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5758: POSSE-BRAZDOVA, AMELIE, - Roman Roundabout.
9533: POST, LAUREN C., - Cajun Sketches From the Prairies of Southwest Louisiana.
6730: POSTAL, BERNARD & ABRAMSON, SAMUEL H, - The Traveler's Guide to Jewish Landmarks of Europe.
14206: POTTLE, FREDERICK A., - James Boswell the Earlier Years 1740- 1769.
17873: POUND, ARTHUR, - The Golden Earth the Story of Manhattan's Landed Wealth.
15781: POUNDS, LEWIS H., - Annual Report of the President of the Borough of Brooklyn.
17019: POWELL, J. W., - The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons.
17874: POWELL, COLIN & PERSICO, JOSEPH E, - My American Journey.
15591: POWELL, H. ALEXANDER, - Marches of the North.
4384: POWELL, WILLIAM S., - Paradise Preserved.
9634: POWELL, E. ALEXANDER, - The End of the Trail the Far West From New Mexico to British Columbia.
4478: POWERS, RON, - White Town Drowsing.
844: POWERS, EDWARD D., - Fair Weather Travel in Western Europe.
14771: PRAGER, ARTHUR, - The Mahogany Tree an Informal History of Punch.
15908: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H., - History of the Conquest of Peru [Two Volume Set].
17225: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H., - History of the Conquest of Peru [Two Volumes Set] with a Preliminary View of the Civilization of the Incas.
17224: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H., - History of the Conquest of Peru [Two Volume Set] with a Preliminary View of the Civilization of the Incas..
8540: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H., - History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain [Three Volume Set].
9696: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H., - History of the Conquest of Mexico and History of the Conquest of Peru.
7454: PRICE, WILLARD, - Rip Tide in the South Seas.
1149: PRICE, LUCIEN, - Winged Sandals.
13150: PRICHARD, PETER, - The Making of Mcpaper the Inside Story of Usa Today.
11813: PRIESTLEY, J. B., - The Edwardians.
15305: PRIESTLEY, J. B., - Angel Pavement.
4619: PRIESTLEY, J. B. ; HAWKES, JACQUETTA, - Journey Down a Rainbow.
7722: PRIESTLEY, J. B., - Bright Day.
15568: PRIESTLEY, J. B., - English Journey.
12461: PRIETO-MORENO, FRANCISCO, - Los Jardines de Granada.
9522: BOARD OF PUBLIC PRINTING, - Indiana 1930.
3555: PRITCHETT, V S, - The Spanish Temper.
12464: PROCTOR, RICHARD A., - Saturn and Its System.
15261: DE PROROK, BYRON KHUN, - Digging for Lost African Gods the Record of Five Years Archaeological Excavation in North Africa.
14842: PROULX, E. ANNIE, - Postcards.
17926: [MITCHELL, S. AUGUSTUS] PUBLISHER, - New Universal Altas. Containing Maps of the Various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics of the World. With a Special Map of Each of the United States. Plans of Cities & Comprehended in Seventy Sheets and Forming a Series of One Hundred and Seventeen Maps, Plans and (.. . ).
14765: PUIG, MANUEL, - Kiss of the Spider Woman.
8998: PUIG, MANUEL, - The Buenos Aires Affair a Dectective Novel.
14814: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER, - Boris Godounov.
17579: PUTNAM, GEORGE PALMER, - The Southland of North America Rambles and Observations in Central America During the Year 1912.
6825: PUTNAM, ANNE EISNER; & KELLER, ALLAN, - Madami My Eight Years of Adventure with the Congo Pigmies.
12313: PUZO, MARIO & GINO, CAROL, - The Family.
16751: PYNE, STEPHEN J., - The Ice a Journey to Antarctica.
18079: QUAIFE, MILO M., - Lake Michigan.
6524: QUARESHI, SAMINA, - Legacy of the Indus a Discovery of Pakistan.
10286: QUEENAN, JOE, - My Goodness a Cynic's Short- Lived Search for Sainthood.
12680: DE QUINCEY, THOMAS, - The Confessions of an English Opium- Eater Being an Extract From the Life of a Scholar.
4359: QUINN, VERNON, - Beautiful America.
