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185406: SUSAN GUYETTE - Community Based Research Handbook for Native Americans (Handbook and manuals series).
28910: SUSAN QUILLIAM - Everywoman's Guide to Sexual Fulfillment.
194165: SUSAN MUSGRAVE - Cargo of Orchids.
166657: SUSAN GRIFFIN - The Book of the Courtesans: A Catalogue of Their Virtues.
A01941: SUSAN CHARLOTTE HALEY - Maggie's Family.
A02569: SUSAN CHARLOTTE HALEY - Maggie's Family.
181015: SUSAN RONALD - Hitler's Art Thief: Hildebrand Gurlitt, the Nazis, and the Looting of Europe's Treasures.
106706: SUSAN STANFORD FRIEDMAN - Joyce: The Return of the Repressed.
155859: SUSAN Y. NAJITA - Decolonizing Cultures in the Pacific: Reading History and Trauma in Contemporary Fiction.
194026: SUSAN B. BRILL - Wittgenstein and Critical Theory: Beyond Postmodern Criticism and Toward Descriptive Investigations.
167198: SUSAN MANN - Margaret MacDonald Imperial Daughter.
18092: SUSAN TYLER HITCHCOCK - Mad Mary Lamb: Lunacy And Murder In Literary London.
92630: SUSAN DOLL - Dimebag Darrell: He Came to Rock.
111196: SUSAN KRANE - The Wayward Muse: A Historical Survey of Painting in Buffalo.
80074: SUSAN OURIOU - Damselfish: A Novel.
80075: SUSAN PHELAN - The Cure :The Blood Tapestry.
195549: SUSAN EVANS SHAW - Canadians at War: A Guide to the Battlefields and Memorials of World War I: 1.
176991: SUSAN BLACKBURN - Love Sex and Power: Women in Southeast Asia (Monash Papers on Southeast Asia).
126144: SUSAN LEIGH FOSTER - Corporealities: Dancing Knowledge, Culture and Power.
118589: SUSAN TRAVERS - Tomorrow to be Brave.
176024: SUSAN J. CARROLL - Gender and Elections: Shaping the Future of American Politics.
32875: SUSANA WALTON - William Walton Behind the Facade.
109078: SUSANNA MOODIE - Roughing it in the Bush.
196644: SUSANNA MOODIE - Roughing it in the Bush or Life in Canada Volume 1 and Volume 2.
180146: SUSANNA HISLOP - Stories in the Stars: An Atlas of Constellations.
140295: SUSANNA SONNENBERG - She Matters : A Life in Friendships.
186523: SUSANNA MOODIE - Roughing it in the Bush: or Forest Life in Canada.
126530: SUSANNA MOODIE - Roughing It in the Bush or Life in Canada.
109495: SUSANNAH YORK - In Search of Unicorns.
166352: SUSIE FISHBEIN - Kosher by Design Short on Time: Fabulous Food Faster.
180972: SUSIE DENT - The Language Report.
174185: SUSIE NASH - Between France and Flanders: Manuscript Illumination in Amiens in the Fifteenth Century (The British Library Studies in Medieval Culture).
198285: SUSIE ORBACH - The Impossibility of Sex : Stories of the Intimate Relationships Between Therapist and Patient.
179593: SUSY SMITH - The Mediumship of Mrs. Leonard.
96709: SUVIR KAUL - The Partitions of Memory: The Afterlife of the Division of India.
193704: SUZANNAH LIPSCOMB - The King is Dead: The Last Will and Testament of Henry VIII.
164511: SUZANNE DIXON - The Roman Mother.
A00785: SUZANNE NORTH - Healthy Wealthy & Dead.
123753: SUZANNE HATHAWAY-RAE - Serving Martha and Henry: Rural Municipal Government in Alberta 1983-1998.
149531: SUZANNE F. KINGSMILL - Francis Scrimger: Beyond The Call Of Duty (Canadian medical lives).
A02480: SUZANNE NORTH - Bones to Pick.
108356: SUZANNE J. DOYLE - Domestic Passions.
153465: SUZANNE D. BAKER - Artists of Alberta.
155022: SUZANNE ZELLER - Inventing Canada: Early Victorian Science and the Idea of a Transcontinental Nation.
88211: SUZANNE D. BAKER - Artists of Alberta.
123011: SUZANNE LLOYD HAYES - 3-D Hollywood/Book and 3-D Glasses.
