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153160: BETTY KELLER,EILEEN WILLISTON - Forests, Power and Policy : The Legacy of Ray Williston.
201088: BETTY FRANK - Legendary Betty Frank: The Cariboo's Apline Queen.
A01476: BETTY JO TEETER DOBBS,JOHN HENRY,MARGARET C. JACOB - The Scientific Revolution and the Origins of Modern Science.
134769: BETTY NICKERSON,CHI - Letters from Biafra.
165734: BETTY JANTZ,LOUISE BARAK - University of Saskatchewan A Photo Album.
153440: BETTY JANE HEGERAT - A Crack In the Wall.
181117: BETTY SELLNIES GOOS - Fleeing Home: From Memelland to Canada.
158368: BETTY LUKE - Sadi Thread & Shisha Glass Embroidery: Techniques and Design to Inspire Creative Stitching.
161458: BETTY NANCE WEBER - Bertolt Brecht, Political Theory and Literary Practice.
121150: BETTY JANE WYLIE - Something Might Happen.
196712: BETTY PATRICK,JO-ANNE FISKE - Cis Dideen Kat - When the Plumes Rise: The Way of the Lake Babine Nation.
162295: BETTY JOHN - Libby: The Alaskan Diaries and Letters of Libby Beaman, 1879-1880.
109838: BETTY FUSSELL - The Story of Corn.
136344: BETTY RIZZO,SARAH SCOTT - The History of Sir George Ellison.
190968: BETTY O'KEEFE,IAN MACDONALD - Disaster on Mount Slesse: The Story of Western Canada's Worst Air Crash.
170157: BETTY E. ELEY,PETER L. STORCK - The Fisher Site: Archaeological, Geological, and Paleobotanical Studies at an Early Paleo-Indian Site in Southern Ontario, Canada (Memoirs of the Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan).
195910: BETTY ZYVATKAUSKAS,SONIA ZYVATKAUSKAS - Eating Shakespeare: Recipes and More from the Bards Kitchen.
186547: BETTY HALBREICH,REBECCA PALEY - I'll Drink to That: A Life in Style, with a Twist.
152668: BETTY JANE HEGERAT - Running Toward Home.
167731: BETTY GIBBS - The Art of Len Gibbs.
180999: BETTY LEE - Marie Dressler : The Unlikeliest Star.
177762: BETTY EDWARDS - The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence.
116558: BETTY DYCK - Running to Beat Hell: A Biography of A.M. (Sandy) Nicholson.
125184: BETTY GIBBS,CHRIS LEVAN,WYNNE EDWARDS - Taking off the Tinsel.
157848: BETTY M. MADSEN,BRIGHAM D. MADSEN - North to Montana! Jehus, Bullwhackers, and Mule Skinners on the Montana Trail.
180459: BETTY EDWARDS - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence.
132256: BETTY KELLER - Pauline: A Biography of Pauline Johnson.
197760: BETTY BALLANTINE,FRANK FRAZETTA - Frank Frazetta, Book four..
195365: BEULAH BALDWIN - The Long Trail: The Story of a Pioneer Family.
132517: BEV DOOLITTLE,ELISE MACLAY - Bev Doolittle: New Magic.
096670: BEV DOOLITTLE,ELISE MACLAY - New Magic: Bev Doolittle's New Magic.
197171: BEV DOOLITTLE,JUDITH HOHL - Visions: The Art of Bev Doolittle - A Catalogue of Published Works.
158008: BEVERLEY NICHOLS - Down the Kitchen Sink.
155214: BEVERLEY MITCHELL - Ethel Wilson and Her Works.
201183: BEVERLEY NICHOLS - Down the Kitchen Sink.
54566: BEVERLEY ELEY - The Book of David.
157993: BEVERLEY NICHOLS - Merry Hall (Beverley Nichols Trilogy Book 1).
157994: BEVERLEY NICHOLS - Laughter On The Stairs (Beverley Nichols Trilogy Book 2).
A00485: BEVERLY HARRIS - Three Times Five.
190441: BEVERLY BOYD,GEOFFREY CHAUCER - The Prioress's Tale.
