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45397: MCKILLIP, PATRICIA A. - The Sorceress and the Cygnet.
27654: MCLEAN, RUARI, ED. - Motif 8. Winter 1961.
47508: MCLEAN, RUARI. - Victorian Publishers' Book-Bindings in Paper.
17016: MCLEAN, RUARI. - Victorian Book Design and Colour Printing.
47928: RUARI MCLEAN - The Thames and Hudson Manual of Typography
47534: MCLEAN, RUARI. - Modern Book Design.
44644: MCLEAN, JOHN. - Frank Stella: A Retrospective Exhibition.. Hayward Gallery.
36473: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL. - The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man
47727: LARRY MCMURTRY - Comanche Moon
46493: MCNEIL, R. A.; DEAS, M. D. - Europeans in Latin America: Humboldt to Hudson - Catalogue of an Exhibition at the Bodleian Library December 1980 - April 1981
43580: MCNEILL, TOM - English Heritage Book of Castles
47496: MCPHAIL, ROGER - Open Season : An Artist's Sporting Year
46558: MCPHEE, SARAH. - Bernini and the Bell Towers: Architecture and Politics at the Vatican
29588: MEAD, S. M. - Taniko Weaving: How to Make Maori Belts and Other Useful Articles.
46628: MEADMORE, CLEMENT - The Modern Chair: Classics in Production
47464: MEDCRAFT, JOHN. - A Bibliography of the Penny Bloods of Edward Lloyd.
40644: MEDLEY, MARGARET - Illustrated Catalogue of Ming Polychrome Wares.
47619: MARGARET MEDLEY - The Chinese Potter: A Practical History of Chinese Ceramics
41647: MEINERTZHAGEN, DAN; HORNBY, R. P. - Bird Life in an Arctic Spring.
36891: MELLANBY, KENNETH - Pesticides and Pollution
35448: MELLING, JOSEPH; BARRY, JONATHAN, EDS. - Culture in History : Production, Consumption and Values in Historical Perspective
40637: MELLOR, PENELOPE. - A Kingsdown Community.
48041: MICHEL MELOT - The Impressionist Print
42011: MELVILLE, JENNIE - Murder Has a Pretty Face
42009: MELVILLE, JAMES - The Ninth Netsuke
47048: MELZER, ANNABELLE. - Dada and Surrealist Performance
41957: MENDAY, EDDIE. - Looking Back: A Personal Look at the History of South West Middlesex.
18424: MENDELSSOHN, JOANNA. - Lionel Lindsay. An artist and his family.
47268: VALERIE D. MENDES - Black in Fashion
43415: MENDINI, ALESSANDRO - Tea & Coffee Towers: Twenty-two Tea and Coffee Sets
47468: GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ; PLINIO APULEYO MENDOZA - The Fragrance of Guava: Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza in Conversation with Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
46621: MENEMENCIOGLU, NERMIN, ED. - The Penguin Book of Turkish Verse
8402: MENGS, ANTOINE-RAPHAEL. - Oeuvres Completes d'Antoine-Raphael Mengs, Premier Paintre du Roi d'Espagne. Traduit de l'Italien.
31915: MENIS, GIAN CARLO. - The Patriarch and Tiepolo: Brief Guide to the Diocesan Museum and Tiepolo Galleries in the Patriarchal Palace of Udine.
37658: MEO, ANN. - The Story of Three Bridges: The History of London Bridge
42960: MESSENGER, GUY - Flora of Rutland
43059: MESSNER, REINHOLD - Free Spirit: A Climber's Life.
41220: MEYNELL, FRANCIS. - Seventeen Poems.
45673: MEZIN, LOUIS. - Exotisme & Impression France, XVIII et XIX siecles.
46509: MICHAEL, IAN. - Early Textbooks of English: A Guide
28196: MICHAELIS, RICHARD. - A Sequel to Looking Backward or Looking Further Forward.
43298: MICHELAKIS, PANTELIS. - Greek Tragedy on Screen.
44306: MICINSKA, ANNA - Witkacy: Stanis±aw Ignacy Witkiewicz, Life and Work
27703: MIDDELKOOP, NORBERT AND ANNE VAN GREVENSTEIN. - Frans Hals. Life, work, restoration.
36395: MIDDLETON, ROBERT; WELLS, COLIN; HUCKERBY, ELIZABETH - The Wetlands of North Lancashire
31857: MIDDLETON, TOM; CURTIS, PATRICIA - Yesterday's Town, Maidenhead : The Story of This Place and the Men Who Made It
47969: SIR ARTHUR E. MIDDLETON - An Account of Belsay Castle in the County of Northumberland
45108: MIDDLETON, ROBIN. - Julien-David Leroy: In Search of Architecture (The Annual Soane Lecture)
47595: MIDDLETON, JOHN, ED. - Magic, Witchcraft and Curing (American Museum Sourcebooks in Anthropology)
42336: MIDDLETON, ROBIN, ED. - The Beaux-Arts and Nineteenth-Century French Architecture
40598: MIGNANI, DANIELA. - The Medicean Villas By Giusto Utens.