16341: QUINTERO, JOSE, - If You Don't Dance They Beat You.
4353: RABAN, JONATHAN, - Old Glory an American Voyage.
16794: RABL, JOSEF, - Illustrierter Fûhrer an Der Neuen Dolomitenstrasse Und Durch Die Gesamten Dolomiten.
12030: RADIN, PAUL, - The Story of the American Indian.
8371: RAGETTE, FRIEDRICH, - The Sanctuary of Jupiter Heliopolitan in Baalbeck an Architectural History.
17776: RAGG, LONSDALE; RAGG, LAURA M., - Things Seen in Venice.
17104: RAISIN, MAX, - A History of the Jews in Modern Times.
14904: RAMBERT, MARIE, - Quicksilver.
10591: RAMSAY, DEAN, - Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character.
15069: RAMSAY, CYNTHIA RUSS, - Sir Edmund Hillary & the People of Everest.
16135: RAMSAY, CYNTHIA RUSS, - Sir Edmund Hillary & the People of Everest.
18131: RAMSEY, ROBERT H., - Men and Mines of Newmont a Fifty- Year History.
18284: RAND, MCNALLY & CO'S, - Handy Guide to New York City Brooklyn, Staten Island and Other Districts.
17099: RAPHAEL, CHAIM, - A Feast of History the Drama of Passover Through the Ages.
15046: RAPHALL, MORRIS J, - Post- Biblical History of the Jews [Two Volume Set].
4391: RAPP, MARVIN A., - Canal Water and Whiskey Tall Tales From the Erie Canal Country.
14678: RASPONI, LANFRANCO, - The International Nomads.
17683: RAVITZ, ABE C., - Clarence Darrow and the American Literary Tradition.
10971: RAWLINGS, MARJORIE KINNAN, - Cross Creek.
3056: RAWLS, WALTON H, - The Century Book.
1658: RAWNSLEY, WILLINGHAM, - Country Sketches for City Dwellers.
1661: RAWNSLEY, WILLINGHAM, - The New Forest.
1662: RAWNSLEY, WILLINGHAM, - The New Forest.
453: RAWNSLEY, WILLINGHAM, - The New Forest.
8117: RAWNSLEY, WILLINGHAM, - Country Sketches for City Dwellers.
13795: RAWSON, EDWARD K. & WOODS, ROBERT H., - Official Records of the Union and Confederate States in the War of the Rebellion.
17472: RAYNAL, ABBE, - A Philosophical and Political History of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies. Revised, Augmented, and Published, in Ten Volumes.
1707: READ, KENNETH E., - The High Valley.
1441: READ, HOLLIS, - India and Its People: Ancient and Modern with a View of the Sepov Mutiny: Embracing an Account of the Conquests in India by the English, Their Policy and Its Results.
3692: READ, PIERS PAUL, - Alive the Story of the Andes Survivors.
7284: READ, KENNETH E., - The High Valley.
15749: READE, CHARLES, - The Cloister and the Hearth a Tale of the Middle Ages.
2007: REDHOUSE, JAMES W. (TRANSLATOR), - The Mesnevi [Book the First] Usually Known As the Mesneviyi Sherif, or Holy Mesnevi of Mevlana (Our Lord) Jelalu- 'd- Din, Muhammed, Er- Rumi.
17612: REDLICH, MONICA, - Danish Delight.
17924: REED, JOHN, - Tamburlaine and Other Verses.
7110: REED, E. J., - Shipbuilding in Iron and Steel a Practical Treatise, Giving Full Details of Construction, Processes of Manufacture, and Building Arrangements; with Results of Experiments on Iron and Steel, and on the Strength and Watertightness of Riveted Work.
174: REED, DR. ; HILL, DAVID B. ; BROWN, ELON R. ET AL, - The Unveiling of the St. Gaudens Statue of Roswell Pettibone Flower.
15403: REED, ISHMAEL, - The Reed Reader.
14354: REED, JOSEPH VERNER, - The Curtain Falls.
12767: REEVES, THOMAS C., - The Life and Times of Joe Mccarthy.
13438: REEVES, RICHARD, - Passage to Peshawar Pakistan: Between the Hindu Kush and the Arabian Sea.
