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016955: DOUG MITCHEL - Harley-Davidson Chronicle an American Original Hardcover
012035: JOHN MITCHEL - The Life and Times of Aodh O' Neill Prince of Ulster Called by the English Hugh Earl of Tyrone with Some Account of His Predecessors, Con, Shane, and Tirlough Original 1868 Hardcover Edition
011135: JOHN MITCHEL - The History of Ireland from the Treaty of Limerick to the Present Time Original 1890 Hardcover
006485: C.E. MITCHELL - Up-Hellyaa Tar-Barrels and Guizing Looking Back Hardcover Signed and Inscribed
006242: FRANK MITCHELL - Shell Guide to Reading the Irish Landscape Hardcover
007204: ROGER MITCHELL - Ancestral Spirits and Hitchhiking Ghosts: Syncretism on Guam Brown County Place Names Midwestern Journal of Language and Folklore Vol. II No. 2 1976
SKU1000073: MITCHISON, NAOMI - The Corn King and the Spring Queen
192: NAOMI MITCHISON - The Corn King and the Spring Queen Hardcover
009694: ANTHONY MOCKLER - King Arthur and His Knights
015214: ALISTAR MOFFAT - Arthur and the Lost Kingdoms
015385: JOSE BARREIRO JOHN MOHAWK - View from the Shore American Indian Perspetives on the Quincentenary Northeast Indian Quarterly Fall 1990
011612: PAUL A.W.WALLACE JOHN MOHAWK - The White Roots of Peace Hardcover
010617: JEAN-PIERRE MOHEN - The World of Megaliths
016622: H.P.R. FINBERG EDITED A.E.HUDD C.S.TAYLOR G.BASKERVILLE E.A.L.MOIR - Gloucestershire Studies Richard Amercryk and the Name America Hardcover
009605: URSULE MOLINARO - The New Moon with the Old Moon in Her Arms
007111: ANNE MOLLOY - Shaun and the Boat an Irish Story
014538: JOSE BARREIRO GEORGE CORNELL ERIC WILLIAM DAHL RAYNA GREEN N.SCOTT MOMADAY - Northeast Indian Quarterly Volume VII, Number 2, Summer 1990 Native American Perceptions of the Environment
007330: RICHARD MONACO - The Final Quest
007077: MEMOIRE DU MONDE - La Gaule
687: SAN MARTE ALBERT SCHULTZ EDITED GOTTFRIED VON MONMOUTH (GEOFFREY OF MONMOUTH) - Die Sagen Von Merlin Mit Der Prophetia Merlini Und Vita Merlini Original 1853 Hardcover
005670: BARBARA KER WILSON ILLUSTRATED BY KIDDELL-MONROE - Scottish Folk-Tales and Legends First Edition Hardcover
012097: JOEL HENRY MONROE - Schenectady Ancient and Modern a Complete and Connected History of Schenectady from the Granting of the First Patent in 1661 to 1914 Original Hardcover
009393: JEAN MARKALE TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH ERIKA MONSON - Brittany Finistere/ Morbihan/ Loire-Atlantique/ Ille-Vilaine Cotes-Du-Nord Hardcover
637: BEOWULF:THE MONSTERS AND THE CRITICS J.R.R.TOLKIEN AN ANTHOLOGY OF BEOWULF CRITICISM - Lewis E. Nicholson Edited J.R. R. Tolkien, H. Chadwick, C.L. Wrenn, Kemp Malone, Francis P. Magoun, Jr
005718: JOHN MONTAGUE AND LIAM MILLER (AUSTIN CLARKE) - A Tribute to Austin Clarke on His Seventieth Birthday Dolmen Press Limited Edition
014545: VICTOR DIONICIO MONTEJO - El Kanil Man of Lightning a Legend of Jacaltenango
011139: E. WILLIAM MONTER - Witchcraft in France and Switzerland the Borderlands During the Reformation Hardcover
009154: ETHEL BRANT MONTURE - Famous Indians Canadian Indians Joseph Brant Crowfoot Oronhyatekha
009042: T.W.MOODY AND F.X.MARTIN - The Course of Irish History Hardcover
731: JAMES CAWTHORN & MICHAEL MOORCOCK. - Fantasy: The 100 Best Books Hardcover
016431: TOM MOORE - Round Towers of Ireland Edinburgh Review April 1834 Original Tom Moore's Critical Review of Henry O'Briens 'Round Towers of Ireland
015840: LIAM MAC UISTIN KATHY MOORE - Mir Agus Eadaoin Seansceal Gaeilge Arna Chur in Oiriuint Do Leanai 8-11
011086: GEORGE MOORE - A Story-Teller's Holiday Limited Numbered Edition
010160: HARRY T.MOORE - The Collected Letters of D.H. Lawrence Two Hardcover Set
013990: N.HUDSON MOORE - Old Glass European and American
009937: GEORGE MOORE - Peronnik the Fool Limited Hardcover Edition
009984: SAMUEL MOORE AND THOMAS A.KNOTT - The Elements of Old English Elementary Grammar and Reference Grammar and Reading Selections Original Hardcover
008878: THOMAS MOORE, J N O FRANCIS WALLER EDITED - The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore with the Life of the Author Original illustrated 1880 Hardcover
006108: THOMAS MOORE - Moore's Poems with Notes Hardcover
006698: GEORGE MOORE - Heloise and Abelard Hardcover
006099: CHRISTOPHER MOORE - Louisbourg Portraits Hardcover
011959: GEORGE MOORE - Salve Hail and Farewell Hardcover
SKU1000090: GEORGE MOORE - Ulick and Soracha Signed and Numbered Hardcover
014876: GEOFFREY MOORHOUSE - Sun Dancing a Vision of Medieval Ireland Hardcover First Edition
006872: CHARLES MOORMAN - A Knyght There Was the Evolution of the Knight in Literature Hardcover
014233: ANN MORAY - A Fair Stream of Silver Love Tales from Celtic Lore
006442: ANN MORAY - Gervase Ann Moray Drawings Lydia Rosier
008973: OLIER MORDEL - La Bretagne Et Les Bretons
015468: ANNA MORDUCH - The Sovereign Adventure the Grail of Mankind Hardcover
017205: J.J.MORGAN - Hanes Dafydd Morgan Ysbyty. Diwygiad 59
014854: LEWIS HENRY MORGAN - The League of the Ho-de-No-Sau-Nee or Iroquois Hardcover
005021: J.GWENOGVRYN EVANS EDITED WILLIAM MORGAN - Llyvyr Iob Cyvieithad Dr Morgan 1588 the Book of Job Welsh Classics for the People Original 1888 Edition
017095: LEWIS H.MORGAN WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY PAUL BOHANNAN - Houses and House-Life of the American Aborigines Classics in Anthropology
641: PROFESSOR IDRIES LL. FOSTER EDITOR IOLO MORGANWG, RACHEL BROMWICH, PETER C. BARTRUM, F.V. EMERY, ARTHUR ROCYN JONES - Trioedd Ynys Prydain: The Myvyrian ' Third Series ' As Translated by Iolo Morganwg and Edited by Rachel Bromwich Appendix Peter C. Bartrum the Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Session 1969 Part I Original Complete Publication
013383: SOMA MORGENSTERN - The Third Pillar Hardcover
014999: KEISHIRO OKUMA TOSHIO DOI TOSHIO HIRUNUMA SETSUKO MORI - Studia Celtica Japonica New Series No. 2 December 1989
015410: ROBERT B. PATTERSON EDITED BERNARD S.BACHRACH MICHAEL E.JONES MARC A.MEYER SALLY N.VAUGHN STEPHEN MORILLO - The Questions of King Arthur's Existence and of Romano British Naval Operations the Haskins Society Journal Studies in Medieval History Volume. 2 1990 Hardcover