46594: MILIOTES, DIANE - Jose Guadalupe Posada and the Mexican Broadside (Art Institute of Chicago)
46264: MILLAR, OLIVER. - The Victorian Pictures in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen
47769: KULLIKE MONTGOMERY; DELIA MILLAR - Egron Lundgren: En Malares Anteckningar.
39411: MILLER, DANIEL A. - Sir Joseph Yorke and Anglo-Dutch Relations 1774-1780.
45854: HANSFORD-MILLER, FRANK - John Hampden (Lifelines Series)
44308: MILLER, JONATHAN - On Reflection.
47272: MILLER, DAVID; WATTS, STEPHEN, EDS. - Music While Drowning: German Expressionist Poems
38965: MILLIGAN, MAX - Realm of the Incas
38061: MILLS, ANNETTE. - More About Muffin.
7495: MILLS, JAMES W. - The Labyrinth and Other Poems.
43902: MILMAN, MIRIAM - Trompe-l'Oeil Painting: The Illusions of Reality
45194: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Ruthenshaw: A Ghost Story
33065: LEES-MILNE, JAMES. - English Country Houses: Baroque, 1685-1715.
46541: MILNE, GUSTAV. - English Heritage Book of Roman London: Urban Archaeology in the Nation's Capital.
41966: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Another Self
43077: MILNER, MARION. - The Hands of the Living God: An Account of a Psycho-analytic Treatment.
46972: MINELLI, ALESSANDRO, ED. - The Botanical Garden of Padua 1545 - 1995
44778: MINNIS, A. J. - Medieval Theory of Authorship: Scholastic Literary Attitudes in the Later Middle Ages
43986: MITCHELL, ADRIAN - The Bodyguard
43631: MITCHELL, GLADYS - Dance to Your Daddy
26360: MITCHELL, SALLY, ED. - Victorian Britain: An Encyclopedia.
38431: MITCHELL, MARK T. - George Inness in Italy.
28531: MITCHELL, GLADYS - Sunset Over Soho.
37278: MITCHELL, JULIAN. - A Disturbing Influence.
43620: MITCHELL, GLADYS. - Uncoffin'd Clay
43622: MITCHELL, GLADYS - The Rising of the Moon
43636: MITCHELL, GLADYS - The Twenty-Third Man
46422: MITCHELL, GLADYS. - Watson's Choice.
41746: MITCHELL, GLADYS - Winking at the Brim
46421: MITCHELL, GLADYS - Come Away, Death.
44565: MITCHELL, JOHN - Loch Lomondside: Gateway to the Western Highlands of Scotland (New Naturalist 88)
43612: MITCHELL, GLADYS - Cold, Lone, and Still
47882: MITCHELL, GLADYS. - The Mystery of a Butcher's Shop.
33945: MITFORD, NANCY. - Love from Nancy : The Letters of Nancy Mitford
47642: MITFORD, NANCY. - Don't Tell Alfred.
31624: COMITATO MANIFESTAZIONI TOMASO DA MODENA - Tomaso Da Modena e il suo tempo: Atti del Convegno Internazionale di Studi
41090: MOFFITT, VIRGINIA MAY. - Pollyanna of Magic Valley.
45421: MOGGACH, DEBORAH - Hot Water Man
43565: MOHR, JAMES C. - Plague and Fire: Battling Black Death and the 1900 Burning of Honolulu's Chinatown
41591: MOIR, A. L. - The Bishop's Palace Hereford.
40508: MOIR, ALFRED - Caravaggio
46192: MOLE, WILLIAM [WILLIAM YOUNGER] - The Lobster Guerillas.
34673: MOLINA, J. IGNATIUS. - The Geographical, Natural and Civil History of Chili.
42636: MOLINO, ANTHONY, ED. - Freely Associated : Encounters in Psychoanalysis with Christopher Bollas, Joyce McDougall, Michael Eigen, Adam Phillips, and Nina Coltart
46616: MOLLERUP, PER. - Good Enough Is Not Enough: Observations on Public Design
46810: MONCKTON, HORACE WOOLLASTON. - The Flora of the District of the Thames Valley Drift Between Maidenhead and London.
43197: MONCRIEFF, SIR GEORGE SCOTT - Canals & Campaigns: An Engineer Officer in India, 1877-1885
42638: MONEY, WALTER - The History of the Ancient Town and Borough of Newbury in the County of Berks..
40725: MONEY, WALTER - A Popular History of Newbury. Accompanied with a Memoir on the Geology of Newbury By E P. Richards and a Contribution on the Botany of the District by G. Claridge Druce.
29455: MONK, WILLIAM J. - A Ramble in Oxfordshire.
15506: MONTAIGNE, MICHEL DE. - Essais. Selected and edited by J. Carol Chapman and Francois J.-L. Mouret.
15026: DE MONTCHRESTIEN, ANTOINE. - Two Tragedies: Hector. La Reine d'Escosse.
37068: MONTGOMERY, JOHN. - Foxy and the Badgers.
38273: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Dorset: Volume Four, North Dorset
45182: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton: Volume VI, Architectural Monuments in North Northamptonshire
40446: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of York: Volume III, South-West of the Ouse.
