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195485: PHYLLIS M. PATTERSON - Eda the Weatherlady.
123737: PHYLLIS ROSE - The Year of Reading Proust: A Memoir in Real Time.
U01021: PHYLLIS E. POBST - The Register of William Bateman: Bishop of Norwich 1344-1355.
186262: PHYLLIS GROSSKURTH - Melanie Klein: Her World and Her Work.
129671: PHYLLIS GROSSKURTH - The Secret Ring : Freud's Inner Circle and the Politics of Psychoanalysis.
196150: PHYLLIS WEBB - Wilson's Bowl.
212629: PHYLLIS LAMBERT - Building Seagram.
211806: PHYLLIS HARRISON - Q-book Qaujivaallirutissat.
139149: PHYLLIS M TAYLOR - Dog-Team and School-Desk.
142969: PHYLLIS MCKINLEY - The Wind Is Blue.
183756: PHYLLIS M. PATTERSON - Eda the Weatherlady.
212554: PHYLLIS ALCORN - In the Bend of the Battle, A History of Alliance and District (Alberta).
204090: PHYLLIS YOUNG FORSYTH - Atlantis: The Making of Myth.
80003: PHYLLIS ALCORN - Who Lived Where And When - A History Of The Village Of Alliance 1916-1993.
168944: PHYLLIS STEEVES - Glimpses of Who We Are: Volume 2.
194359: PHYLLIS TICKLE - Greed: The Seven Deadly Sins.
186260: PHYLLIS GROSSKURTH - Havelock Ellis : A Biography.
152865: PHYLLIS STEEVES - Glimpses of Who We are Vol. 1.
091142: PIA RUHE,RORY MACLEAN - Under the Dragon : Travels in a Betrayed Land.
115449: PIA TAFDRUP - Queen's Gate.
174960: PICO IYER - The Man Within My Head.
147019: PICO IYER - The Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama (Vintage Departures).
211954: PIECE O CAKE DESIGNS INC - Stars in the Garden.
154876: PIER GIORGIO DICICCO - Living in Paradise: New and Selected Poems.
183573: PIER LUIGI TAZZI - Anish Kapoor.
208331: PIERCE O'DONNELL - In Time Of War: Hitler's Terrorist Attack on America.
198358: PIERPAOLO BARBIERI - Hitler's Shadow Empire.
120299: PIERRA NORA - Realms of Memory: Rethinking the French Past Conflicts and Divisions.
206390: PIERRE BERTON - Vimy.
206788: PIERRE SOUYRI - The World Turned Upside Down – Medieval Japanese Society (Asia Perspectives: History, Society and Culture).
214372: PIERRE BERTON - The Mysterious North.
U00129: PIERRE THEBERGE,WAYNE READY - Early Canadian Portraits.
110438: PIERRE GUY - Pierre Guy.
170051: PIERRE BERTON - Prisoners of the North.
187545: PIERRE BERTON - Niagara, History of the Falls.
94724: PIERRE CLAUDE REYNARD - Ambitions Tamed: Urban Expansion in Pre-revolutionary Lyon.
172265: PIERRE BOUELLE - Planet of the Apes.
155204: PIERRE BERTON - Flames Across the Border : 1813-1814.
186452: PIERRE TOUZIN - Chars D'assaut: Battle Tanks.
156018: PIERRE BERTON - The Arctic Grail: The Quest for the Northwest Passage and the North Pole 1818-1909.
174914: PIERRE BERTON - Why We Act Like Canadians.
187852: PIERRE BAYARD - How to Talk About Places You've Never Been: On the Importance of Armchair Travel.
211283: PIERRE BERTON - Prisoners of the North.
198421: PIERRE THEBERGE - Greg Curnoe.
191486: PIERRE DAIX - Picasso: Life and Art.
179199: PIERRE BERTON - Drifting Home (SIGNED).
124854: PIERRE BERTON - Farewell to the Twentieth Century : A Compendium of the Absurd.
129480: PIERRE BERTON - The Golden Trail: The Story of the Klondike Rush.
211209: PIERRE CLASTRES - Archaeology of Violence, New Edition (Archeology of Violence).
168263: PIERRE BERTON - Vimy.
182325: PIERRE BERTON - The Invasion of Canada.
159065: PIERRE BERTON - The Invasion of Canada, 1812-1813.
208758: PIERRE BERTON - Starting Out 1920 - 1947.
