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136395: CHRISTINE UMMEL,LAEL MORGAN - Good Time Girls : Of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush.
165153: CHRISTINE L. BORGMAN - Scholarship in the Digital Age: Information, Infrastructure, and the Internet.
164138: CHRISTINE LALONDE - Itukiagatta!: Inuit Sculpture from the Collection of the TD Bank Financial Group.
206889: CHRISTINE MANDER - Emily Murphy: Rebel.
199303: CHRISTON ARCHER - Men at War: Politics, Technology, and Innovation in the Twentieth Century.
196386: CHRISTOPH RIBBAT - Flickering Light: A History of Neon.
85757: CHRISTOPH RANSMAYR - The Terrors of Ice and Darkness: A Novel.
181153: CHRISTOPH IRMSCHER - The Poetics of Natural History: From John Bartram to William James.
117852: CHRISTOPH STADEL,JOHN C. EVERITT,PATRICK WATSON - The Canadians: Biographies of a Nation (Vol. I).
203034: CHRISTOPH DELP - Muay Thai Training Exercises: The Ultimate Guide to Fitness, Strength, and Fight Preparation.
170463: CHRISTOPH VON FURER-HAIMENDORF - Himalayan Barbary.
202711: CHRISTOPHER SIMPSON - The Splendid Blonde Beast.
182150: CHRISTOPHER HALE - Himmler′s Crusade: The Nazi Expedition to Find the Origins of the Aryan Race.
135516: CHRISTOPHER VAN PERCY - Lalique: A Collector's Guide.
187146: CHRISTOPHER MORRISON - Dust Wars Volume 1 TP.
178118: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - Cities and Civilisations.
176229: CHRISTOPHER AMES - Movies About the Movies: Hollywood Reflected.
206262: CHRISTOPHER MOORE - The Law Society of Upper Canada and Ontario's Lawyers, 1797-1997.
166927: CHRISTOPHER CATHERWOOD - Everything You Need to Know: The Battles of WWI.
184799: CHRISTOPHER S. QUEEN - Engaged Buddhism: Buddhist Liberation Movements in Asia (Tradition; 17; Garland Reference).
165552: CHRISTOPHER HART - Basic Drawing Made Amazingly Easy.
202512: CHRISTOPHER HANSARD - The Tibetan Art of Living: Wise Body, Mind, Life.
199367: CHRISTOPHER AUSTYN - Modern Sporting Guns.
183520: CHRISTOPHER LEVENSON - The journey back: And other poems.
103673: CHRISTOPHER MERRILL - From the Faraway Nearby : Georgia O'Keeffe As Icon.
142014: CHRISTOPHER INNES - Modern British Drama: The Twentieth Century.
178250: CHRISTOPHER WINN - Legal Daisey Spacing the Build-A-planet Manual.
204659: CHRISTOPHER MCDOUGALL - Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen.
204660: CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS - The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever.
120422: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - The Way Of King Arthur.
182584: CHRISTOPHER PRATT,JAY SCOTT - The Prints of Christopher Pratt: 1958-1991: Catalogue Raisonne.
206464: CHRISTOPHER HARDER - Mercy, Mistress, Mercy: The Plumley Walker Saga.
181746: CHRISTOPHER MCCREERY - The Maple Leaf and the White Cross: A History of St. John Ambulance and the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in Canada.
131410: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - The Dragon Wakes: China and the West, 1793-1911.
155621: CHRISTOPHER DICKEY - Summer of Deliverance : A Memoir of Father and Son.
134949: CHRISTOPHER WREN - Parentalia: or, Memoirs of the Family of the Wrens; Viz. of Mathew Bishop of Ely, Christopher Dean of Windsor &c., but Chiefly of Sir Christopher Wren, Late Surveyor-General of the Royal Buildings.
175225: CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER - In Spite of Myself: A Memoir.
95493: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - The Personal History of Samuel Johnson.
112821: CHRISTOPHER ISHERWOOD - Approach to Vedanta.
178197: CHRISTOPHER MILNE - The windfall: a fable.
178538: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - Cavaliers and Roundheads: The English Civil War, 1642-1649.
173144: CHRISTOPHER DEWDNEY - Last Flesh: Life in the Transhuman Era.
