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156482: TYLER ROBERTS - Skeptics and Believers : Religious Debate in The Western Intellectual Tradition.
178736: TYSON RININGER - F-15 Eagle at War.
208735: TZEPORAH BERMAN - This Crazy Time: Living Our Environmental Challenge.
211265: TZVETAN TODOROV - The Inner Enemies of Democracy.
211742: TZVETAN TODOROV - Introduction To Poetics (Theory and History of Literature).
212887: TZVETAN TODOROV - The Morals Of History.
195738: U.S. ARMY WAR COLLEGE - Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War: American Expeditionary Forces, Divisions.
210056: U ECO - The Aesthetics of Thomas Aquinas (Paper).
118347: UBC STAFF MUSEUM OF ANTHROPOLOGY - Indian Masterpieces from the Walter and Marianne Koerner Collection in the Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia.
214854: UDO BURGER - The Way to Perfect Horsemanship (The Trafalgar Square Classics).
123633: UDO GRASHOFF - Let Me Finish, A Remarkable anthology of Suicide Letters...signalling a New Fascination and Openiness About a Centuries Old Taboo.
208691: UEDA REIKICHI - The Netsuke Handbook.
206367: UKRAINIAN PIONEERS ASSOCIATION OF ALBERTA - Ukrainians in Alberta, Volume Two.
184775: ULI STELTZER - A Haida Potlach.
170775: ULINKA RUBLACK - Reformation Europe (New Approaches to European History).
213238: ULLI STELTZER - The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, Bill Reid's Masterpiece.
198644: ULRICH IM HOF - The Enlightenment (Making of Europe).
211102: ULRICH KELLER - The Highway as habitat: A Roy Stryker documentation, 1943-1955.
147731: ULRIKE BECKS-MALORNY - Kandinsky.
196142: UMA PARAMESWARAN - Fighter Pilots Never Die.
170591: UMBERTO ECO - Turning Back the Clock.
194623: UMBERTO ECO - The Prague Cemetery.
157895: UNA ABRAHAMSON - God Bless Our Home: Domestic Life in Nineteenth Century Canada.
143744: UNA ABRAHAMSON - Crafts Canada, The Useful Arts.
166120: UNCLE DICK - Pip and Squeak Annual 1935.
198906: UNDERWOOD DUDLEY - The Trisectors (Spectrum).
98164: UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL,WILLIAM D. ILGEN - The Bernard J. Flatow Collection Of Latin American Cronistas: An Annotated Catalogue.
97120: UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS - Dictionary of Canadian Biography: 1000-1700.
110603: UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO TORONTO - Dictionary of Canadian Biography; Preliminary Name List. Vol. C, 1871-1880..
155029: UPTON SINCLAIR - Mental Radio.
161204: UPTON SINCLAIR - Dragon's Teeth.
164858: URBAN WILLIAM,WILLIAM URBAN - Bayonets for Hire: Mercenaries at War 1550-1789.
209913: URIAH KRIEGEL - Phenomenal Intentionality (Philosophy of Mind Series).
185488: URIEL ROSENZWEIG - The First Century of Jewish Life in Edmonton and Northern Alberta, 1893-1993.
123487: URSALA MORAY WILLIAMS - The Nine Lives of Island Mackenzie.
168414: URSULA WISES - Satlking the Mountain Wave, Mountain Lee Wave Meteoriology and the History of Wave Soaring in Southern Alberta.
111284: URSULA JUPP - Deep Sea Stories From the Thermopylae Club.
134624: URSULA HELLER - Village Portraits.
149783: URSULA PANKOW DELFS - To a Brighter Future.
121043: URSULA PANKOW DELFS - To a Brighter Future.
199344: URSULA MOESSNER-HECKNER - Pforzheim Code Yellowfin. Eine Analyse der Luftangriffe 1944-1945..
206118: US ARMY - U.S.Army Special Operations Target Interdiction Course: Sniper Training and Employment.
144433: US GOVERNMENT - Us Marine Hand to Hand Combat.
124934: USAMAH IBN MUNQIDH - An Arab-Syrian Gentleman and Warrior in the Period of the Crusades: Momoirs of Usamah Ibn-Munqidh.
126688: USHER CAPLAN - Like One That Dreamed: A Portrait of A.M. Klein.