016301: JOHN M.ROBERTS, SABURO MORITA AND L.KEITH BROWN EDITOR H.RUSSELL BERNARD - American Anthropologist Volume 88 Number 4 December 1986 Personal Categories Forjapanese Sacred Places and Gods: Views Elicited from a Conjugal Pair
012529: SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE CHRISTOPHER MORLEY - The Complete Sherlock Holmes Hardcover Set
015388: SUSAN CONNOLLY ANNE-MARIE MORONEY - Stone and Tree Sheltering Water an Exploration of Sacred and Secular Wells in County Louth
016184: MICHAEL MORPURGO - Joan of Arc Hardcover First Edition
005097: KENNETH MORRIS - The Secret Mountain and Other Tales First Edition
589: LEWIS MORRIS, RICHARD MORRIS, WILLIAM MORRIS, EDITED JOHN H. DAVIES - The Letters of Lewis, Richard, William and John Morris of Anglesey, (Morrisiaid Mon) 1728-1765. Transcribed from the Originals and Edited by John H. Davies. Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Complete Hardcover Set
009732: JOHN MORRIS - The Age of Arthur Hardcover
016459: ELISABRTH MORRIS - Brittany European Regional Guide Passport Books English Language Walks & Tours with Maps
016253: JOHN MORRIS - The Adventures of Arthur in Snowdonia and Anglesy Anturiaethau Arthur Yn Eryri Ac Ynys Mon Inscribed Signed Numbered Editon
007257: CHARLES MORRIS - Morris Map of 1749 in Leather and Suede Folder Limited Edition
015201: GERALD MORRIS - The Squire's Tale First Edition Hardcover
017245: ROSEMARY MORRIS - The Character of King Arthur in Medieval Literature Hardcover
007136: JOHN MORRIS - The Age of Arthur: A History of the British Isles from 350 to 650 Hardcover
012781: CHARLES MORRIS - Historical Tales the Romance of Reality Hardcover
010132: WILLIAM MORRIS - The Water of the Wondrous Isles
007465: KENNETH MORRIS - The Chalchiuhite Dragon a Tale of Toltec Times Hardcover
007284: JOHN E.MORRIS - The Welsh Wars of Edward I Hardcover
016646: KENNETH MORRIS - The Book of the Three Dragons Hardcover
005660: PATRICIA KENNEALY-MORRISON - The Hedge of Mist Vol III the Tales of Arthur a Book of the Keltiad Hardcover
011636: T. RALPH MORTON - The Iona Community Story
006816: ROBERT MOSS - The Firekeeper a Narrative of the Eastern Frontier First Edition Hardcover
014743: ROBERT MOSS - The Three Only Things Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence & Imagination Hardcover
007240: ROBERT MOSS - Fire Along the Sky First Edition Hardcover
012058: DAPHNE D.C.POCHIN MOULD - The Celtic Saints First Edition Hardcover
015714: D.D.C. POCHIN MOULD - Irish Pilgrimage Hardcover First Edition
011233: DAPHNE D.C. POCHIN MOULD - The Aran Islands
005116: D.D.C. POCHIN MOULD - The Mountains of Ireland
ABE-241843: FARLEY MOWAT - West Viking the Ancient Norse in Greenland and North America Hardcover
005305: FARLEY MOWAT - La Malediction Du Tombeau Viking
016338: WILLIAM B.SKELTON RICHARD G. DAVIS GEORGE RAUDZENS MALCOLM MUIR, JR - Social Roots of the American Military Profession: The Officer Corps of America Peacetime Army 1784-1789 the Journal of Military History Vol. 54. No. 4 October1990
780: RICHARD MUIR - Riddles in the British Landscape
016284: MICHAEL MULLEN - Scath Na Naingeal
012458: MICHAEL MULLEN - Kelly a Novel Hardcover First Irish Edition
006854: MICHAEL MULLEN - Sea Wolves from the North First Irish Edition Hardcover
017034: GLEN KREISBERG ROSLYN STRONG EDWARD J.LENIK NORMAN MULLER - Neara Journal Volume 48 Number 2 Winter 2014
017085: ABBAS HAMDANI DANIEL V.BOUDILLION CHARLES F.HERBERGER NORMAN E.MULLER - Neara Journal Volume 43 Number 1 Summer 2009 Arabic Sources for the Pre-Columbian Voyages of Discovery
013651: KIYOHIKO MUNAKATA - Sacred Mountains in Chinese Art
016827: LUKE WENGER EDITOR JOHN HINE MUNDY - Speculum Vol. 64 October 1989 No. 4 in Praise of Italy: The Italian Republics the Personal Religion of Edward III
006291: H.WARNER MUNN - Merlin's Godson First Ballantine Fantasy Edition
012408: R.W.MUNRO - Highland Clans & Tartans
371: BRIAN O. MURDOCH - The Medieval Cornish Poem of the Passion Special Bibliography No. 5
016383: DESMOND MURPHY - Irish Forests No 45 of the Irish Environmental Library Series
014666: PAT MURPHY - Colonial Kingston Coloring Book
017240: G.RONALD MURPHY - Tree of Salvation Yggdrasil and the Cross in the North Hardcover
015565: GERARD MURPHY - The Ossianic Lore and Romantic Tales of Medieval Ireland
017249: G.RONALD MURPHY - Gemstone of Paradise the Holy Grail in Wolfram's Parzival Hardcover
009089: E.H. BLAKENEY EDITED TRANSLATED ARTHUR MURPHY - Tacitus Historical Works: The History Germania, Agricola Volume Two Hardcover
012370: BONNIE KIME SCOTT MAUREEN MURPHY - Jeremiah Curtin: American Pioneer in Irish Folklore Eire-Ireland a Journal of Irish Studies XXIII: 2 Summer 1978
008639: MOLLY COCHRAN WARREN MURPHY - The Broken Sword Sequel to the Forever King Hardcover
330: GERARD MURPHY - Tales from Ireland Re-Told by Gerald Murphy
1034: PAUL MURRAY - Culann and the Leprechauns a Tale of Ireland
015146: ELSIE MURRAY - Te-a-O-Ga Annals of a Valley
013528: WILLIAM MURRELL - A History of American Graphic Humor Volume I (1747-1865)
010298: EDITED JOSEPH CAMPBELL & CHARLES MUSES - In All Her Names Explorations of the Feminine in Divinity
016661: THE AKWESASNE MUSEUM - Teionkwahontasen: Basketmakers of Akwesasne
231: CHRISTINE M. MILES ROBERT I.GOLER FRAUNCES TAVERN MUSEUM - A Toast to Freedom New York Celebrates Evacuation Day a Publication Commemorating the Bicentennial of the Evacuation of the British from New York City on November 25, 1783, at the End of the Revolutionary War
012198: IROQUOIS INDIAN MUSEUM - Visual Voices of the Iroquois
014016: EDITH PATTERSON MYER - Pirate Queen the Story of Ireland's Grania O'Malley in the Days of Queen Elizabeth Hardcover
009702: A.R.MYERS - London in the Age of Chaucer Hardcover
016251: LIAM MAN UISTIN TERRY MYLER - Clann Tuireann Hardcover
562: TADH MAC DHONNAGAIN TERRY MYLER - Flea Bhricriu Hardcover
014208: J. N. L. MYRES AND BARBARA GREEN - The Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries of Caistor by Norwich and Markshall Norfolk Hardcover
017186: KALEDON NADDAIR - Keltic Folk & Faerie Tales Their Hidden Meaning Explored
011811: JOSEPH FALAKY NAGY - Conversing with Angels & Ancients Literary Myths of Medieval Ireland
015988: ABBA ZVI NAIMAN - Landscapes of the Spirit the Cities of Eretz Yisrael in Jewish Thought Hardcover
