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066086: LAMBERT, CLARA - Understand Your Child - From 6 to 12 (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 144)
086517: LAMBRECHT, JAN - Out of the Treasure: The Parables in the Gospel of Matthew
021208: LAMBRET, O. - La Maladie Post-Operatoire
062785: LAMERA, REV. STEPHEN - James Alberione - "A Marvel of Our Times"
000255: LAMKIN, NINA B. - Health Education in Rural Schools and Communities
082970: THOMAS D. WOOD, ANETTE M. PHELAN, MARION O. LERRIGO, NINA B. LAMKIN AND THURMAN B. RICE - Adventures in Living - Blazing the Trail
008060: LAMKIN, NINA B. - Play - Its Value and Fifty Games
P000428: BENJAMIN GARVER LAMME - Benfamin Garver Lamme an Autobiography
068839: LAMONT, CORLISS - Soviet Civilization
056601: LAMONT, R.P. (SECRETARY) - Fifteenth Census of the United States: 1930 - Volume I: Population - Number and Distribution on Inhabitants
029901: LAMONTAGNE, MAURICE (THE HONORABLE) [ISSUER] - National Museum of Canada Bulletin No. 194 (Anthropological Series No. 62): Contributions to Anthropology, 1961-62, Part II (2)
Pb219: LAMOTT, ANNE - Crooked Little Heart
060424: LAMPARD, ERIC E. - Industrial Revolution: Interpretations and Perspectives
057671: LAMPERT, NICHOLAS - Whistleblowing in the Soviet Union: A Study of Complaints and Abuses under State Socialism
036896: LAMPERT, HOPE - Behind Closed Doors - Wheeling and Dealing in the Banking World
087085: LAMPORT, FELICIA - Cultural Slag
037966: LANARI, CASSIO / RODRIGO JOSE FERREIRA BRETAS - Rodrigo Jose Ferreira Bretas - Biografo Do Aleijadinho
066742: LANCASTER, OSBERT - The Saracen's Head (or) The Reluctant Crusader
069956: LANCE, M. - Le Traitement des Scolioses Graves Par La Methode D'Abbott
086864: LANCKTON, ALICE KEIDAN - The Bar Mitzvah Mother's Manual
076810: LAND, LORETTA CHURNEY - Hiram Hitchcock's Legacy - SIGNED
031635: LANDA, M. J. - The Jew in Drama
085585: LANDAU, ELAINE - Date Violence
062337: LANDAU, RICHARD L. (EDITOR) - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine - Winter 1997
062336: LANDAU, RICHARD L. (EDITOR) - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine - Autumn 1996
015240: LANDER, J.R. - Conflict and Stability in Fifteenth-Century England
Pb7563: LANDIS, J. D. - Daddy's Girl
Pb7422: PAUL H. LANDIS - Social Policies in the Making a Dynamic view of Social Problems
074391: LANDMAN, J.H. - New Outline-History of the World Since 1914 (College Outline Series) Seventh Edition, Revised and Enlarged
086591: LANDMAN, ISAAC (EDITOR) - Christian and Jew - A Symposium for Better Understanding
081027: GREATER PORTLAND LANDMARKS, INC. ADVISORY SERVICE - Some Notes on Living With Old House (Great Portland Landmarks, Inc. Advisory Service)
044844: LANDOLT, HANSPETER - Le Peinture Allemande - Le Moyen Age Tardif (1350-1500)
062305: LANDON, EDWARD - Picture Framing: Modern Methods of Making and Finishing Picture Frames
054749: LANDON, MICHAEL DE L. - Erin and Britannia: The Historical Background to a Modern Tragedy
088268: LANDOR, A. HENRY SAVAGE - In the Forbidden Land - Volume II (2)
043006: LANDSBERG, MELVIN - Dos Passos' Path to U.S.A.: A Political Biography, 1912-1936 (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
066137: LANDSTROM, BJORN - Columbus - The Story of Don Cristobal Colon, Admiral of the Ocean
065831: LANE, WINTHROP D. - Military Training in Schools and Colleges of the United States - The Facts and an Interpretation
051563: LANE, NEOLA TRACY - Grasshopper Year
053667: LANE, GEN. THOMAS A.; FOREWORD BY WEDEMEYER, GEN. A.C. - America on Trial: The War for Vietnam
052054: LANE, MARGARET - Purely for Pleasure - A Collection of Literary-Biographical Essays
068766: LANE, JAMES R. - The Wendover Whale - A Nautical Tale from the Great Salt Desert
082771: LANE, ABBY E. - Lights to Literature (By Grades): Book Three (3)
Pb3223: LANE, LEA - The Unofficial Guide to Bed & Breakfast in New England
P000507: LANE, MARK - Plausible Denial : Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK?
