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032661: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, BETTY VAN DEVENTER - Little Blue Book No. 705 - 100 Professions for Women
032864: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, STANLEY H. COOK, M.A. - Ten Cent Pocket Series (Alternate Series Title for Little Blue Books) No. 132 - Foundations of Religion
086998: MAYNARD SHIPLEY; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Sex and the Garden of Eden Myth: A Collection of Essays on Christianity (Little Blue Book No. 1188)
088232: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, HELENE PAQUIN - Little Blue Book No. 1216 - Pocket Italian Dictionary: Italian - English, English - Italian
088328: RALPH W. CHURCH; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - The Essence of Catholicism (Little Blue Book No. 753)
032862: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER - Ten Cent Pocket Series (Alternate Series Title for Little Blue Books) No. 138 - Studies in Pessimism
032746: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, JOHN W. SHANNON - Little Blue Book No. 629 - Hand-book of Legal Forms
032747: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, THEOPHILE GAUTIER - Little Blue Book No. 178 - One of Cleopatra's Nights
086978: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Trial and Death of Socrates (Ten Cent Pocket Series No. 94)
064421: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, ARCH. B.D. ALEXANDER, M.A., D.D. - Little Blue Book No. 571 - Kant's Critical Philosophy
083343: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, LLOYD E. SMITH - Little Blue Book No. 82 - Common Faults in Writing English
032802: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, BERTRAND RUSSELL - Little Blue Book No. 677 - What Can a Free Man Worship?
032805: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, MAURICE MAETERLINCK - Little Blue Book No. 221 - Women, and Four Other Essays
032792: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, RUDYARD KIPLING - Little Blue Book No. 222 - The Vampire and Other Poems
086996: STEPHEN LEACOCK; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - A Book of Ridiculous Stories (Little Blue Book No. 1115)
037554: VOLTAIRE; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 103 - Pocket Theology
032761: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, RALPH WALDO EMERSON - Little Blue Book No. 550 - Essays on Art and Self-Reliance
032762: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CHARLES J. FINGER - Little Blue Book No. 516 - Book of Real Adventures
087042: GERARD HARRINGTON; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Catholicism and Sex (Little Blue Book No. 345)
087043: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - The Republic of Plato (Ten Cent Pocket Seires No. 157)
088235: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, MARK TWAIN - Little Blue Book No. 231 - Eight Humourous Sketches
032822: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, GOETHE - Little Blue Book No. 212 - Life and Character
032824: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, ANATOLE FRANCE - Little Blue Book No. 198 - The Majesty of Justice
032825: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS AND LLOYD E. SMITH - Little Blue Book No. 192 - Book of Synonyms
032685: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CHARLES J. FINGER - Little Blue Book No. 412 - Life of Mahomet
031792: FRIEDENWALD, JULIUS AND RUHRAH, JOHN (MD'S) - Diet in Health and Disease
032795: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, GEORGE BERNARD SHAW - Little Blue Book No. 215 - The Miraculous Revenge
079450: MINER, JULIUS AND MANSFIELD, MARGERY - New England's Monterey: Stories of The Town, Its Church
084376: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, BEN HECHT - Little Blue Book No. 699 - Broken Necks, and Other Stories
032652: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 77 - What Great Men Have Said About Women
017457: HALDEMAN-JULIUS, E. (EDITOR) - JOSEPH MCCABE - The Key to Culture: How the Universe is Constructed
032681: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CHARLES J. FINGER - Little Blue Book No. 538 - Robin Hood and His Merry Men
087637: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, LLOYD E. SMITH - Little Blue Book No. 499 - A Dictionary of Classical Mythology
087638: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, DU BOIS, GAYLORD - Little Blue Book No. 1222 - Easy Readings in Spanish
088329: BALZAC; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Ten Cent Pocket Series No. 344 - Don Juan
088330: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Ten Cent Pocket Series No. 287 - Whistler: The Man and His Art
017456: HALDEMAN-JULIUS, E. (EDITOR) - JOSEPH MCCABE - The Key to Culture: The Beginning of Man's Story of Himself
087639: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, MILBURN, GEORGE - Little Blue Book No. 1093 - A Book of Interesting and Amusing Puns
087002: AMBROSE BIERCE; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - The Horseman in the Sky: And Other Stories (Little Blue Book No. 1055)
088561: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 329 - Dante's Inferno, Volume I (1)
087640: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book Catalogue: "I Quit"
032812: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, LEO MARKUN - Little Blue Book No. 431 - A United States Commercial Geography
086991: COMPILED BY LEO MARKUN; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - A Dictionary of Geographical Names (Little Blue Book No. 1259)
086990: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Sex Life in Greece and Rome (Little Blue Book No. 163)
056978: HALDEMAN-JULIUS, E. (EDITOR) - Tolstoi's Essays - Ten Cent Pocket Series, No. 61
