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014919: MICHAEL TAYLOR - The Lewis Chessmen
017006: ALICE TAYLOR - To School Through the Fields an Irish Country Childhood
006516: A.B.TAYLOR - An Introduction to Medieval Romance Hardcover
015760: THE REV.T.TAYLOR - Saint Michael's Mount First Edition Hardcover
016991: ANDREW TAYLOR - The World of Gerard Mercator First Edition Hardcover
013180: BARBARA TEDLOCK - The Woman in the Shaman's Body
010865: BARBARA TEDLOCK - Time and the Highland Maya Hardcover
379: TEHANETORENS - Wampum Belts by Tehanetorens Six Nations Indian Museum
016542: TEHANETORENS - Wampum Belts by Tehanetorens
009139: TEHANETORENS, - Tales of the Iroquois Volumes I and II
007013: MAURICE TEISSIER - Guillaume D'Orange le Marquis Au Court Nez
015124: NATIONAL SHRINE OF BLESSED KAYERI TEKAKWITHA - The Pathway to Sainthood for Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
014649: KATE TELTSCHER - The High Road to China George Bogle, the Panchen Lama, and the First British Expedition to Tibet
007540: ALFRED TENNYSON - Idylls of the King Edward Moxon 1859 Raised Leather Bands
011547: YVES TESSIER - L' Affrontement Quebec-Etats-Unis Ou la Guerre Oubliee Guide Touristique Et Historique the Attack on Quebec in the American War of Independence
391: EDSIA TETLOW. - The Enigma of Hastings
016928: V.J.STANEK TRANSLATED GEORGE THEINER - Simba the Lion Cub Hardcover First English Edition
SKU1000132: THIEDE,CARSTEN PETER - The Quest for the True Cross
009115: CARSTEN PETER THIEDE AND MATTHEW D'ANCONA - The Quest for the True Cross Hardcover
015518: CHARLES THOMAS - Exploration of a Drowned Landscape Archaeology and History of the Isles of Scilly Hardcover
5289: D.O. THOMAS AND W. BERNARD PEACH EDITED RICHARD PRICE - The Correspondence of Richard Price Volume I: July 1748 - March 1778 Hardcover
015209: EUGENE E.THOMAS - Brotherhood of Mt. Shasta First Edition Hardcover
017012: W. JENKYN THOMAS - More Welsh Fairy and Folk Tales Original Illustrated Hardcover
016089: LOWELL THOMAS - This Is Cinerama Plunges You Into a Startling New World of Entertainment
SKU1000050: THOMAS, CHARLES - And Shall These Mute Stones Speak?
016865: PATRICK THOMAS - Celtic Earth, Celtic Heaven Saints & Heroes of the Powys Borderland
016491: J.W.THOMAS TRANSLATED, WITH AN INTRODUCTION - Iwein the Knight with the Lion by Hartmann Von Aue Hardcover
014616: N.L.THOMAS - Irish Symbols of 3500 Bc
5233: THOMAS AND KATHARINE MACQUOID - Pictures and Legends from Normandy and Brittany Original 1881 Illustrated Hardcover
010542: WILLIAM MORRIS SOCIETY NICHOLAS SALMON HELEN THOMAS - The Journal of the William Morris Society Volume XII Number 3 Autumn 1997 a Meeting with William Morris
015615: J.W. THOMAS - Eilhart Von Oberge's Tristrant
016618: NEIL L.THOMAS - King Arthur Lives Forever
007912: PETER THOMAS - Strangers from a Secret Land the Voyages of the Brig Albion and the Foundling of the First Welsh Settlements in Canada
008571: CONCANNON MRS.THOMAS - The Queen of Ireland an Historical Account of Ireland's Blessed Virgin Original Hardcover
006945: W.JENKYN THOMAS - The Welsh Fairy Book Hardcover Illustrated Willy Pogany
009637: CHARLES THOMAS - The Principal Antiquities of the Land's End District