17878: REICHSFREMDENVERKEHRSVERBAND, - Grossdeutschlands Heilbäder Seebäder Kurorte Und Versandheilwässer Nach Dem Stande Vom 1.4. 1939.
11469: REID, ALAN, - The Castles of Wales.
11825: REID, MILDRED, - The Devil's Handmaidens.
6426: REID, JAMES, - The Life of Christ in Woodcuts.
4773: REIMANN, HANS, - Das Buch Von Leipzig.
16788: REMARQUE, ERICH MARIA, - A Time to Love and a Time to Die.
16734: REMINGTON, FREDERIC, - Frederic Remington's Own West.
10795: REVILL, WINIFRED, - Chaco Chapters.
11180: REYNOLDS, G. W. M., - Pickwick Abroad or, the Tour in France.
11824: REYNOLDS, QUENTIN, - Dress Rehearsal the Story of Dieppe.
12177: REYNOLDS-BALL, EUSTACE A., - Mediterranean Winter Resorts Volume One- South Europe.
3595: REYNOLDS, JAMES, - Fabulous Spain.
455: REYNOLDS, JAMES, - Sovereign Britain.
7826: REYNOLDS, JAMES, - Sovereign Britain.
17929: REYNOLDS-BALL, EUSTACE A., - The City of the Caliphs a Popular Study of Cairo and Its Environs and the Nile and Its Antiquities.
16924: RHODES, HARRISON; DUMONT, MARY WOLFE, - A Guide to Florida for Tourists, Sportsmen and Settlers.
4778: RICCI, CORRADO, - Guida Di Bologna.
15492: RICE, ELMER, - See Naples and Die a Comedy in Three Acts.
11949: RICE, ELMER C., - How.
5327: RICE, ELMER, - Minority Report.
9433: RICHARDS, CAROLINE COWLES, - Village Life in America 1852- 1872 Including the Period of the American Civil War As Told in the Diary of a School- Girl.
17161: RICHARDSON, A. E. ; GILL, C. LOVETT, - London Houses From 1660 to 1820 a Consideration of Their Architecture and Detail.
17511: RICHARDSON, JAMES D., - A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents 1789- 1897 [Volumes 6- 10 Only].
13932: RICHIE, DONALD, - Introducing Japan.
11820: RICHTER, CONRAD, - The Sea of Grass.
6603: VON RICHTHOFEN, CHRISTA, - Germany Architecture. Interiors. Landscape. Gardens.
681: RICKMERS, W. RICKMER, - The Duab of Turkestan a Photographic Sketch and Account of Some Travels.
6428: RIDDELL, JOHN, - Meaning No Offense Being Some of the Life, Adventures and Opinions of Trader Riddell, an Old Book Reviewer, in the Dark Continent of Comtemporary Literature; Including an Assortment of Strange Interviews and Literary Follies.
16923: RIDER, FREMONT, - Rider's Bermuda a Guide Book for Travelers.
17881: RIEDEL, JOHANNES (DR. ), - Knaurs Welt- Atlas 53 Farbige Haupt- Und Nebenkarten, 100 Statistische Schaubilder, Zahlreiche Spezialkarten, Diagramme Und Tabelen, Ausführlicher Geographischer, Bevölkerungs- Und Wirtschaftsstatistischer Text, Alphabetisches Verzeichnis Von ûber 29000 Geographischen Namen.
16922: RIESENBERG, FELIX, - Cape Horn.
7728: RILEY, JAMES WHITCOMB, - Out to Old Aunt Mary's.
8065: RILEY, W., - A Village in Craven Character Sketches From the Yorkshire Pennines.
11818: RIMMER, ROBERT H., - The Rebellion of Yale Marratt.
10441: RINKER, HARRY L. ; HILL, FRANK R., - The Joy of Collecting.
7093: RINMAN, TURE, ATTMAN, ARTUR & FRITZ, MARTIN, - From Lake and River to Distant Oceans Brostroms 1865 1965.
11827: RINZLER, CAROL EISEN, - The Girl Who Got All the Breaks.
7962: RIORDAIN, SEAN P. O., - Tara the Monuments on the Hill.