173023: CHRISTOPHER DE BELLAIGUE - Rebel Land: Unraveling the Riddle of History in a Turkish Town.
100166: CHRISTOPHER VARLEY - Edward Curtis in the Collection of the Edmonton Art Gallery.
172689: CHRISTOPHER DREW.,SHERRY SONTAG - Blind Man's Bluff.
165112: CHRISTOPHER F. SHORES - Finnish Air Force, 1918-1968 (Arco-Aircam Aviation Series No. 14).
197439: CHRISTOPHER ARNETT,SOOKE REGION MUSEUM,ELIDA PEERS - 4,000 Years a History of the Rainforest of Vancouver Island's Southwest Coast.
196526: CHRISTOPHER BENFEY,CHRISTOPHER E. G. BENFEY - The Great Wave: Gilded Age Misfits, Japanese Eccentrics, and the Opening of Old Japan.
137221: CHRISTOPHER COLLINS,LONGUS - Daphnis and Chloe.
197082: CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN,J. R. R. TOLKIEN - The Children of Húrin.
104565: CHRISTOPHER NAGLE - Sexuality and the Culture of Sensibility in the British Romantic Era.
179584: CHRISTOPHER F. FOSS - Jane's Tanks & Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide.
201037: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - Redcoats and Rebels, The War for America 1770-1781.
193993: CHRISTOPHER B. KAISER - History of Christian Theology: Creation and the History of Science v. 3 (The History of Christian theology).
161283: CHRISTOPHER I. BECKWITH - The Tibetan Empire in Central Asia.
206510: CHRISTOPHER BENFEY - Degas In New Orleans: Encounters in the Creole World of Kate Chopin and George Washington Cable.
192190: CHRISTOPHER MCCREERY - The Order of Military Merit.
202233: CHRISTOPHER KELLY - The End of Empire: Attila the Hun and the Fall of Rome.
A01487: CHRISTOPHER MORRIS,LAURENCE BERGREEN - Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu.
194567: CHRISTOPHER CLARK - The Sleepwalkers, How Europe Went to War in 1914.
128805: CHRISTOPHER AILSBY - Waffen SS : Hitler's Black Guard at War.
206360: CHRISTOPHER KREMMER - The Carpet Wars: From Kabul to Baghdad: A Ten-Year Journey Along Ancient Trade Routes.
198601: CHRISTOPHER EPPLET - Gladiators: Deadly Arena Sports of Ancient Rome.
147467: CHRISTOPHER ONDAATJE - Man-Eater of Punanai: A Journey of Discovery to the Jungles of Old Ceylon.
164849: CHRISTOPHER CHANT - Air War in the Gulf 1991.
206228: CHRISTOPHER MOORE - Founding the Writers' Union of Canada.
199564: CHRISTOPHER HILL - Some Intellectual Consequences of the English Revolution.
130081: CHRISTOPHER PRATT - Christopher Pratt.
182753: CHRISTOPHER PASTORE - Temple to the Wind: The Story of America's Greatest Naval Architect and His Masterpiece, Reliance.
116080: CHRISTOPHER MROSKO,RAY RIMELL - Third Brave Rifles in the Storm.
185000: CHRISTOPHER SHULGAN - Journey with the Sherpas.
171918: CHRISTOPHER R HILL - Outpost.
195774: CHRISTOPHER BEANE - Flower.
150323: CHRISTOPHER ONDAATJE - Sindh Revisited.
108766: CHRISTOPHER E JACKSON - An Alien Land: Arctic Prints of the 19th Century.
195812: CHRISTOPHER VARLEY - Studies and Other Initial Works.
62480: CHRISTOPHER LEVENSON - Arriving at Night.
204415: CHRISTOPHER GRAVETT - Hastings 1066: The Fall of Saxon England (Campaign).
196654: CHRISTOPHER TOLKEIN,J R R TOLKEIN - The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún.
196657: CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN,J. R. R. TOLKIEN - The Book of Lost Tales: 1 (Tolkien, J R R (John Ronald Reuel)//History of Middle-Earth).
191408: CHRISTOPHER CATHERWOOD - A Brief History of the Middle East.
181971: CHRISTOPHER FOSS - Commando, Twister and High Mobility Vehicles.