99746: PIERRE BERTON - Farewell to the Twentieth Century : A Compendium of the Absurd.
181957: PIERRE CREPAEU - Pointing at the Wind: The Weather Vane Collection of the Canadian Museum of Civilization.
118867: PIERRE-DOMINIQUE GAISSEAU - The Sacred Forest The Fetishist and Magic Riets of the Toma.
119273: PIERRE R. BEAUDET,W B CHEADLE - Archaeology at Fort Chambly.
214839: PIERRE BERTON - The Great Lakes.
187543: PIERRE BERTON - My Times: Living With History, 1947-1995.
201197: PIERRE DESRUISSEAUX - Dictionnaire des expressions quebecoises 2009.
214506: PIERRE BERTON - Wild Frontier Remarkable.
153183: PIERRE DORION - Pierre Dorion.
213415: PIERRE BERTON - Vimy.
188665: PIERRE MATURIé - Man Proposes, God Disposes: Recollections of a French Pioneer (Our Lives).
156218: PIERRE THEBERGE - Guido Molinari: Ecrits sur l'Art (1954-1975) (French and English Edition).
186041: PIERRE VINET - Image 9.
202453: PIERRE GABUS - District 14: Season 2.
158376: PIERRE BERTON - Drifting Home.
197420: PIERRE BERTON - Marching as to War: Canada's Turbulent Years.
187638: PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU,PIERRE TRUDEAU - Against the Current: Selected Writings.
156418: PIERRE BERTON - The Golden Trail: The Story of the Klondike Rush.
147788: PIERRE MISSAC - Walter Benjamin's Passages.
148479: PIERRE BERTON - My Times: Living With History, 1947-1995.
129361: PIERRE BERTON - Niagara, History of the Falls.
155914: PIERRE SAMUEL DU PONT DE NEMOURS - Autobiography of Dupont De Nemours.
184898: PIERRE BERTON - The Arctic Grail : The Quest for the Northwest Passage and the North Pole, 1818-1909.
181127: PIERRE BERTON - The Last Spike, The Great Railway 1881-1885.
181048: PIERRE BERTON - The Joy of Writing A Guide for Writers, Disguised as a Literary Memoir.
116132: PIERRE BERTON - Adventures of a Columnist.
205082: PIERRE BERTON - Starting Out 1920 - 1947.
122809: PIERRE BERTON - Winter.
214508: PIERRE BERTON - The National Dream The Great Railway 1871 - 1881.
111299: PIERRE BERTON - The Mysterious North.
113008: PIERRE BERTON - My Country : The Remarkable Past.
80176: PIERRE PAUL GRASSE - Larousse Animal Portraits.
127145: PIERRE BERTON - Worth Repeating : A Literary Resurrection, 1948-1994.
214759: PIERRE BERTON - The Mysterious North.
152917: PIERRETTE REQUIER - Details from the Edge of the Village.
193463: PIERS ANTHONY - Out of Phaze (Apprentice Adept).
193457: PIERS ANTHONY - And Eternity (Incarnations of Immortality).
154236: PIERS DUDGEON - Captivated : J. M. Barrie, Daphne du Maurier and the Dark Side of Neverland.
194895: PIERS BRENDON - The Dark Valley: A Panorama of the 1930s.
208974: PIERS BRENDON - Edward VIII : The Uncrowned King.
185837: PIERS PAUL READ - The Templars.
128719: PIET HEIN - Grooks in Music.
117637: PIETER ZAADSTRA,TIM AUSTIN - Our Australian Kelpie.
158929: PIETRO REDONDI - Galileo: Heretic.
185024: PILL ARTHUR,TOM SWALLOW - Flywheel: Memories of the Open Road.
A01318: PINCKNEY BENEDICT - Town Smokes: Stories.
190596: PION-ERA - The (Old) Pion-Era Almanack.
213418: PIONEER HISTORY SOCIETY OF HYTHE AND AREA - Pioneer round-up: A history of Albright, Demmitt, Goodfare, Hythe, Lymburn, Valhalla Volume 1.
148204: PIOTR BUTOWSKI - Military Aircraft of Eastern Europe: Helicopters v. 3 (Firepower Pictorials S.).
162706: PIOTR BUTOWSKI - Military Aircraft of Eastern Europe: Bombers and Attack Aircraft v. 2 (Firepower Pictorials Special S.).