183959: USHER L. BURDICK - Tales from Buffalo Land, The Story of George W" Newton (Old-time Buffalo Hunter of Dakota and Montana).
137869: UTA RANKE-HEINEMANN - Putting Away Childish Things: The Virgin Birth, the Empty Tomb, and Other Fairy Tales You Don't Need to Believe to Have a Living Faith.
196106: UTA RANKE-HEINEMANN - Eunuchs for Heaven: Catholic Church and Sexuality.
181696: UWE FEIST - Leichte Panzers in Action.
186448: UWE FEIST - Panzer III in Action.
208487: UWE FEIST - Fallschirmjager in Action (Weapons in Action Ser).
203452: UWE TIMM - In My Brother's Shadow: A Life and Death in the SS.
214944: UWE FEIST - Panzer III in Action.
105696: V.S. NAIPAUL - Finding the Centre: Two Narratives.
145047: V.K. SETHI - Kabir, The Weaver of God's Name.
198222: V. S. RAMACHANDRAN - A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness: From Impostor Poodles to Purple Numbers.
72683: V KEITH - Design and Analysis in Experimentation.
180485: V.S. NAIPAUL - The Writer and the World Essays.
128013: V.S. NAIPAUL - Beyond Belief : Islamic Excursions among the Converted Peoples.
101439: V.S. NAIPAUL - A Writer's People : Ways of Looking and Feeling.
78257: V.S. NAIPAUL - Among the Believers: An Islamic Journey.
161209: V.S. NAIPAUL - Among the Believers: An Islamic Journey.
212170: V. S. RAMACHANDRAN - The Tell–Tale Brain – A Neuroscientist`s Quest for What Makes Us Human.
134664: V.S. NAIPAUL - Magic Seeds.
131652: V.S. NAIPAUL - Letters Between a Father and Son.
208312: V. I. LENIN,SLAVOJ ZIZEK - Lenin 2017: Remembering, Repeating, and Working Through.
155929: VáCLAV HAVEL - To the Castle and Back : Reflections on My Strange Life as a Fairy-Tale Hero.
212015: VAIDYARATNAM P S VARIER - Chikitsa Samgraham.
214407: VAL ROSS - Robertson Davies: A Portrait in Mosaic.
111697: VAL MCDERMID - The Torment of Others (SIGNED).
214722: VAL MACINS - The fisheries of Lake of the Woods.
183066: VAL CLERY - Doors.
139895: VALDEMAR LANGLET - Reign of Terror: The Budapest Memoirs of Valdemar Langlet 1944-1945.
184560: VALDEMAR LANGLET - Reign of Terror: The Budapest Memoirs of Valdemar Langlet 1944-1945.
199459: VALEMOUNT HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Yellowhead Pass and Its People.
190945: VALERIAN KRASINSKI - Historical Sketch of the Rise, Progress, and Decline of the Reformation in Poland, Volume II.
111874: VALERIE GREENFIELD - Founders of the Alberta College of Art.
117813: VALERIE STEELE - The Black Dress.
185485: VALERIE RIEWE - The End of Steel : Hines Creek - A Pictorial History.
168853: VALERIE MARTIN - Salvation: Scenes from the Life of St. Francis.
206652: VALERIE ANN WORWOOD - The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.
185298: VALERIE GROVE - A Voyage Round John Mortimer, the AUthorized Biography.
108931: VALERIE J. KORINEK - Roughing It in the Suburbs: Reading Chatelaine Magazine in the Fifties and Sixties.
184218: VALERIE GREENFIELD - Annemarie Schmid Esler Fourteen Years.
106370: VALERIE J. HOFFMAN - Sufism, Mystics, and Saints in Modern Egypt.
174709: VALERIE PAKENHAM - Out in the Noonday Sun, Edwardians in the Tropics.
212171: VALERIE J. GRANT - Maternal Personality, Evolution and the Sex Ratio: Do Mothers Control the Sex of the Infant?.
197548: VALERIE FORTNEY - Sunray: The Death and Life of Captain Nichola Goddard.
184217: VALERIE GREENFIELD - Annemarie Schmid Esler Fourteen Years.
182509: VALERIE ANDREWS - Passion for This Earth: Exploring a New Partnership of Man, Woman & Nature.