017454: HALDEMAN-JULIUS, E. (EDITOR) - JOSEPH MCCABE - The Key to Culture: Medieval Art Summarized and Explained
032781: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CLEMENT WOOD - Little Blue Book No. 514 - Hints on Writing Poetry
032818: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, LLOYD E. SMITH - Little Blue Book No. 683 - Punctuation Self Taught
032847: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 156 - Andersen's Fairy Tales
032869: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 463 - The Art of Reading
032730: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, H.M. TICHENOR - Little Blue Book No. 323 - The Life of Joan of Arc
032791: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CONAN DOYLE - Little Blue Book No. 266 - Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
088468: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - People's Pocket Series No. 67: From Terror to Triumph, Soviet Labor Laws
032653: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, GUY DE MAUPASSANT - Little Blue Book No. 887 - The Necklace and Other Stories
032654: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, LEO MARKUN - Little Blue Book No. 754 - An International Dictionary of Authors
032655: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, RUDYARD KIPLING - Little Blue Book No. 336 - The Mark of the Beast and The Head of the District
032660: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS AND LLOYD E. SMITH - Little Blue Book No. 739 - Tales in Verse of Terror and Wonder
032662: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CLEMENT WOOD - Little Blue Book No. 718 - Great Women of Antiquity
032665: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, MAURICE MAETERLINCK - Little Blue Book No. 221 - How To Know Women And Other Essays
032670: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 948 - Famous Russian Stories
032672: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, VANCE RANDOLPH - Little Blue Book No. 860 - Our Insect Enemies
032675: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, SHERWOOD ANDERSON - Little Blue Book No. 866 - The Untold Lie, and Other Stories
032677: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, OSCAR WILDE - Little Blue Book No. 2 - The Ballad of Reading Gaol, and Other Poems
032678: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS AND GEORGE MILBURN - Little Blue Book No. 284 - Poems of Robert Burns
032693: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Little Blue Book No. 554 - A Child's Garden of Verses
032697: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, VIRGINIA RUDDER GRUNDY - Little Blue Book No. 347 - A Book of Riddle Rimes
032699: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, ERNEST RENAN, EDITED BY H.M. TICHENOR - Little Blue Book No. 340 - Life of Jesus
032708: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Books Free Catalogue of 900
032720: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Little Blue Book No. 311 - A Lodging for the Night
032734: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, HEREWARD CARRINGTON - Little Blue Book No. 1278 - Ventriloquism Self Taught
032743: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CLARENCE DARROW - Little Blue Book No. 933 - The Skeleton in the Closet
032744: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CLEMENT WOOD - Little Blue Book No. 708 - The Romance of Words: An Introduction to Philology
032745: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CARROLL LANE FENTON - Little Blue Book No. 568 - Darwin and the Theory of Evolution
032749: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, TENNYSON - Little Blue Book No. 79 - Enoch Arden
032752: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, LEO MARKUN - Little Blue Book No. 764 - Hints on Writing Book Reviews
032783: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, BOCCACCIO - Little Blue Book No. 673 - Tales of Love and Life
032788: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, OUIDA - Little Blue Book No. 391 - A Dog of Flanders
032797: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, GUY DE MAUPASSANT - Little Blue Book No. 292 - Mademoiselle Fifi and Other Stories
032798: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, EDGAR ALLEN POE - Little Blue Book No. 290 - The Gold Bug
032807: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, THEOPHILE GAUTIER - Little Blue Book No. 230 - The Fleece of Gold: The Quest for a Blonde Mistress
032811: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, A.G. FERRERS HOWELL - Little Blue Book No. 139 - Life of Dante
032816: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, TRANSLATED BY CHARLES B. MCMICHAEL - Little Blue Book No. 420 - Short Stories From the Spanish
032829: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, EDITED BY CLARICE CUNNINGHAM - Little Blue Book No. 658 - Toasts for All Occasions
032830: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, DANIEL DEFOE, EDITED BY LLOYD E. SMITH - Little Blue Book No. 559 - Robinson Crusoe
032833: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CARROLL LANE FENTON - Little Blue Book No. 873 - Dwellers of the Ponds
032845: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, NORMAN R. CAMPBELL - Little Blue Book No. 133 - Principles of Electricity
032848: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, LLOYD E. SMITH - Little Blue Book No. 847 - Card Games and How to Play Them: Based on Edmond Hoyle
032870: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CHARLES J. FINGER - Little Blue Book No. 326 - Hints on Writing Short Stories
032871: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, RUDYARD KIPLING - Little Blue Book No. 332 - The Man Who Was, and Other Stories
017547: HALDEMAN-JULIUS, E. (EDITOR) - Little Blue Book No. 843 - Can the Individual Control His Conduct?