010518: CHARLES THOMAS - Christian Celts Messages and Images Hardcover
006347: STANLEY THOMAS - Pre-Roman Britain Hardcover
007236: EDWARD THOMAS - The Complete Fairy Tales of Edward Thomas First Edition Hardcover
015401: STANLEY THOMAS - Pre-Roman Britain Hardcover
793: CHARLES THOMAS - Celtic Britain Hardcover
015268: PATRICK THOMAS - Llanfihangel Legends
016291: GUNNAR THOMPSON - Secret Voyages to the New World
016502: E.A.THOMPSON - Who Was Saint Patrick Hardcover
016837: RAYMOND H.THOMPSON ,CHRISTINA HOLE EDITOR H.R.ELLIS DAVIDSON, VENETIA NEWALL, R.C.COX NURULLAH SAHRAII, MARIJANE OSBORN - Gawain Against Arthur Folklore Volume 85 Summer 1974 Folklore and History H.R. Ellis Davidson
016492: R.CAMPBELL THOMPSON - Semitic Magic Hardcover
016683: R.CAMPBELL THOMPSON - Semitic Magic It's Origins and Development Hardcover
010358: FRANCIS THOMPSON - Ghosts Spirits and Spectres of Scotland Hardcover
012812: HAROLD W.THOMPSON - Body Boots & Britches Original 1939 Edition
017263: DR.HUNTER S.THOMPSON - Songs of the Doomed More Notes on the Death of the American Dream Gonzo Papers Vol. 3 First Edition Hardcover
SKU1000083: THOMPSON, GUNNAR - Lions in the New Land: The Epic Adventures of Friar Nicholas in the Enchanted Isles
015935: E.A.THOMPSON - The Visigoths in the Time of Ulfila
007011: C.J.S.THOMPSON - The Mysteries of Sex
007173: LEWIS THORPE - The Lancelot in the Arthurian Prose Vulgate Hardcover with Prospectus Epemera
016328: EDITED NORMAN J.W. THROWER - Sir Frances Drake and the Famous Voyage, 1577-1580 Essays Commerorating the Quadricentennial of Drake's Circumnavigation of the Earth
012830: SYLVIA L.THRUPP - Early Medieval Society
007133: GILBERT THURLOW - All Color Book of Biblical Myths & Mysteries Hardcover
015807: TYLER R.TICHELAAR - King Arthur's Children: A Study in Fiction and Traditon Hardcover
015712: ALAN M.TIGAY - The Jewish Traveler Hadassah Magazine's Guide to the World's Jewish Communities and Sights
013014: EDWARD LAROCQUE TINKER - Martin Fierro Don Segundo Sombra Ambassadors of the New World
009961: EDWARD LAROCQUE TINKER - Centaurs of Many Lands Hardcovers
010703: MARGARET TITCOMB - The Ancient Hawaiians How They Clothed Themselves Hawaii's Cultural Heritage Series
015960: 91/2 MYSTICS THE KABBALA TODAY - Herbert Weiner
011860: RUTHVEN TODD - Tracks in the Snow William Blake and the Eighteenth Century Mythologists Hardcover
016471: MALCOLM TODD - The Coritani
771: MALCOLM TODD - The Coritani Peoples of Roman Britain Hardcover First Edition
012757: COLM TOIBIN AND DIARMAID FERRITER - The Irish Famine a Documentary
6655: J.R.R TOLKIEN - The Return of the Shadow the History of the Lord of the Rings, Part One (the History of Middle-Earth, Vol. 6)
009525: HUMPHREY CARPENTER EDITED CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Letters of J.R. R. Tolkien Hardcover First Edition
5237: J.R.R. TOLKIEN - The Art of the Lord of the Rings (60th Anniv Slipcase) First English Edition
017014: J.R.R.TOLKIEN EDITOR CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN - The Treason of Isengard the History of the Lord of the Rings Part Two Hardcover
015463: CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN EDITOR J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Treason of Isengard the History of Middle-Earth Volume VII First English Edition Hardcover