181972: CHRISTOPHER FOSS - Abbot FV433 Self Propelled Gun.
197485: CHRISTOPHER TYERMAN - God's War: A New History of the Crusades.
163399: CHRISTOPHER MCKEE - Treaty Talks in British Columbia: Negotiating a Mutually Beneficial Future, Revised Edition.
206176: CHRISTOPHER DUMMITT - Unbuttoned: A History of Mackenzie King's Secret Life.
153121: CHRISTOPHER MOORE - Story of a Nation: Defining Moments in our History.
194095: CHRISTOPHER THOMAS - London's Archaeological Secrets.
198583: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - Agincourt.
198584: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - King Mob (Sutton History Classics).
127883: CHRISTOPHER S STEWART - Jungleland.
143032: CHRISTOPHER HERBERT - Trollope and Comic Pleasure.
143604: CHRISTOPHER J. ELLIS,MYRA BLYTH - Gathering for Worship.
202372: CHRISTOPHER SIMPSON - Blowback.
156125: CHRISTOPHER BURKE - Paul Renner: The Art of Typography.
189031: CHRISTOPHER ANDREAE - Lines of Country: An Atlas of Railway and Waterway History in Canada.
122643: CHRISTOPHER DUFFY - Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs.
188079: CHRISTOPHER R. CARRANZA,DIL - Banishing Night Terrors and Ni.
148590: CHRISTOPHER STRINGER,ROBIN MCKIE - African Exodus, The Origins of Modern Humanity.
194596: CHRISTOPHER WEICHT - Jericho Beach and the West Coast Flying Boat Stations.
173259: CHRISTOPHER I. BECKWITH - Empires of the Silk Road : A History of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the Present.
197335: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - The Illustrated Story of England.
155369: CHRISTOPHER MCCREERY - On Her Majesty's Service: Royal Honours and Recognition in Canada.
158402: CHRISTOPHER J. WALKER - Armenia: The Survival of a Nation.
131613: CHRISTOPHER SKIDMORE - Death and the Virgin : Elizabeth, Dudley and the Mysterious Fate of Amy Robsart.
196190: CHRISTOPHER R KILFORD - Lethbridge at War: The Military History of Lethbridge from 1900 to 1996.
179137: CHRISTOPHER CREIGHTON - Op JB : The Last Great Secret of the Second World War.
206719: CHRISTOPHER MCCREERY - Fifty Years Honouring Canadians: The Order of Canada, 1967–2017.
185302: CHRISTOPHER LEE - 1603: A Turning Point in British History.
198157: CHRISTOPHER DYER - Standards of Living in the Later Middle Ages: Social Change in England c.1200–1520 (Cambridge Medieval Textbooks).
165685: CHRISTOPHER CHAPPLE - The Bhagavad Gita (SUNY Series in Cultural Perspectives).
178394: CHRISTOPHER GRAF,CONSTANCE GRAF - Reflections on the Kootenay: Wardner BC - 1897-1997.
A02259: CHRISTOPHER WISEMAN - Postcards Home: Poems New and Selected.
177259: CHRISTOPHER HILLMAN - Bunk Johnson: His Life and Times (Jazz life & times).
195908: CHRISTOPHER MCCREERY - Fifty Years Honouring Canadians: The Order of Canada, 1967-2017.
108406: CHRISTOPHER WARNER,PHILIP HAYTHORNTHWAITE - Uniforms of the French Revolutionary Wars 1789-1802.
118838: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - The Court of St. James: The Monarch at Work from Victoria to Elizabeth II.
114000: CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER - Long Way Back, Afghanistan's Quest for Peace.
187670: CHRISTOPHER KREMMER - The Carpet Wars : From Kabul to Baghdad, a Ten-Year Journey Along Ancient Trade Routes.
190233: CHRISTOPHER WITT,GERTRUD MUELLER NELSON - Sacred Threshold: Rituals and Readings for a Wedding with Spirit.
174661: CHRISTOPHER NORMENT - In the North of Our Lives: A Year in the Wilderness of Northern Canada.
187368: CHRISTOPHER SPENCER - Early Lowestoft: Study of the Early History and Products of the Lowestoft Porcelain Manufactory.
202269: CHRISTOPHER WILLS,JEFFREY BADA - The Spark of Life: Darwin and the Primeval Soup.
