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A00317: DENNIS LEE - Garbage Delight Another Helping.
116775: DENNIS FISHER - Latitude Hooks and Azimuth Rings : How to Build and Use 18 Traditional Navigational Instruments.
198592: DENNIS LEE - The Death of Harold Ladoo.
158029: DENNIS R. REID,R ANN POLLOCK - Jock MacDonald Retrospective Exhibition.
210268: DENNIS SHAPPKA,JO-ANNE CHRISTENSEN - Edmonton Album: Glimpses of the Way We Were.
141089: DENNIS HIROTA - Toward a Contemporary Understanding of Pure Land Buddhism: Creating a Shin Buddhist Theology in a Religiously Plural World.
154799: DENNIS MADILL - British Columbia Indian Treaties in Historical Perspective.
209751: DENNIS MINTY - Newfoundland: An Island Apart.
179641: DENNIS LEE - The Gods.
213485: DENNIS E SHOWALTER,HAROLD C DEUTSCH - If the Allies Had Fallen: Sixty Alternate Scenarios of World War II.
166997: DENNIS O'SULLIVAN - Salutles Amis!les Memoires De Jules Van Brabant.
71565: DENNIS LEE - The Difficulty of Living on Other Planets.
187464: DENNIS R. JENKINS,JAY MILLER - Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker - Aerofax Extra No. 3.
203008: DENNIS SHAPPKA,JO-ANNE CHRISTENSEN - Edmonton Album: Glimpses of the Way We Were.
148664: DENNIS DOTY - How to Use Bare Metal.
196848: DENNIS MILETI - Natural Hazards and Disasters Reducing Loss and Building Sustainability in a Hazardous World a: Disasters.
190139: DENNIS GRUENDING - The Middle of Nowhere: Rediscovering Saskatchewan.
99423: DENNIS M SAVAGE - B-29 Superfortress Walk Around.
126602: DENNIS GRUENDING - Promises to Keep: A Political Biography of Allan Blakeney.
205017: DENNIS REID - A Concise History of Canadian Painting.
184788: DENNIS COVINGTON - Revelation: A Search for Faith in a Violent Religious World.
178817: DENNIS FISHER,DONALD ROSEBROOK - Wooden Plow Planes: A Celebration of the Planemakers' Art.
155915: DENNIS LEE - Nicholas Knock and Other People.
122726: DENNIS PARDEE - Handbook of Ancient Hebrew Letters.
184838: DENNIS SHOWALTER - Patton And Rommel: Men of War in the Twentieth Century.
125090: DENNIS BOCK - The Ash Garden (SIGNED).
197904: DENNIS MAGNER - Magner's Classic Encyclopedia of the Horse.
179420: DENNIS DANIELSON - The First Copernican: Georg Joachim Rheticus and the Rise of the Copernican Revolution.
157026: DENNIS LEE - Civil Elegies, and Other Poems.
166116: DENNISON MANUFACTURING CO - Dennison's Bogie Book 1925, 13th Annual Edition -Suggestions for Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving -A Book of Suggestions for decorating and Entertaining at Halloween, Harvest Time and Thanksgiving / Dennison Manufacturing Company.
R00555: DENNISON TSOSIE - Spirit Visions Vol. 1 : The Old Ones Speak.
178825: DENNY BOYD - The Vancouver Canucks story.
163550: DENT. GLORIA - Guelph and Its Spring Festival.
126931: DENYS CHABOT - Moon Country.
208378: DENYS TEARE - Evader.
201155: DENYSE O'LEARY,JOHN C. MATHER - The Very First Light: The True Inside Story of the Scientific Journey Back to the Dawn of the Universe.
184080: DENYSE O'LEARY,MARIO BEAUREGARD - The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist's Case for the Existence of the Soul.
212614: DENYSE O'LEARY,MARIO BEAUREGARD - The Spiritual Brain.
117156: DEON MEYER - Thirteen Hours.
202972: DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE - Outdoor Survival Skills.
152017: DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENSE - Canadian Forces In The Persian Gulf.
149395: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Combat Skills of the Fighting Soldier FM 21-75.
204142: DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants.
184231: DEPARTMENT OF INDIAN AFFAIRS - Linguistic and Cultural Affiliations of Canadian Indian Bands.
204491: DEPT. OF THE AIR FORCE - Guarding What You Value Most: North American Aerospace Defense Command, Celebrating 50 Years.
170062: DEREK BESANT - Skin Walter Jule Selected Works 1968-2008.
199554: DEREK LEEBAERT - To Dare and to Conquer: Special Operations and the Destiny of Nations, from Achilles to Al Qaeda.
106863: DEREK PETHICK - James Douglas Servant of Two Empires.
109877: DEREK MORYS-EDGE - Artists of British COlumbia.
