and State-of-the-Field Survey
079499: SHEDD, MARGARET - A Silence in Bilbao
Pb576: CHARLIE W. SHEDD - the exciting Church Where They Give Their Money Away
Pb5731: CHARLIE W. SHEDD - The fat is in Your Head
Pb5091: SHEDD, CHARLIE - You Are Somebody Special
035117: SHEDD, CHARLIE W. - Is Your Family Turned On? Coping with the Drug Culture
057418: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Personal History
043849: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Dorothy and Red (Illustrated with Photographs)
083757: SHEED, WILFRID - Office Politics: A Novel
042252: SHEED, WILFRID - Frank and Maisie: A Memoir with Parents
080886: SHEEHAN, ELIZABETH ODELL - Good Pope John
068408: SHEEHAN, NEIL - After the War Was Over: Hanoi and Saigon (Review Copy)
059351: SHEEHAN, GEORGE A. - Running and Being: The Total Experience
063897: SHEEHAN, JAMES J. (EDITOR) - Industrialization and Industrial Labor in Nineteenth-Century Europe
043113: SHEEHAN, GEORGE - Dr. George Sheehan's Medical Advice for Runners
017537: SHEEHAN, MURRAY - Little Blue Book No. 387 - The Story of Painting
076204: SHEEHAN, SUSAN - Ten Vietnamese
069151: SHEEHY, GAIL - The Silent Passage - Menopause
076171: SHEEHY, MAURICE (EDITOR) - Michael/Frank: Studies on Frank O'Connor
047840: SHEEHY, GAIL - Understanding Men's Passages: Discovering the New Map of Men's Lives
Pb3472: SHEEHY, GAIL - Pathfinders
P000437: FULTON J. SHEEN - Life is Worth Living
078614: SHEEN, FULTON J. - This Is Rome: A Pilgrimage in Words and Pictures
035931: SHEERIN, JOHN B. (C.S.P.) - Never Look Back: The Career and Concerns of John J. Burke
078010: SHEETS, ELVA D. - The Fascinating World of the Sea: Circling the Globe for the Wild Seashell
077499: SHEETS, JOHN R. (EDITOR) - The Theology of the Atonement: Readings in Soteriology
Pb5182: SHEETS, DUTCH - The River of God
075620: SHEFFIELD, HERMAN B. (MD) - Diseases of Children - Designed for the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine
068215: SHEFFIELD, ALFRED DWIGHT - The Old Testament Narrative: Separated Out, Set in Connected Order, and Edited
040548: CLUFF, SHEILA WITH SHAW, EVA - Sheila Cluff's Aerobic Body Contouring: The New, Low-Impact Exercise Program for the Ageless Body (From the Oaks and the Palms)
019134: TOBIAS, SHEILA ET AL - What Kinds of Guns are They Buying for Your Butter?
064928: SHEINWOLD, ALFRED - 1951 Canasta: With SAMBA (3-Pack Canasta) and the New International Laws
049255: KAI-SHEK, GENERALISSIMO CHIANG - All We Are and All We Have: Speeches and Messages Since Pearl Harbor (December 9, 1941 - November 17, 1942)
054042: SHELBY, PHILIP - Gatekeeper
050799: SHELBY, BARBARA (TRANSLATOR) - The Gilberto Freyre Reader: Varies Writings By the Author of the Brazilian Classics: The Masters and the Slaves, The Mansions and the SHanties, and Order and Progress (Review Copy)
020585: SHELDON, WILFRID (MD) - Diseases of Infancy and Childhood
077150: SHELDON, DEYAN - The Nail Hotel
064216: BAUM, SHELDON AND BRAMLET, ROLAND - Basic Nuclear Medicine
062087: SHELDON, PAUL B. - First Aid Afloat or What To Do When the Doctor Can't Come - Revised Edition
Pb4949: SHELDON, AURE; LEAKE, DONALD - Of Cobblers and Kings
Pa1254: WILLIAM D. SHELDON, ETC. - Our School
077498: MARGEN, SHELDON (MD) AND CAAN, BETTE (GUEST EDITORS) - The Medical Clinics of North America - Applied Nutrition in Clinical Medicine, 1979
084113: GLUECK, SHELDON AND ELEANOR - Physique and Delinquency
065663: GOLDMAN, SHELDON AND SARAT, AUSTIN (EDITORS, INTRODUCTORY ESSAYS) - American Court Systems: Readings in Judicial Process and Behavior
063574: SHELDON, WILFRID (MD) - Diseases of Infancy and Childhood
035357: SHELDON, HENRY C. - Theosophy and New Thought
074761: SHELDON, CHARLES M. - In His Steps
069354: SHELDON, CHARLES M. - In His Steps "What Would Jesus Do?"
