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048821: WHEALON, JOHN FRANCIS (S.T.L., S.S.L.) - The Word of God: The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior in Today's English Version
044550: WHEALON, JOHN F. (S.T.L., S.S.L.) (INTRODUCTION) - The New Testament: New American Bible, Saint Joseph Pocket Edition
068312: WHEAT, G. COLLINS - The World of Ants: How They Live, Work, and Communicate Within Their Colonies
063824: WHEATLEY, JAMES H. - Patterns in Thackeray's Fiction - SIGNED
041948: WHEATON, ANTHONY (TRANSLATOR) - Son and Saviour: The Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Scriptures
004028: WHEDON, D. D. - The Man-Republic: A Phi Betta Kappa Oration
038822: WHEEL, EMORY - Sharp Edges
004591: WHEELER, MONROE - The Prints of Georges Rouault
085397: ROLT-WHEELER, FRANCIS - The Wonder of War on Land
040550: WHEELER, HENRY WARREN - Wheeler and Warren Families, Descendants of George Wheeler, Concord, Mass., 1638 Through Deacon Thomas Wheeler, Concord, 1696 and of John Warren, Boston, Mass. 1630 Through Ebenezer Warren, Leicester, Mass., 1744
060291: WHEELER, RICHARD S. - The Children of Darkness: Some Heretical Reflections on the Kid Cult
051277: WHEELER, RUTHE S. - Janet Hardy in Radio City
050434: WHEELER, HARVEY - Democracy in a Revolutionary Era: The Political Order Today
Pa011: WHEELER, THOMAS C. - The Great American Writing Block : Causes and Cures of the New Illiteracy
061300: WHEELER, HAROLD F.B. - The Story of Nelson
046713: WHEELER, WILLIAM A. - Who Wrote It?
044879: WHEELER, STEVEN - Step-by-Step 20-Minute Cookbook
063890: WHEELER, OPAL - Stephen Foster and His Little Dog Tray
014484: WHEELER, LADD (ED) - Review of Personality and Social Psychology: 2
053148: WHEELER, WILLIAM A. (EDITED BY CHARLES G. WHEELER) - Who Wrote It! An Index to the Authorship of the More Noted Works in Ancient and Modern Literature
078733: WHEELER, GERSHON J. - How to Repair Electrical Appliances
079761: WHEELOCK, WALT; REVISIONS BY ROBBINS, ROYAL - Ropes, Knots & Slings for Climbers (Revised Edition)
081314: WHEELWRIGHT, THEA (EDITOR, INTRODUCTION) - Thoreau's Cape Cod - With the Early Photographs of Herbert W. Gleason
059709: WHEELWRIGHT, PHILIP - Valid Thinking: An Introduction to Logic
058320: WHELAN, GLORIA - Playing With Shadows (Illinois Short Fiction)
Pa1967: EDGAR T. WHERRY - Wild folwer Guide Northeastern And Midland United States
043637: WHETMORE, EDWARD JAY - American Electric: Introduction to Telecommunications and Electronic Media
035392: WHEWELL, WILLIAM (D.D.) - The Elements of Morality, Including Polity. In Two Volumes. Vol. II. (2)
035129: WHIPHAM, T. R. C. (MD) - The Medical Diseases of Children
Pa850: GARY T. WHIPPLE - The Matthew Mysteries
017174: WHIPPLE, DOROTHY V. (MD) - Dynamics of Development: Euthenic Pediatrics
035913: WHISTON, LIONEL - New Beginnings: Relational Studies in Mark
021815: BURNETT, WHIT AND FOLEY, MARTHA (EDS) - Story - Devoted Solely to the Short Story, October 1934
041923: BURNETT, WHIT AND FOLEY, MARTHA (EDS) - Story - Autumn 1996
004672: WHITAKER, ARTHUR P. - The Elhuyar Mining Missions and the Enlightenment - SIGNED
069901: WHITAKER, JENNIFER SEYMOUR - How Can Africa Survive?