032726: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 711 - Odd Facts About American Life, A Symposium
032713: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CLEMENT WOOD - Little Blue Book No. 1072 - The Truth About William Jennings Bryan
032714: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, JUDGFE BEN B. LINDSEY - Little Blue Book No. 724 - Address at the Grave of Luther Burbank
032731: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, LEO MARKUN - Little Blue Book No. 759 - How to Conquer Stupidity
032680: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CHARLES J. FINGER - Little Blue Book No. 558 - Great Pirates
032682: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, RUDYARD KIPLING - Little Blue Book No. 913 - Black Jack and Other Stories
032683: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, RUDYARD KIPLING - Little Blue Book No. 357 - City of the Dreadful Night
032679: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 462 - Everyman: A Play
032873: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, JACK LONDON - Little Blue Book No. 1168 - Stories of Adventure
032866: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, EURIPIDES, TRANSLATED BY ALEXANDER HARVEY - Pocket Series (Alternate Series Title for Little Blue Books) No. 418 - The Bacchantes
032858: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, LLOYD E. SMITH - Little Blue Book No. 696 - How to Pronounce 4000 Proper Names
032852: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, RUDYARD KIPLING - Little Blue Book No. 914 - On the City Wall (And Other Stories)
032851: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, RUDYARD KIPLING - Little Blue Book No. 795 - Gunga Din, and Other Poems
032843: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, GLORIA GODDARD - Little Blue Book No. 1096 - How to Dress on a Small Salary
032839: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, FRANK O. EAGIN - Little Blue Book No. 789 - A Digest of U.S. Marriage and Divorce Laws
032834: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Little Blue Book No. 240 - The Tempest
032832: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, VICTOR HUGO - Little Blue Book No. 104 - The Battle of Waterloo
032826: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CHARLES J. FINGER - Little Blue Book No. 496 - Hints on Writing One-Act Plays
032823: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, CARROLL LANE FENTON - Little Blue Book No. 694 - The Evidence for Evolution
032813: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, FRANK WELLS - Little Blue Book No. 1002 - A Dictionary of Sea Terms
032790: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, OSCAR WILDE - Little Blue Book No. 280 - The Happy Prince and Other Tales
032786: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, BRET HARTE - Little Blue Book No. 363 - Miggles, and Other Stories
032787: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER - Little Blue Book No. 364 - How to Argue Logically: The Art of Conversation
032776: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, MAYNARD SHIPLEY - Little Blue Book No. 1326 - Origin of the Solar System
032766: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, MURRAY SHEEHAN - Little Blue Book No. 403 - A History of Music
032769: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, GAYLORD DU DOIS - Little Blue Book No. 1207 - French Self Taught
032763: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, JOHN W. GUNN - Little Blue Book No. 678 - E. Haldeman-Julius ---the Man and His Work
032767: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, JOHN S. GAMBS - Little Blue Book No. 405 - Outline of Economics
032760: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, MURRAY SHEEHA - Little Blue Book No. 466 - A History of Sculpture
032671: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 179 - Gems From Emerson
088442: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Ten Cent Pocket Series No. 58: Boccaccio's Stories
032742: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, COMPILED BY CHARLES J. FINGER - Little Blue Book No. 301 - Sailor Chanties and Cowboy Songs
032740: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 652 - Is the Ku Klux Klan Constructive or Destructive? A Debate Between Imperial Wizard Evans, Israel Zangwill and Others
032739: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 44 - Aesop's Fables
032718: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, C.L. BYRNE - Little Blue Book No. 775 - First Aid for Investors
032738: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, SARAH HELEN WHITMAN - Little Blue Book No. 144 - Was Poe Immoral?
088230: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, THEODORE M.R. VON KELER - Little Blue Book No. 428 - The Essence of the Koran: Book of Mohammedanism
032686: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, I.B. STOUGHTON HOLBORN - Little Blue Book No. 413 - The Need for Art in Life
032687: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, JOHN COWPER POWYS - Little Blue Book No. 414 - The Art of Happiness
032725: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, JOSEPHINE HEADEN - Little Blue Book No. 729 - How to Budget the Family Income
032706: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, THEODORE M.R. VON KELER - Little Blue Book No. 218 - The Essence of the Talmud
032710: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, SELECTED BY CHARLES WEISBERG - Little Blue Book No. 890 - Epigrams of Nietzsche
032715: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, JOHN WOODWORTH - Little Blue Book No. 488 - How Not to Be a Wallflower
032709: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, ALBERT MORDELL - Little Blue Book No. 110 - Dante, and Other Waning Classics: Volume 2
032712: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, LEO MARKUN - Little Blue Book No. 475 - How to Develop Your Sense of Humor
032705: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, SAMUEL T. COLERIDGE - Little Blue Book No. 282 - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
032707: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, TRANSLATED BY SYLVESTRE DORIAN - Little Blue Book No. 665 - Charming Love Letters of a Famous Parisian Actress: Sarah Bernhardt's Letters to Sardou
088216: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS AND LLOYD E. SMITH, ALBERT MORDELL - Little Blue Book No. 94 - Trial and Death of Socrates
017453: HALDEMAN-JULIUS, E. (EDITOR) - JOSEPH MCCABE - The Key to Culture: Ancient Art Summarized and Explained
032700: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, THEODORE DREISER - Little Blue Book No. 660 - My Brother Paul, and W.L.S.