178221: BEVERLY LEIN - Wolf Spirit: The Story of Moon Beam.
161385: BEVERLY RASPORICH - Dance of the Sexes : Art and Gender in the Fiction of Alice Munroe.
192315: BEVERLY WHALEN,DAVID W. LEONARD,HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF ALBERTA - On the North Trail: The Treaty 8 Diary of O.C. Edwards (Historical Society of Alberta (Series), V. 12.).
063320: BEVERLY LEIN - An Elk in the House.
185001: BEVERY RASPORICH,CHRISTINE SUTHERLAND - Woman As Artist Papers in Honour of Marsha Hanen.
195079: BEVIN ALEXANDER - How Great Generals Win.
193596: BEVIN ALEXANDER - How Hitler Could Have Won World War II: The Fatal Errors That Led to Nazi Defeat.
188506: BEVIN ALEXANDER - How Hitler Could Have Won World War II: The Fatal Errors That Lead to Nazi Defeat.
A01222: BHARATI MUKHERJEE - Jasmine.
A00553: BHARATI MUKHERJEE - The Middleman and Other Stories.
133406: BHARATI MUKHERJEE - The Holder of the World.
A02473: BHARATI MUKHERJEE - Leave It to Me.
A02514: BHARATI MUKHERJEE - The Holder of the World.
A02613: BHARATI MUKHERJEE - Desirable Daughters.
196363: BHIKKHU BODHI - The Buddha's Teachings on Social and Communal Harmony: An Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon (The Teachings of the Buddha).
196390: BHRIGUPATI SINGH,VEENA DAS,ARTHUR KLEINMAN,MICHAEL JACKSON - The Ground Between: Anthropologists Engage Philosophy.
178305: BIBA CAGGIANO - Biba's Taste of Italy: Recipes from the Homes, Trattorie and Restaurants of Emilia-Romagna.
117784: BIDDY MARTIN - Woman and Modernity: The Lifestyles of Lou Andreas-Salome.
117176: BIEN POORVLIET,CHARLES JENCKS - What Is Post-Modernism?.
197797: BIG RIVER HISTORY BOOK COMMITTEE - Timber Trails. History of Big River and District.
185536: BIG SUR HISTORICAL SOCIETY,JEFF NORMAN - Big Sur (Images of America: California).
184163: BIGBROS WORKSHOP - Stuffz: Design on Material.
191981: BIKKHU KANTIPALO - Buddhism Explained: An Introduction To The Teachings Of Lord Buddha.
188565: BIL BAIRD - The Art of the Puppet.
188283: BILL GASTON - Order of Good Cheer.
193939: BILL MCNEIL - Voices of a War Remembered.
181915: BILL MORRISON,KEN COATES,WILLIAM WALLACE - On the Frontier: Letters from the Canadian West in the 1880s.
164956: BILL VANCE - Reflections on Automotive History (Volume 2).
178265: BILL OWENS - Documentary photography: A personal view (Addison House photographic survival kit).
158924: BILL MORRISON,KEN COATES - The Sinking of the Princess Sophia: Taking the North Down with Her.
111320: BILL HOWELL - The Red Fox.
187465: BILL SLATTON - MiG-17 (Fresco) in Detail & Scale, Series 3, No. 1.
132554: BILL MCLENNAN,KAREN DUFFEK - The Transforming Image: Painted Arts of Northwest Coast First Nations.
153120: BILL THOMPSON III,CONNIE TOOPS - Hummingbirds and Butterflies.
144234: BILL BRYSON - The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid : A Memoir.
122371: BILL COSTLEY - Volume One Oberscharfuhrer. 6. Ss-Gebirgs Division Nord. Pictorial Guide: Clothing, Arms, Gear, Personal Items.
122372: BILL COSTLEY - Volume Three: Obergefreiter. Jager Battalion Light Infantry Division Pictorial Guide: Clothing, Arms, Gear, Personal Items.
177594: BILL BRYSON - The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid : A Memoir.
A02305: BILL RICHARDSON - After Hamelin.