017192: MOSES HADAS TRANSLATED BERCHIAH HA-NAKDAN - Fables of a Jewish Aesop Translated from the Fox Fables of Berchiah Ha-Nakdan by Moses Hadras First Edition Hardcover
010433: R.MORTON NANCE AND A.S.D.SMITH - Abram Hag Ysak Abraham and Issac No. IV
017023: JAMES NAPIER - Folklore; or Superstitious Beliefs in the West of Scotlnd Within This Century Original 1879 Hardcover
016124: JOANNE PUNZO WAGHORNE NORMAN CUTLER VASUDHA NARAYANAN - Gods of Flesh Gods of Stone the Embodiment of Divinity in India
184: PETER NARVAEZ - The Good People New Fairylore Essays Hardcover
013808: GARY B.NASH - The Unknown American Revolution Hardcover
007575: STANLEY CHOJNACKI LISA JARDINE JERRY C.NASH - Patrician Women in Early Renaissance Venice Studies in the Renaissance Volume XXI 1974
014309: CONDE NAST - Vogue September15 1933 Hats and Gowns from Paris Openings Bergdorf Goodman
012438: THE NATION - One Hundredth Anniversary Issue the Nation
998: J.M. DE NAVARRO - A Survey of Research on an Early Phase of Celtic Culture
008962: RUTH F.NECHELES - Free Colored West Indians: A Racial Dilemma Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture Volume 3 Racism in the Eighteenth Century
011641: RUTH F.NECHELES - A Racial Dilemma Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture Volume 3 Racism in the Eighteenth Century
016361: EOIN NEESON - The Second Book of Irish Myths and Legends Hardcover
012773: EOIN NEESON - Celtic Myths and Legends Hardcover
016214: KENNETH NEILL - The Irish People an Illustrated History Hardcover
013243: RALPH NELSON - Popol Vuh the Great Mythological Book of the Ancient Maya Fine First Edition Hardcover
016801: EDMUND NEQUATEWA - Truth of a Hopi Srories Relating to the Origin, Myths and Clan Histories of the Hopi
015431: JOACHIM NEUGROSCHEL - Great Tales of Jewish Occult and Magic Hardcover
007344: TIM NEWARK - The Barbarians Warriors & Wars of the Dark Ages Hardcover
015205: WILLIAM N.FENTON EDITED SETH NEWHOUSE - Seth Newhouse's Traditional History and Constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Vol. 93, No. 2,1949 Signed and Inscribed by William Fenton Original 1949 Edition
007531: SHARAN NEWMAN - The Chessboard Queen Hardcover
007112: PAUL NEWMAN - Lost Gods of Albion the Chalk Hill-Figures of Britain Hardcover
012361: JOHN B. NEWMAN - Wa-Wa-Wanda a Legend of Old Orange Original 1860 Hardcover
005850: SHARAN NEWMAN - Guinevere Evermore
016550: SHARAN NEWMAN - The Chessboard Queen Hardcover
008983: NEW YORK CITY NINETEENTH CENTURY ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER - New-York Mirror a Weekly Journal Devoted to Literature and the Fine Arts Volume Fifteen Saturday, Febuary 17,1838 Number Thirty-Four "Washington's Life-Guard" and "the Rock of the Fort" Original Edition 1838 Newspaper
009697: EDITORS RHODE ISLAND REVOLUTIONARY WAR NEWSPAPER - The Providence Gazette and County Journal Original 1772 Colonial Rhode Island Newspaper
013643: THE BOSTON GLOBE NEWSPAPER - Nixon Resigns Friday Morning August 9, 1974 the Boston Globe Newspaper
013274: METTE NEWTH - The Abduction
007517: A.P.NEWTON - Travel and Travellers of the Middle Ages Hardcover
013487: KENNETH NICHOLLS - Gaelicised Ireland in the Middle Ages
390: LEWIS E.NICHOLSON AND DOLORES WARWICK FRESE - Anglo-Saxon Poetry Essays in Appreciation
013841: IRENE NICHOLSON - Mexican and Central American Mythology Hardcover
015334: BONNIE WHEELER RUPERT T. PICKENS PAUL ROCKWELL ROGER SIMPSON CATHERINE BATT HELMUT NICKEL - Arthuriana Volume 7 Number 3 Fall 1997 the Arthurian Art of David Jones
008502: THEODORE STURGEON LOKER RALEY JOHN PIKE JEANNE NIELD - Bluestone the Literary Quarterly Vol. I No 2
013575: HANS BEKKER NIELSEN - Old Norse-Icelandic Studies a Select Bibligraphy
013750: LUCY RIDGELY SEYMER EDITED FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE - Selected Writings of Florence Nightingale Hardcover
013694: ARCHIMBAUD CLAIRE NIQUET - L' Abecedaire D' Amandine Et Benjamin
017016: WILLIAM A NITZE AND HARRY F WILLIAMS - Arthurian Names in the Perceval of Chretien de Troyes Analysis and Commentary Original 1955 Edition
012027: SISTER NIVEDITA - Cradle Tales of Hinduism Original 1907 Hardcover
010981: LA REVUE POPULAIRE VOL.13 NO.4 - La Revue Populaire Ce Qu'on Peut Lire Dans Sa Propre Main le Celebre Houdin a Maintenant Sa Clef Et Face Au Public
013664: DAVID GRANT NOBLE - Revised and Expanded Ancient Ruins of the Southwest an Archaeological Guide
013636: RUTH S.NOEL - The Mythology of Middle Earth
013079: FRANK NORALL - Bourgmont Explorer of the Missouri 1698-1725 Hardcover
016947: KURT BUSTER CARY NORD - Conan the Frost-Giants Daughter
009578: CARL NORDENFALK - Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Painting
014843: CARL NORDENFALK - Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Painting Hardcover First American Edition
011307: M. NORLAND - Stavanger Og Stavangerne I de Hvite Seils Tid
016553: CHARLES NORMAN - Orimha of the Mohawks Illustrated by Johannes Troyer
012606: JIM NORTHRUP - Walking the Rez Road Hardcover
613: ANDRE NORTON - Merlin's Mirror
017228: PENRITH CHAPBOOK ANTHONY SOULBY RESET BY BARRY MCKAY PRINTED PETER NORTON - An Excellent Old Song Setting Forth the Memorable Battle Fought between Sir Lancelot Du Lake, and Tarquin, the Giant, Who Dwelt at the Giant's Cave, at Edenside, Near Penrith Facsimile Penrith Chapbook
012420: MARY BETH NORTON - Libertys Daughters the Revolutionary Experience of American Women 1750-1800
246: DYLLANS NOWETH - An Awayl Herwyth Sen Mark Saint Mark's Gospel in Cornish
010578: MACDOUGALL REV.J. EDITED INTRODUCTION ALFRED NUTT - Waifs and Strays of Celtic Tradition III Argyllshire Series Folk and Hero Tales Original 1891 Hardcover
008510: ALFRED NUTT - The Influence of Celtic Upon Mediaeval Romance No. 1 Popular Studies in Mythology and Romance and Folklore
008633: ALFRED NUTT - Ossian and the Ossianic Literature by Alfred Nutt No. 3 Popular Studies in Mythology Romance Folklore Original 1910 David Nutt Edition
012448: ROBERT NYE - March Has Horse's Ears and Other Stories Hardcover
572: ROBERT NYE - Merlin Hardcover First Edition
009924: WALTER OAKESHOTT - The Sequence of English Medieval Art Illustrated Chiefly from Illuminated Mss, 650-1450 Hardcover
