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054594: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (Two Volume Set)
086334: IRWIN, KEVIN W. - Lent: A Guide to the Eucharist and Hours
Pb6064: MARGARET IRWIN - The great Lusifer a Portrait of Sir Walter Ralegh
P000053: ROBERT IRWIN - Tips and Traps When Buying a Home
067533: IRWIN, STEVENS - Dictionary of Hammond-Organ Stops: An Introduction to Playing the Hammond Electric Organ and a Translation of Pipe-Organ Stops Into Hammond-Organ Number-Arrangements
040731: KATZ, IRWIN AND GURIN, PATRICIA (EDITORS) - Race and the Social Sciences
086828: KULA, RABBI IRWIN AND OCHS, VANESSA L. - The Book of Jewish Sacred Practices - CLAL's Guide to Everyday & Holiday Rituals & Blessings
067371: IRWIN, ROBERT - Wealth Builders: Six "Get Rich Quick" Strategies That Really Work
010177: NOYES, FREDERICK BOGUE; REVISED BY SHOUR, ISAAC AND NOYES, HAROLD JUDD - A Text-Book of Dental Histology and Embryology
087167: ISAACS, JACOB - Our People - History of the Jews, Book One
Pa082: ISAACS, SUSAN - Long Time No See
087307: ISAACS, RABBI RONALD H. - Life's Little Book of Big Jewish Advice
042142: ISAACS, HAROLD R. - Idols of the Tribe: Group Identity and Political Change
046748: ISAACS, SUSAN - After All These Years (Signed By Author)
072299: ISAACS, SUSAN - Lily White: A Novel (Signed By Author)
076469: ISADORA, RACHEL - Max
072766: MESCHAN, ISADORE (MD) WITH FARRER-MESCHAN, R.M.F. (MD) - Roentgen Signs in Clinical Practice - Two Volumes (1,2,I,II)
070356: HODGES, FRED JENNER; LAMPE, ISADORE AND HOLT, JOHN FLOYD (MD'S) - Radiology for Medical Students
075962: MESCHAN, ISADORE (MD) WITH FARRER-MESCHAN, R.M.F. (MD) - Roentgen Signs in Clinical Practice
061776: ISARD, WALTER - Methods of Regional Analysis: An Introduction to Regional Science
072980: ISBISTER, CLAIR - Birth, Infancy and Childhood - Parents' Guide to Child Care
069596: ISCHLONDSKY, N. E. - Secretion Interne et Regenerescence
065357: ISENBERG, HANS G. - Great Racing Cars of the World
084070: ISHIKAWA, KAORU - Introduction to Quality Control by Ishikawa, Kaoru ( AUTHOR ) Jan-01-1990 Hardback
007088: ISHIZUKA, YOSHIO (MD) - Practical Cytodiagnosis
073357: CURRY, GEORGE J.; COHN, ISIDORE AND WADE, FRANLKIN V. (MD'S) - Profiles in Trauma
024653: ISIKOFF, MICHAEL - Uncovering Clinton: A Reporter's Story
019771: ISLAM, MAHMUDA - Women Health and Culture
013411: FRIESNER, ISODORE AND BRAUN, ALFRED (MD'S) - Cerebellar Abscess
086552: GOLDBERG, ISRAEL AND BENDERLY, SAMSON - Outline of Jewish Knowledge - Volume Three (3)
068597: ISRAEL, LUCIEN (MD) - Decision-Making: The Modern Doctor's Dilemma
084590: ISRAEL, MURRAY (MD) - The Thyroid-Vitamin Approach to Cholesterol Atheromatosis and Chronic Disease: A Ten Year Study
034103: ISRAEL, GERARD - The Jews in Russia
087198: ISRAEL, BENJAMIN J. - The Jews of India
086839: GOLDBERG, ISRAEL AND BENDERLY, SAMSON - Outline of Jewish Knowledge, Volume Two (2), The First Commonwealth