078223: LANE, THE MOST REVEREND RAYMOND A. - Ambassador in Chains: The Life of Bishop Patrick James Byrne (1888-1950), Apostolic Delegate to the Republic of Korea (Signed Presentation Copy)
084474: LANE, DAVID H. - A Book for Music Teachers: Music, Mind and Self
074003: LANE, CARL D. - The Cruiser's Manual: A Complete Handbook of Yacht Cruising Under Sail and Power
062810: LANE, ARTHUR BLISS - American Opinion - I Saw Poland Betrayed
084064: LANE, CAROLYN - The Winnemah Spirit
041582: LANE, MARGARET - Purely for Pleasure
024021: LANE, DONALD J. - Asthma - The Facts
011336: HANSON, CHARLES LANE AND GROSS, WILLIAM J. (EDS) - Short Stories of Today
Pb2198: LANE, HANA UMLAUF - World Almanac and Book of Facts 1987
020533: LANE, DAVID - State and Politics in the USSR
088078: LANE, CALVIN W. - Evelyn Waugh
013329: LANE, SIR W. ARBUTHNOT - The Operative Treatment of Chronic Intestinal Stasis
081642: LANE, BARRY - Writing as a Road to Self-Discovery
081530: LANE, FRANK W. - The Elements Rage
067407: LANE, JOHN V. - Rodney, The Ranger - with Daniel Morgan on Trail and Battlefield
089743: LANE, EDWARD WILLIAM (TRANSLATOR) - The Thousand and One Nights - Arabian Nights' Entertainments - Volume II (2)
005241: LANG, ERICH K. (MD) - The Roentgenographic Diagnosis of Renal Mass Lesions
025140: LANG, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Iron Mountain Review - Denise Giardina Issue
Pb1951: JOCHEN VON LANG - The Secretary Martin Bormann: The Man Who Manipulated Hitler
080585: LANG, MARTIN A. - Acquiring Our Image of God: The Emotional Basis for Religious Education
025139: LANG, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Iron Mountain Review - Gurney Norman Issue
025138: LANG, JOHN (EDITOR) - The Iron Mountain Review - Mary Lee Settle Issue
067712: LANG, PAUL HENRY (EDITOR) - The Musical Quarterly: Vol LVI, No. 4, October 1970 - Special Issue Celebrating the Bicentennial of the Birth of Beethoven
062540: LANG, DANIEL - A Summer's Duckling
062462: LANG, OTHMAR FRANZ; TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN BY MAYER, EVA - If You Are Silenced, I Will Speak For You (Inscribed & Signed By Translator)
009795: LANG, S. E. (ED) - Education and Leisure
023278: LANG, ANDREW (INTRODUCTION BY) - Social England Illustrations - A Collection of XVIIth Century Tracts
050156: LANG, JEAN - North and South of Tweed: Stories and Legends of the Borders
046299: LANGBRIDGE, FREDERICK - A Cluster of Quiet Thoughts
081688: LANGE, JOSEPH - Gathered Before the Lord: The Shape of Today's Liturgy
Pa1179: ANN LANGE - The Eskimo Store
075908: LANGE, HORST - Schwarze Weide: Roman
055495: LANGER, SUSANNE K. - Philosophy in a New Key: A Study in the Symbolism of Reason, Rite, and Art
071851: LANGER, SUSANNE K.; ABRIDGED BY VAN DEN HEUVEL, GARY - Mind: An Essay on Human Feeling (Abridged Edition) - Review Copy
085732: LANGER, WILLIAM L. (EDITOR) - ARTZ, FREDERICK B. - The Rise of Modern Europe - Reaction and Revolution (1814-1832)
085793: LANGERMANN, YITZHAK TZVI (TRANSLATOR) - Yeminite Midrash - Philosophical Commentaries on the Torah
035871: LANGFORD, THOMAS A. - Resources For The Study of the United Methodist Theological Statement
017661: LANGFORD, MICHAEL J. (ED) - The Camera Book
Pb5769: NORMAN F. LANGFORD - Fire Upon the Earth the Story of the Christian Church
041547: LANGFUR, STEPHEN - Confession from a Jericho Jail
031324: LANGLEY, J. N. - Practical Histology
Pb1152: LANGLEY, LEE - Persistent Rumours
067845: LANGLEY, FLORENCE - When School Bells Rang: The History of Wilmot, New Hampshire Schools
049528: LANGLEY, DORIS - Anacreon: 29 Odes Rendered Into English Verse
083848: PORTER, LANGLEY AND CARTER, WILLIAM E. (MD'S) - Management of the Sick Infant
037196: LANGLOIS, A. - Bibliotheque Internationale Universelle - Collection Des Chefs-D'Oeuver De L'Esprit Humain
005760: LANGMAN, JAN - Medical Embryology
046862: LANGNER, LAWRENCE - G.B.S. And the Lunatic: Reminiscences of the Long, Lovely and Affectionate Friendship Between George Bernard Shaw and the Author
036525: LANGONE, JOHN - Vital Signs - The Way We Die In America
013756: LANGONE, JOHN - AIDS: The Facts
074671: LANGS, ROBERT - Technique in Transition
034926: LANGSTAFF, JOHN BRETT - In Her Own Right - The Story of Sarah Josephine Meredith Langstaff - SIGNED
009006: LANGSTON, WILLIAM CLEAVER (MD) - Differential Organology