014433: MICHAEL LEROY OBERG - Uncas First of the Mohegans
013078: NICK ODDO - Paul Bunyan Hardcover
011958: L'OEIL - The Art Market 2000 in France,Belgium and Switzerland le Marche de L'Art 2000 En France, Belgium and Switzerland
013136: ROBERT W. VENABLES EDITOR THE U.S.CENSUS OFFICE - The Six Nations of New York the 1892 United States Extra Census Bulletin
016665: CAPTAIN ADOLPH S.OKO - Francis Drake and Nova Albion
010731: LEONARDO OLSCHKI - The Grail Castle and It's Mysteries Hardcover
012729: BRAD OLSEN - Sacred Places North America 108 Destinations
015507: LYNETTE OLSON - Early Monastaries in Cornwall Hardcover
016108: CHARLES W.C. OMAN - Castles an Illustrated Guide Through 80 Castles of England and Wales Hardcover
013818: FRANK OPPEL - Tales of Old New England Hardcover
007800: PAUL OPPENHEIMER - Till Eulenspiegel His Adventures Hardcover
016983: ANDY ORCHARD - Dictionary of Norse Myth and Legend Apendices Names of Troll-Wives, Giantesses and Valkyries
012442: CLINTON ORLEMANN - Cincinnati Paintings and Sketches by Clinton Orlemann Signed and Inscribed Hardcover
010959: FRANKLIN FOLSOM ALFONSO ORTIZ - Red Power on the Rio Grande the Native American Revolution of 1680
006129: C.W. PREVITE-ORTON - The Shorter Cambridge Medieval History Two Volume. Hardcover Set Book 1 & 2
008835: JAMES M. OSBORN - Young Philip Sidney 1572-1577 Hardcover
011828: HAROLD OSBORNE - South American Mythology Hardcover
015674: H.P.A. OSKAMP - The Voyage of Mael Duin
017188: HUGH OWEN, A.W.WADE-EVANS, EDWARD OWEN, T HUWS DAVIES, E.ALFRED JONES, J.ARTHUR PRICE - Some Insular Sources of the Excidium Britanniae Y Cymmrodor Vol. XXVII 1917 Original Edition with Peniarth Ms. 118 Introduction, Transcript and Translation and the Year of the Reception of the Saxones
017174: EGERTON PHILLIMORE E. SIDNEY HARTLAND REV. ELIAS OWEN - Old Welsh Folk Medicine, the Annales Cambriae and Old Welsh Genealogies from Harleian Ms 3859, Y Cymmrodor the Magazine of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Vol. IX Part II Original1888 Edition
017285: G. DYFNALLT OWEN - Elizabethan Wales the Social Scene Hardcover
016938: HYWEL WYN OWEN, RICHARD MORGAN - Dictionary of the Place-Names of Wales Hardcover
009907: A.L.OWEN - The Famous Druids a Survey of Three Centuries of English Literature on the Druids Hardcover
005737: REV.ELIAS OWEN - Old Stone Crosses of the Vale of Clwyd and Neighbouring Parishes Ancient Manners and Customs and Legendary Lore
005178: D.D.R.OWEN - Arthurian Romance Seven Essays Hardcover
016835: MARK OWEN - No Easy Day the Autobiography of a Navy Seal/the Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden Hardcover First Edition First Printing
013416: ANEURIN OWEN - Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales Comprising Laws Supposed to Be Enacted by Howel the Good Modified by Subsequent Regulations Under the Native Princes Prior to the Conquest of Edward the First Two Original 1841 Hardcover Vols.
011598: GALE R.OWEN - Rites and Religions of the Anglo-Saxons Hardcover
006428: HENRY OWEN - Gerald the Welshman Original 1889 Hardcover
006845: PHILIP PACEY - Hugh Macdiarmid and David Jones Celtic Wonder-Voyagers
015965: PIERRE AUGUSTE WALTER PACH - Renoir Collector's Edition Bound in Genuine Leather the Easton Press
254: KIM PAFFENROTH - Gospel of the Living Dead George Romero's Visions of Hell on Earth Hardcover
014293: ANTHONY PAGANO - Melrose Massachusetts Volume II Images of America
007303: R.I. PAGE - Runes
015419: JOHN PAINTER - Just James the Brother of Jesus in History and Tradition Hardcover
91: THOMAS PAKENHAM - The Year of Liberty the Great Irish Rebellion of 1798 Hardcover
012402: PRATAPADITYA PAL - Aspects of Indian Art Papers Presented in a Symposium at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art October1970 Hardcover
010512: VICTOR HUGO PALSITS - Minutes of the Executive Council of the Province of New York Administration of Francis Lovelace 1668-1673 Documents Original Two Vol Hardcover Set
016567: JAMES D.TRACY EDITED PALUDANUS, BERNARD - True Ocean Found: Paludanus's Letters on Dutch Voyages to the Kara Sea, 1595-1596 Original 1980 Hardcover Limited Numbered Edition
015027: GRAHAM PANES - Voyages of the Celtic Saints
016402: EMORE PAOLI - Marcellano Indagine Su Un Castello Medievale Umbro
009856: PAUL C. PAPPAS - Jesus Tomb in India Debate on His Death and Resurrection
017158: TUDOR PARFITT - The Thirteenth Gate Travels Among the Lost Tribes of Israel Hardcover
000005: GASTON PARIS - La Vie de Saint Galles Societe Des Anciens Textes Francais Hardcover
903: GASTON PARIS - La Vie de Saint Gilles Guillaume de Bemville Original 1881 Societe Des Anciens Textes Francaishardcover
008115: MARIA PARISEN - Angels & Mortals Their Co-Creative Power
SKU1000158: ARTHUR C.PARKER - Fundamental Factors in Seneca Folk Lore Original 1924 New York State Museum Publication
016573: ROBERT E.MOODY ARTHUR C.PARKER - Nundawao and the Coming of the Senecas by Arthur C. Parker Original 1954 Publication of the Nundawaga Society
5291: ARTHUR C. PARKER - Fundamentals Factors in Seneca Folk Lore Original 1924 Publication of the University of the State of New York From New York State Museum Bulletin 253 Nineteenth Report of the Director, 1923
010635: ARTHUR C.PARKER - Skunny Wundy Seneca Indian Tales
012122: ARTHUR C.PARKER - Excavations in an Erie Indian Village New York State Bulletin 117 Archeology 14
012040: EDITED ANDREW PARKIN - The Herne's Egg W.B. Yeats
011408: FRANCIS PARKMEN - Pioneers of France in the New World by Francis Parkman Original 1892 Hardcover
013502: GEOFFREY PARRINDER - African Mythology Hardcover
015821: J. HUMPHREYS PARRY - The Cambro-Briton and General Celtic Repository No. 25 for January 1822 Original1822 Publication
011555: JOSEPH PARRY AND DAVID ROWLANDS - Cambrian Minstrelsie a National Collection of Welsh Songs Vol III Hardcover
006110: THOMAS PARRY - The Welsh Metrical Treatise Attributed to Einion Offeiriad Sir John Rhys Memorial Lecture British Academy 1961 Original First Edition
017189: JOHN H. PARRY - The Cambrian Plutarch Containing Memoirs of Some of the Most Eminent Welshmen
017133: ELSIE CLEWS PARSONS - Folk-Lore of the Antilles French and English Volume XXVI Part I 1933 Original Hardcover