18157: RIPLEY, ALEXANDRA, - Scarlett [Two Volumes, Polish Edition] Ciag Dalszy Przeminelo Z Wiatrem Margaret Mitchell.
17872: RISTER, CARL COKE, - Oil! Titan of the Southwest.
15858: RITCHIE, DAVID, - Space War the Fascinating and Alarming History of the Military Uses of Outer Space.
8350: RITCHIE, ANDREW CARNDUFF, - Masters of British Painting 1800- 1950.
2008: RIX, HERBERT, - Tent and Testament a Camping Tour in Palestine with Some Notes on Scripture Sites.
11816: ROBBINS, LAWRENCE, - A Certain Protocol.
17671: ROBERTS, KENNETH, - Lydia Bailey.
15872: ROBERTS, CECIL, - The Grand Cruise.
10236: ROBERTS, NORA, - The Villa.
14835: ROBERTS, MORLEY, - On the Earthquake Line Minor Adventures in Central America.
11617: ROBERTS, NORA, - Black Hills.
15121: ROBERTS, PATRICIA & KELLY, THOMAS L., - Kathmandu City on the Edge of the World.
497: ROBERTS, CECIL, - Gone Rambling.
7729: ROBERTS, KENNETH, - Arundel Chronicle of the Province of Maine and of the Secret Expedition Against Quebec.
15719: ROBERTS, LESLIE, - The Mackenzie.
16168: ROBERTSON, PRISCILLA, - An Experience of Women Pattern and Change in Nineteenth- Century Europe.
14323: ROBICSEK, FRANCIS, - Copan Home of the Mayan Gods.
18291: ROBINSON, WILLIAM, - The Broken R.
1911: ROBINSON, BILL, - Where to Cruise.
12073: ROBINSON, WARREN F., - The 'g' Man's Son.
423: ROBINSON, RALPH M., - The Penn Country and the Chilterns.
7730: ROBINSON, ANNE, - Little Miss April.
7731: ROBINSON, EDWIN ARLINGTON, - Cavender's House.
4275: ROBOTTI, FRANCES DIANE, - Chronicles of Old Salem a History in Miniature.
2779: ROCHE, OLIN SCOTT (REVEREND), - Forty Years of Parish Life and Work 1883- 1923 an Autobiography.
18000: ROCKWELL WILSON, RUFUS, - New York: Old & New [Two Volume Set] Its Story, Streets, and Landmarks.
16657: RODMAN, SELDEN, - The Guatelmala Traveler a Concise History and Guide.
5627: RODMAN, SELDEN, - The Road to Panama.
9715: RODMAN, SELDEN, - The Road to Panama.
17582: RODMAN, SELDEN, - The Road to Panama.
15861: RODRIGUEZ-PERALTA, PHYLLIS WHITE, - Jose Santos Chocano.
17452: MILES-ROGER [PREFACE], - L'album Des Maitres de la Caricature Aquarelles Et Dessins Inedits.
10059: ROGERS, W. G., - When This You See Remember Me Gertrude Stein in Person.
11435: ROGERS, W. G. & WESTON, MILDRED, - Carnival Crossroads the Story of Times Square.
11973: ROGERS, ROSE ANNIE, - The Lonely Island.
7732: ROGERS, SAMUEL, - Recollections of the Table- Talk of Samuel Rogers to Which Is Added Porsoniana.
10104: ROHRER, MATTHEW, - A Hummock in the Malookas.
12172: ROLFE, W. J., - A Satchel Guide for the Vacation Tourist in Europe.
14224: ROLLYSON, CARL, - Lillian Hellman Her Legend and Her Legacy.
15611: ROMANELLI, PIETRO, - The Roman Forum.
17689: ROMANES, JOHN, - Darwin, and After Darwin [Two Volume Set] an Exposition of the Darwinian Theory and a Discussion of Post- Darwinian Questions.
9260: ROMULO, CARLOS P., - Crusade in Asia Philippine Victory.
9259: ROMULO, CARLOS P., - I Walked with Heroes.
9263: ROMULO, CARLOS P., - I Saw the Fall of the Philippines.
13558: RONALDSHAY, THE EARL OF, - An Eastern Miscellany.
18081: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE, - Letters to His Children.