055381: DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGES - U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY - Naval Phraseology in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German
045444: LANGUILLON, J. - Precis De Leprologie
080562: LANGWORTHY, ORTHELLO R. (MD) - Abnormalities Produced in the Central Nervous System By Electrical Injuries
079504: LANGWORTHY, JOHN LUTHER - The Airplane Boys Among the Clouds; or, Young Aviators in a Wreck
042707: LANIER, HENRY W. (ED) - The Author's Annual 1929
070838: LANIER, EMILIA; INTRODUCTION BY ROWSE, A.L. - The Poems of Shakespeare's Dark Lady: Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum
017073: LANMAN, JONATHAN T. (MD) - Modern Trends in Infant Nutrition and Feeding
015064: LANMAN, JONATHAN T. (MD), EDITOR - Physiology of Prematurity - 1959
015063: LANMAN, JONATHAN T. (MD), EDITOR - Physiology of Prematurity - 1958
015061: LANMAN, JONATHAN T. (MD), EDITOR - Physiology of Prematurity - 1956
072434: LA LANNE, JACK - Jack La Lanne's Slim and Trim Diet and Exercise Guide
Pb3037: EDWARD P. LANNING - Peru Before the Incas
011321: LANSING, ALBERT I. (EDITOR) - The Arterial Wall
Pa1215: BRUCE LANSKY - Kids Pick the Funniest Poems
035217: LANTERNARI, VITTORIO; TRANSLATED FROM THE ITALIAN BY SERGIO, LISA - The Religions of the Oppressed: A Study of Modern Messianic Cults
069073: LANTIS, DR. DAVID W. - Arizona and New Mexico - Know Your America Program
032024: LANTIS, DR. DAVID W. - Los Angeles
Pb7867: WALTER LANTZ - Woody Woodpecker County Fair
085210: LAPE, FRED - A Garden of Trees and Shurbs
063039: LAPLACE, JEAN; TRANSLATED BY POWELL, MARY LOUISE - Prayer: Desire and Encounter
Pb5799: SISTER MARY COSMA LAPLANTE - come to the Family Meal
Pa1813: LAPORTE, RICHARD H. - The Adventures of a Bush Pilot
044711: LAPP, ILDA (POSSIBLY ELDA) - Delicious Country Style Cooking With Memories of Home
Pb5451: GLENDA LAPPAN, ETC . - Comparing and Scaling Ratio, Proportion and Percent
Pa789: LAPPE, FRANCES M.; COLLINS, JOSEPH - World Hunger : Twelve Myths
065714: LAPPE, FRANCES MOORE - Rediscovering America's Values
071757: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Germany Today: A Personal Report
072062: LAQUEUR, WALTER - Europe Since Hitler
024072: LARCOM, LUCY - Beckonings for Every Day: A Calendar of Thought
039101: LARCOM, LUCY - The Poetical Works of Lucy Larcom
065845: LARCOM, LUCY (ARRANGER) - Beckonings for Every Day: A Calendar of Thought
051502: CARMODY, DENISE LARDNER AND JOHN TULLY - Bonded in Christ's Love: An Introduction to Ecclesiology - Being a Member of the Church
088902: LARGAY, LARRY - Dirigo Maine 1973
069675: SOMERVILLE-LARGE, PETER - A Living Dog
064775: LARGE, LAURA ANTOINETTE - Everyday Wonders
Pb5146: LARGEN, VELDA L.; BENCE, DEBORAH L. - Guide to Good Food
089094: LARGENT, EDWARD J. - Fluorosis - the Health Aspects of Fluorine Compounds
027782: LARGIADER, FELIX (ED) - Organ Transplantation
058816: LARIAR, LAWRENCE - Fish and be Damned (or) The Night Crawler's Companion
069388: LARIAR, LAWRENCE - Bed and Bored
029690: LARIDAN, PIERRE (RETOLD IN ENGLISH BY DOUGLAS LORD) - The Wonderful Life of the Uganda Martyrs
Pb400: LARK, SUSAN M. M.D. - Dr. Susan Lark's the Menopause Self Help Book: A Woman's Guide to Feeling Wonderful for the Second Half of Her Life
054288: LARKIN, DAVID - Country Wisdom
Pb1816: ERNEST E. LARKIN - Spiritual Renewal of the American Priesthood
007733: LARKIN, ELIZAETH T. - Scenes in the Eventful Life of Mary W. Few Richardson
Pb5803: ROCHELLE LARKIN - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
013536: LARKS, SAUL DAVID - Electrohysterography
062527: LARMON, SIGURD S. - Primer for Americans
Pb6028: PHYLLIS LARNED - in the Colonies Planter, Puritan, Minuteman, Hero
069663: DE LARRABEITI, MICHAEL - The Bunce
056953: LARREY, M. HTE BON - Discours Prononce Aux Obseques De M. F. A. Longet
067070: LARRICK, NANCY (SELECTOR) - Tambourines! Tambourines To Glory! Prayers and Poems
Pb4212: LIDA LARRIMORE - True By the Sun
079659: LARRIMORE, LIDA - Mulberry Square
076327: LARRIMORE, LIDA - The Wagon and the Star
067309: BOSSIDY, LARRY AND CHARAN, RAM WITH BURCK, CHARLES - Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done
026480: HERSEN, MICHEL; MICHELSON, LARRY AND BELLACK, ALAN S. (ED) - Issues in Psychotherapy Research
054306: MCMURTRY, LARRY AND OSSANA, DIANA - Pretty Boy Floyd: A Novel (Review Copy)
090201: LARSEN, EARNEST - Godseekers
081954: LARSEN, EARNEST - Spiritual Renewal of the American Parish
Pb2125: LARSEN, DAVID - Who Gets It When You Go?