208874: DEREK WILSON - A Brief History of Circumnavigators (Brief Histories).
104239: DEREK PLUMSTEAD,PATRICK ABERCROMBIE - A civic survey & plan for the city & royal burgh of Edinburgh.
125107: DEREK HOPWOOD - Egypt: Politics and Society 1945-1990.
164112: DEREK FELL - Renoir's Garden.
134436: DEREK WILSON - The World Encompassed.
202991: DEREK HAYES - Historical Atlas of Canada: Canada's History Illustrated With Original Maps.
179165: DEREK ATTRIDGE - Peculiar Language: Literature As Difference from the Renaissance to James Joyce.
184199: DEREK BESANT - Besant de-composition: Finding traces among the fragments : Art Gallery of Hamilton, Jan. 18-Feb. 18, 1990.
195361: DEREK BOK - The Politics of Happiness: What Government Can Learn from the New Research on Well-Being.
207058: DEREK LUNDY - The Bloody Red Hand: A Journey Through Truth, Myth and Terror in Northern Ireland.
179275: DEREK BEAUREPAIRE - The stepping stone: A history of the Shire of Bannockburn.
189083: DEREK LAYDER,JULIA O'CONNELL DAVIDSON - Methods, Sex and Madness.
111041: DEREK H. MCCORQUINDALE - 1900-2001, Centennial History of Mechanical Contractors Association of Alberta.
132223: DEREK HUDSON - Lewis Carroll: An Illustrated Biography.
208049: DEREK GREGORY - The Colonial Present: Afghanistan. Palestine. Iraq.
183575: DEREK BESANT - The Sleepless Night.
208285: DEREK WILSON - Sir Francis Walsingham: A Courtier in an Age of Terror.
187200: DEREK PETHICK - The Nootka Connection : Europe and the Northwest Coast, 1790-1795.
185011: DEREK H. BURNEY,FEN OSLER HAMPSON - Brave New Canada: Meeting the Challenge of a Changing World.
204995: DEREK FELL - Van Gogh's Women: His Love Affairs and a Journey into Madness.
136040: DEREK A. WILSON - The King and the Gentleman.
117514: DEREK LUNDY - Godforsaken Sea: Racing The World's Most Dangerous Waters.
152703: DEREK FREEMAN - Margaret Mead and Samoa.
196116: DEREK WALCOTT - The Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013.
163737: DEREK PETHICK - S.S. Beaver: The Ship That Saved the West.
203120: DERMOT MCEVOY - Irish Miscellany: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ireland.
103769: DERRICK WRIGHT - Tarawa 1943 : The Turning of the Tide.
166192: DERRICK JENSEN,GEORGE DRAFFAN - Welcome To The Machine: Science, Surveillance, and the Culture of Control.
206611: DERRICK MURPHY - Flagship History – Europe 1760–1871.
1795001: DERRICK STEWART-BAXTER - Ma Rainey and the Classic Blues Singers (Blues Paperbacks).
189066: DERYCK COOKE - I Saw the World End: A Study of Wagner's Ring (Clarendon Paperbacks).
202327: DERYCK COOKE - I Saw the World End: A Study of Wagner's Ring (Clarendon Paperbacks).
61611: DERYCK W HOLDSWORTH,DONALD KERR - In the City of Our Fathers (SIGNED).
204726: DERYCK W HOLDSWORTH,DONALD KERR - Historical Atlas of Canada: Volume III: Addressing the Twentieth Century.
212821: DERYCK SCHREUDER,JEFFREY BUTLER - Sir Graham Bower's secret history of the Jameson Raid and the South African crisis, 1895-1902 (Second series, No.33).
135434: DES KENNEDY - An Ecology of Enchantment: A Year in a Country Garden.
147274: DESIDERIUS ERASMUS,JAMES K. MCCONICA,R.A.B. MYNORS - The Correspondence of Erasmus: Letters 446-593/1516-1517.
147272: DESIDERIUS ERASMUS,ELAINE FANTHAM,ERIKA RUMMEL - Collected Works of Erasmus: Literary and Educational Writings, 7 De Virtute/Oratio Funebris/Encomium Medicinae/De Puero/Tyrannicida/Ovid/Prudentius.
147334: DESIDERIUS ERASMUS,ERASMUS - The Correspondence of Erasmus: Letters 1-141, 1484-1500.
164663: DESIDERIUS ERASMUS - Collected Works of Erasmus: Adages I VI 1 to I X 100.
199723: DESIDERIUS ERASMUS - Desiderius Erasmus – The Praise of Folly & Other Writings (NCE) (Norton Critical Editions).
147275: DESIDERIUS ERASMUS,ERASMUS - The Correspondence of Erasmus: Letters 594-841.