175372: BILL RICHARDSON - Old Father William's Well-Ordered Universe: A Generally Reliable Compendium of Facts, Figures, and Formulae, Specifically Intended for the Bathroom Bound (And Those Who Love Them).
102753: BILL GUNSTON - Ah-64 Apache.
197217: BILL WAISER - Who Killed Jackie Bates?.
147957: BILL BRYSON - The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid : A Memoir.
197737: BILL MCWILLIAMS - On Hallowed Ground: The Last Battle for Pork Chop Hill.
A01981: BILL BISSETT - B Leev Abul Char Ak TRS.
105908: BILL JACKSON - Lone Survivor.
157652: BILL ZUK - The Avro Arrow Story: The Revolutionary Airplane And It's Courageous Test Pilots.
162380: BILL MOYERS - Genesis: A Living Conversation.
95035: BILL RUSSELL,ROBERT MCGHEE - Miscellaneous Historical Studies.
177325: BILL BRIGHT - God: Discover His Character.
172075: BILL RUSSELL - Red and Me.
163694: BILL WEBB - WHERE THE COLD WINDS BLOW. 33 Years in the Arctic.
179410: BILL HUME - Weather of Alberta.
144975: BILL RICHARDSON - Queen of All the Dust Balls: And Other Epics of Everyday Life.
188350: BILL BRADEN - On Good Ice the Evolution of Canada's Arctic Ice Road.
195010: BILL ZUK - Janusz Zurakowski: The Legend in the Skies.
199121: BILL NYE - Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation.
123375: BILL ADLER - Letters from Vietnam.
176353: BILL YENNE - The Story of the Boeing Company.
112867: BILL KEAY - The Wild Life of Bill Keay.
193689: BILL MILLER - Wires in the Wilderness: The Story of the Yukon Telegraph.
179446: BILL EMMOTT - 20:21 Vision: Twentieth-Century Lessons for the Twenty-first Century.
135798: BILL HENSON,DENNIS COOPER - Bill Henson: Lux Et Nox.
148895: BILL C. KILGRAIN - Color Schemes and Markings U.S. Navy Aircraft 1911-1950.
174052: BILL MCNEIL,MORRIS WOLFE - Signing On: The Birth of Radio in Canada.
183694: BILL VAZAN - Bill Vazan, Recent Land and Photoworks.
182297: BILL ROWE - Danny Williams: The War With Ottawa.
96089: BILL SASS,BRIAN NOBLE,PETER COLLUM - Alberta The Badlands.
178532: BILL HAGELUND - Dowager Queen: The Hudson's Bay Ss Beaver.
179000: BILL WAISER - Park Prisoners: The Untold Story of Western Canada's National Parks, 1915-1946.
164957: BILL VANCE - Reflections on Automotive History (Volume 1).
151006: BILL NEAL - From Guns to Gavels How Justice Grew Up in the Outlaw West.
179695: BILL MCKIBBEN - Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist.
197031: BILL GIFFORD - Ledyard: In Search of the First American Explorer.
113348: BILL WOLFERSTAN - Pacific Yachting's Cruising Guide to British COlumbia, Volumes I, II, III.
186049: BILL MCKIBBEN - Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet.
106512: BILL GASTON - The Good Body.
151305: BILL BARRY - Age Shall Not Weary Them: Saskatchewan Remembers Its War Dead.
183354: BILL MCANDREW,BILL RAWLING,MICHAEL WHITBY - Liberation: The Canadians in Europe.
183803: BILL FAWCETT - How to Lose a Battle : Foolish Plans and Great Military Blunders.
155258: BILL MANLEY - The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt (Hist Atlas).
144091: BILL PERTWEE - Dad's Army, The Making of a Television Legend.
167667: BILL GUYTON - Glaciers of California: Modern Glaciers, Ice Age Glaciers, the Origin of Yosemite Valley, and a Glacier Tour in the Sierra Nevada (California Natural History Guides).
066920: BILL SIMPKINS - Chinook Country Alberta South.
185539: BILL COTTER - Seattle's 1962 World's Fair (Images of America) (Images of America (Arcadia Publishing)).
129359: BILL HOLM,BILL REID - Indian Art of the Northwest Coast a Dialogue on Craftsmanship and Aesthetics.