007985: A.C. PARTRIDGE - A Companion to Old and Middle English Studies
017079: RAPHAEL PATAI - The Children of Noah Jewish Seafaring in Ancient Times Hardcover
014231: RAPHAEL PATAI - On Jewish Folklore the Goddess Cult in the Hebrew Jewish Religion
016443: HELENA PATERSON - King Arthur's Return Celtic Art by Courtney Davis
582: LUCY ALLEN PATON - Les Prophecies de Merlin Edited from Ms. 593 in the Bibliotheque Municipale of Rennes Part Two Studies in the Contents English Language
012367: ANDREW PATTERSON - A Planet Through a Field of Stars
015669: RAPHAEL PATTI, FRANCIS LEE UTLEY, DOV NOY, EDITED - Studies in Biblical and Jewish Folklore
011832: EDITH PATTOU - Hero's Song Signed and Inscribed
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014355: CHRISTOPHER BASWELL WILLIAM SHARPE - The Passing of Arthur New Essays in Arthurian Tradition Hardcover
015833: DAVID HATCHER CHILDRESS & RICHARD SHAVER - Lost Continents & the Hollow Earth I Remember Lemoria & the Shaver Mystery
009919: GEORGE BERNARD SHAW - London Music in 1888-89 As Heard by Corno Di Bassetto ( Later Known As Bernard Shaw) with Some Further Autobiographical Particulars Original 1950 Hardcover
014789: GERALD MURPHY FOREWORD NESSA NI SHE - Saga and Myth in Ancient Ireland Laochra Rithe Agus Deithe
013969: NESSA NI SHE - Toraiocht Dhiarmada Agus Ghrainne
011799: JOHN G. SHEA - The American Shakers and Their Furniture
015399: MICHAEL J.O 'SHEA - James Joyce & Heraldry Hardcover
009033: R.S.SHEARER, ILLUSTRATED BY MAPS - The Frossachs and Loch Lomond Guide Stirling Dunblane Callander Killin Loch Awe and Oban the Clans of the Distict
015437: ROBERT B.GOODMAN GAVIN DAWS ED SHEEHAN - The Hawaiians Hardcover
007890: CANON SHEEHAN - Lisheen or the Test of the Spirits Original 1928 Hardcover
012396: MICHAEL SHEEHY - Divided We Stand a Study of Partition Hardcover
006390: KAY KAUFMAN SHELEMAY - Music, Ritual, and Falasha History First Edition Hardcover
016057: HAL T. SHELTON - General Richard Montgomery and the American Revolution
015273: ELIZABETH G. SHEPARD - A Guide Book to Norumbega and Vineland the Archeological Treasures Along Charles River Norse Massachusetts Original 1893 Hardcover Limited Edition
009737: ODELL SHEPARD - The Lore of the Unicorn Hardcover
009965: JOSEPHA SHERMAN - Prince of the Sidhe Book I. The Shattered Oath and Book II Forging the Runes Two Volumes
013640: JAMES KOWLES LADY BLAKE W.CREWDSON YU-KOKI-SHI - The Nineteenth Century and After XIX-XX a Monthly Review Yu-Koki-Shi Ikoku Kidan Tales of Strange Lands Tir-Na-Ban a Study of Irish Life and Death Original 1913 Hardcover
ABE-249444: MARTIN B SHICHTMAN AND JAMES CARLY EDITED DONALD L.HOFFMAN DONALD MADDOX FELICITY RIDDY - Culture and the King the Social Implications of the Arthurian Legend Hardcover
010533: KOKUSAI BUNKA SHINKOKAI - El Desarrollo Del Arte Teatral Japones Original 1936 Edition Rare Inscribed for Manuel Horta
1066: JEAN SHINODA - Crossing to Avalon a Woman's Midlife Pilgrimage
017073: ERIC SHIPTON - Tierra Del Fuego: The Fatal Lodestone Hardcover
016712: ANDREW ESCOBEDO EDITOR R.ALLEN SHOAF - The Tudor Search for Arthur and the Poetics of Historical Loss Exemplaria a Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies Vol. XLV No. 1 Spring 2002
017031: ROBINSON'S HARP SHOP - Folk Harp Journal Vol. 21 June 1978
013161: EDITORS JO PENNINGTON GEORGE H. SHOREY - Brownstones Remodeled Old English Broadsides Original Complete 1924 Issue
015007: EARL SHORRIS - Jews without Mercy a Lament Hardcover
008078: CLEMENT KING SHORTER - George Borrow and His Circle Hardcover
011846: CHARLES REGINALD SHRADER - Reference Guide to United States Military History 1607-1815
016615: JAMES V.SHUBERT - Salami's Fire a Piggy's Trial by Fire
009565: BRIAN SIBLEY - There and Back Again: The Map of the Hobbit Text Brian Sibley Images John Howe
010378: BRIAN SIBLEY - The Lord of the Rings Official Movie Guide First Edition Hardcover
010708: BRIAN SIBLEY - The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring Insiders Guide First Edition
008810: JOSEPH S.SICKLER - Tea Burning Town Hardcover
015981: ALFRED K. SIEWERS - Strange Beauty Ecocritical Approaches to Early Medieval Landscape Hardcover
010145: PETE SIGAL - From Moon Goddesses to Virgins the Colonization of Yucatecan Maya Sexual Desire
016757: PETER LORD JOHN MORGAN-GUY GERAINT H.JENKINS GENERAL EDITOR SIHNED AND INSCRIBED - The Visual Culture of Wales: Medieval Vision Hardcover Signed and Inscribed by Geraint H. Jenkins
631: WIRT SIKES - Rambles and Studies in Old South Wales Hardcover
017101: LESLIE MARMON SILKO - The Turquoise Ledge a Memoir Hardcover
010780: ROBERT SILVERBERG - Mound Builders of Ancient America Hardcover
005945: THEODORE SILVERSTEIN - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight a Comedy for Christmas Hardcover
015963: SHEL SILVERSTEIN - Where the Sidewalk Ends the Poems and Drawings of Shel Silverstein
008943: CLARE A. SIMMONS - Reversing the Conquest History and Myth
012363: MARC SIMMONS - Witchcraft in the Southwest Spanish and Indian Supernaturalism on the Rio Grande
016855: GEORGE OTTO SIMMS - Brendan the Navigator Exploring the Ancient World
016279: JEPTH R. SIMMS - The History of Schoharie County and Border Wars of New York; Containing Also a Sketch of the Causes Which Led to the American Revolution and Interesting Memoranda of the Mohawk Valley Illustrated with More Than Thirty Engravings Original Schoharie County Council Collectible Hardcover Edition
012334: G.O. SIMMS - The Book of Kells a Brief Description with Twenty Illustrations Dolmen Press Hardcover
015428: C.E. MEEK & M.K.SIMMS - The Fragility of Her Sex Medieval Irish Women in Their European Context Hardcover
014297: HARRY SPERLING MAURICE SIMON - The Zohar Volume 5 Soncino Press Hardcover
006623: HUMPHREY CASE ARTHUR AP SIMON, - The Neolithic and Earlier Bronze Ages in the North of Ireland
016940: MICHAEL SIMON - Dirty Sally a Novel Signed by Author Hardcover
016776: H.R.ELLIS DAVIDSON EDIRED ALAN GAILEY S.P.MENEFEE A.ROY VICKERY JACQUELINE SIMPSON - The Function of Folklore in Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights Folklore Volume 85 Spring 1974
014249: JACQUELINE SIMPSON - British Dragons Hardcover