073199: LARSEN, ERLING - James Agee (University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers - Number 95) COLLECTIBLE GIFT QUALITY
045039: LARSEN, LUCINDA CHRISTENSON - Lucinda's Party Foods (A Reprint of the Original)
078470: LARSEN, JENS PETER - Haydn (The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians - The Composer Biography Series)
Pb750: LARSEN, CAROLYN; TURK, CARON - Little Boys Bible Storybook for Mothers and Sons: For Mothers and Sons
017823: LARSON, KNUT - Rugs and Carpets of the Orient
068772: LARSON, BRUCE - There's a Lot More to Health Than Not Being Sick
055827: LARSON, KNUTE - School Discipline in an Age of Rebellion
Pb6287: LARSON, KERMIT D.; WILD, JOHN J.; CHIAPPETTA, BARBARA - MP FAP Vol. 2 Softcover w/WP, Krispy Kreme 2003 AR, TT CD, NetTutor, OLC W/PW
Pb3919: LARSON, BOB - Rock, Practical Help for Those Who Listen to the Words and Don't like What They Hear
Pa397: LARSON, GARY - Night of the Crash-Test Dummies
Pa402: LARSON, GARY - Hound of the Far Side
055700: LARSON, PAUL E. (EDITOR) - Model Railroader - September 1959, Vol. 26, No. 9
071334: LARSON, BRUCE - Ask Me To Dance
089908: LARSON, INGRID D. - The Adventures of Herman and Hurby - SIGNED
052478: LARSON, BOB - Getting Along with the Germans - SIGNED
005677: LARSON, THEODORE HUBERT, (MD) - Physicians' and Surgeons' Text-Book on Endocrinology and Ready Reference Therapy
016282: LARSON, CHARLES R. - The Emergence of African Fiction
083722: LARSON, MEL; FOREWORD BY ROGERS, DALE EVANS - Mud 'n' Mercy in Memphis
035143: LARTIGAU, AUGUST JEROME (MD) - A Study of the Variation in Virulence of the Bacillus Tuberculosis in Man
070299: LARUE, MABEL G. - Tiny Toosey's Birthday
081498: LASAGNA, LOUIS (MD) - The Doctors' Dilemmas
064210: LASATER, ALICE E. - Spain to England: A Comparative Study of Arabic, European, and English Literature of the Middle Ages
Pb2451: LASH, JOSEPH P. - Life Was Meant to Be Lived: A Centenary Portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt
088954: LASH, JOSEPH P.; ROOSEVELT, FRANKLIN D. (JR.) - FOREWORD - Eleanor: The Years Alone
058502: LASHELLE, DONALD - The River Niagara - Limited Edition
085410: LASKI, MARGHANITA - Jane Austen and Her World
084918: LASKI, MARGHANITA - George Eliot and Her World
042856: LASKI, HAROLD J. - The American Presidency, An Interpretation
039969: LASKI, HAROLD J. - The American Democracy - A Commentary and an Interpretation
003040: LASKI, HAROLD J. - The American Presidency, an Interpretation
076995: LASKI, HAROLD J. - Faith, Reason, and Civilization: An Essay in Historical Analysis
080660: LASKIN, DANIEL M. DDS - GUEST EDITORS - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America - Medical Management of Temporomandibular Disorders
018289: LASKIN, DAVID - A Common Life
014100: LASKY, JOSEPH - Proofreading and Copy-Preparation
Pa1411: LASKY, KATHRYN - The Night Journey
045352: LASSAIGNE, JACQUES UND DELEVOY, ROBERT L. (TEXT) - Die Flamische Malerei: Von Hieronymus Bosch Bis Rubens
045348: LASSAIGNE, JACQUES (TEXTE) - La Peinture Espagnole: Des Fresques Romanes Au Greco
045347: LASSAIGNE, JACQUES (TEXTE) - La Peinture Espagnole: De Velasquez a Picasso
034464: LASSEK, A. M. - The Human Brain - From Primitive to Modern
056922: LAST, JOHN MD (ED) - Mascy-Rosenau Public Health and Preventive Medicine Eleventh Edition
008886: LASTER, JAMES P. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Terra Mariae Medicus 1957
071403: LASTRES, DOCTOR JUAN B. - Las Enfermedades Nerviosas En El Coloniaje
062685: LATANE, JOHN HOLLADAY - A History of American Foreign Policy