Pb7596: PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY - Selected Poetry and Prose of Shelley
Pb3634: MARY W. SHELLEY - Frankenstein Regents Illustrated Classics
Pa984: MARY SHELLEY - Frankenstein
037562: SHELLEY, PERCY BYSSHE; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 936 - A Logical Objection to Christianity
Pb915: SHELLY, GARY B.; CASHMAN, THOMAS J.; ROSENBLATT, HARRY J. - Systems Analysis and Design
085479: SHELTON, FERNE - Southern Appalachian Mountain Cookbook
064279: SHELTON, GILBERT - Fat Freddy's Cat - Book 1
086795: SHEMTOV, RABBI ELIEZER - Dear Rabbi, Why Can't I Marry Her? A Dialogue on Intermarriage
051030: SHENK, LOIS LANDIS - Out of Mighty Waters: A Young Mother's Successful Search Through Heaven and Hell for Drug-Free Healing from Her Mental Illness
Pb3412: WILLIAM M. SHENKEL - Real Estate Finance
Pb46: SHENKMAN, RICHARD; HARDING, WARREN - I Love Paul Revere, Whether He Rode or Not
036575: SHENNAN, THEODORE (MD) - The Morbid Anatomy of Tuberculosis in Man - SIGNED
060331: SHENTON, EDWARD - Lean Twilight
010840: SHEPARD, REBECCA KATHLEEN - A Study of the Effects of Doctor, Patient, and Nurse Personal Characteristics on a Simulated Decision Making Task
076656: SHEPARD, RICHARD F. - The Paper's Papers: A Reporter's Journey Through the Archives of The New York Times
Pa567: SHEPARD, SAM - States of Shock: Far North Silent Tongue/a Play and Two Screenplays
013869: SHEPARD, JOHN A. - Spencer Wells: The Life and Work of a Victorian Surgeon
033998: SHEPARD, HELEN MILLER GOULD (SELECTOR) - Bible Verse to Memorize
079419: SHEPARD, FERN - Nurse Under Fire
041293: SHEPHERD, HOLLEY M. (COMPILER) - A Bio-Bibliography of John Thomas McNeill
030387: SHEPHERD, GEORGE W., JR. - They Wait In Darkness - PRESENTATION COPY
042134: SHEPHERD, K.M. - The Land and Life of Japan
072571: SHEPHERD, MARGARET - The Art of the Handwritten Note: A Guide to Reclaiming Civilized Communication (Inscribed By Author)
018122: SHEPHERD, GEORGE W., JR. - The Politics of African Nationalism
078402: SHEPHERD, WILLIAM R.; SERIES EDITED BY JOHNSON, ALLEN - The Hispanic Nations of the New World: A Chronicle of Our Southern Neighbors (The Chronicles of America Series Volume 50, Roosevelt Edition)
027682: SHEPLEY, ETHAN A.H - What Does Washington University Stand For? A Historical Interpretation of the Goals and Achievements of Washington University, 1853-1958
062602: SHEPPARD, MORRIS - Fraternal and Other Addresses (Second Edition)
086290: SHEPPARD, LANCELOT - The Mass in the West
Pb61: SHEPPARD, JOSEPH - Realistic Figure Drawing
065740: SHER, BARBARA - Live the Life You Love - In Ten Easy Step-By-Step Lessons
045278: SHERATON, MIMI - Family Circle's Barbecues From Around the World
064888: COHN-SHERBOK, DAN - The Dictionary of Jewish Biography
068887: SHERBON, FLORENCE BROWN (MD) - The Child - His Origin, Development and Care
049868: HITE, SHERE AND COLLERAN, KATE - Good Guys Bad Guys: The Hite Guide to Smart Choices
Pb6265: SHERFAN, ANDREW DIB - Kahlil Gibran:the Nature of Love: The Nature of Love
068693: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY; MEMOIR BY BROWNE, JAMES P.; EXTRACTS FROM THE LIFE BY MOORE, THOMAS - The Works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan - With a Memoir - Two Volumes Complete
