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594: TERRI DOWELL-DENNIS - Deiseal & Withershins: Exploring the Celtic Sunwise Way
013652: FRANCES DENSMORE - Music of Acoma, Isleta, Cochita and Zuni Pueblos
012774: DAVID W.DENT - The Legacy of the Monroe Doctrine a Refrence Guide to U.S. Involvement in Latin America and the Caribbean Hardcover
005767: DANIEL DENTON - A Brief Description of New York: Formerly Called New-Netherlands
012488: WAR DEPARTMENT - Military Dictionary English-French French English Original March 1,1943 War Department Original World War II Edition
016919: ANDREW DEPRISCO AND JAMES B.JOHNSON - The Mini-Atlas of Dog Breeds over 400 Breeds Illustrated and Discussed Hardcover
012001: A.VARAGNAC R.DEROLEZ - Les Celte Et Les Germains
573: ANDRE VARAGNAC R. DEROLEZ - Les Celtes Et Les Germains
007028: CLAUDE DERVENN - Hommes Et Cites de Bretagne
011816: GENE DERWOOD - The Poems of Gene Derwood with a Memoir by Joseph Bennett
013885: JOHN DESIARLAIS - The Throne of Tara a Novel of Columcille
006308: JOHN R. PORTER LEOPOLD DESY - Calvaires Et Croix de Chemins Du Quebec Hardcover
012800: Y DETHOLYDD - Cymru Fu: Hanesion, Traddodiadau Chwedlau a Dammegion Cymreig Original 1862 Hardcover Edition
015341: ALEC DETSICAS - The Cantiaci
015253: PAUL DEVEREUX - Places of Power Secret Energies at Ancient Sites: A Guide to Observed or Measured Phenomena Hardcover
015578: NIGEL PENNICK & PAUL DEVEREUX - Lines on the Landscape Leys and Other Linear Enigmas
009689: ROGER DEVIGNE - Le Legendaire de France a Travers Notre Folklore Oral: Contes, Legendes, Fetes, Traditions Populaires Des Provinces Et Terroirs Original 1942 Edition
017210: LINCOLN DIAMANAT - Dive ! the Story of David Bushnell and His Remarkable 1776 Subnarine
012196: CHARLES DICKENS - Works of Charles Dickens Six Complete Novels with Original Illustrations Hardcover
007886: HERMAN DICKER - Treasures of Belgian Libraries
012979: PETER DICKINSON - Merlin Dreams Hardcover First Edition
007400: GORDON R.DICKSON - The Dragon in Lyonesse Hardcover
016045: GORDON R.DICKSON - The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent First Edition Hardcover
013688: MAURICE DILASSER - The City of Locronan English Edition
011980: ANGELA DILLER - The Story of Siegfried Illustrations by Lynd Ward
010860: MARY ALMA DILLMAN - The Wee Folk About the Elves in Nova Scotia Original 1958 Hardcover
009480: MYLES DILLON - Celtica Vol. III Zeuss Memorial Volume Edited by Myles Dillon 'Some Celtic Legal Terms' D.A. Binchy
008196: MYLES DILLON - Early Irish Literature
1099: MARIE-LOUISE SJOESTEDT TRANSLATED MYLES DILLON - Gods and Heroes of the Celts (Hardcover)
006372: MYLES DILLON - The Cycles of the Kings First Edition Hardcover
016414: E.A.DILLWYN - Nant Olchfa by E.A. Dillwyn Chapter XIII 'Reginald's Courtship' Archaeologia Cambrensis
008950: JAMES F.DIMOCK - Giraldi Cambrensis Opera Topographia Hibernica Et Expugnato Hibernica Hardcover
012925: ISAK DINESEN - Shadows on the Grass ( Hardcover)
564: LUCAS DIONE AND GORMAN MARION - The Dione Lucas Book of French Cooking First Edition Hardcover
016359: BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Woodstock Film Festival Pre-Festival Program Book September 28-October 2005 Fiercely Independent