019040: WHITAKER, CHARLES HARRIS - The Story of Architecture: From Rameses to Rockefeller
039964: WHITBY, L. E. H. - Medical Bacteriology, Descriptive and Applied Including Elementary Helminthology
053183: WHITCOMB, JESSIE WRIGHT - His Great Responsibility
007834: WHITE, WILLIAM A. (MD) - Outlines of Psychiatry
084739: WHITE, CHRISTOPHER - Rembrandt and His World
064459: WHITE, RAY LEWIS - Sherwood Anderson: A Reference Guide
072773: WHITE, J. LINCOLN - The Abdication of Edward VIII (8) A Record with All the Published Documents
045389: WHITE, JEAN (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - The Saturday Evening Post Norman Rockwell Book
083685: WHITE, PAUL DUDLEY (MD) - My Life and Medicine
077616: WHITE, WILLIAM ALLEN - The Autobiography of William Allen White
068924: WHITE, ROBERT W. - The Enterprise of Living: A View of Personal Growth - Second (2nd) Edition
067631: WHITE, RAMY ALLISON - Sunny Boy With the Circus
067126: WHITE, E.B. - The Second Tree from the Corner
065960: WHITE, ANNE TERRY - All About Great Rivers of the World
061265: WHITE, HELEN C.; WALLERSTEIN, RUTH C.; QUINTANA, RICARDO - Seventeenth-Century Verse and Prose - Volume One: 1600-1660
060979: WHITE, BURTON L. - The First Three Years of Life
060741: WHITE, JERRY - The Power of Commitment (The Christian Character Library)
057155: WHITE, WILLIAM ALLEN - The Autobiography of William Allen White
054471: WHITE, SUZANNE - Ladyfingers
058848: WHITE, KENNETH B. - Paterson State College: A History, 1855-1966
Pa1108: WHITE, JOHN - The Tower of Geburah: Book 3
049562: WHITE, HENRY KIRKE; TODD, REV. JOHN (INTRODUCTION) - Memoir and Poetical Remains of Henry Kirke White; Also Melancholy Hours.
036233: WHITE, DOROTHY O. - A Time To Remember
072812: WHITE, R.E.O. - A Guide to Pastoral Care: A Practical Primer of Pastoral Theology
072856: WHITE, EDWARD A. - Saying Goodbye: A Time of Growth for Congregations and Pastors
019976: WHITE, WENDELL - The Psychology of Dealing with People
032954: WHITE, WILLIAM A. (MD) - Outlines of Psychiatry
074988: WHITE, GILBERT; ALLEN, GRANT (EDITOR, NOTES) - The Natural History of Selborne
066773: WHITE, JOHN BROWNING - Index - Guide to the Contents of the Publications 1885-1956 and the Magazine 1918-1958 of the Nebraska State Historical Society (Nebraska State Historical Society Publications Volume XXIV)
041633: WHITE, DOUGLAS (M.D.) - Forgiveness and Suffering: A Study of Christian Belief
075946: WHITE, WILLIAM A. (MD) - Outlines of Psychiatry
068823: SMITH, GREGORY WHITE AND NAIFEH, STEVEN - What Every Client Needs to Know About Using a Lawyer
081126: WHITE, HELEN C. - Social Criticism in Popular Religious Literature of the Sixteenth Century
067125: WHITE, E.B. - One Man's Meat
065315: WHITE, JOHN; REVISED BY SELLERS, N.W. - John White's The Farmer's Handbook - New Edition
065128: WHITE, LIONEL - A Death At Sea
038162: WHITE, VIOLA C. (COMPILER) - A Check List: Abernethy Library of American Literature, Middlebury College
061360: WHITE, TRUMBULL - United States In War With Spain and the History of Cuba.
070119: WHITE, R.J. - The Smartest Grave
059558: EDITED BY WHITE, IRVING H. - Essays in Value
Pb5245: WHITE, PHILIP - Diet and Exercise: Synergism in Health Maintenance
087010: WHITE, NELIA GARDNER - The Thorn Tree, A Novel
Pb942: WHITE, E. G. - Passion of the Ages
041325: WHITE, HUGH C. JR. (EDITOR) - Christians in a Technological Era
Pb7808: TERRY WHITE - All About Great rivers of the World
040688: WHITE, LELAND JENNINGS - Christ and the Christian Movement: Jesus in the New Testament, the Creeds and Modern Theology
039776: WHITE, ALICE - More Performing Toys
037741: WHITE, ABRAHAM - Symposium on Steroids in Experimental And Clinical Practice
035631: WHITE, JOHN WESLEY - The Runaway
031514: WHITE, THEODORE H. - Caesar at the Rubicon - A Play About Politics
051297: WHITE, LANDEG - V.S. Naipaul: A Critical Introduction
030190: WHITE, ROBERT W. - The Abnormal Personality