213710: VALERIE MARIA KNUDSEN - Raven's Revenge and other Stories to Shiver Through.
98641: VALERY LARBAUD - A.O. Barnabooth: His Diary.
177420: VALI NASR - The Shia Revival : How Conflicts Within Islam Will Shape the Future.
212557: VALLEYVIEW & DISTRICT OLD TIMERS ASSOC - Where the Red Willow Grew" (Valleyview, Alberta and Surounding Districts).
202315: VAN A. CHRISTY - Foundations in Singing: Medium to High Voice: A Basic Textbook in Vocal Technique and Song Interpretation (Medium High).
113534: VAN WYCK BROOKS - The Flowering of New England 1815-1865.
202755: VAN JAMES - Ancient Sites of Oahu.
140073: VANCE STUDLEY - The Art and Craft of Handmade Paper.
135615: VANCE BOURJAILY - The Great Fake Book.
102543: VANCE NEUDORF - The Hammer the True Danger Lies Within.
155320: VANCE BOURJAILY - A Game Men Play.
152913: VANCOUVER ISLAND BRANCH AIRCREW ASSOCIATION - Listen to Us - Aircrew Memories.
181565: VANCOUVER NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY - NATURE IN VANCOUVER a Guide to the Best Places to Find Birds, Animals, Insects, Marine Life, Plants and Flowers In and Around Vancouver.
164715: VANESSA COLLINGRIDGE - Captain Cook: A Legacy Under Fire.
206621: VANESSA MOONCIE - Animal Hats: 15 Patterns to Knit and Show Off, Frog Hats, Elephant Hats, Cat Hats, and More.
182649: VANGUARD HISTORICAL SOCIETY - A Place By The Notukeu - Vanguard.
211749: VANITA SETH - Europe's Indians: Producing Racial Difference, 1500–1900 (Politics, History, and Culture).
213236: VANJA HAMZIć - Sexual and Gender Diversity in the Muslim World: History, Law and Vernacular Knowledge (Library of Islamic South Asia).
208963: VANNA TESSIER - Cactus Child Poems.
202592: VANNA TESSIER - Skin Graffiti Poems.
212395: VANNA TESSIER - Peppermint Night (Poet's Corner Award).
71044: VANNOCCIO BIRINGUCCIO - The Pirotechnia of Vannoccio Biringuccio.
148826: VARIOUS AUTHORS - At Your Service, Part Two ; Calgary's Library, Parks Department, Military, Medical Services, and Fire Department.
180613: VARIOUS - Batman v Superman.
165163: VARIOUS - Evergreen and Gold: The Official Publication of the Student's Union of the University of Alberta at Edmonton, 1960.
166045: VARIOUS - Evergreen and Gold: The Official Publication of the Student's Union of the University of Alberta at Edmonton, 1952.
212209: VASANT LAD - Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing : A Practical Guide Ayurveda.
209387: VASILEIOS SYROS - Die Rezeption der Aristotelischen Politischen Philosophie Bei Marsilius von Padua: Eine Untersuchung zur Ersten Diktion des Defensor Pacis (Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions).
209560: VASILII IVANOVICH CHUIKOV - The beginning of the Road.
134145: VASSOS KARAGEORGHIS - Cypriot Art: The Cesnola Collection in the Metropolitan Musem of Art.
153513: VASYL NINOVSKYI,WILLIAM KOSTASH - History of the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada. St. John's Cathedral Branch 1926-1976 / Istoriia Viddilu Soiuzu Ukrainok Kanady Pry Katedri Sv. Ivana: 50.
151456: VASYL SHEVCHUK - Blood Brothers : the adventure of two cossacks on land, sea and under Water.
107951: VED MEHTA - Portrait of India.
127198: VED PARKASH ARORA - Louis Riel: A Bibliography.
214146: VEERLE VAN GEENHOVEN - Semantic Incorporation and Indefinite Descriptions: Semantic and Syntactic Aspects of Noun Incorporation in West Greenlandic (Dissertations in Linguistics).
107753: VELYN CARTIER SPRINGETT - For my children's Children.
158267: VEN-KRAUSE JUDIT BEGAMUDRE - Out of Place : Stories and Poems.
183275: VEN BEGAMUDRE - A Planet of Eccentrics.