014451: RICHARD C. WEST J.R.R.TOLKIEN - Tolkien Criticism an Annotated Checklist First Edition Hardcover
008260: CHARLES DIXON ADAPTED BY ILLUSTRATED DAVID WENZEL J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Hobbit or There and Back Again Book Two of Three Adapted by Charles Dixon Illustrated David Wenzel First Edition
013751: TED NASMITH J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The 1992 J.R. R. Tolkien Calendar Featuring All Original Art Ted Nasmith Tolkien the Centenary
012193: DOUGLAS A. ANDERSON EDITOR J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Annotated Hobbit J.R. R. Tolkien First American Edition Hardcover
012235: J.R.R. TOLKIEN - Bilbo's Last Song Illustrated by Pauline Baynes
010921: J.R.R. TOLKIEN - The Two Towers Early Barbara Remington Illustrated Ballantine Cover
015475: J.R.R.TOLKIEN - The Silmarillion First Edition Boxed Folio Society
6585: J. R. R. TOLKIEN; CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN - Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-Earth Hardcover First American Edition
016002: J.R.R.TOLKIEN - Smith of Wootton Major First Houghton Mifflin Hardcover Edition
016500: JOHN HOWE J.R.R. TOLKIEN - The 1991 J.R. R. Tolkien Calendar Featuring All New Original Art by John Howe
432: NIKOLAI TOLSTOY - The Coming of the King
014535: CHARLES F.REED IRVING E.ALEXANDER SILVAN S.TOMKINS - Psychopathology a Source Book
016568: PETER TOMPKINS - Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids Hardcover
014506: ROBERT GRAVES EDITOR JOHN CORCORAN F.GUIRAND G.ALEXINSKY E.TONNELAT - Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology with an Introduction by Robert Graves Celtic German Norse Slavonic Finnish Egyptian Chinese Persia Native America Hardcover
015586: ELISABETH TOOKER - Lewis H. Morgan on Iroquois Material Culture Hardcover
014410: FINTAN O'TOOLE - White Savage William Johnson and the Invention of America Hardcover First Edition
007839: COLOR PHOTO TOUR - Ireland It's Beauty and Splendor Hardcover Color Photos
013801: MIDLANDS-EAST TOURISM - Newgrange Co. Meath... A Step Back in Time
014754: EDWARD D. HERBERT EMANUEL TOV - The Bible As Book the Hebrew Bible and the Judean Desert Discoveries Hardcover
010410: JOHN ROWE TOWNSEND - The Fortunate Isles
015967: WILLIAM TOYE - Cartier Discovers the St. Lawrence
6510: JOSHUA TRACHTENBERG - Jewish Magic and Superstition a Study in Folk Religion Original 1939 Hardcover
005598: HONOR TRACY - Mind You I'Ve Said Nothing! Forays Into the Irish Republic
250: ACTON GRISCOM EDIT GEOFFREY OF MONMOUTH ROBERT ELLIS JONES (TRANSLATE) - The Historia Regum Britanniae of Geoffrey of Monmouth with Contributions to the Study of Its Place in Early British History Together with a Literal Translation of the Welsh Manuscript LXI of Jesus College, Oxford by Robert Ellis Jones Original 1929 Hardcover
268: J.W.THOMAS TRANSLATED WITH INTRODUCTION HEINRICH VON DEM TURLIN - The Crown a Tale of Sir Gawain and King Arthur's Court by Heinrich Von Dem Turlin Hardcover
015718: MARKHAM HARRIS TRANSLATED - The Life of Meriasek a Medieval Cornish Miracle Play Hardcover
016015: RAPHAEL PATAI SELECTED & TRANSLATED - Gates to the Old City: A Book of Jewish Legends