086840: GOLDBERG, ISRAEL AND BENDERLY, SAMSON - Outline of Jewish Knowledge, Volume Three (3), The First Commonwealth
022339: ISRAEL, BETSY - Grown-up Fast
071655: ISRAELS, JOSEF (II) - The Sea and the Land
046571: ISSERMAN, MAURICE; GENOVESE, EUGENE (SUPERVISOR) - Peat Bog Soldiers: The American Communist Party During the Second World War, 1939-1945 (Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree, Doctor of Philosophy)
073218: TFP COMMITTEE ON AMERICAN ISSUES - Defending a Higher Law: Why We Must Resist Same-Sex "Marriage" and the Homosexual Movement
050461: CROCE, BENEDETTO; TRANSLATED FROM THE ITALIAN WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY AINSLIE, DOUGLAS - European Literature in the Nineteenth Century - Second (2nd) Impression
Pb911: ITO, TEIJT - Space and Illusion in the Japanese Garden
074890: LYMAN, R.L.; JOHNSON, ROY IVAN; AND DEARBORN, FRANCES ROSS - Daily-Life Language Series: Book One - Part 1, Grade III (3)
Pb7602: BURL IVES - The wayfarin' Stranger Burl Ives a collection of 21 Folk Songs and Ballads
038943: IVES, GEORGE B. - Text, Type and Style - A Compendium of Atlantic Usage SIGNED
083744: IVORY, LESLEY ANNE - Cats in the Sun
085858: IVY, ROBERT H. (MD, DDS) - Interpretation of Dental and Maxillary Roentgenograms
072625: IYER, JAYALAKSHMI - A Study of Rheumatic Fever Prophylaxis Using Clinical and Laboratory Criteria for Assessment of Activity
074870: IZENBERG, JERRY - How Many Miles to Camelot? The All-American Sport Myth
039488: KIMURA, SAMUEL J. AND GOODNER, ERNEST K. (EDS) - Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics and the Problems of Medical Management
014321: ANDERSON, MILES H.; BRAY, JOHN J. AND HENNESSY, CHARLES A. - Prosthetic Principles - Above Knee Amputations
060230: SCHUELL, HILDRED; JENKINS, JAMES J. AND JIMENEZ-PABON, EDWARD (MD) - Aphasia in Adults: Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment
073067: BEUTNER, ERNST H.; NISENGARD, RUSSELL J. AND ALBINI, BORIS (EDITORS) - Defined Immunofluorescence and Related Cytochemical Methods
014548: BEHRMAN, S. J. AND KISTNER, ROBERT W. (MD'S), EDITORS - Progress in Infertility
019596: BUGHER, J. C.; COURSAGET, J. AND LOUTIT, J. F. (EDS) - Progress in Nuclear Energy, Series VII - Medical Sciences, Volume 1
080551: SPOCK, BENJAMIN J. (MD) AND LOWENBERG, MIRIAM E. - Feeding Your Baby and Child
081413: VIET, J. ET AL - Handbuch Der Gynakologie, Zweiter Band
069424: LESNIK, MILTON J. AND ANDERSON, BERNICE E. - Legal Aspects of Nursing
057701: EDITED BY CZERWINSKI, E.J. AND PIEKALKIEWICZ, JAROSLAW - The Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia: Its Effects on Eastern Europe
081838: DUNCUM, A.J. AND GRESTY, A. - Logic Problems (No. 40)
077669: KLINGENSMITH, PATRICIA J. AND DUNCAN, ELIZABETH E. - Easy Access to Dialog, Orbit, and BRS
012406: CALABRO, JOHN J. (MD) AND WYKERT, JOHN - The Truth About Arthritis Care