196798: PIOTR WISNIEWSKI - Brytyjskie niszczyciele typu Tribal.
184053: PIOTR S. WANDYCZ - The Price of Freedom: A History of East Central Europe from the Middle Ages to the Present.
197011: PIOTR WISNIEWSKI,SLAWOMIR BRZEZINSKI - Junyo Japonski Lotniskowiec (the Japanese Aircraft Carrier Junyo Class).
198101: PIOTR GORECKI - A Local Society in Transition The Henrykow Book and Related Documents.
196925: PIOTR WISNIEWSKI - Japonski Niszczyciel Yukikaze - the Japanese Destroyer Kagero Class.
196921: PIOTR WISNIEWSKI,SLAWOMIR BRZEZINSKI - Japonski Lekki Krazownik Tama": the Japanese Light Cruisers Kuma Class Part 1.
196916: PIOTR WISNIEWSKI,SLAWOMIR BRZEZINSKI - Japonskie niszczyciele typu minekaze.
197015: PIOTR WISNIEWSKI,SLAWOMIR BRZEZINSKI - Japonski Ciezki Krozownik Furutaka" the Japanese Heavy Cruiser Kako Class.
213557: PIP WALLER - The Herbal Handbook for Home and Health: 501 Recipes for Healthy Living, Green Cleaning, and Natural Beauty.
142596: PIPER KERMAN - Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison.
128845: PIXIE MCGEACHIE - Burnaby a Proud Century.
199793: PLATO PLATO - Dialogues of Plato V 1 (Paper) (The Dialogues of Plato).
802093: PLATO,R E ALLEN - The Republic.
R02093: PLATO,R E ALLEN - The Republic.
162221: PLAYBOY - Playboy Cover to Cover -- the 50's: Searchable Digital Archive--Every Page, Every Issue.
154838: PLINY - Pliny: Natural History, Volume VI, Books 20-23. (Loeb Classical Library No. 392).
154745: PLUTARCH - Plutarch: Moralia, Volume IX, Table-Talk, Books 7-9. Dialogue on Love (Loeb Classical Library No. 425).
172463: PLUTARCH - Selected Lives.
201052: PO SHUN LEONG - Art Boxes.
192952: POLLY HILL - Lydia and Maynard: The Letters of Lydia Lopokova and John Maynard Keynes.
209007: POLLY FLECK - Polychronicon.
190313: POLLY CONE - Treasures from the Kremlin.
182057: POLLY SCHAAFSMA - Indian Rock Art of the Southwest.
141041: PONTING - Arduous Journey Canadian Indians and Decolonization.
84435: POOLE,R.W.F. - Backwoodsman's Year.
154845: POPE-HENNESSY - Paolo Uccello : Complete Edition.
212284: POPE FRANCIS - Our Father: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer.
193587: POPLAR RIDGE HISTORICAL COMMITTEE - The Districts' Diary; 95 Years of History of the Crossroads, Poplar Ridge, Norma and Durham Districts.
202386: POPPY PALIN - Craft of the Wild Witch: Green Spirituality and Natural Enchantment.
108092: PORTER ABBOTT - Cold Certitudes and Changes Beyond Measure.
108360: PORTER ABBOTT,R. L. BARTH,WARREN HOPE - Mainstreaming: Poems of Military Life.
87374: PORTIA IVERSON - Strange Son.
203000: POSTER COLLECTIVE OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN HISTORY ARCHIVE - Images of defiance: South African resistance posters of the 1980s.
192241: POTOMAC CORRAL OF THE WESTERNERS - Great Western Indian Fights (Bison Book).
135716: POUL JESPERSEN - Studies In Bird Migration Being The Collected Papers of H. Chr. C. Mortensen.
R00624: POWYS MATHERS - The Book of The Thousand Nights and One Night In Four Volumes.
214169: PR COHEN - Intentions in Communication (System Development Foundation Benchmark Series).
071567: PRESTON MANNING - The New Canada.
147700: PRESTON MANNING - Think Big: Adventures in Life and Democracy.
197567: PRICE-BROWN - The Mac's of '37. A Story of the Canadian Rebellion..
172269: PRIMO LEVI - The Truce A Survivor's Journey Home from Auschwitz.
208553: PRIMO LEVI - If This is a Man, with an Introduction by Frederic Raphael and an Afterword By the Author.