183219: BILL WAISER - Saskatchewan: A New History.
179990: BILL RAWLING - The Myriad Challenges of Peace: Canadian Forces Medical Practitioners Since the Second World War.
179853: BILL WHITHORN,DORIS WHITHORN - Montana in the Good Old Days No.2.
197093: BILL NAPIER,VICTOR CLUBE - Cosmic Winter.
190010: BILL D. MOYERS,BILL MOYERS,MARY DALY - Beyond God the Father: Toward a Philosophy of Women's Liberation.
113581: BILL HEATH - Claxton and Sand Hutton Reflections.
158443: BILL BISSETT - Northern Birds in Color.
192077: BILL BRYSON - A Short History of Nearly Everything, Special Illustrated Edition.
102756: BILL GUNSTON - Mig 23/27 Flogger.
196949: BILL BARLEE - Gold Creeks and Ghost Towns.
196934: BILL ALEXANDER,COLIN WILLIAMS,JOHN GORMAN - Memorials of the Spanish Civil War: Official Publication of the International Brigade Association (Military series).
196200: BILL WAISER - Park Prisoners: The Untold Story of Western Canada's National Parks, 1915-1946.
A01985: BILL BISSETT - Th Influenza Uv Logik.
A01983: BILL BISSETT - Canada Gees Mate for Life.
104444: BILL BISSETT - Radiant Danse Uv Being: A Poetic Portrait of Bill Bissett.
181532: BILL MASON,LEE GRUENFELD - Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief.
194923: BILL BRYSON - The Road to Little Dribbling: More Notes From a Small Island.
175978: BILL MCLAIN - What Makes Flamingos Pink? : A Colorful Collection of Q & A's for the Unquenchably Curious.
167287: BILL MERILESS,C. P. LYONS - Trees Shrubs and Flowers to Know in British Columbia and Washington.
185027: BILL WOLFERSTAN - Cruising Guide to British Columbia Vol 1.
157569: BILL KNAPP,CHARLES QUIGLEY - IPMS/USA Volume 16 Number 1 Convention.
A01982: BILL BISSETT - Scars on th Seehors.
178616: BILL RICHARDSON,KEVIN MAURER - Valleys of Death: A Memoir of the Korean War.
174255: BILL BISSETT - Nobody owns the earth.
116100: BILL MCKEE,THOMAS D.MAHONEY - Trail of Iron : The CPR and the Birth of the West.
187989: BILL GALLAHER - The Luck of the Horseman (Wild Jack Strong Trilogy).
154268: BILL BISSETT - Sublingual.
194371: BILL SCHUTT - Dark Banquet: Blood and the Curious Lives of Blood-Feeding Creatures.
199972: BILL BRYSON - A Short History of Nearly Everything.
108002: BILL RENNIE,VALERIE PUGH - Ceramic Sculpture: Valerie Pugh, Bill Rennie.
185556: BILL WARD,SCOTT BOWDEN - Last Chance for Victory: Robert E. Lee and the Gettysburg Campaign.
142140: BILL NEAL - Vengeance Is Mine: The Scandalous Love Triangle That Triggered the Boyce-Sneed Feud (A.C. Greene Series).
84347: BILL,BRYSON - The Lost Continent : Travels in Small-Town America.
125240: BILL PICKARD - Half A Ton : Selected Poems 1947-1997.
181487: BILL CASSELMAN - Canadian Food Words.
113882: BILL MCNEIL - Voices of a War Remembered: An Oral History of Canadians in World War Two.
123468: BILL FAWCETT - It Looked Good on Paper: Bizarre Inventions, Design Disasters, and Engineering Follies.
116330: BILL GUNSTON - Stingers; the McDonnell Douglas F / A-18.
125251: BILL CORBETT - Best of Alberta Outdoor Activities in Alberta's Heartland.
148307: BILL HOLDER,MIKE WALLACE,WILLIAM G. HOLDER - Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk: An Illustrated History of the Stealth Fighter.
057787: BILL STORY - Tumpy Stories of Homestead Days.
177393: BILL MCGUIRE - Apocalypse: A Natural History of Global Disasters.
