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002408: HARDWICK, MARY; DOUST, STANLEY M. - Lawn Tennis. How to Master the Strokes
003746: HARDY, THOMAS - Tess of the d'Urbervilles: A Pure Woman
003856: HARENBERG, BODO - Hronika chelovechestva
000520: HARNACK, CURTIS - Under My Wings Everything Prospers
002730: HARRELL, STEVAN (ED.) - Perspectives on the Yi of Southwest China
003381: BOB HARRINGTON - Country Living
004282: HARRIS, FRANK - Confessional: A Volume of Intimate Portraits, Sketches and Studi
003404: JOHN T. FLANAGAN; MOIRA F. HARRIS - Minnesota's Literary Visitors
000560: HARRIS, FRED (EDITOR); WILKINS, ROGER (EDITOR) - Quiet Riots : Race & Poverty in the United States
000099: HARRIS, JANA - Alaska
002593: HARRISON, MARK - Anglo-Saxon Thegn: Ad 449-1066
003782: HARRYMAN, WILMA GROVES - Ozark Mountain Girl
002507: BROOK-HART, DENYS; BOOK-HART, DENYS - British 19th Century Marine Painting
001158: HARTSHORNE, THOMAS L. - The Distorted Image: Changing Conceptions of the American Character Since Turner
000970: HASEGAWA, KATSUYUKI - The Foreigner I Loved
004057: KOICHI HASEGAWA - Constructing Civil Society in Japan: Voices of Environmental Movements (Stratification and Inequality Series)
003570: HASSLER, JON; POWERS, MICHAEL;DINGMAN, LARRY - An interview with Jon Hassler / conducted by Michael Powers ; with a bibliography by Larry Dingman
002680: HASSNAIN, FIDA - A Search for the Historical Jesus
000084: HAUGAARD, ERIK CHRISTIAN - Chase Me, Catch Nobody
002900: HAUGE, ALFRED; WEINSTOCK, JOHN & SVERRE, TURID (TRANS.) - The True Saga of Cleng Peerson
003304: HAUGEN, EINAR - Scandinavian Language Structures: A Comparative Historical Survey
003533: HAULTAIN, ARNOLD, WIND, HERBERT WARREN (FORW.) - The Mystery of Golf: A brief Account of its Origin, Antiquity & Romance; its Uniqueness; its Curiousnesss; & its Difficulity; its anatomical, philosophical, and moral Properties: together with diverse Concepts on other Matters to it Appertaining
000161: HAYCOX, ERNEST - Alder Gulch
003028: HEAD, MAYNARD; KNIER, TIMOTHY (ED.) - Brogans, Clothespins and a Twist of Tobacco
002296: HEATH, STEPHEN - Vertige du déplacement. Lecture de Barthes
000149: HEBER, R. W. - Murder at Wittenham Park
002234: HEBERT, ANNE - Aurelien, Clara, Mademoiselle and the English Lieutenant
000249: HEERMANCE, EDGAR LAING - The Time Stream a Voyager Takes a Reckoning
002094: HEIDE, G.D. VAN DER, - Zuider Zee Archaeology
002906: HEILBRON, W. C. ;YOUNGER, COLE - Convict Life at the Minnesota State Prison: Stillwater, Minnesota
004273: W. C. HEILBRON - Convict Life at the Minnesota State Prison: Stillwater, Minnesota
004134: MEL HEIMER - The Cannibal: Mel Heimer
000519: HEINZ, SABINE (TRANSLATOR) - Eia Popeia - Walisisch - Deutsches Glossar
002929: HEKMAT, ANWAR - Women and the Koran: The Status of Women in Islam
000164: HEMLEY, ROBIN - The Last Studebaker
004041: BRUCE HENDERSON - Hero Found: The Greatest POW Escape of the Vietnam War
002958: HENDIN, DAVID; KREINDLER, HERBERT - Guide to Biblical Coins
003164: HENRY, CHARLES - Microchip Capillary Electrophoresis: Methods And Protocols
002274: HENRY, STEVE ; MEAD, KIMBLE - There's a Pig in Every Crowd
002624: HENZE, HANS WERNER; SPENSER, STEWART (TRANS.) - Hans Werner Henze- Bohemian Fifths: An Autobiography
000093: HERBERT, A. P. - She-Shanties
001940: HERMAN, BERNARD L. - The Stolen House
000669: HERRING, STEPHEN - South Middlesex : A New England Heritage
003254: HERRMANN, FRANK - Low Profile: A Life in the World of Books
003741: JACLYNN HERRON - Singing Solo: In Search of A Voice for Mom
004100: ALMA HERSHBERGER - Amish Life Through a Child's Eyes
002904: HERTZ, DEBORAH - Jewish High Society In Old Regime Berlin
000409: HESLA, STEPHEN - The Hawthorn Conspiracy
000830: HEWITT, HELEN (EDITOR) - Harmonice (Harmonices) Musices Odhecaton A
002388: HEYCK, THOMAS WILLIAM - Transformation of Intellectual Life in Victorian England