016185: OTTO RAHN TRANSLATED AND ANNOTATED BY CHRISTOPHER JONES - Crusade Against the Grail the Struggle between the Cathars, the Templars, and the Church of Rome
015930: GWYNETH LEWIS TRANSLATED AND INTRODUCED - Arthur's Talk with the Eagle Ymddiddan Arthur a'r Eryr Limited Numbered Signed Edition and Separate Broadside
6671: JOHN DESERONTYON TRANSLATED WITH INTRODUCTION J. N. B. HEWETT. - A Mohawk Form of Ritual of Condolence, 1782 by John Deserontyon Translated with Introduction by J.N. B. Hewett. Indian Notes and Monographs, Volume 10, Number 8
5210: O.M. DALTON TRANSLATED WITH AN INTRODUCTION GREGORY OF TOURS - The History of the Franks by Gregory of Tours Volume II Text Original 1927 Hardcover
007451: EDWARD NOBLE STONE TRANSLATED - The Song of William le Chancun de Guillelme Hardcover
016580: NICHOLAS O'KEARNEY TRANSLATED - The Prophecies of Saints Colum-Cille, Maeltamlacht, Ultan, Senan, Bearcan, and Malachy Original Hardcover
015520: JAMES BRUCE ROSS GALBERT OF BRUGES TRANSLATED AND EDITED - The Murder of Charles the Good Galbert of Bruges
012861: ALAN BOUCHER TRANSLATED AND INTRODUCED - The Saga of Hallfred the Troublesome Skald
007437: GWYN WILLIAMS TRANSLATED - The Rent That's Due to Love a Selection of Welsh Poems Hardcover
007134: A.G.PRYS-JONES TRANSLATED - Gerald of Wales His Itinerary Through Wales and His Description of the Country and It's People Hardcover
015413: THEODORET OF CYRRHUS R.M. PRICE TRANSLATED - A History of the Monks of Syria by Theodoret of Cyrrhus
016378: ALAN BOUCHER TRANSLATED - Ghosts, Witchcraft and the Other World Icelandic Folktales I
015900: W.WISTAR COMFORT TRANSLATED AND EDITED CHRETIEN DE TROYES - Arthurian Romances Chretien de Troyes Hardcover with Dust Jacket Everyman's Library
016758: MICHAEL A. FALETRA TRANSLATED AND EDITED GEOFFREY OF MONMOUTH - The History of the Kings of Britain Geoffrey of Monmouth Translated and Edited by Michael A. Faletra
SKU1000112: TRANSLATED, ADOLPH F.BANDELIER MADELEINE TURRELL RODACK; EDITED - The Discovery of New Mexico by the Franciscan Monk Friar Marcos de Niza in 1539
016591: FAINNA SOLASKO TRANSLATED - The Turnip a Russian Folk Tale Illustrated A. Komarov
016639: FORREST SMITH EDITOR MASTER THICH THIEN TAM TRANSLATED - Pure-Land Zen Letters from Patriarch Yim Kuang
016509: BRITTA M.CHARLESTON ENGLISH TRANSLATION - The Bayeux Tapestry Orbis Pictus Series Hardcover
014072: HILDA ELLIS DAVIDSON EDITED PETER FISHER TRANSLATION - The History of the Danes Books I-IX Saxo Grammaticus
016182: G.N. GARMONSWAY TRANSLATOR - The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Translated by G.N. Garmonsway
013114: NIGEL TRANTER - Druid Sacrifice
016479: JAMES TRAVIS, DR.CARL SELMER,, JANE BROOKE EVANS, MICHAEL J.PURCELL, DORAN HURLEY - Ancient Celtic Harp Music the Journal of the American Irish Society Volume XXXI I941 Hardcover
5278: JAMES TRAVIS - Early Celtic Versecraft Origin Development Diffusion Hardcover
007714: HENRY TREECE - Westward to Vinland Hardcover
006858: HENRY TREECE - The Golden Strangers First English Hardcover Edition
015310: HENRY TREECE - The Eagles Have Flown Hardcover
010335: DONATIEN LAURENT MICHEL TREGUER - La Nuit Celtique Donatien Laurent & Michel Treguer