A00891: SUZANNE NORTH - Bones to Pick.
138189: SUZANNE NORTH - Seeing Is Deceiving: A Phoebe Fairfax Mystery.
194178: SUZANNE ROSENBERG - A Soviet Odyssey.
200005: SUZANNE SCHULZE - Horace Greeley: A Bio-Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History).
186129: SUZANNE G. VALENSTEIN - The Herzman Collection of Chinese Ceramics.
188583: SUZANNE ABEL-VIDOR - Precolumbian Art of Costa Rica Between Continents/Between Seas.
A01210: SUZANNE NORTH - Seeing Is Deceiving: A Phoebe Fairfax Mystery.
176754: SUZANNE SLOAN - Mining the Memories.
153796: SUZANNE VROMEN - Hidden Children of the Holocaust: Belgian Nuns and their Daring Rescue of Young Jews from the Nazis.
177830: SUZANNE DIXON - The Roman Family (Ancient Society and History).
A00603: SUZETTE MAYR - Moon Honey.
A01934: SUZETTE MAYR - The Widows.
198441: SUZIE ROSS,WENDY MALTZ - In the Garden of Desire.
95832: SVEN LINDQVIST - Terra Nullius : A Journey Through No One's Land.
132313: SVEN HEDIN - My Life as an Explorer.
162148: SVEN RUBENSON - Correspondence and Treaties 1800-1854 (Acta Aethiopica, Vol 1).
179243: SWAMI SIVANANDA RADHA - Mantras: Words of Power.
177565: SWAMI SATCHIDANANDA - The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
191429: SWAMI RAMA - Living with the Himalayan Masters.
195339: SWAMI SARADANANDA - Power of Breath: The Art of Breathing Well for Harmony, Happiness and Health.
169035: SY MONTGOMERY - Walking With the Great Apes: Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, Birute Galdikas.
139441: SYBILLE STEINBACHER - Auschwitz: A History.
177981: SYD KESSLER - The Perfect System.
199528: SYDENHAM TOWNSHIP CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE - History of Sydenham Township.
199079: SYDNEY SMITH - Mostly Murder. Signed by the author".
98667: SYDNEY LANDON PLUM - Solitary Goose.
127984: SYDNEY GOODSIR SMITH - The Deevil's Waltz.
120890: SYDNEY SHARPE - The Gilded Ghetto: Women and Political Power in Canada.
122430: SYDNEY R. MONTAGUE - I Lived with the Eskimos.
183016: SYDNEY E. AHLSTROM - Religious History of the American People.
197001: SYDNEY JACKMAN - With Burgoyne from Quebec.
96406: SYDNEY SHARPE - A Patch of Green: Canada's Oilpatch Makes Peace with the Environment.
190473: SYDNEY SHARPE - Notley Nation: How Alberta's Political Upheaval Swept the Country.
161882: SYLVAIN P COUSINEAU - Sylvain p Cousineau Photographs and Paintings.
193589: SYLVAN LAKE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Reflections of Sylvan Lake.
135652: SYLVANNUS G. MORLEY - In Search of Maya Glyphs.
179831: SYLVANUS GRISWOLD MORLEY - An Introduction to the Study of the Maya Hieroglyphs.
197960: SYLVESTRE GALLOT - Riemannian Geometry (Universitext).
100034: SYLVIA WEINSTOCK - Sylvia Weinstock's Sensational Cakes.
151498: SYLVIA OSTRY - The Post-Cold War Trading System: Who's on First? (A Century Foundation Book).
127896: SYLVIA FRASER - Pandora.
126515: SYLVIA FRASER - The Quest for the Fourth Monkey: A Thinker's Guide to the Psychic and Spiritual Revolution.
163928: SYLVIA BARRETT - Arsenic Milkshake.
102580: SYLVIA BROWNING - Kara.
178028: SYLVIA DUVERNET - Portrait of a personality: Archbishop Frederick Herbert DuVernet.
194482: SYLVIA TOMBESI-WALTON - Van Gogh (DK Art Book).
R01983: SYLVIA TOMASCH - Text and Territory: Geographical Imagination in the European Middle Ages.
137941: SYLVIA CROOKS - Homefront And Battlefront: Nelson, Bc in World War 2.
152229: SYLVIA L. HORWITZ - The Find of a Lifetime: Sir Arthur Evans and the Discovery of Knossos.