016619: WHITE, WM., D. D. - Memoirs of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America
075494: WHITE, WILLIAM ALLEN - God's Puppets
029785: WHITE, JOHN W. - Argentina: The Life Story of a Nation
009794: WHITE, JOHN KENNETH - The Fractured Electorate
P000153: HANTS WHITE - Nostalgic Short Stories
P000584: WHITE, JEANNE; DWORKIN, SUSAN - Weeding Out the Tears : A Mother's Story of Love, Loss and Renewal
014962: WHITE, T. H. - America at Last
Pb3630: WHITE, ELLEN GOULD HARMON - Steps to Jesus
Pb3616: WHITE, JOE - When So Many Feel Like Orphans at Home: It's Time to Fall in Love With Your Kids Again
Pb2105: STEWART EDWARD WHITE - The Westerners
Pb51: WHITE, THOMAS B. - The Believer's Guide to Spiritual Warfare: Wising Up to Satan's Influence in Your World
Pa698: E. G. WHITE - The Passion of Love he Did it for You
Pb1026: WHITE, JOHN - Daring to Draw Near: People in Prayer
Pa1959: WHITE, JOE - Faith Training
073171: WHITE, WILLIAM A. (MD) - The Meaning of Disease - An Inquiry In the Field of Medical Philosophy
008984: WHITE, WILLIAM T. (MD), EDITOR - The Medical Register of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut 1890-91
006240: WHITE, WILLIAM T. (MD), EDITOR - The Medical Register of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut 1884
082133: WHITE, JOHN T. - A Latin-English Dictionary for the Use of Junior Students (Abridged from the Larger Work of White and Riddle) - Fourteenth Edition
077522: WHITE, JO ANN (EDITOR); INTRODUCTION BY CROWN, BONNIE R. - Impact! Asian Views of the West
078898: WHITE, ROBERT R. (MD), EDITOR - Atlas of Pediatric Surgery
057724: WHITEHEAD, ALFRED NORTH; PRICE, LUCIEN - Dialogues of Alfred North Whitehead - As Recorded By Lucien Price
066410: WHITEHEAD, HUBERT - Slings and Sandals: A Story of Boys Who Saw Jesus
070246: WHITEHEAD, STANLEY B. - A Modern Guide to Good Gardening (Small Garden Library)
032901: WHITEHEAD, ROBERT - Children's Literature: Strategies of Teaching
007338: WHITEHILL, WALTER MUIR, ET AL - Proceedings of the Bostonian Society
028197: WHITEHILL, WALTER MUIR - Louise Du Pont Crowninshield 1877-1958
010844: WHITEHORN, JOHN C. (MD), ET AL, EDITORS - Psychiatry and Medical Education - 1951 Conference
030364: WHITEHORN, JOHN C. (MD), ET AL, EDITORS - Psychiatry and Medical Education
030363: WHITEHORN, JOHN C. (MD), ET AL, EDITORS - The Psychiatrist - His Training and Development
048567: WHITEHOUSE, ELIZABETH S. - Jesus, Friend and Teacher - Teacher's Book (A Cooperative Weekday Text, for Boys and Girls of Grades Five and Six)
070394: WHITEHOUSE, P. B. (EDITOR) - Great Trains of North America
014140: WHITELOCK, OTTO V. ST. (ED) - Meprobamate and Other Agents Used in Mental Disturbances
028126: WHITEMAN, MAXWELL - The Kidnapped and the Ransomed
054565: WHITFORD, WILLIAM G. - An Introduction to Art Education - Revised and Enlarged Edition
066142: WHITING, LILIAN - Athens: The Violet-Crowned
Pb7600: ARTHUR WHITING - Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics Vol. 1260 Brahms Op.39 Waltzes for the Piano
057166: WHITLOCK, BAIRD W. - Educational Myths I Have Known and Loved
036659: WHITLOCK, BAIRD W. - The Gospel: The Life of Jesus
034027: WHITLOW, MAURICE - J. Taylor Smith (K.C.B., C.V.O., D.D.): Everybody's Bishop
076248: WHITMAN, CHARLES F - A History of Norway, Maine from the Earliest Settlements to the Close of the Year 1922
061119: WHITMAN, VIRGINIA - Programs That Took With Teeners (Profitable to Adults, Too)
034326: WHITMAN, ARDIS - A New Image of Man
050325: WHITNEY, PHYLLIS A. - Dream of Orchids
059580: WHITNEY, THOMAS P. - Russia In My Life
050789: WHITNEY, EDSON L.; BURTON, THEODORE E. (FOREWORD) - The American Peace Society: A Centennial History (The Peace Movement in America - A Facsimile Reprint Collection)
Pb5572: WHITNEY, PHYLLIS A. - Dream of Orchids
084189: WHITNEY, ELLIOTT - The Black Fox of Yukon (Big Game Series)
Pb3791: PHYLLIS A. WHITNEY - Blue Fire/Black Amber
081110: WHITNEY, WILLIAM DWIGHT - Oriental and Linguistic Studies. The Veda; The Avesta; The Science of Language