007819: JACQUELINE SIMPSON - The Folklore of the Welsh Border Hardcover
257: MYRTLE SIMPSON - Vikings,Scots and Scraelings a Greenland Saga Signed First Edition Hardcover
817: CLIFFORD STANLEY SIMS - The Origin and Signification of Scottish Surnames Hardcover
013658: ANDREW SINCLAIR - The Discovery of the Grail Hardcover
010100: ANDREW SINCLAIR - The Sword and the Grail Hardcover First Edition
010605: HERBERT T.SINGER AND OSSIAN LANG - New York Freemasonry a Bicentennial History 1781-1981 Hardcover
016095: ISAAC BASHEVIS SINGER - Yentl the Yeshiva Boy Hardcover First Edition
014330: ROBERT SINGERMAN AND MICHAEL POLLACK - A Curious Document Attributing a Jewish Background to Johann Gutenberg Printing History Vol II, No. 1 1980
015528: P.A.O. SIOCHAIN - Aran Islands of Legend (Hardcover) Signed and Insccribed by Author
016264: PADRAIG O' SIOCHRU - Aililiu, Seo Chugainn Bricriu
014928: GEORGE E. SIOUI - Huron Wendat the Heritage of the Circle
006443: SACHEVERELL SITWELL - The Gothick North Hardcover
011019: MARIE-LOUISE SJOESTEDT - Dieux Et Heros Des Celtes First 1940 French Edition
013893: JOHN SKEAPING - The Big Tree of Mexico
015679: WALTER W.SKEAT - Chaucer the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales Edited Walter W. Skeat Original 1906 Hardcover
010117: REV.WALTER W.SKEAT - Joseph of Arimathie: The Romance of the Seint Graal Hardcover
009177: DELL SKEELS - The Romance of Perceval in Prose a Translation of the E Manuscript of the Didot Perceval
007034: DELL SKEELS - The Romance of Perceval in Prose a Translation of the E. Manuscript of the Didot Perceval Hardcover with Dust Jacket
016533: DELL SKELLS - The Romance of Perceval in Prose Hardcover
823: R.A.SKELTON - The Vinland Map and the Tarter Relation Hardcover
014877: THE AMERICAN REVIEW A WHIG JOURNAL CHIEF SKENANDOAH - The American Review Vol VI. November1847 No. 5 a Night with the Dead Our Finny Friends -American Rivers and Sea-Coasts by Charles Lanman Foreign Emigration Letters on the Iroquois Skenandoah
016346: JOHN DEE EDITED STEPHEN SKINNER - Drjohn Dee's Spiritual Diary (1583-1608) a True and Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Years between Drjohn Dee and Some Spirit Preface Meric Casaubon
016193: EDITORS STEPHEN SKINNER, NADIA RAAFAT - Feng Shui for Modern Living November/December 2001
013403: KEITH BUSBY NORRIS LACY ELIZABETH S.SKLAR - The Arthurian Yearbook III "the New Arthurian Encyclopedia Supplement
012914: FREL-SLADEK - Greek Architecture
012820: SYDNEY GOODSIR SMITH - The Wallace a Triumph in Five Acts First Edition Hardcover
388: PETER ALDERSON SMITH - W.B. Yeats and the Tribes of Danu Hardcover
017264: MARION WHITNEY SMITH - Strange Tales of Abenaki Shamanism by Marion Whitney Smith Signed by Author
015376: MICHAEL B. RUNNING WOLF PATRICIA CLARK SMITH - On the Trail of Elder Brother Glousgap Stories of the Micmac Indians Hardcover
180: MARION WHITNEY SMITH - Algonquian and Abenaki Indian Myths and Legends Signed by Author
008788: ROLAND M.SMITH - Studies by Members of the English Department University of Illinois in Memory of John Jay Parry Hardcover
012977: MALCOLM SMITH - The Triads of Britain Compiled by Iolo Morganwg
009898: E.A.SMITH - Myths of the Iroquois by Erminnie A. Smith with Fourteen New Original Drawings by Mohawk Artist Lohn Kahiohes Fadden
005802: MICHEAL MACLIAMMOIR EDWIN SMITH - Ireland Micheal Mac Liammoir Illustrated by 10 Color Plates,113 b/wplates
010565: CECIL WOODHAM-SMITH - The Great Hunger Hardcover
553: HOWARD PYLE ILLUSTRATED LAWRENCE BEALL SMITH - The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle Hardcover
016612: A.TANNER SMITH - The Anasazi and the Viking
401: RICHARD H.R.SMITHIES - The Pendragon Caper Hardcover First Edition
017155: JEREMY D. SMOAK - The Priestly Blessing in Inscription and Scripture: The Early History of Numbers 6: 24-26 Hardcover
014621: DARAGH SMYTH - A Guide to Irish Mythology Hardcover
007546: BARBARA SMYTHE - Trobador Poets Selections from the Poems of Eight Trobadors: Translated from the Provencal Hardcover
015534: F.J.SNELL - King Arthur's Country Original 1926 Hardcover
010726: KENNETH R. SNOW - Alienated Minority the Jews of Medieval Latin Europe Hardcover
011509: KENNETH R.SNOW - Marriages Are Made in Heaven: Marriage and the Individual in the Romam Jewish Ghetto Renaissance Quarterly Volume XLVIII Number 3 Autumn 1995
612: ALICIA SNOW - The Song of Guinevere a Defense of Arthur's Wife
011283: EDWARD D.SNYDER - The Celtic Revival in English Literature
009467: EDWARD D.SNYDER - The Celtic Revival in English Literature 1760-1800 Hardcover
008987: WILLIAM H. SNYDER - The Crown and the Tower: The Legend of Richard III
009062: JERRY MARTIEN GARY SNYDER - Shell Game a True Account of Beads and Money in North America
5219: GRAYDON F. SNYDER - Irish Jesus, Roman Jesus the Formation of Early Irish Christianity
016590: WILTSHIRE FOLKLIFE SOCIETY - Avebury Before Today a Commemorative Booklet Containg a Selection of Photographs from an Exhibition from an Exhibition Mounted on the Occasion of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of 1977 Wiltshire Folklife Society
015630: ISRAEL EXPLORATION SOCIETY - Finds from the Archaeological Excavations Near the Temple Mount
014846: WESTCHESTER COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - 1970 Souvenir Program of the Battle of White Plains 1776
008947: EDITED AMERICAN ROCK GARDEN SOCIETY - The Rock Gardener's Hand Book First Edition
012840: AMERICAN FOLKLORE SOCIETY - Abstracts of Folklore Studies Seven Volumess Vol. XII 1-3 Vol. VIII 1-4 American Folklore Society Seven Complete Issues "St. Brigid's Cross and It's Earliest Refrence in 1689 " John O'Sullivan
009579: THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE VERMONT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Vermonters and the American Presidency Vermont History Vol XXXVIII
009243: OFFICERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL ARTHURIAN SOCIETY - Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society Vol. XLIV 1992
009242: OFFICERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL ARTHURIAN SOCIETY - Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society Vol XLI 1989