100299: VEN BEGAMUDRE - Laterna Magika (SIGNED).
111696: VEN BEGAMUDRE - Van De Graaf Days (SIGNED).
183474: VEN BEGAMUDRE - Sacrifices.
214640: VERA HOLT - The Lantern Era: A History of Cherhill, Rochfort Bridge, Sangudo, and Surrounding School Districts.
96071: VERA KELSEY - Red River Runs North.
143171: VERA PROSKURINA - Creating the Empress: Politics Poetry in the Age of Catherine II.
195164: VERA SCHWARCZ - The Chinese Enlightenment: Intellectuals and the Legacy of the May Fourth Movement of 1919 (Center for Chinese Studies, Uc Berkeley).
184226: VERA NOKONY - Ukrainian Pioneer Women.
166020: VERA COLLINS - The Visit to Canada of King George and Queen Elizabeth 1939 : A Journal By Vera Collins.
195634: VERDUN CASSELMAN - Ties to Water The History of Bull River in the East Kootenay.
211587: VERE CHAPPELL - The Cambridge Companion to Locke (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy).
137069: VERENA GURTNER - Jungfrau Express.
186282: VERENA ANDERMATT CONLEY - Rethinking Technologies.
142211: VERITY ISITT - Take a Buttock of Beefe.
180737: VERITY ISITT - Take a Buttock of Beefe.
75712: VERNA ROSS MCGIFFIN - Pakenham Ottawa Valley Village, 1823-1860.
178748: VERNA KIRKNESS - Khot-La-Cha: The Autobiography of Chief Baker.
206077: VERNA LOVEDAY HARDEN - When this tide Ebbs.
203547: VERNA A. FOSTER - The Name and Nature of Tragicomedy (Studies in European Cultural Transition).
158966: VERNA KIRKNESS - Khot-La-Cha: The Autobiography of Chief Baker.
151260: VERNA E. PRATT - Field Guide to Alaskan Wildflowers: Commonly Seen Along Highways and Byways.
208625: VERNA J. KIRKNESS - Creating Space: My Life and Work in Indigenous Education.
67007: VERNA ROSS MCGIFFIN - Pakenham Ottawa Valley Village, 1823-1860, and 1860-1900 ( 2 volumes).
67525: VERNE CLEMENCE - David M. Baltzan: Prairie Doctor (Canadian Medical Lives).
196369: VERNE CLEMENCE - Saskatchewan's Own.
186517: VERNE R. ALBRIGHT,WILLIAM E. JONES - The Long Way to Los Gatos.
198578: VERNON WATKINS - Selected Poems 1930-1960.
206253: VERNON R. WISHART - Kisiskaciwan (Saskatchewan) Tracing My Grandmother's Foot Steps.
135172: VERNON A. M. KEMP - Scarlet and Stetson : The Royal North-West Mounted Police on the Prairies.
166564: VERNON C. FOWKE - National Policy and the Wheat Economy.
186097: VERNON FROLICK - Descent into Madness Diary of a Killer.
128797: VERNON A. M. KEMP - Without Fear, Favour or Affection Thirty-Five Years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
121146: VERONICA ROSS - Millicent.
121137: VERONICA ROSS - Order in the Universe : And Other Stories.
121145: VERONICA ROSS - Millicent.
207123: VERONICA BAKER-SMITH - Wellington's Hidden Heroes: The Dutch and the Belgians at Waterloo.
204233: VERONICA STRONG-BOAG - The New Day Recalled : Lives of Girls and Women in English Canada, 1919-1939.
121138: VERONICA ROSS - Homecoming.
175114: VERONICA BAKER-SMITH - Wellington's Hidden Heroes: The Dutch and the Belgians at Waterloo.
158377: VERONICA CUSACK - The Invisible Soldier.
152981: VERONIQUE GARROS - Intimacy and Terror: Soviet Diaries of the 1930s.
130700: VERONIQUE VIENNE - Chip Kidd.
204175: VEROS CARLETON - The House of Temptation.
212185: VESANTO MELINA - Becoming Vegetarian, Revised.
151046: VI DAVISON - Spirit and Trails of St. Anne.
120756: VIA RAIL CANADA - Rails Across Canada 150 Years of Passenger Train History.