190457: DESIDERIUS ERASMUS - Collected Works of Erasmus: Colloquies Volume 40.
147278: DESIDERIUS ERASMUS - Collected Works of Erasmus: Spiritualia.
147277: DESIDERIUS ERASMUS - The Correspondence of Erasmus: Letters 993 to 1121 1519 to 1520.
147284: DESIDERIUS ERASMUS - Collected Works of Erasmus: New Testament Scholarship.
147287: DESIDERIUS ERASMUS - Collected Works of Erasmus: New Testament Scholarship Paraphrase on John.
212443: DESMOND MORTON,J.L. GRANATSTEIN - Canada and the Two World Wars: Marching to Armageddon: Canadians and the Great War, 1914-1919 a Nation Forged in Fire: Canadians and the Second World.
174003: DESMOND MORRIS - The Naked Woman : A Guide to the Female Body.
183226: DESMOND MORTON - When Your Numbers Up the Canadian Soldier I the 1st World War.
214778: DESMOND MORTON - A Short History of Canada.
211041: DESMOND M CLARKE,GEORGE BERKELEY - Berkeley: Philosophical Writings (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy).
151369: DESMOND MORTON,J L GRANASTEIN - Marching to Armageddon: Canadians and the Great War 1914-1919.
194804: DESMOND MORTON - A Military History of Canada.
197179: DESMOND SEWARD - Eleanor of Aquitaine – The Mother Queen of the Middle Ages.
199555: DESMOND DINAN - Europe Recast:History of European Union: A History of European Union.
172237: DESMOND MORTON,J L GRANASTEIN - Nation Forged in Fire: Second World War.
95728: DESMOND SEWARD - Prince of the Renaissance: The Golden Life of Francois I.
53741: DESMOND MORTON,EDIETD REGINALD H. ROY - Telegrams of the North-West Campaign 1885.
208092: DESMOND SEWARD - The Monks of War: The Military Orders.
213626: DESMOND MORTON - When Your Numbers Up the Canadian Soldier in the First World War.
118114: DESMOND SEWARD - Napoleon's Family.
185631: DESMOND SEWARD - A Brief History of the Hundred Years War: The English in France, 1337-1453.
162976: DESMOND GRAHAM - Keith Douglas, 1920-44: A Biography.
211715: DESMOND MORTON,J L GRANASTEIN - Marching to Armageddon: Canadians and the Great War 1914-1919.
130171: DESMOND MORTON,J.L. GRANATSTEIN - Bloody Victory: Canadians and the D-Day Campaign 1944.
168765: DESMOND MORTON - A Short History of Canada.
123594: DESMOND ROCHFORT - Lines of Site: Ideas, Forms and Materialities.
126741: DESMOND ROCHFORT - Lines of Site: Ideas, Forms and Materialities.
183356: DESMOND MORTON,KEN BELL - Royal Canadian Military Institute 100 Years 1890-1990.
187094: DESMOND SEWARD - Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Mother Queen.
214447: DESMOND MORTON,J L GRANASTEIN - Nation Forged in Fire: Second World War.
180496: DESMOND MORTON,J.L. GRANATSTEIN - Bloody Victory: Canadians and the D-Day Campaign 1944.
161741: DETLEF MERTINS - Metropolitan Mutations: The Architecture of Emerging Spaces (Royal Architecture Institute of Canada Annual, Vol. 1).
195082: DEVON LOCAL HISTORY COMMITTEE - For Devon's Sake A History of the Town of Devon.
209619: DEVON LOCAL HISTORY COMMITTEE - For Devon's Sake -- A History of the Town of Devon.
214828: DEVRA DAVIS - The Secret History of the War on Cancer.
204033: DEVRA DAVIS - The Secret History of the War on Cancer.
142688: DEW WILLIAMS - Drops of Dew A Collection of Poems and Stories.
147617: DEWARD E WALKER - Myths of Idaho Indians.
126799: DEWEY ANDERSON - Alaska Natives A Survey of Their Sociological and Educational Status.
140341: DEWITT T. STARNES - Robert Estienne's Influence on Lexicography.
123543: DEWITT MACKENZIE - Men Without Guns.
90337: DHYANI YWAHOO,ROBERT LOMAS - Voices of Our Ancestors: Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire.
182379: DI BRANDT - Dancing Naked: Narrative Strategies for Writing Across Centuries.
174230: DI BRANDT - Jerusalem Beloved.
62318: DI BRANDT - Jerusalem Beloved.
204123: DIAMOND JENNESS - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18 Volume XII: The Copper Eskimos Part B: Physical Characteristics of the Copper Eskimos.
204804: DIAMOND JENNESS - The Indians of Canada.
197451: DIAMOND JENNESS - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18 Volume XIII: Eskimo Folk-Lore Part A: Myths and Traditions from Northern Alaska, The Mackenzie Delta and Coronation Gulf (Southern Party).