009241: OFFICERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL ARTHURIAN SOCIETY - Bibliographical Bulletin of the Intetnational Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society Vol. XLIII 1990
008428: HELEN C.R.LAURIE EDITORS INTERNATIONAL ARTHURIAN SOCIETY - Beasts and Saints: A Key to the Lion in Chretien's Yvain Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society Vol. XXXIX 1987
008427: OFFICERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL ARTHURIAN SOCIETY - Bibliographical Bulletin of the Iinternational Bulletin Bibliographique de la Societe Internationale Arthurienne Vol XXXVII
008328: OFFICERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL ARTHURIAN SOCIETY - Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Society Vol. X X XVIII 1986
506: EARLY ARTHURIAN BULLETIN OF THE ARTHURIAN SOCIETY - Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society XLI
016018: CHARITABLE SOCIETY, &C. MARCH 24, 1786 - An Act Incorporating a Society by the Name of the Massachusetts Congregational Charitable Society March 24, 1786 an Act for Naturalizing Robert Morris and James Alexander June 3,1786 Original
010810: GUSTAVE FREDRIC SODERLUND - Examples of Gregorian Chant and Works by Orlandus Lassus
5224: DANNY SULLIVAN PAUL DEVEREUX EDITORS T.C.SOLBERG AND J.P. SHERZ, PHILIP CASTLEDEN, ELIZABETH OAKLAND - The Ley Hunter Number 129 Spring 1998 Drawn in the Usa the Ancient Legacy of Wisconsin's Mysterious Effigy Mounds
011779: E.SOMERVILLE - The States Through Irish Eyes Hardcover
015183: SONVESTRE - Popular Legends of Brittany an English Version of Sonvestre's Foyer Breton Original 1854 Hardcover Edition
013457: STEVEN SORA - The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar Solving the Oak Island Mystery
013536: FRANCOIS SOUCHAL - Art of the Early Middle Ages Hardcover
008465: GENEVIEVE SOUCHAL - Masterpieces of Tapestry from the Fourteenth to the Sixteenth Century
015987: ROBERT D. SAN SOUCI - Young Lancelot Hardcover
012163: DAVID SOUDEN - Stonehenge Revealed
013229: IAN SOUSBY - A History of Cornwall First 1959 Hardcover Edition
005996: HELEN PENNOCK SOUTH - The Proverbs of Alfred Studied in the Light of the Recently Discovered Maidstone Manuscript
008798: A.W.SPACEY - The Bird the Beast & Fishes Tail
013290: JENA OSMAN JULIANA SPAHR - Chain Translucination No10 Summer 2003
012317: HENRY D.SPALDING - Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor from Biblical Times to the Modern Age Hardcover
561: ARCHIBALD M'SPARRAN - The M'Donnell and the Norman de Borgos
007809: J.H.G.LEBON GEORGE PRATT INISH GEORGE WATERSTON F.D.A. SPAVEN - The Scottish Geographical Magazine Complete Vol. 62 and Complete Vol. 63 1946 1947 Bound Hardcover "Some Notes on the Scottish Settlement in Darien" ''Land Reclamation in the Outer Isles
015145: FRANK G.SPECK - The Iroquois a Study in Cultural Evolution
007464: GORDON SPECK - Breeds and Half Breeds Hardcover
015863: GORDON SPECK - Samuel Hearne and the Northwest Passage Hardcover
006957: GERALD A. BOND SPECULUM - Speculum Vol 60 No 4 October 1985 the Last Unpublished Troubadour Songs
013929: MICHAEL P. SPEIDEL - Riding for Caesar the Roman Emperors Horse Guard Hardcover
017236: LEWIS SPENCE - The Minor Traditions of British Mythology First English Edition Hardcover
016987: LEWIS SPENCE - The Magic Arts in Celtic Britain Rider & Company Hardcover First Edition
014601: LEWIS SPENCE - Druids Their Origins and History
006536: LEWIS SPENCE - The Mysteries of Britain or the Secret Rites and Traditions of Ancient Britain Restored Hardcover
013621: JOHN WALLACE SPENCER - Limbo of the Lost Actual Stories of Sea Mysteries
011102: MARIANNE ROBERTSON SPENCER - Annals of South Glamorgan Historical Legendary and Descriptive Chapters on Some Leading Places of Interest
016298: DOUGLAS HILL EDITED EDMUND SPENSER - Edmund Spenser the Illustrated Faerie Queen a Modern Prose Adaptation Hardcover
ABE-261057: PIET BAKKER JO SPIER - West Met Tekst Van Piet Bakker Jo Spier Original 1948 Hardcover
006005: LOUISE S.SPINDLER - Menomini Women and Culture Change American Anthropological Association Vol. 64 No. 1 Part 2 Febuary 1962 Memoir 91
014301: NORMAN SPINRAD - The Druid King a Novel
011027: VAN WIE INGHAM EDITOR GILBERT H.AHLGREN ROBERT S.SNELL JOHN C.ANDERSON MILTON A.SPRAGUE - Practical Field Crop Production for the Northeast an Elementary Introduction to Agronomy
013731: SYLVIA SPRIGGE - Berenson a Biography Hardcover
014443: WILLIAM F.CONWAY CLAIRE K.THOLL THOMAS DEMAREST JOHN SPRING - Fort Lee the Post at Burdett's Ferry the 1776 British Landing at Closter Bergen County History 1975 Annual
010459: CHARLES SQUIRE - Celtic Myth and Legend Origina 1922 Color Illustrated Hardcover
216: EDITOR RAYMOND CARLSON JOSEPH STACEY - Southwest Indian Weaving Special Edition Arizona Highways July 1974 Vol. L No. 7
015995: ROBIN CHAPMAN STACEY - The Road to Judgment from Custom to Court in Medieval Ireland and Wales Hardcover
016023: ROBIN CHAPMAN STACEY - What Life Was Like Among Druids and High Kings Celtic Ireland Ad 400-1200 Hardcover
009643: THE WHITETHORN PRESS STAFF - Knappogue Castle
014015: EXHIBITION STAFF - Bulletin of the Wadsworth Atheneum Hartford Connecticut Spring and Fall 1968
014314: SUSAN JANE STAFFA - Colonial Schenectady in Maps Signed by the Author Susan Jane Staffa
015498: KNATE STAHL - Seven Shades of Black Starlight Original Woodstock New York Small Press Science Fiction
017149: JOHN E. STALLER AND BRIAN STROSS - Lightning in the Andes and Mesoamerica Pre-Columbian, Colonial, and Contempoary Perspectives Hardcover
015300: DAVID STANDISH - Hollow Earth the Long and Curious History of Imagining Strange Lands, Below the Earth's Surface Hardcover
012499: PETER STANFORD - The Legend of Pope Joan Hardcover
013666: MARGARET STARBIRD - The Woman with the Alabaster Jar Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail
017041: DAVID R.STARBUCK - The Great Warpath British Military Sites from Albany to Crown Point
012858: ROBERT STARER - The Music Teacher Signed by Author
007022: DINAH STARKEY - Kings Conjurors and Crocks of Gold
015492: BRIAN DANIEL STARR - Life of Saint Brychan King of Brycheiniog
010771: KARA STARR - Merlin's Journal of Time the Camelot Adventure
010629: DONALD A.STAUFFER - The Saint and the Hunchback Hardcover