118341: SYLVIA BOORMAN - Wild Plums in Brandy.
153435: SYLVIA A. MATHESON - Time to Dig, Mundigak: An Afghan Adventure.
111917: SYLVIE GILBERT - White Bones.
186202: SYLVIE MATTON - Rembrandt's Whore.
178233: SYRT WOLTERS - The Hidden Family Upstairs.
193999: SZE-TSEN HU - Homology Theory: A first course in algebraic topology.
198085: T. H. LLOYD - The English Wool Trade in the Middle Ages.
U00027: T. M. SHORTT - Not as the Crow Flies, A Lifetime of Adventure in Exotic and Untamed Lands.
156351: T.S. STRIBLING - The Store.
147781: T S ELIOT - The Confidential Clerk.
195740: T.A. MCLAREN,VICKIE JENSEN - Ships of Steel: A British Columbia Shipbuilder's Story.
199005: T.K. HERVEY - The Amaranth; A Miscellany of Original Prose and Verse.
178383: T L FERRIS - Our Treasured Heritage.
123706: T MORRIS LONGSTRETH - The Scarlet Force.
A02262: T.P. SCOFFIN - An Introduction to Carbonate Sediments and Rocks.
176599: T L MITCHELL - His Majesty's Regulations - 1828.
141119: T H WHITE - The Age of Scandal An Excursion Through a Minor Period, with an Introduction By Reay Tannahill.
85459: T M ALUKO - Kinsman and Foreman.
63254: T. B. WINDROSS - Isle De La Demoiselle and Other Poems.
70447: T H WHITE - Earth Stopped or Mr Marx's Sporting Tour.
79631: T S ELIOT - The Cocktail Party.
A01263: T. KENNETH. GIST - Night.
111145: T. R. PEARSON - Seaworthy, Adrift with William Willis in the Golden Age of Rafting.
197344: T W BEASTALL - Agricultural Revolution in Lincolnshire (History of Lincolnshire Volume VIII).
196212: T A WILLARD - The City of the Sacred Well.
148544: T. F. NEIL - Flight into Darkness : And Other Stories.
199884: T. J. CLARK - Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life.
171765: T. CORAGHESSAN BOYLE - World's End.
143047: T. GLEN HAMILTON - Intention and Survival Psychoical Research Studies and the Bearing of Intentional Actions By Trance Personalities on the Problem of Human Survival.
124072: T. C. DOUGLAS - Tommy Douglas Speaks: Till Power Is Brought to Pooling.
163118: T.R. RAVINDRANATHAN - Bakunin and the Italians.
113857: T. ROBB - Pack up and Paint with Oils.
68841: T R NICHOLSON - The 4 - Cylinder Amilcar 1920 - 1929.
199789: T. S. R. BOASE - The Cilician Kingdom of Armenia.
175518: T H WHITE - Joy Proposed: Poems.
U00320: T R MACDONALD - Sam Borenstein 1908-1969.
115374: T. W. HARRISON - Earthworks.
162102: T.C. BADCOCK - The Enigma: Riveting World War II Story About a German Submarine That Came to Newfoundland.
195599: T. W. ACHESON - Saint John: The Making of a Colonial Urban Community.
198209: T H ASTON - Landlords, Peasants and Politics in Medieval England (Past and Present Publications).
193649: T MORRIS LONGSTRETH - The Silent Force. Scenes from the Life of the Mounted Police of Canada..
083339: T RYAN - 1990 Cape Dorset Annual Graphics Collection.
135847: T M MACROBERT - Fine Illustrations in Western European Printed Books.
169939: T. J. MAWSON - Belief in God: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion.
131700: T. A. MOORE - Alberta Archaeology: Prospect and Retrospect.
182752: T F MCILWRAITH - At Home with the Bella Coola Indians: T. F. McIlwraith's Field Letters, 1922--24.
199384: T SPIRA - German Hungarian Relations & The Swabian Problem (cloth).
124579: T A SANDQUIST - Essays in Medieval History Presented to Bertie Wilkinson.
92241: T. PHILLIPS THOMPSON - The Politics of Labor.
119581: T S ELIOT - The Use of Poetry and the Use of Criticism: Studies in the Relation of Criticism to Poetry in England..
155964: T.V. PAUL - The Warrior State: Pakistan in the Contemporary World.
128253: T. ALEX BULMAN - Kamloops Cattlemen One Hundred Years of Trail Dust!.