135297: DIAMOND JENNESS - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume XVI Material CUlture of the Copper Eskimo Southern Party 1913-16.
154723: DIAMOND JENNESS - Dawn in Arctic Alaska.
201915: DIAMOND JENNESS - The Indians of Canada.
211717: DIAMOND JENNESS - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume XVI Material CUlture of the Copper Eskimo Southern Party 1913-16.
132965: DIAMOND JENNESS - The Indians of Canada.
171990: DIAMOND JENNESS - The Corn Goddess and Other Tales from Indian Canada.
127494: DIAMOND JENNESS - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18 Volume XII: The Copper Eskimos Part B: Physical Characteristics of the Copper Eskimos.
194994: DIAMOND JENNESS - The Indians of Canada.
140349: DIAN FOSSEY - No One Loved Gorillas More : Dian Fossey, Letters from the Mist.
204166: DIANA DE MARLY - Working Dress: History of Occupational Clothing.
180074: DIANA GABALDON - The Fiery Cross.
97306: DIANA WILSON - Triumph and Tragedy in the Crowsnest Pass.
169722: DIANA KOSTIUK - Where the River Lobstick Flows.
186535: DIANA NYAD - Find a Way: One Wild and Precious Life.
68060: DIANA FISHER - Ceramic Painting.
126187: DIANA PRESTON,MICHAEL PRESTON - Wilful Murder : The Sinking of the Lusitania.
192314: DIANA CHOWN - Laura Evans Reid, 1883-1951.
210272: DIANA GABALDON - The Outlandish Companion.
213317: DIANA Y. PAUL - Women in Buddhism.
203270: DIANA R. TUKE - Bit by Bit: A Guide to Equine Bits.
191404: DIANA RICHEY,PAUL HENRY MILLS RICHEY,PAUL RICHEY - Fighter Pilot: A Personal Record of the Campaign in France 1939-1940.
186553: DIANA CONSTANCE - An Introduction to Drawing the Nude.
93173: DIANA VREELAND - Allure.
213643: DIANA GABALDON - Lord John and the Private Matter.
124593: DIANA EWAN WOLFE - Prints About Prints.
208400: DIANA J. MUKPO - Dragon Thunder: My Life with Chögyam Trungpa.
164743: DIANA BRANDT - So This Is the World & Here I Am in It (Writer as Critic).
209713: DIANA L. ECK - India: A Sacred Geography.
194627: DIANA BUTLER BASS - A People's History of Christianity: The Other Side of the Story.
152706: DIANA HARTOG - Matinee Light.
165031: DIANA BRYDON - Renegotiating Community: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Global Contexts (Globalization and Autonomy).
198257: DIANA PRESTON,MICHAEL PRESTON - A Pirate of Exquisite Mind Explorer, Naturalist, and Buccaneer: The Life of William Dampier.
211703: DIANA LOBEL - A Sufi-Jewish Dialogue: Philosophy and Mysticism in Bahya ibn Paquda's Duties of the Heart" (Jewish Culture and Contexts).
151568: DIANA CHOWN - Laura Evans Reid 1883-1951.
A02057: DIANA GABALDON - The Fiery Cross.
208802: DIANA KETCHAM - Le Desert De Retz – A Late Eigteenth–Century French Folly Garden The Artful Landscape of Monsieur De Monville (Paper).
184329: DIANA BRUETON - Many Moons: Myth and Magic, Fact and Fantasy of Our Nearest Heavenly Body.
212964: DIANA FROST - Colouring It Forward - Cree Nation Art & Wisdom Colouring Book.
129452: DIANA PRESTON,MICHAEL PRESTON - Taj Mahal: Passion and Genius at the Heart of the Moghul Empire.
180891: DIANA SOUHAMI - Selkirk's Island : The True and Strange Adventures of the Real Robinson Crusoe.
179310: DIANA PRESTON - The Dark Defile: Britain's Catastrophic Invasion of Afghanistan, 1838-1842.
214657: DIANA GABALDON - Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade.
118825: DIANA WARING - Beyond Survival: A Guide to Abundant-Life Homeschooling.
205063: DIANA SOUHAMI - Greta and Cecil.
88767: DIANA LEONE - Attic Windows: A Contemporary View.
194519: DIANA SOUHAMI - Gertrude and Alice.
123634: DIANE SCHOEMPERLEN - Forms of Devotion: Stories and Pictures.
213916: DIANE HENNACY POWELL M.D. - The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena.
145111: DIANE SCHOEMPERLEN,LIZ WYLIE - Derak Michael Besant: Fifteen Restless Nights.