A01608: PRISCILA UPPAL,SHEILA FISCHMAN - To Whom it May Concern.
102604: PRISCILLA GALLOWAY - Truly Grim Tales (SIGNED).
213813: PRIT BUTTAR - The Splintered Empires: The Eastern Front 1917–21.
98560: PRITISH NANDY - Madness is the Second Stroke.
156271: PRIYA KUMAR - Limiting Secularism: The Ethics of Coexistence in Indian Literature and Film.
143011: PROF. THOS. J. DIMSDALE - The Vigilantes of Montana or Popular Justice in the Rocky Mountains.
169590: PROFESSOR CLARENCE S. STEIN - The Writings of Clarence S. Stein: Architect of the Planned Community.
156393: PROFESSOR HAROLD A. WINTERS - Battling the Elements: Weather and Terrain in the Conduct of War.
171262: PROFESSOR DENNIS C. TURNER - The Vampire Bat: A Field Study in Behavior and Ecology.
155543: PROFESSOR STEVEN BELA VARDY - Baron Joseph Eotvos.
190229: PROFESSOR SANDRA M. GILBERT,PROFESSOR SUSAN GUBAR - The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination.
189143: PROFESSOR MURRAY PITTOCK - The Myth of the Jacobite Clans.
154875: PROFESSOR THOMAS PARKER HUGHES - Elmer Sperry: Inventor and Engineer (Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology).
158847: PROFESSOR ROBERT CARLISLE - The Proffered Crown: Saint-Simonianism and the Doctrine of Hope (The Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science).
209179: PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA - Lillooet-Fraser Heritage Resource Study, Volume I.
209180: PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA - Lillooet-Fraser Heritage Resource Study, Volume IIB.
209181: PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA - Lillooet-Fraser Heritage Resource Study, Volume IIC.
184786: PRUDHOMME HISTORY COMMITTEE - Life as it Was: Prud'homme, Saskatchewan, 1897-1981.
194229: PRUE THEOBALDS - In the Company of Bears.
170212: PTOLEMY TOMPKINS - This Tree Grows Out of Hell: Mesoamerica and the Search for the Magical Body.
U01131: PUBLIC WORKS DEPTARTMENT THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT - Manitoba Legislative Building - Winnipeg Manitoba.
214609: QING LI - Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness.
169174: QU LEI LEI - The Simple Art of Chinese Brush Painting.
212546: QUEENIE A PALMER,WILMA K MILLAR - Kapasiwin: A History of Alberta's First Incorporated Summer Village.
211586: QUENTIN SMITH - Epistemology: New Essays.
190540: QUENTIN TARANTINO - Quentin Tarantino: Interviews (Conversations with Filmmakers Series).
111412: QUENTIN SKINNER - The Return of Grand Theory in the Human Sciences.
138212: QUINTIN JARDINE - Thursday Legends.
201110: R.M. OF NORTON - From the Roughbark to the Buttes, R.M. Norton, No 69, Villages of Amulet, Forward, K.
193940: R. G. HARVEY - Carving the Western Path: By River, Rail, and Road Through B.C.'s Southern Mountains.
215043: R. M. OF RODGERS HISTORY BOOK COMMITTEE - The Grains of Time: Coderre, Courval & R. M. 133.
108818: R. L. BARTH,WARREN HOPE - The Smoking Lamp is Lit Again.
137185: R.A. HOUSTON,W.W. J. KNOX - The History of Scotland from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.
108230: R. L. BARTH - Celebrations at Sixty for Turner Cassity.
134763: R. AMBROSE REEVES - Shooting at Sharpeville the Agony of South Africa.
211781: R. KENNETH CARTY - Big Tent Politics: The Liberal Party’s Long Mastery of Canada’s Public Life (Brenda and David McLean Canadian Studies).
214529: R C G WILSON - A History of Lloyd Town ( Lloydtown ) A Pioneer Hamlet In Upper Canada.
192085: R.C. HOSIE - Native Trees of Canada.
208060: R CALLAHAN - The East India Company & Army Reform 1783–1798 (Historical Monographs, No 67).
210262: R. J. OVERY,RICHARD OVERY - Russia's War A History of the Soviet War Effort: 1941 - 1945.
203077: R.M. PATTERSON - The Buffalo Head.
161038: R J KAYE - Hisairdec News dec/Jane 1967 Volume VI No.3.