081708: O'BRIEN, EDWARD J. AND COURNOS, JOHN (EDITORS) - The Best British Short Stories of 1924
047166: AGGERTT, OTIS J. AND BOWEN, ELBERT R. - Communicative Reading
068296: ANGER, BEN J. ET AL - Nouveau Dictionnaire De Medecine et De Chirurgie Pratiques, Illustre De Figures Intercalees Dans Le Texte - Tome Vingt-Deuxieme, Med-Moel (22)
060949: CROOKS, ELIZABETH J. AND LODDE, ROSEMARY L. - Physician's Book of Menus for Diabetics
056435: WALTER, J. AND MILLER, H. - A Short Textbook of Radiotherapy for Technicians and Students
056438: HINE, GERALD J. AND SORENSON, JAMES A. (EDITORS) - Instrumentation in Nuclear Medicine, Volume 2 (II)
072871: BURKE, VINCENT J. AND VEE - Nixon's Good Deed: Welfare Reform
083458: CONYBEARE, THE REV. W.J. AND HOWSON, THE REV. S.J.; PRELIMINARY DISSERTATION BY BACON, THE REV. LEONARD - The Life and Epistles of Saint Paul (People's Edition)
058305: BARNET, RICHARD J. AND RASKIN, MARCUS G. - After 20 Years: Alternatives to the Cold War in Europe
058133: BORDEN, GLORIA J. AND HARRIS, KATHERINE S. - Speech Science Primer: Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception of Speech - Second Edition
075592: DANKER, WILLIAM J. AND MATSUDA, KIYOKO - More Than Healing: The Story of Kiyoko Matsuda
070483: REITH, EDWARD J. AND ROSS, MICHAEL H. - Atlas of Descriptive Histology
070280: MICHEELS, WILLIAM J. AND KARNES, M. RAY - Measuring Educational Achievement
001537: DECOSSE, JEROME J. AND SHERLOCK, PAUL (EDS) - Clinical Management of Gastrointestinal Cancer
068136: PIKUNAS, JUSTIN; CHAPTERS BY ALBRECHT, EUGENE J. AND O'NEIL, ROBERT P. - Human Development: A Science of Growth
063411: APFEL, ROBERTA J. AND FISHER, SUSAN M. - To Do No Harm: DES and the Dilemmas of Modern Medicine
062882: CLARK, JAMES J. AND WOODWARD, ROBERT H. (EDITORS) - Success in America
061181: LASLEY, SIDNEY J. AND MUDD, MYRTLE F. - The New Applied Mathematics
059752: EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY BLACKHAM, H.J. - Reality, Man and Existence: Essential Works of Existentialism
045618: JACQUES, SERGEANT MAJOR MAURICE J. (USMC) AND NORTON, MAJOR BRUCE H. (USMC, RET.) - Sergeant Major U.S. Marines: The Biography of Sergeant Major Maurice J. Jacques, USMC
064364: WHEATLEY, MARGARET J. AND KELLNER-ROGERS, MYRON - A Simpler Way (Signed By Both Authors)
051797: EADIE, BETTY J. WITH TAYLOR, CURTIS - Embraced By the Light
051773: EVOY, JOHN J. (S.J.) AND CHRISTOPH, VAN F. (S.J.) - The Real Woman in the Religious Life
051397: GRIFFIN, CARLYN WELCH; WIRTH, MARIAN J.; AND WIRTH, ARTHUR G. - Beyond Acceptance: Parents of Lesbians and Gays Talk About Their Experiences
065737: BRADFORD, LAWRENCE J. AND RAINES, CLAIRE WITH MARTIN, JO LEDA - TwentySomething (Twenty Something): Managing and Motivating Today's New Workforce
021606: FELDMAN, G; DRUET, P.; BIGNON, J.; AND AVRAMEAS, S. (EDS) - Immunoenzymatic Techniques
085898: N'DIAYE, J. P.; BASSENE, J. AND GERMAIN, D. - Les Travailleurs Noirs En France, Pourquoi les Migrations?