065556: SHERIDAN, EUGENE R. - Lewis Morris, 1671-1746: A Study in Early American Politics (Signed Presentation Copy)
005632: SHERLOCK, SHEILA (MD) - Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System
074286: SHERLOCK, SHEILA (MD) - Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System
070835: SHERMAN, L.A. - What Is Shakespeare? An Introduction to the Great Plays
009095: SHERMAN, CDR ROGER (USN) - Contact - Vol. 11, 1953
Pb6632: HAROLD M. SHERMAN - Strike Him Out
Pb657: JOHN SHERMAN - The New Robert's Rules of Order
Pa849: SHERMAN, STEVE - Wreaths for All Seasons
069374: SHERMAN, JOSEPHA - A Strange and Ancient Name
047387: SHERMAN, MANDEL (PH.D., M.D.); POFFENBERGER, ALBERT T. (EDITOR) - Intelligence and Its Deviations (Psychology Series)
073871: SHERMAN, HENRY C. - Chemistry of Food and Nutrition
061788: SHERMAN, GEORGE R. - Walt Disney's The Absent-Minded Professor
055520: SHERMAN, CHARLES POMEROY - My Scrap Book of Many Years - 1864 to 1938
037459: SHERMAN, HAROLD M. - Tahara: In the Land of Yucatan
060407: SHERMAN, EDMUND - Counseling the Aging: An Integrative Approach
086412: SHERMAN, EILEEN BLUESTONE - Monday in Odessa
Pb7503: SHERMAN, JOSEPHA - Vassilisa the Wise: A Tale of Medieval Russia
Pb7522: SHERMAN, STEVE - Country Roads of New Hampshire
010898: SHERMAN, DR. CLAY - Strategies for Stress Free Living - 12 Audiocassettes
035948: SHERRILL, HENRY KNOX - The Church's Ministry In Our Time
061320: SHERRILL, CHARLES HITCHCOCK - Prime Ministers and Presidents
041745: SHERRILL, LEWIS JOSEPH - Guilt and Redemption
006854: SHERRINGTON, SIR CHARLES - Goethe on Nature and on Science
056234: SHERRY, GERARD E. - The Catholic Shrines of Europe
058327: SHERWIN, JUDITH JOHNSON - The Life of Riot: Stories By Judith Johnson Sherwin
060123: SHERWOOD, VALERIE - Nightsong
021012: SHERWOOD, NOBLE PIERCE (MD) - Immunology
Pb6787: SHETTLES, LANDRUM B.; RORVIK, DAVID M. - How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby: The Method Best Supported by Scientific Evidence
009032: SHEVALEV, V. E. - Cicatricial Xerosis of the Eye
049264: SHEVCHENKO, ARKADY N. - Breaking With Moscow
075351: SHIACH, MORAG - Discourse on Popular Science: Class, Gender and History in Cultural Analysis, 1730 to the Present
027774: WITTMANN, FOLKER H., EDITOR; COORDINATORS ASADOUR H. HADJIAN, HEKI SHIBATA & JOHN P. WOLF - Transactions of the 9th International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology/Lusanne, 17-21 August 1987, Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology, Volume K2, Seismic Response Analysis of Nuclear Power Plant Systems (pages 589-1238)
027773: WITTMANN, FOLKER H., EDITOR; COORDINATORS ASADOUR H. HADJIAN, HEKI SHIBATA & JOHN P. WOLF - Transactions of the 9th International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology/Lusanne, 17-21 August 1987, Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology, Volume K1, Seismic Response Analysis of Nuclear Power Plant Systems (pages 1-588)
074760: SHIEL, M.P. - The Lord of the Sea (The Borzoi Pocket Books)
039138: SHIELDS, JAMES J. JR. - Social Foundations of Urban Education
065738: SHIELDS, PETE - Guns Don't Die - People Do
060379: SHIELDS, JOYCE D. (EDITOR); FOREWORD BY CLARK, CAROLYN CHAMBERS - Peer Consultation in a Group Context: A Guide for Professional Nurses