31732: ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS. - An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the County of Northampton, Volume V: Archaeological Sites and Churches in Northampton
39551: MOODY, RAYMOND; MOODY, JOAN. - A Thousand Years of Burford.
38699: MOODY, RAYMOND. - History from the Minutes: Burford - the Running of a Town.
43828: MOODY, JOAN; MOODY, RAYMOND - The Book of Burford
46610: MOORCOCK, MICHAEL, ED. - England Invaded: A Collection of Fantasy Fiction
44799: MOORE, PATRICIA; MOORE, DONALD. - A Vanished House: Two Topographical Paintings of the Old House at Margam, Glamorgan.
37770: MOORE, BRIAN. - The Emperor of Ice-Cream.
4605: MOORE, HENRY. - Henry Moore: Eaux-fortes et lithographies, Sculptures.
45695: MOORE, DONALD. - Far Eastern Agent, or The Diary of an Eastern Nobody.
45798: MOORE, MERRILL. - Fugitive Sonnets.
32158: MORAN, KERRY. - Kailas on Pilgrimage to the Sacred Mountain of Tibet
44965: MORE, JAMES J., ETC. - Living at Belsay: A contemporary approach to furnishing an historic house
45374: DE MORGA, ANTONIO; CUMMINS, J. S. - Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas (Hakluyt Society Second)
42435: MORGAN, HIRAM - Tyrone's Rebellion : The Outbreak of the Nine Years War in Tudor Ireland
45819: MORGAN, EDWIN, TRANSL. - Fifty Renascence Love-poems Translated by Edwin Morgan.
42159: MORGAN, KENNETH - Country Carriers in the Bristol Region in the Late Nineteenth Century
43950: MORGAN, ALISON - Fish
46124: MORGAN, THOS. - Glamorganshire Place-Names with Names of Mountains, Fields, Historic Places &c.
46694: MORISON, STANLEY. - Talbot Baines Reed: Author, Bibliographer, Typefounder.
45189: MORISON, STANLEY; MCKITTERICK, DAVID . - Selected Essays on the History of Letter-Forms in Manuscript and Print
40148: MORLEY, SHAUN, ED. - Oxfordshire Friendly Societies, 1750-1918
46077: MORLEY, DAVID - Scientific Papers
43949: MORRELL, OTTOLINE. - Ottoline [With] Ottoline at Garsington: Memoirs of Lady Ottoline Morrell.
39627: MORRIS, ETHELBERTA. - Ameliaranne Bridesmaid.
38495: MORRIS, WILLIAM. - News from Nowhere (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought)
46749: MORRIS, C. B. - A Generation of Spanish Poets 1920-1936 (Major European Authors Series)
42533: MORRIS, DEREK. - Mile End Old Town 1740-1780: A Social History of an Early Modern London Suburb.
45522: MORRIS, JOHN, ED. - Domesday Book Leicestershire
46988: MORRIS, WILLIAM - The Decorative Arts: Their Relation to Modern Life and Progress. An Address Delivered Before the Trades' Guild of Learning..
46115: MORRISS, RICHARD K.; HOVERD, KEN - The Buildings of Warwick
43910: MORRISS, RICHARD K. - The Buildings of Bath
44292: MORTENSEN, VIGGO. - The Horse is Good.
44327: MORTLOCK, D. P. - Aristocratic Spendour: Money and the World of Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester.
46593: MORTON, THERESA-MARY. - Royal Residences of the Victorian Era: Watercolours of Interior Views from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle.
47964: MORTON, KATE FLOYD. - Birds of Buttermilk Hall.
48052: WALTER MOSLEY - Walkin' the Dog
45814: MOSLEY, JAMES. - The Nymph and the Grot: The Revival of the Sanserif Letter.
44570: MOSS, BRIAN - The Broads: the People's Wetland (New Naturalist 89)
39014: J. M. (J. MOSSOP]. - Thomas Robinson Woolfield's Life at Cannes and Lord Brougham's First Arrival.
37104: MOTTRAM, R. H. - The Ghost and the Maiden.
45610: MOUNT, FERDINAND. - Clubbing Together: The Revival of the Voluntary Principle (Contemporary Papers no. 12)
46191: MOUNTFORD, ERIC R. - Swindon G. W. R. Reminiscences
44454: MOWL, TIM; EARNSHAW, BRIAN - An Insular Rococo: Architecture, Politics and Society in Ireland and England, 1710-70
46196: MOWL, TIMOTHY - Stylistic Cold Wars: Betjeman Versus Pevsner
37856: MOWL, TIMOTHY; EARNSHAW, BRIAN - Architecture Without Kings : The Rise of Puritan Classicism under Cromwell
47963: MOWRER, EDGAR. - Germany Puts the Clock Back.
29934: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS. - Mozart's First Service in C Major: Edited, with an Accompaniment for the Pianoforte by John Bishop.
46666: MRAZEK, WILHELM, ETC. - Vienna in the Age of Schubert: The Biedermeier Interior, 1815-48
31879: MRAZKOVA, DANIELA; REMES, VLADIMIR - Another Russia: Through the Eyes of the New Soviet Photographers.