117522: DIANE SCHOEMPERLEN,JUDITH SKELTON GRANT - Our Lady of the Lost and Found : A Novel.
135167: DIANE SOLWAY - Nureyev : His Life.
143029: DIANE GIGUERE - Whirlpool.
155668: DIANE KEATON - Then Again.
181502: DIANE MIDDLEBROOK - Her Husband: Hughes and Plath, a Marriage.
179023: DIANE P. KOENKER - Moscow Workers and the 1917 Revolution: Studies of the Russian Institute, Columbia University (Princeton Legacy Library).
187898: DIANE ACKERMAN - A Natural History of Love.
209750: DIANE FRANCIS - Who Owns Canada Now?.
212337: DIANE BELL - Daughters of the Dreaming.
166786: DIANE ACKERMAN - A Natural History of the Senses.
126963: DIANE SCHOEMPERLEN - Coming Attractions 1996.
181911: DIANE DUFVA QUANTIC,P. JANE HAFEN - A Great Plains Reader.
157975: DIANE FRANCIS - Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country [Hardcover].
212333: DIANE BELL,WAZIR JAHAN KARIM,PAT CAPLAN - Gendered Fields: Women, Men and Ethnography.
209234: DIANE PANCIOLI - Extruded Ceramics: Techniques, Projects, Inspirations (Lark Ceramics Book).
A02134: DIANE SCHOEMPERLEN - Frogs & Other Stories.
152969: DIANE STEIN - A Woman's I Ching.
178829: DIANE SWANSON - The Emerald Sea : Exploring the Underwater Wilderness of the North Pacific Coast.
153554: DIANE WISHART - Rose that Grew from Concrete: Teaching and Learning with Disenfranchised Youth.
203041: DIANE BRANDON - Intuition for Beginners: Easy Ways to Awaken Your Natural Abilities (For Beginners (Llewellyn's)).
186437: DIANE STUEMER - The Voyage of the Northern Magic: A Family Odyssey.
197266: DIANE ACKERMAN - The Human Age, The World Shaped By Us.
109953: DIANNE LINDEN - Shimmerdogs.
209019: DIANNE S. HIRE - Quilters Playtime: Games With Fabric.
137955: DIANNE WATKINS STUART - Janice Holt Giles: A Writer's Life.
105701: DIANNE LINDEN,WYNNE EDWARDS - Running Barefoot : Women Write the Land.
183664: DIANNE WARREN - Bad Luck Dog.
193946: DIANNE MEILI - Those Who Know : Profiles of Alberta'a Native Elders.
152637: DIANNE SMYTH,JUDITH GOLEC,RUTH KRAHN - Lifelines: Culture, Spirituality, and Family Violence.
152500: DIANNE HALES - Mona Lisa A Life Discovered.
208702: DIANNE MEILI - Those Who Know : Profiles of Alberta'a Native Elders.
195127: DIANNE NEWELL - Technology on the Frontier: Mining in Old Ontario.
187722: DIANNE HALES - Mona Lisa A Life Discovered.
212252: DIANNE MEILI - Those Who Know : Profiles of Alberta'a Native Elders.
124501: DIANNE GREEN - In Direct Touch with the Wide World: Telecommunications in the North 1865-1992.
203477: DIANNE MEILI - Those Who Know: Profiles of Alberta's Aboriginal Elders (20th Anniversary Edition).
124518: DIANNE WARREN - Cool Water.
190869: DIANNE GREEN - In Direct Touch with the Wide World: Telecommunications in the North 1865-1992.
189080: DIAR - Sharpeville Six.
R02427: DICK LEITH - A Social History of English.
152040: DICK NORTH - Jack London's Cabin.
129309: DICK IRVIN - Tough Calls: NHL Referees and Linesmen Tell Their Story.
214754: DICK NORTH - Arctic Exodus.
199325: DICK HARRISON,JOHN E. FOSTER - Buffalo (Alberta Nature and Culture Series).
142515: DICK DEKKER,EDGAR T. JONES - Prairie Water: Wildlife at Beaverhills Lake, Alberta.
122925: DICK NORTH - The Lost Patrol: The Mounties' Yukon Tragedy (SIGNED).
195184: DICK HARRISON - Best Mounted Police Stories.
142686: DICK STEWARD - Trade and Hemisphere: The Good Neighbor Policy and Reciprocal Trade.
212123: DICK DEKKER - Wolf Story : From Varmint to Favourite and The Wolves of Jasper.
174036: DICK DAWES - Playing at Soldiers, a Military Memoir.
202802: DICK HARRISON - Unnamed Country The Struggle for a Canadian Prairie Fiction.
214676: DICK HARRISON,I.S MACLAREN,JOHN E. FOSTER - Buffalo (Alberta Nature and Culture Series).
142645: DICK DEKKER - Naturalist Painter: An Artist's Observations of Western Wildlife.