015323: ISAAC DISRAELI - Curiosities of Literature by Isaac Disraeli with a View of the Life and Writings of the Author by His Son Vol. IV Original 1858 Hardcover
015625: E.M.R.DITMAS - Traditions and Legends of Glastonbury Signed and Inscribed by E.M. R. Ditmas
008227: PROFESSEUR ARMEL DIVERERRES - Bulletin Bibliographique de la Societe Internationale Arthurienne Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society Vol XXXVI 1984
013706: RICHARD BARBER A.H.W.SMITH ARMEL DIVERRES - Arthurian Literature X Gildas the Poet the Grail and the Third Crusade Hardcover
017033: BYRON E. DIX AND JAMES W. MAVOR, JAMES L.GUTHRIE, IDA JANE GALLAGHER, DAVE SALTZMAN, EDWARD F.GRAY - Heliolithic Ritual Sites in New England Neara Journal 42 Number 2 Winter 2008
015709: KEITH A. DIXON - Ceramics from Two Preclassic Periods at Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas, Mexico
010416: J.R.R.TOLKIEN ADAPTED BY CHARLES DIXON - The Hobbit or There and Back Again J.R. R. Tolkiien Book One of Three Adapted by Charles Dixson Illustrated David Wenzel First Edition
015852: EDITOR JOSE BARREIRO RON LAFRANCE SUSAN R.DIXON - Unbroken Circles Traditional Arts of Contempoary Woodland Peoples Cultural Encounter Edition Northeast Indian Quarterly Volume VII, Number 4 Winter 1990
016237: JAMES E. DOAN - The Romance of Cearbhall and Fearbhlaidh a Medieval Irish Tale Here First Translated Into English
016899: JAMES DOAN, HILDA E. DAVIDSON, VENETIA NEWALL EDITOR JACQUELINE SIMPSON - The Legend of the Sunken City in Welsh and Breton Tradition Folklore Volume 92 1981
016906: MISS JACQUELINE SIMPSON EDITOR JAMES DOAN - Five Breton 'Cantiques' from 'Pardons' James Doan Folklore 91 1980 I
006282: HOWARD DOBIN - Merlin's Disciples Prophecy, Poetry, and Power in Renaissance England Hardcover
006194: CANON G.H. DOBLE - Saint Paulinus of Wales a Recent Discovery About the Founder of St. Pol-de-Leon Original Edition
006193: REV.GILBERT H.DOBLE - Saint Dubricus
014996: GILBERT H.DOBLE, CHARLES HENDERSON, H.N.CUTHBERT ATCHLEY, R.MORTAN NANCE - Saint Samson in Cornwall Notes by the Late Mr. Charles Henderson on the Parishes of St. Sampson, Golant and St. Sampson, Southill Hand Sewn with Cord
006196: REV.GILBERT H.DOBLE - Saint Teilo Rev. Gilbert H. Doble
014604: REV.C.C.DOBSON - Did Our Lord Visit Britain As They Say in Cornwall and Somerset
SKU1000116: DOCKES, PIERRE - Medieval Slavery and Liberation Hardcover
015962: CHARLES MILES FOREWORD FREDERICK J. DOCKSTADER - Indian & Eskimo Artifacts of North America Hardcover
016799: SIGNED BY TREASURER STATE OF CONNECTICUT JOHN DODD - By Order of the State of Connecticut New London County Court 12 Oct 1790 Sir, Pay Joshua Esquire State Attorney for Said County Three Pounds Two Shillings Three Pence out of the Taxes Appropriated for the Payment of the CIVIL Hand Written and Hartford Printed 1790 Superior Court Receipt with Border
010977: HOMAS JONES J.E.CAERWYN WILLIAMS J.M. CLEARY A.H. DODD - Datblygiadau Cynnar Chwedl Arthur the Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies Vol XVII Part IV May 1958
009065: A.H. DODD - Studies in Stuart Wales Hardcover
5292: JERRILYNN D. DODDS - Architecture and Ideology in Early Medieval Spain Hardcover First Edition