002515: HEYDT, ROBERT; HEYDT, DIANE - DB2 Database Design and Administration: Version 2
003117: HEYMAN, ANITA - Exit from Home
003269: HICKCOX, PERCY M. - Mine Eyes Have Seen
003341: HIEB, HARLEY - Heart of Iron a Soldiers Story of Survival
003239: HIEBEL, FRIEDRICH - Time of Decision With Rudolf Steiner: Experiences and Encounter
003292: HIGHTOWER, JIM - There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos
003540: HIGMAN, B. W.; HUDSON, B. J. - Jamaican Place Names
002663: HILL, WELDON - The Long Summer of George Adams
000924: HILL, STAN; BENSON, DOUGLAS (EDITOR) - Almost Immortal : A Tale of Two Brothers
002866: HILL, BOYD H. - Medieval Monarchy in Action : The German Empire from Henry I to Henry IV
000032: HILL, PAMELA - The Heatherton Heritage
002742: HILL, BRIAN; AUTY, NADIRA - Just Listen 'N Learn Arabic: The Fastest Way to Real Arabic
003412: HODGE, CARL CAVANAGH - The Trammels of Tradition: Social Democracy in Britain, France, and Germany (Contributions in Political Science)
002313: HODGES, GRAHAM RUSSELL - New York City Cartmen, 1667-1850
003151: HODGES, TERRY - Sabertooth: The Rip Roaring Adventures of a Legendary Game Warden
004080: MARGARET HODGES - The Other World: Myths of the Celts
003010: HODGSON, GERALDINE E. - English Mystics
002239: HODGSON, BARBARA - The Rat : A Perverse Miscellany
004186: ALBERT BENVENISTE; THEMISTOCLES HOETIS - Zero a Review of Literature and Art, Vol. 1
001314: HOFFMAN, GEORGE - Saucelito - $au$alito - Legends and Tales of a Changing Town
003318: HOFFMAN, STEFANI; MENDELSOHN, EZRA - The Revolution of 1905 and Russia's Jews
003771: HANS MÜLLER; HOFMANN, ANNETTE R.; PARKER, GRADY STEELE (ED.) - William Pfaender: The German American Experience
003227: HOHENDAHL, PETER UWE (ED.) - A History of German Literary Criticism, 1730-1980
002989: HÖHNE, HEINZ - Der Orden unter dem Totenkopf. Die Geschichte der SS.
003047: HOLDRIDGE, HERBERT C. - The Fables of Moronia
003245: AFFLERBACH, HOLGER AND STEVENSON, DAVID (EDS.) - An Improbable War?: The Outbreak of World War I and European Political Culture Before 1914
003663: HOLMES, RICHARD - Dr. Johnson & Mr. Savage
001450: HOLWAY, JOHN B. - Blackball Stars : Negro League Pioneers (Baseball and American Society Ser., No. 1)
000100: HOLZER, HANS - Psychic Photography: Threshold of a New Science
004155: DON HOMUTH - Becoming Fargo: Boy to Man (Being Fargo)
002252: HONEY, MAUREEN - Shadowed Dreams: Women's Poetry of the Harlem Renaissance
002585: HOPE, ANTHONY - The New (German) Testament
000801: HOPE, MIRIAM - Meeting the "IS" : Memories & Cogitations
003506: HOPKINS, KEITH - The World Full of Gods
003076: HOPKINS, ANDREA - Most Wise and Valiant Ladies - Remarkable Lives - Women of the Middle Ages
003460: HOPKINSON, DEBORAH - Up Before Daybreak: Cotton And People In America
003387: HOPKIRK, PETER - Setting the East Ablaze: Lenin's Dream of an Empire in Asia
002710: HOROWITZ, I. A.; ROTHENBERG, P. L. - The Personality of Chess
000750: HOROWITZ, GEORGE; DE SOLA POOL, DAVID - The Spirit of Jewish Law : A Brief Account of Biblical and Rabbinical Jurisprudence with a Special Note on Jewish Law and the State of Israel
002792: HOSTETLER, LAURA - Qing Colonial Enterprise: Ethnography and Cartography in Early Modern China
000183: HOUSER, TERZAH ADAMS - Into the Sunlight
003323: HOUSTON, JOHN PORTER - Demonic Imagination: Style and Theme in French Romantic Poetry
003811: HUBBELL, LESLIE V. - Life of Your Average Aircraft Salesman
004038: HANS HUBER - Captured Thoughts
001079: HUCH, RONALD K. - The Radical Lord Radnor: The Public Life of Viscount Folkestone, Third Earl of Radnor (1779-1869)
001056: HUFF, RICHARD M. - Stock Car Champions : Running with NASCAR's Best
002335: HUGHES, TED - Collected Animal Poems - The Thought Fox, A March Calf, What is the Truth, The Iron Wolf
003945: ROBERT HUGHES - Nothing If Not Critical: Selected Essays on Art and Artists
004045: WING YOUNG HUIE - Lake Street, U.S.A.