087004: EDWARD EVERETT HALE; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - The Man Without a Country (Little Blue Book No. 277)
032755: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, H.M. TICHENOR - Little Blue Book No. 183 - Life of Jack London
032841: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, NELSON ANTRIM CRAWFORD - Little Blue Book No. 1319 - How to Study
088234: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, ISAAC GOLDBERG - Little Blue Book No. 1021 - Italian Self Taught
032861: EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS, RAMSDEN BALMFORTH - Ten Cent Pocket Series (Alternate Series Title for Little Blue Books) No. 191 - Evolution Vs. Religion
086994: JACK LONDON; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - An Odyssey of the North (Little Blue Book No. 1022)
087005: GEORGE WASHINGTON; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Speeches and Letters - George Washington (Little Blue Book No. 276)
087006: H.M. TICHENOR; EDITED BY E. HALDEMAN-JULIUS - Little Blue Book No. 123 - Life of Madame Du Barry
087011: JULTY, SAM - How Your Car Works
030218: JUMINER, BARTENE - The Bastards
Pb6529: KAWA-JUMP, SHIRLEY - How to Publish Your Articles: A Complete Guide to Making the Right Publication Say Yes
047284: NOBLE, JUNE AND WILLIAM - The Psychiatric Fix: Psychiatry's Alarming Power Over Our Lives
016957: BIERMANN, JUNE AND TOOHEY, BARBARA - The Diabetic Book
056250: JUNEAU, GEORGIANNA (SCIM) - Mother Mary of the Sacred Heart (1806-1885) Foundress of the Good Shepherd Congregation of Quebec and Her Collaborators
031957: JUNG, RABBI LEO - Little Blue Book No. 684 - Essence of Judaism
079051: JUNGREIS, KATHERINE (EDITOR) - The Therapeutic Gourmet: The Better You Eat, The Better You Treat
047451: ELLIS, JUNIUS AND THE EDITORS OF MONEY - Money Advisor - 1996
Pb1059: FRANK JUPO - Sports, Sports Everywhere
047685: BLEULER, MANFRED; WILLI, JURG; AND BUHLER, HANS RUDI - Akute Psychische Begleiterscheinungen korperlicher Krankheiten
071956: JURGENSEN, BARBARA - The Prophets Speak Again: A Brief Introduction to Old Testament Prophecy
050439: JUSADOWICZ, DENNIS - Flea Street - Five Plays
029882: JUSSERLAND, J.J. - Shakespeare in France Under the Ancien Regime
066183: JUST, WARD - Jack Gance
054372: JUST, WARD - Echo House
072330: JUSTICE, WILLIAM G. - Guilt: The Source and the Solution
067942: BONDY, PHILIP K. AND ROSENBERG, LEON E. (MD'S), EDITORS - Duncan's Diseases of Metabolism: Genetics and Metabolism
030141: CASSEL, CHRISTINE K. AND WALSH, JOHN R. (EDS) - Geriatric Medicine - Volume II: Fundamentals of Geriatric Care
064810: KANT, IMMANUEL; TRANSLATED BY ABBOTT, THOMAS K. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY FOX, MARVIN - Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals (The Library of Liberal Arts)
059160: HATT, PAUL K. AND REISS, ALBERT - Cities and Society: The Revised Reader in Urban Sociology
014528: HOFLING, CHARLES K. AND LEWIS, JERRY M. (MD'S), EDS - The Family - Evaluation and Treatment
045045: JONES, RUSSELL K. AND NORTON, C. MCKIM - The Cruising Cookbook: Easy-to-Cook Meals on a Two-Burner Stove
009869: SEGALOFF, ALBERT; MEYER, KENNETH K. AND DEBAKEY, SELMA (EDS) - Current Concepts in Breast Cancer
067311: MUIRHEAD, BRIAN K. AND SIMON, WILLIAM L. - High Velocity Leadership: The Mars Pathfinder Approach to Faster, Better, Cheaper
040722: MOSTOFI, F. K. AND PRICE, EDWARD B., JR. (MD'S) - Atlas of Tumor Pathology - Tumors of the Male Genital System
078533: HENDERSON, D. K. AND GILLESPIE, R. D. (MD'S) - A Text-book of Psychiatry for Students and Practitioners - Third (3rd) Edition
041949: SCHILLING, HAROLD K. AND HARTSHORNE, CHARLES - Wesleyan Studies in Religion (West Virginia Wesleyan College, Vol. 56, No. 6, 1963-64, Serial No. 363))
060345: COMPILED AND EDITED BY MAGER, N.H. AND S.K. - A Guide to Better Living
084607: OWEN, JOHN K. AND FINNEY, GEORGE G. (MD'S) - The Surgical Aspect of Meckel's Diverticulum
020729: SMITH, O. L. K. AND HARDY, J. D. - Cyril Norman Hugh Long (1901-1970) - A Biographical Memoir