197583: T. DALE ROBERTS - Heart Of Gold Fairview 1928 - 1978.
197550: T.E. LAWRENCE - Seven Pillars Of Wisdom.
163912: T. W. POTTER - Roman Italy (Exploring the Roman World).
163029: T.P. WISEMAN - Catullus and his World: A Reappraisal.
180408: T. J. BOWEN - Central Africa: Adventures and Missionary Labors in Several Countries in the Interior of Africa, from 1849 to 1856.
161699: T D RICHARDSON - Modern Figure Skating.
198646: T. R. REID - The United States of Europe: The New Superpower and the End of American Supremacy.
167266: T. ALEX BULMAN - Kamloops Cattlemen: One Hundred Years of Trail Dust!.
199878: T. PETER KEMP - The Narrative Path – The Later Works of Paul Ricoeur.
101919: T. C. BOYLE - Riven Rock.
197283: T.A. HEPPENHEIMER - First Flight: The Wright Brothers and the Invention of the Airplane.
A01697: T. CHRISTOPHER SMOUT - A Century of the Scottish People, 1830-1950.
A00499: T. F. RIGELHOF - A Blue Boy in a Black Dress: A Memoir.
127994: T. HOWARD. ROGERS - The Marine Corrosion Handbook.
125180: T. W. PHENICE - Hominid Fossils: An Illustrated Key.
187742: T RYAN - Dorset 75: Cape Dorset Graphics Annual Graphics Collection 1975.
192246: T J ENGLISH - Havana Nocturne: How the Mob Owned Cuba…and Then Lost It to the Revolution.
123708: T S ELIOT - The Cocktail Party.
195997: T'AO CH'IEN - The Poetry of Tao Chien (Oxford Library of East Asian Literature).
153751: T. V. MURDOCH - Treasures of the Royal Courts: Tudors, Stuarts and Russian Tsars (Victoria & Albert Museum: Exhibition Catalogues).
123907: T. P. MILLAR - Le Chapeau Bleu.
178850: T R PHILLIPS - Napoleon's Military Maxims (MBC Library of Military Masters).
183210: T S ELIOT - The Letters of T. S. Eliot, 1898-1922 (Vol. 1) (Letters of T. S. Eliot, 1898-1922 Ser., Vol. 1).
111408: T. CROWLEY - Clio's Craft, A Primer of Historical Methods.
152998: T. ERNEST WILSON - God's Sacred Secrets (Devotional Delights).
158341: T. S. R. BOASE - The Cilician Kingdom of Armenia.
113858: T. ROBB - Pack Up and Paint Landscapes.
111706: T. MALCOLM ENGLISH - R.A.F. Colour Album.
77932: T. B. WINDROSS - Gates of Glory and Other Poems.
114086: T. J. BARRINGER - Reading the Pre-Raphaelites.
183571: T. H. ANSTEY - One Hundred Harvests: Research Branch Agriculture Canada 1886-1986.
168289: T. M. DEVINE - To the Ends of the Earth : Scotland's Global Diaspora.
179132: T.T. SHIELDS - The Plot That Failed.
92197: T. W. KIM - A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Chinese Language and Linguistics.
194521: T RYAN - Dorset 75: Cape Dorset Graphics Annual Graphics Collection 1975.
199215: T J DEMOS - The Migrant Image: The Art and Politics of Documentary during Global Crisis.
196075: T GARTH CONNELLY - PT Boats in Action.
130021: T MORRIS LONGSTRETH - The Silent Force: Scenes from the Life of the Mounted Police of Canada.
199529: T. ARTHUR DAVIDSON - A New History of the County of Grey and the Many Communities Within Its Boundaries and the City of Owen Sound.
201043: T.E. LAWRENCE - Revolt in the Desert.
134247: T. M. 'SCOTTY' GARDINER - In the Mind of a Mountie.
198795: T J R ROWE - To You with Love.
177731: TABITHA BARBER - Art Under Attack.
177539: TACITUS - Annales I-VI, XI-XVI (Oxford Classical Texts) (Latin Edition).
164116: TADASHI KOBAYASHI - Ukiyo-e: An Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Prints.
175981: TADEUSZ MELLEMAN - Pzkpfw, Vol. 4: Tiger Sturmtiger.
118651: TAHOE TALBOT WASHBURN - Under Polaris: An Arctic Quest.