034260: LATANE, JOHN HOLLADAY (PH.D., LL.D.) - From Isolation to Leadership, Revised
080340: LATHAM, AARON; INTRODUCTION BY MORRIS, JAN - The Frozen Leopard: Hunting My Dark Heart in Africa (A Destinations Book) Review Copy
043831: LATHAM, AARON - The Ballad of Gussie & Clyde: A True Story of True Love
034652: LATHAM, EARL (ED) - The Philosophy and Policies of Woodrow Wilson
027407: LATHAM, HAROLD S. - My Life in Publishing
089949: LATHBURY, CLARENCE - The Great Morning
039135: LATHEM, EDWARD CONNERY (EDITOR) - American Libraries as Centers of Scholarship
016350: LATHEM, EDWARD CONNERY - Robert Frost 100
023028: LATRONICO, NICOLA (DIRETTORE) - Castalia Rivista de Storia Della Medicina
057260: NEWLY TRANSLATED FROM THE GREEK BY LATTIMORE, RICHMOND - Acts and Letters of the Apostles: Newly Translated from the Greek
054888: LATZ, LEO. J. (MD) - The Rhythm of Sterility and Fertility in Women
082114: LATZ, PETER J. (MD) - Manual of Health for Women, Plain Advice in Sickness and Health - 1906
027767: WITTMANN, FOLKER H., EDITOR; COORDINATORS DESIDERIUS G.H. LATZKO & BRIAN TOMKINS - Transactions of the 9th International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology/Lusanne, 17-21 August 1987, Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology, Volume F, LWR Pressure Components
073390: LAU, MARY LOUISE - The Delicious World of Raw Foods
052030: LAU, EVELYN - Other Women: A Novel
034569: LAUBACH, FRANK C. - The World Is Learning Compassion
057501: LAUBER, PATRICIA; FOREWORD BY DONN, WILLIAM L. - All About the Ice Age (All About Books)
Pb3052: PATRICIA LAUBER - Tales Mummies Tell
Pb146: PATRICIA LAUBER - The Runaway Flea Circus
020466: LAUBER, PATRICIA - The Congo - River into Central Africa
Pb5332: LAUBER, PATRICIA - How We Learned the Earth Is Round
078815: SAWYER-LAUCANNO, CHRISTOPHER - An Invisible Spectator: A Biography of Paul Bowles
042813: SAWYER-LAUCANNO, CHRISTOPHER - An Invisible Spectator: A Biography of Paul Bowles
089145: LAUDER, ROBERT E. - Loneliness is for Loving
073891: LAUFER, PETER; FOREWORD BY HILDEBRANDT, RAINER - Iron Curtain Rising: A Personal Journey Through the Changing Landscape of Eastern Europe
P000024: ROBERT "BUTCH" LAUFFER - Coaching Soccer
067791: LAUFMAN, ALAN M. (EDITOR) - Organ Handbook 1992 - Published for the 37th Annual National Convention of the Organ Historical Society
059807: LAUFMAN, DUDLEY - Wind in the Timothy: Poems (Signed Presentation Copy from Author)
070517: LAUGEL, AUGUSTE - England Political and Social
090285: THE REV. THOMAS M'LAUGHLAN - EDITOR / TRANSLATOR - The Dean of Lismore's Book: A Selection of Ancient Gaelic Poetry
064139: LAUGHLIN, ROBERT M. - The Great Tzotzil Dictionary of San Lorenzo Zinacantan (Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology Number 19)
087602: LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. - So You're Going to England! And If I Were Going With You, These Are The Things I'd Invite You To Do
020943: LAUGHLIN, J. (ED) - New Directions 37 - An International Anthology of Prose & Poetry
Pb7376: CLARA E. LAUGHLIN - where it All Comes True in Italy and Switzerland
070053: LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. - So You're Going to Germany and Austria! And If I Were Going With You These are the Things I'd Invite You To Do
017581: LAUGHLIN, JAMES - The Deconstructed Man
038386: LAUGHLIN, FLORENCE - Sally's Lost Shoe and Other Stories (CS8-44)
024331: LAUGHLIN, J. (ED) - New Directions 27 - An International Anthology of Prose & Poetry
031076: LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. - So You're Going to Italy and to Switzerland and the Tyrol!