161039: R J KAYE - Hisairdec News Oct/Nov 1965 Volume V No.2.
126645: R. B. FLEMING - Boswell's Children : The Art of the Biographer.
190398: R C MACLEOD - North West Mounted Police and Law Enforcement, 1873-1905.
73916: R.P. DORE - City Life in Japan A Study of a Tokyo Ward.
184460: R. H. STACEY - The hand holding the brush: Self portraits by Canadian artists.
209178: R. LYNN SHERVILL - Smithers - From Swamp to Village: 1921-1981.
120810: R.C.H. SWEENEY - Grappling with a Griffon.
199424: R G L WAITE - Vanguard of Nazism - The Free Corps Movement in Postwar Germany 1918-1923.
104991: R.H. MACDONALD - Grant MacEwan: No Ordinary Man.
168383: R G MORSE - The Naked Mountain : An Adventure to the Deadliest Peak in Himalaya.
65692: R M OGORKIEWICZ - Missile Armed Armoured Vehicles.
66442: R M OGORKIEWICZ - Ferrets and Fox.
125536: R.L. BUSCH - Humor in the Major Novels of F.M. Dostoevsky.
211543: R. G COLLINGWOOD - The Principles of Art.
95172: R. F. DARION - Beyond Spite (SIGNED).
112530: R. WARREN JAMES - John Rae, Political Economist, An Account Of His Life and a Compilation of His Main Writings, 2 Volumes.
205013: R.M. PATTERSON - Trail to the Interior.
100923: R. BLAKE STEVENS,RICHARD D. LAW - Rommel: A Narrative and Pictorial History.
136269: R. B. FLEMING - Peter Gzowski: A Biography.
108231: R. L. BARTH - Celebrations at Sixty for Turner Cassity.
108232: R. L. BARTH - simonides in vietnam.
129904: R L PRENDERGAST - Dinner with Lisa (SIGNED).
170497: R. A. C. PARKER - The Second World War: A Short History (Struggle for Survival).
118747: R. W. SANFORD - The Canadian Alps : The History of Mountaineering in Canada (Vol. 1).
181631: R. JOSEPH HOFFMAN - The Secret Gospels (Oxford Critical Studies in Religion Series).
124122: R G MOYLES - From Duck Lake to Dawson City The Diary of Eben McAdam's Journey to the Klondike 1898-1899.
124731: R J Q ADAMS - British Appeasement and the Origins of World War II.
R02046: R. L. TRASK - Language Change.
U02225: R C MACLEOD - Police Powers in Canada: The Evolution and Practice of Authority.
180379: R F SCOTT - Scott's Last Expedition: The Personal Journals of Captain R.F. Scott, CVO, RN ON His Journey to the South Pole.
188369: R. BUCK - Boiotia and the Boiotian League 432-371 B.C..
168686: R CURRAH - Prairie Wildflowers an Illustrated Manual of Species Suitable for Cultivation and Grassland Restoration.
197423: R. L. BARTH - Just rewards.
197468: R PO-CHIA HSIA - The German People and the Reformation.
154002: R M OGORKIEWICZ - Panhard Armoured Cars.
A02197: R. COUPLAND - The Quebec Act A Study in Statemanship.
195232: R J C STEAD - Prairie born and other poems.
127374: R DOUGLAS FRANCIS - Images of the West: Responses to the Canadian Prairies.
127196: R.H. MACDONALD,WILLIAM BLEASDELL CAMERON - Eyewitness to History: William Bleasdell Cameron Frontier Journalist.
209308: R H ANGIER - Firearm Blueing and Browning.
198098: R. R. DAVIES - The First English Empire: Power and Identities in the British Isles 1093-1343 (The Ford Lectures, 1998).
198179: R.J.DE LITTLE - The Windmills of England.
122700: R. D. WILLIAMS - Hebrew Syntax an Outline.
108216: R. L. BARTH - December Comes: Some Versions of Martial.
203685: R HARVEY FLEMING - Minutes of Council Northern Department of Rupert Land 1821-1831.
194419: R. BURTON DEANE - Mounted Police Life in Canada: A Record of Thirty-one Years' Service.
212611: R.W. SOUTHERN - The Making Of The Middle Ages.
149981: R. CREED - How to Build Plastic Aircraft Models.
94713: R A SKELTON - Captain James Cook After Two Hundred Years.