062000: WHITRIDGE, ARNOLD - No Compromise! The Story of the Fanatics Who Paved the Way to the Civil War
060382: COLE-WHITTAKER, TERRY - The Inner Path from Where You Are to Where You Want To Be
055958: WHITTAKER, FREDERICK W. (PH.D., D.D.) - Little Less Than God: A Story of Down-East Religion and Politics
021512: WHITTAKER, CHARLES R. - Catechism Series - Anatomy (Abdomen), Part IV
021511: WHITTAKER, CHARLES R. - Catechism Series - Anatomy (Head and Neck), Part III
021509: WHITTAKER, CHARLES R. - Catechism Series - Anatomy - Lower Extremity, Part II
021508: WHITTAKER, CHARLES R. - Catechism Series - Anatomy (Upper Extremity), Part I
040364: WHITTEMORE, ROBERT C. (EDITOR) - Studies in Process Philosophy II (2) - Tulane Studies in Philosophy, Volume XXIV (24)
034701: WHITTEMORE, THOMAS - Life of Rev. Hosea Ballou; With Accounts of His Writings, and Biographical Sketches of His Seniors and Contemporaries In the Universalist Ministry. Vol. I. (1)
040365: WHITTEMORE, ROBERT C. (EDITOR) - Studies in Process Philosophy I (1) - Tulane Studies in Philosophy, Volume XXIII (23)
042547: WHITTEMORE, REED - William Carlos Williams: Poet from Jersey
023939: WHITTEMORE, REED - The Poet as Journalist: Life at the New Republic
Pb6603: WHITTEN, MARY E. - Decisions, Decisions : Style in Writing
Pb3839: WHITTEN, LES - Sometimes a Hero
081622: WHITTIER, JOHN G. - Poems By John G. Whittier
051459: WHITTIER, JOHN G. - Poems of John G. Whittier - With Explanatory Notes
049550: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - The Tent on the Beach and Other Poems
024040: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - Miriam and Other Poems
021803: WHITTINGTON, PETER - Undiscovered Antiques
046197: WHITTLE, D.W. - Jonathan and Other Poems By D.W. Whittle
081607: WHITTLESEY, SARAH J.C. - Bertha the Beauty; A Story of the Southern Revolution
039308: WHYMANT, A. NEVILLE J. (PH.D., LITT.D. (OR.) M.R.A.S.) - A Mongolian Grammar: Outlining the Khalkha Mongolian with Notes on the Buriat, Kalmuck, and Ordoss Mongolian
070724: WHYTE, MARTIN KING - The Status of Women in Preindustrial Societies
047503: WHYTE, JOHN - American Words and Ways Especially for German Americans
036409: WHYTE, DOROTHY K. - Teaching Your Child Right From Wrong
035928: WHYTE, ROBERT B. - Personalities Behind the Psalms: Sermons on Twelve Psalms and Their Authors
066639: WIBBERLEY, LEONARD - Little League Family
073822: WIBBERLEY, LEONARD - Flint's Island
075761: WIBBERLEY, LEONARD - The Road From Toomi
034790: WICKENDEN, ARTHUR C. - The Concerns of Religion
039671: WICKENHAGENS, ERNST - Geschichte Der Kunst
078839: WICKER, BRIAN - Toward a Contemporary Christianity
036487: WICKER, BRIAN - Toward a Contemporary Christianity
079616: WICKER, TOM - Tragic Failure: Racial Integration in America (Review Copy)
041908: WICKERSHAM, GEORGE W. II; EVANS, SYDNEY (FOREWORD) - How Can You Believe? For Those Who Seek
055651: WICKERSHEIMER, DR. ERNEST - L'Araignee Pretendue De L'Hopital de Strasbourg - Cahiers d'Archeologie et d'Histoire d'Alsace, 1954
043209: WICKHAM, KATHLEEN (EDITOR) - Perspectives: Online Journalism
Pb6213: D.E. WICKHAM - Discovering Kings & Queens
050045: WICKS, ROBERT J. - Counseling Strategies and Intervention Techniques for the Human Services
078676: WICOMB, ZOE - You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town
069003: WIDDEMER, MARGARET - Someday I'll Find You
041345: WIDGERY, ALBAN G. - Christian Ethics in History and Modern Life
080078: WIDNER, RALPH R. (EDITOR); COMPILED BY THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STATE FORESTERS - Forests and Forestry in the American States: A Reference Anthology Compiled By the National Association of State Foresters
084813: WIECK, ROGER S. - Time Sanctified: The Book of Hours in Medieval Art and Life
Pb2216: WIEDER, MARCIA - Making Your Dreams Come True: A Plan for Easily Discovering and Achieving the Life You Want!