13490: ROOSEVELT, ELEANOR, - This I Remember.
17265: ROOSEVELT, ELEANOR, - India and the Awakening East.
14966: ROOSEVELT, ELLIOTT, - Murder and the First Lady.
17248: RORIMER, JAMES J., - The Cloisters the Building and the Collection of Mediaeval Art. In Fort Tryon Park.
18259: RORIMER, JAMES J., - The Cloisters the Building and the Collection of Mediaeval Art. In Fort Tryon Park.
5977: ROSE, PETE & KAHN, ROGER, - Pete Rose: My Story.
10170: ROSEBERY, LORD, - Napoleon the Last Phase.
15501: ROSEN, SHIRLEY, - Truman of St. Helens the Man and His Mountain.
15813: ROSEN, LAURA, - Manhattan Shores an Expedition Around the Island's Edge.
16156: ROSENBLUM, MORT, - Mission to Civilize the French Way.
8105: ROSENTHAL, HAROLD, - Covent Garden Memories and Traditions.
3982: ROSS, MALCOLM, - The Cape Fear.
18111: ROSS, JANET; ERICHSEN, NELLY, - The Story of Lucca.
12095: ROSS, ISHBEL, - Through the Lich- Gate a Biography of the Little Church Around the Corner.
2561: ROSS, ISHBEL, - Through the Lich- Gate a Biography of the Little Church Around the Corner.
9814: ROSS, ISHBEL, - Through the Lich- Gate a Biography of the Little Church Around the Corner.
13123: ROSS, ISHBEL, - Crusades and Crinolines the Life and Times of Ellen Curtis Demorest and William Jennings Demorest.
2487: ROSS, ISHBEL, - Through the Lich- Gate a Biography of the Little Church Around the Corner.
12504: ROSSER, W. H. & IMRAY, J. F., - North Atlantic Directory the Physical Geography and Meteorology of the North Atlantic.
16322: ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL, - The Poetical Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti [Two Volume Set].
17006: ROSSITER, STUART [EDITOR], - Paris.
16467: ROSTAND, EDMOND, - Cyrano de Bergerac.
7733: ROSTAND, EDMOND, - Cyrano de Bergerac.
14156: ROSTENBERG, LEONA & STERN, MADELEINE B., - Old & Rare Thirty Years in the Book Business.
12610: ROTH, PHILIP, - The Great American Novel.
15955: ROTH, PHILIP, - Portnoy's Complaint.
17287: ROTH, HAL, - Two Against Cape Horn.
17695: ROTHE, CLAUS, - Deutsche Ozean- Passagierschiffe 1896 Bis 1918.
17696: ROTHE, CLAUS, - Deutsche Seebäderschiffe 1830 Bis 1939.
10053: ROTHENSTEIN, WILLIAM, - Men and Memories Recollections of William Rothenstein 1900 - 1922.
10055: ROTHENSTEIN, WILLIAM, - Men and Memories Recollections of William Rothenstein 1900 - 1922.
10339: ROTHENTHAL, RUDOLPH; RATZKA, HELENA L., - The Story of Modern Applied Art.
11324: ROTHERY, AGNES, - Denmark Kingdom of Reason.
4439: ROTHERY, AGNES, - Virginia the New Dominion.
4441: ROTHERY, AGNES, - Virginia the New Dominion.
560: ROTHERY, AGNES, - Denmark Kingdom of Reason.
564: ROTHERY, AGNES, - Denmark Kingdom of Reason.
14452: DE ROTHSCHILD, BARON PHILIPPE & LITTLEWOOD, JOAN, - Baron Philippe the Very Candid Autobiography of Baron Philippe de Rothschild.
14283: ROUECHE, BERTON, - Sea to Shining Sea People Travels Places.
1696: ROUGHLEY, T. C., - Wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.
11399: ROUSSEAU, ANDRE, - Belgique Et Luxembourg.
12386: ROWE, N. A., - Samoa Under the Sailing Gods.
7551: ROWE, CHARLES R., - South Devon.
17777: ROWLING, J. K., - Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince.
14301: RUARK, ROBERT C., - Grenadine's Spawn a Novel of Our Times.