085935: MACDONALD, EMMA J. AND AYER, CYNTHIA M. - Discover Maine Through Handicraft
043299: REED, RICHARD J. AND HARKIN, JAMES C. (MD'S) - Atlas of Tumor Pathology - Tumors of the Peripheral Nervous System, Supplement
082454: PFEIFER, CARL J. AND MANTERNACH, JANAAN - A Case for Faith (Silver Burdett Religious Education Program)
058296: RHODES, A. J. AND ROOYEN, C. E. VAN (MD'S) - Textbook of Virology
050421: IVERSON, WILLIAM J. AND MCCARTHY, AGNES L. - Prose and Poetry Adventures - Fifth (5th) Edition
050020: STEIN, MAURICE R.; VIDICH, ARTHUR J. AND WHITE, DAVID MANNING (EDITORS) - Identity and Anxiety: Survival of the Person in Mass Society
080823: KOPLIK, REV. WILLIAM J. AND BRADY, JOAN E. - We Celebrate Confirmation: Catechist's Guide
078836: CONVEY, JOHN J. AND THOMPSON, ANDREW D. - Weaving Christ's Seamless Garment: Assessment of Catholic Religious Education
067601: DEGROOT, LESLIE J. ET AL (EDITORS) - Endocrinology - Three Volumes Complete (1,2,3,I,II,III)
078194: SPENCER, THE VERY REV. FRANCIS ALOYSIUS (TRANSLATOR); CALLAN, CHARLES J. AND MCHUGH, JOHN A. (EDITORS) - The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Translated Into English from the Original Greek)
048854: FREDERICK, BROTHER J. (F.S.C.) AND ALBERT, BROTHER H. (F.S.C.) - To Live Is Christ: Volume I (1) - An Overview
059348: MILNE, LORUS J. & MILNE, MARGERY J. - The Biotic World and Man
048250: J - Total Loving: How to Love and Be Loved for the Rest of Your Life
073960: MIX, CHARLES L. (MD); WATKINS, THOMAS J. AND DE LEE, JOSEPH B. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Practical Medical Series, Vol. V - Gynecology, Obstetrics, Series 1924
063670: CORLEY, FRANCIS J. AND WILLMES, ROBERT J. - Wings of Eagles: The Jesuit and the Blessed
073965: BISHOP, W. J. AND GOLDIE, SUE - A Bio-Bibliography of Florence Nightingale
082039: PFEIFER, CARL J. AND MANTERNACH, JANAAN - A Case for Jesus (Silver Burdett Religious Education Program)
048068: SARREL, LORNA J. (M.S.W.) AND SAREL, PHILIP M. (M.D.); LIDZ, RUTH W. (M.D.) AND LIDZ, THEODORE (M.D.) - FOREWORD - Sexual Unfolding: Sexual Development and Sex Therapies in Late Adolescence
048017: CULLIGAN, MATTHEW J. AND SEDLACEK, KEITH (M.D.) - How to Avoid Stress Before It Kills You
073617: MEINE, FRANKLIN J. AND MCDANIEL, KATHRYN (EDITORS) - International's World Reference Atlas and Gazetteer 1943
041100: FAHS, CHARLES H.; HERBEN, STEPHEN J.; AND BENTON, STEPHEN O. (EDITORS) - The Open Door: A Challenge to Missionary Advance
040813: DESIMONE, RUSSELL J. (O.S.A.) AND PAPARELLA, BENEDICT A. (EDITED AND PREPARED BY) - Augustinian Studies: Volume 5, 1974 - Annual Publication of the Augustinian Institute - Festschrift In Honor of Robert P. Russell, O.S.A.
071260: WEEKS, LEWIS E.; BERMAN, HOWARD J. AND BISBEE, GERALD E. JR. - Financing of Health Care
071709: DONATI, EDWARD J. AND GUTH, LLOYD - An Adjunct to the Laboratory Study of Histology
072056: BLAIR, J. AND BURNS, J.D. - Energy Conversion Systems Reference Handbook: Volume IV (4) - Static Thermal Converters (Wadd Technical Report 60-699 Volume IV)
047527: LEDERER, WILLIAM J. & JACKSON, DON D. (M.D.) - The Mirages of Marriage
047427: RACHMAN, S.J. AND PHILIPS, CLARE - Psychology and Medicine
036998: GROOTEN, J. AND STEENBERGEN, G. JO - New Encyclopedia of Philosophy
073867: LESNIK, MILTON J. AND ANDERSON, BERNICE E. - Nursing Practice and the Law
073958: MIX, CHARLES L. (MD); WATKINS, THOMAS J. AND DE LEE, JOSEPH B. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Practical Medical Series, Vol. V - Gynecology, Obstetrics, Series 1923
073959: MIX, CHARLES L. (MD); WATKINS, THOMAS J. AND DE LEE, JOSEPH B. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Practical Medical Series, Vol. V - Gynecology, Obstetrics, Series 1922
067429: EPSTEIN, MARC J. AND BIRCHARD, BILL - Counting What Counts: Turning Corporate Accountability to Competitive Advantage
075532: CONWAY, HERBERT; EICHWALD, E. J. AND KALISS, NATHAN - MANAGING EDITORS - Transplantation Bulletin - Volume 4, Nos. 1-4, Complete 1957