212233: VIBERT C. CAMBRIDGE - Musical Life in Guyana: History and Politics of Controlling Creativity (Caribbean Studies Series).
164430: VIC GATRELL - City of Laughter: Sex And Satire in Eighteenth-Century London.
167262: VIC MCCRISTAL - Top End Safari.
183535: VIC ELIAS - Drinking With Old Men.
109532: VICKI LILEY - Sushi.
181486: VICKI GOLDBERG - Margaret Bourke-White: A Biography (Radcliffe Biography Series).
195368: VICKI CROKE - Elephant Company.
211881: VICKI NOBLE - Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess Through Myth, Art, and Tarot.
203354: VICKI HOWIE - The Key to the Chakras.
211707: VICKI HOFFER - Biblical Hebrew: Text and Workbook, 2nd Revised.
174995: VICKI MACKENZIE - Why Buddhism: Westerners in Search of Wisdom.
92152: VICKI PARSONS - Simple Expressions: Creative and Therapeutic Arts for the Elderly in Long-Term Care Facilities.
70664: VICKIE JENSEN - The Totem Poles Of Stanley Park.
135104: VICKY PHARES,WILEY - Fathers and Developmental Psychopathology.
174593: VICKY METCALF - Journey Fantastic : with the Overlanders to the Cariboo.
188676: VICTOR MURAVIN - The Diary of Vikenty Angarov.
123291: VICTOR KLEMPERER - I Shall Bear Witness: The Diaries of Victor Klemperer.
188897: VICTOR MALAREK - The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It.
183952: VICTOR CHAN - William Hayley and His Circle, Leader of My Angels.
204338: VICTOR DAVIS HANSON - Carnage and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise to Western Power.
104391: VICTOR G. DOERKSEN - A Path for Freedom: The Liberal Project of the Swabian School in Wurttemberg, 1806-1848.
196985: VICTOR BOCKRIS - Lou Reed: The Biography.
204790: VICTOR SUTHREN - The Island of Canada: How Three Oceans Shaped Our Nation.
124277: VICTOR PETERS - All Things Common the Hutterian Way of Life.
63671: VICTOR BOCKRIS - Warhol : The Biography.
100657: VICTOR SERGE - Year One of the Russian Revolution.
184888: VICTOR J STENGER - The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason.
183295: VICTOR SUTHREN - The Oxford Book of Canadian Military Anecdotes.
209374: VICTOR MIZYNEC - Folk instruments of Ukraine.
135108: VICTOR J. H. SUTHREN - To Go upon Discovery: James Cook and Canada, 1758-1767.
188529: VICTOR CHA - The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future.
94741: VICTOR H. BROMBERT - The Romantic Prison: The French Tradition.
169073: VICTOR CARL FRIESEN PH.D. - Forever Home: Good Old Days on the Farm.
208624: VICTOR SEBESTYEN - Revolution 1989: The Fall of the Soviet Empire.
155977: VICTOR J STENGER - God and the Multiverse: Humanity's Expanding View of the Cosmos.
203122: VICTOR DAVIS HANSON - The Father of Us All: War and History, Ancient and Modern.
171844: VICTOR HUGO - The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
119807: VICTOR B. SCHEFFER - The Year of the Seal.
208630: VICTOR K. MCELHENY - Insisting on the Impossible : The Life of Edwin Land.
191463: VICTOR L. WOOTEN - The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music.
149194: VICTOR SARIANIDI - Golden Hoard of Bactria: From the Excavation of the Tillya-tepe Necropolis in Northern Afghanistan.
185319: VICTOR SHIM - The Secrets of Eternal Life Toa Teh Ching Volume 1.
162161: VICTOR HANSON - Ripples of Battle: How Wars of the Past Still Determine How We Fight, How We Live, and How We Think.
135533: VICTOR SUTHREN - The Black Cockade: Paul Gallant's Louisbourg Command.
206231: VICTOR KLEMPERER - I Will Bear Witness: A Diary of the Nazi Years 1942-1945.
197815: VICTOR GUILLEMIN - Symplectic Techniques in Physics.
172262: VICTOR APPLETON - TOM SWIFT and His Motor Cycle + His Motor Boat + His Airship + His Submarine Boat + His Electric Runabout + His Wireless Message - 6 Volume Matched Set.