015827: ALLEN W.TRELEASE, PAUL W.GATES, JAMES L.COLWELL, EDWARD C.BLACKORBY, ROBERT H.WALKER - The Iroquois and the Western Fur Trade the Mississippi Valley Historical Review Vol. XLIX, No. 1 June,1962
6542: TRELEASE, ALLEN W, - Indian Affairs in Colonial New York: The Seventeenth Century Hardcover
008990: PETER TREMAYNE - Raven of Destiny First English Editon Hardcover
007785: PETER TREMAYNE - Shroud for the Archbishop a Sister Fidelma Mystery Hardcover First American Edition
011278: LUE NOPPEN CLAUDE PAULETTE MICHEL TREMBLAY - Quebec Trois Siecles D'Architecture First Edition
016532: SALVATORE MICHAEL TRENTO - The Search for Lost America the Mysteries of the Stone Ruins Hardcover
009413: MARIE TREVELYAN - Arthurian Legends the Land of Arthur: It's Heroes and Heroines
010314: R.C.TREVELYAN - Thamyris or Is There a Future for Poetry Hardcover
015732: JAYNE E.TRIBER - A True Republican the Life of Paul Revere Hardcover
016598: EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHER STEFANO TRIMBOLI - Alberobello la Citta Dei Trulli the Origin of the Trulli
010480: W.W. COMFORT CHRETIEN DE TROYES - Arthurian Romances Everyman's Library Hardcover
017247: NIGEL BRYANT TRANSLATED CHRETIEN DE TROYES - Perceval the Story of the Grail Chretien de Troyes Hardcover
54: RENE LOUIS PAR CHRETIEN DE TROYES - Erec Et Enide Chretien de Troyes Roman Traduit de L'Ancien Francais
007599: DICK PRESTON EDITOR VINCENT O.ERICKSON RUTH HOLMES WHITEHEAD MICHAEL E.GAFFNEY FRANCOIS TRUDEL - Some Recent Micmac Witchcraft Beliefs Papers from the Fourth Annual Congress 1977 National Museum of Man Mercury Series Canadian Ethnology Service Paper No. 40
013976: JOHN HAMMOND TRUMBULL - Natick Dictionary Original 1903 Hardcover
014305: JOHN TRUMBULL - M' Fingal a Modern Epic Poem Revised and Corrected with Copious and Explanatory Notes Original Hardcover
016334: THE DYFED ARCHAEOLOGICAL TRUST - Archaeology in Dyfed 1976-1986 a Review of Ten Years Work by the Dyfed Archaeological Trust
006774: MAIRE MHAC AN TSAOI - Dha Sgeal Arturaiochta Mar Ata Eachtra Mhelora Agus Orlando Agus Cheilidhe Iosgaide Leithe Hardcover
6591: TSONAKWA AND YOLAIKIA - Legends in Stone, Bone and Wood Tsonakwa and Yolaikia
014628: PETER G. TSOURAS - Warlords of the Ancient Americas Central America Hardcover
013760: JAMES A.TUCK - Onondaga Iroquois Prehistory a Study in Settlement Archaeology Hardcover
867: TERRY TUCKER. - Bermuda and the Supernatural Superstitions and Beliefs from the 17th-20th Centuries Original 1968 Hardcover
013686: F.TUITE - Ireland's Revolt in '98' with Sketches of Prominent Statesmen and the Social Condition of the People Original 1897 Boston Hardcover
015319: CARLOS FERNANDEZ-BACA TUPAYACHI - Saqsaywaman a Model of Atlantis the Untold Story
014547: EDITOR CHRISTINE SMITH EDITOR HUNTER FORD TURA - The Stones of the Heavenly Jerusalem Before and After the End of Time Architecture and the Year 1000
005815: BRINTON TURKLE - Mooncoin Castle
012493: WILLIAM B.TURNBULL - The Romances of Sir Guy of Warwick and Rembrun His Son Now First Edited from the Auchinleck Ms Original 1840 Hardcover
015529: SAM TURNER - Making a Christian Landscape the Countryside in Early Medieval Cornwall, Devon and Wessex