065152: EVANS, RICHARD J. AND LEE, R.W. (EDITORS) - The German Family: Essays on the Social History of the Family in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Germany (SIGNED)
044762: DOBROVIR, WILLIAM A.; GEBHARDT, JOSEPH D.; BUFFONE, SAMUEL J. AND OAKES, ANDRA N. - The Offenses of Richard M. Nixon: A Guide for the People of the United States of America
021969: GILSON, ALBERT J. AND SMOAK, WILLIAM M., III (MD'S) - EDITORS - Pulmonary Investigation with Radionuclides
001230: ECOBICHON, DONALD J. AND WU, JOSEPH M. (EDS) - Environmental Tobacco Smoke
022885: HOLMES, MARGUERITE J. AND WERNER, JEAN A. - Psychiatric Nursing in a Therapeutic Community
060536: BAKER, RALPH J. AND CARY, WILLIAM L. - Cases and Materials on Corporations - Third Edition - Unabridged
044268: HILL, REV. JOHN J. AND STONE, REV. THEODORE C. - A Modern Catechism
044267: HAYES, REV. EDWARD J. AND HAYES, REV. MSGR. PAUL J. - Catholicism & Life
017804: GUSSENHOVEN, ELMA J. AND BECKER, ANTON E. - Congenital Heart Disease: Morphologic Echocardiographic Correlations
058199: DAVIS, MAJ. GEORGE B.; PERRY, MR. LESLIE J.; AND KIRKLEY, MR. JOSEPH W. - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Series I - Volume XXXII - Part III - Correspoondence, Etc.
021130: HENRY, DR. CAROL J. AND KOURI, DR. RICHARD E. - Final Report - "Smoke Inhalation Studies in Mice"
043650: KENNEDY, X.J. AND DOROTHY M., AND HOLLADAY, SYLVIA A. - Teaching With The Bedford Guide for College Writers, Third (3rd) Edition: Volume One (1) - Background Readings
043649: KENNEDY, X.J. AND DOROTHY M., AND HOLLADAY, SYLVIA A. - Teaching With The Bedford Guide for College Writers, Third (3rd) Edition: Volume Two (2) - Background Readings
042166: HAYES, REV. EDWARD J.; HAYES, REV. MSGR. PAUL J.; AND DRUMMEY, JAMES J. - Catholicism & Society
001008: SAMUELS, TOM M.; SWIDLER, HOWARD J.; AND HAWKINS, PEGGY A. - Infection Control in Hospitals: An Annotated Bibliography
002085: ROBBOY, STANLEY J. ET AL - At Atlas of Findings in the Human Female After Intrauterine Exposure to Diethylstilbestrol
002565: KONTUREK, STANISLAW J. AND DOMSCHKE, WOLFRAM (EDS) - Gastric Secretion: Basic and Clinical Aspects
040729: MURO, JAMES J. AND FREEMAN, STANLEY L. (EDITORS) - Readings in Group Counseling
032964: WEIG, MELVIN J. WITH CRAIG, VERA B. - Morristown National Historical Park
003520: WILLIAMSON, J. AND LOURIE, E. M. - Acquired Paludrine-Resistance in Plasmodium Gallinaceum
049211: DANISH, STEVEN J. AND HAUER, ALLEN L. - Helping Skills: A Basic Training Program, Leader's Manual
003537: BANG, F. B.; HAIRSTON, N. G.; MAIER, J. AND TRAGER, WM. - Studies on Atabrine Suppression of Malaria
031427: BULLIET, C. J. AND MACDONALD, JESSICA - Paintings - An Introduction to Art
029944: REID, WILLIAM J. AND SHYNE, ANN W. - Brief and Extended Casework
073352: GARDNER, ERNEST (MD); GRAY, DONALD J. AND O'RAHILLY, RONAN (MD) - Anatomy - A Regional Study of Human Structure
013220: LEDERER, WILLIAM J. AND JACKSON, DR. DON D. - The Miracles of Marriage
050867: BRICKETT, C.J. AND LUFT, CARL A. - Calculations for Textile Work - International Library of Technology, 327B
004809: STAFSETH, HENRIK J. ET AL - Comparative Medicine in Transition
004893: PURVES, M. J. ET AL - Cerebral Vascular Smooth Muscle and Its Control
005066: PIZZARELLO, DONALD J. AND WITCOFSKI, RICHARD L. - Basic Radiation Biology
068237: EPSTEIN, MARC J. AND BIRCHARD, BILL - Counting What Counts: Turning Corporate Accountability to Competitive Advantage
084210: RETTIG, RICHARD P.; TORRES, MANUAL J.; AND GARRETT, GERALD R. - Manny: A Criminal-Addict's Story
047959: SOBEL, HARRY J.; KASTENBAUM, ROBERT J. AND BARBER, THEODORE X. (SERIES EDITORS) - Behavior Therapy in Terminal Care: A Humanistic Approach (The Cushing Hospital Series on Aging and Terminal Care)
049212: DANISH, STEVEN J. AND HAUER, ALLEN L. - Helping Skills: A Basic Training Program, Trainee's Workbook
008719: PATTERSON, ADONIRAM J. ET AL - The Semi-Centennial Memorial of the Universalist Church, Roxbury, Mass.