17846: RUBINSTEIN, ARTHUR, - My Young Years.
13894: RUBLE, KENNETH D., - Men to Remember How 100,000 Neighbors Made History.
4001: DE LA RUE, SIDNEY, - The Land of the Pepper Bird Liberia.
7395: RUHEN, OLAF, - Land of Dahori Tales of New Guinea.
16074: RUNYON, DAMON, - Guys and Dolls and Other Writings.
16077: RUOFF, HENRY W., - Universal Manual of Ready Reference.
15349: RUSE, MICHAEL, - Can a Darwinian Be a Christian? the Relationship between Science and Religion.
11837: RUSHDIE, SALMAN, - The Satanic Verses.
5633: RUSHDIE, SALMAN, - The Jaguar Smile a Nicaraguan Journey.
8021: RUSHDIE, SALMAN & WEST, ELIZABETH [EDS. ], - Mirrorwork 50 Years of Indian Writing 1947- 1997.
7735: RUSHDIE, SALMAN, - The Moor's Last Sigh.
18039: RUSHDIE, SALMAN, - Shame.
838: RUSLING, JAMES F., - European Days and Ways.
842: RUSLING, JAMES F., - European Days and Ways.
16330: RUSSELL, BERTRAND, - Authority and the Individual.
17818: RUSSELL, BERTRAND, - The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell 1872- 1914.
14867: RUSSELL, LINDSAY [EDITOR], - America to Japan a Symposium of Papers by Representative Citizens of the United States on the Relations between Japan and America.
696: RUSSIAN MUSEUM, LENINGRAD, - Russian Applied Art Eighteenth to Early Twentieth Century.
10437: RUSSO, DOROTHY RITTER, - A Bibliography of George Ade 1866 - 1944.
10438: RUSSO, DOROTHY RITTER; SULLIVAN, THELMA L., - A Bibliography of Booth Tarkington 1869 - 1946.
10439: RUSSO, ANTHONY J. ; RUSSO, DOROTHY, R., - A Bibliography of James Whitcomb Riley.
18042: RUTH, KENT, - Touring the Old West.
11216: RUTHERFURD, EDWARD, - London the Novel.
15764: RUTHVEN, MALISE, - Freya Stark in Southern Arabia.
12328: RUTKOWSKA, JANINA, - A Guide to Warsaw and Environs.
9021: RYAN, DAVID D., - Four Days in 1865: The Fall of Richmond.
18148: RYBAR, CTIBOR, - Prague Guide Renseignements Faits.
15210: SACK, MANFRED & SUZUKI, HISAO, - Lluis Domenech I Montaner Palau de la Musica Catalana, Barcelona.
16558: SADOUL, GEORGES, - French Film.
12885: SAFDIE, MOSHE, - Jerusalem the Future of the Past.
13701: SAFRASTIAN, ARSHAK, - Kurds and Kurdistan.
7352: SAFRONI-MIDDLETON, A., - A Vagabond's Odyssey Being Further Reminiscences of a Wandering Sailor- Troubadour in Many Lands.
14138: SAGAN, FRANCOISE, - A Certain Smile.
7739: SAGAN, FRANCOISE, - Aimez- Vous Brahms...
18069: SAGE, RUFUS B., - Rocky Mountain Life or, Startling Scenes and Perilous Adventures in the Far West, During an Expedition of Three Years.
7740: SAINT, H. F., - Memoirs of an Invisible Man.
4608: SALE, ROGER, - Seattle Past to Present.
16617: SALISBURY, HARRISON E., - The Shook- Up Generation.
10932: SALMON, D. E., - Special Report on Diseases of the Horse.
15007: SALOMON, JULIAN HARRIS, - The Book of Indian Crafts and Indian Lore.
14211: SALTER, ELIZABETH, - The Last Years of a Rebel a Memoir of Edith Sitwell.
7147: SAMPLE, ALBERT RACE, - Race Hoss Big Emma's Boy.
17830: SANDBURG, CARL, - Always the Young Strangers.
16096: SANDERS, RONALD, - The Downtown Jews Portraits of an Immigrant Generation.
14444: SANDERSON, IVAN T., - Follow the Whale.
16058: SANGER, GEORGE 'LORD', - Seventy Years a Showman.