206277: CHRISTOPHER ANDREW - The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History Of M15.
188170: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - Venice: The Biography of a City.
158509: CHRISTOPHER M. BELL - Churchill and Sea Power.
110430: CHRISTOPHER YOUNGS - Douglas Bentham: Articulations.
202719: CHRISTOPHER WEICHT,EDGAR T. JONES - Alberta Skies Volume 7.
133459: CHRISTOPHER WISEMAN - 36 Cornelian Avenue.
142273: CHRISTOPHER WISEMAN - In John Updike's Room: New And Selected Poems.
141402: CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT - Cities and Civilizations.
164159: CHRISTOPHER R KILFORD - The Other Cold War: Canada's Military Assistance to the Developing World, 1945-1975.
112632: CHRISTOPHER F. SHORES,TED HOOTON - Supermarine Spitfire Mk XII-24, Supermarine Seafire Mk I-47; Illustrated by Richard Ward.
138002: CHRISTOPHER R. FRIEDRICHS - Urban Society in an Age of War: Nordlingen, 1580-1720.
185610: CHRISTOPHER DEWDNEY - The radiant inventory: Poems.
182016: CHRISTOPHER VARLEY,EMILY CARR - Emily Carr Oil on Paper Sketches.
157330: CHRISTOPHER ROBBINS - The Test of Courage Michel Thomas.
97032: CHRISTOPHER WISEMAN - Bending Light: An Anthology of Poetry By the L- Group.
114410: CHRISTOPHER RANSOM - The Birthing House.
179463: CHRISTOPHER VARLEY - F.H.Varley: A Centennial Exhibition.
168922: CHRISTOPHER CHIPPINDALE - Stonehenge Complete (Fourth Edition).
U01066: CHRISTOPHER MANES - Other Creations : Rediscovering the Spirituality of Animals.
204240: CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS - God Is Not Great : How Religion Poisons Everything.
199049: CHRISTOPHER HEANEY - Cradle of Gold: The Story of Hiram Bingham, a Real-Life Indiana Jones, and the Search for Machu Picchu.
199701: CHRISTOPHER FYNSK - Typography: Mimesis, Philosophy, Politics (Meridian: Crossing Aesthetics).
166021: CHRISTOPHER GORDON-CRAIG - Studious Youth and Imperial Adventure.
177464: CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON,PHILIP JONES - Dreamings: The Art of Aboriginal Australia.
194037: CHRISTOPHER ANDERSEN - William and Kate: A Royal Love Story.
181249: CHRISTOPHER LOWRY,WHITNEY SMITH - Wild Culture: Ecology and Imagination.
198290: CHRISTOPHER BREWER - Art That Tells the Story.
077528: CHRISTOPHER VARLEY - Winnipeg West: Painting and Sculpture in Western Canada, 1945-1970.
198075: CHRISTOPHER DANIELL - Atlas of Medieval Britain.
151404: CHRISTOPHER BROOKE,ROSALIND BROOKE - Popular Religion in the Middle Ages : Western Europe 1000 - 1300.
184596: CHRISTOPHER ARMSTRONG,H.V. NELLES - The Painted Valley: Artists Along Alberta's Bow River, 18452000.
66593: CHRISTOPHER WOOD - Dictionary of Victorian Painters, with Guide to Auction Prices and Index To Artists' Monograms.
163988: CHRISTOPHER LEE - This Sceptred Isle: 55 BC to 1901: The Roman Invasion to the Death of Queen Victoria.
207028: CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS - God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.
2027454: CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE - Doctor Faustus (Broadview Editions).
198605: CHRISTOPHER ALCANTARA - A Quiet Evolution: The Emergence of Indigenous-Local Intergovernmental Partnerships in Canada (IPAC Series in Public Management and Governance).
102283: CHRISTY G. II TURNER,JACQUELINE A. TURNER - Man Corn: Cannibalism and Violence in the Prehistoric American Southwest.
177905: CHRISTY ANN HENSLER - Guide to Indian Quillworking.
137684: CHU-YUAN CHENG - Behind the Tiananmen Massacre: Social, Political, and Economic Ferment in China.
194196: CHUCK SHIPLEY - Poachers, Beans & Birch Bark.