016428: MARIANNA LINES PHOTOGRAPHS PAUL TURNER - Sacred Stones Sacred Places Hardcover Signed by Author
014267: JACQUES BRIARD TRANSLATED MARY TURTON - The Bronze Age from the Megaliths to the Celts Hardcover
006566: GODFREY TURTON - The Emperor Arthur Hardcover
015815: GRAHAM H.TWELFTREE - In the Name of Jesus Exorcism Among Early Christians
601: MAJOR F.C.TYLER - The Geometrical Arrangement of Ancient Sites a Development of the Straight Track Theory Original 1939 Hardcover
015913: MARIA TYMOCZKO - Two Death Tales from the Ulster Cycle the Death of Cu Roi and the Death of Cuchulainn Hardcover
010339: MILLENNIUM COMMITTEE OF TYNWALD - The Viking Heritage Isle of Man Millennium of Tynwald the Official Pictorial Souvenir to Commemorate the Millennium of Tynwald
008171: A.FOULET KARL D.UITTI - Le Chevalier de la Charrette (Lancelot) Edition Bilingue
006994: H.C.ULMER - Seneca Indians Home Life and Culture Original 1944 Hardcover
016079: LIAM MAC ULSTIN - The Tain the Great Celtic Epic
008874: PETER UNDERWOOD - Gazetteer of Scottish & Irish Ghosts
014769: SANDRA UNERMAN - Trial of Three Hardcover
012371: LEON URIS - Redemption the Epic Story of Trinity Continues
007381: SIR THOMAS URQUHART AND PETER MOTTEUX - Gargantua and Pantagruel by Francois Rabelais
015796: GARY URTON - The History of a Myth Pacariqtambo and the Origin of the Inkas Hardcover
012682: V.VALE AND JOHN SULAK - Modern Pagans an Investigation of Contemporary Pagan Practices Signed and Inscribed by Author
010561: JOSEPH B.VARNUM - Joseph Bradley Varnum Revolutionary War Massachusetts Town and County Tax Roll 1782 Original Signatures Including John Hancock Revolutionary War Massachusetts
006379: EDWARD VASTA - Middle English Survey Critical Essays
012788: VED PRAKASH VATUK - Studies in Indian Folk Traditions Hardcover
6572: ARTHUR OWEN VAUGHAN - The Matter of Wales" Preliminary Volume Original 1913 First Edition
115: CAROL L.NEUMAN DE VEGVAR - The Northumbrian Renaissance a Study in the Transmission of Style Hardcover
008186: ROBERT W.VENABLES, JEAN P.JORDAN, CARLETON MABEE, CHARLES LAFONTAINE - Genl. Harkemer's Battle": A Poetic Account of the Battle of Oriskany New York History Volume LVIII Number 4 October 1977
014656: THOMAS DONALDSON ROBERT W.VENABLES - The Six Nations of New York the 1892 United Stated Extra Census Bulletin Hardcover
6634: VERBEKE, W. J. JANSSENS, M. SMEYERS EDITED LINDA M.GOWANS, NEIL WRIGHT, KEITH BUSBY, MILDRED LEAKE DAY, BART BESAMUSCA, FELICITY RIDDY - Arturus Rex Volumen I: Catalogus & Volumen II. King Arthur in the Netherlands Complete Two Volume Set
016293: ROGER VERCEL - Tides of Mont St. Michel
016007: DOROTHY VERKERK - Early Medieval Bible Illumination and the Ashburnham Pentateuch Hardcover
668: GEZA VERMES - Christian Beginnings from Nazareth to Nicaea Hardcover
013095: GEZA VERMES - The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English Hardcover
005983: EDWARD JOHNSTON VERNON - A Guide to the Anglo-Saxon Tongue a Grammar Original 1855 Hardcover
015223: NEUDEUTSCH VON WILL VESPER - Hartmann Von Aue Leiber Der Arme Heinrich
017060: DONALD M.VILES - Frances Drake in the New World
5260: VILJOEN, HELEN GILL - Ruskin's Scottish Heritage: A Prelude Hardcover
015531: HERSART DE LA VILLEMARQUE - La Legende Celtique Et la Poesie Des Cloitres in Irelande, En Cambrie Et En Bretagne Original 1865 Edition