34953: MUCHEMBLED, ROBERT - Les Derniers Buchers: Un village de Flandre et ses sorcieres sous Louis XIV
25137: MUCSI, ANDRAS. - The Calvary Altar-Piece of Thomas de Coloswar in the Esztergom Christian Museum.
46273: MUDGE, BRADFORD K., ED. - When Flesh Becomes Word: An Anthology of Early Eighteenth-Century Libertine Literature
34054: MUDGE, THOMAS - A Description with Plates of the Timekeeper Invented By the Late Thomas Mudge (1799)
47577: MUIR, PERCY. - Private Presses: An Address.
19108: MULHOLLAND, MAUREEN AND BRIAN PULLAN, EDS. - Judicial Tribunals in England and Europe, 1200-1700. [And] Domestic and International Trials, 1700-2000. Edited by R.A. Melikan. (The Trial in History, 1 & 2)
36116: MULHOLLAND, JOHN - Beware Familiar Spirits
3648: MUMFORD, LEWIS. - Architecture as a Home for Man: Essays for Architectural Record.
43410: MUMTAZ, KAMIL KHAN - Architecture in Pakistan
46715: MUNBY, A. N. L. - Essays and Papers
44784: MUNBY, A. N. L. - The Cult of the Autograph Letter in England.
45577: MUNTON, ALAN; YOUNG, ALAN. - Seven Writers of the English Left: A Bibliography of Literature and Politics, 1916-80
46005: MURAKAMI, RYU - Coin Locker Babies
43536: MURAKAMI, HARUKI - A Wild Sheep Chase
47723: MURDOCH, IRIS. - Reynolds Stone: An Address Given in St. James's Church, Piccadilly.
41674: MURDOCH, IRIS. - The Book and the Brotherhood
29039: MURPHY, BRIAN - C.S.Lewis. (Starmont Reader's Guide 14).
41564: MURPHY, DERVLA. - Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle.
44634: MURPHY, DERVLA. - Through the Embers of Chaos: Balkan Journeys
42194: MURRAY, MAX - The Voice of the Corpse
46920: MURRAY, PETER - Piranesi and the Grandeur of Ancient Rome (Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture)
33630: HORNIMAN MUSEUM - Folk Art of Montenegro.
46784: VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - British Art and Design, 1900-1960: A Collection in the Making
46630: MUSEVENI, YOWERI. - Selected Articles on the Uganda Resistance War.
44263: MUSGRAVE, CLIFFORD - Regency Furniture, 1800 to 1830.
28862: DE MUSSET, ALFRED. - L'Anglais mangeur D'opium: Traduit de L'anglais et Augmente.
21452: MYERS, B. S. - Les Expressionnistes allemands: Une generation en revolte.
1591: MYERS, F.W.H. - Essays Classical.
47593: LUKE HANSARD; ROBIN MYERS, ED. - The Auto-biography of Luke Hansard, written in 1817
47336: JOHN MYERS MYERS - Silverlock
44755: MYERS, ROBIN; HARRIS, MICHAEL, EDS. - Aspects of Printing from 1600 (Publishing Pathways)
44754: MYERS, ROBIN; HARRIS, MICHAEL, EDS. - Economics of the British Book Trade, 1605-1939 (Publishing History Occasional Series)
44758: MYERS, ROBIN; HARRIS, MICHAEL, EDS. - Author/Publisher Relations During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (Publishing Pathways)
44760: MYERS, ROBIN; HARRIS, MICHAEL, EDS. - Development of the English Book Trade, 1700-1899 (Publishing Pathways S.)
44787: MYERS, ROBIN; HARRIS, MICHAEL,; MANDELBROTE, GILES, EDS. - Fairs, Markets and the Itinerant Book Trade.
47434: MYLETT, ANDREW, ED.; ANTHONY POWELL - Summary Volume 1 Number 1 Autumn 1970.
46936: NABB, MAGDALEN - The Monster of Florence.
43302: NAFPLIOTIS, ALEXANDROS. - Britain and the Greek Colonels: Accomodating the Junta in the Cold War.
39708: NAGGAR, CAROLE - George Rodger : An Adventure in Photography, 1908-1995
37268: NAIPAUL, V. S. - Guerrillas
37357: NAIPAUL, V. S. - Half a Life
36491: NARKISS, BEZALEL - Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts in the British Isles Vol. I : The Spanish and Portuguese Manuscripts
46475: NASH, F. O. H. - Hopefuls Adrift.
32247: NASH, GEORGE. - Timothy John and Mr. Murphy.
44601: NASH, W. G. - The Repair and Restoration of Brickwork.
47219: FRANCIS M. NAUMANN - New York Dada 1915-23
28802: MARGUERITE DE NAVARRE. - The Prisons of Marguerite De Navarre: Translated By Hilda Dale.
43209: NAVIA, LUIS E. - Diogenes of Sinope : The Man in the Tub
14661: NAYLOR, DAVID. - Fiddlesticks.
42356: NAYLOR, IAIN. - Historic Border Families and Houses.