137331: DICK NORTH - The Mad Trapper of Rat River.
157797: DICK NORTH - Arctic Exodus.
214250: DICK TURNER - Wings of the North.
195573: DICK DAMRON - The Legend and the Legacy.
163616: DICK NORTH - Sailor on Snowshoes: Tracking Jack London's Northern Trail.
188238: DICK ISENOR - Land of Plenty: A History of Comox District.
199359: DICK BROWN - Fly Fishing for Bonefish.
180406: DICK DEKKER,EDGAR T. JONES - Prairie Water: Wildlife at Beaverhills Lake, Alberta.
137180: DICK DEKKER,GORDON COURT - Bolt from the Blue: Wild Peregrines on the Hunt.
152709: DICK SARPOLUS - Building and Flying Control Line Model Aircraft.
208982: DICK PENNER - Countries of the Mind: The Fiction of J. M. Coetzee (Contributions to the Study of World Literature).
108208: DICK DAVIS - Let Them be Changed : Poems from the Persian.
U01267: DICK DAVIS - In the Distance.
161276: DICK NORTH - The Lost Patrol.
171947: DICK CHENEY - In My Time.
157544: DICK DERYK - It was in him: The George Morris story.
195161: DICK NORTH - Sailor on Snowshoes: Tracking Jack London's Northern Trail.
108780: DICK DAVIS - Borrowed Ware Epigrams from Medieval Persian 9th to 13th Centuries.
190293: DICK DEKKER - Wolves of the Rocky Mountains: From Jasper to Yellowstone.
204731: DICK KIRBY - The Sweeney: The First Sixty Years of Scotland Yard's Flying Squad.
214753: DICK NORTH - The Lost Patrol.
212704: DICK KIRBY - Scotland Yard's Ghost Squad: The Secret Weapon Against Post-War Crime.
212839: DICK DEKKER - Wildlife Adventures in the Canadian West.
115995: DIDIER ERIBON,LORRAINE NENCEL - Ethnography and Prostitution in Peru.
179368: DIDIER DU CASTEL,MAX MAMOUD,PHILIPPE PIERRE-ADOLPHE - Journey Into the Earth 1931/1990.
190813: DIET EMAN - Things We Couldn't Say.
152670: DIETER LEMKE - man no be God: Bushdoctor in Cameroon.
108697: DIETER ARMBRUSTER,R. H. RAND,RICHARD H. RAND - Perturbation Methods, Bifurcation Theory, and Computer Algebra.
167775: DIETER LADWIG - Slot Machines (Style Manual).
163048: DIETER MEHL - The Middle English romances of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries;.
134558: DIETRICH HELMS - Kurt Schwitters: Typographie Und Werbegestaltung Landesmuseum Wiesbaden, 6. Mai-8 Juli 1990 Sprengel Museum Hannover, 18 November 1990-3 Februar 1991 Museum Fur Gestaltung Zurich, April-Juni 1991 [Ausstellung].
209822: DIETRICH BONHOEFFER - Dietrich Bonhoeffer Letters and Papers from Prison, Edited By Eberhard Bethoe, Introduced By Irina Ratushinskaya.
199752: DIETRICH BONHOEFFER - Life Together and Prayer Book of the Bible v. 5 (Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works).
135357: DILIM OKAFOR-OMALI - A Nigerian Villager in Two Worlds.
168704: DILIP HIRO - The Longest August: The Unflinching Rivalry Between India and Pakistan.
197549: DILLON WALLACE - The Lure of the Labrador Wild The Story of the Exploring Expedition Conducted By Leonidas Hubbard Jr..
195140: DILLON HILLIER,RUSSELL HILLIER - One Soldier: A Canadian Soldier's Fight Against the Islamic State.
170782: DIMITRA PAPAGIANNI,MICHAEL A. MORSE - The Neanderthals Rediscovered: How Modern Science Is Rewriting Their Story.
183176: DINA IORDANOVA - The BFI Companion to Eastern European and Russian Cinema.
163383: DINESH D'SOUZA - The End of Racism: Principles for a Multiracial Society.
213705: DINNY MCMAHON - China's Great Wall of Debt: Shadow Banks, Ghost Cities, Massive Loans, and the End of the Chinese Miracle.
55699: DINSMORE HISTORICAL COMMITTEE - Dynamic Dinsmore : 1979.
211815: DIOGENES LAERTI,R D HICKS - Diogenes Laertius: Lives of Eminent Philosophers, Volume I, Books 1-5.
182861: DIONNE BRAND - Land To Light On.
176046: DIONNE BRAND - No Burden to Carry: Narratives of Black Working Women in Ontario 1920s-1950s.
206275: DIONNE BRAND,LESLIE SANDERS - At the Full and Change of the Moon.