086197: SHIELDS, MARY LOU - Sea Run: Surviving My Mother's Madness - SIGNED
085547: SHIELDS, CORNELIUS - Racing with Cornelius Shields and the Masters
051069: SHIELDS, MARY LOU - Sea Run: Surviving My Mother's Madness (Signed by Author)
067779: SHIELDS, ELIZABETH MCE. - Music in the Religious Growth of Children
086846: SHILLING, CHARLES W. - The Human Machine: Biological Science for the Armed Services
Pb1325: RANDY SHILTS - Conduct Unbecoming Gays & lesbians in the U.S. Military
021699: SHIMANO, TAKUJI (ED) - Economic Views From Japan - Selections from Economic Eye
065617: SHIMER, R. H. - The Scroungers - The Story of Prehistoric Americans
044495: SHIMMIN, DELORES; SLEETH, NAOMI; RIGSBY, GLORIA (EDITOR) - Letters and Sounds 2: Tests (Teacher Key)
023556: SHIMPEI, KUSANO - Frogs &. Others. Poems
072951: SHINN, GEORGE - The Miracle of Motivation: The Action Guide to Happiness & Success
059874: SHINN, ROGER L. - Wars & Rumors of Wars
080184: SHINN, GLENN L. - Routing and Misrouting of Freight: Rights, Obligations, Liabilities Explained and Clarified
075062: SHINWELL, EMANUEL - Conflict Without Malice
060027: SHIPLEY, MARGARET COBB - The Sound of the Sun
073287: SHIPLEY, JOSEPH T. - Trends in Literature
071935: SHIPLEY, ROGER R. - The Consumer's Guide to Death, Dying and Bereavement
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054477: SMITH, CHARLIE - Shine Hawk
042430: SMITH, ANTHONY - Goodbye Gutenberg: The Newspaper Revolution of the 1980's
041965: SMITH, ROY L. - Why I am a Methodist
054332: SMITH, CHARLIE - The Lives of the Dead: A Novel (Review Copy)
040975: SMITH, LENDON H. (MD) - The Children's Doctor
040901: SMITH, BERT KRUGER - Aging In America
040196: SMITH, GERALD BIRNEY - The Principles of Christian Living: A Handbook of Christian Ethics
040066: SMITH, KENNETH M. - The Virus: Life's Enemy
036030: SMITH, ROY L. - The Future is Upon Us
031984: SMITH, LLOYD E. - Little Blue Book No. 821 - How to Write Letters For All Occasions
Pb6775: SMITH, JUDIE - Coping With Suicide: A Resource Book for Teenagers and Young Adults
030507: WOODHAM-SMITH, CECIL - Florence Nightingale 1820 - 1910
083345: SMITH, H. AUGUSTINE - Lyric Religion: The Romance of Immortal Hymns - SIGNED
016951: WIFE OF ARTHUR LIONEL SMITH - Arthur Lionel Smith - Master of Balliol 1916-1924
047956: SMITH, WALTER J. (S.J.) - Dying in the Human Life Cycle: Psychological, Biomedical, and Social Perspectives
030625: SMITH, LOUISE C. - Factors Influencing Continuity of Nursing Service
031024: SMITH, CHARLTON - Jesus Didn't Go To Church
026666: SMITH, HERBERT F. - A Guide to the Manuscript Collection of the Rutgers University Library
030260: SMITH, FRED - You and Your Network - Getting the Most Out of Life
009234: SMITH, ROBERT (MD) EDITOR - Background to Migraine - Second Migraine Symposium
065718: SMITH, GEDDES - Plague on Us
Pb2275: SMITH, JEFF - The Frugal Gourmet Cooks With Wine
013154: SMITH, NORA ARCHIBALD - The Message of Froebel and Other Essays
074351: SMITH, CHARLES E. - Typists' Guide: From Sight to Touch
012621: SMITH, THE REV. SYDNEY - The Works of the Rev. Sydney Smith - Vol. I
037463: SMITH, GEORGE BARNETT - The Life and Speeches of the Right Honourable John Bright, M.P., With Portraits (Two Volumes in One.)