001371: HULK, AAFKE (EDITOR); POLLOCK, JEAN-YVES (EDITOR) - Subject Inversion in Romance and the Theory of Universal Grammar (Oxford Studies in Comparative Syntax)
001936: HULME, PETER - Wild Majesty: Encounters With Caribs from Columbus to the Present Day An Anthology
001452: HUMPHREY, WATTS S. - Managing the Software Process (SEI Series in Software Engineering)
000968: HUMPHRIES, ADELAIDE - Always Another Spring
003770: JOHN M YOUNG; HUNLEY, C. RUSSELL (ED.) - The 14th U.S. Infantry Regiment in the American Civil War: John Young Letters
002896: HUNTER, JACK - Eros in Hell: Sex, Blood & Madness in Japanese Cinema
001872: HUNTER, DAVID - Ah... the Endlessly
002143: HURLBURT, R. PRENTISS - At Cloudy Pass - A Tale of Love and Adventure in Idaho
003826: DONALD J. HURLEY - Alcatraz Island Memories
003596: HURST, FANNIE - Lonely Parade
003186: HURST, IRVIN - The 46th Star
003795: TONY HUSBAND - Hitler in Cartoons
001981: HUSEBOE, ARTHUR R.; LOONEY, SANDRA; NORDLAND HERITAGE FOUNDATION - Growing up in Siouxland: The Lives of Children on the Prairie Frontier
003809: ANNETTE BRUNSCHWIG; RUTH HEINRICHS; KARIN HUSER - Geschichte der Juden im Kanton Zurich Von den Anfangen bis in die heutige Zeit
004040: KEVIN DOWD; MARTIN HUTCHINSON - Alchemists of Loss: How modern finance and government intervention crashed the financial system
002147: HUTTON, WILL - A Declaration of Interdependence: Why America Should Join the World
001029: UNCLE HYGGLY - Grandpa and Grandma Gonopolis (Mr. Gonopolis Ser., No. 2)
002037: IBARROLA, ANTONIO DE - Derecho Agrario: El Campo, Base De La Patria
000718: HARRIS III, FRANK - In My Own Words : Race Humor Life: The New Haven Register Columns of Frank Harris III
003176: INGE, M. THOMAS - Faulkner, Sut, and Other Southerners: Essays in Literary History
003337: INGHAM, BRUCE - English-Lakota Dictionary
003593: INGLOT, JOANNA - WARM: A Feminist Art Collective in Minnesota
003909: MARK DI IONNO - The Last Newspaperman
003608: IRELAND, INNES - Sideways to Sydney
002363: IRVIN, CYNTHIA L.; CYNTHIA, IRWIN - Militant Nationalism: Between Movement and Party in Ireland and the Basque Country
004132: SUSAN ISAACS - Red, White, and Blue: A Novel
004009: SLIM JIM.; VAGABOND KID; IVERSON, CLARENCE; IVERSON, ERNEST - Slim Jim and the Vagabond Kid Song Collection
002561: HILZHUSEN, FREDRICK J. AND MACGREGOR, ROBERT D. (EDS.) - A Multidisciplinary Approach to Renewable Energy in Developing Countries
003108: SHEEDY, JACK AND COOGAN, JIM - Cape Cod Companion
003434: JACKSON, DAVID; WAGEMAN, PATTY - Russian Legends: Folk Tales and Fairy Tales
002793: JACKSON, BUZZY - A Bad Woman Feeling Good: Blues And The Women Who Sing Them
003986: JACKSON, ELIZABETH - Selections from Macaulay's Prose
003800: A. J. JACOBS - The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment
001974: JACOBS, LOUIS - A Jewish Theology
004242: A. J. JACOBS - I'll Take Manhattan (Manhattan Beach, CA) - A Pictorial History
002109: JAFFE, RICHARD / WARSOF, STEVEN L. - Color Doppler Imaging in Obstetrics and Gynecology
003474: JAKEMAN, ROBERT J. - The Divided Skies: Establishing Segregated Flight Training at Tuskegee, Alabama, 1934-1942
002667: JAMES, STUART - Jack the Ripper
004010: BOETHIUS; JAMES, HENRY ROSHER - The Consolation of Philosophy of Boethius
002511: JAMESON, J. FRANKLIN - The History of Historical Writing in America
000463: JAMGOTCH, JR. NICH - Soviet Security in Flux
002855: JAMIESON, KATHLEEN HALL - Beyond the Double Bind: Women and Leadership
003477: JARAUSCH, KONRAD H. - Students, Society and Politics in Imperial Germany: The Rise of Academic Illiberalism (Princeton Legacy Library)
003718: JARCHOW, MERRILL E. - Amherst H. Wilder and his enduring legacy to Saint Paul
001868: JAY, GREGORY S. - T.S. Eliot and the Poetics of Literary History
001184: RUMNEY, JAY AND JOSEPH MAIER - SOCIOLOGY The Science of Society
000877: JAYE, AYE - The Golden Rule of Schmoozing : The Authentic Practice of Treating Others Well
003231: JEANTY, EDNER A., BROWN O. CARL - Parol Granmoun - 999 Haitian Proverbs in Creole and English
003177: JEANTY, EDNER A. - Speak Creole in No Time and Get a Little Taste of Haitian Culture
003178: JEANTY, EDNER A. - Diksyone Kreyol
001271: JELAVICH, PETER - Munich and Theatrical Modernism : Politics, Playwriting, and Performance, 1890-1914
004285: J. C. SHEPHERD; GEOFFREY ALAN JELLICOE - Italian Gardens of the Renaissance
003777: JAN JENKINS - Footprints of Courage: Our Family's Struggle for Justice- Inside the Chris Jenkins Murder Investigation