212748: R.M. PATTERSON - The Buffalo Head.
97278: R J MOORE - From Phantom to Fibre.
142163: R MICHAEL WILSON - Legal Executions in Alaska and Hawaii: A Comprehensive Registry.
64357: R.J. CAMPBELL - The Discovery of the South Shetland Islands: The Voyages of the Brig Williams 1819-1820 As Recorded in Contemporary Documents and the Journal of Midshipman C. W. Poynter.
108094: R. L. BARTH - Earthenware XLVI Epigrams from Martial.
207084: R.M. PATTERSON - The Dangerous River.
A01349: R. J. CHILDEROSE,RICHARD H. HERLINVEAUX,ALLEN R. MILNE - Crude Oil in Cold Water: The Beaufort Sea and the Search for Oil.
150198: R TOOLEY - English Books with Coloured Plates, 1790-1800: Bibliographical Account of the Most Important Books Illustrated by English Artists in Colour Aquatint and Colour Lithography.
120966: R.A. HIGGINS,RICHARD H. WILK - Greek Terracotta Figures.
126928: R.G. EVERSON - Poems About Me.
139775: R. PHILLIPS - Remington Large-Bore Conversion Revolvers.
129703: R. CHAMBRUN - Mission and Betrayal.
87893: R. J. OVERY - Russia's War A History of the Soviet War Effort: 1941 - 1945.
96286: R. GEDDES LARGE - Drums and Scalpel From Native Healers to Physicians on the North Pacific Coast.
158851: R. DALE GUTHRIE - The Nature of Paleolithic Art.
211582: R.J. HANKINSON - The Sceptics (Arguments of the Philosophers).
182964: R. J. OVERY,RICHARD OVERY - Russia's War A History of the Soviet War Effort: 1941 - 1945.
157689: R. D. WILLIAMS - Hebrew Syntax an Outline.
103090: R H RODGERS - Petri Diaconi : Ortus et Vita Iustorum Cenobii Casinensis - edited from the autograph manuscript and with a commentary by R.H. Rodgers.
128025: R. ST. J. MACDONALD - The Arctic Frontier.
131356: R DICKSON GORDON - Dorsai.
126257: R G LARGE - Prince Rupert a Gateway to Alaska Volume 2.
199566: R GAILLARD PECK - America’s Secret MiG Squadron: The Red Eagles of Project CONSTANT PEG (General Aviation).
205012: R.M. PATTERSON - Nahanni Journals: R.M. Patterson's 1927-1929 Journals.
122585: R.H. MACDONALD - Grant MacEwan: No Ordinary Man.
163925: R C MACLEOD - The Mounties.
211613: R P WOLFF - Understanding Marx: A Reconstruction & Critique Of Capital Paper Only (Studies in Moral, Political, and Legal Philosophy).
206796: R A SKELTON - The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation.
148832: R.V. LUCY - Mechanized Flamethrowers in Canadian Service.
148835: R.V. LUCY - The Staghound in Canadian Service.
199392: R J Q ADAMS - The Great War, 1914-18: Essays on the Military, Political, and Social History of the First World War (Texas A & M University Military History).
211148: R.G.H. CORMACK - Wild Flowers of Alberta.
201246: R. J. MORRIS - Class, Power and Social Structure in British Nineteenth-Century Towns (Themes in Urban History).
87045: R.O. BLECHMAN - The Book of Jonah.
118664: R WILMETH - Salvage Contributions: Prairie Provinces.
85485: R. GARCIA Y ROBERTSON - The Spiral Dance.
182414: R.M. PATTERSON - The Buffalo Head.
214674: R. H. P. MASON - A History of Japan: Revised Edition.
203230: R G MOYLES - Challenge of the Homestead: Peace River Letters of Clyde and Myrtle Campbell 1919-1924.
211403: R KRAUT - Aristotle on the Human Good.
124580: R. J. OVERY - War and Economy in the Third Reich.
188323: R.A. SCOTTI - Vanished Smile The Mysterious Theft of Mona Lisa.
173421: R G MOYLES - The Salvation Army and the Public: Historical and Descriptive Essays.
204113: R. MOODY,RAYMOND MOODY - Paranormal: My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife.
157637: R G WHEELER - The Selkirk Range 2 Volumes.
90176: R T NAYLOR - Patriots and Profiteers: Economic Warfare, Embargo Busting, and State-Sponsored Crime.