011828: SMITH, NORA ARCHIBALD - Black Keys and White
022600: SMITH, RONALD S. - Nutrition, Hypertension & Cardiovascular Disease
019939: SMITH, MABELL S. C. - Ethel Morton at Sweetbrier Lodge
010523: SMITH, DAVID C. - Coastal Shipping Trade on the Eve of the Railroad: Gardiner, Maine in the Early 1830's (Maine Historical Society Quarterly, Winter, 1974)
065101: WOODHAM-SMITH, CECIL - Lonely Crusader - The Life of Florence Nightingale, 1820-1910
062603: SMITH, KENDRIC C. (EDITOR) - Photochemical and Photobiological Reviews - Volume 4
Pb4779: H. ALLEN SMITH - Life in a Putty Knife Factory
Pb3975: PAGE SMITH - John Adams Volume I, 1735 - 1784
Pa263: SMITH, DIANE - Letters from Yellowstone
049518: SMITH, WILLIAM JAY - Poems, 1947-1957 By William Jay Smith
034965: SMITH, CHARD POWERS - Yankees and God
026529: SMITH, WALTER ROBINSON - Constructive School Discipline
030242: SMITH, SIDONIE - Where I'm Bound - Patterns of Slavery and Freedom in Black American Autobiography
027479: SMITH, STEPHEN E - Cotton Yarn Manufacturing Problems: Stephen E. Smith's Answers to 200 Practical Spinning Problems
012793: SMITH, HOWARD M. - Principles of Holography
031885: SMITH, WILLIAM ROY - Nationalism and Reform in India
015358: SMITH, RODNEY (ED) - VARIOUS AUTHORS - Progress in Clinical Surgery
052630: SMITH, RALPH LEE - Getting the Know the World Health Organization
076786: SMITH, HARMON - My Friend, My Friend: The Story of Thoreau's Relationship with Emerson
085844: SMITH, MARY-ANN TIRONE - An American Killing, A Novel - ADVANCE READERS' COPY
062795: SMITH, H. S. "SKIPPER - The Amateur Seaman
081516: SMITH, GOODWIN - The Heritage of Man: A History of the World
073902: GIBBS-SMITH, CHARLES H. - The Bayeux Tapestry
087032: SMITH, HARRY W. - Michael and the Mary Day
083716: SMITH, D. W.; SMITH, DAN - Father's Law
082735: SMITH, SARAH STAFFORD - The Ink-Bottle Club
079505: SMITH, HARRIET LUMIS - Pollyanna's Western Adventure (The Sixth Glad Book)
034847: SMITH, JAY - Minister's Library Handbook
085135: SMITH, RONALD L. - Comic Support: Second Bananas in the Movies
045888: SMITH, KATHARINE SCHOLL - October Garden - Poems By Katharine Scholl Smith
049549: SMITH, MARION COUTHOUY - Sphinx of Flight
078492: SMITH, GEORGE HENRY - Druids' World

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