1130: HERSART DE VILLEMARQUE - Les Romans de la Table Ronde Et Les Contes Des Anciens Bretons Original1861 Edition
013822: CAPTAIN ALAN VILLIERS - Windjammer Louis de Rochemont : A Modern Adventure in Cinemiracle Hardcover Plus Two Seperate B/W Original Photos of Windjammer Gorch Fock in Tall Ships New York City
014173: NORMAN B.SPECTOR TRANSLATED EUGENE VINAVER WITH A FOREWORD - The Romance of Tristan and Isolt Translated from the Old French
015931: EUGENE VINAVER - Malory Works
007309: EUGENE VINAVER - The Tale of the Death of King Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory Hardcover
017111: ROGER SHERMAN LOOMIS EDITED R.I.BEST O.J.BERGIN ARTHUR C.L.BROWN MARTHA BECKWITH DOUGLAS HYDE EUGENE VINAVER - Medieval Studies in Memory of Gertrude Schoepperle Loomis Original 1927 Hardcover
007501: ALAN VINCE - Saxon London: An Archaeological Investigation Hardcover
016074: PAT VINCENT AND JIM FITZPATRICK - The Silver Arm Written and Illustrated by Jim Fitzpatrick Fine Condition Hardcover
010672: ELIZABETH GRAY VINING - Flora Macdonald Her Life in the Highlands and America
016130: DOMINIQUE VISEUX - L'Initiation Chevaleresque Dans la Legende Arthurienne
012700: JOHN VIVIAN - Tales of the Cornish Miners
016183: CARRIE DE VOE - Legends of the Kaw
007010: FRANCOIS JOHAN - NATHAELE VOGEL - La Quete Du Graal Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde
011590: WILLIAM T. VOLLMANN - Argall
017260: OTTO A.JGRAPHISCHEAGER MIT EINER EINLEITTUNG VON - Aethiopische Miniaturen / Ethiopian Miniatures Color Ethiopian Illuminated Manuscript Plates
016556: JOHN J.VROOMAN - The Promised Land First Edition Hardcover
014825: JOHN J.VROOMAN - The Massacre
014078: MARION VUILLEUMIER - Indians on Olde Cape Cod
781605986114: WESLEY HIRAM WACHOB - The Voice of Jesus in the Social Rhetoric of James
5254: HELEN WADDELL - Poetry in the Dark Ages the Eighth W.P. Ker Memorial Lecture Delivered in the University of Glasgow 28th October, 1947 Original Hardcover
6557: HELEN WADDELL - The Wandering Scholars
016644: GWIN J.KOLB EDWARD W.ROSENHEIM EDITORS ROBERT E.LEWIS RAYMOND B.WADDINGTON - Modern Philology Volume 79 Number 3 February 1982 the English Fabliau Tradition and Chaucer's Miller's Tale
008495: EDITED EDWARD WAGENKNECHT - Joan of Arc an Antholgy of History and Literature Hardcover
015939: PAUL WAGNER - Pictish Warrior Ad 297-841
006937: GEOFFREY WAINWRIGHT - The Henge Monuments Ceremony and Society in Prehistiric Britain Hardcover
5248: WAISSENBERGER, ROBERT - Vienna in the Biedermeier Era, 1815-1848
014106: ARTHUR EDWARD WAITE - The Holy Grail the Galahad Quest in the Arthurian Literature Hardcover
014108: E.& G.WAJNTRAUB - Hebrew Maps of the Holy Land Hardcover
583: WILLIAM F. WAKEMAN - Handbook of Irish Antiquities
011997: HEINRICH WALBE - Kirche Und Corhalle Des Klofters Lorfch Und Der Stand Der Musgrabungen
5257: EDITORS CURT F. WALDMANN, SUZANNE CARLSON, REX WEEKS, DEB TWIGG, TERRY J. DEVEAU, CHARLES BAILET - Who Built the Newport Tower? the Cartographic Evidence Neara Journal Volume 38 Number 2 Winter 2004
1004: ANNA LEE WALDO - Circle of Stones
011477: ANNA LEE WALDO - Circle of Stars