213464: DIONNE BRAND - A Map to the Door of No Return: Notes to Belonging.
209128: DIONNE BRAND - Land to Light On.
212850: DIONYSIUS LARDNER - Natural philosophy for Schools Fourth Edition.
195083: DISTICT HISTORY ASSOCIATION,JOHN ROBERT STANLEY HAMBLY - The Battle River Country: An Historical Sketch Of Duhamel And District.
U00412: DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY,VEGREVILLE - Vegreville in Review: History of Vegreville and Surrounding Area, 1880-1980 2 Volumes.
147973: DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY,DUCHESS - Duchess and District Memories.
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211390: DOUGLAS R. HOFSTADTER - Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern.
166985: DOUGLAS ROCHE,THOMAS R. BERGER - The Arctic: Choices for Peace and Security : Proceedings of a Public Meeting.
190715: DOUGLAS GIBSON - Stories about Storytellers : Publishing Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, Alistair MacLeod, Pierre Trudeau, and Others.
126751: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Player One: what is to become of Us.
82882: DOUGLAS HUNTER - Half Moon Henry Hudson and the Voyage That Redrew the Map of the New World.
209028: DOUGLAS BOYD - Normandy in the Time of Darkness: Everyday Life and Death in the French Channel Ports 1940-45.
213816: DOUGLAS A. CAMPBELL - Eight Survived: The Harrowing Story Of The USS Flier And The Only Downed World War II Submariners To Survive And Evade Capture.
161947: DOUGLAS BARBOUR - He & she &.
184909: DOUGLAS GREENWOOD - Who's Buried Where in England (Guides).
152210: DOUGLAS ROCHE - Bread Not Bombs: A Political Agenda for Social Justice.
179398: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Eleanor Rigby.
214634: DOUGLAS ADAMS - Mostly Harmless.
97688: DOUGLAS GRESHAM - Jack's Life: A Memory of C.S. Lewis.
163031: DOUGLAS HILL - The Opening of the Canadian West.
95724: DOUGLAS RODRIGUEZ - Nuevo Latino: Recipes That Celebrate the New Latin American Cuisine.
202205: DOUGLAS D'ENNO - Fisherman Against the Kaiser: Shockwaves of War 1914-1915 v. 1.
213854: DOUGLAS LEECHMAN - Eskimo Summer.
139573: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - All Families Are Psychotic.
157763: DOUGLAS H. MANCKTELOW - Atsuko and the Aussie.
103048: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture (SIGNED).
183157: DOUGLAS BARBOUR - Shore Lines.
1872109: DOUGLAS GRESHAM - Lenten Lands.
213259: DOUGLAS E. DELANEY,SERGE MARC DURFLINGER - Capturing Hill 70: Canada's Forgotten Battle of the First World War (Studies in Canadian Military History).
194527: DOUGLAS SMITH - Former People : The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy.
211710: DOUGLAS T. KENRICK - Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life: A Psychologist Investigates How Evolution, Cognition, and Complexity are Revolutionizing our View of Human Nature.
95514: DOUGLAS FARAH - Merchant of Death: Money, Guns, Planes and the Man Who Makes War Possible.
136881: DOUGLAS PORCH - The Path to Victory: The Mediterranean Theater in World War II.
190075: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Polaroids from the Dead.
203407: DOUGLAS G. ANGLIN - The St. Pierre and Miquelon Affaire of 1941: A Study in Diplomacy in the North Atlantic Quadrangle.
171721: DOUGLAS BUSK - The Delectable Mountains.
198942: DOUGLAS SMITH - Former People: The Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy.
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A01774: DOUGLAS LOCHHEAD - Yes, Yes, Yes!.
086581: DOUGLAS HUNTER - The Bubble and the Bear: How Nortel Burst the Canadian Dream.
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198327: DOUGLAS N. W. SMITH - Canadian Rail Passenger Review - Number 1.
185337: DOUGLAS GOOLD - Lord Hardinge and the Mesopotamia Expedition and Inquiry 1914-1917.
209121: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Bit Rot.
194865: DOUGLAS RYAN BOIN - Coming Out Christian in the Roman World: How the Followers of Jesus Made a Place in Caesars Empire.
182243: DOUGLAS COLE - Captured Heritage: The Scramble for Northwest Coast Artifacts.
206424: DOUGLAS BOYD - The Other First World War: The Blood-Soaked Russian Fronts 1914-1922.
172804: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Shampoo Planet.
143762: DOUGLAS R. HOFSTADTER - Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern.
126559: DOUGLAS P STARR - The Killer of Little Shepherds : A True Crime Story and the Birth of Forensic Science.
177922: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Generation A.
207077: DOUGLAS R. HOFSTADTER - Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.
214059: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture.