148616: VICTOR STEVENSON - World of Words.
132333: VICTOR APPLETON - Tom Swift and His Motor Boat.
130703: VICTOR K. MCELHENY - Insisting on the Impossible : The Life of Edwin Land.
203014: VICTOR WU - Taijiquan in 88 Forms.
163776: VICTOR RIPP - Turgenev's Russia: From Notes of a Hunter to Fathers and Sons.
212472: VICTOR CARL FRIESEN - The Windmill Turning: Nursery Rhymes, Maxims, and Other Expressions of Western Canadian Mennonites.
194076: VICTOR MALAREK,VIKING CANADA - The Natashas: The New Global Sex Trade.
205060: VICTOR HUGO - Les Miserables.
206230: VICTOR KLEMPERER - I Will Bear Witness, Volume 1: A Diary of the Nazi Years: 1933-1941 (Modern Library Paperbacks).
170318: VICTOR CHAN - Rubens to Picasso: Four Centuries of Master Drawings.
199439: VICTOR S. MAMATEY,RADOMIR LUZA - A History of the Czechoslovak Republic, 1918-48.
202757: VICTOR DAVIS HANSON - A War Like No Other: How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War.
210099: VICTOR CARL FRIESEN - The Windmill Turning: Nursery Rhymes, Maxims, and Other Expressions of Western Canadian Mennonites.
161828: VICTORIA DICKENSON - First Impressions European Views of the Natural History of Canada from the 16th to the 19th Century.
127154: VICTORIA GLENDINNING - Leonard Woolf : A Biography.
199159: VICTORIA HESFORD - Feeling Women’s Liberation (Next Wave: New Directions in Women's Studies).
170964: VICTORIA CUNNINGHAM - Justice Achieved: the Political Struggle of Independent Schools in British Columbia.
205036: VICTORIA JASON - Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak: One Woman's Journey Through the North West Passage.
137358: VICTORIA JASON - Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak: One Woman's Journey Through the North West Passage.
121061: VICTORIA CLARK - The Far-Farers: A Journey from Viking Iceland to Crusader Jerusalem.
114251: VICTORIA SCHOFIELD - Wavell.
76159: VICTORIA BROOKS - Famous Faces Famous Places Famous Food.
149236: VICTORIA BROOKS PAUL ROSENBERG - Literary Trips: Following in the Footsteps of Fame.
87516: VICTORIA CLARK - The Far Farers A Journaey from Viking Iceland to Crusader Jerusalem.
155856: VICTORIA COULSON - Henry James, Women and Realism.
182088: VICTORIA NEWHOUSE - Art and the Power of Placement.
A00687: VICTORIA REDEL - Where the Road Bottoms Out: A Collection of Stories.
165158: VICTORIA STARR - K.D.Lang All You Get is Me.
173510: VICTORIA BAKER - The Crosscups' Painted Parlour.
212195: VICTORIA SWEET - God's Hotel: A Doctor, a Hospital, and a Pilgrimage to the Heart of Medicine.
179130: VIGEN GUROIAN - Ethics After Christendom: Toward an Ecclesial Christian Ethic.
196691: VIKRAM SETH - A Suitable Boy : a novel.
139266: VIKRAM SETH - An Equal Music.
125270: VIKRAM SETH - Two Lives.
144722: VIKRAM SETH - An Equal Music.
166805: VIKTOR NIKITICH LAZAREV - The Double Faced Tablets from the St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod.
122465: VIKTOR ULLRICH - Geburtstagsparade.
197330: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - Unsolved Mysteries of the Arctic.
185068: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - The Friendly Arctic The Story of Five Years in Polar Regions.
202977: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - The Northward Course of Empire.
214578: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - The Northward Course of Empire.
214604: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - Food and Food Habits in Alaska and Northern Canada.
118318: VILHJALMUR STEFANSSON - The Three Voyages of Martin Frobisher.
208731: VILJALMUR STEFANSSON - The Northward Course of Empire.
214534: VINCENT J. MCNALLY - The Lord's Distant Vineyard: A History of the Oblates and the Catholic Community in British Columbia.
209583: VINCENT PECORA - Nations and Identities: Classic Readings (KeyWorks in Cultural Studies).