043708: GRIFFIN, FARAH K. AND FISH, CHERYL J. (EDITORS) - A Stranger in the Village: Two Centuries of African - American Travel Writing
040778: BIERMAN, A.K. AND GOULD, JAMES A. - Philosophy for a New Generation - Second Edition
007029: FREEMAN, ROGER K. AND CARITE, THOMAS J. (MD'S) - Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring
073840: FOX, DAVID J.; DIAMOND, LORRAINE K. AND ASSOCIATES - Satisfying and Stressful Situations in Basic Programs in Nursing Education
011711: HAMARNEH, SAMI K. AND STIEB, ERNST W. - Pharmacy Museums and Historical Collections on Public View in the United States and Canada
006980: BOSE, DR. SISIR K. AND DEY, DR. A. K. (EDS) - Asian Pediatrics
018467: KEMPE, C. HENRY; SILVER, HENRY K. AND O'BRIEN, DONOUGH - Current Pediatric Diagnosis & Treatment - 1972
079076: REDICAN, KERRY J.; OLSEN, LARRY K. AND BAFFI, CHARLES R. - Organization of School Health Programs
077085: OGDEN, C.K. AND RICHARDS, I.A. - The Meaning of Meaning: A Study of the Influence of Language Upon Thought and of the Science of Symbolism
011744: BLAHD, WILLIAM H.; BAUER, FRANZ K.; AND CASSEN, BENEDICT (EDS) - The Practice of Nuclear Medicine
015430: ASPERHEIM, MARY K. (MD) AND EISENHAUER, LAUREL A. - The Pharmacologic Basis of Patient Care
069212: SCHOENFIELD, MARK K. AND SCHOENFIELD, RICK M. - The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Negotiating Course (GIFT QUALITY)
082236: BRENNAN, VERY REV. J. K. ET AL, EDITORS - The Delphian Course, Volume III (3): Greek Drama, Philosophy and Literature, The Story of Rome
065763: SMITH, MARILYN K. AND FORBES, VICTORIA - Spelling Skills Practice and Apply: Grade 4
035777: KRAUSE, ALLEN K. AND WILLIS, HENRY STUART - Studies on Tuberculous Infection - XII, XIII, XIV, and XV
085483: WANSTALL, THOMAS K. AND HALL, GEORGE - Fire! At Was with the Red Devil - SIGNED
072131: STEMBERA, Z. K.; POLACEK, K. AND SABATA, V. (EDITORS) - Perinatal Medicine - 4th European Congress of Perinatal Medicine
063479: VAN KAAM, ADRIAN - The Roots of Christian Joy (Signed)
051772: VAN KAAM, ADRIAN (S.S.SP.) - Personality Fulfillment in the Spiritual Life
008743: KABACK, MICHAEL M. (MD), EDITOR - Tay-Sachs Disease: Screening and Prevention
024932: KADUSHIN, CHARLES - The American Intellectual Elite
030637: KAEMPFER, J. W. - Architecture Commissioned By JW Kaempfer for the Kaempfer Company and Baa McArthur Glen: The First 25 Years (GIFT QUALITY)
066081: KAEMPFFERT, WALDEMAR - Should the Government Support Science (Public Affairs Pamphlet No. 119)
010792: KAESER, LINDA - The Relationship Between Patient Care Expenditures and Quality of Care in Long Term Care Nursing
Pb5859: KAGAN, JEROME - The Nature of the Child
P000324: KAGAN, JEROME - The Nature of the Child
000769: KAGAN, SOLOMON R. (MD) - Hygiene and Health
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084979: KING, FRANCIS - E. M. Forster and His World: With 122 Illustrations
053655: KING, JOHN T., JR. - Basal Metabolism - Determination of the Metabolic Rate in the Practice of Medicine
083763: KING, BILLIE JEAN; DEFORD, FRANK - Billie Jean
073418: KING, FRANCIS - Visitng Cards
060888: KING, OUIDA M. - Care of the Cardiac Surgical Patient
054029: KING, E. S. J. (MD) - Localized Rarefying Conditions of Bone
084961: KING, WILLIAM C. (ARRANGED BY) - Portraits and Principles of the World's Great Men and Women: With Practical Lessons on Successful Life
062492: KING, CAPT. CHARLES - A Soldier's Secret and An Army Portia - Two Novels
044534: KING, BUCKY - Creative Canvas Embroidery
088176: KING, CYRUS AMBROSE - Observations on the Cytology of Araiospora Pulchra Thaxter - INSCRIBED
059486: KING, WILLARD E. - Books and Reading (Rare Presentation Copy)
040191: KING, HENRY CHURCHILL - The Laws of Friendship, Human and Divine
074101: KING, HENRY CHURCHILL - Rational Living: Some Practical Inferences from Modern Psychology
007092: KING, EDWARD L. (MD) - Occipitoposterior Positions
061031: KING, BASIL - The Wild Olive: A Novel
059857: KING, JULIA - The Flowering of Art Nouveau Graphics
068026: KING, LESTER S. (MD) - EDITOR - Mainstreams of Medicine