006594: HACKETT, C. J. AND LOEWENTHAL, L. J. A. (MD'S) - Differential Diagnosis of Yaws
007212: DERBES, VINCENT J. AND WEISS, THOMAS E. (MD'S) - Untoward Reactions of Cortisone and ACTH
007400: BERGAN, JOHN J. AND YAO, JAMES S. T. (MD'S), EDITORS - Cerebrovascular Insufficiency
008468: GORLIN, ROBERT J. AND PINDBORG, JENS J. - Syndromes of the Head and Neck
012469: APPLETON, A. B.; HAMILTON, W. J. AND TCHAPEROFF, IVAN C. C. - Surface and Radiological Anatomy for Students and General Practitioners
085601: EINSTEIN, STEPHEN J. AND KUKOFF, LYDIA ET AL (EDITORS) - Introduction to Judaism: Instructor's Guide and Curriculum
082790: MILNE, WILLIAM J. AND DOWNEY, WALTER F. - First Course in Algebra (Milne-Downey)
006929: MCKENDRY, J.B. J. AND BAILEY, J. D. (MD'S) - The New-Born: A Practical Guide
013554: GOTTLIEB, ARLAN J. ET AL - The Whole Internist Catalog
079553: COYNE, JAMES J. AND FUND, JOHN H. - Cleaning House: America's Campaign for Term Limits
007272: KAY, J.; BALLARD, F. J.; AND MAYER, R. J. (EDS) - Gene Expression: Regulation at the RNA and Protein Levels
085412: GOODSPEED, EDGAR J. AND SMITH, J. M. P. (EDITORS) - The Short Bible, An American Translation in Brief
011343: WINAWER, SIDNEY J. AND SHIKE, MOSHE (MD'S) - Cancer Free: The Comprehensive Cancer Prevention Program
025525: WATSON, DR. CECIL J. ET AL - The Harvey Lectures - 1948-1949; Series XLIV
001083: ECOBICHON, DONALD J. AND WU, JOSEPH M. (EDS) - Environmental Tobacco Smoke
081748: DIGIACOMO, JAMES J. AND WALSH, JOHN - The Church of Christ: Going Together - Resource Manual (The Encounter Series)
011598: STERMAN, M. B.; MCGINTY, DENNIS J.; AND ADINOLFI, ANTHONY M. (EDS) - Brain Development and Behavior
071299: BARBORKA, CLIFFORD J. AND TEXTER, E. CLINTON JR. (MD'S) - Peptic Ulcer - Diagnosis and Treatment
009091: KRESHOVER, SEYMOUR J. AND MCCLURE, F. J. (EDS) - Environmental Variables in Oral Disease
012074: ROBERTS, ARTHUR J. AND CONTI, C. RICHARD (EDS) - Current Surgery of the Heart
006935: BAXTER, CHARLES J. ET AL - Annual Report of the New Jersey State Museum 1906
012277: REEDERS, JACQUES W. A. J. (MD) ET AL - Ischaemic Colitis
012446: BUCHSBAUM, HERBERT J. AND SCHMIDT, JOSEPH D. (MD'S) - Gynecologic and Obstetric Urology
013165: LEFER, ALLAN M.; KELLIHER, GERALD J. AND ROVETTO, MICHAEL J. (EDS) - Pathophysiology and Therapeutics of Myocardial Ischemia
028634: LEONARD, JAMES J. AND KROETZ, FRANK W. (MD'S) - Examination of the Heart: Part Four - Auscultation
014741: MARTELLI, LEONARD J. ET AL - When Someone You Know Has AIDS
013318: THOMSON, THOMAS J. AND GILLESPIE, IAIN E. (EDS) - Postgraduate Gastroenterology
015564: HORSKY, J. AND STEMBERA, Z. K. (EDITORS) - Intra-Uterine Dangers to the Foetus (fetus)
015823: VAN LIERE, EDWARD J. (MD) AND DODDS, GIDEON S. - History of Medical Education in West Virginia- SIGNED
016259: WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER J. AND BUCHANAN, ROGER B. - The Medical Management of Breast Cancer
018239: LUMSDEN, CHARLES J. AND WILSON, EDWARD O. - Promethean Fire
021275: CANTOR, ALFRED J. AND FOXE, ARTHUR N. (MD'S), EDITORS - Psychosomatic Aspects of Surgery
045027: ROBOTTI, PETER J. AND FRANCES D. - Key to Gracious Living: Wines and Spirits