015554: A. LYNNE TERRIS EDITOR HELEN CREIGHTON, THOMAS RADDALL, DARYL CARTER, FRANK CASSIDY, RODNEY DOIRON AND MARIANNA DEMPSTER - Sojourn the Magazine for Nova Scotia March 1975 First Issue Fundy Tidal Power, Folk Remedies, Privateers and Pioneers, the Lay of the Glittering Plow
013233: JOSEPH J.DOLAN - Irish American Heritage Museum
008673: JEAN INGELOW EDITED CHARLES F.DOLE - Three Fairy Tales by Jean Ingelow Original 1905 Edition
014092: NIALL O' DOMNAILL - Seancas Na Feinne Padraig Agus Caoilte
011409: GORDON DONALDSON - Battle for a Continent Quebec 1759 Hardcover
015062: BARBARA DONLEY - Arianrhod a Welsh Myth Retold
016911: JAMES J. O'DONNELL - The Ruin of the Roman Empire: A New History Hardcover
010675: REV.AUGUSTINE O'DONNELL - Saint Patrick's Rock
016633: EMMA DONOGHUE - Kissing the Witch Old Tales in New Skins
016716: JOHN O'DONOHUE - Aman Cara a Book of Celtic Wisdom
014771: EDITOR WHITLEY STOKES JOHN O'DONOVAN - Cormac's Glossary Sanas Chormaic Original 1868 Hardcover
008124: PENELOPE B.R. DOOB - Nebuchadnezzar's Children Conventions of Madness in Middle English Literature Hardcover
011142: JULES DORSAY - Contes D'Armorique Legends of Brittany Hardcover
011013: JULES DORSAY - Contes Et Legendes de Bretagne Color Plates de Rene Peron
016818: RICHARD M.DORSON - Peasant Customs and Savage Myths Selections from the British Folklorists Vol. 1 Hardcover
008574: RICHARD M. DORSON - British Folklorists a History
009058: EDITED RICHARD M. DORSON - Folklore and Folklife an Introduction
009834: RICHARD M.DORSON - Jonathan Draws the Bow Hardcover
014780: RICHARD M. DORSON - Peasant Customs and Savage Myths Selections from the British Folklorists Two Volume Hardcover Set
014580: C.MANDAHL-BARTH J.DORST - Oiseay de Cage Et de Volire 177 Illustrations En Couleurs de Henning Anthon French Colorbird Field Guide Book
011854: MONA DOUGLAS - This Is Ellan Vannin Mona Douglas
007580: RONALD MACDONALD DOUGLAS - Scottish Lore and Folklore
013101: MONA DOUGLAS - Manninagh a Review of Manx Culture No. 1: May 1972
010312: EDITED WILLIAM A.DOUGLASS, CARMELO URZA, LINDA WHITE, JOSEBA ZULAIKA - Basque Politics and Nationalism on the Eve of the Millennium Hardcover
013653: MEIR BEN-DOV, MORDECHAI NAOR, ZEEV ANER - The Western Wall (Hakotel) Hardcover
005237: ALEXANDER CRAWLEY DOW - Ministers to the Soldiers of Scotland a History of the Military Chaplains of Scotland Prior to the War in the Crimea
74: JOHN DOWDEN - The Celtic Church in Scotland Original 1894 Hardcover
017151: PAUL A. DOYLE - Paul Vincent Carroll Hardcover
5240: DOYLE, AIDAN/ MURRAY, KEVIN (EDITOR) - In Dialogue with the Agallamh: Essays in Honour of Sean O Coileain Hardcover
015298: ANGUS SMITH DR. - Loch Etive and the Sons of Uisnach Original Hardcover Edition
016347: SAMUEL ADAMS DRAKE - New England Legends and Folklore Hardcover
016908: DAVID DRAKE - The Dragon Lord First Edition Hardcover
008816: DAVID DRAKE - The Dragon Lord
005961: THORKILD RAMSKOU & BO BOJESEN ILLUSTRATED BY B/W DRAWINGS - Eveyday Viking Life Vikingernes Hverdag English-Danish Hardcover
012596: JAN FILIP ILLUSTRATED BY DRAWINGS AND B/W PHOTOS - Celtic Civilization and It's Heritage
545: ARTIST DRAWN - Original Penned Art of Four Rabbis Playing Cards Drawn over a Yiddish Newspaper the Daily Forward Original Work Framed