Pb4308: KING, STEPHEN - The Drawing of the Three - The Dark Tower II
035602: KING, HENRY CHURCHILL - Theology and the Social Consciousness: A Study of the Relations of the Social Consciousness to Theology
067072: KING, ALFRED CASTNER - Mountain Idylls and Other Poems
026662: KING, WILLIAM A. - The Elementary School Library
073718: KING, DOROTHY N. - Help the Farmer
029275: KING, PRESTON - An African Winter (With a Note on Ecology and Famine By Richard Leaky)
077850: KING, CAPTAIN CHARLES - A War-Time Wooing: A Story (Special Edition)
077913: KING, PHILIP J. - American Archeology in the Mideast - A History of the American Schools of Oriental Research
007078: KING, I. ARTHUR (MD) - The Doctor's Domicile
050186: KING, JAMES GORE - The Two Magnets - And Other Poems
079503: KING, MARIAN - Coat of Many Colors: The Story of Joseph
075574: KING, LOUIS L. - The Lostness of Mankind: One Motivation for Evangelism
055760: KING, PRESIDENT HENRY CHURCHILL - How to Make a Rational Fight for Character
063933: KINGHORN, A.M. - The Chorus of History: Literary-Historical Relations in Renaissance Britain
013429: KINGLAKE, ALEXANDER WILLIAM - The Invasion of the Crimea - Volume I
Pb2021: KINGMA, DAPHNE R. - Weddings from the Heart: Ceremonies for an Unforgettable Wedding
059971: KINGMAN, LEE - The Refiner's Fire
081187: KINGMAN, LEE - Private Eyes: Adventures with the Saturday Gang
035118: KINGMAN, HENRY (D.D.) - A Way of Honor and Other College Sermons
083708: KINGMAN, LEE - The Saturday Gang
Pb6875: LEE KINGMAN - The Saturday Gang
062972: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Roman and The Teuton - A Series of Lectures
071636: KINGSLEY, FLORENCE MORSE - Miss Philura's Wedding Gown
051033: KINGSLEY, MARTIN - The Magic of British Monarchy
Pb4832: KINGSLEY, EMILY PERL - A Day in the Life of Oscar the Grouch: Featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets
047337: KINGSLEY, HOWARD L.; MOSS, F.A. (PH.D., M.D.) - EDITOR - The Nature and Conditions of Learning (Prentice-Hall Psychology Series)
058960: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward Ho!
008261: NORTON, KINGSLEY AND SMITH, SAM - Problems with Patients: Managing Complicated Transactions (GIFT QUALITY)
011876: KINGSLEY, SHERMAN C., SEARS, AMELIA, AND BURNS, ALLEN T. - Survey of Cleveland Agencies Which are Giving Relief to Families in Their Homes
069296: KINGSTON, W.H.G. - The Log House; or Adventures in Canada
061342: KINGSTON, WM. H.G. - Voyage of the "Steadfast."
069990: KINGSTON, WILLIAM H.G. - The Cruise of the Frolic. A Sea Story. (Life-Boat Series)
009998: SCHOOL BOARD OF KINGSTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE - Report of the School Board of the Town of Kingston, New Hampshire for the Year Ending March 10, 1894
023673: KINGSTON, MARION SHERWOOD - Post Meridian
028139: KINGSTON, MAXINE HONG - Tripmaster Monkey - His Fake Book, A Novel
071625: KINIMONTH, CHRISTOPHER - Sicily - A Travel Guide
067846: KINKEAD, KATHARINE T. - How an Ivy League College Decides on Admissions
065835: KINNE, WILLIAM - A Short System of Practical Arithmetic
024188: KINNEY, COMMANDER SHELDON H. (USN) - United States Naval Institute Proceedings April 1956
078034: KINNEY, RALPH PARSONS - The Complete Book of Furniture Repair and Refinishing: Easy to Follow Guide with Step-By-Step Methods (Inscribed & Signed By Author)
049843: KINSBURN, EMART - The Range War on VV: A Western Story
Pb4318: KINSELLA, SOPHIE - Shopaholic Ties the Knot
Pa218: KINSELLA, W. P. - The Dixon Cornbelt League and Other Baseball Stories
077808: KINSMAN, FREDERICK JOSEPH - Americanism and Catholicism
062788: KINSMAN, FREDERICK JOSEPH - Trent - Four Lectures on Practical Aspects of the Council of Trent
Pb2383: BARBARA ANN KIPFER - Instant Karma
024041: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Independence: Rectorial Address Delivered at St. Andrews, October 10, 1923
077389: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Mandalay Edition of the Works of Rudyard Kipling, Just So Stories for Little Children; Stalky & Co.
