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003678: TROLLER, SUSAN; HAMILTON, JANE; PERRY, MICHAEL; LOGAN, BEN - Cluck: From Jungle Fowl to City Chicks
002375: TROMP, J.; TROMP, JOHANNES - The Assumption of Moses: A Critical Edition With Commentary
003562: DONALD TRUMP - How to Build a Fortune (Audio Business Course)
000590: TRUXAL, JOHN G. - Introductory System Engineering
003436: TSANG, FU JI - The Meaning of Flowers
003043: TUNG, ROSEMARY JONES - Portrait of Lost Tibet
002553: TURK, KLAUS - Man at Work- 4090 Years of Paintings and Bronzes
003642: TURNBULL, STEPHEN - Nagashino 1575 (Trade Editions)
000493: TUROW, JOSEPH - Media Systems in Society : Understanding Industries, Strategies & Power
003033: AVEROFF-TUSSIZZA, EVANGELOS - By Fire and Axe - The Communist Party and the Civil War in Greece, 1944-1949
001109: TUTTLE, FLORENCE PIPER - Puppets and Puppet Plays
001871: TYRRELL, RONALD W.; JOHNS, FRANK A.; MCCARTY, FREDERICK HANOCH - Growing Pains in the Classroom: A Guide to Teaching Adolescents
003310: CH'U, T'UNG-TSU, DULL, JACK L. (ED.) - Han Social Structure
003903: KLARA ULLMAN - Gamla Stan The Old Town : Uppfor Grander Nerfor Brinkar
003587: UNDERHILL, JACK - Marilyn & Me: The Woodcutter and The Nun
001870: UNGER, LEONARD - Eliot's Compound Ghost: Influence and Confluence
002327: LESCH, D'ANN URANIAK AND JENNIFER L. O'DONOGHUE; BOYTE, HARRY C. - We Are the Freedom People: Sharing Our Stories, Creating a Vibrant America
003878: DEAN URDAHL - Retribution (Uprising)
003696: URTON, GARY; LLANOS, PRIMITIVO NINA - The Social Life of Numbers: A Quechua Ontology of Numbers and Philosophy of Arithmetic
001290: VAETH, JOSEPH A. - Tirant Lo Blanch
000573: VAGA, EUGENIO G. - Encyclopedie De Medecine Naturelle
003793: VALE, THOMAS R.; VALE, GERALDINE R. - Time and the Tuolumne Landscape: Continuity and Change in the Yosemite High Country
003529: VALLEE, JACQUES - Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact
003443: VALVO, CARMEN - Dressed to Perfection: The Art of Dressing for Your Red Carpet Moments
000126: VANTON, MONTE - Marriage: Grounds for Divorce
002041: PINA VARA, RAFAEL DE - Elementos De Derecho Mercantil Mexicano
000536: O'VARK, JOAN - The Fundamentals of Tone Production
002307: VAUGHAN, FATHER L. J. - The Power of Love
000972: VEINSTEIN, ALAIN - Ebauche du Feminin
000643: VELKE, JOHN A., III - Baldwin-Felts Detectives, Inc.
002950: SEN VENERO, MARIA ISABEL - Historia de Chihuahua
000223: VENTER, FRANS - Dark Pilgrim
002433: VERNER, JAROSLAV J. - Mail of the Czechoslovak Legions in France; posta Ceskoslovenskych Legii ve Francii
001410: DE VERVILLE, BEROALDE; MACHEN, ARTHUR - Fantastic Tales or The Way to Find a Book of Pantagruelism Now for the First Time Done into English by Arthur Machen Translator of the Heptameron of Margaret of Navarre
000031: VERYAN, PATRICIA - Feather Castles - a Regency Novel
000553: BROOKS, VICKI AND LINDA STOKES - The Quilter's Catalog
003710: VISKOCIL, M.J. - September
003860: COWLES CREATIVE PUBLISHING; DICK STERNBERG; DAVID TIESZEN; JOHN VAN VLIET - Fly Fishing for Trout in Streams - the Complete Fly Fisherman
002417: VON DER VOGELWEIDE, WALTHER; ZEYDEL, EDWIN H. & MORGAN, BAYARD Q. (EDS.) - Poems of Walther von der Vogelweide
001171: VOGT, RICHARD J. - Altering Course
000907: VOORHIS, JERRY - American Cooperatives
001339: VUCINICH, WAYNE S.(ED.); THOMAS A. EMMERT (ED.) - Kosovo : legacy of a medieval battle
002416: VUILLEUMIER, MARC - Flüchtlinge und Immigranten in der Schweiz. Ein historischer Überblick.