129293: CHUCK ROBERSON - Fall Guy: 30 Years As the Duke's Double..
147468: CHUCK GOSBEE,LESLIE DYSON - Glancing Back : Reflections and Anecdotes on Vancouver Public Schools.
152002: CHUCK STEWART - Deci: NATO's European Air Combat Range - Superbase 4.
142264: CHUCK PARSONS - Captain John R. Hughes Lone Star Ranger.
172081: CHUCK PALAHNIUK - Beautiful You.
116387: CHUCK PFARRER - SEAL Target Geronimo : The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden.
179839: CHUCK SHIPLEY - Poacher Chaser Holiday.
179833: CHUCK SHIPLEY - Poachers, Cranberries and Snowshoes.
190406: CICERO - Cicero VI: Pro Publio Quinctio, Pro Sexto Roscio Amerino, Etc..
130488: CICERO,J E KING - Cicero Xviii Tusculan Disputations.
130462: CICERO - Cicero - The Speeches: Pro Quinctio; Pro Roscio Amerino; Pro Roscio Comoedo; De Lege Agraria I, II, III.
130482: CICERO - Cicero the Speeches.
206116: CICERO - On the Good Life.
142057: CICERO,R GARDNER - Cicero: Pro Caelio/De Provinciis Consularibus/Pro Balbo.
132342: CICERO,W C A KER - Cicero: Philippics.
142040: CICERO,E W SUTTON,H. RACKHAM - Cicero IV De Oratore Book III On Fate; Stoic Paradoxes; The Divisions of Oratory.
130481: CICERO - Cicero the Verrine Orations.
202814: CINDA CHAVICH - High Plains: The Joy of Alberta Cuisine.
206456: CINDA CHAVICH - The Waste Not, Want Not Cookbook: Save Food, Save Money, and Save the Planet.
132042: CINDI KATZ - Full Circles: Geographies of Women over the Life Course.
124007: CINDY RICHMOND - Elizabeth MacKenzie: Eating Virtue.
182919: CINDY RICHMOND - Jane Sterbak.
118938: CINDY HONYZA - Self Care 101.
90077: CINDY WILLIAMS,VIRGINIA PAGE FORTNA - Peace Time: Cease-Fire Agreements and the Durability of Peace.
129163: CINDY RICHMOND,TIMOTHY LONG,W. A. RIDDELL - The Mackenzie Art Gallery: Norman Mackenzie's Legacy.
117067: CIOMA SCHONHAUS - The Forger.
163255: CIPE PINELES - Since We Were Born.
106699: CIPHER A. DEVOURS,DAVID KAHN,LOUIS KRUH - Cryptologia - A Quarterly Journal Devoted to All Aspects of Cryptology Volume 6 Number 1 1983.
201171: CITY OF EDMONTON - Naming Edmonton : Ada to Zoie.
126166: CIVIC TRUST,EDINBURGH ARCHITECTURAL ASSOCIATION,LISA JARDINE - On a Grander Scale: The Outstanding Life and Tumultuous Times of Sir Christopher Wren.
199814: CIZIA ZYKE - Oro.
157386: CLADIO SAUNT - West of the Revolution An Uncommon History of 1776.
171392: CLAES OLDENBURG - Claes Oldenburg's Store Days.
A00425: CLAIRE HOY - Nice Work: The Continuing Scandal of Canada's Senate.
150408: CLAIRE FRECHES-THORY - Nabis (Schools & movements of painting).
33571: CLAIRE WEISSMAN WILKS - Magic Box, The Eccentric Genius of Hannah Maynard Photographer 1834-1918 Canada.
132731: CLAIRE SPRAGUE - Van Wyck Brooks: The Early Years A Selection from His Works, 1908-1925.
143095: CLAIRE BERLINSKI - There Is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters.
111371: CLAIRE FARAGO - Reframing the Renaissance: Visual Culture in Europe and Latin America, 1450-1650.
161677: CLAIRE DONOVAN - The Winchester Bible.
112154: CLAIRE TOMALIN - Charles Dickens : A Life.
106259: CLAIRE CLARK - Indulge: 100 Perfect Desserts.
204626: CLAIRE BAUM - The Hidden Package (The Azrieli Series of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs).