144549: TAHOE TALBOT WASHBURN - Under Polaris: An Arctic Quest.
118827: TAIAIAKE ALFRED - Wasase: Indigenous Pathways of Action And Freedom.
134677: TAISIER M. ALI - Civil Wars in Africa: Roots and Resolution.
184427: TAKAFUSA NAKAMURA - The Postwar Japanese Economy.
181994: TAKAO TANABE - Takao Tanabe: The Dark Land.
A03073: TAKEJI IWAMIYA - Katachi: Classic Japanese Design.
165203: TALAL ASAD - On Suicide Bombing (The Wellek Library Lectures).
199833: TALAL ASAD - Formations of the Secular: Christianity, Islam, Modernity (Cultural Memory in the Present).
199834: TALAL ASAD - Genealogies of Religion.
89264: TAMA STARR - Eve's Revenge: Saints, Sinners, and Stand-Up Sisters on the Ultimate Extinction of Men.
183237: TAMARA HOVEY - Paris Underground.
179806: TAMARA EDER - Whales and Other Marine Mammals of British Columbia and Alaska.
192140: TAMIM ANSARY - Games without Rules: The Often-Interrupted History of Afghanistan.
153549: TAMIM ANSARY - Games without Rules: The Often-Interrupted History of Afghanistan.
187636: TAMSIN SPARGO - Wanted Man: The Forgotten Story of an American Outlaw.
195621: TANA DINEEN - Manufacturing Victims: What the Psychology Industry is Doing to People.
137354: TANER EDIS - The Ghost in the Universe: God in Light of Modern Science.
154455: TANIA MODLESKI - The Women Who Knew Too Much: Hitchcock and Feminist Theory.
155587: TANIA BAYARD. - A Medieval Home Companion: Housekeeping in the Fourteenth Century.
127901: TANIA MURRAY LI - Transforming the Indonesian Uplands: Marginality, Power and Production.
A01101: TANIS MACDONALD - Fortune.
190206: TANJA KROMBACH - Culinaria Russia , Ukraine, Georgien, Armenien, Aserbaidschan.
193657: TANYA LLOYD KYI - The Prairies (The Canada Series).
151039: TANYA LLOYD - The Prairies.
110936: TARA CROOKS - 1001 Things to Love About Military Life.
190800: TARA ZAHRA - The Great Departure: Mass Migration from Eastern Europe and the Making of the Free World.
181475: TARAN SINGH - Teaching's Of GuruNanak Dev.
90753: TARAS GRESCOE - Bottomfeeder : A Seafood Lover's Journey to the End of the Food Chain.
195527: TARAS KUZIO - Ukraine.
113568: TARAS SHEVCHENKO - Taras Shevchenko: Poems, Poesies, Gedichte.
155588: TARAS GRESCOE - The End of Elsewhere : Travels among the Tourists.
143058: TARAS FILENKO - The World of Mykola Lysenko: Ethnic Identity, Music, and Politics in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Ukraine.
151422: TAREK OSMAN - Egypt on the Brink : From Nasser to the Muslim Brotherhood, Revised and Updated.
98704: TAREQ Y. ISMAEL - Iraq and Iran: Roots of Conflict.
190298: TARIQ RAMADAN - In the Footsteps of the Prophet: Lessons from the Life of Muhammad.
109695: TARIQ ALI - Pirates Of The Caribbean.
109983: TARTHANSS TULKU - Reflections of Mind: Western Psychology Meets Tibetan Buddhism.
178206: TASH AW - Map of the Invisible World.
181138: TASHI KHEDRUP - Adventures of Tibetan Fighting Monk (Asian portraits).
U00721: TATYANA TOLSTAYA - On the Golden Porch.
170023: TAWFIK HAMID - Inside Jihad: Understanding and Confronting Radical Islam.
158398: TAYLAN ALTAN - Metal Forming: Fundamentals and Applications (ASM Series in Metal Processing).
176853: TAYLOR JOHNSON - The Awakening of Miss Dana: Life in Haiti.
187866: TAYLOR CLARK - Starbucked: A Double Tall Tale of Caffeine, Commerce, and Culture.
199999: TED SCHWARZ - Walking With the Damned: The Shocking Murder of the Man Who Freed 30,000 Prisoners from the Nazis.
136959: TED BISHOP - Riding with Rilke : Reflections on Motorcycles and Books.