068070: LAULER, DAVID P. (MD), EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Clinician - 1: The Adrenal Gland
050553: LAUNAY, PIERRE-JEAN - Greece
069059: LAURANCE, ALICE (EDITOR) - Cassandra Rising
081265: BERGREEN LAURENCE - Capone: The Man and The Era - Advance Uncorrected Reader's Proof
005873: MARTIN, LAURENCE (MD) AND HYNES, MARTIN (MD) - Clinical Endocrinology: For Practitioners and Students
070178: BEHRENS, LAURENCE AND NELSON, ANNABEL - The American Experience: A Sourcebook for Critical Thinking and Writing
040899: WASHINGTON, BOOKER T.; DUBOIS, W.E. BURGHARDT; DUNBAR, PAUL LAURENCE; AND CHESNUTT, CHARLES W. - The Negro Problem: A Series of Articles By Representative American Negroes of To-Day
049098: LAURENS, STEPHANIE - The Ideal Bride
078226: LAURENTIN, R. - Notre Dame et La Messe Au Service De La Paix Du Christ
069290: LAURIE, S.S. - Institutes of Education - Comprising an Introduction to Rational Psychology, Designed (Partly) as a Text-Book for Universities and Colleges
058672: LAURIE, THOMAS - Glimpses of Christ in Holy Scripture
038918: BOROFSKY, JEANNE; INDENBAUM, LAURIE; AND TOEPFER, ANDY - Rubber Art: A Guide to Rubber Stamping
089899: LAUSTER, PETER - Lassen Sie der Seele Flügel wachsen. Wege aus der Lebensangst
078905: LAUT, A.C. - Lords of the North
086510: LAUTERBACH, JACOB A. (TRANSLATOR) - Mekilta de-Rabbi Ishmael, Volume One (1)
061937: LAUTERSTEIN, INGEBORG - The Water Castle
045478: LAUTS, VON JAN - Carpaccio: Gemalde Und Zeichanungen, Gesamtausgabe
066783: LAVALLEY, ALBERT J. (EDITOR) - Twentieth Century Interpretations of Tess of the D'Urbervilles: A Collection of Critical Essays
024006: LAVER, JAMES - Edwardian Promenade
012396: LAVER, W. G. (EDITOR) - The Origin of Pandemic Influenza Viruses
066463: LAVERDIERE, EUGENE - When We Pray... Meditation on the Lord's Prayer
078436: LAVERDIERE, CLAUDETTE - On the Threshold of the Future: The Life and Spirituality of Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, Founder of the Maryknoll Sisters
069093: DE LAVERNE, PAR L.M.P. - Histoire du Feld-Marechal Souvarof, Liee A Celle De Son Temps
089143: LAVIGNE, RUTH H. - Special Messenger - Claude de la Colombiere
084832: CAP LAVIN - Action! An Anthology of Writing About Sports
022019: LAVINE, SIGMUND A. - Handmade in England - The Tradition of British Craftsmen
056464: LAVIOLETTE, GUY - Isaac Jogues, S. J., 1607-1646
068899: LAVOLLEE, RENE - L'Etat Le Pere et L'Enfant
089696: FREDERICK HOUK LAW, PH.D. (EDITOR) - The Stream of English Poetry
075669: HATCHER, PATRICIA LAW ET AL - The New Hampshire (NH) Genealogical Record Vol. 14, No. 1 - January 1997
075479: HATCHER, PATRICIA LAW ET AL - The New Hampshire (NH) Genealogical Record Vol. 14, No. 2 - April 1997
065415: LAW, JAMES - The Farmer's Veterinary Adviser
058130: LAW, FREDERICK HOUK - Master of Speech, Book Four (4) How To Speak in Daily Business Life
064252: LAW, FREDERICK HOUK (EDITOR) - Stories of To-Day and Yesterday: Thirty Selected Short Stories, Nine Imitative Stories By Students, Questions for Class Discussion, Directions for Creative Narration
087674: LAW, FREDERICK HOUK - Modern Plays, Short and Long
046215: LAW, FREDERICK HOUR - Ad Miriam
069629: LAW, JANICE - Gemini Trip
043896: LAW, MARGARET LATHROP - Pepita Milmore [Mrs. Henry Longfellow Milmore]
068535: LAW, FREDERICK HOUK - Mastery of Speech: Introductory Lesson
061899: LAW, FREDERIC S. - Operatic Tales
008331: LAWFORD, GIOVANNA - The Human Frame
063105: LAWLER, JUSTUS GEORGE - Speak That We May Know: A Spirituality for Uttering the Inner You
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085514: LIEBREICH, OSCAR - Encyklopaedie Der Therapie, Erster Band
041334: LIEDERMAN, DAVID - David's Delicious Weight-Loss Program
062999: LIEDKE, HERBERT R. - Literary Criticism and Romantic Theory in the Work of Achim Von Arnim
065227: LIENHARD, MARC - Un Temps, Une Ville, Une Reforme - La Reformation a Strasbourg
026342: VAN LIERE, EDWARD J. (MD) - Medical and Other Essays
040612: LIETZMANN, HANS; WOOLF, BERTRAM LEE (TRANSLATOR) - The Beginnings of the Christian Church
Pb825: TIME LIFE - Best Recipes from Time-Life Books
Pa1134: TIME LIFE - Sky and Earth
082900: THE EDITORS OF LIFE - Project Mercury
049522: LIFSHIN, LYN (EDITOR) - Tangled Vines: A Collection of Mother and Daughter Poems
Pb6613: LIFTON, WALTER M. - Groups: Facilitating Individual Growth and Social Change
083307: LIFTON, ROBERT JAY - Home From the War: Vietnam Veterans: Neither Victims nor Executioners
073941: LIGHT, CAROLINE - A Gift in Secret
043735: LIGHT, PAUL - A Delicate Balance: An Essential Introduction to American Government