015676: IAN STEAD - Celtic Art in Britain Before the Roman Conquest
011305: JOHN F.HARRIS STEPHEN K.STEARNS - Understanding Maya Inscriptions a Hieroglyph Handbook
015433: FLORA ANNIE STEEL - Tales of the Punjab Hardcover
016465: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - Greenland by Vilhjalmur Stefansson Hardcover
012118: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - Greenland Vilhjalmur Stefansson Hardcover
009369: BRAD STEIGER & SHERRY HANSEN-STEIGER - Montezuma's Serpent and Other True Supernatural Tales of the Southwest
SKU1000109: STEIN, WALTER JOHANNES - Death of Merlin: Arthurian Myth and Alchemy
013207: WALTER JOHANNES STEIN - The Death of Merlin
011025: JOHN STEINBECK - The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights Hardcover
006832: EDITED JACK STEINBRING - Rock Art Studies in the Americas Papers from the Darwin Rock Art Congress Oxbow Monographs 45
014944: RUDOLF STEINER - The Holy Grail from the Works of Rudolf Steiner
017178: RAV ADEN STEINSALTZ - Six Folio Talmud Volumes Rav Aden Steinsaltz Bavli Talmud Sanhedrin 1 & 2, Series of Blessing, Series of Mixing, Series of Fasting, Series of Passover Six Hebrew Hardcovers
013083: ENNO STEPHAN - Spies in Ireland Hardcover
017146: MEIC STEPHENS - The Oxford Companion to the Literature of Wales
865: JAMES STEPHENS - Deirdre First American Edition Hardcover
012445: EDITED RICHARD J.FINNERAN JAMES STEPHENS - Letters of James Stephens First Edition Hardcover
5239: JAMES STEPHENS - The Crock of Gold with Twelve Illustrations in Colour by Thomas Mackenzie
013844: JAMES STEPHENS - In the Land of Youth Hardcover First Edition
009080: JAMES STEPHENS - Reincarnations
007512: JAMES STEPHENS - A Poetry Recital Hardcover
006659: JAMES STEPHENS - Theme and Variations Hand Numbered Limited Edition Signed by James Stephens
008327: ROBERT A.GEORGES STEPHEN STERN - American and Canadian Immigrant and Ethnic Folklore an Annotated Bibliography Hardcover
014059: ALISON ADAMS, ARMEL H. DIVERRES, KAREN STERN AND KENNETH VARTY EDITED - The Changing Face of Arthurian Romance Essays on Arthurian Prose Romances in Memory of Cedric E. Pickford (Arthurian Studies XVI) Hardcover
010604: DAVID STERN AND MARK J.MIRISKY - Rabbinic Fantasies Imaginative Narratives from Classical Hebrew Literature Sefer Zerubbabel
015193: ADRIAN STEVENS AND ROY WISBEY W.J.MCCANN SIDNEY M.JOHNSON - Gottfried Von Strassburg and the Medieval Tristan Legend Hardcover
014566: RICHARD W.BABCOCK LAUREN R.STEVENS - Old Barns in the New World Reconstructing History
016058: HENRY STEVENS - Dark Star the Hidden History of German Secret Bases, Flying Discs & U-Boats
008480: THE FORT TICONDEROGA ASSOCIATION ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON - Fort Ticonderoga Scottish Gathering a Legend of the West Highlands
013568: JOANNA CLOSE-BROOKS ROBERT B.K.STEVENSON - Dark Age Sculpture Pictish Symbol Stones
006123: ROBERT D.STEVICK - One Hundred Middle English Lyrics
016450: A.J. STEWAERT - Falcon the Autobiography of His Grace James the 4th King of Scots Hardcover
015500: MARY STEWART - The Hollow Hills Hardcover
014682: MARY STEWART - The Wicked Day Hardcover
016451: A.J.STEWART - King's Memory an Autobiography Hardcover
005630: JOHN MATTHEWS BOB STEWART - Warriors of Arthur Hardcover
005078: MARY STEWART - The Last Enchantment First Edition Hardcover
005248: MARY STEWART - The Last Enchantment Hardcover
013519: MARY STEWART - The Prince and the Pilgrim Hardcover
007367: MARIA STICCO - The Peace of St. Francis
012444: DAVID STICK - Graveyard of the Atlantic Shipwrecks of the North Carolina Coast Hardcover
009798: MARTHA BENNETT STILES - The Star in the Forest a Mystery of the Dark Ages Hardcover
014365: STUART STIRLING - The Last Conquistador Mansio Serra de Leguizamon and the Conquest of the Incas Hardcover
013218: DENISE STOBIE - Exploring King Arthur's Britain
012237: WHITLEY STOKES - On the Calendar of Oengus Leabar Brecc Original 1875 Folio Hardcover
005091: WHITLEY STOKES - The Creation of the World, Gwreans an Bys a Cornish Mystery Play Original 1864 Hardcover Edition
016817: MARGARET STOKES - Three Months in the Forests of France a Pilgrimage in Search of Vestiges of the Irish Saints in France
015881: RABBI PINCHAS STOLPER - Five Glorious Brothers the Chanukah War As Told in the Ancient Sifrei Maccabim
013280: GEORGE CAMERON STONE - A Glossary of the Construction Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor Original 1961 Hardcover
015795: MICHAEL D.COE MARK VAN STONE - Reading the Maya Glyphs Hardcover
015628: RABBI ARI STORCH - The Secrets of the Stars the Significance of the Night Sky to the Jewish People and the World Hardcover
016791: MAGDALENA STORK - La Antigua Galicia a Day in the Life of Brigo the Young Celt Who Lived in a Castro the Beginning of Christianity in Galizia English/Spanish
015756: WILLIAM STORY AND ARTHUR VENDITTI - The Witchcraft Hysteria of Salem Town and Salem Village in 1692 the Complete Touring Companion & Historical Guide Commemorative 1692-Issue-1992
017028: GORDON STRACHAN - Jesus the Master Builder Hardcover
011503: GORDON STRACHAN - Jesus the Master Builder Druid Mysteries and the Dawn of Christianity Hardcover
011418: WHITLEY STOKES JOHN STRACHAN - Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus a Collection of Old-Irish Glosses Scholia Prose and Verse Edited by Whitley Stokes and John Strachan Vol 1. Biblical Glosses and Scholia Original 1901 Hardcover
009771: TRANSLATED A.T. HATO GOTTFRIED VON STRASSBURG - Tristan Gottfried Von Strassburg with the Tristan of Thomas
015246: HENRY HALL PEYTON III SIMON J.C.WILLIAMS PATRICIA SLOANE GREGORY STRAUGHN - Arthuriana Volume 11 Number 1 Spring Special Issue Wagner and the Arthurian Legend
008122: JOSEPH R.STRAYER - Western Europe in the Middle Ages a Short History
5309: JAKOB STREIT - Sun and Cross the Development from Megalithic Culture to Early Christianity in Ireland Hardcover First Edition
008368: AGNES STRICKLAND - Stories from History Original 1857
014077: CLARA STRIJBOSCH - The Seafaring Saint Sources and Analogues of the Twelfth Century Voyage of Saint Brendan Hardcover
005070: AUGUST STRINDBERG - Marchen Und Fabeln

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