47718: GILLIAN NAYLOR - The Arts and Crafts Movement: A Study of Its Sources, Ideals and Influence on Design Theory
38176: NDIBE, OKEY - Arrows of Rain (African Writers)
37231: NEAL, DAVID S. - Excavations on the Roman Villa at Beadlam, Yorkshire
45401: NEATE, PATRICK; PLATT, DAMIAN - Culture is Our Weapon: Afro Reggae in the Favelas of Rio (LAB Short Books)
42098: NEEDHAM, VIOLET. - The House of the Paladin.
42077: NEEDHAM, VIOLET. - The Bell of the Four Evangelists.
42065: NEEDHAM, VIOLET. - The Woods of Windri.
45426: NEEDHAM, ROBERT. - Blind Openings.
42091: NEEDHAM, VIOLET. - The Boy in Red.
42084: NEEDHAM, VIOLET. - The Changeling of Monte Lucio.
35954: NEEDHAM, STUART - Excavation and Salvage at Runnymede Bridge 1978 : The Late Bronze Age Waterfront Site
42221: MAC NEILL, EOIN. - Celtic Ireland
46768: NELSON, R. FARADAY - The Ecolog
46126: NELSON, RAY - Virtual Zen
43840: NELSON, E. CHARLES - The Burren: A Companion to the Wild Flowers of an Irish Limestone Wilderness
46253: NELSON, MICHAEL. - Knock or Ring.
22922: NEMETH, LAJOS. - Csontvary.
21918: DER NERSESSIAN, SIRARPIE. - Armenian Manuscripts in the Walters Art Gallery.
44141: NESS, JUNE L. - Lyonel Feininger. (Documentary Monographs in Modern Art).
45804: NEUBAUER, ERIKA - Wiener Barockgarten in zeitgenossischen Veduten
48040: VICTOR E. NEUBURG - Chapbooks: A Guide to Reference Material on English, Scottish and American Chapbook Literature of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.
35563: NEVELL, MIKE; WALKER, JOHN. - Tameside in Transition: The Archaeology of the Industrial Revolution in Two North West Lordships, 1642-1870
21642: NEVES, JOSE CASSIANO. - The Palace and Gardens of Fronteira. Seventeenth and eighteenth century Portugese style. Third revised edition.
45238: NEVINSON, J. L. ETC. - The Forty-First Volume of the Walpole Society 1966-1968
34989: NEVINSON, J. L., INTRO. - The Four Seasons by Wenceslas Hollar.
44303: NEWBOLT, FRANK. - Etchings of William Strang, ARA (The Great Etchers).
43226: NEWELL, H. A., LIEUT.-COL. - Topee and Turban or Here and There in India.
41638: NEWLYN, LUCY - Coleridge, Wordsworth, and the Language of Allusion
14052: NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY. - Tract One. Thoughts on the Ministerial Commission, respectfully addressed to the Clergy.
42555: NEWSOM, DAVID. - Skip.
40394: NEWTH, METTE - The Transformation
47232: NEWTON, ERIC. - Stanley Spencer (Penguin Modern Painters)
45242: NEWTON, ROY.; DAVISON, SANDRA - Conservation of Glass.
47397: NEZVAL, VITEZSLAU; BARTUSEK, ANTONIN; HANZLIK, JOSEF - Three Czech Poets: Nezval, Antonin Bartosek and Joseph Hanzlik Vitezslav (Penguin Modern Poets)
43333: NICHOLSON, E. M. - Birds and Men (New Naturalist 17).
23302: NICHOLSON, EDWARD WILLIAMS BYRON. - Keltic Researches: Studies in the History and Distribution of the Ancient Goidelic Language and Peoples.
33278: NICOL, ALEXANDRA, ED. - Curia Regis Rolls of the Reign of Henry III Preserved in the Public Record Office; Volume XVII 26-27 Henry III (1242-1243)
45243: NICOLETTA, JULIE - The Architecture of the Shakers
45295: NICOLSON, HAROLD. - Good Behaviour Being a Study of Certain Types of Civility.
45334: NICOLSON, HAROLD. - Public Faces.
45370: NICOLSON, HAROLD. - Sweet Waters.
47117: NICOLSON, MARJORIE HOPE, ED. - Conway Letters: The Correspondence of Anne, Viscountess Conway, Henry More and Their Friends, 1642-1684.
46502: VAN NIEKERK, SARAH. - Sarah Van Niekerk: Her Picture Book.
46461: NIVEN, LARRY - A Gift from Earth.
29354: NIVEN, LARRY. - The Flight of the Horse.
29621: NIVEN, LARRY - World of Ptavvs.
45729: NIVEN, LARRY - The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton.
44146: NIVEN, LARRY - The Ringworld Engineers
47355: LARRY NIVEN - Tales of Known Space
46795: NIVEN, LARRY. - A Hole in Space.
46186: NOBLE, FRANCES. - Destiny's Daughter.
46731: NOCHLIN, LINDA. - The Body in Pieces: The Fragment as a Metaphor of Modernity (26th Walter Neurath Memorial Lecture)
47813: NOEL, E. B.; CLARK, J. O. M. - A History of Tennis.
35354: NOLD, PATRICK - Pope John XXII and His Franciscan Cardinal : Bertrand de la Tour and the Apostolic Poverty Controversy
43943: DAWA NORBU - Red Star Over Tibet
48044: BETTY NORBURY - Furniture for the 21st Century
44288: NORDIN, JONAS. - Certamen Equestre: Karl XI:s karusell infor samtid och eftervarld/Karl XI's Carousel for his Contemporaries and for Posterity.