PB1404: LIGHTFOOT, PETER - Catalog of American Antiques
065336: LIGHTMAN, ALAN - A Modern Day Yankee in a Connecticut Court - And Other Essays on Science
P000336: LIGHTMAN, ALAN P. - Einstein's Dreams
086637: LIGUORI, SAINT ALPHONSUS - Visits to the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary
005933: LIKOFF, WILLIAM (MD), SEGAL, BERNARD L. (MD), INSULL,JR., WILLIAM (MD), EDITORS - Atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease: The Twenty-Fourth Hahnemann Symposium
078261: LILE, SAMUEL (MD) - Medical and Minor Surgical Diseases of Women
089917: FRANKEL, LILLIAN AND GODFREY - 101 Best Nature Games and Projects
060176: SELECTED AND EDITED BY HOLLOWELL, LILLIAN - A Book of Children's Literature - Second Edition
014980: GRAY, LILLIAN AND REESE, DORA - Teaching Children to Read
078855: ELI LILLY AND COMPANY - Profile of an Antibiotic - Keflin, Sodium Cephalothin
056499: ELI LILLY AND CO. - De Re Medicina
043178: ELI LILLY AND CO. - Iletin Insulin, Lilly
045987: LILLY, LEONARD S. (EDITOR) - Patholophysiology of Heart Disease
081483: LIM, SHIRLEY GEOK-LIN - Among the White Moon Faces: An Asian-American Memoir of Homelands (The Cross Cultural Memoir Series)
090313: LIMA, PATRICK - The Harrowsmith Northern Perennials Handbook
077070: LIMARZI, LOUIS (MD), GUEST EDITOR - The Medical Clinics of North America - Spleen and Blood, January 1962
073186: LIMBROUGH, EMILY - Pleasure by the Busload
027255: PUBLISHERS OF THE ART TRADE PRESS LIMITED, EDITORS - Art Prices Current: A Record of Sale Prices at the Principal London and Other Auction Rooms September 1930 to July 1931 with Indexes to the Artists, Engravers and Collectors, New Series, Volume X, Part B Only, Engravings and Etchings
044064: LIN, JAIN I. (MD) - Death of a Kaiser - A Medical Historical Narrative
083969: LINAKIS, STEVEN - The Killing Ground
086774: LINARD, BRIAN (EDITOR) - A Way to the Heart of Christmas
038505: LINCOLN, WALDO - Checklist of the Portraits in the American Antiquarian Society
058957: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - Cy Whittaker's Place
058952: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - The Bradshaws of Harniss
068188: LINCOLN, C. ERIC - Sounds of the Struggle: Persons and Perspectives in Civil Rights
089982: LINCOLN, JOHN L. - Selections From the First Five Books of Livy's Roman History
058091: LINCOLN, W. BRUCE - In War's Dark Shadow: The Russians Before the Great War
051214: LINCOLN, C. ERIC - The Avenue, Clayton City
078564: BOUSCAREN, T. LINCOLN AND ELLIS, ADAM C. - Canon Law: A Text and Commentary
062310: LINCOLN, EDWARD A. - Beginnings in Educational Measurement (Lippincott's Educational Guides)
079339: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - Shavings: A Novel
084134: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - Shavings
082754: LINCOLN, JOSEPH C. - Cy Whittaker's Place
060091: LIND, MICHAEL - Powertown
089850: L.R.LIND - Vergil's Aeneid - An Epic Poem of Rome
060465: BIDABE, LINDA WITH VOLL, CHRIS - No Ordinary Move, A Memoir - Uncorrected Proof
053799: FISHER, LINDA WITH MARTON, ANDREW - The Muffin Lady: Muffins, Cupcakes, and Quick Breads for the Happy Soul
008539: SUNSHINE, LINDA AND WRIGHT, JOHN W. - The Best Hospitals in America
060359: LINDALL, EDWARD - The Killers of Karawala
058623: LINDAMAN, EDWARD B. - Space: A New Direction for Mankind
057804: LINDAMAN, EDWARD B. - Space: A New Direction for Mankind
070037: LINDAUER, MARTIN S. - The Psychological Study of Literature: Limitations, Possibilities, and Accomplishments
067483: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - Gift From the Sea
068140: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - The Steep Ascent
041877: STOTTS, JACK L.; SAWYERS, LINDELL AND WOODS, RAY T. (EDITORS) - Believing, Deciding, Acting
068418: LINDEN, FRANK - The Secret of a Long and Active Life and How to Enjoy It
069876: LINDEN, HAL - FYI For Your Information: Unexpected Answers to Everyday Questions, Based on the Award-Winning ABC-TV Program with Hal Linden
041505: LINDEN, JOHN - Manual of the Exanthematic Method of Cure, Also Known as Baunscheidtism
067401: LINDEN, MILLICENT - S-t-r-e-t-c-h (Stretch) For Life
040658: LINDENBUSCH, JOHN (EDITOR) - Journal Kept By John H. Steele on a Journey from Peterborough, N.H. To Salisbury, North Carolina in the Months of November & December 1838
029060: LINDENMUTH, O. - Report of Ophthalmological Clinics Held By Professor L. Webster Fox 1905-6
022321: MULLER, GULLI LINDH (MD) AND DAWES, DOROTHY E. (RN) - Introduction of Medical Science
013389: LINDLAHR, VICTOR H. - Special Notes on Chronic Arthritis