186474: BILL O'REILLY,JULIE M. BROWN M.A. - Killing Jesus.
186475: BILL SASS,PETER COLLUM,ROD MACLEOD - All True Things A History of the University of Alberta , 1908 - 2008.
98674: BILL RICHARDSON - Waiting for Gertrude: A Graveyard Gothic.
194879: BILL HOLM - Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form (Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum Monograph, No. 1).
179706: BILL YENNE - Operation Long Jump: Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, and the Greatest Assassination Plot in History.
179851: BILL WHITHORN,DORIS WHITHORN - Photo History of Shields Valley.
179852: BILL WHITHORN,DORIS WHITHORN - Photo History from Yellowstone Park.
188945: BILL BRUSON - The Lost Continent.
156074: BILL TRENT - Who Killed Lynne Harper?.
178712: BILL BRYSON - The Mother Tongue : English and How It Got That Way.
199222: BILL HOLDER - B-24 Liberator - Aircraft Specials series (6125).
111902: BILL BISSETT - Northern Wild Roses / Deth Interrupts Th Dansing.
162595: BILL JACKSON - Three Stripes and Four Brownings.
125087: BILL JESSOME - Martitime Mysteries: And the Ghosts Who Surrounds Us.
147379: BILL SHERWONIT,JEFF SCHULTZ - Iditarod: The Great Race to Nome.
171034: BILL JOHNSTONE - Coal Dust in My Blood: The Autobiography of a Coal Miner.
87153: BILL HAYES - Five Quarts: A Personal And Natural History Of Blood.
70845: BILL ODDIE,TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR - The Goodies File.
135029: BILL OVERTON - The Media, the Shaping the Image of a People.
165157: BILL GUEST,RUTH EDGECOMBE,STEPHEN DOVERS - South Africa's Environmental History: Cases & Comparisons.
169097: BILL TILTON - First Steps Drawing and Painting Animals.
187818: BILL MARSDEN - Big Screen Country: Making Movies In Alberta.
129930: BILL CORBETT - Best of Alberta Day Trips from Calgary.
118733: BILL WAISER - Who Killed Jackie Bates?.
179402: BILL MOYERS - Healing and the Mind.
143700: BILL REDEKOP - Dams of Contention: The Rafferty-Alameda Story and the Birth of Canadian Environmental Law.
188039: BILL BRYSON - At Home: A Short History of Private Life.
201022: BILL BRYSON - The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid : A Memoir.
201027: BILL MOYERS,JOSEPH CAMPBELL - The Power of Myth.
194927: BILL DAVIDSON - Black Friday (The Edmonton Sun).
197610: BILL MOYERS - Fooling with Words: A Celebration of Poets and Their Craft.
117714: BILLA ZANUSO,COLIN BRETT - The Young Freud: The Origins of Psychoanalysis in Late Nineteenth-Century Viennese Culture.
151280: BILLEH NICKERSON - The Asthmatic Glassblower: and other poems.
194737: BILLIE MILHOLLAND - North Saskatchewan River Guide - Mountain to Prairie - A Living Landscape.
A01852: BILLIE LIVINGSTON - Cease to Blush.
108721: BILLY L. FARMER - Universe Alternatives: Emerging Concepts of Size, Age, Structure and Behavior.
184519: BILLY BOCK - The Book of Humbug.
192205: BILLY LANE - Billy Lane Chop Fiction: It' Not a Motorcycle Baby, Its a Chopper!.
166832: BILLY KENNEDY - The Scotch-Irish in the Carolinas (Scots-Irish Chronicles).
198291: BILLY KLUVER - Kiki's Paris: Artists and Lovers 1900-1930.
196941: BIM MASON - Street Theatre and Other Outdoor performance.
92194: BING WEST - The Strongest Tribe: War, Politics, and the Endgame in Iraq.
136160: BIRGITT LEDERER,WAYNE HERSCHEL - The Hidden Records.
137305: BIRUTE M. GLADIKAS - Reflections of Eden : My Years with the Orangutans of Borneo.
194303: BIZ STONE - Things a Little Bird Told Me.