198491: CLAIRE JOYES - Monet's Table : The Cooking Journals of Claude Monet.
126152: CLAIRE SPRAGUE - Rereading Doris Lessing: Narrative Patterns of Doubling and Repetition.
181038: CLAIRE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL - A Century of Parks Canada, 1911?2011.
164146: CLAIRE ROBINSON,MISHA NORLAND - Signatures, Miasms, Aids: Spiritual Aspects of Homeopathy.
165639: CLAIRE LASKIN - Child of the End Times.
208012: CLAIRE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL - Shaped by the West Wind: Nature and History in Georgian Bay (Nature | History | Society).
126853: CLAIRE MARTIN - The Legacy.
147054: CLAIRE MOWAT - Travels With Farley.
114644: CLAIRE WEISSMAN WILKS - The Magic Box: The Eccentric Genius of Hannah Maynard Photographer 1834-1918 Canada.
177317: CLAIRE BROCK - The Comet Sweeper: Caroline Herschel's Astronomical Ambition.
186534: CLARA HUGHES - Open Heart, Open Mind.
204741: CLARA THOMAS - Ryerson of Upper Canada.
208121: CLARA VYVYAN - The Ladies, the Gwich'in, and the Rat: Travels on the Athabasca, Mackenzie, Rat, Porcupine, and Yukon Rivers in 1926.
144640: CLARA BLACKWOOD - Subway Medusa.
170665: CLARA A.B. JOSEPH - The Agent in the Margin: Nayantara Sahgal’s Gandhian Fiction.
154859: CLARA I. GANDY - Edmund Burke A Bibliography of Secondary Studies to 1982.
165820: CLARE A.P. WILLSDON - In the Gardens of Impressionism.
155267: CLARE GIBSON - The Hidden Life of Renaissance Art: Secrets and Symbols in Great Masterpieces.
203323: CLARE MULLEY - The Spy Who Loved: The Secrets and Lives of Christine Granville.
177690: CLARE BECK - The New Woman as Librarian: The Career of Adelaide Hasse.
166003: CLARE MELHUISH - Modern House 2 (Modern House S).
185476: CLARE JACKSON - Charles II: The Star King (Penguin Monarchs).
129004: CLARE COOPER MARCUS - House As a Mirror of Self: Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Home.
188977: CLARE CAMPBELL - Bonzo's War: Animals Under Fire, 1939 -1945.
164304: CLARENCE DARROW - The Story of My Life.
182671: CLARENCE R. BOLT - Thomas Crosby and the Tsimshian: Small Shoes for Feet Too Large.
111090: CLARENCE TILLENIUS - Clarence Tillenius.
116440: CLARENCE SIMMONS - The Endless Reach.
128799: CLARENCE KINSEY,CLARK KINSEY,NORM BOLOTIN - Klondike Lost: A Decade of Photographs by Kinsey and Kinsey.
155218: CLARENCE BOLT - Does Canada Matter? : Liberalism and the Illusion of Sovereignty.
196649: CLARESHOLM HISTORY BOOK CLUB - Where the wheatlands meet the range.
192025: CLARIE HARRIS - Translation into Fiction.
187996: CLARISSA SMITH - Broken WIngs.
136828: CLARISSA DICKSON WRIGHT,JENNIFER PATERSON - Two Fat Ladies : Obsessions - Over 150 Recipes Featuring Their Favourite Foods and Heartfelt Passions.
136831: CLARISSA DICKSON WRIGHT,JENNIFER PATERSON - Cooking with the Two Fat Ladies : Gastronomic Adventures [With Motorbike and Sidecar].
198641: CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTES - Untie the Strong Woman: Blessed Mother's Immaculate Love for the Wild Soul.
143379: CLARK H PINNOCK - The Scripture Principle : Reclaiming the Full Authority of the Bible.
143364: CLARK H PINNOCK - The Scripture Principle.
107479: CLARK LOCKE - Country Hours.
142382: CLARK R. MOLLENHOFF - Atanasoff: Forgotten Father of the Computer.
98250: CLARK B. OFFNER - Modern Japanese Religions, with Special Emphasis Upon Their Doctrines of Healing.
161154: CLARK BLAISE - Time Lord : The Remarkable Canadian Who Missed his Train and Changed the World.