198142: TED BYFIELD - Alberta in the 20th Century: Volume 1 The Great West Before 1900.
194948: TED BYFIELD - Alberta in the 20th Century. Volume Ten the Sixties Revolution and the Fall of Social Credit.
198139: TED BYFIELD - Alberta in the 20th Century. Volume Three - The Boom and the Bust 1910-1914.
185140: TED BARRIS - Deadlock in Korea : Canadians at War, 1950-1953.
126660: TED FERGUSON - Kit Coleman, Queen of Hearts.
136084: TED J. BRASSER - Bo'jou, Neejee! Profiles of Canadian Indian Art, A Travelling Exhibition of the National Museum of Man, Ottawa.
133789: TED STONE - The Legend of Pierre Bottineau and the Red River Valley.
107267: TED BARRIS - Behind the Glory.
85832: TED KRAUSE - The Last of the True Pioneers : Memoirs from Ted Krause.
188524: TED SANDLING - London in Fragments: A Mudlark's Treasures.
168921: TED GOULD - Introduction to Painting Landscapes..
134258: TED BEAUDOIN - Walking on Air.
194315: TED STONE - Hailstorms and Hoop Snakes Tall Tales from the General Store.
198888: TED PLANTOS - The Seasons are My Sacraments.
184390: TED GUP - A Secret Gift: How One Man's Kindness--and a Trove of Letters--Revealed the Hidden History of the Great Depression.
156434: TED BARRIS - Behind the Glory, The Plan That Won the Allied Air War.
115798: TED BARRIS - Days of Victory, Canadians Remember: 1939-1945.
178716: TED HONDERICH - The Oxford Companion to Philosophy.
188240: TED FERGUSON - Sentimental Journey: An Oral History of Train Travel in Canada.
U00118: TED POULOS - New Prints from the Screen Shop.
187787: TED BISHOP - Riding with Rilke : Reflections on Motorcycles and Books.
138211: TED MAHOVLICH - Triple Crown : The Marcel Dionne Story.
A02418: TED STONE - It's Hardly Worth Talkin' If You're Goin' to Tell the Truth.
183338: TED BARRIS - Juno : Canadians at D-Day June 6, 1944.
178607: TED BARRIS - Breaking the Silence: Untold Veterans' Stories from the Great War to Afghanistan.
124827: TED HARRISON - Stigmata : A Medieval Phenomenon in a Modern Age.
198522: TED BYFIELD - Alberta in the 20th Century: Volume 9 Leduc, Manning & The Age of Prosperity 1946 - 1963.
198521: TED BYFIELD - Alberta in the 20th Century. Volume Eight: The War That United the Province 1939-1945.
198519: TED BYFIELD - Alberta in the 20th Century Brownlee and the Triumph of Populism 1920-1930 Volume 5.
198518: TED BYFIELD - Alberta in the 20th Century Alberta Takes the Lead 1984-2000 volume 12.
198517: TED BYFIELD - Alberta in the 20th Century. Volume Eleven: Lougheed & the War with Ottawa 1971-1984.
198747: TED GRANT - This is Our Work: Legacy of Sir William Osler.
198516: TED BYFIELD - Alberta in the 20th Century Volume Four - The Great War and Its Consequences 1914-1920.
198515: TED BYFIELD - Alberta in the 20th Century Aberhart and the Alberta Insurrection 1935-1940 Volume 7.
180645: TED J. BRASSER - Riding on the frontier's crest : Mahican Indian culture and culture Change.
154987: TED JOHNSON - IPMS Update Vol.11 No.1.
158382: TED BARRIS - Breaking the Silence: Untold Veterans' Stories from the Great War to Afghanistan.
106947: TED GUP - The Book of Honor: Covert Lives and Classified Deaths at the CIA.
190866: TED BARRIS - The Great Escape a Canadian Story.
86412: TED CONOVER - The Routes of Man: How Roads Are Changing the World, and the Way We Live Today.
96481: TED SMUSKIEWICZ - Oil Painting Step by Step.
A01484: TED C. FISHMAN - China, Inc.: How The Rise Of The Next Superpower Challenges America And The World.
147075: TED POLHEMUS - Body Styles.
140094: TED MORGAN - An Uncertain Hour : The French, the Germans, the Jews, and the City of Lyon, 1940-1945.
101922: TED LINDBERG - Pnina Granirer: Portrait of an Artist.