45061: NORTHEAST, PETER - This Venerable Village: Some Notes on Blewbury
34804: NORTON, ANDRE. - Moon of Three Rings.
34803: NORTON, ANDRE. - Quest Crosstime.
34802: NORTON, ANDRE. - Judgment on Janus.
34800: NORTON, ANDRE. - Ordeal in Otherwhere.
34723: NORTON, ANDRE. - Ride Proud, Rebel!
34722: NORTON, ANDRE. - At Swords' Points
28912: NORTON, MARY. - The Borrowers Afield.
45280: NORTON, ROBERT ED. - Types Best Remembered/Forgotten: A Collection of Observations on Types Best Remembered/Forgotten
47481: NORTON, F. J. - Italian Printers 1501-1520 (Cambridge Bibliographical Society Monograph No. 3)
44756: NORTON, DAVID F.; NORTON, MARY J.; EDS. - The David Hume Library (Occasional publication / Edinburgh Bibliographical Society)
46868: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS - The Normans in the South
43701: NOYES, ALFRED. - The Secret of Pooduck Island.
47147: NURNBERGER, ULRIKE. - Zeitenwende: Zwei Kolner Maler um 1500: Jungerer Meister der Heiligen Sippe, Meister des Aachener Altars
45185: NUVOLARI, FRANCESCO, ED. - Il giardino storico all'italiana
46133: NYE, MARY JO, ED. - The Cambridge History of Science: Volume 5, The Modern Physical and Mathematical Sciences
28950: NYGREN, EDWARD J. - James Ward's Gordale Scar: An Essay in the Sublime.
44462: OAKLEY, GILES - The Devil's Music: A History of the Blues
36298: ODDY, W. A., ED. - Problems in the Conservation of Waterlogged Wood
36204: ODLER, IVAN - Special Inorganic Cements
45317: OGOT, BETHWELL A., ED. - Politics and Nationalism in Colonial Kenya (Hadith 4)
42777: OKADA, BARBRA TERI - Netsuke: Masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
44710: OLDENDOW, KNUD - Greenland (The Spread of Printing, Western Hemisphere)
34972: OLDRIDGE, DARREN, ED. - The Witchcraft Reader
43683: OLIVER, ANTHONY. - The Pew Group
45131: OLIVER, V. L. - Tudor Buildings in Weymouth.
47171: OLIVER, GEORGE. - Collections Illustrating the History of the Catholic Religion in the Counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wilts and Gloucester.
16378: OLIVIER, EDITH. - The Seraphim Room.
47670: OLIVIER, EDITH. - The Eccentric Life of Alexander Cruden.
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24020: SANDERSON, MARGARET H.B. - Robert Adam and Scotland. Portrait of an architect.
19102: SANDERSON, AVERIL D. - Long Shadows.
44714: SANDILANDS, G. S. - Famous Water-Colour Painters II. W. Russell Flint, A. R. A.
47917: LINDA SANDINO - Complexity and Ambiguity: The Ceramics of Alison Britton
45978: SANDOS, JAMES A. - Converting California: Indians and Franciscans in the Missions.
41606: C.P.S. [SANGER, C.P.] - The Structure of Wuthering Heights (The Hogarth Essays).
32589: SANTI, BRUNO. - Palazzo Medici Riccardi e la Cappella di Benozzo Gozzoli
36698: SANTOS, BOAVENTURA DE SOUSA, ED. - Voices of the World (Reinventing Social Emancipation: Towards New Manifestos)
15259: SANUTO, LIVIO. - Geografia dell'Africa, Venice 1588.
45517: SAPPER - Mufti
47766: JOSE SARAMAGO - Journey To Portugal
47555: RANEE MARGARET OF SARAWAK - Good Morning and Good Night (Century Traveller's)
47695: PAMELA SARGENT - Watchstar
46079: SASIENI, MAURICE; YASPAN, ARTHUR; FRIEDMAN, LAWRENCE. - Operations Research: Methods and Problems.
35821: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - Letters to Max Beerbohm With a Few Answers
47950: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED. - Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man [with] Memoirs of an Infantry Office [with] Sherston's Progress
46701: SAVILE, GEORGE, MARQUIS OF HALIFAX. - Observations upon a late Libel, called A Letter from a Person of Quality to his Friend, concerning the KingÕs Declaration, etc. Edited with an introduction and bibliography by Hugh MacDonald.
40349: SAVILLE, MALCOLM. - Strangers at Snowfell.
44341: SAVILLE, MALCOLM. - All Summer Through.
43510: SAVORY, THEODORE H. - The Spiders and Allied Orders of the British Isles (Wayside and Woodland Series)
43512: SAVORY, THEODORE H. - The Spider's Web (Wayside and Woodland Series)
40145: SAXL, FRITZ; ZUCCHI, JACOPO. - Antike Gotter in der Spatrenaissance: Ein Freskenzyklus und ein Discorso des Jacopo Zucchi
44731: SAYCE, R. A. - Compositorial Practices and the Localization of Printed Books, 1530-1800 (Occasional publications No. 13)
39137: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - Why Work? An Address Delivered at Eastbourne, April 23rd, 1942.