107327: BJORN LOMBORG,BJRN LOMBORG - The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World.
67255: BLACK JEREMY - Britain as a Military Power 1688-1815.
197213: BLACK ELK,JOHN GNEISENAU NEIHARDT - Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux.
196585: BLAINE TAYLOR - Fascist Eagle: Italy's Air Marshal Italo Balbo.
161818: BLAINE YORGASON,BRENTON G YORGASON - The Bishop's Horse Race.
179339: BLAINE M YORGASON - Windwalker.
161817: BLAINE M YORGASON - Charlie's monument: An allegory of love.
147517: BLAIR STEPHEN BEED,CONVENTION SERVICE STAFF,DTOURS VISITORS - 1917 Halifax Explosion and American Response.
183139: BLAIR STONECHILD,STONECHILD,W. A. WAISER - Loyal Till Death: Indians and the Northwest Rebellion.
154738: BLAIR BEED - Titanic Victims in Halifax Graveyards.
134578: BLAISE PASCAL - Blaise Pascal Thoughts, Letters and Minor Works: Harvard Classics 1910.
171199: BLAKE HEATHCOTE - A Soldier's View : The Personal Photographs of Canadians at War 1939-1945.
128426: BLAKE HEATHCOTE - Testaments of Honour: Personal Histories from Canada's War Veterans.
183097: BLAKE HEATHCOTE - Testaments of Honour : Personal Histories from Canada's War Veterans.
174065: BLAKE SMITH - Warplanes to Alaska.
87513: BLAKE MORRISON - The Justification of Johann Gutenberg.
176515: BLAKE MCCULLY - Motorcycle Art: The Evil Gospel.
131053: BLANCA MURATORIO - The Life and Times of Grandfather Alonso: Culture and History in the Upper Amazon.
171906: BLANCHARD JERROLD - London.
A01504: BLANCHE HOWARD - The Manipulator: A Novel.
11241: BLANCHE YURKA - Dear Audience A Guide to the Enjoyment of Theatre.
151035: BLISS CARMAN - Pipes of Pan.
195455: BLISS CARMAN - Later Poems, with an Appreciation By R.H.Hathaway.
187134: BLUCHER HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Blucher Builders : Blucher Community 1900-1982.
123274: BLUE BALLIETT - Chasing Vermeer.
195405: BO NILES,KATE'S PAPERIE STAFF - PAPERIE: The Art of Writing and Wrapping with Paper.
152641: BO GIERTZ - The Knights of Rhodes:.
168804: BO LIDEGAARD - Countrymen.
172077: BOB DOLE - Great Presidential Wit.I Wish I Was in the Book.
193687: BOB HESKETH,FRANCES SWYRIPA - Edmonton: The Life of a City.
157750: BOB BURRIS,HANK SNOW,JACK OWNBEY - The Hank Snow Story.
111979: BOB WELCH,JOHN SWETTENHAM - Canada and the First World War.
116133: BOB PHILLIPS - Prairie Journal: Persons and Places of Western Canada.
188736: BOB BEARDEN - To D-Day and Back: Adventures with the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment and Life as a World War II POW: A memoir.
125602: BOB COUCHMAN,MARTIN COLES - Reflections on Canadian Character: From Monarch Park to Monarch Mountain.
176562: BOB HUGHES - The Big Dig : The Miracle of Wascana Centre.
183154: BOB DYLAN - The Bob Dylan Scrapbook, 1956-1966.
153538: BOB BOSSIN - Davy the Punk: A Story of Bookies, Toronto the Good, the Mob and My Dad.
70628: BOB MANKOFF - The New Yorker Book of Literary Cartoons: Book of Literary Cartoons.
149043: BOB WEBER - The Longest Road: Stories Along the Trans-Canada Highway.
181846: BOB WOODWARD - State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III.
156540: BOB STOCKTON - Counting Coup: The Odyssey of Captain Tom Adams.
179030: BOB QUINN - The Atlantean Irish: Ireland's Oriental & Maritime Herritage.
163295: BOB EDWARDS,HUGH A DEMPSEY - The Best of Bob Edwards.
133979: BOB PORTER - The Long Return.