000392: WACHS, THEODORE D. - Necessary but Not Sufficient : The Respective Roles of Single & Multiple Influences on Individual Development
001191: WADE, EDWIN L. - Talking Sense at Century's End : A Barbarous Time. . .& Now What?
003355: WALBANK, F. W. - The Hellenistic World
001143: WALCHARS, JOHN - Resurrection of Values
003869: AMY WALDMAN - The Submission: A Novel
003592: WALKER, MORT - Mort Walker's Private Scrapbook
002385: WALKER, J. A. H. - The Second Coming of Jenghiz Khan - a Vision
000116: WALLACE, SUSAN E. - The Repose in Egypt
003400: WALSCH, NEALE DONALD - The Complete Conversations with God
001206: WALSH, LIZ - The Final Beat : Gardai Who Died in the Line of Duty
003821: WALTHAM, CLAE - Shu Ching - Book of History: A Modernized Edition of the Translations of James Legge
001391: WALTON, WHITNEY - France at the Crystal Palace : Bourgeois Taste and Artisan Manufacture in the Nineteenth Century
000114: WARNER, MARINA - The Skating Party
002134: WASHBURN, STANLEY - Nogi
001367: WASWO, RICHARD - The Founding Legend of Western Civilization : From Virgil to Vietnam
000256: WATERS, HAROLD A. - Le Theatre Noir: Encyclopedie des Pieces Ecrites en Francais par des Auteurs Noirs
000396: WATKINS, JOHN; LORD BYRON - Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Lord Byron
001368: WATSON, WILLIAM - Art of Dynastic China
000067: WATSON, ALBERT DURRANT - The Twentieth Plane
003134: WATSON, FORBES - Tilden - Thurber: Etchings
000963: WATT, W. MONTGOMERY - Islam and the Integration of Society
002729: WAUGH, IDA - Over the Hills
003939: ERIC WEAR - Ten Days in the Mountains (1596-1673)
001275: WEIDENBAUM, MURRAY L. - Small Wars, Big Defense : Paying for the Military after the Cold War
003571: WEINBERG, MARK S. - Challenging the Hierarchy: Collective Theatre in the United States (Contributions in Drama and Theatre Studies)
002304: WEINER, JAMES F.; UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN PRESS - The Lost Drum: The Myth of Sexuality in Papua New Guinea and Beyond
000675: WEINSTEIN, RONALD S. - Advances in Pathology (Vol. 5)
000676: WEINSTEIN, RONALD S. - Advances in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (7)
000729: WEIR, WILLIE - Spokesongs : Bicycle Adventures on Three Continents
001073: WEISEL, MINDY (EDITOR) - Daughters of Absence : Transforming a Legacy of Loss
001095: WEISSMAN, DICK - Making a Living in Your Local Music Market : How to Survive and Prosper
003333: WELCH, KIMO M. - Capture Pumping Technology: An Introduction
002195: WELCH, SHARON D. - Sweet Dreams in America: Making Ethics and Spirituality Work
003607: DAVID P. WELDEN - The Stone
003880: C. H. WENDEL - American Gasoline Engines Since 1872 (Crestline Series)
003742: WENDLAND, AUDREY K - Florence: The true story of a country schoolteacher in Minnesota and North Dakota
002946: WENTHE, DEAN O.; SCHRIEBER, PAUL L.; MAXWELL, LEE A. (EDS.) - Hear the Word of Yahweh - Essays on Scripture and Archaeology in Honor of Horace D. Hummel
003783: WERLE, STEVE - An American Gothic: The Life & Times & Legacy of William Gates LeDuc 1823-1917
003492: WERNER, M. R. - Bryan
000895: WEST, UTA - If Love Is the Answer, What Is the Question?