001523: JACKMAN, RAYMOND J. AND BEAHRS, OLIVER H. (MD'S) - Tumors of the Large Bowel
023732: ISSELBACHER, KURT J. ET AL (EDS) - Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Ninth Edition - Update II with CME Examination
085384: WALSH, RICHARD J. WITH SALSBURY, MILTON S. - The Making of Buffalo Bill - A Study in Heroics
081140: COOPER, WILLIAM J. (JR.) AND TERRILL, THOMAS E. - The American South: A History
068983: PAKULA, MARVIN H. WITH RYAN, WILLIAM J. AND ROTHSTEIN, DAVID K. - Centennial Album of the Civil War
039952: BARBIER, J. AND CARRE, M. (BOOK); GOUNOD, CHARLES (MUSIC) - Faust: A Lyric Drama in Five Acts
081700: GIES, WILLIAM J. ET AL - Chemistry of the Cell
087605: WOOD, LEON J. WITH HULL, SHIRLEY R. - Trusting Through Suffering
033948: CROWTHER, SIMEON J. AND FAWCETT, MARION - Science & Medicine to 1870: Pamphlets in the American Philosophical Society Library
022463: CASSIDY, J. J. (EDITOR) AND YOUNG, W. A. (MANAGING EDITOR) - Canadian Journal of Medicine and Surgery - Lister Number, May 1912
001360: WEIL, ALFRED J. AND SAPHRA, IVAN (MD'S) - Salmonellae and Shigellae
083615: UDINSKY, B. FLAVIAN; OSTERLIND, STEVEN J.; AND LYNCH, SAMUEL W. - Evaluation Resource Handbook: Gathering, Analyzing, Reporting Data
083246: LYTLE, R.J. AND MARIE-JEANNE - Book of Successful Fireplaces How To
055104: STADLER, L. J. ET AL (EDITED B GEORGE A. BAITSELL) - Science in Progress - Second Series
060533: ACHARD, J. J. AND HARROWER, HENRY R. (MD'S), EDITORS - The Endocrine Survey, Volume III 1926
060988: MCNERNEY, WALTER J. AND RIEDEL, DONALD C. - Regionalization and Rural Health Care - An Experiment in Three Communities
063366: NAPHEYS, GEO. H. (MD); SMITH, ALLEN J. AND DAVIS, J. AUBREY (MD'S) - Napheys' Modern Therapeutics, Volume II: General Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics
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075947: DIXON, FRANK J. AND MOORE, ROBERT A. (MD'S) - Atlas of Tumor Pathology: Tumors of The Male Sex Organs
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Pa848: JOHNSON, VERNON - I'll Quit Tomorrow
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061374: JONES, KATHRYN BOUCHER - Coming Home (Signed By Author)
061378: JONES, KATHRYN BOUCHER - Coming Home (Signed by Author)
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003585: JONES, JACK W. - A Dynamic Computer Model of the Growth Process in University Nursing Programs
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Pb632: JONES, CONSTANCE - The 220 Best Franchises to Buy: The Sourcebook for Evaluating the Best Franchise Opportunities
Pb6120: MARY ALICE JONES - Tell Me About Prayer
Pb530: JONES, PETER - How to Buy Your First Home
Pb5046: JONES, B.J. - Standard English-Korean and Korean-English Dictionary for Foreigners: Romanized
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064744: JONES, BUD - The Finding: A Novel Western
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066680: JONES, HOWARD MUMFORD - Violence and Reason: A Book of Essays
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018514: JONES, HOWARD MUMFORD - Guide to American Literature and Its Backgrounds Since 1890