063079: WIEDERKEHR, MACRINA - Gold In Your Memories: Sacred Moments, Glimpses of God
058991: WIEDERSHEIM, ROBERT - Grundriss Der Vergleichenden Anatomie der Wirbelthiere fur Studirende Bearbeitet
067794: WIENANDT, ELWYN A. - Choral Music of the Church
063856: WIENER, JOEL H. - A Descriptive Finding List of Unstamped British Periodicals, 1830-1836
044737: WIENER, SUSAN - Finger Lakes Wineries: A Complete Touring Guide to Central New York's Acclaimed Wine Country
069678: WIER, ESTER - The Winners
037862: WIESCHHOFF, H.A. - Africa: The African Collections of the University Museum (University Museum Bulletin Vol. 11, March, 1945, NOS. 1-2)
034934: WIESEL, ELIE - Twilight, A Novel
031839: WIESEL, ELIE - A Beggar in Jerusalem - A Novel
085924: WIESELTIER, LEON - Kaddish
Pb141: WILLIAM WIESNER - Grabbit the Rascal
064220: JOSIAH ALLEN'S WIFE (MARIETTA HOLLEV) - Samantha at Saratoga, or, "Flirting with Fashion"
027565: BY HIS WIFE - William Lowell Putnam
037293: EDITED BY HIS WIFE - Poems of Sidney Lanier
034975: "JOSIAH ALLEN'S WIFE" (MARIETTA HOLLEY) - Samantha Among the Brethren
086458: WIGGERS, CARL J. (MD) - Physiology in Health and Disease
079144: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Rose o' the River
Pa346: WIGGIN - All Maine Cooking
082760: FLORENCE ROE WIGGINS - Strawberry Point: Vignettes of an Iowa Childhood
059633: WIGGINS, DAVID - Identity and Spatio-Temporal Continuity
050058: WIGGINS, GRANT P. - Assessing Student Performing: Exploring the Purpose and Limits of Testing
Pb3016: WIGGINS, MARIANNE - Separate Checks
087037: WIGGINTON, ELIOT (EDITOR) - The Foxfire Book
079563: WIGHT, FREDERICK - South
073220: WIGHT, ROBIN - The Day the Pigs Refused to Be Driven to Market: Advertising and the Consumer Revolution
013112: WIGHT, O. W. (ED) - Philosophy of Sir William Hamilton, Bart.
065661: FOX, RICHARD WIGHTMAN AND LEARS, T.J. JACKSON - The Culture of Consumption: Critical Essays in American History, 1880-1980
038804: WIGHTMAN, JOSEPH M. (COMPILER) - Annals of the Boston Primary School Committee, from Its First Establishment in 1818, to Its Dissolution in 1855.
037443: WIGHTMAN, RICHARD - The Things He Wrote To Her
041451: WIKSE, JOHN R. - About Possession: The Self as Private Property
Pb4299: WESLEY WIKSELL - Do They Understand You a guide to Effective Oral Communication
049287: WILBOURNE, CAROLE C. - Cats on the Couch: The Complete Guide for Loving and Caring for Your Cat
Pa380: WILBRAHAM - Chemistry
077116: WILBUR, C. KEITH - Revolutionary Medicine: 1700-1800
075657: WILBUR, SIBYL - The Life of Mary Baker Eddy
049304: WILBUR, JACK - Word Pictures of 52 All American Personalities
Pb1362: OSBURN & WILBUR - Pewter Spun Wrought Cast
036416: WILBURN, RALPH G. - The Historical Shape of Faith
008309: WILCOX, HERBERT B. (MD) - Infant and Child Feeding
066660: WILCOX, FRANCIS O. - Congress, The Executive, & Foreign Policy - SIGNED
078225: WILCOX, MARY M. - Developmental Journey: A Guide to the Development of Logical and Moral Reasoning and Social Perspective
073222: WILCOX, JAMES - Modern Baptists
085067: WILCOX, R. TURNER - The Mode in Costume
Pb3593: WILCOX, JAMES - Modern Baptists
Pb2547: DAVID WILD - Friends the Official Farewell Commemorative
065005: WILDE, JEAN T. - The Romantic Realist: Caroline De La Motte Fouque
066508: WILDE, ALAN - Christopher Isherwood
079205: WILDE, OSCAR - The Ballad of Reading Gaol - and Other Poems
071167: WILDE, OSCAR; INTRODUCTION BY SYMONS, ARTHUR - The Writings of Oscar Wilde: Salome La Sainte Courtisane a Florentine Tragedy - Volume IX (9)
083657: WILDE, DANA - The Big Picture
073728: WILDE, OSCAR - The Comedies of Oscar Wilde
079820: WILDE, JAMES A. (EDITOR) - Finding and Forming Sponsors and Godparents
044424: WILDE, JIM (EDITOR) - Catechumenate: A Journal of Christian Initiation, Volume 11, Number 2, March 1989
036017: WILDE, STUART - Miracles
Pb6940: WILDE, OSCAR - The Picture Of Dorian Gray
012023: WILDE, OSCAR - The Young King and the Star-Child
Pa081: THORNTON WILDER - The woman Fo Andros
065131: WILDER, LILYAN; FOREWORD BY NAISBITT, JOHN - Professionally Speaking: Getting Ahead in Business and Life Through Effective Communicating
P000469: ROBERT WILDER - An affair of Honor