003072: VAN WEST, CARROLL - A Traveler's Companion to Montana History
003910: WESTPHAL, WILMA ROSS - Jeanie
003031: WHEELER, ADADE MITCHELL; WORTMAN, MARLENE STEIN - The Roads They Made - Women in Illinois History
002684: WHITE, JOSEPH L.; CONES, JAMES H. III - Black Man Emerging: Facing the Past and Seizing a Future in America
002299: WHITE, ANDREW DICKSON - Fiat Money Inflation in France
003551: WHITE, SHANE; WHITE, GRAHAM - The Sounds of Slavery: Discover African American History through Songs, Sermons, and Speech
001087: WHITE, PATRICK - Memoirs of Many in One
001102: WHITE, PERCY - The New Christians
003655: WHITE, HELEN M - Saving the river: St. Croix River Association, 1911-2001
000412: WHITELEY, H. ELLEN, D.V.M. - The Country Vet's Home Remedies for Cats
002057: WHITING, CHARLES - Hitler's Secret War: The Nazi Espionage Campaign Against the Allies
003140: WHITNEY, PHYLLIS A. - A Window for Julie
003077: WHITRIDGE, ARNOLD - Rochambeau - America's Neglected Founding Father
003899: AURORA WHITTET - Bloodmark Saga - Bloodmark, Bloodmoon, Bloodrealms
001156: WICKER, BRIAN - The Story-Shaped World : Fiction and Metaphysics: Some Variations on a Theme
003621: JANE MCCORMICK; PATTI WICKLUND - Breaking My Silence: Confessions of a Rat Pack Party Girl and Sex-Trade Survivor
000185: WIDDEMER, MARGARET - Factories
000144: WIESENBERG, CHARLES - Vital Letters: a series of letters dealing with the spiritual life written to Christians
003896: WIESNER, JOAN (ED,); PEOPLE OF FINLAYSON, MINNESOTA AREA (NURMIJARVI) - Long Winters and Other Short Stories, Parts 1-3
003941: JERRY WILBER - Of Woodsmoke and Quiet Places
000244: WILBUR, FRED E. - Bud A Young Man in a War
003345: WILBUR, FRED E. - BUD A Young Man in a War
001169: WILDERSON, PAUL W. - Governor John Wentworth and the American Revolution : The English Connection
002421: WILDMAN, JOHN HAZARD - Anthony Trollope's England
001105: WILEY, JACK - The Fiberglass Repair and Construction Handbook
000546: WILLERMAN, LEE - The Psychology of Individual & Group Differences (Psychology Ser.)
000404: WILLIAMS, VERGIL L. - Dictionary of American Penology; a Revised and Expanded Edition
003576: WILLIAMS, PENELOPE - Paperdolls of the Middle East to color and cut out: [Egypt, the Gulf States, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen]
003890: WILLIAMS, BOB; HARTLEY, CHUCK - Good Neighbor to the Northwest 1924-1974
002665: WILLIAMS, NOEL ST. JOHN - Redcoats & Courtesans
001481: WILLIAMS, MEADE C. - Early Mackinac : A Sketch Historical and Descriptive
001001: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM B. - Future Perfect : A Road Map for Success in the Twenty First Century
001457: WILLIAMS, MERFYN - The Slate Industry (Album Ser., No. 268)
002100: WILLIAMS, MARK & SHAPIRO, GARY (EDS.) - Lamar Archaeology: Mississippian Chiefdoms in the Deep South
001144: WILLIAMS, JUDE C. - Jude's Herbal Home Remedies : Natural Health, Beauty and Home-Care Secrets (Living with Nature Ser.)
000947: WILLIAMSON, DESI - Get off Your Assets : How to Unleash the Power in You
003356: WILSON, ANN; WILSON, NANCY; CROSS, CHARLES R. - Kicking & Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock and Roll
002666: WILSON, CALVIN DILL - The Child's Don Quixote
003093: VAN WINKLE, C. S. - The Printers' Guide or An Introduction to The Art of Printing Including an Essay on Punctuation, and Remarks on Orthography
003082: WINOCK, MICHEL - Nationalism, Anti-Semitism, and Fascism in France
000527: WINSTON, DAOMA - Dream Killers
002629: WINTER, CHARLES E. - Grandon of Sierra
000043: WISE, DAVID - Samarkand Dimension
003479: WITHROW, WILLIAM J. (PREFACE); WATTENMAKER, RICHARD J. - Handbook/ Catalogue Illustre
001081: WITTSTOCK, LAURA WATERMAN; WILLIAMS, THEARTRICE - Changing Communities Changing Foundations : The Story of the Diversity Efforts of Twenty Community Foundations
003351: WOLFE, HUMBERT - Hitler the Truffle Eater - the First Anti Hitler Comic Book - First Published in 1933 As the Truffle Eater
000036: WOLFE, HUMBERT - P.L.M.