198141: TED BYFIELD - Alberta in the 20th Century: The Birth of the Province 1900-1910. Volume Two..
198618: TED HUGHES - Birthday Letters: Poems.
181993: TED FRASER - Caven Atkins: The Winnipeg years.
194357: TED STONE - Alberta History Along the Highway: A Traveler's Guide to the Fascinating Facts, Intriguing Incidents & Lively Legends in Alberta's Remarkable Past.
142299: TED GIOIA - The History of Jazz.
189105: TED ANDREWS - Animal Speak.
198140: TED BYFIELD - Alberta in the 20th Century: Volume 6 Fury and Futility : The Onset of the Great Depression 1930-1935.
192096: TED BARRIS - Juno : Canadians at D-Day June 6, 1944.
123565: TED READER - Sticks and Stones: The Art of Grilling on Plank, Vine and Stone.
167646: TED BARRIS - Victory at Vimy : Canada Comes of Age, April 9-12, 1917.
136470: TED ASHLEE - Voyage Into Danger Adventure in the Queen Charlotte Islands.
194792: TED HARRISON - O Canada.
152587: TED DE GRAZIA - De Grazia Paints the Yaqui easter The Forty Days of Lent in Forty Paintings with a Perosnal Commentary.
183466: TED BARRIS - Juno : Canadians at D-Day June 6, 1944.
194945: TED STONE - Alaska and Yukon History Along the Highway: A Traveler's Guide to the Fascinating Facts, Intriguing Incidents and Lively Legends in Alaska's & Yukon's Past.
163304: TEH FU YEN - Shale Oil, Tar Sands and Related Fuel Sources (Advances in Chemistry Series).
170192: TEHANETORENS - Conserevation as the Indians Saw it.
170182: TEHANETORENS - Migration of the Iroquois (Six Nations Indian Museum series).
105945: TEIZO - Matsumura Symphony I.
105946: TEIZO - Matsumura Prelude Pour Orchestre.
99809: TELFORD TAYLOR - The Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials: A Personal Memoir.
177392: TELFORD TAYLOR - Munich: The Price of Peace.
120842: TEMPLE SUTHERLAND - Maui and Me A Search for a Fisherman's El Dorado.
181872: TENNESSEE WILLIAMS - Selected Plays.
182768: TENSHO DAVID SCHNEIDER - Essential Zen (Essential (Booksales)).
177630: TEOBERT MALER - Researches in the Central Portion of the Usumatsintla Valley, Report of Explorations for the Museum, 1898-1900 [Memoirs of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, Vol. II-No. 1].
177624: TEOBERT MALER - Explorations of the Upper Usumatsintla and Adjacent Region. Alter de Sacrificios; Seibal; Itsimte-Sacluk; Cankuen. Department Peten Guatemala and Adjacent Region Topoxte; Yaxha; Benque Viejo; Naranjo. Motul de San Jose; Peten-Itza. Vol. IV.
171507: TEOFILO CABESTRERO - Blood of the Innocent: Victims of the Contras' War in Nicaragua.
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183702: TOM KING - The Operator: David Geffen Builds, Buys, and Sells the New Hollywood.
116143: TOM BOULANGER - An Indian Remembers: My Life as a Trapper in Northern Manitoba.
126632: TOM HENRY - Dogless in Metchosin.
178246: TOM SMART - Artists in a Floating World/Des Artistes Dans un Monde Flottant.
110614: TOM WAYMAN - High Speed Through Shoaling Water.
193484: TOM CLANCY - Patriot Games.
193483: TOM CLANCY - Executive Orders.
97805: TOM VANDERBILT - Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us).
137231: TOM WAYMAN - Going for Coffee: Poetry on the Job.
180351: TOM PALMER - Canadian Preserved Aircraft Museums and Staatics.
184515: TOM KENYON,VIRGINIA ESSENE - The Hathor Material: Messages from an Ascended Civilization.
95496: TOM DARDIS - Firebrand: The Life of Horace Liveright.
136364: TOM DOUGLAS - Great Canadian War Heroes : Canadian Spies, Great Canadian War Heroes, D-Day.
R00614: TOM BETHELL - The Noblest Triumph: Property and Prosperity Through the Ages.
176710: TOM WARD - Cowtown: An Album of Early Calgary.
129772: TOM WAYMAN - Counting the Hours: City Poems.