011016: R.A. WALDRON - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight York Medieval Texts Hardcover
012386: ALICE WALKER - You Cant Keep a Good Woman Down
009252: IAN W.WALKER - Harold the Last Anglo-Saxon King
SKU1000072: WALKER, WILLIAM - Peter Buchan and Other Papers on Scottish and English Ballads and Songs Original 1915 Limited Edition
007970: ANTHONY WALLACE - The Death and Rebirth of the Seneca Hardcover
009238: MARTIN WALLACE - 100 Irish Lives Hardcover
016544: GEORGE M.WALLER - The American Revolution in the West Hardcover
011667: R.A.J..WALLING - The West Country Original 1935 Hardcover "Arthur's Country
007180: ANDREW WALLS - Museums and Galleries in Scotland Aguide to over 300 Museums and Galleries Throghout Scotland
010489: W.E.WALSH - The Doom of Conaire Mor First Edition Hardcover
007911: JILL PATON WALSH - The Island Sunrise Prehistoric Culture in the British Isles
014450: BRIAN WALSH - The Secret Commonwealth and the Fairy Belief Complex Hardcover
011111: MISS E. H.WALSHE - The Manuscript Man the Bible in Ireland
010440: WALTER AND MIRIAM SCHNEIR - Invitation to an Inquest a New Look at the Rosenberg-Sobell Case
013532: PHILIPPE WALTER - Christianity the Origins of a Pagan Religion
015361: DAVID F.JOHNSON NORRIS J.LACY MARJOLEIN HOHENBIRK KATTY DE BUNDEL LORI J. WALTERS - Arthuriana Volume 15 Number 2 Summer 2005 the Uses of Middle Dutch Arthuriana
014943: LORI J.WALTERS - Lancelot and Guinevere: A Casebook Hardcover
6586: SWAMI KRIYANANDA (DONALD WALTERS) - The Path Autobiography of a Western Yogi Hardcover
5313: EVANGELINE WALTON - The Virgin and the Swine the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi Original Hardcover and Dust Jacket
010366: EVANGELINE WALTON - The Cross and the Sword First Edition Hardcover
6660: ARTHUR C. PARKER (GAWASO WANNEH) - Skunny Wundy and Other Indian Tales Original 1930 Hardcover Will Crawford Color Plate & B/W With Rare Mylar Protected Dust Jacket
011765: MARGARET WARD - Unmanageable Revolutionaries Women and Irish Nationalism Hardcover
013512: ANN BOA LUCILE BRAIS MARTHA BROSSEAU UNA WARDLEWORTH - Chateau Ramezay English/French Text Masonic Montreal French Scottish Revolutionary War Headquarters of Benjamin Franklin
013134: MARK WARHUS - Another America Native American Maps and the History of Our Lands
009223: ALEXANDER WARRACK - Scots Dictionary Hardcover
SKU1000095: WARREN, F.E. STEVENSON JANE - The Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church (Studies in Celtic History) Hardcover Hardcover
SKU1000038: WARREN, MICHELLE R - History on the Edge: Excalibur and the Borders of Britain, 1100-1300 Hardcover
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013192: HOWARD ZINN - A People's History of the United States
011701: JACK ZIPES - Breaking the Magic Spell Radical Theories of Folk and Fairy Tales Hardcover
016760: JAMES J. BUCHANAN HAROLD T.DAVIS TRANSLA TRANSLATED ZOSIMUS - Zosimus Historia Nova the Decline of Rome Hardcover
006663: WILLIAM ZUILL - Tom Moore's Bermuda Poems
008977: MARK ZUSS - Walking in Galilee
008986: MARK ZUSS - The Reveries of My Hand Limited Edition Letter Press Brooklyn Poetry Mark Zuss
008553: STEFAN ZWEIG - Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles Hardcover

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