014423: EDITORS STEPHEN T. DRISCOLL AND MARGARET R. NIEKE - Power and Politics in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland Hardcover
015470: JOHN DRYDEN - The Works of Virgil Translated Into English Verse by Dryden Volume the Third Original 1709 Edition
016575: HOWARD R.SARGENT EDITOR ROBERT J.DRYFOOS,JR RICHARD BAUMAN - Man in the Northeast Number 3 Spring 1972 Mermen, Mermaids and Indians: A Psychocultural Interpretation
013291: URBAIN DUBOIS - La Cuisine de Tous Les Pays Recettes Des Cuisines Etrangeres Original 1926
006055: ELEANOR DUCKETT - Death and Life in the Tenth Century Hardcover
012483: ELEANOR DUCKETT - The Wandering Saints
006992: ELEANOR SHIPLEY DUCKETT - Carolingian Portraits a Study in the Ninth Century Hardcover
011736: CHRIS DUFF - On Celtic Tides One Man's Journey Around Ireland by Sea Kayak
5269: RUTH DUFFIN - The Fairy Cup Hardcover Illustrations by E.S.Duffin
014821: MR NICHOLAS O'KEAREY JAMES O'DUFFY - The Irish Prophecies of Saints Columcille, Maeltamlacht, Ultan, Senan, Bearcan and Malachy
015647: RICHARD J. O'DUFFY - The Fate of the Children of Tuireann the Society for the Preservation of the Irish Language with Notes, Translations, and a Complete Vocabulary Original 1901 Hardcover
014413: KEVIN DUFFY - Who Were the Celts Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Celts Hardcover
012888: SEAMUS O'DUILEARGA EDITED ROBIN FLOWER TOBIAS KAVANAGH PATRICK DUFFY - Bealoideas IML. II Uimh IV Nodlaig 1930 Kilkenny Folk Tales Tobias Kavanagy
012582: EIMAR O' DUFFY - King Goshawk and the Birds Hardcover First Edition
016923: JWAN DUFOURNET - Les Tres Riches Heures Du Duc Berry
007073: JEAN DUFOURNET - Le Roman de Renard
015788: WILLIAM A. DUMBLETON - Ireland Life and Land in Literature
009478: MYLES DILLON EDITED CELTICA VI CALVERT WATKINS GEORGE DUMEZIL - Celtica VI Edited by Myles Dillon Original Complete 1963 Edition Indo European Metrics and Archaic Irish Verse
012191: DAVID EWING DUNCAN - Hernando de Soto a Savage Quest in the America Hardcover
SKU1000042: DUNCAN, BARBARA R.; RIGGS, BRETT H - Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook
5312: IVAH DUNKLEE - Burning of Royalton, Vermont by Indians Original 1906 Edition
014299: JANET EGLESON DUNLEAVY AND GARETH W.DUNLEAVY - Douglas Hyde a Maker of Modern Ireland Hardcover
012031: ROBERT DUNLOP - Ireland from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
5310: JOSEPH DUNN - The Ancient Irish Epic Tale Tain Bo Cualnge "the Cualnge Cattle-Raid" Now for the First Time Done Entire Into English out of the Irish of the Book of Leinster and Allied Manuscripts
017233: SHIRLEY W.DUNN - The Mohican World 1680-1750
016008: MARYJANE DUNN AND LINDA KAY DAVIDSON EDITED - The Pilgrimage to Compostela in the Middle Ages: A Book of Essays Hardcover
008696: E.CATHERINE DUNN - The Gallican Saint's Life and the Late Roman Dramatic Tradition Hardcover
014723: MORTON W.BLOOMFIELD & CHARLES W.DUNN - The Role of the Poet in Early Societies Hardcover
014087: R.W.DUNNING - Arthur the King in the West Hardcover First Edition
005054: KEVIN M.CAHILL JOSEPH R.PEDEN DENNIS SMITH DON DUNPHY - The Aran Islands and Me the American Irish Historical Society Vol. 37 1976 Hardcover
014465: LORD DUNSANY - If a Play in Four Acts Hardcover