003531: JENKINS, OLAF P., WIND, HERBERT WARREN, MARR, DAVE - Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate (Classics of Golf)
001952: JENKS, WILLIAM A. - Francis Joseph and the Italians, 1849-1859
003944: KRIS JENNER - Kris Jenner . . . And All Things Kardashian
002475: JENNINGS, CHRISTIAN - Mouthful of Rocks: Modern Adventures in the French Foreign Legion
003124: JENSEN, JURGEN - Das Kieler Stadt- und Schiffahrtsmuseum - Warleberger Hof und Fischhalle
002721: JEROME, THOMAS SPENCER - Roman Memories in the Landscapes Seen from Capri
003273: JESNESS, OSCAR B., NOWELL, REYNOLDS I. - A Program for Land Use in Northern Minnesota: A Type Study in Land Utilization
003612: JESSOP, FLORA; BROWN, PAUL T. - Church of Lies
004087: JEZIERSKI, MARLENE - Beyond the Mirror - Peaceful Homes: a Basic Human Right
003912: FENS JICAI - Ten Years of Madness: Oral Histories of China's Cultural Revolution
003706: JODOROWSKY, MOEBIUS - la folle du Sacré Coeur
003442: JOHANSEN, BRUCE E. - Debating Democracy: Native American Legacy of Freedom
000261: JOHANSEN, IRIS - Lion's Bride
003063: JOHANSSON, CARL-ERIK - Cradled in Sweden
003461: JOHN, ELIZABETH - Libby: The Sketches, Letters, & Journal of Libby Beaman, Recorded in the Pribilof Islands, 1879-1880, as Presented by her Grand daughter Betty John
003740: ADELA ROGERS ST. JOHNS - Love, Laughter, and Tears: My Hollywood Story
002235: JOHNSON, RALPH LINWOOD; KRIEBEL, H. W. (ED.) - Genealogical Studies of Some Providence Families (and Their connections)
000280: JOHNSON, DEBBIE - How to Love Yourself ... So Others Can Love You More
002580: JOHNSON, GEORGE - Architects of Fear: Conspiracy Theories and Paranoia in American Politics
001145: JOHNSON, BOB - Houses Are Designed by Geniuses and Built by Gorillas : An Irreverent Insiders Guide to Designing and Building a Home
003787: JOHNSON, DIRK - Meth: America's Home-Cooked Menace
000156: JOHNSTON, MARY - To Have And To Hold
003344: JOHNSTON, G. HARVEY - The heraldry of the Campbells, with notes on all the males of the family, descriptions of the arms, plates and pedigrees
003652: PATRICIA CONDON JOHNSTON - Pie in the Sky: A Memoir about Writing and Publishing
000192: JOHNSTONE, DOUGLAS VICTOR - Be A Man and Other Poems
001417: VICKERSTAFF JONEJA, JANICE; BIELORY, LEONARD - Understanding Allergy, Sensitivity, and Immunity : A Comprehensive Guide
000824: JONES, MAGGIE - Understanding Your Child Through Play : Fascinating Ways to Help Your Child Grow
003725: KATHLEEN JONES - Learning Not to Be First: The Life of Christina Rossetti
000313: JONES, JACK - Me and Mine
003420: JONES, RUFUS M. - The Quakers and the American Colonies
003429: JEREMIAH JONES, WILLIAM WAKE - Lost Books of the Bible
003721: JONES, ROBERT T. - Bobby Jones on Golf (Golf digest classic series)
002267: JORDAN, MICHAEL; VANCIL, MARK - For the Love of the Game: My Story
000044: MALLET-JORIS, FRANCOISE - Signs and Wonders
001912: JOSEPH, JENNY - The Inland Sea
003803: JOHN JOSEPH - The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon
003002: JOWETT, BENJAMIN - Success and Failure
002474: JOYCE, THOMAS A. - Mexican Archaeology
004182: BLOUNT JR., ROY - About Three Bricks Shy...And the Load Filled Up
003590: JUDD, MIRIAM BARBER - Miriam's Words: The Personal Price of a Public Life
001473: JUDD, ELLEN R. - The Chinese Women's Movement Between State and Market
003040: JUDGE, WILLIAM Q.; CONGER, ARTHUR L. (ED.) - Practical Occultism: From the Private Letters of William Q. Judge
004086: PENSON-JUICO, MARGIE (ED.) - Cory: An Intimate Portrait
000345: JULIAN, PETER - The Seventh Trumpet
000142: RIDGE, JULIE AND JUDITH ZIMMER - Take it to the Limit
003347: KAHLE, LYNN R. - Sports Marketing and the Psychology of Marketing Communications
001334: KAISER, LEO M. - Early American Latin Verse, 1625-1825 : An Anthology
003908: DR. MITCHELL KALPAKGIAN; DR. MITCHELL KALPAKGIAN - Mysteries of Life in Children's Literature
001044: KAMINER, MICHAEL; LABAN, AMY - Table for One: Chicago : The Solo Diner's Restaurant Guide (Table for One Ser.)
001980: KAMP, KATHRYN A.; WHITTAKER, JOHN C. - Surviving Adversity: The Sinagua of Lizard Man Village
002233: KAMPWIRTH, KAREN - Feminism and the Legacy of Revolution: Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chiapas
001019: KANDLER, LARS - Debugging ASP : Troubleshooting for Programmers (Debugging Ser.)
000863: KANNENBERG, IDA; CRISSEY, BRIAN (EDITOR) - The Alien Book of Truth : Who Am I? What Am I Doing? Why Am I Here?