43642: SAYERS, DOROTHY L.; REYNOLDS, BARBARA, ED. - The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers: Volume Four: 1951-1957: In the Midst of Life.
35626: SAYERS, DOROTHY L. - The Zeal of Thy House.
47846: DOROTHY L. SAYERS - The Letters of Dorothy L.Sayers, Volume Two: 1937-1943 From Novelist to Playwright.
41600: SCAMMELL, WILLIAM. - Eldorado.
45167: SCARFE, GERALD. - Indecent Exposure: A Collection of Drawings.
45168: SCARFE, GERALD. - Dickie Nixon in (expletive deleted): A Collection of Drawings.
47909: SCARGILL, IAN. - Oxford's Green Belt.
45416: SCARRE, CHRIS - Monuments mégalithiques de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande
40587: SCATTERGOOD, V. J.; SHERBORNE, J. W., EDS. - English Court Culture in the Later Middle Ages
47014: SCHADEBERG, JURGEN. - Sof' Town Blues: Images from the Black 50's
37595: SCHALLER, THOMAS WELLS. - The Art of Architectural Drawing : Imagination and Technique
45795: SCHEURLEER, THO. H. LUNSINGH; MEYJES, G. H. M. POSTHUMUS, EDS. - Leiden University in the Seventeenth Century: An Exchange of Learning
38912: SCHILLER, FRIEDRICH; HINDERER, WALTER - Wallenstein and Mary Stuart
44947: SCHILLER, JUSTIN G. - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: An 1865 Printing Re-described and Newly Identified as the Publisher's "File Copy": with a Revised and Expanded Census of the Suppressed 1865 Alice.
47285: SCHILLER, FRIEDRICH - On the Aesthetic Education of Man in a Series of Letters
35393: SCHINDLER, NORBERT - Rebellion, Community and Custom in Early Modern Germany
37680: SCHLAFFENBERG, B. - Camden Scene 1975: A Planning Survey
28647: SCHMIDT, PETER. - L'Agneau Mystique.
42073: SCHNITGER, F.M. - Forgotten Kingdoms in Sumatra
41112: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR. - Merry-Go-Round.
43952: SCHOFIELD, JOHN - The Building of London: From the Conquest to the Great Fire
31586: SCHOFIELD, VICTORIA - Every Rock, Every Hill: A Plain Tale of the North-West Frontier and Afghanistan
39704: SCHOLFIELD, P. H. - The Theory of Proportion in Architecture.
28420: SCHOLL, LARS U. - Felix Schwormstädt 1870-1938 : Maler, Pressezeichner, Illustrator
45193: PUPILS OF JOSEPH ROWNTREE'S SCHOOL, YORK. - A View of the Shambles: Past and Present.
46074: SCHREINER, CLAUS - Musica Brasileira: A History of Popular Music and the People of Brazil
47519: LUC SCHUITEN; FRANCOIS SCHUITEN. - The Hollow Grounds
43218: SCHULENBERG, DAVID. - Music of the Baroque: An Anthology of Scores.
47463: SCHULTZ, CHARLES M. - It's Good to Have a Friend.
43041: SCHULTZ, NANCY LUSIGNAN. - Mrs. Mattingly's Miracle: The Prince, The Widow and the Cure That Shocked Washington City.
46112: SCHUMER, BERYL - The Evolution of Wychwood to 1400: Pioneers, Frontiers and Forests (Occasional Papers)
44249: SCHUSTER, THOMAS E.; ENGEN, RODNEY. - Printed Kate Greenaway: A Catalogue Raisonne
42675: SCIASCIA, LEONARDO. - Sicilian Uncles. Four novellas.
37285: SCOFFHAM, ERNIE. - A Vision of the City: The Architecture of T. C. Howitt.
40266: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF SCOTLAND. - Proceedings Volume 139 (2009)
5941: JAMES I OF SCOTLAND. - The Kingis Quair. Edited by Robert Steele.
42843: SCOTT, MICHAEL - The Record of Singing: To 1914.
44171: SCOTT, SAMUEL; POTTER, RUSSELL A.; CAPONIGRO, JOHN PAUL. - To the Ends of the Earth: Painting the Polar Landscape.
29790: SCOTT, ROBERT FALCON. - Scott's Last Expedition: In Two volumes, vol. I Being the Journals Vol. II Being the Reports: Arranged By Leonard Huxley.
43191: SCOTT, NORA - An Indian Journal
47246: PHILIPPA SCOTT - The Book of Silk
45326: SCOTT, W. S., TRANS. - The Trial of Joan of Arc: Being the Verbatim Reports of the Proceedings from the Orleans Manuscript.
37980: SCOTT, SIR GEORGE GILBERT. - Personal and Professional Recollections
34494: SCOTT, MARTIN. - The Restoration of Windmills and Windpumps in Norfolk.
45982: SCOTT, NINA M. - Madres del verbo/Mothers of the Word: Early Spanish-American Women Writers, a Bilingual Anthology.