13651: SANGER, MARGARET, - The Pivot of Civilization.
17624: SANSOM, WILLIAM, - The Icicle and the Sun Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark.
14926: SANSOM, WILLIAM, - Blue Skies, Brown Studies.
16209: SANSOM, WILLIAM, - Away to It All.
10057: SANTAYANA, GEORGE, - The Last Puritan a Memoir in the Form of a Novel.
16608: SARAMAGO, JOSE, - Memorial Do Convento.
4223: SARGENT, PORTER E. (ED. ), - A Handbook of New England an Annual Publication.
10058: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL, - The Words.
15937: SATO, SHOZO, - The Art of Arranging Flowers a Complete Guide to Japanese Ikebana.
17606: SATTERFIELD, ARCHIE, - Alaska Bush Pilots in the Float Country.
14948: SAUNDERS, RICHARD [BENJAMIN FRANKLIN], - Poor Richard: The Almanacks for the Years 1733- 1758.
12500: SAVAGE LANDOR, A. HENRY, - Across Coveted Lands [Two Volume Set] a Journey From Flushing (Holland) to Calcutta, Overland.
10633: SAVAGE-LANDOR, A. HENRY, - Across Unknown South America [Two Volume Set].
15621: SAVORY, H. N., - Spain and Portugal the Prehistory of the Iberian Peninsula.
14938: SAYER, EDMUND S., - Ships of Other Days.
2524: SCHACHNER, NATHAN, - By the Dim Lamps.
14319: SCHAPIRO, MEYER, - Impressionism Reflections and Perceptions.
4632: SCHARFF, ROBERT (EDITOR), - Grand Canyon National Park.
4668: SCHARFF, ROBERT (EDITOR), - Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
4335: SCHAUFFLER, ROBERT HAVEN, - Romantic America.
7747: SCHAUFFLER, ROBERT HAVEN, - Fiddler's Folly and Encores.
17742: SCHAUSS, HAYYIM, - The Lifetime of a Jew Throughout the Ages of Jewish History.
13167: SCHENCK, EARL, - Come Unto These Yellow Sands.
7383: SCHENCK, EARL, - Come Unto These Yellow Sands.
4601: SCHERER, JAMES A. B., - The Lion of the Vigilantes William T. Coleman and the Life of Old San Francisco.
18026: SCHERER, JAMES A. B., - Japan's Advance.
6366: SCHERER, JAMES A. B., - Young Japan the Story of the Japanese People, and Especially of Their Educational Development.
7855: SCHERMAN, DAVID E. ; WILCOX, RICHARD, - Literary England Photographs of Places Made Memorable in English Literature.
15503: SCHERMAN, KATHARINE, - Spring on an Arctic Island.
10570: SCHERMAN, DAVID E. ; WILCOX, RICHARD, - Literary England Photographs of Places Made Memorable in English Literature.
535: SCHERMAN, DAVID E. ; WILCOX, RICHARD, - Literary England Photographs of Places Made Memorable in English Literature.
16582: SCHIFF, ZE'EV & YA'ARI, EHUD, - Israel's Lebanon War.
7017: SCHILLER, FRIEDRICH, - Wallensteins Tod Trauerspiel in Fünf Aufzügen.
17103: SCHILLER, ELY [EDITOR], - Jerusalem in Old Engravings and Illustrations.
16603: SCHILLINGS, C. G., - With Flash- Light and Rifle Photographing by Flash- Light at Night the Wild Animal World of Equitorial Africa.
17611: SCHLANBUSCH, ANNA GRETE; BRAMSEN, BO [EDITORS], - Tourist in Denmark Travel Guide.
16363: SCHLESINGER JR. , ARTHUR, - The Politics of Upheaval.
9435: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR M., - The Coming of the New Deal.
11425: SCHMIDT, MINNA M., - 400 Outstanding Women of the World and Costumology of Their Time.
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12439: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS, - Kidnapped Being Memoirs of the Adventures of David Balfour in the Year 1751.
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17783: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL, - My Life [2 Volume Set] a Record of Events and Opinions.
135: WALLACE, SUSAN E., - Along the Bosphorus and Other Sketches.