000827: KAPLAN, ROBERT D. - Soldiers of God : With the Mujahidin in Afghanistan
003478: MATTHEW KAPSTEIN - Buddhism Between Tibet and China (Studies in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism)
003639: KAPUSCINSKI, RYSZARD - Lapidaria (I-III) (Polska wersja jezykowa)
003760: KAPUSCINSKI, RYSZARD - Szachinszach
003633: RYSZARD KAPUSCINSKI - Rwacy nurt historii. Zapiski o XX i XXI Wieku
002965: KARAMANSKI, THEODORE J. - Deep Woods Frontier - A History of Logging in Northern Michigan
003732: KARANTAY, SUAT (ED.) - Contemporary Turkish Short Fiction: A Selection (Volume 2)
000033: KARDON, JANET - Laurie Anderson
000326: JASPERS, KARL AND ERNST, FRITZ - Vom lebendigen Geist der Universitat und vom Studieren. Zwei Vortrage
003879: NEAL KARLEN - Augie's Secrets: The Minneapolis Mob and the King of the Hennepin Strip
000552: KARLINS, MARVIN - Psyching Out Vegas
002972: KARSH, EFRAIM (ED.) - Iran-Iraq War - Impact and Implications
000128: KASSORLA, DR. IRENE - Putting it All Together
003326: KATZ, JOY - Fabulae
001266: KATZ, SAMUEL - U.S.Navy SEALs: America's Toughest Commandos
000311: KAUFMAN, PAMELA - Banners of Gold
004230: YAKUP KAVAS - Turkce konusmak istiyorum : Yabancilar icin Ingilizce aciklamali Turkce Dersleri
003637: KAWAMURA, YUNIYA - The Japanese Revolution in Paris Fashion (Dress, Body, Culture)
002127: KEARNEY, MICHAEL J.; VON KAENEL, LISA - Midwest Families: a genealogical and historical compendium of several families from Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium who settled in Iowa, Ohio, and Missouri in the middle of the nineteenth century
004101: PAT KEARNEY - Butte voices: Mining, neighborhoods, people
001965: KEARNS, MALACHY - Secrets of the Bodhran ~ and how to play it ~ Le Bodhran ses Secrets ~ et son Apprentissage ~ Die Geheimnisse der Bodhran ~ Und Wie Man Sie Spielt ~
003711: GARRISON KEILLOR - A Prairie Home Companion Commonplace Book: 25 Years on the Air with Garrison Keillor
003415: KELLEY, JAMES E. - Minnesota Golf : 90 Years of Tounament History
003745: KELLY, FLORENCE - Our Covered Bridge
000925: KENNEDY, SYLVIA - See Ouarzazate and Die: travels through Morocco
002635: KENNEDY, TOM - Henry Hyndman: An Uncommon Socialist (1842-1921)
003705: KAREN MELVIN; PAUL CLIFFORD LARSON; BETTE HAMMEL; MELINDA NELSON; DAVE KENNEY - Great Houses of Summit Avenue and the Hill District
004137: ANTHONY JOHN PATRICK KENNY - A Path from Rome
000909: FRYMER-KENSKY, TIKVA - MotherPrayer : The Pregnant Woman's Spiritual Companion
003286: KENT, SUSAN - Ethnicity, Hunter-Gatherers, and the "Other": Association or Assimilation in Africa
000207: KENYON, GEORGE T. - Life of Lloyd: First Lord Kenyon, Lord Chief Justice of England, with Portraits
003949: CONRAD KERBER; TERRY KERBER - Major Taylor: The Inspiring Story of a Black Cyclist and the Men Who Helped Him Achieve Worldwide Fame
003330: KERNOHAN, R. D. - An Alliance Across the Alps : Britain and Italy's Waldensians
003324: KEROUAC, JACK; GAYLORD, SUSAN KAPUSCINSKI - Contradictions: Jack Kerouac, Lowell, The River
004014: KERR, HELEN B. - Sausalito Since the Days of the Spanish Dons
003794: KERRIGAN, MICHAEL - Charles Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle: The Journals That Revealed Nature's Grand Plan
003836: SUSAN WICKLUND; SUE WICKLUND; ALAN KESSELHEIM - This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Doctor
003882: WILLIAM C KETCHUM - Western Memorabilia: Collectibles of the Old West
002099: KEYES, CHARLOTTE E. - High On The Mainmast, A Biography Of Herman Melville
002783: KIDD, DOROTHY I.; MCGREGOR, IONA - Bairns-Scottish Children in Photographs
004102: GENNY ZAK KIELEY - Green Stamps to Hot Pants: Growing Up in the 50s and 60s
002661: KIERNAN, BEN - How Pol Pot Came to Power
003569: KILPATRICK, NANCY - Sex & the single vampire
003656: YOUNG-JOO KIM - Kyong-ju, Old Capital of Shilla Dynasty Enlivened with 2000-year History
004165: JULIE KIMBALL - 45 Minutes to America: Dispatches from Martha's Vineyard
000690: KIMBLE, DANIEL P. - Biological Psychology
004223: JAY KIMMEL - Custer, Cody and the Last Indian Wars: A Pictorial History
001097: KINDRED, DAVE - Heroes, Fools and Other Dreamers : A Sportswriter's Gallery of People Who Changed Their Games
000237: KING, THOMAS - Green Grass, Running Water
003468: ROMA KING - Footsteps in the Snow: A True Story of One Family's Journey Out of Siberia
003116: KING, MAJOR W. ROSS - The Sportsman and Naturalist in Canada
002570: KING, KATY - The Attic Was an Unused Room
002069: KING, DAVID JAMES CATHCART - The Castle in England and Wales: An Interpretive History
002180: KING, GAIL - A Flatboat Hornbook
001423: KING, ALEXANDER HYATT - Musical Pursuits: Selected Essays
004015: STEVE KING - A Legacy of Play
003943: JOSEPH KENTENICH; HERBERT KING - Joseph Kentenich - Collected Texts - Free and Wholly Human
002423: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Alton Locke; Hypatia
002418: KINGSTON, WILLIAM H. G. - Young Foresters and Other Tales
003243: KIP, LEONARD - The Argus Christmas Story - Hannibal's Man
001476: KIRKBRIDE, PAUL (EDITOR) - Globalization : The External Perspective
003524: PETER KIRSCH - Fireship: The Terror Weapon of the Age of Sail
000304: KISSINGER, HENRY A. - Amerikanische Aussenpolitik
004203: KITTSON, RUTHENA HILL (PATON, JEAN M). - Orphan Voyage
002297: KLEINBAUM, NANCY H.; REINKE, EKKEHART (TRANS.) - Der Club der toten Dichter.: Roman.