181432: TOM HARPUR - There Is Life After Death.
176321: TOM WILSON - Moments of Impact.
89640: TOM BRAMBLE - Asians are Welcome here!.
177398: TOM HOLLAND - Millennium: The End of the World and the Forging of Christendom.
149804: TOM ZMUDA - F/A-18 C/D Hornet.
142846: TOM J. ULRICH - Birds of the Northern Rockies.
184322: TOM BROKAW - The Greatest Generation.
180112: TOM WOLFE - Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine and Other Stories, Sketches, and Essays.
112781: TOM FORRESTALL - Shapes of the Paintings Interest Me as an Integral Part of the Work.
178222: TOM REISS - The Orientalist: Solving The Mystery Of A Strange And Dangerous Life.
178862: TOM SEGEV - 1967 : Israel, the War, and the Year That Transformed the Middle East.
181843: TOM WOLFE - In Our Time.
162323: TOM TEICHOLZ - The Trial of Ivan the Terrible: State of Israel Vs. John Demjanjuk.
192196: TOM ALLEN - Rolling Home: A Cross-Canada Railroad Memoir.
153518: TOM MORIMOTO - Breaking Trail: From Canada's Northern Frontier to Oil Fields of Dubai : a Memoir, a History.
193481: TOM CLANCY - Red Rabbit.
177588: TOM STEFANICK - Strategic Antisubmarine Warfare and Naval Strategy.
193485: TOM CLANCY - Red Storm Rising.
187627: TOM LANGESTE - Words on the Wing : Slang, Aphorisms, Catchphrases and Jargon of Canadian Military Aviation since 1914.
126273: TOM MCGREGOR - The People Detective: Discovering Your Family Roots.
134406: TOM LUTZ - Crying: The Natural and Cultural History of Tears.
193480: TOM CLANCY - Debt of Honor.
136437: TOM CHAFFIN - Sea of Gray: The Around-the-world Odyssey of the Confederate Raider Shenandoah.
143015: TOM HENIGHAN - Time's Fools.
A02596: TOM MCFEAT - Indians of the North Pacific Coast.
199088: TOM THOMSON - Tom Thomson 1877 - 1917 in tribute.
196009: TOM REISS - The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo.
195228: TOM KING - One Good Story That One.
134466: TOM THOMSON - Stand by Your Man : My Life with Tom Thomson, 1915-1932.
U01232: TOM MCEWEN - The Forge Glows Red: From Blacksmith to Revolutionary.
94329: TOM COCKLE - Battle on Two Fronts 1944-1945.
123351: TOM RYDER - The High Stepper.
154525: TOM KOCH - The Wreck of the William Brown : The Lifeboat Murders and the Trial.
199018: TOM POCOCK - Battle for Empire: The Very First World War, 1756-63.
124184: TOM WARD - Cowtown: An Album Of Early Calgary.
193482: TOM CLANCY - The Teeth of the Tiger.
135286: TOM ALLEN - The Gift of the Game: A Father, A Son and the Wisdom of Hockey.
181948: TOM CAMPBELL - In My Long Life ..
196109: TOM HENRY - Following the Boulder Train: Travels with Prospectors and Rock Doctors.
194833: TOM SEGEV - Soldiers of Evil: The Commandants of the Nazi Concentration Camps.
126856: TOM MARSHALL - Ghost Safari.
178395: TOM HARPUR - Life After Death.
134273: TOM MILLEA - The Book of Psalms.
132550: TOM BRAKEFIELD - Hunting Big-Game Trophies: A North American Guide.
89900: TOM WOLFE - Hooking Up.
148532: TOM KEYSER - Udderly Art : Colourful Cows for Calgary.
190060: TOM CHAFFIN - Sea of Gray: The Around-the-world Odyssey of the Confederate Raider Shenandoah.
185869: TOM FLANAGAN - First Nations?: 2nd Thoughts.
185014: TOM CONNORS - Stompin' Tom : Before the Fame.
059312: TOM HARPUR - Would You Believe?.
187244: TOM RACHMAN - The Rise & Fall of Great Powers.
184243: TOM SMART - Immolation: Recent Figuration by Graham Metson.
151187: TOM RAND - Waking the Frog: Solutions for Our Climate Change Paralysis.
124247: TOM SEGEV - 1949, The First Israelis.
180185: TOM OSBORNE - The Classics of Magic Volume One: Coin Tricks.

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