12817: WALLACE, ALFRED RUSSEL, - Man's Place in the Universe.
1475: WALLACE, LEW., - The Prince of India [2 Volumes] or Why Constantinopel Fell.
4418: WALLACE, RICHARD; CARR, MARIE PINAK, - The Willard Hotel an Illustrated History.
14303: WALLACE, IRVING, - The Square Pegs.
7041: WALLACE, HENRY A., - Whose Constitution an Inquiry Into the General Welfare.
6831: WALLIS, B. C. [ED. ], - Europe [Volume Two Only] Volume Ii- The Western Margin and the Core.
12387: WALLOP, DOUGLASS, - The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant a Novel.
11482: WALLOP, DOUGLASS, - The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant a Novel.
16214: WALN, NORA, - Reaching for the Stars.
14685: WALSH JR. , ROBERT, - An Appeal From the Judgments of Great Britain Respecting the United States of America [Volume One Only] Containing a Historical Outline of Their Merits and Wrongs As Colonies.
8110: WALSH, JILL PATON, - The Island Sunrise Prehistoric Culture in the British Isles.
13100: WALTON, CLYDE C., - An Illinois Reader.
9035: WALTON, CLYDE C., - Civil War History [15 Volume Set] March 1955 - December 1969.
9438: WALTON, WILLIAM, - The Evidence of Washington.
17274: WANG, HARVEY, - Harvey Wang's New York.
17320: WANG, HARVEY, - Harvey Wang's New York.
7897: WARBURG, FREDRIC, - An Occupation for Gentlemen.
12396: WARBURTON, STANLEY, - An Avatar in Vishnu Land.
17642: WARD, HENSHAW, - Charles Darwin the Man and His Warfare.
10933: WARD, FRANCIS, - Animal Life Under Water.
17990: WARD, A. C., - A Literary Journey Through Wartime Britain.
13524: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY, - Fashions in Literature and Other Literary and Social Essays & Addresses.
15102: WARNER, PHILIP, - Dervish the Rise and Fall of an African Empire.
3999: WARNER, ESTHER, - New Song in a Strange Land.
4000: WARNER, ESTHER, - New Song in a Strange Land.
4399: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY, - On Horseback a Tour in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.
17708: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY, - Backlog Studies.
16769: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY, - Saunterings.
790: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY, - A Roundabout Journey.
7931: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY, - Backlog Studies.
18018: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY, - My Winter on the Nile.
4156: WARREN, E. J., - Souvenir of St. Helena.
16365: WARREN, SIDNEY, - The Battle for the Presidency.
14191: WARREN, ROBERT PENN, - The Circus in the Attic and Other Stories.
6012: WARREN, SAMUEL, - Ten Thousand a Year.
7898: WARREN, ROBERT PENN, - Band of Angels.
8478: WARTER, JOHN WOOD, - Southey's Common Place Book [Two Volumes].
17190: DE WARVILLE, J. P. BRISSOT, - New Travels in the United States of America 1788.
17096: WASKOW, ARTHUR I., - The Bush Is Burning Radical Judaism Faces the Pharaohs of the Modern Superstate.
17202: VAN DE WATER, FREDERIC F., - Lake Champlain and Lake George.
18108: WATSON, C. M., - The Story of Jerusalem.
5561: WATTLETON, FAYE, - Life on the Line.
14254: WATTS, ALARIC A., - Poetical Sketches.
18172: WAUGH, ALEC, - Hot Countries.
9773: WAUGH, ALEC, - Love and the Caribbean Tales, Characters and Scenes of the West Indies.
7899: WAUGH, EVELYN, - When the Going Was Good.
12717: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Officers and Gentlemen.
16444: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Officers and Gentlemen.
7900: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Officers and Gentlemen.
7902: WAUGH, ALEC, - The Mule on the Minaret a Novel About the Middle East.
18016: WAUTERS, A. J., - Stanley's Emin Pasha Expedition.
13363: WAVELL, STEWART, - The Naga King's Daughter.
18141: WAY, FREDERICK, - The Allegheny.
12209: WEALE, B. L. PUTNAM, - Manchu and Muscovite Being Letters From Manchuria Written During the Autumn of 1903.

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