010899: JONES, JEANNE - The New Food Strategy: Jet Fuel - 12 Audiocassette Set
069749: LEGH-JONES, ALISON - My Sister Angie
Pb3287: JONES, TRISTAN - Yarns
065520: JONES, JOHN JAY - Stories of Great Explorers - Through North America, South America and Africa
087391: JONES, DAVID - My Father's House: A Life of Adoption
066757: JONES, WILLIS KNAPP (EDITOR) - Spanish-American Literature in Translation, Volume I (1): A Selection of Prose, Poetry, and Drama Before 1888
005947: JONES, RICHARD J. (MD), EDITOR - Evolution of the Atherosclerotic Plaque
013243: JONES, HAROLD E. - Development in Adolescence
026321: JONES, EDMUND A. - The Fifty-First Annual Report of the State Commissioner of Common Schools - Ohio, 1904
080312: JONES, JOHN JAY - Stories of Great Explorers
070375: JONES, DOROTHEA - Washington is Wonderful
047114: JONES, HOWARD MUMFORD - They Say the Forties -
079784: JONES, ARTHUR - Reassessing: A Piety of Possessions and Relationships - Reflections with a Rosary
078329: JONES, ARTHUR - Britain's Heritage: The Creation of the National Heritage Memorial Fund
065679: JONES, WILBUR DEVEREUX - Venus and Sothis: How the Ancient Near East Was Rediscovered
029083: JONES, THOMAS C. - Keystones of American Freedom
073117: BAYNE-JONES, STANHOPE (MD) - Man and Microbes
083039: JONES, LL. RODWELL - The Geography of London River
076461: JONES, EUGENE A. - Manual of Equity Pleading and Practice, with Forms
072255: JONES, PETER G. - Clinical Paediatric Surgery - Diagnosis and Management
069657: JONES, MARY ALICE - Bible Stories for Little Children
043467: DE JONG, J.M.; GEYER, H. -G.; FRIES, H.; SAUTER, G.; MARSCH, W.-D.; HINZ, CHR.; POKORNY, P.; BERKHOF, H.; KUITERT, H. M.; ANDERSEN, W.; SMOLIK, J.; TODT, H. E. UND MOLTMANN, J. - Diskussion Uber Die "Theologie Der Hoffnung"
073600: JONGBLOED, PROF. DR. J. - Overzicht Van De Physiologie Van Den Mensch
084853: DE JONGE, ALEX - Dostoevsky and The Age of Intensity
Pb5878: JONIVAN - Once Only
Pb5447: IRENE JOOS, ETC. - Computers in Small Bytes
069971: JOPLING, W. H. - The Treatment of Tropical Diseases
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071978: JORDAN, HARVEY ERNEST - A Textbook of Histology
050854: JORDAN, ROBIN - Speak Out, My Heart
031790: JORDAN, EDWIN O. - Interepidemic Influenza
Pa612: JORDAN, JUDITH V.; SURREY, JANET L.; STIVER, IRENE P.; KAPLAN, ALEXANDRA G.; MILLER, JEAN BAKER; STIVER, IREN - Women's Growth in Connection: Writings from the Stone Cutter
Pb2617: JORDAN, JIM - Hair: Styling Tips and Tricks for Girls
Pa1225: JORDAN, RUTH - George Sand: A Biographical Portrait
026985: JORDAN, SARA M. - Health and Happiness - The Counsel of a Wise Doctor
084147: JORDAN, HELENE JAMIESON - Cornell University - New York Hospital School of Nursing
029812: JORDAN, HELENE J. (EDITORIAL DIRECTOR) - Northern Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, The Sahara, Egypt
061679: JORDAN, MEREDITH - Embracing the Mystery: The Sacred Unfolding in Ordinary People and Everyday Lives (Signed By Author)
056276: JORDAN, WILLIAM B., JR. - Episodes from the Unitarian Universalist Experience in Maine

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