208649: VINCENT T. DEVITA - The Death of Cancer: After Fifty Years on the Front Lines of Medicine, a Pioneering Oncologist Reveals Why the War on Cancer Is Winnable--and How We Can Get There.
136988: VINCENT LAM - Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures.
157381: VINCENT CARRETTA - George III and the Satirists from Hogarth to Byron.
209267: VINCENT BRüMMER - The Model of Love: A Study in Philosophical Theology.
188261: VINCENT LAM - Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures.
A01387: VINCENT LAM - Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures.
104493: VINCENT J. MCNALLY - The Lord's Distant Vineyard: A History of the Oblates and the Catholic Community in British Columbia.
206179: VINCENT AZOULAY - Pericles of Athens.
118392: VINCENT VAN GOGH - Van Gogh in Arles.
163377: VINCENT BROME - Havelock Ellis: Philosopher of Sex - A Biography.
128700: VINCENT LAM - The Headmaster's Wager.
183958: VINCENT VARGA - Aspects of Contemporary Painting in Alberta.
210006: VINCENT J. MCNALLY - The Lord's Distant Vineyard: A History of the Oblates and the Catholic Community in British Columbia.
211581: VINCENT TOMAS - Charles S Peirce Essays in the Philosophy of Science.
212874: VINCENT CRAPANZANO - Imaginative Horizons: An Essay in Literary-Philosophical Anthropology.
211664: VINCENT DESCOMBES - Modern French Philosophy.
212021: VINCENT ZIGAS - Laughing Death: The Untold Story of Kuru.
182453: VINCENZO ALBANESE - Slow Mist.
R02013: VINE DELORIA - The Metaphysics of Modern Existence.
119613: VINSON BROWN - Voices of earth and Sky: The Vision Life of Native Americans and Their Culture Heroes.
210139: VINSON BROWN,WILLIAM WILLOYA - Warriors of the Rainbow : strange and prophetic dreams of the Indian Peoples.
118605: VINSON BROWN - Voices of Earth and Sky: The Vision Life of Native Americans and Their Culture Heroes.
148304: VINSON BROWN,WILLIAM WILLOYA - Warriors of the Rainbow : strange and prophetic dreams of the Indian Peoples.
68869: VIOLET CLIFTON - The Book of Talbot.
213748: VIOLET STAUB DE LASZLO,C. G. JUNG - The Basic Writings of C. G. Jung (Modern Library).
210086: VIOLET BONHAM CARTER - Winston Churchill : An Intimate Portrait.
208517: VIOLET STAUB DE LASZLO,C. G. JUNG - The Basic Writings of C. G. Jung (Modern Library).
143626: VIOLET BONHAM CARTER - Winston Churchill : An Intimate Portrait.
128851: VIOLET LOSCOMBE - Pursuit of Peace : Historic Tales of Battleford.
212863: VIRA HOWAT - Around the Gate and Down the Lane.
174610: VIRGIL - The Aeneid.
163274: VIRGIL - Virgil: Georgics I and IV (Bcp Latin Texts) (Bk. 1 & 4).
183422: VIRGINIA BUTTON - The Turner Prize: 2005.
204539: VIRGINIA WOOLF - A Room of One's Own.
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104451: WIKTOR WOROSZYLSKI - The Life of Mayakovsky.
164536: WIL HAYGOOD - Sweet Thunder: The Life and Times of Sugar Ray Robinson (Borzoi Books).
154089: WIL S. HYLTON - Vanished: The Sixty-Year Search for the Missing Men of World War II.
185612: WILBUR H. MORRISON - Point of No Return: The Story of the Twentieth Air Force.
161106: WILBUR SAMUEL HOWELL - Eighteenth-Century British Logic and Rhetoric.
R02163: WILCOMB WASHBURN - Handbook of North American Indians: History of Indian-White Relations Volume 4.
111049: WILCOMB WASHBURN - The American Indian and the United States: A Documentary History Volume 3.
133097: WILDER PENFIELD - Second Thoughts Science The Arts and the Spirit, with a French-Canadian Epilogue.
211617: WILDER PENFIELD - Mystery of the Mind: A Critical Study of Consciousness and the Human Brain.
116915: WILF CHOMOS - In The Blood.