187153: R.M. PATTERSON - The Dangerous River.
93129: R. J. DECRISTOFORO - The Jigsaw/scroll Saw Book, with 80 Patterns.
198103: R. H. C. DAVIS - Mediaeval War Horse.
83318: R. ROGERS SMITH - Alberta Has the Sovereign Right to Issue and Use Its Own Credit: A Factual Examination of the Constitutional Problem.
104254: R. N. MILLMAN - The Making of the Scottish Landscape.
U02222: R. DALE GIBSON - Attorney for the Frontier, Enos Stutsman.
89328: R HARVEY FLEMING - Minutes of Council Northern Department of Rupert Land 1821-1831.
167542: R. FRISON-ROCHE - Return to the Moutains.
R01478: R. MICHAEL FEENER - Islam in World Cultures: Comparative Perspectives.
174262: R.A.D. FORD - The Solitary City.
154001: R M OGORKIEWICZ - Swiss Battle Tanks.
95944: R C GAMMAGE - History of the Chartist Movement, 1837-1854.
95945: R. DAVID - Hakluyts Voyages.
157350: R.L. WING - The I Ching Workbook.
98511: R.J. BUTLER - Analytical Philosophy Second Series.
198693: R RANGACHARI,SAINT SEKKIZHAR - Periya Puranam - the stories of Sixty-Three Saivite Saints.
190624: R M OGORKIEWICZ - Vickers Battle Tank.
119456: R. M. HARE - Practical Inferences.
104783: R. P. STURGES - Economists’ Papers, 1750-1950 : A Guide to Archive and Other Manuscript Sources for the History of British and Irish Economic Thought.
213607: R HARVEY FLEMING - Minutes of Council Northern Department of Rupert Land 1821-1831.
112910: R. L. BARTH,TURNER CASSITY - Lessons.
171220: R. L. MCDOUGALL - The Poet And The Critic.
202823: R.G.H. CORMACK - Wild Flowers of Alberta.
180605: R.M. RYLATT - Surveying the Canadian Pacific: Memoir of a Railroad Pioneer.
167540: R. FRISON-ROCHE - The Last Crevasse.
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75794: RICHARD D. DAUGHERTY,RUTH KIRK - Exploring Washington Archaeology.
127965: RICHARD D. DAUGHERTY,RUTH KIRK - Hunters of the Whale: An Adventure of Northwest Coast Archaeology.
156485: RICHARD BAUM - The Fall and Rise of China.
152993: RICHARD M. BUESCHEL - Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa: in Japanese Army Air Force RTAF-CAF-IPSF Service.
130198: RICHARD ARTHUR PRESTONMICHAEL PAVKOVIC - To Serve Canada: A History of the Royal Military College of Canada.
134288: RICHARD SCHMID - Alla Prima: Everything I Know About Painting.
158661: RICHARD RORTY - Take Care of Freedom and Truth Will Take Care of Itself: Interviews with Richard Rorty (Cultural Memory in the Present).
168864: RICHARD REEVES - Infamy: The Shocking Story of the Japanese-American Internment in World War II.
88183: RICHARD HEINBERG - Peak Everything.
130672: RICHARD W. BIRD - Coins of New Brunswick.
116510: RICHARD DAVENPORT-HINES - Voyagers of the Titanic : Passengers, Sailors, Shipbuilders, Aristocrats, and the Worlds They Came From.
70009: RICHARD COWPER - Breakthrough.
158823: RICHARD CANNINGS,SYDNEY CANNINGS - The New B.C. Roadside Naturalist: A Guide to Nature along B.C. Highways.
112803: RICHARD M ROLLINS - The Long Journey of Noah Webster.
105398: RICHARD SWEDBERG - Schumpeter: A Biography.
130092: RICHARD LANDWEHR - Siegrunen Vol.X No.5 Whole Number 53.
72318: RICHARD MARIUS - Thomas More: A Biography.
173476: RICHARD W. POUND - Stikeman Elliott: The First Fifty Years.
155361: RICHARD W. BAGSHAWE - Roman Roads (Shire Archaeology).
147602: RICHARD STUART - Provisions for the Yukon the S S Klondike Cargo Hold in the Late 1930's.
70995: RICHARD HELLIE - Slavery in Russia, 1450-1725.
190802: RICHARD GREENE - The Princess Bride and Philosophy (Popular Culture and Philosophy).