013495: LINDLAHR, VICTOR H. - Special Notes on Preventing Colds
Pb1270: AUDREY ERSKINE LINDOP - The Singer Not the Song
Pb2647: LINDOW, WESLEY - Inside the Money Market
067685: LINDQUIST, RAYMOND IRVING - Notes for Living
062986: LINDQUIST, WILLIS - The Universal History of the World - The Age of Revolution, Volume XI
052564: TOLD BY LINDQUIST, WILLIS - Walt Disney's Old Yeller: Based on Old Yeller By Fred Gipson
051626: LINDSAY, VACHEL - The Litany of Washington Street
019601: LINDSAY, VACHEL - Going-to-the-Sun
059034: LINDSAY, JOHN V. - The Edge: A Novel
053710: RIVER, LINDSAY AND GILLESPIE, SALLY - The Knot of Time: Astrology and the Female Experience
068165: LINDSAY, MAURICE M. (CPA) - Probate Accounting According to Massachusetts Law
031980: ROWLAND, MICHELLE LINDSAY AND HALL, GWEN E. - The Ship's Log - The 175-Year Voyage of The National State Bank
020770: LINDSAY, NINA LIFTON - Facets
037016: LINDSAY, B. - The Story of Animal Life (Library of Valuable Information)
029455: LINDSEY, ARTHUR WARD - Principles of Organic Evolution
030613: LINDSEY, JOHN - Wren: His Work and Times
056419: LINDSEY, DAVID - Requiem for a Glass Heart
087635: LINDSKOG, GUSTAF E., LIEBOW, AVERILL A., AND GLENN, WILLIAM W. L. (MD'S) - Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery with Related Pathology
025438: LINDSLEY, MARY F - Grand Tour and Other Poems
003439: LINDSLY, HARVEY - Address of Harvey Lindsly, President of the Association
080086: LINDSTROM, ELIZABETH E. (EDITOR) - Odyssey: Science That's Out of This World - April 1995, Volume 4, Number 4
037406: LINDUSKA, JOSEPH P. (ED) - Waterfowl Tomorrow
090085: LINDVALL, C. M - Testing and Evaluation: An Introduction
023345: SWEDISH AMERICAN LINE - Memories of the Cruise to the North Cape, Lands of the Vikings, Russia and Northern Europe, June 25 - August 11, 1965, M.S. Gripsholm
003693: LINEAWEAVER, MARION - Let's Ski
003053: LINEBACH, LAURA M - From Lily to Lanie. . . The History of the VNA of Greater Kansas City
051794: LINEBERRY, JOHN (B.A.) - Vital Word Studies in I Thessalonians: A Sound Scriptural Presentation Based Upon the Original Greek Text
089290: JACOBUS, DONALD LINES AND WATERMAN, EDGAR FRANCIS - Hale, House and Related Families Mainly of the Connecticut River Valley
026827: COHN AND LINGG - The Burden of Diseases in the United States - Charts 9, 10, 11, 12, and 39
047480: LINGJAERDE, OTTAR - Leberuntersuchungen Bei Geisteskranken
Pa1953: ELIZABETH LININGTON - Skeletons in the Closet
Pb4797: ELIZABETH LININGTON - Practice to Deceive
019035: LININGTON, ELIZABETH - Come to Think of It
087984: LINK, MARK - Jesus: A Contemporary Walk with Jesus
039805: LINK, ARTHUR S. - Wilson - The Road to the Whitehouse
072952: LINK, JOHN R. - You Can Understand the Bible
087981: LINK, MARK - Vision 2000: Praying Scripture in a Contemporary Way (A Cycle)
030295: LINK, HENRY C. - The Rediscovery of Man
017553: LINK, WILLIAM A. - William Friday - Power, Purpose & American Higher Education
081550: LINK, MARK - Advent Christmas 2000, Year C
054508: LINKLATER, ERIC - Cities of Enchantment - Edinburgh
073407: LINKLATER, J. LANE - Black Opal: A Silas Booth Mystery
Pa1517: LINN, EDWARD - The Adversaries
048006: LINN, LOUIS (M.D.) - A Handbook of Hospital Psychiatry: A Practical Guide to Therapy
087232: ANDERSON, LINNEA AND BROWE, JOHN H. (MD) - Nutrition and Family Health Services
Pa1288: JOHN LINNELL - A Loan Exhibition of Drawings, Watercolours, And Paintings By John Linnell and His Circle
042814: LINOWITZ, SOL M. - The Making of a Public Man: A Memoir
004061: LINSLEY, REV. JAMES H. - Catalogue of the Fishes of Connecticut
Pb281: LINSLEY, LESLIE - Rainbow of Afghans
069087: LINZEE, DAVID - Belgravia
084239: TIGER, LIONEL AND SHEPHER, JOSEPH - Women in the Kibbutz
059022: WILLIAMS, HENRY LIONEL AND WILLIAMS, OTTALIE K. - How to Furnish Old American Houses
082968: GOLD, LIONEL AND CLEVELAND, DEBORAH B. (DDS'S), GUEST EDITORS - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America - Surgical Pathology: Fibro-Osseous Diseases
078543: TIGER, LIONEL AND SHEPHER, JOSEPH - Women in the Kibbutz
Pb1797: LIPETZ, PHILIP PH.D.; PICHLER, MONIKA - Naturally Slim and Powerful
Pb5564: LIPINSKI, TARA; COSTELLO, EMILY - Triumph on Ice: An Autobiography
Pb2961: LIPINSKI, THOMAS - A Picture of Her Tombstone
084481: LIPMAN, SAMUEL - The House of Music: Art in an Era of Institutions
089348: LIPMAN, JEAN (EDITOR) - Art in America, Vol. 57, No. 6 - November December 1969
015531: LIPPARD, VERNON W. (MD), EDITOR - Macy Conference on Family Planning, Demography, & Human Sexuality in Medical Education

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