209486: DOUGLAS ANGLIN - Saint Pierre and Miqueton Affair of 1941.
171980: DOUGLAS SOUTHALL FREEMAN,RICHARD HARWELL - Washington: An Abridgement in One Volume.
111872: DOUGLAS HAYNES - Cubism Revisited The Paintings of Douglas Haynes.
127353: DOUGLAS HOW - A Very Private Person The Story of Izaak Walton Killam and His Wife Dorothy.
165286: DOUGLAS WALTON - Legal Argumentation and Evidence.
169318: DOUGLAS R. ELASSER - Magic Boards, A History of Skiing in Saskatchewan.
209218: DOUGLAS JOHN HALL - Remembered Voices: Reclaiming the Legacy of Neo-Orthodoxy".
168624: DOUGLAS LE PAN - The Net and the Sword, Poems By Douglas Le Pan.
190190: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Super City.
147039: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Girlfriend in a Coma.
170099: DOUGLAS E. HARDING - On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious.
188870: DOUGLAS K. ADIA - Mail Monopoly: Analysing Canadian Postal Service (The Economics of the service sector in Canada).
165016: DOUGLAS THOMAS,JOHN SEELY BROWN - A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change.
126809: DOUGLAS HOW - Blow Up the Trumpet in the New Moon.
183497: DOUGLAS ADAMS - The Salmon of Doubt: And Other Writings.
90604: DOUGLAS R. BABCOCK - A Gentleman of Strathcona: Alexander Cameron Rutherford.
177580: DOUGLAS HURD - Queen Elizabeth Ii (Penguin Mona (Penguin Monarchs).
203625: DOUGLAS R. HOFSTADTER - Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern.
169661: DOUGLAS GLOVER - Best Canadian Stories 01.
A00505: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Microserfs.
A02198: DOUGLAS COUPLAND - Girlfriend in a Coma.
128287: DOUGLAS R. BABCOCK - Alexander Cameron Rutherford: A Gentleman of Strathcona.
206407: DOUGLAS E. SCHOEN - Putin's Master Plan: To Destroy Europe, Divide NATO, and Restore Russian Power and Global Influence.
200088: DOUGLAS DUNN - The Happier Life.
212022: DOUGLAS ROCHE - How We Stopped Loving The Bomb: An insider's account of the world on the brink of banning nuclear arms.
212373: DOUGLAS R. HOFSTADTER - I Am a Strange Loop.
212573: DOV PERETZ ELKINS - Rosh Hashanah Readings: Inspiration, Information and Contemplation: 0.
188660: DOVER PUBLICATIONS INC - Old-Fashioned Silhouettes (Dover Electronic Clip Art) (CD-ROM and Book).
U00533: DOWNSTAIRS GALLERY - Allen Sapp R.C.A.: You are Cordially Invited to Come and Meet Allen Sapp at a Preview of His Recent Paintings.
203520: DR. BARBARA N. HOROWITZ,KATHRYN BOWERS - Zoobiquity: The Astonishing Connection Between Human and Animal Health.
190379: DR. MCINTOSH - The Archko Volume: Or, the Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrim and Talmuds of the Jews.
214814: DR. CRAWFORD ROSE - York County Hospital: A Story of Faith and Courage.
128745: DR. ANNE CAMPBELL - No Memory of a Move.
122325: DR. PHILIP H.R STEPNEY - Days of the Buffalo Paintings By Clarence Tillenius.
157040: DR. DUO GAO - The Encyclopedia of Chinese Medicine: An Essential Guide to the Traditional and Natural Therapies and Remedies from Acupressure to Herbal Medicine.
142591: DR. ANDREW WHITESIDE,LESLEY WHITESIDE - Where Swift and Berkeley Learnt: A History of Kilkenny College.
76374: DR. JOHN COOKE - The Novels of Nadine Gordimer: Private Lives/Public Landscapes.
173508: DR. MARY-ELLEN TYLER - Making Better Civic Places: Urban Design at the University of Calgary.
202636: DR. LUMIR BARDON - Memories of Franz Bardon.
143555: DR. R.E.M. LEE HOSPITAL FOUNDATION,NORMA V. BENNETT - Pioneer Legacy: Chronicles of the Lower Skeena River.
214331: DR ANGUS KONSTAM - Ghost Ships: Tales of Abandoned, Doomed, and Haunted Vessels.
159044: DR. STEPHEN DEUCHAR - Sporting Art in Eighteenth Century England: A Social and Political History (Studies in British Art).
199078: DR. CHRIS MCGOWAN - In the Beginning...A Scientist Shows Why the Creationists are Wrong.
206966: DR. BETH FOWKES TOBIN - Picturing Imperial Power: Colonial Subjects in Eighteenth-Century British Painting.

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