012919: LORD DUNSANY - Five Plays the Gods of the Mountain the Golden Doom King Argimenes and the Unknown Warrior the Glittering Gate the Lost Silk Hat Original 1914 First Edition Harcover
013411: LORD DUNSANY - Plays of Gods and Men
016570: JEAN-CLAUDE DUPONT - Legendes de la Cote-Nord
007402: G.M. DURANT - Britain Rome's Most Northerly Province a History of Roman Britain Ad 43-450
016093: LAWRENCE DURRELL - An Irish Faustus Hardcover
007783: E.PAUL DURRENBERGER AND DOROTHY DURRENBERGER - The Saga of Gunnlaugur Snake's Tongue with an Essay on the Structure and Translation of the Saga Hardcover
006174: PAUL-MARIE DUVAL - Les Celtes First Edition Hardcover
011830: BRENDA DUXBURY AND MICHAEL WILLIAMS, COLIN WILSON - King Arthur Country in Cornwall Brenda Duxbury and Michael Williams the Search for the Real King Arthur Colin Wilson
013072: WILLIAM M.DWYER - The Day Is Ours How a Ragged Rebel Army Stood the Storm and Saved the Revolution (Hardcover)
007592: JAMES DYER - Southern England an Archaeological Guide
015783: IAN WOODWARD BOB DYLAN - Isis Dylan News April- May Issue 108
016011: TOURE FOREWARD MICHAEL ERIC DYSON - Who's Afraid of Post-Blackness What It Means to Be Black Now Hardcover
010315: A. E. - The Interpreters Hardcover
011264: A.E. - The Candle of Vision
013594: STANDISH O'GRADY A.E. - Coming of Cuculain Hardcover
5270: EINHORN E. - Old French a Concise Handbook
009584: EDWARD EAGER - Half Magic Hardcover
016850: DOUGLAS SPOTTED EAGLE - Making Indian Bows and Arrows the Old Way
007804: JOHN EARLE - Gloucester Fragments I Facsimile of Some Leaves in Saxon Handwriting on Saint Swidhun II. Leaves from an Anglo Saxon Translations Life of S. Maria Egyptiaca Hardcover
016767: MARY HUSE EASTMAN - Index to Fairy Tales Myths and Legends Original Hardcover
006273: MARY HUSE EASTMAN - Index to Fairy Tales Myths and Legends Supplement and Second Supplement Two Original Hardcovers
012238: RALPH M.EASTMAN - Some Famous Privateers of New England
012315: E.R.EASTMAN - The Destroyers a Historical Novel Hardcover
016738: PETER NABOKOV ROBERT EASTON - Native American Architecture Hardcover
013387: DIKKON EBERHART - Paradise a Novel
014187: CHRISTOPHER MATTHEW DAVID ECCLES - Now We Are Sixty Hardcover
014953: W.J. ECCLES - Essays on New France
015668: R.COLE HARRIS GEOFFREY J.MATTHEWS J.V WRIGHT BRUCE TRIGGER W.J.ECCLES - Historical Atlas of Canada I: From the Beginning to 1800 Hardcover
015067: FANNIE HARDY ECKSTORM - Old John Neptune and Other Maine Indian Shamans Orignal 1945 Hardcover
010907: FRANKLIN EDGERTON - Sanskrit Historical Phonology a Simplified Outline for the Use of Beginners in Sanskrit Original 1946 Edition
016468: MARIA EDGEWORTH - Castle Rackrent and Absentee Complete and Unabridged
007979: XYZ ETC. LOUIS LEONARD TUCKER EDIITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION - A Knickerbocker Tour of New York State,1822 Our Travels, Statistical, Geographical, Mineorological, Geological, Historical, Political and Quizzical Hardcover
015559: C.GOSDEN H.HAMEROW P. DE JERSEY G.LOCK EDITED - Communities and Connections: Essays in Honour of Barry Cunliffe Hardcover
015650: IRVING HOWE EDITED - Selected Short Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer
689: JOHN JAY PARRY EDITED AND TRANSLATED - Brut Y Brenhinedd Cotton Cleopatra Version Original First Edition Hardcover