183910: WILFRE WANG - Emerging European Architects.
202333: WILFRED GUEST - Poetic Fancies.
130666: WILFRED THOMASON GRENFELL - A Labrador Doctor The Autobiography of Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell.
128414: WILFRED WATSON - Poems collected/unpublished /new.
191493: WILFRED THESIGER - Thesiger in Arabia.
157838: WILFRED WATSON - Firday's Child Poems By Wilfred Watson.
143447: WILFRED G. E. WATSON - Classical Hebrew Poetry: A Guide to Its Techniques.
136271: WILFRED THESIGER - The Last Nomad, One Man's Forty Year Adventure in the World's Most Remote Deserts, Mountains and Marshes.
164339: WILFRED THESIGER - Marsh Arabs.
157839: WILFRED WATSON - I Begin with Counting.
214297: WILFRED T. GRENFELL - Northern Neighbors Stories of the Labrador People.
U02227: WILFRID JURY - Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons.
161409: WILFRID BLUNT - Golden Road to Samarkand.
97987: WILFRID LAURIER - Freedom of Debate and Liberty of Public Discussion: Speech Against the Introduction of the Closure in the House of Commons of Canada.
102094: WILHELM TIEKE - The Caucasus and the Oil : The German-Soviet War in the Caucasus, 1942/43.
199291: WILHELM DEIST - The Wehrmacht and German rearmament.
214568: WILHELM KRISTJANSON - The Icelandic People in Manitoba : A Manitoba Saga.
199637: WILHELM DILTHEY - Wilhelm Dilthey – Selected Works, Volume II – Understanding the Human World.
211412: WILHELM DILTHEY - Descriptive Psychology and Historical Understanding.
211739: WILHELM DILTHEY - Introduction to the Human Sciences: An Attempt to Lay a Foundation for the Study of Society and History.
185498: WILKIE HISTORY SOCIETY - Wilkie, Saskatchewan, 1908-1988. 2 Volumes.
171073: WILL FERGUSON - Spanish Fly.
213555: WILL BARDENWERPER - The Prisoner in His Palace: Saddam Hussein, His American Guards, and What History Leaves Unsaid.
214536: WILL FERGUSON - Canadian Pie.
187804: WILL MILLAR - Messing About in Boats: The Nautical Confessions of an Unsinkable Irishman.
153786: WILL FOWLER - D-Day : The First 24 Hours.
181849: WILL EISNER - Last Day In Vietnam.
206479: WILL FERGUSON - Canadian Pie.
204547: WILL R. BIRD - Ghosts Have Warm Hands.
107129: WILL WEAVER - Red Earth, White Earth.
193918: WILL FOWLER - Barbarossa, The First Seven Days.
196417: WILL COSTER - Family and Kinship in England, 1450-1800 (Seminar Studies In History).
139321: WILL FERGUSON - Spanish Fly.
203489: WILL HUYGEN - Gnomes.
162264: WILL MALLOFF - Chainsaw Lumbermaking.
180010: WILL MILLAR - Children of the Unicorn: The Story of the Irish Rovers.
196578: WILL IRWIN - Abundance of Valor: Resistance, Survival, and Liberation: 1944-45.
183333: WILL FOWLER - The Commandos at Dieppe: Rehearsal for D-Day.
209591: WILL KYMLICKA - Contemporary Political Philosophy: An Introduction.
139324: WILL FERGUSON - Beyond Belfast.
207128: WILL FERGUSON - Spanish Fly.
203470: WILL CARDINAL - First Nations Hockey Players.
196516: WILL KAUFMAN - Woody Guthrie, American Radical (Music in American Life).
211873: WILL SELF - Psychogeography.
166235: WILL REESE - Edmond and the Talent Sone.
166251: WILL REESE - Edmond and the Talent Sone.
191458: WILL SCHWALBE - The End of Your Life Book Club.
178112: WILL FERGUSON - Canadian Pie.
157945: WILL FORMAN - The History of American Deep Submersible Operations.
212731: WILL ELLSWORTH-JONES - Banksy: The Man Behind the Wall.
135577: WILLA CATHER - The Troll Garden, Obscure Destinies.
147179: WILLA CATHER - One of Ours.
203675: WILLA CATHER - The Troll Garden, Obscure Destinies.

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