152585: CLARK SPENCER LARSEN - Human Origins: The Fossil Record.
196062: CLARK WISSLER - Masks.
187949: CLARK BLAISE - Tribal Justice.
136693: CLARRIE WALLIS - In-a-gadda-da-vida: Angus Fairhurst, Damien Hirst and Sarah Lucus.
202598: CLARRY HUNT - Modern Housekeeping.
116107: CLAUDE THIBAULT,GEORGEEN KLASSEN - Bibliographia Canadiana.
163421: CLAUDE KENNESON - Székely and Bartók: The Story of a Friendship.
171135: CLAUDE C. JR. ALBRITTON - The Abyss of Time: Changing Conceptions of the Earth's Antiquity After the 16th Century.
102415: CLAUDE AUBRY - Agouhanna.
142007: CLAUDE TOUSIGNANT,JAMES D. CAMPBELL - Claude Tousignant Monochromes, 1978-1993.
181186: CLAUDE KENNESON - Musical Prodigies : Perilous Journeys, Remarkable Lives.
119898: CLAUDE K. DARRACH - Race to Fame: The Inside Story of the Bluenose.
178126: CLAUDE LANZMANN - Shoah A Oral History of the Holocaust,The Complete Text of the Film.
183192: CLAUDE T. BISSELL - The Imperial Canadian : Vincent Massey in Office.
173433: CLAUDE ARNAUD - Chamfort : A Biography.
204260: CLAUDE LEVI-STRAUSS - Myth and Meaning (Heritage).
183912: CLAUDE BISSELL - Young Vincent Massey.
174106: CLAUDE CERNUSCHI - Jackson Pollock: Meaning and Significance (Icon Editions).
176715: CLAUDE KENNESON - A Cellist's Guide to The New Approach.
198699: CLAUDE MELANCON - Indian Legends of Canada.
122971: CLAUDE K. DARRACH - From a Coastal Schooner's Log.
186154: CLAUDE BERNARD - An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine.
117547: CLAUDE ROBERTO,JOYCE HOLDEN - With Courage I Live.
112067: CLAUDE BREEZE - Claude Breeze.
163036: CLAUDE DENIS - We Are Not You: First Nations and Canadian Modernity (Terra Incognita (Peterborough, Ont.).).
112198: CLAUDE VIALLAT - Viallat.
126073: CLAUDE LEVI-STRAUSS - The Story of Lynx.
196404: CLAUDE PALISCA - Baroque Music (Prentice-Hall History of Music Series).
163479: CLAUDE KENNESON - A Cellist's Guide to The New Approach.
178037: CLAUDE MOSSE - Athens in Decline, 404-86 B.C.,.
202783: CLAUDE ARPI - The Fate of Tibet: When Big Insects Eat Small Insects..
198800: CLAUDE GARDINER - Letters from an English Rancher.
198729: CLAUDIA ROWE - The Spider and the Fly: A Reporter, a Serial Killer, and the Meaning of Murder.
U00748: CLAUDIA CASPER - The Reconstruction.
172257: CLAUDIA EMERSON - Late Wife.
A00816: CLAUDIA CASPER - Continuation of Love By Other Means.
155610: CLAUDIA VARRIN - Female Dominance: Rituals and Practices.
188000: CLAUDIA SMITH - Gypsies, Preachers and Big White Bears: One Hundred Years on Country Roads.
111650: CLAUDIA HART - Not an Angel.
187505: CLAUDIO ANTONUCCI - Warriors of Imperial Japan in World War II.
197339: CLAUDIO VIOLATO - Advances in Adolescent Psychology.
105094: CLAY ANDRES - Illustrator Illuminated.
163254: CLAY ELLIS - Weaners, Culls and Divvies.
117901: CLAY STOTT - Mapping Our Places Voices from the Indigenous Communities Mapping Initiative.
129010: CLAYTON ESHLEMAN - Indiana.
196112: CLAYTON MACK - Bella Coola Man: More Stories of Clayton Mack.
A02325: CLEM MARTINI,KATHLEEN FOREMAN - Something Like a Drug: An Unauthorized Oral History of Theatresports.
157529: CLEMENS NIESNER - Danske Haeren the Vehicles of the Modern Danish Land Forces.
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