083842: KIPLING, RUDYARD; EDITED BY BURT, MARY E. - Stories and Poems from Kipling
056744: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Actions and Reactions
075742: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Plain Tales from the Hills
055714: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Kipling's Works, Vol. VIII: Mine Own People and Other Stories - The Sahib Edition
Pb2529: RUDYARD KIPLING - just So Stories (New illustrated)
Pb377: RUDYARD KIPLING - The Phantom Rickshaw
Pb376: RUDYARD KIPLING - Under the Deodars
Pb367: RUDYARD KIPLING - Wee Willie Winkie Etc.
Pa898: RUDYARD KIPLING - Just So Stories
084628: KIPLING, RUDYARD - American Notes
084627: KIPLING, RUDYARD - In Black and White, Under the Deodars and Other Tales
084630: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Story of the Gadsbys and the Courting of Dinah Shadd and Other Stories
084631: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Light That Failed
084632: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Plain Tales from the Hills
077349: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Mandalay Edition of the Works of Rudyard Kipling, Wee Willie Winkie and Other Stories; Life's Handicap
056383: KIPLING, RUDYARD - On Greenhow Hill
062589: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Tales of Rudyard Kipling
074052: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Soldier Stories
077393: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Mandalay Edition of the Works of Rudyard Kipling, The Day's Work; Many Inventions
082366: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Barrack Room Ballads
084629: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Soldiers Three: A Collection of Stories
003754: KIPLINGER, W. M. - Washington is Like That
014867: KIPNIS, IRA A. - A Venture Forward
Pb2893: JOHN AND SHEILA KIPPLEY - the art of Natural Family Planning
Pb3348: KIRBERGER, KIMBERLY - A Journal on Friendship: An Interactive Friend-To-Friend Journal
053262: COMPILED BY KIRBY, THOMAS E. - Catalogue of the A.T. Stewart Collection of Paintings, Sculptures, and Other Objects of Art
051676: KIRBY, JAMES C. JR. (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR) - Congress and the Public Trust: Report of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York Special Committee on Congressional Ethics
Pb6245: MICHAEL KIRBY, EDITOR - The Drama Review - Criticism Issue
030061: KIRBY, GEORGE H. (MD), EDITOR - Guides for History Taking and Clinical Examination of Psychiatric Cases
063958: KIRBY, E. STUART - Introduction to the Economic History of China
000246: KIRBY, JAN - Giant Steps: The History of Morton F. Plant Hospital
028932: KIRBY, IAN - The Complete Dovetail - Homemade Furniture's Signature Joint (GIFT QUALITY)
049770: KIRCHENGESCHICHTE, THEODORET / PARMENTIER, DR. LEON - Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller der Ersten Drei Jahrhunderte / Theodoret Kirchengeschichte
023104: KIRCHHEIMER, SID - The Doctors Book of Home Remedies II
010823: KIRCHHOFF, KARIN T. - Restrictions Imposed Upon Myocardial Infarction Patients: A Diffusion of Coronary Precautions
050603: KIRCHWEY, FREDA (EDITOR) - The Atomic Era - Can It Bring Peace and Abundance?
061768: KIRK, MICHAEL - Cargo Risk
061714: KIRK, MICHAEL - A Cut In Diamonds
077201: KIRK, MICHAEL - Cargo Risk
Pa123: KIRK, SAMUEL A.; KIRK, WINIFRED D. - Psycholinguistic Learning Disabilities : Diagnosis and Remediation
036997: KIRK, SAMUEL A. - Educating Exceptional Children
064925: KIRK, SAMUEL A.; INTRODUCTION BY MONROE, MARION - Teaching Reading to Slow-Learning Children
050374: KIRKLAND, WINIFRED - The View Vertical and Other Essays
055018: KIRKLAND, ELIZABETH S. - A Short History of Italy from 476 A.D., To 1878 A.D.
047185: KIRKLEY, GEORGE W. - Modern Weightlifting
039506: KIRKLIN, JOHN W. (MD), EDITOR - Transactions of the Eighty-Ninth Meeting of the American Surgical Association 1969
056295: KIRKMAN, HELEN - Forbidden - Destiny, Deception and Desire!
050663: KIRKPATRICK, JEANE J. (EDITOR) - The Strategy of Deception: A Study in World-Wide Communist Tactics
047468: KIRKPATRICK, BETTY - Concise Dictionary of Common Phrases - Pocket Reference (GIFT QUALITY)
084216: KIRKPATRICK, EDWIN A. - Fundamentals of Child Study
040419: KIRKPATRICK, BILL; FOREWORD BY DOUBLEDAY, WILLIAM A. - AIDS: Sharing the Pain - A Guide for Caregivers
Pb2268: KIRKPATRICK, BILL - AIDS, Sharing the Pain: A Guide for Caregivers
073944: KIRMISSON, E.; TRANSLATED BY J. KEOGH MURPHY - A Handbook of the Surgery of Children
052801: KIRSCH, PAUL J. - We Christians and Jews
019133: KIRSCH, ROBERT R - In the Wrong Rain
017629: KIRSHENBAUM, SANDRA (EDITOR) - Fine Print: The Review for the Arts of the Book
073092: KIRSNER, JOSEPH B. (MD), GUEST EDITOR - The Medical Clinics of North America - Chicago Number: Diagnosis of Incipient Disease
070593: KIRST, MICHAEL W. - Government Without Passing Laws: Congress' Nonstatutory Techniques for Appropriations Control
032883: KIRSTEIN, GEORGE G. - The Rich: Are They Different?