180678: BOB COLLINS - Out Standing in Their Field: The Rural Adventures of Hap & Edna.
184682: BOB ABERNETHY,WILLIAM BOLE - The Life of Meaning: Reflections on Faith, Doubt, and Repairing the World.
194626: BOB MERSEREAU - The History of Canadian Rock n Roll.
195237: BOB KRAUSS - Keneti: South Seas Adventures of Kenneth Emory.
133921: BOB LONG - Fishing the Queen Charlotte Islands.
196851: BOB PLAMONDON - Blue Thunder: The Truth About conservatives From MacDonald to Harper.
153582: BOB MCDONALD - Canadian Spacewalkers: Hadfield, MacLean and Williams Remember the Ultimate High Adventure.
175471: BOB SPALL - Backlines.
180687: BOB GLUCK - You'll Know When You Get There: Herbie Hancock and the Mwandishi Band.
148258: BOB LETTERMAN,WILLY PEETERS - Lock On No. 8 - McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II.
162820: BOB HALE - A Companion to the Philosophy of Language.
171565: BOB BEAL,ROD MACLEOD - Prairie Fire: The 1885 North-West Rebellion.
168798: BOB LORD,PENNY LORD - Visionaries Mystics and Stigmatists: Down Through the Ages.
198599: BOB BARNETSON,SHIRLEY A MCDONALD - Farm Workers in Western Canada: Injustices and Activism.
139328: BOB CREW - Mandela: His Life and Legacy for South Africa and the World.
124533: BOB MILLER,N. N. KRASOVSKII - Stability of Motion. Applications of Lyapunov's Second Method to Differential Systems and Equations with Delay.
177746: BOB BURROWS - Healing in the Wilderness: A History of the United Church Mission Hospitals.
134002: BOB PLAMONDON - Hay West: A Story of Canadians Helping Canadians.
A01006: BOB STALLWORTHY - From a Call Box.
51586: BOB DYNAL,DAVE MARSH,DOUGLAS GILBERT - Forever Young: Photographs of Bob Dylan.
121876: BOB LOWERY - The Unbeatable Breed, People and Events in Northern Manitoba.
119195: BOB SPITZ - Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!: The Beatles, Beatlemania, and the Music That Changed the World.
190286: BOB THOMAS - Walt Disney: An American Original (Disney Editions Deluxe).
194978: BOB ANDERSON - Stretching: 30th Anniversary Edition.
139188: BOB CATO,GREG VITIELLO - Joyce Images.
192234: BOB HARRIS - Growing Wild Mushrooms: A Complete Guide to Cultivating Edible and Hallucinogenic Mushrooms.
179555: BOB ECKSTEIN - The History of the Snowman: From the Ice Age to the Flea Market.
199942: BOB KRUMM - The Rocky Mountain Berry Book (Berry Books).
185444: BOB DEASY,MARK EBNER - Being Uncle Charlie: A Life Undercover with Killers, Kingpins, Bikers and Druglords.
165202: BOB COVEY - Tied to the Rails Jasper's Railway Connection.
173166: BOB MOORE,KENT FEDOROWICH - Prisoners of War and Their Captors in World War II.
138197: BOB WOODIWISS - Keys to Uncomfortable Living: An Indulgence of My Peculiarities, An Indictment of Yours.
199815: BOB DROGIN - Curveball: Spies, Lies, and the Con Man Who Caused a War.
171997: BOB WOODWARD - The Secret Man.
193988: BOB BOTT - Mileposts The Story of the World's Longest Petroleum Pipeline, The Interprovincial/Lakehead System.
122506: BOB QUINN - Atlantean/Ireland's North African and Maritime Heritage.
105980: BOB ROBB - Elk essentials (Hunting wisdom library).
181509: BOB MANKOFF - How About Never--Is Never Good for You?: My Life in Cartoons.
169295: BOB RAE - What's Happened to Politics?.
199587: BOB MCDONALD - Measuring the Earth with a Stick : Science as I've Seen It.
98865: BOB DAWE,JACK BRINK - Final Report of the 1985 and 1986 Field Season at Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump Alberta..
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