41963: SCOTT, DEREK B. - The Singing Bourgeois : Songs of the Victorian Drawing Room and Parlour
47212: SCOTT, SHEILA. - Tales of Tweedsmuir: Glimpses of an Upland Parish in the Past.
47824: LEAH SCRAGG - Discovering Shakespeare's Meaning: An Introduction to the Study of Shakespeare's Dramatic Structures
38380: SCULL, CHRISTINA. - The Soane Hogarths.
38277: SEABROOK, JEREMY - Life and Labour in a Bombay Slum
33824: SEARIGHT, SARAH, ETC. - Romantic Lebanon: The European View 1700-1900
46551: SEATON, J. P. - The Shambhala Anthology of Chinese Poetry
44336: SECKERSON, EDWARD - Mahler: His Life and Times
43326: SECOMBE, HARRY - Strawberries and Cheam: The Autobiography, Vol. 2, 1951-1996.
34029: SEDLAK, FRANCIS. - Pure Thought and the Riddle of the Universe: Volume I, Creation of Heaven and Earth
42040: SEECHARAN, CLEM - Sweetening Bitter Sugar : Jock Campbell, the Booker Reformer in British Guiana, 1934-1966
47863: SEFERIS, GEORGE - Letter to Rex Warner, Resident of Storrs, Connecticut, USA, on His Sixtieth Birthday.
45553: SEIBT, FERDINAND. - Die Goldene Bulle. Nach König Wenzels Prachthandschrift. (Die Bibliophilen Taschenbucher 84)
38661: SEIDEL, LINDA - Jan Van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait : Stories of an Icon
44068: SEIDENFADEN, ERIK - Guide to Bangkok with Notes on Siam
33497: SEIP, HANS KRISTIAN - Forestry for Human Development : A Global Imperative
44786: SELBORNE, JOANNA; ELPHICK, TIMOTHY. - The Illustrators to the St Dominic's Press: Catalogue of Private Press Books and Wood Engravings Made by Eric Gill, Desmond Chute, David Jones [etc.]
44014: SELLIN, PAUL R. - Daniel Heinsius and Stuart England.
25732: SELOUS, F. C. - Recent Hunting Trips in British North America. Popular edition.
41438: SELVON, SAMUEL. - Turn Again Tiger.
41439: SELVON, SAMUEL. - Ways of Sunlight.
46467: SELZNICK, BRIAN. - The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Gift Edition)
43465: SENDAK, MAURICE. - Outside Over There
36685: SENSIBAR, JUDITH L. - Faulkner and Love: The Women Who Shaped His Art: A Biography
47237: JOHN GILLOW; BRIAN SENTANCE - World Textiles: A Visual Guide to Traditional Techniques
43088: SEREDY, KATE. - Philomena.
44836: SERJEANT, R. B.; BAWDEN, EDWARD. - The Arabs.
21308: SETTLE, ELKANAH. - The Preface to Ibrahim. Reprinted from the edition of 1677.
42314: SEWELL, BROCARD - Three Private Presses : Saint Dominic's Press, the Press of Edward Walters, Saint Albert's Press.
45113: SEYMOUR, W.A. ED. - A History of the Ordnance Survey
47738: SEZNEC, JEAN. - The Survival of the Pagan Gods: The mythological tradition and its place in Renaissance Humanism and Art. (Bollingen Series, XXXVIII.)
42410: SGARBI, VITTORIO - Caravaggio
41738: SHAIDA, MARGARET - The Legendary Cuisine of Persia
41640: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; SAMS, ERIC. - Shakespeare's Edward III.
47657: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Shakespeare's Sonnets illustrated with Wood-Engravings by Hellmuth Weissenborn.
32003: SHANES, ERIC. - Turner's Watercolour Explorations, 1810-1842
33221: SHANES, ERIC - Turner : The Great Watercolours
40653: SHARP, DENNIS. - Modern Architecture and Expressionism.
46423: SHARPE, ADAM ETC. - Engine House Survey The Mineral Tramways Project.
36955: SHARPLES, NIALL M. - English Heritage Book of Maiden Castle
43551: SHAW, BOB. - Orbitsville Departure
43549: SHAW, BOB. - Night Walk
45632: SHAW, BOB. - The Two-Timers.
47683: DONALD L. SHAW - Borges' "Ficciones" (Critical Guides to Spanish Texts)
40793: SHAW, MARGARET FAY. - Folksongs and Folklore of South Uist.
45249: SHAW, PETER - A history of New Zealand architecture
44879: SHEA, MICHAEL - A Quest for Simbilis
46718: SHECKLEY, ROBERT. - The People Trap and Other Pitfalls, Snares, Devices and Delusions, as Well as Two Sniggles and a Contrivance.
40762: SHEIN, MAX. - The Precolumbian Child
47946: SHELLEY, MARY. - Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus.
46622: SHEPARD, LUCIUS. - The Jaguar Hunter.
47492: LUCIUS SHEPARD - The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter
32746: SHEPARD, LUCIUS. - The Jaguar Hunter
47544: LUCIUS SHEPARD - Kalimantan
45480: SHEPARD, LUCIUS. - Kalimantan (Legend novellas)

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