000097: KLEIST, HEINRICH VON - Sammtliche Werke
003244: KLIGMAN, GAIL - The Wedding of the Dead: Ritual, Poetics, and Popular Culture in Transylvania
003272: KLINE, DANIEL T. (ED.) - The Medieval British Literature Handbook
003212: KLOBUCHAR, JIM - True Hearts and Purple Heads - an Unauthorized Biography of a Football Team
004292: JIM KLOBUCHAR - Pieces of My Heart: Everyone Has an Everest
004158: TOMI K. KNAEFLER - Our House Divided: Seven Japanese American Families in World War II (Kolowalu Book)
000529: KNAPP, STEPHEN - Design Library : Promotion (Design Library)
003824: VICTOR KNOWLES - A Biography: Archie Word, Voice of Thunder, Heart of Tears
000147: KNOX, THOMAS W. - The Talking Handkerchief and Other Stories
003755: KOBAYASHI, TOMOMI - The Legend of Legacy
002558: KOBLAS, JOHN J. - J. J. Dickison: Swamp Fox of the Confederacy
003772: DAVID A. KOCH - Dialogues with David A. Koch (Lessons in Life and Business)
003768: KOCH, JOHN - John Koch: Paintings on Exhibition from February 17 to March 8, 1969
003008: KOCHAVI, ARIEH J. - Confronting Captivity - Britain And The United States And Their Pows In Nazi Germany
003946: SUSAN KOEFOD - Broken Down (Arvo Thorson Mystery)
001012: KOEHLER, DAVID; WALDEN, GENE - Winning with Your Stockbroker...In Good Times and Bad
002627: KOENIGSBERGER, H. G. - Politicians and Virtuosi
003790: KOGAN, HERMAN; KOGAN, RICK - Pharmacist to the Nation: A History of Walgreen
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002377: KRUSCHE, DIETRICH - Aufschluss: kurze deutsche Prosa im Unterricht Deutsch als Fremdsprache
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002920: MAPES, VICTOR L.;MAPES, VICTOR;MILLS, SCOTT A. - The Butchers, the Baker: The World War II Memoir of a United States Army Air Corps Soldier Captured by the Japanese in the Philippines
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003813: DAVID MARANISS - Once in a Great City: A Detroit Story
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003135: MARCIC, DOROTHY - Respect - Women and Popular Music
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003366: MARSHALL, RODERICK - William Morris and Earthly Paradises
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001210: MATSUDA, MATT K. - The Memory of the Modern
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003932: ROBERT M. MCCLUNG - Last of the Wild: Vanished and Vanishing Giants of the Animal World
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000298: MCDERMOTT, JEANNE - The Killing Winds : The Menace of Biological Warfare
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004130: MCDONALD, JANICE-MARIE - Gazing Across Still Waters
003480: MCGUFFIN, GARY; MCGUFFIN, JOANIE - In the Footsteps of Grey Owl : Journey Into the Ancient Forest
003780: MCINTYRE, BRUCE - Drawing textbook: The teaching and utilization of drawing for education purposes
003507: MCKAY, MARY - Old Southern Tea Room, Vicksburg, Mississippi: A Collection of Favorite Old Recipes
002841: MCKEOWN, TOM - The Milk of the Wolf
003833: ETHNA MCKIERNAN - Sky Thick With Fireflies (Salmon Poetry)
000089: MCKINNEY, MEAGAN - Merry Widow
003199: MCKRIRAHAN, RICHARD - Simplicius: Physics 8.6-10
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001884: MCMORRIS, MARK - The Blaze of the Poui: Poems
003568: MCNALLY, KEITH - Schiller's Liquor Bar Cocktail Collection: Classic Cocktails, Artisanal Updates, Seasonal Drinks, Bartender's Guide
001971: MCNALLY, DAVID - The Eagle's Secret: Success Strategies for Thriving at Work & in Life
000430: MCNAUGHTON, BRIAN - The Throne of Bones
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003863: L. DAVID MECH - The Arctic wolf: Living with the pack
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001442: MELAMED, I. DAN - Empirical Methods for Exploiting Parallel Texts
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003488: MICHAEL D. MEREDITH - I Love It
004299: JEFF STRUECKER; DEAN MERRILL - The Road to Unafraid: How the Army's Top Ranger Faced Fear And Found Courage Through "Black Hawk Down" And Beyond
003482: MERTON, THOMAS - Opening the Bible
003383: MERTON, THOMAS - My Argument With The Gestapo
004209: MIGUEL "MIKE" BENITO FERNANDEZ; MARTIN MERZER - Humbled By the Journey: Life Lessons for My Family...and Yours
004256: LISA MINTZ MESSINGER - Georgia O'Keeffe (Painters & Sculptors)
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000209: METTKE, HEINZ - Altdeutsche Texte
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001913: MEYER, ELLEN WILSON - Happenings Around Deephaven - The First Hundred Years 1853-1953
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000564: MEZEI, LOUIS M. - Practical Spreadsheet Statistics & Curve Fitting For Scientists & Engineers
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000005: MICHENER, JAMES - Mexico
002923: MICKEL, STANLEY L. - Dictionary for Readers of Modern Chinese Prose: Your Guide to the Key Grammitical "Code" Words...