081432: KIRVAN, JOHN J. - The Restless Believers
086127: KIRVAN, JOHN - That You May Have Life - Guide for Lent
012457: KISCH, BRUNO (MD), EDITOR - Transactions of the American College of Cardiology - Vol. 2 - 1952
007009: KISER, CLYDE V. (ED) - Research in Family Planning
053507: KISH, DR. GEORGE - Russia - Around the World Program
086531: KISHNER, RABBI LAWRENCE - Kabbalah: The Way of Light
086427: ISH-KISHOR, SULAMITH - How Theodor Herzl Created the Jewish National Fund
086417: ISH-KISHOR, SULAMITH - The Heaven on the Sea and Other Stories Together with Twenty Poems
Pb3449: JAMES D. KISSANE - Alfred Tennyson
052950: KISSLO, JOSEPH A. (MD), EDITOR - Two-Dimensional Echocardiography
Pa419: KISTLER, MARK - Mark Kistler's Draw Squad
081191: KISTNER, ROBERT W. (MD) - The Pill - Facts and Fallacies about Today's Oral Contraceptives
075800: KISTNER, ROBERT W. (MD) - Gynecology - Principles and Practice
072500: LAYBOURNE, KIT AND CIANCIOLO, PAULINE (EDITORS) - Doing the Media: A Portfolio of Activities, Ideas and Resources (Center for Understanding Media) - New and Revised Edition
037978: KITAY, WILLIAM - The Challenge of Medicine
048806: KITCHEN, HELEN (EDITOR) - A Handbook of African Affairs
074917: KITCHENS, W. L. (MD) - Definite Diagnosis in General Practice
Pb3226: GLENN D. KITTLER - The Maryknoll Fathers
080721: KITTLER, GLENN - Saint in the Wilderness
049588: KITTREDGE, GEORGE LYMAN - Chaucer and His Poetry: Lectures Delivered in 1914 on the Percy Turnbull Memorial Foundation in the Johns Hopkins University
067441: KITTRIE, NICHOLAS N.; FOREWORD BY ARNOLD, THURMAN - The Right to Be Different: Deviance and Enforced Therapy
085193: UMBRACO, KITTY AND RUSSELL - Iridescent Stretch Glass
Pb3941: ALBERT R. KITZHABER - The People's Choice
013367: INOKUCHI, KIYOSHI AND KUSABA, AKIRA - Atlas of Applied Vascular Surgery
070679: KJELGAARD, JIM - The Coming of the Mormons
Pb936: DORETTA KLABER - primroses and Spring
051396: KLAGSBRUN, FRANCINE - Mixed Feelings: Love, Hate, Rivalry, and Reconciliation Among Brothers and Sisters
079903: KLAITS, JOSEPH - Servants of Satan: The Age of the Witch Hunts
084945: KLAMKIN, MARIAN - Hands to Work: Shaker Folk Art and Industries
083126: KLAMKIN, MARIAN - The Collector's Book of Boxes
012397: SHIMANOVSKAYA, KLARA AND SHIMAN, ALEXANDER D. - Radiation Injury of Bone
008529: KLARMAN, HERBERT E. - Hospital Care in New York City
047068: KLASNIC, JACK - Jack Klasnic's Inplant Printing Handbook
086384: KLASS, SHELIA SOLOMON - Nobody Knows Me In Miami
041228: KLASSEN, WILLIAM - The Forgiving Community
062696: KLAW, SPENCER - The Great American Medicine Show
012282: KLAWANS, HAROLD L. (ED) - Clinical Neuropharmacology - Vol. I
036687: KLAWANS, HAROLD L. (MD) - Newton's Madness - Further Tales of Clinical Neurology
026672: KLEEMEIER, FRIEDR. JOH. - Handbuch Der Bibliographie
014111: KLEEN, EMIL (MD) - Carlsbad - A Medico-Practical Guide
070531: KLEIBER, ANDREAS - Stuttgart
044648: KLEIMAN, EVAN - Angeli Caffe Pizza Pasta Panini: Heavenly Recipes from the City of Angel's Most Beloved Caffe
064949: KLEIN, SARA G. - The Little Seeds That Grew
059958: KLEIN, NORMA - Bizou
Pb98: TOM KLEIN - Loon Magic

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