P000604: THORNTON WILDER - Heaven's My Destination
Pa1238: WILDER, LAURA INGALLS - The Long Winter
Pb7452: WILDER, CHERRY - Signs of Life
025478: PENFIELD, DR. WILDER ET AL - The Harvey Lectures - 1936-1937, Series XXXII
082526: TILESTON, WILDER AND LOCKE, EDWIN A. - The Blood in Scarlet Fever
Pb5586: WILDSMITH, BRIAN - The Island
084878: WILE, DR. IRA S. - Rickets & Scurvy
037612: WILENSKI, R.H. - An Introduction to Dutch Art
067400: WILES, DOMINI - Death Flight
054901: WILES, KIMBALL - Teaching for Better Schools
077888: WILEY, BELL IRVIN - The Common Soldier in the Civil War: The Life of Billy Yank and The Life of Johnny Reb
081188: WILEY, RICHARD - Fools' Gold
051523: WILEY, BELLE - Rago and Goni: The Tree-Dweller Children
Pa1653: WILEY, KIM WRIGHT - Walt Disney World With Kids 1998
081324: BIRDSALL, WILLIAM WILFRED AND JONES, RUFUS M. (EDITORS) - The Literature of America and Our Favorite Authors
072943: GAISFORD, WILFRID AND LIGHTWOOD, REGINALD (MD'S), EDITORS - Paediatrics for the Practitioner - 3 Volumes Complete (1,2,3) (Pediatrics)
049951: WILHELM, JOHN - John Wilhelm's Guide to All Mexico
047486: HEINEN, WILHELM AND SCHREINER, JOSEF - Erwartung, Verheibung, Erfullung
086617: HOFSTADTER, RICHARD; MILLER, WILILAM AND AARON, DANIEL - The United States: The History of A Republic
073115: WILKE, RICHARD B. - Our Father
040381: WILKE, RICHARD B. - And Are We Yet Alive? The Future of the United Methodist Church
086150: WILKEN, ROBERT L. - The Christians as the Romans Saw Them
064865: WILKES, PAUL - And They Shall Be My People: An American Rabbi and His Congregation
082268: WILKES, PAUL - In Mysterious Ways: The Death and Life of a Parish Priest
063271: WILKES, PAUL - The Good Enough Catholic: A Guide for the Perplexed (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
Pb5363: WILKES, ANGELA - My First Activity Book
014374: WILKIE, TOM - Perilous Knowledge
079841: WILKIN, ESTHER - God's Child (A Catholic Child's Read-With-Me Book)
Pb6594: ESTHER WILKIN - Play with Me
084783: WILKINS, FRANCES - Ancient Crete
051764: WILKINS, RONALD J. - Understanding Christian Morality: An Extended Study (To Live Is Christ)
049765: WILKINS, RICH "MR. POS - Going Beyond A Positive Mental Attitude
049764: WILKINS, RICH "MR. POS - No Dot-People Allowed
069966: WILKINS, A. S.; EDITED AFTER HALM, KARL - The Orations of Cicero Against Catilina
055517: WILKINS, MARY E. - A Humble Romance and Other Stories
Pb6692: VAUGHAN WILKINS - Crown Without Sceptre
083964: WILKINSON, CLENNELL - Bonnie Prince Charlie
034564: WILKINSON, MARGUERITE - Citadels
010542: WILKINSON, A. W. (ED) - Recent Advances in Paediatric Surgery
046612: WILKINSON, JAMES D. - The Intellectual Resistance in Europe
046093: WILKINSON, MARGUERITE (EDITOR) - Contemporary Poetry
065552: WILKINSON, BURKE - The Zeal of the Convert
061334: WILKINSON, ALBERT E. - The Flower Encyclopedia and Gardener's Guide
Pb2014: DR. BRUCE H. WILKINSON - Personal Holiness in times of Temptation
010541: WILKINSON, A. W. (ED) - Recent Advances in Paediatric Surgery
066830: WILKINSON, A. W. (ED) - Recent Advances in Paediatric Surgery, Number Three
063476: WILL, ALLEN S. - Life of James Cardinal Gibbons
Pb7037: WILL, CHRISTOPHER - International Basketry: For Weavers and Collectors
Pb1331: WILL, RICHARD; READ, MARGERY - Dinosaur Digs: Places Where You Can Discover Prehistoric Creatures
002838: WILL, GEORGE F. - The New Season
068004: KAFKA, FRANZ; TRANSLATED BY MUIR, WILLA AND EDWIN; INTRODUCTION BY RAHV, PHILIP - Selected Short Stories of Franz Kafka (The Modern Library of the World's Best Books)
044937: WILLAN, ANNE; WRIGHT, JENI (EDITORIAL DIRECTOR) - Perfect Chicken Dishes
055301: WILLARD, NANCY - Sister Water, A Novel - REVIEW COPY (GIFT QUALITY)
Pb2416: WILLARD, TOM - Sable Doughboys
080372: WILLARD, J.H. - The Boy Jesus (Altemus' Children of the Bible Series)
065096: WILLARD, FRANCES E. - A Great Mother - Sketches of Madam Willard
052980: WILLARD, MABEL CALDWELL (EDITOR) - James Russell Lowell's Vision of Sir Launfal and Other Poems
050841: WILLARD, FRANCES E.; SMITH, HANNAH WHITALL (INTRODUCTION) - Glimpses of Fifty Years: The Autobiography Of An American Woman (Written By Order of the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union.)