015816: T.E. CLONTZ & J.CLONTZ EDITED - The Comprehensive New Testament Standardized to the Greek New Testament Text Hardcover
013698: LARRY LOWENTHAL EDITED - Days of Siege a Journal of the Siege of Fort Stanwix
016945: NICK CARROLL EDITED - The Next Wave the World of Surfing Hardcover
005869: CLIFFORD BAX EDITED - Bernard Shaw W.B. Yeats Letters to Florence Farr First Edition Hardcover
016360: ALAN MACQUARRIE EDITED - Legends of Scottish Saints Readings, Hymns and Prayers for the Commemorations of Scottish Saints in the Aberdeen Breviary Hardcover
006874: FRANCOISE LE SAUX EDITED - The Text and Tradition of Layamon's Brut Arthurian Studies XXXIII Hardcover
015653: WILLIAM FORWARD ANDREW WOLPERT EDITED - The Quest for the Grail the Golden Blade No. 47
016063: MIKE ASHLEY EDITED - The Merlin Chronicles Magic and Adventure from the Age of Legend
014331: VICTOR D.SANUA EDITED - Fields of Offerings Studies in Honor of Raphael Patai Mythology, Folklore, and Tradition: Studies in Yiddish Eyymology Hardcover
5279: GEORGE ATHAN BILLIAS EDITED - The American Revolution How Revolutionary Was It?
5263: EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION EDMUND SCHILLING - Albrecht Durer Drawings and Water Colors Hardcover
015325: JOHN LELAND THOMAS KENDRICK EDITED - The Itinerary of John Leland in or About the Years 1535-1543 in England and Wales Five Hardcovers in Slipcase
012021: D.A.BINCHY EDITED - Scela Cano Meic Gartnain First Irish Edition Hardcover
007186: PATRICIA KEAN EDITED - Essays on Middle English Literature by Dorothy Everett Hardcover
013450: ARTHUR MEE EDITED - Caermarthenshire Notes and Miscellany for South West Wales (Antiquarian,Topographical and Curious) Part 1,2,3,4 Vol. 3 Original 1891 Hardcover
016915: WENDY KAPLAN EDITED - The Arts & Crafts Movement in Europe & America
014204: JOHN T.KOCH JOHN CAREY EDITED - The Celtic Heroic Age Literary Sources for Ancient Celtic Europe & Early Ireland & Wales
017081: ROBERT W. PREUCEL EDITED - Archaeologies of the Pueblo Revolt Hardcover
017083: BARRY CUNLIFFE STEPHEN BIRD EDITED - The Roman Baths at Bath a View over 2000 Years Authorised Guide Book
017015: R.GERAINT GRUFFYDD EDITED - A Guide to Welsh Literature C. 1530-1700 Volume III
016220: FRED C. WURTELE EDITED - Blockade of Quebec in 1775-1776 by the American Revolutionists (Les Bastonnais) Hardcover
016706: GEORGE Y.WARDLE REV.A.W.BARING GOULD A.W.WADE EVANS EDITED - The Holy Grail Y Cymmrodor Parts I. II. III. Three Parts Two Seperate Issues Part I Early History Part II the Round Table Part III- the Quest the Magazine of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion Vol. XVI and Vol. XVII Two Complete Original Issues Three Complete Essays
SKU1000169: EDITED, MYLES DILLON - A Welsh Treatise on Horses Cecile O'Rahilly Celtica Vol. V Richard Irvine Best Memorial Volume
012958: T. PARRY EDITED - Peniarth 49 VI Prifysgol Cymru Medieval Welsh Text
017254: JOSEPH H. PETERSON EDITED - The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses or Moses Magical Spirit Art Hardcover
016236: WILLIS BOUGHTON EDITED - Idylls of the King Selections Gareth and Lynette Lancelot and Elaine and the Passing of Arthur Hardcover First Editio
016139: ALEXANDER CALLANDER MURRAY EDITED AND TRANSLATED - From Roman to Merovingian Gaul a Reader