85199: RICHARD HEINBERG - PowerDown: Options And Actions For A Post-Carbon World.
110828: RICHARD MELTZER - Autumn Rhythm: Musings on Time, Tide, Aging, Dying, and Such Biz.
108832: RICHARD G. WILKINSON,RICHARD WILKINSON - Unhealthy Societies: The Afflictions of Inequality.
161812: RICHARD HENRIQUEZ - Richard Henriquez et le theatre de la memoire.
126657: RICHARD DOYLE,RICK BLACKLAWS - Hurly Burly: My Time at the Globe and Mail.
187648: RICHARD KLUGER - Indelible Ink: The Trials of John Peter Zenger and the Birth of America's Free Press.
R02532: RICHARD OLSON - Scottish Philosophy and British Physics 1750-1880: a Study in the Foundations of the Victorian Scientific Style.
87120: RICHARD ELLIS - On Thin Ice: The Changing World of the Polar Bear.
184855: RICHARD PINI,SONNY STRAIT,WENDY PINI - Elfquest Reader's Collection #8b: In All But Blood.
184856: RICHARD PINI - Phoenix (Elfquest Readers Collection).
167657: RICHARD PERCIVAL GRAVES - Robert Graves, The Years with Laura, 1926-1940.
179372: RICHARD JOHNSTONE-BRYDEN - Britains Greatest Warship: Hms Ark Royal IV.
121789: RICHARD BROWN - Voyage of the Iceberg.
199166: RICHARD YOUNG - Cultures of the City: Mediating Identities in Urban Latin/o America.
194238: RICHARD THOMAS WRIGHT - Overlanders.
198352: RICHARD LEMM - Prelude to the Bacchanal.
208359: RICHARD ALDRICH,RICHARD J. ALDRICH - GCHQ: The Uncensored Story of Britain's Most Secret Intelligence Agency.
112063: RICHARD M ROLLINS - The Autobiographies of Noah Webster: From the Letter and Essays, Memoir and Diary.
208239: RICHARD NEWMAN - Alma Rose : Vienna to Auschwitz.
209250: RICHARD FORTEY - The Earth an Intimate History.
A01881: RICHARD ALLEN - Religion and Society in the Prairie West.
203548: RICHARD TARNAS - Cosmos and Psyche.
145012: RICHARD ENGLAND - Schoonerman.
139515: RICHARD. FOULKES - The Calverts Actors of Some Importance.
185254: RICHARD MORRIS - The Last Sorcerers:: The Path from Alchemy to the Periodic Table.
135112: RICHARD ARMSTRONG - Byzantine Butterflies : The Folk Paintings of Peter Contis and Helen Contis.
115669: RICHARD RHODES - Arsenals of Folly The Making of The Nuclear Arms Race.
198422: RICHARD K. GUY,ROBERT E. WOODROW - The Lighter Side of Mathematics: Proceedings of the Eugene Sterns Memorial Conference on Recreational Mathematics & Its History.
169733: RICHARD CUNNIFFE - The story of a regiment: Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) (Strathcona historical series).
209706: RICHARD RORTY - Richard Rorty: Philosophical Papers Set 4 Paperbacks: Objectivity, Relativism, and Truth: Philosophical Papers: Volume 1.
163937: RICHARD HARDING DAVIS - In the Fog.
58821: RICHARD ASMET AWID - Through the Eyes of the Son A Factual History About Canadian Arabs.
170723: RICHARD BRETTELL - Museum Masterpieces: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Great Courses) (Teaching Company) DVD Course 7510.
198332: RICHARD YAREMKO - Canadian Rail Car Pictorial Volume 10 Canadian Pacific Railway from Piggyback to Intermodal.
147824: RICHARD HOLMES - Dr. Johnson & Mr. Savage.
194418: RICHARD DAWKINS - River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life.
208270: RICHARD FLETCHER - The Barbarian Conversion: From Paganism to Christianity.
162026: RICHARD BARBER - The Arthurian Legends: An Illustrated Anthology.
143506: RICHARD A. BAUMAN - Women and Politics in Ancient Rome.
198333: RICHARD YAREMKO - Canadian Rail Car Pictorial. Volume 6: Canadian National Refrigerator & Stock Cars.
202514: RICHARD BATESON,WOLFGANG SPATE - Messerschmitt me 163 Komet.

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