059300: WILLCOX, DONALD J. - New Design in Wood
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059523: WRIGHT, THOMAS - Biographa Britannica Literaria; or Biography of Literary Characters of Great Britain and Ireland, Arranged in Chronological Order. Anglo-Saxon Period.
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086767: WRIGHT, N. T. - Twelve Months of Sundays, Reflections on Bible Readings - Year C
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Pb1947: WURMAN, RICHARD SAUL - Fortune Guide to Investing in the 90s
056169: WURTZ, FELIX - The Children's Book - Selections
Pb931: WWINTRAUB, PAMELA; WEINTRAUB, PAMELA; HILLMAN, TERRY; KESSELMAN, ELAYNE - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Surviving Divorce
013656: WYATT, GERTRUD L. - Language, Learning, and Communication Disorders in Children
074559: WYCHGRAM, DR. J. - Schiller: Dem Deutschen Dolfe Dargestellt
Pb5924: WYCKOFF, PETER - The Language of Wall Street
Pa2085: WYCKOFF, BETSY - Overcoming Migraine: A Comprehensive Guide to Treatment and Prevention by a Survivor
Pb6102: WYCOFF, JOYCE - Mindmapping: Your Personal Guide to Exploring Creativity and Problem-Solving
071402: WYETH, JOHN A. (MD) - A Hand-Book of Medical And Surgical Reference
067156: WYLD, HENRY CECIL - A Short History of English - With a Bibliography and Lists of Texts and Editions
Pb891: LAURENCE WYLIE - Village in the Vaucluse
054479: WYLIE, ELINOR - The Orphan Angel
070690: WYLIE, MAX - Clear Channels: A Report to Set Owners (Television and the American People) - Inscribed & Signed By Author)
060194: WYLIE, ELINOR - Jennifer Lorn: A Sedate Extravaganza - Complete Herein in Three Books: Illuminating Episodes in the Lives of the Hon. Gerald Poynyard and His Bride
076879: WYLIE, CAPTAIN F.J. - Choosing & Using Ship's Radar: A Brief Guide
038067: WYLLIE, W.L. (A.R.A.) - J.M.W. Turner (Illustrated)
081402: WYLLIE, JOHN - The Killer Breath
084493: WYLY, SAM - 1,000 Dollars and an Idea: Entrepreneur to Billionaire
085724: WYMAN, DAVID S. - Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust, 1941 1945
040357: WYMAN, REV. E.A. (PH.D.); UPHAM, REV. JAMES (D.D.)(INTRODUCTION) - Acquaintance With God; or Salvation and Character
Pb5340: MAVIS ARETA WYNDER - Smile at the Storm
Pb396: WYNDHAM, LEE; MADISON, ARNOLD - Writing for Children and Teenagers
050952: WYNES, CHARLES E. (ED.) - The Negro in the South Since 1865: Selected Essays in American Negro History
063651: WYNNE, JOHN J. - The Jesuit Martyrs of North America
051334: WYNNE, PAMELA - Mademoiselle Dahlia
Pb3949: WYNNE, MARCUS - No Other Option
084052: WYNNE, PAMELA - The Last Days of September
Pb3873: JACK WYRTZEN - sex is Not Sinful
049599: WYSE, LOIS - You are the Love I Want...
046065: WYSE, LOIS - Come Live With Me
Pb3282: WYSS, JOHANN DAVID - The Swiss Family Robinson
061806: FREY-WYSSLING, A. - Submicroscopic Morphology of Protoplasm
048367: DR. JACOBUS X - Crossways of Sex: A Study in Eroto-Pathology
066596: DOCTOR X - Intern
058467: X - Myself Not Least: Being the Personal Reminiscences of "X"
045633: DANCE, FRANK E.X. AND LARSON, CARL E. - Speech Communication: Concepts and Behavior
Pa844: PROFESSOR X. - This Beats Working for a Living: The Dark Secrets of a College Professor
077624: GLOCK, CHARLES Y. AND BELLAH, ROBERT N. (EDITORS) - The New Religious Consciousness
018783: KIRSANOV, Y. AND TORCHINSKY, A. - The Soviet Worker: How Does He Live?