016146: KARL PIETSCH EDITED - Spanish Grail Fragments Two Volume Hardcover Set Volume I: Texts Volume II: Commentary
016599: A.C. CAWLEY EDITED - Everyman and Medieval Miracle Plays Hardcover
014992: LIAM BREATNACH EDITED - Uraicecht Na Riar the Poetic Grades in Early Irish Law Hardcover First Irish Edition
014417: JOSE AMOR Y VAZQUES ANTONIO CARRENO EDITED - Actas Do Segundo de Estudios Proceedings of the Second Galician Congress Brown University Novembro 10-12,1988
012683: TREVOR BEVIS EDITED - Mini Stories from the Fens Compiled by Trevor Bevis
012905: GUTCH MRS EDITED AND COLLECTED - County Folklore Vol. II. Examples of Printed Folklore Concerning the North Riding of Yorkshire York and the Ainsty Original 1901 Hardcover
010681: ALLON SCHOENER EDITED - The Colonial Period and American Independence the American Jewish Experience from 1654 to the Present
016363: ANA CASTILLO EDITED - Goddess of the Americas la Diosa de Las Americas Writings on the Virgin of Guadalupe Hardcover First Edition
013701: NEIL ROSS EDITED - Heroic Poetry from the Book of the Dean of Lismore
016671: KARL PIETSCH EDITED - Spanish Grail Fragments Volume I: Texts Original Hardcover
014809: DOYEN SALSIG EDITED AND ANNOTATED - Parole: Quebec; Countersign: Ticonderoga
008851: STUART PIGGOTT EDITED - The Prehistoric Peoples of Scotland Hardcover
012252: ELISABETH TOOKER EDITED - Iroquois Culture History and Prehistory Proceedings of the 1965 Conference on Iroquois Research
012255: PETER DEMETZ W.T.H.JACKSON EDITED - An Anthology of German Literature 800-1750 Hardcover
008716: STANDISH HAYES O'GRADY EDITED - The Pursuit After Diarmuid O' Duibhne, and Grainne the Daughter of Cormac Mac Airt Original 1857 Hardcover
006613: PENNY PETRONE EDITED - Northern Voices Inuit Writing in English
014610: MAUD KARPELES KENWORTHY SCHOFIELD EDITED - A Selection of 100 English Folk Dance Airs for Melodic Instruments
009046: CHARLES MACPHERSON EDITED - The Meroure of Wysdome Composed for the Use of James IV. King of Scots A.D. 1490 by Johannes de Irlandia Vol. 1 Original 1926 Hardcover
005799: WILLIAM EDWARD MEAD EDITED - The Squyr of Lowe Degre a Middle English Metrical Romance Original 1904 Hardcover
014253: COLIN A.IRELAND EDITED AND TRANSLATED - Old Irish Wisdom Attributed to Aldfrith of Northumbria: An Edition of Briathra Flainn Fhina Maic Ossu Hardcover
011630: THOMAS WRIGHT EDITED - A Contemporary Narrative of the Proceedings Against Dame Alice Kyteler Prosecuted for Sorcery in 1324, by Richard de Ledrede Bishop of Ossory Original 1863 Hardcover ((West Point Library)
011677: H.N.ADAIR EDITED - Tales by Souvestre Second Series Original 1911 Hardcover
011081: DONALD MACAULAY EDITED - Modern Scottish Gaelic Poetry Nua-Bhardachd Ghaidhlig Hardcover
009595: MAURICE METAYER EDITED AND TRANSLATED FOREWARD AL PURDY - Tales from the Igloo Illustrated by Agnes Nanogak
013097: CHARLES PLUMMER EDITED AND TRANSLATED - Lives of the Irish Saints Edited and Translated Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Two Volume Hardcover Set
012810: LINDA SIPRESS MARGARET B. FREEMAN EDITED - The Unicorn Tapestries the Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin Volume XXXII. Number 1 1973/1974
014030: GARDNER DOZOIS SHEILA WILLIAMS EDITED - Isaac Asimov's Camelot Fine Condition First Edition