002621: WOLFE, HENIA KARMEL - The Baders of Jacob Street
001122: WOLFMEYER, ANN & GAGE, MARY BURNS - Lake Geneva Newport of the West. 1870-1920. Volume I
003702: WOLKERSTORFER, SR JOHN CHRISTINE - Pride in the Past, Faith in the Future - History of the Catholic Aid Assn
002053: WOLLSCHLAGER, HANS - Die Gegenwart Einer Illusion: Reden Gegen Ein Monstrum
000055: THE WOMAN - The Letters of a Woman Who Was
000168: WOODWARD, MARY ALETHEA - Songs of the Soul
003626: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Haunted House and Other Stories
002079: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - Early Poems and Fragments, 1785-1797
002220: WRAGG, DAVID W.; WRAGG, DAVID - Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: 20th Century Military Blunders
003150: WRIGHT, GORDON; YOUNG, ERNLE; WOLFF, TOBIAS; PACKER, NANCY; EMMONS, TERENCE - The Portable Stanford 5 Volume Boxed Set: Notable or Notorious; Alpha and Omega; This Boy's Life; In My Father's House; Around California in 1891
003217: WRIGHT, ROBIN B. - Rock the Casbah : Rage and Rebellion Across the Islamic World
002933: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Uncle Tom's Children
000465: WRIGHT, DAVID & PATRICK SWIFT - Lisbon a Portrait and a Guide
003361: WRIGHT, JAMES;WRIGHT, ANNE;MALEY, SAUNDRA ROSE - A Wild Perfection: The Selected Letters of James Wright
003775: WRIGHT, MARGARET NICKELSON - Hopi Silver: The History and Hallmarks of Hopi Silversmithing
000532: WRONSKI, THADDEUS - The Singer and His Art
003731: WYMAN, VERA MCCROSSAN - Ease the Heart
003623: ELIZABET FENVIK MORIS YAFFE - Seks v zhizni Muzhchiny
003622: ELIZABET FENVIK MORIS YAFFE - Seks v zhizni Zhenschiny (Russian Edition)
002692: YANOVSKY, V. S.; AUDEN, W. H. - No Man's Time
000458: YARBRO, CHELSEA QUINN - Writ in Blood : A Novel of Saint-Germain
002619: YATES, GAYLE GRAHAM - What Women Want : The Ideas of the Movement
003847: GAYLE GRAHAM YATES - Life and Death in a Small Southern Town: Memories of Shubuta, Mississippi
003297: ONO. YOKO - Yoko Ono: Between the Sky and My Head
002217: YORK, LORRAINE M. - Various Atwoods: Essays on the Later Poems, Short Fiction, and Novels
002480: YOUNG, FRANCIS BRETT - Portrait of a Village
003931: GEORGE YOUNG - Ghosts in Nova Scotia: Tales of the Supernatural
001182: YOUNGDAHL, REUBEN K., YOUNGDAHL, LUTHER W. - The Secret of Greatness
003827: YOUNGDAHL, LUTHER W. - The Ramparts We Watch
000804: YOUSAF, MOHAMMAD - Silent Soldier - The Man Behind the Afghan Jehad
000427: YPMA, HERBERT - American Country (World Design Ser.)
003005: ZALAMPAS, MICHAEL - Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich in American Magazine 1923-1939
001997: ZAMBUCKA, KRISTIN - Mana
003611: ADAM ZAMOYSKI - The Forgotten Few: The Polish Air Force in the Second World War -- 1995 publication
002883: ZANGGER, EBERHARD PH.D. - The Future of the Past
003201: ZARADER, MARLENE - The Unthought Debt: Heidegger and the Hebraic Heritage
003767: ZARIN, JILL; WEXLER, LISA; KAMEN, GLORIA - Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Real Advice, Real Stories, Real Love
002589: ZATARAIN, MICHAEL - David Duke: Evolution of a Klansman
001394: AL ZEERA, ZAHRA - Wholeness and Holiness in Education - An Islamic Perspective
003037: ZENNERT, CHARLES A. - Flora of the Niagara Frontier Region
000586: ZERBE, J. S. - Trench-mates in France
003369: ZERN, ED - To Hell with Hunting
002930: ZERTAL, IDITH - Israel's Holocaust And The Politics Of Nationhood
002657: TASHRAK; ZEVIN, ISRAEL J. - Shulem the Shadchen
003560: ZIEBARTH, MARILYN; HORRIGAN, BRIAN (EDS.) - Christmas in Minnesota
003149: ZINGEL, HANS JOACHIM - Harp Music in the Nineteenth Century
002566: ZWAGERMAN, JOOST - Pornotheek Arcadie
002478: ZWEIG, ARNOLD - De Vriendt Goes Home
000178: ZWEIG, ARNOLD - The Case of Sergeant Grischa

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