075079: KING, ALLEN Y. AND DENNIS, IDA - The Way of Democracy (Democracy Readers)
021110: KATCHER, BRIAN S.; YOUNG, LLOYD Y. AND KODA-KIMBLE, MARY ANNE (EDS) - Applied Therapeutics - The Clinical Uses of Drugs
077011: KING, ALLEN Y. AND DENNIS, IDA - The Way of Democracy (Democracy Readers)
012775: YACAVONE, DONALD (ED) - The Massachusetts Historical Review, Volume 2, 2000
069754: YAFFE, JAMES - Mom Doth Murder Sleep
Pa2005: MAURICE YAFFE - Sexual Happiness for Women a Practical Approach
066066: YAHRAES, HERBERT - Alcoholism is a Sickness (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 118)
066031: YAHRAES, HERBERT - Epilepsy - The Ghost is Out of the Closet (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 98)
066030: YAHRAES, HERBERT - What Do You Know About Blindness? (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 124)
066029: YAHRAES, HERBERT - Make Your Town Safe! (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 133)
066054: YAHRAES, HERBERT - Planning Your Family (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 136)
066052: YAHRAES, HERBERT - Rheumatic Fever: Childhood's Greatest Enemy (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 126)
059602: YAMANI, MD. - The Beersheba Triangle
071846: YANAGA, CHITOSHI - Japan Since Perry (McGraw-Hill Series in History)
064759: SELECTED BY THE EDITORS OF YANK - The Best from Yank - The Army Weekly
Pb222: YANKEE PRESS; YANKEE - Yankee Superlatives
Pb1766: YANKEE PRESS; YANKEE - Yankee Superlatives
Pb3386: CHELSEA QUINN YARBRO - The Saint-Germain Chronicles
078734: YARBRO, CHELSEA QUINN - Nomadas
042492: YARDLEY, JONATHAN - Our Kind of People: The Story of an American Family
016463: YARMOLINSKY, AVRAHM - Turgenev: The Man - His Art - and His Age
085050: YARWOOD, DOREEN - The Architecture of Italy
059295: YASAI, NO NOYAKA SODAN - Agricultural Chemicals
021698: MURAKAMI, YASUSUKE AND KOSAI, YUTAKA (EDS) - Japan in the Global Community
Pa1716: YATE, MARTIN JOHN - Knock 'Em Dead: With Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions
068347: YATER, WALLACE M. (MD), ET AL - WASHINGTON INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE - A Service and International Survey of The World's Recent Medical and Surgical Advancements, Section 1
064936: YATES, KATHERINE M. - Through the Woods: A Little Tale in Which There is More Than Meets the Eye
065398: YATES, ELIZABETH - The Lady From Vermont: Dorothy Canfield Fisher's Life and World
065414: YATES, ELIZABETH - Is There A Doctor in the Barn? A Day in the Life of Forrest F. Tenney, Veterinarian - SIGNED By Dr. TENNEY
032138: YATES, ELIZABETH - My Widening World - The Continuing Diary of Elizabeth Yates
032144: YATES, ELIZABETH - Call It Zest - The Vital Ingredient After Seventy
Pa174: YATES, JERE E. - Managing Stress : A Businessperson's Guide
049909: YBARRA, T.R.; DAVIS, ELMER (FOREWORD) - Young Man of Caracas
029781: YBARRA, T.R. - America Faces South
058355: BY A SENATOR OF THIRTY YEARS - Thirty Years' View; or, A History of the Working of the American Government for Thirty Years, From 1820 to 1850. Complete Two Volume Set
Pb4905: WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS - Irish folk Stories and fairy Tales
061770: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER - The Autobiography of William Butler Yeats: Consisting of Reveries Over Childhood and Youth, The Trembling of the Veil and Dramatis Personae
Pb828: YEATS, W. B. - Selected Poems and Two Plays of William Butler Yeats
036595: YEAXLEE, BASIL A. - Religion and the Growing Mind
086933: BERG, YEHUDA WITH ROSS, DEV - The 72 Names of God for Kids
062944: YEISER, CARRIE BLAINE - How Jimmy Came Through
037323: YELAVICH, SUSAN; EDITED BY DOYLE, STEPHEN - Design For Life: Our Daily Lives, The Spaces We Shape, and the Ways We Communicate, as Seen Through the Collections of Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
081935: YEO, MARGARET - The Greatest of the Borgias
061037: YEOMAN, R.S. - The Red Book of United States Coins 1967 - A Guide Book of United States Coins, 20th Revised Edition
053163: YEOMAN, R. S. - Handbook of United States Coins with Premium List, Eighteenth Edition
036918: YEOMAN, R. S. - A Catalog of Modern World Coins
039329: YEOMANS, EDWARD - The Shady Hill School: The First Fifty Years
061197: YEPSEN, ROGER B. JR. (EDITOR) - Organic Plant Protection: A Comprehensive Reference on Controlling Insects and Diseases in the Garden, Orchard and Yard Without Using Chemicals
051346: YEPSEN, ROGER B. (JR.) - How to Boost Your Brain Power: Achieving Peak Intelligence, Memory and Creativity
078071: YERBY, FRANK - Fairoaks: A Novel

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