013803: DANIEL HUWS EDITED - Medieval Welsh Manuscripts Hardcover
016821: BIRHANU TEFERRA RICHARD PANKHURST EDITED - Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on the History of Ethiopian Art Addis Ababa, 5-8 November 2002
013040: HEIDI HARTMANN RUTH MILKMAN CLAIRE G.MOSES JUDITH LOWDER NEWTON EDITED - Feminist Studies Journal Five Issues 1980-1987 Vol 13 Number 1 1987 Vol. 6 No. 1 Spring 1980 Vol 7 No 3 Fall 1981 Vol 7. No 1 Spring 1981 Vol. 10 No. 1 Spring 1984
012633: R.L.THOMSON EDITED - Owein or Chwedyl Iarlles Y Ffynnawn
012477: FRANCOIS GALLIX EDITED AND INTRODUCED T.H.WHITE - Letters to a Friend the Correspondence between T.H. White and L.J. Potts Hardcover
012982: HUBERT CREEKMORE EDITED - Lyrics of the Middle Ages
011426: CYRIL FOX IORWERTH C.PEATE W.J.GRUFFYDD B.H.ST.J.O.NEIL EDITED - The Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies Vol. VIII Part IV May1937 Roman Coins from Dolaucothi B.H. St. J.O. Neil
011400: SEAN MCMAHON & JO O'DONOGHUE EDITED - Taisce Duan a Treasury of Irish Poems with Translations in English
011397: ERIC P.HAMP DAVID DUMVILLE D.ELLIS EVANS MICHAEL WINTERBOTTOM GWENLLIAN NAIR EDITED - The Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies Vol. XXVII Part II May 1977 Notulae Cornicae Eric P. Hamp
011417: H.N.SAVORY D.M.ELLIS ERIC P.HAMP EDITED - The Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies Volume XVI Part IV May 1956 the Star Chamber and the Council in the Marches of Wales, 1558-1603 Original 1956 Publication
014458: SIDNEY SHAPIRO EDITED - Jews in Old China Studies by Chinese Scholars Hardcover First Edition
011016: R.A.WALDRON EDITED - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight York Medieval Texts Hardcover
013933: EDWARD DONALD KENNEDY EDITED - King Arthur a Casebook Hardcover
013810: SEAN O'FAOLAIN EDITED - The Autobiography of Wolfe Tone Hardcover
011565: SEAMUS O' HINNSE EDITED - Miscellaneous Irish Annals (A.D. 1114-1437) with English Translation Original Hardcover
010318: HANNES BOK LIN CARTER EDITED - The Sorcerer's Ship Ballantine Unicorn Fantasy
009879: DAVID MARCUS EDITED - Best Irish Short Stories 2 New Stories by Claire Boylan Ita Daly Jennifer Johnston Maeve Kelly John Mcgahern Gillman Noonan Kate Cruise O'Brien William Trevor and Others
009799: HAROLD E.PAGLIARO EDITED - Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture Racism in the Eighteenth Century Hardcover
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011422: FRANCOISE HENRY - Irish Art in the Early Christian Period Original Hardcover
015203: FRANCOISE HENRY - Hanging Bowls by Francoise Henry the Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries Volume LXVI December 1936
015658: D.B. HARDIN EDITOR FRANCOISE HENRY, J.N.L.MYRES, C.A.RALEIGH RADFORD, T.C. LETHBRIDGE, R.L.S. BRUCE-MITFORD - Dark-Age Britain Studies Presented to E.T. Leeds Hardcover
011113: KATHLEEN HERBERT - Ghost in the Sunlight Hardcover
005808: KATHLEEN HERBERT - Bride of the Spear Hardcover
014732: MICHAEL HERITY AND GEORGE EOGAN - Ireland in Prehistory Hardcover
008100: EDITED DAVID HERLIHY - Medieval Culture and Society
017063: GERHARD HERM - The Celts the People Who Came out

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