002496: MIEDZIAN, MYRIAM - Boys Will Be Boys: Breaking the Link Between Masculinity and Violence
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003680: RAISIN, SAUL; SHIELDS, DAVE - Tour de Life: From Coma to Competition
001263: RAJAGOPAL, RAJ - Handbook of Heterogeneous Computing : Living with Windows NT, UNIX and NetWare 1999
004193: OUIDA (RAME, MARIE LOUISE) - Puck. His Vicissitudes, Adventures, Observations, Conclusions, Friendships and Philosophies. Related By Himself and Edited By Ouida
000636: RAMSEY, JOHN L. & RAMSEY, LAURA J. - Gem Chronicles: The Early Years
003208: RANDAK, OSKAR - Das Marchen: Ein Spiegelbild der Grunderfahrungen und der Religiosen Dimensionen des Menschen
003205: RANDLES, SLIM - Dogsled: A True Tale of the North
003301: RANDOLPH, MARY - The Virginia Housewife
003521: RANDOLPH, VANCE - Who Blowed Up the Church House
003951: CARROLL W. RANKIN - Dandelion Cottage
003343: RANNEY, BROOKS - To Cross the River Barriers
002636: RANSOM, P. J. G. - Loch Lomond and the Trossachs in History and Legend
003929: RAPHAELIAN, H.M. - The Hidden Language of Symbols in Oriental Rugs
002760: RAPHALS, LISA - Sharing the Light: Representations of Women and Virtue in Early China (S U N Y Series in Chinese Philosophy and Culture)
004027: JAY RATH - The M-Files: True Reports of Minnesota's Unexplained Phenomena (Tales of the Supernatural)
003690: RATLIFF, FRANK - Humor Among These Hills
003504: RATONYI, ROBERT - Operett I & II
002206: RATTEE, MICHAEL; RATTEE, KIEV - Enough Said
002527: RAUH, WILHELM; RUDOLF, ERNST PETER - Verliebt in Bayreuth
004218: MIKI RAVER - Listen to Her Voice: Women of the Hebrew Bible
002204: RAWLINGS, SHIRLEY - Whippets: An Owner's Companion
002483: RAY, GORDON N. - The Buried Life
003327: RAYSKI, ADAM - Choice Of The Jews Under Vichy: Between Submission And Resistance
004077: READEL, FRED W. - All heaven's ranges : poems and Thoughts
003221: RECTOR, FRANK - The Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals
002405: REDDISH, GEROGE F - Antiseptics, Disinfectants, Fungicides and Chemical and Physical Sterilization
003408: REED, JOHN - Ten Days That Shook The World
001875: REGISTER, CHERIE - Are Those Kids Yours?: American Families With Children Adopted from Other Countries
003192: REHER, WERNER - Social Welfare in Germany
000378: REID, WILLIAM J. - Family Problem Solving
003203: REIERSGORD, THOMAS - The Kensington Rune Stone: Its Place in History
003988: REILLY, ANNE - The Textual Dimensions of Post-Structuralist Thought
004272: REILLY, CHARLIE (ED.) - Conversations with Amiri Baraka (Literary Conversations Series)
003401: EUGENE R. CRAINE; REGINALD C. REINDORP - The Chronicles of Michoacan
004125: REISHUS, GEORGE ALFRED - Gone are the Days
003689: TOM REISS - The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo
003280: REJWAN, NISSIM;UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS PRESS - The Last Jews in Baghdad: Remembering a Lost Homeland
003104: REMARQUE, ERICH MARIA - All Quiet on the Western Front
003708: REMBAR, CHARLES - The End of Obscenity
004276: PETER RENNEBOHM - Buried Lies
002446: RENTFROW, STEPHEN M.; RAY, STEVIE - Stevie Ray's Medium-Sized Book of Comedy : What We Laugh at... and Why
000020: RESTON, JAMES B. - Prelude to Victory
003959: WALTER REUTIMAN - Melt Point (Tim & Penny Mystery)
002214: REVELL, LINDEL BARKER - The Tarot & You: A Simple Guide to Using the Cards for Self-Discovery and Prophecy
000322: REYNOLDS, M. C. (EDITOR) - Knowledge Base for the Beginning Teacher
000663: VON REZZORI, GREGOR - Memorie Di Un Antisemita - Un Romanzo in Cinque Racconti
003452: RICE, EDWARD - Eastern Definitions: A Short Encyclopedia of Religions of the Orient
000626: RICH, JOHN MARTIN - Foundations of Education : Perspectives On American Education
001431: RICHARDS, R. W.; BOGART, JEFFREY (EDITOR) - A Southern Yarn
002281: RICHARDSON, JERRY - Magic of Rapport
003753: RIDLEY, WILLIAM J. - Mystic Chords
003403: RIEBER, JOHN NEY - Tell Me, Dark
003284: RIEDL - Catalogue of Renaissance Philosophers
001233: RILAND, GEORGE - The New Steinerbooks Dictionary of the Paranormal
001345: RIMLER, WALTER - Not Fade Away : A Comparison of Two Generations of Composers of Contemporary Popular Music
003965: JOHNSON-RIVARD, EMMA M - Lithium: A Novel
003934: PAPA BLUES ROBBINS - The Emancipation Posse: The First Three Years
003832: MIKE ROBERTS - The Last Keeper at Split Rock
001042: ROBERTS, MALCOLM (EDITOR) - Going up in Flames : The Promises and Pledges of Alaska Statehood under Attack (Alaskana Book Ser., No. 44)
001134: ROBERTS, MARC J.;DIGERONIMO, THERESA FOY (EDITOR); IZENBERG, JERRY - Roberts Rules! : Success Secrets from America's Most Trusted Sports Agents
004092: ED VIESTURS; DAVID ROBERTS - No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World's 14 Highest Peaks
003566: ROBINSON, RONALD; GALLAGHER, JOHN; DENNY, ALICE - Africa and the Victorians
002703: ROBINSON, WARREN F. - The G-Man's Son
003864: ROBINSON, JIMMY & NICHOLS, JIM - The Grand - A History of Trapshooting
000174: ROCK, PHILLIP - Flickers
000776: ROCK, MILTON L. - The Mergers & Acquistions Handbook
003291: RODRIGUEZ, JARBEL A. - Captives & Their Saviors in the Medieval Crown of Aragon
000805: JOHN-ROGER - The Tao of Spirit
001041: ROHDE, EDITH C. - Letters from Alaska : Hazards and Humor of Life in Subrrrbia
002038: SERRA ROJAS, ANDRES - Derecho Administrativo: Doctrina, Legislacion Y Jurisprudencia - Primer Curso
003528: ROLAND, PAUL - Nazi Women
004211: ROOKE, DAPHNE - Wizard's Country
002122: ROOSEVELT, THEODORE - The Rough Riders
000094: ROOT, E. MERRILL - Light Wind Over
003577: ROSAMOND, PEGGY JO - Antique French Dolls Coloring Book
000337: DE ROSE, LOUIS J. - The Value Network
003865: CHARLEY ROSEN - The House of Moses All-Stars
001040: ROSENBAUM, ALAN S. - Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals
003572: ROSENFELD, GAVRIEL D. - The World Hitler Never Made: Alternate History and the Memory of Nazism (New Studies in European History)
003582: ROSENGREN, JOHN - Blades of Glory
003789: ROSHOLT, MALCOLM; ROSHOLT, MARGARET - Child of Two Mothers
002842: ROSS, JOHN MUNDER - The Sadomasochism of Everyday Life: Why We Hurt Ourselves-And Others-And How to Stop
002650: ROSS, GEOFFREY AQUILINA - The Maltese Islands from the Air
000936: ROSSNER, MARILYN ZWAIG, ED.D., PH.D. - Mother Mary Is Speaking: Who Is Listening? Seven years of Locutions with Mother Mary and Other Saints
000332: ROSZAK, THEODORE - The Unfinished Animal
002150: ROTA, ANDREA - L'idolatra
003065: ROTH, MARGARET BROBST - Well Mary: Civil War Letters of a Wisconsin Volunteer
001175: ROTHENBERG, RANDALL - Where the Suckers Moon : An Advertising Story
002658: ROTHERT, OTTO A. - The Outlaws of Cave-In-Rock
001323: ROUKES, NICHOLAS - Sculpture in Plastics
003264: ROUMIEU, GRAHAM - In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot
003374: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES - The Social Contract and The First and Second Discourses (Rethinking the Western Tradition)
003643: ROWE, J. G. - Sergeant Dick of the Royal Moounted Police
002655: ROY, JAMES CHARLES - Islands of Storm
004291: BRUCE RUBENSTEIN - The Rockwell Heist: The extraordinary theft of seven Norman Rockwell paintings and a phony Renoir?and the 20-year chase for their recovery from the Midwest through Europe and South America
002305: RUBINOWITZ, LEONARD S.; ROSENBAUM, JAMES E. - Crossing the Class and Color Lines: From Public Housing to White Suburbia
004036: CYNTHIA RUCHTI - They Almost Always Come Home
002319: RÜETSCHI, MAGDALENA - Die Bergpredigt : Kindern in Bildern erzählt. Der Züricher Wandteppich im C. G. Jung-Haus
001013: RUHNKE, AMIYO; WURZBURGER, ANANDO - Body Wisdom : An Easy-to-Use Handbook of Simple Exercises and Self-Massage Techniques for Busy People
004238: JUAN CRUZ RUIZ - The Canary Islands: A Cultural History
003035: RUMBELOW, DONALD - The Siege of Sidney Street - The True Story of Winston Churchill and the Anarchist Rebellion of 1911
001485: RUMOLD, RAINER - The Janus Face of the German Avant-Garde : From Expressionism Toward Postmodernism (Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies)
003384: RUNYON, DAMON - Take It Easy
001411: RUSSELL, JIM - Russell on MURPHY'S LAW
003877: JODY G. RUSSELL - The Secret History of Lake Amikota
000123: RUSSELL, PAMELA REDFORD - The Woman Who Loved John Wilkes Booth
002552: RUTLAND, ROBERT ALLEN - James Madison and the Search for Nationhood

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